The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 4, 1957 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 4, 1957
Page 16
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4-Algeria (Id.) Upper Dei Mo»n«l Thursday, July 4, 1957 2 Martians Enjoy UDM Flying Saucer-Men? Well, it isn't the Bobbsey Twins who have vnur Hollywood errand-boy, Buddy Mason, cornered. But, don't be alarmed. They're Hollywood's smallest players depicting Martians in the Malibu Productions film, "The Invasion of the Flying Saucer-Men" and they are busy catching up on the latest news in the "The Algona Upper Des Moines." • Irvington By Marguerite Mulligan Donald Hansen spent the weekend at the \wrnc of his niothet here. Donald is employed by Capital Airlines in Chicago. Elenora McElroy is vacationing at Lake Okoboji the'past week with Des Moines frietfds. Sunday dinner guests at the S. J. Hayes home were Mr and Mrs H. Hunt of Denison, la., Mr and Mrs Ted Ringsdorf of Laton, Cal. rnd Mrs Marie Frankl. Mr and Mrs Donald Borman and children were afternoon visitors. Marvel frnmerfaU is now having a week's vacation from her duties at the Relief office. Mr and Mrs Henry Scheppmann spent Sunday visiting relatives in Minnesota. * ; -Mrs Evelyn -Richardson ' of Capron, 111. is spending this week 0t the home of Mr and Mrs Ed Ditsworth. Mrs Richardson is postmaster at Capron, 111. Kathy Sue is the new daughter who arrived at the home oi Mr and Mrs Robert Lemkee on June 21st. They have another daughter, Pamela. Mr and Mrs S. J. Hayes attended an Elbert - Hayes family gathering at -Fairmont, Sunday evening. About 40 members were present including Mrs Kate McGowan of Tacoma, Wash, and her daughter, Eunice and Ann Hayes of Portland, Ore., who have spent the past week visiting relatives at Whittemorc. They left Monday for the West. Mr and Mrs Chris Gales and son Al spent Saturday and Sunday at Waterloo visiting relatives. Mrs Mary Colwell and sons Tom and Tinvof Livcrmore were guests at the Lee Colwell home Saturday evening. Sweet Road Project Swea City — Work is underway to build a new road bed on the four blocks of K road which intersects Swea City east of Reynolds Park. The town council has hired Harry Cutler, Algona, for the job. In one place it has been necessary to dig out a frost boil and put in gravel and tile. It is plarfned to put a temporary surface on the new road this season, and to blacktop it next spring after the grade has settled. cS^We/^fe^ NOTICE OF EXTENSION OF EXISTENCE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that the existence of Algona Theatre Company, Inc. has been renewed 'for a period of twenty years, to commence on the 30th day of June, 1057 and to terminate at the expiration of twenty years from said date, pursuant to Ch. 384, Title XIX of the 1927 Code of Iowa and the laws amendatory thereto, and that the amended and substituted Articles of Incorporation of said corporation provide as follows: (1) The name of the corporation is Algona Theatre Company, Inc. and its principal place of transacting business is in ' Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa. (2) The general nature of the business to be transacted by such corporation is: to own, lease and/or operate motion, picture theatres and vaudeville houses. (3) The amount of capital stock authorized is $25,000., divided into 100 shares of <the par value of $100 each, and 250 shares of the said capital stock are issued and outstanding, for which the corporation has been paid the sum of 825,000. (4) The corporation commenced its corporate existence on the 30th day of June A.D. 1937; aiid its corporate period as fixed by its'original Articles of Incorporation expires on the 30th day of June A.D. 1957; and is hereby extended under this renewal for a further period of twenty (20) years. (5) The affairs of such corporatjpn are to be conducted by four directors. and until the first annual meeting of the stockholders, after the date of renewal of existence, the following named persons, to-wit, N. N. Blank, J. N. Blank, L. J. Wegener and E. R. Lehman, shall be the directors of the corporation; the executive officers 'of the corporation shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer who shall be chosen by the affirmative vote of three of the Board at their first meeting after the first annual meeting of the stockholders described above. Until the annual meeting of the directors in 1958 M. N. Blank shall be President and Treasurer, J. N. Blank shall be Vice President ami Secretary and E. R. JUehman shall be Ass't. Sec* rotary and Ass't. Treasurer. (C) There is no limitation on ttie amount of indebtedness to which said corporation may subject itself, (7) The private property of Itho stockholders of such corporation shall be exempt from the debts of said corporation. Dated at Des Moines, Iowa, this 27th day of May, 1957. M. N. Blank, President E. R. Lehman, Ass't Secretary (Published June 13. 