Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 6, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1896
Page 4
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i^^ f 1 ^'' 1 ^ '•''\;-/''j^''^i V"- 1 ' 1 '' '• ' 1 -.":' /1 ." '.'•-•"'' •;• '''' • ''"',:''''''.'''!-V --^'••':'-• •••'^ •''. CORNER. On fall and winter underwear, he has now cornered the largest lot of underwear ever brought to Logansport at hard times prices for cash.. These goods are direct from the factories and •f the best valuos in all linns for ladies, Jfents and children; go and Investigate mnd It will not take you long to decide t to buy your underwear. ri:.>TKCTIoN uV TllK. LABORING CLASSES, THE FIRST AND MOST DEFENSELESS VICTIMS OF UNSTABLE MONKl.' AND A FLUCTUATING CURRENCY.—Democratic platform, 1892. )AiiY HibU»hed every day In the week (except f- nfl&y) by the Logansport Journal Company. m B WRIGHT ...~. ............. President £• £XRDY ...... ......... Vice ProKtderu & W. GRAVJia ................ ,... Secretary £ B. BOYER ................. •• 1 - Treasurer Wriaa per Annum »ric» per Month * u Official Paper of City and County. <T*tored an second-class mall-matter at U* transport Post Office. February 8, TUKSDAY, UCTOIBEK U, IS'JO. REPUBLICAN TICKET. For President. : WILLIAM McKINLEY, JR., of Ohio. For Vlce-Presldont. »AKHETT A. HOBART o£ New Jersey. For Governor, •AMES A. MOUNT of Montgomery Co, B- -~^ For Lieutenant Governor. m B. HAGGARD, of Tlppecanoe County For Secretary of State. WILLIAM D, OWEN, of Cans County, For Auditor of State. A1CEKICU9 C. DAILEY of Boone County ^^ For Treasurer of State. WED J SCHOLZ, of Vandorburg County For Attorney General. • flLIJAM A. KETCHAM of Marlon C». For Reporter of Supreme Court, •KARLES F REMY of Bartholomew Co. ^Superintendent of Public Instruction. D M GEETING, of Harrison Count. For State -Statlstlcan. •. J THOMPSON, of Shelby County. For Judge of the Appellate Court. 'First District. . C.. w E. HENLEY, of Rush County. Third District » W COMSTOCK of Wayne County. ' Fourth District. BAMES B. BLACK, of Marlon County. ••»»"•' F]fth Dlgtr lct. U Z WILEY, of Benton County. : JONES. For Congress, GEORGE W. STEELS. For Joint Representative. T. WILSON, of Cass County. ftr Repreaontatlve-CHARLES B LONG- ' E. HALE, ' KEES- Commissioner, Third District— ABRAHAM SHIDELER. COMPAUE THEM "The Republican party Is unreserv- for sound money, it caused the •nactment of the law providing for the wromptlon of specie payments In 1879; •Inee then every dollar has been as good as gold. "We ore unalterably opposed to •Tery measure calculated to debase •or currency or Impair the credit of «or country. We. are therefore opposed the free coinage of silver except by international agreement with the leading commercial nations ot the world, Which we pledge ourselves to -promote, and until then such gold stanaard ; must be preserved. "All our silver and paper currency fpust be maintained at parity gold, and we favor at parity with all measures de_ to maintain inviolably the obligations of the United'States and all onr money, whether coin or paper, at the ' present standard, the standard of the most enlightened nations of the earth." —Republican platform. "We demand the free and unlimited coinage of both gold and silver at the present legal ratio of 1C to 1, without waiting for the aid or consent of any Ctber nation. We demand that the Standard silver dollar ehall be a full tender, equally with gold, for all public and private, and we far- jcYuch legislation as will prevent the demonetization of any bind of legal money by private contract."— $'•• J)emocratlc platform. £-," «-Rr e domand' • free and unlimited (I -'-Coinage of silver and.gold at the pres- i€'«nt legal ratio of 16' to l."-Popullst I-«latfona, 1893. „ £". "We hold to the use of both gold and p*allver aa the standard money of the W'wontry, and to the coinage of both igoM and silver, without discriminating •gainst . either metal or cnnrge for <;«:..julntage, but the dollar unit of coinage ' .;•* both metals must be of equal Intrinsic and exchangeable value or be ad- throngh International ngree- _ or by such safeguards of legislation as shall Insure the maintenance Of the parity of the two metals and the \ A'.