The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 4, 1957 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 4, 1957
Page 7
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Look for those pads with a hole in the center, pull up, split the stalk, and you will probably find a worm. They say the fish ere going "ga-ga" over this bait. (2) If you're out for Perch, soak some shrimp overnight in salt water. Take them along and cut the shrimp into small pieces for bait. I'm told Perch lose all sense of control when they spy this bait. (3) A friend of mine recently had fine luck taking Bluegills with the old oatmeal trick. He bought a box o! Mother's Best on sale at a local market, scattered it from the boat where he thought Bluegills would be. and sure enough—they flocked in. He said he kept his bait fairly close to the surface. (4) From now on. when fishing for the big ones, be sure io bump the bottom. When talking "fishing", it seems somehow natural to think of it as a men only sport, and yet I know there are probably just as many FISHERWOMEN as fishermen. Mrs Doc Fristedt, for instance, far outclasses her husband with a fishing rod, and I. believe Ted Larson, with all his fishing know-how, will never snag one as big as his wife caught— without half trying. Lavon Lindhorst, wife of the sheriff of Kossuth County, is also reported to be pretty nimble with a casting rod. The Ralph Valentines recently returned from Sand Lake in northern Minn., a lake 1 fished with little success, and Mrs 'Valentine, it appears, copped the honors from her 'old man'. "The ladies seem to know their way around on a lake. * » « The other evening I was out mowing our lawn, and Mrs Antone Anderson, who is my next- door neighbor, sauntered over and after we commented a mo- mented or two over the fact that my mower seemed to be a rather valuable antique, Mrs Anderson vouchsafed the information that she 'liked my fishing column." and that she had done a bit of it herself. Mrs Anderson, wife of the late Antone Anderson, will have her 84th birthday this coming December. BECKER'S Sporting Goods Store UP-TO-DATE FISHING & OUT- DOOH INFORMATION AT — BECKER'S Perfectly willing to let a hot lawn . mower rest a moment, I joined in polite conversation with Mrs Anderson, thinking that she'd make a few lady-like comments on fishing, such as 'those wriggly worms' and "what in the world are men thinking about, getting up at 3 a.m. just to sit around in a leaky boat all day and then come in so thirsty that they can't even drink water!" But Mrs Anderson sprung a few remarks on me like "steady fishing" and "just pulling the walleyes in over the gunwale of the boat" ,.. and about then I perked up my ears. With the kind of tackle I use, I figured I better bend an ear to Mrs Anderson. Back in the old days, my husband and I loved to fish. Somehow ,we used to fetch up at a place called Lake Wabedo, near Pine River, Minn. I don't know how Antone happened to choose this lake, but he did — and it was certainly full of fish. We •went up there 16 summers in a row to fish, and then in the 1920's we decided to buy a lakeshore lot and put up a little cabin we could call our own. We just seemed to love Lake Wabedo, and so we paid $150 for a plot of ground. We put up a cabin, and to my husband — well, that seemed to bo the prize possession of his life." "That was back in the 20's — over 30 years ago. There wasn't any pavement then, most of the way, and it took us two days tp get there. We used to stop overnight in Little Falls. Conrad Herman and his wife used to go up with us lots, and Everett-and Holman used to sit on the dock dangling their feet in the water, and pull big walleyes out with cane poles." UlllllliUjlUlUlllUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUUIIIIIIIIlUllllflllllllllfllllllllllllliillii We Can't Catch 'Em For U Mr* Anderson But We'll Help U Do It This Coming Season From Our COMPLETE TACKLE STOCK Try "Coast" For What U Needl RIFLES — SHOTGUNS SHELLS OUTDOOR SUPPLIES Always at Typical "Coast" Lower Prices COAST-TO-COAST Store Ed Wolf, Owner tale of how she one day snagged a big mud turtle, cut 'him lose, and how the next day Mr Turtle came swimming' up around the boat, trying to be friendly. .. Well, about that time, I could understand there isn't