20, 27 and July 4. in The Algona (Iowa) Upper .Res Moines) 24-25-96-27 COUNCIL The Council met in adjourned session May 29, 1957 with Mayor Shierk and all Councilman present: Minutes of last meeting were read and approved: Mr. VarvderWaal appeard before the Council and stated thai ho would appreciate the opportunity to supply the City with DDT this summer. He in turn was referrtsd to the Street Comm. Don Thompson pf the Engineering firm of Coilins, Thomftspin and WU'W was fltv- ei> consent to increase valuation of fets in the East Side Storm Sewer Project on wrvch improvements have been made. Offer of $925.00 for Hied panel tr^ck for $upt. of P^fWw Imp- w«» accepted by the Council. "• Resolution relating ro offsrreet parking $yai re*d aiifl approved. Real E»t*te Contract between City of Atapna and Tiefi property was read. $Hn. Coyrtrwy w« hired at new comfort tutton matron. W, C. MePpMjjall »nd Henry Hersd/en — tiy the building permits v eie grant - at 119 East Neb. be sold to the highest bidder. Purchaser must move or demolish buildings. Supt. of Sewage Treatment Plant was granted permission to attend a meeting in Das Moines June 19, 20 and 21. Supt. of Public Impr. was granted tho request to lower sidewalk on South side of Lots 5, 6 & 7 of blk 193 approximately 8 Inches. . * * * * COUNCIL MINUTES City Council met in special session June 3. 1957 and/the Mayor and five council- itnen were present. Contract between the Iowa Highway Commission and the City of Algona was read and approved. Resolution accepting the work and ordering preparation of plat and schedule of assessments was read and accepted. Resolution directing publication of not- ire of filing plat and schedule was read end approved. Jay and Dee tavern was granted beer ana cigarette permit. Four building permits were granted. Second reading of "An ordinance to adopt by reference a complete building cede regulating the erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, moving, removal, conversion, demolition, occupancy, equipment, use, height, area and maintenance of buildings and construction; to provide for the issuance of permits and collection of fees and to provide penalties fpr violations." was approved as read. Second reading of "An ordinance creating and establishing fire zones" was approved as read. Easement between the City of Algona and James Whittemore, Willard Steffan, Bonnie Wibben and Elead Wegner was read and approved. General Government Fund Dr. C. C. Shierk, Salary $ 150.00 David Smith, Salary 129.60 Al BoeKelman, Salary 39.10 Mrs. E. J. Evera, Refund 4.00 City Clerk, Advanced Cash 2.67' Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Service 25.00' David Smith, Expenses 34.45 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Supplies & Legal Pub. 5985 Koch Bros., Office Supplies II 16 Street Fund Jess Lashbrook, Salary 144.30 Albert Pergande, Salary 121.68 Glenn Burtis, Salary 117.72 Richard Frambach, Salary 101 46 Ray Metzen, Salary ., 100^59 Donald Prew, Salary 115.59 Reakus Helmers, Labor 942 JJeinsr Helmers, L$bbr .- 9.42 George Weig Jr., Labor 8.24 Iowa State Bank, Withholding Tax .• ._ 53.70 City Clerk, Advanced Cash 3.90 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Service 11.00 Chester Schultz, Expenses 5.00 f. S. Norton & Son, Suppies __ 2.25 Harry L. Cutler, Remove Tree Stump 15.00 Frank Stebritz, Labor f.25 Ky's Champlin Oil Co., Gasoline 226.07 H. J. Cowan Contractor, Sidewalks 72.90 Kohlhaas Hardware, Merchandise 17.65 Mid-West Service Co., Diesel Fuel 79.46 Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., Cable 3.65 Stomac Motor Express, Freight _ 4.40 Gibbs-Cook Equipment Co., IDil Distributor 675.00 Herman M. Brown Service Co., Repairs 201.43 Bituminous Materials Co., Materials 63.90 H. J. Cowan Contractor, Curb Repairs „„.„ 115.77 Henke Mfa. Corp., Broom Cores 109.00 A , PwfeUs Safety F««4 Al Boekelman, Salary . 150.15 Richard 6roen, Salary 142.12 Einest Hutchison, Salary _, 145.12 Peter Jorgenson, Salary 128.12 Kenneth McBride, Salary 119.85 William Ankenbauer, Salary 124.85 James Voigt. SaJary 107.37 Ira Kohl. SaJary 2000 Ralph Elbert, Salary IQ.OO low State Bank, Withholding Tax ., 76.50 Trust & Agency Fund/ Police Pension Ded. 10.28 Rusk Drug & Jewelry, Mer" _____ ... ........ ________ Kv's Champlin Oil Co., Gn?o- I'nc ------ ....... ........ _ Citv Clerk. Advanced Cash . ...... Kossuth Motor Co, Repairs _____ T. S. Norton & Son. Supplies _. j Sanitation Fund Oc«fcr Schuitz, Sj:«rv ..... _.. •?-.-'<us Hrl'vcrs. 1.,-bir r :<-inrr HH-icrv l.atxsr ...... . occrgc Wcig Jr., Labor _________ Albert 6a,v,, Salary _____ ........ T^rn';,! Norton. Sa'.lrv ... ___ . _ Mvrtio Ratledjp, Saisry .... _____ Jo-res A. fgli, S.iiarv ....... Frrd Grrnh.ich. S-il.iry . .. ____ Inwj SMro Bank, Withholding T,i< . . ...... ....... ____ I... Lrr Halchrr. Crane Work ... .. r v. F. f S.iwvcr, Rrnt _____ ____ f S Norton i Son. Supplies __ H. J Cowan Contf actor, Air Comp. ....... _ ...... ...... Northwestern Bell Telephone Co , Service . . . ..... .. .. ...... . Kohihtias Hardware, Supplies . City Ck"k, Advanced Cash " V id- West Service Co., Fuel .. . Roof Mfg. Co, l.awn Mower ____ Upper Ut'i Moii'ts Cub Co Office Supplies ......... . G A. Wittkopf. Mower Rental Fnrl Whetitine Plbg. & Htg , Manhole Blocks .............. ___ Recreation Fund Howard Stephenson, Salary ___ Iowa State Bank, Withholding Tax ----- ------ .......... City Clerk, Advanced Cash _____ Honsliruch Drug, Supplies .. ___ Thompson- Hay ward Chemical Co Chlorine ... ............ ...... __ Kohlhaas Hardware, Supplies . . . L S. Muckey, Repairs i Labor . Algona Municipal Band, Taxes . Debt Service Fund Icwa SfafC Bank, Interest ..... Iowa State Bank, Interest _______ Iowa State Bank, Interest . Iowa State Bank, Interest ____ _ Icwa State Bank, Interest ______ Airport Fund Honsbruch Drug, Supplies . . Parking Meter Fund Ray Krebs, Salary ____________ N.-iocy Sands, Salary _________ Iowa State Bank, Withholding Tax .......... ___ ......... Trust & Agency Fund, Policemen's Pension Ded. _______________ Russell Buchanan, Downpaymcnt on property ______ ...... ____ City Clerk Advanced Cash ____ Trust & Agency Fund Viola Mcland for Linda Counley, Police Pension ______________ Viola Mcland for Dennis Counloy, Police Pension ____ _________ Koch Brothers, Minute Book _. 17.20 10904 957 40.50 1.00 22468 137.60 183.78 144.32 163.63 75.05 31.36 14895 99.65 57.30 60 00 3500 510 6.00 22 45 4 42 1 I 69 14 ?0 21996 1 1 S'j 5 00 48.00 67. 28 310 3.i5 38.00 78.25 9.05 29.14 1106.22 173.25 25.00 123 75 22.50 70.00 91 92 141.26 76.05 26.90 1.55 1180.00 .66 30.00 30.00 12.98 Of Kohlhaas Hardware, Merchandise 11,10 A' Scekeltnan, Expanses , _ 30.20 Northwestern Bel! Telephone Co., BOARD PROCEEDINGS Twelvlh Day April 25, 1957 Regular April Seulon ' The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were H. S. Scheppmann, Chairman, and members C. H Newel. Jens M Sorenscn, John H. Rode, and A. M Kollasch. Absent: none. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by C. H. Newel that the following Secondary Road Assn. Districts No. 920—930 inclusive be approved and May 20, 1957 at 2:00 p.m. be set for hearing nt Courthouse in Algona Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried Motion by John H. Rode and seconded by Jens M. Sorenscn that land of Carl E. Johnson, Garfield Twp described as follows: Strip of Land 12' wide along E side of S'.i SEH 33-1)4-30. be condemned for highway purposes. Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by A. M. Kollasch that strip of .land 12' wide on E. side SEVi 2-95-27, Prairie Twp. in the name of James P. and Olive F. Hllferty be condemned for highway purposes. Ayes: all. Nays none. Motion carried. Motion by Jens M. Sorensen and seconded by C. H. Newel that Herman S. Studer, Corwith, be appointed as County appraiser on- Condemnation of Road on property of James P. and Olive F. Hllferty of Prairie Twp. Section 2-95-27. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by Rode that Percy Watnem, Ottosen, be appointed as Appraiser for Kossuth County on Condemnation of Roadway on Property of Carl E Johnson in Garfield Twp. Sec. 33-9430. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. On motion adjournment was taken until May 1, 1957. H. S. Scheppmann, Chairman, Board of Supervisors ATTEST: Marc Moore. Co. Auditor BOARD PROCEEDINGS Thirteenth Day May 1, 1357 Regular April Seulon 1957 The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were H. S. Scheppmann, Chairman, and members were A. M. Kollasch. John H. Rode. Jens M. Sorensen, and C. H. Newel. Absent: none. Motion by John H. Rode and seconded by Jens M. Sorensen that bond be approved and Class "S" Beer Permit be granted Otmar Fischer of St. Benedict. Ayes; all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by John H. Rode.that quarterly reports of J. P.'s, C. H. Ostwlnkle, Algona, and Fred E. Dutton, Ledyard, be approved. Ayes: all.. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by Jens M. Sorensen that abatement in the amount of $4.50 be given to Flossie Leason. Burt, for a T.V. set which she purchased after January 1, 1956. Ayes: a,ll. Nays; none. Motion carried. Motion by John H, Rpde and seconded by Jens M. Sorensen that the appointment of .Helen P. Cameron Deputy, and Helen Anderson, Clerk, in the Recorder's office be approved and become effective April 15, 1957. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by John H. Rode that bond of Doris C. Paetz, Clerk of Treasurer's office, and bond of Helen Anderson, Clerk Recorder, both be approved. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by John H. Rode that Iowa State Bank & Security State Bank of Algona be designated as depositories for Clerk of Court funds in the amount of $15,000.00 each. Ayes; all. Nays: none. Motion carried, Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by A. M. Kollasch that refund be granted A. J. Berens, Bancroft, for Soldiers Exemption missed on the James ElsbedkVr Property in the amount of $20.72. Ayes: all. Nkys: none. Motion carried. • Motion by Jens M. Sorensen end seconded by A. M. Kollasch that Insurance policy on County Farm B^lds. for five years to the North River Insurance Co. be approved, in the amount of $443.44. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by John H. Rode and seconded by Jens M. Sorensen that're- fund on personal property erroneously paid on property of Henry Blumer of Knapp. Wisconsin, be given in the amount of $17.18. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by John H. Rode and seconded by C. H. Newel that Workman's Comp. Insurance be awarded to A. J. Ricklefs, Co., Agent, of State Auto insurance Co. for the year 1957. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Jens M. Sorensen and seconded by John H. Rode that Fleet Liability Insurance be awarded to A. C. Accurso Agent in Bancroft to bis Co., General Casuality Co. of Wisconsin. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by C. H. Ne*vel that all warrants over 5 years old be cancelled by the County Auditor on recommendation of State Examiner. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by John H. Rode and seconded by A. M. Kollasch that Bonds and Contracts of the following be approved. Everds Bros. & Elmer Dole Co.. of Algqna — G. J. Vande Riet & Sons. Inc., Fairmont, Minn.—Western Engineering Co., Harlsn, Iowa — Concrete Products Com., Humboldt — Armco Drainage & Metal products Corp., Des Moines — Wheeler Lumber Bridge & Supply Co., Des Momes — M. T. McGulre & Co., Algona •- John T. McGuire Co.. Algona. Ayes All. Nays: none. Motion carried. It was motion that payment of claims allowed at Dils meetiug of the persons & Firms listed immediately following be ratified, allowed, and confirmed. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. County Fund Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., proceedings ., _. 138.65 ypper Des Moines, Pub. Co. i''notices ... '. '} 840 Advance Pub,'Co., notices .--„•*•' 18.88 TTppor Drs MoincS Pub. Co., supplies ..._' „ 1*75 Advance Pub. Co, KUpp _. w 50 Messenger Printing Co., supp... 1883 Bancroft Register, bar dockets ti 00 Koss. Co. Treasurer, botmtiei and prepaid freight 118.15 Ribbon & Carbon Supply Co., Certified Eire. Corp.. supp. ..I 74 18 Kohlhaas Hdwe,. supp. (574 Upper DPR Moines Pub. Co., supplies _ 375 N. w. Bfil Tele. Co.. tele. «er. 297 05 Hutzell's. supplies 305 Ficllnr & Chambers Co.. supp, . u 38 Kliplo Loose Leaf Co., supp. $7833 Koch Bros., supp. 3t 62 Jenkins-Fergemnnn Co.. sttpp. 2592 Matt Parrott & Sons Co.. supp. fill B4 Hut/oll's. supp. 501 Cupplcs-Hnsse Corp., supp. 103 B8 Pltney-Bowes Inc.. repairs 8 05 I. B. M.. malnt. Agreement „• 8000 Pratt Elect. Co . supp. ._ 83.10 Mason City Blue Pring. Serv., supplies 87 38 Dr. H. D. Meyer. OMVI tests administered ... 8000 Jnne S Loomis, typing State exam, report 3000 C. B. Akcrs, auditing books of Kossuth Co. courthouse 1,S72.41 Payroll Fund, county payroll.. 2,205 fi!) W. W. Sullivan, postage 20000 Algona Municipal Utll.. utilities Ifi !>6 Algona Municipal Utll.. utll. .- 162.36 North Central Pub. Serv. Co., gas _ - 4-1.52 Payroll Fund, co. payroll 5,96510 Gordon L Wlnkcl, comm. on fines 11033 Gordon L Wlnkel, expenses 126.03 Gene's Radio & T.V.. parts and repairs 52 87 Giernticrg Auto Supply, parts 21 SO Ralph W, Lindhorst. board and lodging of prisoners 118 "0 Ralph W. Lindhorst, bonrd and lodging of prisoners 1500 Donald M. Wood, mileage 58.SO Ralph W. Lindhorst. meals and mileage _ 17263 Fare way Stores, supplies 100 Joyce Haydcn, mileage" Rusk Drug 8c Jewelry, supp. .. 1.00 United Variety Stores, Inc., supplies 3.60 Botsford Lumber Co., supp. fl.CO Foster Furn'.vure Co., jail beds 100.00 John M. Schutter. M. D.. cor- oner'ss report _. . 13.10 John M. Schutter, M.D., coroner's fees _ 11.28 E. P. Hansen. tax levy meeting 4.00 Albert C. Kollasch, road meet. 3.00 Erwin Hcldorfer, road meeting 8.00 A. J. Renger, road meeting ._ 8.00 Andrew A. Fangman, road meeting B.OO Clair L. Reding, clerk „ 4.00 H. W. Harms, trustee 4.00 Ceo. Hanselman, trustee meet. 4.00 Ted DeBoer, Jr. tax levy meet. 4.00 L. G. Huber, tax levy meeting 4.00 Clarence Schutjer. tax levy meeting 4.00 Lewis Bosma, trustee meeting 8.00 Alfred Nels, trustee meeting— B.OO Orville Ruby, trustee meeting 800 Stephen R. Tjaden. clerk 8.00 Floyd Gardner, tax levy meet. 4.00 Q. T. BJustrom, tax levy meet. 4.00 Fred W. Plumb, tax levy meet. 4.00 Kenneth Strayer, clerk 4.00 F. E. Teeter, trustee meeting 6.00 Glen Larsen, trustee meeting G.UO W. J. Stewart, trustee meeting 6.00 Lloyd H. Bartlett, clerk 6.00 L. W. Johnson, trustee meeting 4.00 Edward Pergande, trustee meet. 4.00 Alviii Weber, trustee meeting 4.00 Carl E. Swanson. clerk 4.00 Elizabeth Galbraith, local registrar _„ - 36.50 Social Casework,- subscription 4.00 Hutzell's. supp. 3.29 COURT FUND Burnetta Bohannon, Petit Juror Fee $ 10.10 Mary Jane Besch. Pettit Juror Fee 16.00 Dale Bannister, Petit Juror Fee - I..... 6.40 E. J. Buss, Petit Juror Fee ... 