Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 6, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1896
Page 3
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THE RAILROADS Locomotives Require Training for F : ast Running. NEW WABASH BRIDGE -General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. It in.'i.v not )>i v f.'i'iioi\-illy l;iuw.il Hint lOl'milOliVl'.*; ititl'llded fill' l-XpreS'S traj'll* require as imit-h training, >" I heir way. for i':isi. .ni.nu'mi; as do r.-ier horse*. says tin* IMiiladelpliia lleriwd. The rt-tiiisylv:inla raili-wid ouin.paiiy builds its own en-'ines. :i.!»l those i>ui!( fur express trains an- known as class P. They a tv very -large ;nul Iwiit. with . fili.irlH variations, after iln.' jKi.nerii of •Hn- l>i.u* Kn-glish .>ngiiu> imported info Hiis conn-try si-vi-ra.l yours ago and which :ii that time wa-s ;t. curiosity in its way. AVtion one iif these I",-" engines is iii.lv- on our of tin- shop to He placed mi the road, instead i>l' -putting if to tin- vorR 'it is intended I'm' .if. onc-e-, it nil is Cor two or three* weeks to l.raii'ii it., so to s|n-;i.'k, Tor fast running. Hy th.is •means all tlu» bearings ;i.n(l journals cumiecti'd with Hie ruuuiivg gear become settled to their \voric. for should anything fibout the 'now mnolil.no not •iv wk harmoniously there is amplo time to adjust -rhv de-rrtr. Usually the •new engine •urn.vt's trovijlmvume on account erf Its propensity to make fast time-. a.U'd at almost every sta.tion tlic trn.in is loimd to be a 11 trie ahead of scheduled fii'ine, and must wait for from ic.ii ser.oii<ls to n minute. No. ISO of class P will bo running out- day on a.n acc-iwwinodiiitloii train, but wffl.soon be flying over the road a* a.n express at tliu rate, in many places, of :i mile a minute. NEW BE1IDG.K. The- Old S true-cure Spanning the Wabash River to be Replaced. Tlie Wa:b:l.*h. RiiUroad company will orer! a .new 'bridge in place oC the structure wlik-li now spans Hit- river between Kiddle's Island anil the Enst "bank. A -large force WJIK at. work yesterday and ,i'f is thought that the. bridge will be completed 'by .Ta.nua.ry 1. Tlie new' structure will 'be much more substantial tlia-n the present Qiie. ami will •bo more ervpable of Uoldhvg rrp the •lieii'vy entities and heavy ri-.1I.ns than the present bridge. The work will bo done in sec-rimis and traffic will not be delayed. RAlLttOAD XOTT5S. Engine No. "04 is In me shops To; rc-jx'ilrs. Engine No. ."0." is in tlu- bade shops for class -.T rejKiifs. A -new cra.no has bee.n orotteil west of the carpenter s'hop. Ch-mrJes Sa.lTord of rt'io wa«h house la takUiff a short vacation, Jacob BuWc of tlie lathe room is off -duliy on account: of sickness. D. jr. Hill, the riinlunirtlo lireman. Us on duty a^'aJn nfifer a Cow days' lay off. .Tolm Hartwlck In now oporn.tlnjr'ihc raill steii.m hammer, in the blaclwmirli The bolt house .imd castin-ii racks were trea.tal to a coat o.t paUU yester- .Toh.u Gor'niir. the "\Va.lKi-sh a^-'eut at HimfHijrton was here Suntlmy vlsitlnt,' •frimuls. .Ti>si<pli Kopler.lms returned to work with r.Iw rt-|>,ilr tniv-k pmn^' a.fter n. two weeks' Illness. Ed Hortnn of Hie Pa.ii>hnnidle olfices rosuniiM.l work yesterday afiter several luonlhs' il.lne.ss. Eddie Hawkins is Jit work in tho tool room nfter a. !a,y-ofC of two months on jieeouni: of sickness. Jlr. Eiifrlur. tho Pa,ftli.i.nille baff.CTjre mirn. has resuinii.