«qual p»wer of every dollar at all times If,In the markets and In payment of debt,, fe »nd w* demand that all paper Currency * ghall be kept at par with and redeem•We In such coin. WE MUST IN- fc.'-SIST UPON THIS POLICY AS ES- P'OTJCIALL-Y 'NECESSARY FOB THE THE 1'V Mr llryji'ii conies hciv form. Ono of the plunks In: "We demand the free nanl nullmi'tod coiiuigo o!' both, gold -juul silvcu. 1 tit tliu presant: loga-1 rate of 1C to 1. without wiiiiinjr (or the consent or a.ld of jiny other ifiU-ion. We demand thai 1 - the srnndaril silver dolhir shn.ll be a full •'tg-al tender, equally good for .-ill deMs. ip.ubllc iiiul pi-1'va-te, and we MVCT -? 1 . 1 ' 1 ' 1 Jesishi.t'Ioii us will prevoht 'for the future the ilismonotiMUlon of any l«iiul or h;.«il te-iulor money" by private contract." •The 1'ha.ros confesses tills is dishonest: liy nddinjr 'iui ii'iucinliuciTt, voted ilown, which reads as follows: "BUT IT SHOULD BK CAREFULLY llirOVLDED BY LAW, AT 'ri-IK SAOI10 'IM.M13. THAT ANY CHANGE IN T.HB IJJONETAiK-Y STL-VNDAT{D •ST-IOU'IjD NO"!' AiPFiLY TO EXISTING ClXNT'IiAOT'S." ^'ore this iioiittiiip whiiit a condi-tion -it would advoca.to. The fannof sells 'his wheat, at Li'voi'pool nirt-rki.'.t price, less 1'ivitdil-, aind jri.'t.« pa-id MI gold prices, bivt: with si-Ivor. Ko bikes his silver 'and socks to pay off his morl Kasre. raider tlio Pharos forgery tlni existI«K contracts .should not be dis hirlied. That; is: lie sets fifty cents U silver, beaurse it is lepa.l r-fflider oqua. to gold, a-nd must pay In- the -nio-uoy h- borrowed, equal to sold. But sidvev i. wort'li onl.v tll'ty cents on tlio aoMar a 30 to 1, aii,'d so tho farm or must paj two of his li.f.tj--<;eniit dollars to jrot sold dollar to pay ou his existing debt In other words -this proposition, dou bles tho debt of ovory farmer because •it will .t-iijco twice as much wheat to .pay a <kM as -at present. The Chicago plalfornt sought to make U't'ty coiitis on tlio dollar logsil ten dor. Tlie Pharos, to avoid this, adds r clause which makes the debt of the farmer twice- as jn'e-at. can proposi-t-ion is to leaves tho inanej as it 'is and ptace the c.'iuso of depression where k belongs. The farmer who sells two bushels ot wheat for one dollar and gets a sl-lver clolhiT 'must take -two of those silver dollars to -buy «, gold dollna- to pay h.is ytiiiff dobt." That takes four bushels of whoat n.t the silver price to pay one doll.ir of debt. Thus the fann- er fcots only twenty-five, cents per bushol for 'his -whoa.t under (Bryan, represented by the Pharos, whereas he gets twice -as much at present with whoa.t worth fifty cents a-bushel. His I'lity cents now pay-fifty cents of "ex- sthift doW." And yet it -Is the farmer the Ph.ll'OS pretends to'bo looking a f tor. Section of Chicago Afflicted with Myriads of the Big Insects; Mr. Bryan nss'ert-s a crime of '73 by y-liien ccrUii.u people who -hud no silver liiiiiioii were defraiuiert tint! tl«.-n fl.«-. •sorts th«,t free .colungc a.t 1C to 1 will brling stiver up to gold. If it w.ill, then"' there wa.s no fraud of '73, for silver simply 'takw rank with the gold of '73. But if it wUl not r.isc, (hen wo set o-f people wiill 1)0 unjustly ro1»:ied to pay •anofluT set who -wen-e not ix>bbed, according to Ms theory, twenty-three years ago. According to Mr, Bryan, free -silver would so rise ns -to prove no robbery, aind -to correct this, robbery must bo committed and tno proceeds be given to men who ware not born at the tl'nic of the pretended; robbery of '73. This-is an '.'uTmisslan of fraud at the present time in the 1C to 1 proposl- ti'on, and it -amounts to nothing else. Ml the professions of rriemlsMp for th.o farmer 41 nd the laboring man is but tho -honeyed loraguuge of yie bunco- steerer. Two wrongs do not nrSke a right. But the troth .is that only one •wrong is Involved, and thnt Is "the cri'me of '06, free coinage at 16 to 1." IT IS NOT AT ALL PROBABLE THAT THE NEXT. HOUSE WILL HAVE A MAJOR-IT? FAVORABLE TO THE FREE COIN1AGE OF SILVER AT A RATIO OF 16 TO 1. WHEN I'D BECOMES A DEMONSTRATED FACT THAT THERE IS N|O DANGER OF THIS COUNTRY ADOPTING THE SILVER STANDARD IN CONDUCTING THE BUSINESS OF THE COUNTRY, PROSPERITY WILL OXXM'E AGAIN AND, WITH LOWER TAXES ON THE NECESSARIES OF .LIFE, EVERY KIND OF BUSINESS WILL BOOM AGMN.