8.00 Frances Capesius, Petit Juror' Fee _ 15.80 Leo Crowley, Petit Juror Fee . 7.90 Chas. Clement, Petit Juror Fee 5.10 Don Cook, Petit Juror Fee _. 10.10 Margaret Carlson, Petit Juror Fee 8.60 Lloyd Dixon. Petit Juror Fee 11.60 Wilber Doege,,Petit Juror Fee 6.10 Mary Ann Eichen, Petit Juror Fee 6.50 Marcella Farrell, Petit Juror Fee 11.20 Pauline Flaig, Petit Juror Fee 16.60 Sylvia Hanna, Petit Juror Fee 16.50 Delbert Hall, Petit Juror Fee 5.10 Walter Hinz, Petit Juror Fee . 11.50 Henrietta Huenhold, Petit Juror Fee .-...-- 10.10 Ralzine Householder, Petit Juror Fee 6.50 Gladys Jergensen, Petit Juror Fee 10.10 Edward L. Johnson, Petit Juror Fee 11.30 Glaus Krnll, Petit Juror Fee . 7.20 Herman L. Kahler, Petit Juror Fee — -- 12.00 Mllo Kollasch, Petit Juror Fee 10.10 Katherine Krause, Petit Juror Fee 15.10 Zora Kohl, Petit Juror Fee ... 10.10 Du Wayne Klein, Petit Juror Fee 15.10 Fern Kitzinger, Petit Juror Fee 17.30 Verna Marlow, Petit Juror Fee 16.50 Luella Pearson, Petit Juror Fee 16.40 Virgil Preston, Petit Juror Fee 8.40 Helen Pratt, Petit Juror Fee . 10.10 Wilbur Roeber, Petit Juror Fee 6,00 Marcella Ruhnke, Petit Juror Fee 6.00 Gifford Smith, Petit Juror Fee 17.00 Eunice Sheridan, Petit Juror Fee 5.10 Edwin Steenhard, Petit Juror Fee ,. 8.00 Armin Schultz, Petit Juror Fee 5.10 E. C. Schwie,rtert, Petit Juror Fee .. , 6.00 Martha Sherman. Petit Juror Fee _ 10.1ft Maurice Thompson, Petit Juror Fee 5.10 Ubbe Ubben, Petit Juror Fee 7.60 Grace White. Petit Juror Fee. 15.20 Bob Wood, Petit Juror Fee .. 11.20 Fred Williams, Petit Juror Fee 5.10 Charles Lawson, Petit Juror Fee 15.10 Payroll Fund, Court Payroll - 709.35 Ralph W. Lindhorst, Meals, Mileage and Assistance 71.23 Cameron C. Shierk, Mayor Fee 7.00 Dr. Cameron C. Shierk. Mayor Fee _ 7.00 C. H. Ostwinkle J. P. Fee ... 6.00 C. H. Ostwinkle, J. P. Fee .... 8.00 N. H. Steward, Marshall Fee _ 8.25 Clair E. Rentzl, Witness Fee . 1.62 George Magnon, Witness Fee. 1.62 C. H. Ostwinkle, j. p. fee . 5.00 Ralph W. Lindhorst, Sheriff Fee 10.80 STATE INSTITUTION FUND Ralph W. Lindhorst. Meals, Mileage and Assistance 56.03 C. H. Cretzmeyer, Examining Physician ._ 7.50 Dr. J. N. Keneficfc, Physician 10.00 Leo J. Cassel, Attorney 7.5Q D. C. Hutchinson, Attorney 10 00 C. H. Cretzmeyer, Examining Physician 7.50 Leo J. Cassel, Attorney 7.50 R. C. Buchanan, Attorney . 10.00 BANG'S DISEASE FUND Clarence Arndorfer, Indemnity 10.81 M. C. Krosch, Indemnity 12 50 Eizo Heyes, Indemnity 28 00 Burdette L. Hoeppner, Indemnity 23.42 Elmer Junkermier, Indemnity 12 50 Boles &. Kent, Indemnity 61.62 Leo C. Miller, Indemnity 1250 ASSESSOR FUND " ^ W. W. Sullivan, Postage . 6..00 L. J. Immerfall, Mileage 33,32 Payroll Fund, - Assessor Pay- ~ roJJ _. ' 158031 Mason City Blue Print Co., Supplies __ g^ Advance Publishing Co., SUM plies _ 30,38 Hutzell's, Supplies .. g 63 Corp.. Rental — TvpeWnrlfer txehanf*, R*p«1r» Frieden Calculating Machine Co, Rental , FAIRGROUNDS FUND Kossuth Co. Fair AsSn., Partial Ap-.ioi tlorrment • 2,800.00 RKtmEMENT FUND S, > Security Employment hn'.irily Commission, Social Soi-urity — Iowa Public employees Retirement System. First. Quarter 19.00 1.50 45.00 . 3,243.33 365.40 Iowa Employment Security Commission, Social Security 234.90 l<-.wa Public Employees Rctlre- me-t. First Quarter IPERS . 4,907.84 ~ LIBRARY FUND I S.E.A Library Service, Books 31.73 C'o. Supt. Zell Berryhill, Emmet Co., Library Apportionment 16.75 Co Supt S. T. Weed, Winne- baRo Co.. Library Apportionment _ 26.36 Co. Supt. Charles Whitney, Hnncock Co., Library Apportionment _ 21.56 Co. Supt. Frances Messer, Hurnholdt Co.. Library Apportionment 6.30 Co. Supt. John Smith. Palo Alto Co.. Library Apportionment 30.52 ROAD CLEARING \V. C. Brown Supply Co.. At- lacide 1,722.00 Swanev Oil & Equipment Co., Brush Killer _ 1,535.40 MAINTENANCE FUND All Wheel Drive Co., Parts ... 50.34 The Thomas Co., O,il 5Z4.80 [lotsford Lumber Co., Supplies . 