much difference, between fishermen .. .or fisherwomen, either! Mrs Anderson was just stretching her line a bit with me. * * * This next tale relates io a fishing expedition taken by Bud Robinson and his eldest son, Bill, to Green Lake, Minn., (near Willmar) where they fished with Mike Stoeffel, who lives there, and Ray Besch, of Minneapolis. It was a week ago Sunday, and the four lined up on .Green Lake's shore with nite crawler bait, for some bullhead fishing when all of a sudden Bill Robinson had a terrific strike. Handling things well, in spite of a sudden onslaught pf advice from the grown-ups, Bill had a lot of fun maneuvering what he had up within range. In fact,, the boy enjoyed it, but it appears the elders went something approach ing 'frantic.' As Bill told it to me: "I got hold of this fish, and I knew I had him. I wasn't too worried, but Dad and Ray and Mike dropped what they were doing and rushed over. Dad hollered out: It's a giant Bullhead! It felt to me like it could have been a big Northern, the way he acted, and I kept playing him, and it was real fun. Dad and Ray and Mike were rushing around, looking at my line, and hollering out: Let out some line! Reel in! Keep your rod up! Don't let him get that line straight out from the reel! There he goes! Watch him ...he's heading for that brush!" 'Finally, I got him up nea the bank, where we were a. standing. ' He sure looked big— awful big. Just then the lin •broke, and Dad didn't wait a sec ond -r- he jumped off that ban right down on the lake, and grab bed the fish by a gill. ( It was pretty exciting right then — everybody hollering, Dad d.Q.w there grabbing that fish, am bringing him up. It was a 1, pound CARP!" The Robinson's, senior and junior, left their Carp witl Mike Stoeffel. Bill said: "I gues. they're pretty good if you know how to cook "em." * * * Big Fish Contest closes July 27th, you know. Prizes will be distributed to winners after con test close. There are no entries yet in the Catfish and Muskie classifications — and there'll be prizes in All classes. See the chart on Larry's window. * * • * Sam Kuhn was telling about some of the fish he has caught or plans to catch, in Canada. He was describing a particularly attractive Northern he had pullec in, and had his arms stretched out to their limit. A fellow fisherman exclaimed: "That's „ pretty darned long fish, Sam." Sam replied: "Who's talkin' about his LENGTH? This is between his EYES!" i * * * SHORT SHOT: If outdoors in a thunderstorm with lightning, here is what to do: Lie down in a ditch or depression, or get into a building protected with lightning rods and grounds, or into a steel framed building, or stay inside your car. If these are not available, seek protection in ravine, under a cliff, in a cave, or fall flat on the , ground. Here is what NOT to do: Do not ride a bike, be on a tractor, be near a wire fence, atop a hill, or in the water swimming. Don't stand in doorways or near open windows. Keep away from the sink, ,the telephone, the TV. Be the "lowest down object in the area," L' 0 1 2 4 3 4 4 5 The first thing I knew she asked: "Would you like to see a Bass my husband caught?" Although I am somewhat of a new- coiner to Algona, I recalled hearing that Antone Anderson had run a grocery store here for about 50 years, and when Mrs Anderson produced the mounted Bass pictured here, saying that Antone caught it twenty years ago, my jaw sagged. I've seen few Bass of this size, and I inquired: "Is that a small or a large mouth Bass, Mrs Anderson?" She replied: "Son, I wouldn't know, but 's sure enough a BASS!" And en she added: "How is it >ou haven't seen this before? An- torif had it hanging up in the market for ever so many years— and was he proud of it!" By then, Mrs Anderson and I were getting chummy—talking "fishing talk" as fishermen do. tf my memory serves me right, here is wh#t she said: "Although that doesn't seem so far back", continued Mrs Anderson, "we didn't have anything like a deep-freeze, or even a good ice-box. We kept the fish we caught in a box in the lake, until we were ready to eat them. But we always had plenty — we just fished with common poles and lines, when we got a big walleye we just pulled him in over the side of the boat. I never knew about landing nets." * * » Here