- 1890. -Pttiaros edJitorlal, March 12, Mi 1 . Bryan should be told that It Is good form to go out through the wa.ll of residences Judge Dykemnn has built. The very impossibility of Mr. Br.v- pJatiforra draws to him crowds. Schlattor hod immense, crowds, but never got a vote. T'liulr FavbrJto Tuctlcn Wore to Drop Down tlio Nook* of.Un»uiiiii!Ctluir Wayfiin-rn— luvade tUo Eloctrio CUM—Wore n lt:»ro Spuclim. An insect visitation was experienced to. a large section ol' Chicago the other nightv-lwfore which the sand-fly plague of the earlier summer paled into insig- nificiiince. Multitudes ol bintJ< beetles fell in almost a shower over_the eastern, part of tho North si«U>, alighting'Ta th* 1 " largest numbers m the brightest ports' of the section and displaying n peculiar St-cfd'encC^or brilliantly-lighted North Clark strec^.. ' ^ Fl'Om the bridge to Lincoln park tic": pest was virulent. There were- nc-t so! man y ol tho bugs—perhaps a score to every electric light along- the street, but their ways -were devious a.nd annoying. They would fly around the globe of the iirc.lo.nip for a. few moments ajjc then drop, selecting n. time when a man or woman, got under them. Many pedestrians caught beeU.es in the back of their iiocl:s and affectionately squeezed them between ilesh nnd shirt' band, expostnliHiiig- all the time. With hasty fingws and horror and vociferous tongue the unfortunate wa_vfarers dug 1 down tliojr biicks and pullec 1 . the insects —they felt as big- as animals—out from their lodgment. Falling on huts, the concussion of the big- fellows resembled tho thud of a, brick, and all in all they made thing's interesting for the foot passengers. Unde'r every electric light a large number of the bugs cbo.sc a resting- place which speedily became eternal, for every person's foot became a compressor and bug exterminator unwittingly to the ow.n«r. The crunch, crunch, crimch of people's feet in the lighted places wa.s reminiscent of snow and cold winter evenings, but it was more distinct and productive ot sundry "ughfi!" from the pedestrians. The bee.tles grew more and more numerous o« the night passed and by midnight they were too abundant for the comfort of citizens. They also displayed a fondness for the electric street cars and flew into the faces of motormen, passengi-ra and conductors with abrupt rudeness. They d id not like life very well, it'uppejxred, for they braved death on the raJl and under foot in a reckless manner. The expressions of surprise at the unpleasant visitation were frequent, and'many per-, eons captured, one on two specimens of the peculiar beetle for future examination. It was the general opinion that they were n rare species, and no one could be found who had ever seen anything quite like them. • The beetles are an inch and a hadf : lonp; and of the extended oval shape of their kind. TlJey are u'deep black all over—dull black on the under portion and shiny black on top. ' , 'I; GOLD OUTPUT DIMINISHING.