68.88 Gihhs Cook Equipment Co., Equipment 458.92 Pecaut Industrial Supply Co.. Supplies 35.17 Kossuth Oil Co., Gas 965.25 Collins Oil Co.. Gas 155.45 Kvcrett Thompson, Diesel Fuel 52.08 Mid West Service Co., Diesel , Fuel 82.78 Chicago, Milw., St. Paul A Pac. R. R.. Freight (Lumber) 2,107.63 Wheeler Lumber Bridge & Supply Co., Lumber' 7,270.20 Armco Drainage & Me'tal Products Inc., Steel Pipes 3,136.90 Greenbcrg Auto Supply, Parts 175.19 Wilhelmi Service, Oas & etc. 247.98 Standard Oil Co., Fuel 138.07 Paper Calmenson & Co., Grader Blades, etc. 910.08 Percival Motors. Parts 57.55 General Equipment & Supply Co.. Supplies 75.60 Bced Hdwe., Parts and Supplies 34.36 Wille's Canvas & Uph. Shop, Labor & Matt-rials 24.00 Central Auto Supply Co., Parts 10.84 Algona Impl. Co.. Parts 23.71 Swartz Hdwe., Supplies 5.67 Quick Supply Co., Supplies ... 429.15 Arnold Motor Supply, Parts .. 8.86 Empire Steel ft Tool Co., Supplies 118.05 Standard Bearings Co. of Des Moines, Supplies 25.24 Hawkeye Machinery Co., Parts 11.30 Williams Hdwe. Co., Parts ... 111.11 F. S. Norton it Son, Supplies _ 2 90 J. Paul Hassel, Hauling 25.00 A. B. Tweeten, Supplies 7.56 J. E. Ukena & Co., Parts 4.87 Peterson & Jansick Chevrolet Co.. Supplies 13.44 George's Body Shop, Repairs 12.00 Kohlhaas Hdwe., Supplies 5.53 Gruss Industries Inc., Supplies 29.25 Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., Parts 23.53 Fort Dodge Machine & Supply Co., Parts 41.92 Certified Electric Corp., Supplies 84.00 Goplesrud Lubricants Co., Diesel Fuel 191.35 Sieg-Ft. Dodge Co., Parts 76.55 Standard Oil Co.. Diesel Fuel . 893.32 Payroll Fund, Maint. Payroll . 11,707.29 Algona Municipal Utilities, Utilities 20.42 Chicago. Rock Island & Pacific R. R., Freight _. 1,046.19 James H. Merryman, Management, Equipment & Extra Help 677.00 N. W. Bell Tele. Co., Tele. Service _. 39.10 Bituminous Materials Co., Asphalt 76.34 Iowa Public Service Co., Electric Service 5.00 Town of West Bend, Electric Service 1.25 Ray's Uph. Shop, Labor and Materials 18.50 Fangman Welding Shop. Welding & Parts 4.42 Kossuth Co. Treasurer, Prepaid Freight 15.75 West Iowa Tele. Co., Tele. Service , 4.03 Iowa Electric Light & Ppwer Co., Electric Service .... 1.66 Dukehart-Hughes Tractor & Equipment Co., Equipment . 469.79 Standard Oil Co., Grease Gun 15.00 CONSTRUCTION FUND Payroll Fund, Const. Payroll . 1,340.00 James H. Merryman, Bridge Proj. No. 501 (A) 450.00 e,verd.s Bros. & Elmer Dole, Stockpiling Irvington Pit .. 10,240.77 Chris Schulz, Right-of-way . 144.00 Donald L. Cleaves, Right-of- way 144.00 Edith Norris, Right-of-way ._ . 114.00 Mason City Blue Print Service, Supplies 169.57 Ruth Cookerly, Right-of-way. 138.00 Lola M. Weigle, Right-of-way 70.00 Wm. M. McGuire, Right-of- way • 74.00 Rodney J. Van Ness, Right-of- way 204.00 Concrete Products Corp., Concrete Pipes 6,409.72 DRAINAGE FUND Collins, Thompson & Willis, Dr. 4 Lat 2 — • 25.00 Bancroft Register, Dr. 4 Lat 2 13.25 G. D. Hart, Dr. 58 8.08 G. D. Hart, Dr. 80 6.19 Collins, Thompson • & Willis, Dr. 86 165.G5 E. J. Seeney. Dr. 166 Lat 26 .. 7.50 G, D. Hart, Dr. 166 Lat 20 22.75 G. D. Hart, Dr. 166 Lat 26 117.51 S. C. Printing Co., Dr. 16G 20.00 Collins, Thompson & Willis, H. K. 5-87 40.00 Ed Hanna, Dr. 5-87 9.80 Allen Buchanan Abstract Co., Dr. WK 35-89 33.00 G. D. Hart, WK 68-136 55.09 PAYROLL FUND Harry Helmke, Labor 128.10 Mrs. Harry Helmke, Labor ... 200.00 W. A. Hedrick, Labor 248.00 Dale Helmers, Labor 248.00 Clifford Holmes, Labor 249.12 Clarence Hentges, Labor 249.12 Arnold Hainzinger, Labor 249.10 Edward Hammond, Labor 269.32 Philip McVeigh. Labor 5.75 Ralph Markla, Labor 259.22 Don Hainzinger, Labor 140.91 A» J. Kollasch, Labor 273.62 Anton Kardoes, Labor 249.12 George W. Kock}er, Labor .. 234.92 Ferdinand Meyer, Labor 244.92 Roelf E. MiUer./Labor 255.02 Urban Neuroth, Labor 272.58 Herbert Nellis, Labor 268.20 E. C. Ohm, Labor 239.02 Edward Ricke, Labor 275.22 Richard Reynolds, Labor 70.49 Bert Shellmeyer, Labor 239.0J James W. Schultz, Labor 238.00 Lem Stockwell, Labor . 279.13 John Schueler, Jr., Labor 272,82 Charles Thompson, Labor •237.65 George Werenga, Labor 259.22 Erich Willrett, Labor 272.82 Orville Weiland, Labor 259.00 James Walker, Labor 258.10 Paul A. Willey, Labor 272.82 Harlati Wichtendahl, Labor .. 92.36 C. E. Zaugg. Labor 278.70 Henry Zwelfel, Labor _» 259.22 Milfred J. Smith, Labor 139.81 Burnadene Steven, Labor 86.25 A. C. Jverson. Court Reporter- 96.85 Joann McBride, Assists Sheriff 100.51 Burnadene Steven, Labor 71.00 H. S. Scheppmann, Meetings and Mileage . 410.07 A. M. Kollasch, Meetings and Mileage 431.56 C. H. Newel, Meetings and Mileage ... 380.53 Jens M. Sorensen, Meeting* and Mileage S18.00 John H. Rode. Meetings and Mileage 400.«8 Clarence Priebe, Weed Commissioner 180.02 Hazel ArliV-er. Assists Engineer 193.00 H. M. Smith, Co. Engineer ... 553.15 Jack Frsser, Assists Engineer 411.45 Richard Tut tie, Rodman 218.35 James Hoffman. Rodman 808.28 L. A. Hackbarth, Labor it Mileage 90.79 Mel B. Griffin, Mileage A Labor ., 266.53 Al Grunzow, Mileage & Labor 249.55 Dick Baade. Labor 249.12 Raymond Baade, Labor 239.02 Ed Blanchard, Labor 234.92 Harold E. Blanchnrd. Labor .. 