Mrs Anderson got a little confidential, saying: "You know, in those days I didn't know there was any such thing as broiling fish. I just rolled them well in flour, and then fried them good on a little kerosene stove. Put I can still remember how we loved to eat those fish, fresh from Lake Wabedo." Then, Uke any true fisherman, or fisherwoman, Mrs Anderson related to me 8th District Jr. Legion Tourney, July 5, Bancroft The eighth district Junior Legion baseball tournament will open at Bancroft, Iowa Friday, July 5th, with Garner meeting, Fort Dodge, ft { § 9'clock and Bancroft will play the winner of the Fonda- £ooi»e game at 9 p.m. The finals will be played Sunday night at 9 p.m. All Junior Legion tournament games are nirte innings* The winner el this tournament will qualify for the Sub-State playoff. AFFAIR The m,§mber§ of one family presided., at a recent Masonic meeting 'at Elkader. Henry Wolf, a long time member, with his five sons §nd a brother occupied the various stations and offices during the meetings. Algona Is 8-0 Loser Sunday At Whiffemore Humboldt's undefeated KossUth County Baseball League leaders stayed on top of the heap with a cozy 11-8 verdict over Fort Dodge Sunday. Whittemore's fine team remained in the runner-up spot, 1M> games out of first with an 8-0 win over Algona; while Emmetsburg downed Lone Rock, 119, and Estherville edged Bancroft, 4-3, in other league contests Sunday. Estherville downed Emmetsburg, 5-2, in a makeup game Thursday night at Estherville and took over third .place. League standings W Humboldt .6 Whittemore 4 Estherville 4 Algona 3 Fort Dodge 2 Emmetsburg 2 Lone Rock 1 Bancroft 1. , Monagan, who has pitched all six of Humboldt's wins, was again the victor Sunday. Fort Dodge picked him for 11 hits, one more than the winners managed, while both teams committed two errors. Stripling, Hankel and Miller worked on the mound for the losers. Paul Meyer, who has pitched many wins during past years in this area, returned to the hill for Whittemore Sunday and shut out the KCs. Meanwhile, the winners pounced on the offerings of Bristow and Schilmoeller to walk away with the game. Lone Rock's hard-luck outfit, which has scored 21 runs in its last two games and lost both, succumbed to a 14-hit attack by Emmetsburg. Cotton, Jones and Briley hurled for the losers, while Thompson, Allen and Carpenter Jiurled for Emmetsburg and gave •up seven blows. •'"•3?;^ ' Estherville made the most of seven hits as it dumped Bancroft. The losers got nine hits, two more than the winners, off the offerings of Origer and Hall. Rahe hurled for Bancroft. Estherville, with Bonstead and Origer allowing seven hits, downed Emmetsburg Thursday night. Farrell hurled a five- hitter for the losers. Algona travels to Lone Rock; Estherville to Emmetsburg; Bancroft to Fort Dodge; and Whittemore to Humboldt for games this Sunday. The Whittemore-Humboldt meeting should be one of the top games of the year. The teams were rained out on opening day and haven't met previously. Little Leagues Continue To Draw Heavy Interest Little League games at four sites drew large crowds again Monday night as two of the top teams remained undefeated and jicked up their fourth wins of the campaign. Games coming up Include a ''' pair of Texas League contests, one at the Athletic Park and another at Maple Park tonight Wednesday, July 3), contests at he fairgrounds, Athletic Paj'k, _,ucia Wallace and Maple Park next Monday, July 8, a game at Maple Park Tuesday, one at the Athletic Park Wednesday, and games at Lucia Wallace and Maple Park Thursday. The area I National League earn downed area 2, 6-2; area 3 downed area 4, 8-7, and area 2 won, 9-2, from area I in the Amer- can League; and area 4 -beat rea 3, 16-11, in the Western ,eague in games Monday night, 'he area 1 National League team nd area 2 American League out- it are undefeated so far. ^•^^^W^R^^PWIW NOTES OF SERVICE MEN FORT SILL. OKLA, ,.. „...„ Pvi Charles P. Kollgsch, son of ' Mr and Mrs Elmej* If, JjoU^sch, Swea City, recently was> ed from the Field ."" ^ ' Kollaseh was instructed, in methods of locating enemy lery positions by usmg sau,»d, flash ranging equipmen entered the -Amy , Sit and completed basjc Fort Qr The graduated H» , at "*

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