-., So Boportt tlio Aiiiorlcan Consul In -llrlt-" talk UuiH.na— "fho RoiiHon Ttivr.cfor. : Consul. Patterson, at_Dciiiura, in the course of a report to the stale department on the gold industry of British Guiana, says that tho output of gold has been diminishing since 3893 and the diminution has continued during' the present year, which he attributes to the fact that the majority of paying, claims have already been niarki^l.S)' He says that were, the Expense of com- rnunTtufion "with the interior reduced and the heavy government r<jyahy of PO cents p'er ounce aba-ted, "uian-y of the ere<J<3 of the colony cfiiild lx» worked, as they, all show "color." About 7,000 men-'are employed in mining by syndicates', and one of the most successful, producing about 13,000 ounces in three years, is managed by an American-. Prospecting costs about ..ten times as much in the United States, a small party with four laborers in four months costing from $500 to $800. The possibilities of quartz mining are still unknown, although the consul reports seeing very rich samples from Uariraa. He quotes local newspaper reports to how that one American company witlj i 20-stnmp mill, in ten days, crushed 450 tons'-of mixed ore, cletiriug up 7GC ounces of gold. Promising properties have lately been bought up by English capitalists and large developments in the gold industry are expected in spite of the unsettled state of the Venezuela Boundary question and the fact that all the mines the. consul refers to are located in the disputed territory. GRAND OPENING SALE OF EXQUISITE UNDERWEAR at the WHITE HOUSE, TODAY Everything from a 60 cent Suit to the Finest Garment made.. We solicit an inspection. Wrt. GRACE & Co. The White House Clothiers and Furnishers 316 Market Street. CLOTHING. CLOTHING We have no old shelf worn goods, but ever\thing new and up* to date. Read the following prices: .! Our $15.00 Suits go for $12,00 Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.OO Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.5O Our $5,00 Suits, go for $3.50 •51 r, Bryan is a man whose voice has been dove-loped n.t the expenses of his eyes. Be ta-Mcs -better tham -he sees. Tho Bryan committee did a great injustice an not pJiiclnig General. Debility in charge- of the parade; KEPT SOBER FOR FIVE YEARS. For So IlolnR Qeorce Crocker Cornea Into ft f ortane. Suit has been brought by C. F. Crocker and W. H. Crocker' at San ?rancisco, to terminate a trust under the will of the late ChfljleS Crocker by which they were custodians if 490 $1,000 bonds oil bphalf of Georgxj Crocker.> The terms of the trust are that if within 15 years immediately succeeding the testator's death George Jroeker should for five yeans abstain rom the use of intoxicating liquor the jonds Elhall be turned owr to him. Hherwtae nt the end of 15 years liliey ore to" go to the other heirs—the children of C. F. Crocker a-nd W. H. Crockpr, and Mrs. Alexander. The plaintiff avers that from September 23, 1S91, to leptember 22, 1896, George Crocker has abstained. ..They desire, therefore, to urn over the money to him and terminate their trust, and sue the other loirs to give them, an opportunity to establish in court any objection they may -have to such a course. Not the.Same Here. In -Switzerland, from the smallest village, it is now possible to telephone to any place in. the country at a fee of from one penny to fonrpence for the most distant .points on instruments on which one can. hear with perfect' distinctness tad which are. kept in perfect repair. BOG-'FOR CHOICE OF All STRAW HAT IN THE STORE. 25c choice of any of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one third off, th«y are bargains. • ; Wow is the time to buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Goods, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money, ; these Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH G. GRACE & CO.; 264 BROADWAY. BUYING NAVAL SUPPLIES. AmoQK tbe Articles to He Parclnucd AT* Jiink-Z^alvoH. Neckerchlofi, Kto. A'Times special from Washington Bays: Con tracts will be let in a few days for more tlian $100,000 'worth of naval supplies to be delivered at the Brooklyn navy yard. . These supplies include all imaginable articles which are necessary to equip tlifi vessels about to go into commission, probably the Brooklyn, Wilmington, Helena, and Nashville. Some of the material is also intended for the Dolphin. Bids have been received from over 100 firms for' supplying this material. Among the -articles are : 10,000 jackknives, whichiwill : be. sold to the sailors at the