278.30 Wm. Christensen. Labor 258.10 Noble L. Crouch, l^bor 248.00 E. M. Downs, Labor 259.00 Frank Deim, Labor 838 00 Alvin Ewlng. Labor 240.01 Earl M. Eller, Labor 39.34 John Eller, Jr.. Labor 62.83 Howard O. Esser, Labor 271.96 Donald Frideres. Labor ,"f»in Potter's Grocery, Food 80.00 Hawley-Allrson Co., Clothing . 15.00 Emmetsburg Nursing Home, Care & Keep 22.00 home of the Good Shepherd, Care & Keep 45.00 Good Samaritan Home, • Care i Keep 209.40 Mrs. Wm. Heisler. Care & Keep 108.00 Dtlta H. Falvey, Care «. Keep - 95.76 Elnora McElray, Care 15.00 State of Iowa, Aid to the Blind Fund 133.02 State of Iowa, Aid to Dependent Children Fund 2183.38 State of Iowa, Emergency Relief Fund 6.61 Srrensen Grocery, Food 112.00 Fareway Store*, Food 59.00 Hood's Super'Valu, Food 31.00 Coincil Oak Store, Food 35.00 Consumers, Food 137.50 Kraus Food Store, Food 10.00 Wallburg's Texaco Service, Supplies 9.87 German Valley Store, Food 28.00 Jenkins Super Mkt., Food 66.00 Piggly Wiggly Store, Food 36.00 Cowing Food Mart, Food 20.51 Council Oak Store, Food 20.00 Pay's Jack Sprat, Food 28.00 Potter's Groc., Food 27.00 Hertzke Grocery, Food 30.00 Anderson's Market, Food 55.00 Frank Vera, Rent -.-.-. 40.12 H C. Johannsen, Rent 17.50 D. D. Monlux, Rent 15.00 Robert Hamilton, Rent 80.00 G R. Cook. Rent 25.00 Chas. K. Miller, Rent 30.00 Adi> Flowers, Rent 45.00 Mcrvel Immerfall, Mileage 66.50 Ralph W. Lindhorst, Meals & Mileage 44.71 Sl.indard Oil Co., Fuel 9.17 Mid-West Service Co., Fuel .. 8.00 Standard Oil Co., Fuel 16.10 Cities Service, Fuel 26.65 Puss & Ky's, Fuel 81.50 Algona Municipal Utilities, Utilities 7.37 Skelly Oil Co., Fuel 7.00 K. & H. Coop Oil Co., Fuel ... 25.05 Panama Carbon Co., Supplies .. 8.83 Fareway Stores, Supplies 2.56 C. H. Cretzmeyer, M. D., Medical Care 184.25 John M. Schutter, M. D., Medical Care 153.00 Rusk Drug & Jewelry, Medicine 139.59 St. Ann Hospital, Medical Care & Keep 835.19 Thuente Pharmacy, Medicine ._ 64.66 Bahne K. Bahnson, D. O., Care . 96.00 C V. & H. A. Lindholm, M. D., Medical Care 226.00 Di. R. K. Richardson, Care _. 42.75 R R. Horton, M. D., Medical Care 64.00 T. J. Egan, M. D., Medical Care 59.00 H. D. Meyer, Care -._. 40.00 Lonergan Drug, Medicine 39.51 John B. Hyde, M. D., Medical Care , 183.93 Holy Family Hospftal, Medical- 1 'Care & Keep 164.50 Balmer Rest Home, Care & Keep 70.35 F. X. Cretzmeyer, M. D., Medical Care 45.00 Dr. Buryl. F. Michaelson, M. D., Medical Care 71.30 Larson Drug, Medicine 19.07 Dr. A. J. Laubenthal, Care 55.00 L. A. Bascon, M. D., Medical Care 23.50 State Sanirorium, Care 2.00 Sara E. Sutton, D. O., Care 56.25 Van Norman Drug Co., Medicine 18.00 James L. Coffey, M. D., Medical Care 34.50 Cook's Drug Store, Medicine .. 73.93 John R. Keisten, M. D., Medical Caro 156.00 Paulson Drug, Medicine 9.09 Palo Alto Memorial Hospital, Medical Care & Keep 140.75 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Care & Keep 424.35 Roy M. Turner, M. D., Medical Care 60.00 Park Hospital, Medical Care & Keep 14.17 Buffalo Center Hospital Clinic, Medical Carts & Keep 208.73 University Hospital. Medical Care & Keep : ..... ._. 56.25 Cresco Light & Power Co., Electric Service 136.53 Payroll Fund, Poor Payroll 1155.84 Algona Lockers, Rent 12.00 F S. Norton 8, Son. Coal ' 42.70 Culligan Soft Water Service, Water Service 20.00 H & W. Motor Exprss Co., Supplies •_•__; 16.05 Spencer Grocery Co., Supplies __ 41.26 KoMhaas Hd**., Supplies 46.JM Farner Boekert Co., SupplilH .. 11.65 H. W. Bell T*l«. Co., TM«. Service - , 1/.30 Jo«ph M Roorwy, M. D., Medical Cortsultaitf 54.80 John F. Thuent* Pharmacy, Medicine 58.70 St.^Artri Hoiplttl, M*dte« C*» „ . ,„ & fewp ... 25167 John W. Scfiirtftr, W. O., Mufli* eal.Cti* ., 21.78 KotiMft C6. f«s»urw, Pi»p«W FrlHoht 2.50 Long Dritrlbutlnfl Co., Care — 31.50 R ". Fur*. Plblnfl » Htfl., Supplies 2.60 Pratt Electric Co., Labor & Parts 14.35 He&arfy'j Plmb. & Htg., Repairs & Part* 151.82 Algofta Elec. Co., Parts 40.18 McCarty Shoe Service, Repairs _ 3.35 A. C. Brlggs — Algona Barber Shop, Razor 17.50 Lo«rell Sarrtp, Paper Subscription 6.00 Consumers, Food 217.90 Faraway Store*, Food 15.89 Council Oak Store, Food 251.48 Winter's Dairy, Dairy Products . 179.12 Finn's Bakery, Food 60.51 Achme Chemical Co., Supplies . 42.09 Standard Oil Co., Diesel Fuel . 190.44 Kossuth Oil Co., Gas 55.61 D. J. Shey, Vet. Fee 211.10 Hobarton Coop Elevator Co., Feed ., 282.40 Geerllnfls feed Mill, Feed 242.00 Robinson Produce, Feed 29.75 DlMflow*4 Bllli Dr. John. M. Schutter, Medical Care 9.75 "Bahne K. Bahnson, Care 20.00 C H. Crettmeyer, M. D., Medical Care 628.00 C. H. Cretzmeyer, M. D., Medical Care 14.00 C. H. Cretimeyer, M. D., Medical Care 5.00 Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by Jens M. Sorensen that resolution be adopted In concurrence with State Highway Commission in addition to 1957 Road Program. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. On motion adjournment was taken until May 20, 1957. H. S. Scheppmann, Chairman, Board of Supervisors ATTEST: Marc Moore, Konsufh Co. Auditor BOARD PROCEEDINGS SPECIAL APRIL SESSION 1957 A. D. FOURTEENTH DAY May 20, 1957 The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were H. S. Scheppmann, Chairman, and members: John Rode, A. M. Kollasch, Charles Newel, 2nd Jens Sorensen. Absent: None. Motion by John Rod* «Vct ««ec*ie1«d by Jem Sorensen that the followlfto Seconda-y Head Dist. be confirmee!: Mbs 920 Ml, £22, 923, 924 925, 926, 927, 928, 929. 930. Aye*: An. Nayi: None. Motion carried. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and second? d by ,» J *t!*4 M ' ^SP^ ft 1 * Tuesday, Jurtt 18, 1957 «t &00 P. M. be let for th« ertvet Wtlrlfi. Ay»: All. Nays: None. Motion cAfnTO, Motion |» C. M. Newel and seconded ' • « . set for 10:00 A. M. June 18, 1957 Ave«All. Nays Not*. Motion carried. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by John H. Rode that B^nd be approved end cigarette permit be {jraritel F M Anderson of Club 169, Algona Iowa" Av ?i s: , All 'J s| *r : »4 No 2*' Motton carried.' Motion by A M Kollasch and seconded by C. H. Newel that the minutes be approved as read. Ayes: All. Nays: None Motion carried. Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by C. H. Newel that bond be approved and class B beer permit be granted Donald Reding of St. Joseph. (Reding tavern). Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Sorensen and seconded by Ntwel that the Board of Supervisors give a ouit-claim deed to Victor A. Carman for property in the EVj SWi/i «, SW SWV, ex. tr. to Kossuth Co. For Gravel Purpose in section 11-95-29. Ayes: All. Nayv None. Motjon carried. Motion by John Rode and seconded by Jens Sorensen that the County pay assessments on Black top, Curb and Gutter as presented by the Kossuth County Treasurer. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by John H. Rode and seconded bv C. H. Newel that taxes on S'A NWV,. 34-97-27 on Dr. HK 5-87 be paid In the amount of $182.73 and be paid from the Maint. Fund. Also, taxes for 691 A in SWI/, SW>,4 of Section 29-98-29 on ' Dr 69 be paid in the amount of $8.49, and tflxes be paid on Dr. 51 in Call's Add of the S'/a of Lots 5-6-7-8 Blk. 189 in 'ths amount of $.11 and taxes be paid on Dr 51 of Call's add. Lot 2 Blk. 192 in the amount of $.17 making a total of $191.50 in taxes. Ayes: All. htays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Newel and seconded by Rode that the Weed Laws be published in the official papers of the County by authority of Board of Supervisors. Ayes: All. N#ys. None. Motion carried. On motion adjournment was taken until June 3, 1957. H. S. Scheppmann, Chairman, Board of Supervisors ATTEST: Marc Moore, Kossuth Co. Auditor in 30 DAYS or less... with a BUTLER steel building Your cash register will play a profitable tune months sooner if you build the Butler way. One of these pro- engineered steel buildings goes up fast because all parta have been formed and punched for a precision fit in a modern factory. Erection costs are surprisingly lowl By combining wood, masonry, and plate glass with the regular galvanized or aluminum covering, you can easily individualize your Butler building. Clear-span interiors are well lighted—tOO percent usable 1 Insurance rates are low. And there's a size to suit your needs. Ask us where you can see a new Butler Building in use near will pay you to get our price before you build. We will be glad to work with your architect or you can use our complete building service. Call or writs ua ... todayl : BUTLER: WILL CONSTRUCTION CO. Howard (Bud) West, Sales Representative 005 So. 15th Phone 43321 Fort Dodge, Iowa Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Find* Healing Sufotance That Doe? Both Relieves Pain««'Shrmk» Hemoir R«l» Y»rk, N. y. (Special)_ p or fjyj ' •• first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to rejie,ye j»»i«i-without surg«y! In ease after case, while gently relieving pain, actual •"••*' (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all -1 W astonishing statements like have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new healing substance (Sio-Dyne*)-discovery of » world-famous research institute. . This substance is now available is tujjpojyoj'v or ointment /or«i under faiwfriw&fy* #•* Ajt y« arugfift. Money back guarantee. FOR SALE 108.45 Acre Kossuth Count/ Farm and 7 Rm. House in Algona The farm >$ dejcribed as the N'/i, NW'4-1-95-30 (Whittemore Township). The house is located on lot 5, Block 86 of the original plat of Algona. ^ F«r further Information or for inspection ef the properties, contact the Referee: L. W. NITCHALS OR LINNAN & LYNCH ATTORNEYS 101 West State Algona, Iowa

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