con-tract price, which is 40 cents. Ordinarily the sort of jack : kn ife which the specifications call for 'would cost one dollar at least. The navy will also purchase'3,000 neckerchiefs at 99 cent* each.: T;hese,are of 1 '-black-silk and are much' affected by the blue Jackets. Another important item. Js 15,000 yards of trouser cloth, which will probably go to a Conshohocken (Pa.) firm. A quantity of silver boatswain calls will also be purchased. These useful and noisy reminders of the old' navy cost $2.35 each., This is one of the largest purchases ever made at one. t.iroe. by Paymaster Gen. Stewart, who makes the contract. WILLED A FORTUNE. Colored Attendnnti Upon tho. Late SErf* i Hlckn-Lorrt Remembered. Thompson street social circles were thrown into a furore of excitement the other afternoon when the contents of the lost will and testament of Mrs. Annette Wilhelmina Wilkins Hicks-Lord were made public. There was good cause for the excitement. Bythe terms of the will Miss Maria Miller is made the inost eligible party in metropolitan col- bred society. She is to receive the eum ! of $100 a, week, or 55,200 a year, so long us she shall live, and she -is only 45 years of age; moreover, she is single'. - Less _fortunate, but still tc be envied, is Thomas Dyer, a eoloi'ec ir.an, wto Sy the terms of the 1 will is to receive the sum of $25 a week so long as be Khali live, without the.sweat of brow or the toil of hand. Maria Miller—tall,' dark and undeniably comely—entered the employ of Mrs. Hicks-Lord at the age of 15 and for 30 years acted in the capacity of maid for that charming but eccentric woman. Dyer was 19 wihen he became Mrs, Hiclcs-Lord's butler, and remained in her service 22 years. Both were faithful, aad people who knew the testatrix In life sa.y these servants deserve the good fortune.' CONSUELO'S BIRTHDAY. Celebrated wttli Great Umrnllloeoc* at Bloobclm. The duchess of Marlborough recently celebrated her twentieth birthday at Blenheim palace, and the festivities lasted three days. At the garden party on the first day when jnenfbers of tho country families and neighboring gentry were the guests, the duchess received her 'friends in a gown of dove gray silk, the bodice and skirt being made separately, and the collar and cincture or girdle being of shot rose uilk. A bunch of yellow dairies adorned her belt, and her large, black hat was trimmed with a profusion of pink rosea. The second day was devoted entirely to the entertainment of the school chil- r1r»» Riua«lJlMJiiiQr...thfl DTEAt estate. It is said that the duchess was most h'appjr in making others happy, and.sfie had! ordered all manner of amusements for the children, such as steam horses^ swings and out-door games of every]' kind, besides having sweets • and re-. freshments served from a guyly colored marquee. The duchess seems to delight In belnff, Lady Bountiful to her husband's people, and had a smile and a pleasant' word for each guest, whetherof high or; low degree. On the third day there- was a noon-to-night treat for the people of the small tenantry und for the laboring folk. On the three days th» gardens, the grounds, conservatories End palace were open to the throng o£ visitors. An orchestra upon the lawn, discoursed sweet music, and in the, great library one concert of vocal and : instrumental music followed another in rapid succession. A magnificent organ of superb tone and great size J» built- in'the library and 'has panel* of deep relief wood carving. The re-« freshments each day were served uponj the lawn. ^ Bristol has *he oldest patent theater,: in England outside of London in the Theater Royal in King street, opened by David Garrick in 1706. A number of gold and silver tickets were then issued,, admitting to every performance ever given in the house. Thirty-Nino MUCH of Book*. The shelves of the British museum.' are said to contain 3!) miles of books. Highest of all'in Leavening Strength.—Latest U. S.'Gov't Report.. ABSOLUTELY

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