-i'l his duties after a three weeks' vacation. JOSHO Wdlf, 'the. sshop stono mason, lost a. valuablo bird 'dos ntbout the shops 'bist S Peter Schneider, rliesfntlonni-j' cnsl- neer in the car-printer shop, Imw re-, turned to work n-ftor fl. few clays' Illness. 'Hie new dry homoe Is well In course of eonstmetion. Tire framie Is eom- pletwl 'and it win -not be long until It will IH- ready for use- All the cars on the old repair tmcTcs were yesterday mornloff removed to 'the new tracks a few feet farther north. The old "RH>" will be repaired «,nd used as an extension to, the coach yard. Charles Gramos and Oha.nes Spitznogle. of thetflacksmlth shop, who have been off duty, sick, for some ttoie, reported 'Cor work • yog.tcrrtay tnornlnf;, but were 'both compelled to quit nud rotnitm to their houieis, bol.nj: nnatole to work. A frillow who spends a preat deal of iiis time n't the R. R. Y. M. C; A. rooms, luis .ttnion KeveraJ ot Uie periodicals in the- la.'tf. fow months. ."Ho. Is known to the secretai% and unless he ceases his peculations will llnd tohnsoK tn. seirious trouble. MEN'S CLO T HING'! , While we huvw s-vfrnl Depiirtuients in Oar New Store, there will-b'^ on- Invtrer rlmn the rest—that will be the Men's Clothing Depn.rt.ii>i-!ii. which will be the tongue of bur merchandise wttKon- T he other l>partiueuts will ride with it into your favor, it will be rhe ouo Department around which the others will whirl. Our Suit Department Includes all the HH\V and correct fibrici in Plain and Fancy Scotch Cheviots. Hi: >icli °laid*. French Oassioipres, Clay VVorst-irf!*. Sm't.c 'ailnred right "down tu dale" in tbe latest style jiHcks nud Pricks. In Our Yon'll find a line c,f e't'jj«nt, new, perfect made, faultless fitting OveruoatH in all the direst, fabric, Meltous, is^avers, Kerseys,. and Vio.nnas. tSrylish dressers can overcoat themselves better than ever before and yet save money by coining here. ' j r'Ail", GcloDerT, at S a. in., we will open a new store in the buildiujj fonncrly occrupieO: by Hit' Pro- jri'Wis, vrMi a iucw uvnd complete stock of Clotliius, Hit.ts .irid Fiinil'sdiu^s, ami the whole Sta-te is cord-tally invited to Ca.ll and Pass .TndVmcnt on the most i^tylish a.ml most worthy goods at the Io\v«»t prices -evci' offered in LWLDS- poirt. With our many years' experience'in wholesale and i-otaii'l business, with our immcrons dhjtriibiu.img points in 1 Ohio and Indiana and one factory in, New Yoi'k, we fire m position to offer the people of Losr.'iins|)ort thfi- iMist qualities ' i« all IiKlkina., the lowest prtoe.s in all Tiudta.n.1, the jrreiiiiest var.icly in all In- dla.ua, direct ft-om the fa.ctory to our Btore itihc-u. to your homo. No man or .woina-n can afford to Tmy a, dollar's worth of goods without first seeiBg our t:remeu.dous ,i.ssorl:me,n't ;iud prices, Owr motto will be honostiy of purpose, qmaliity of p;oo<l.s. lowest) |irlc-e, ,-i.ud wirti these we expect to pet and hold your trade. Our Clotninp platform, is. Onv Srniulaird of Yiiliie for AH. Styles n,n<l sixes for all. OXK TO .XLL. BOY'S CLOTHIN3! We want the mothers of Lopansport to call and inspect our Boy's Clothing we have to offer. We've not a ample garment in the entire assortment that we are nor, proud of as a Sound Substantial Satisfaction pivine value. A plance will convince you that here is where quality, is the thickest and price the thinnest. Tuke our advice and look at tbe prico through quality. The scratch of a pen makes a price but it takes wool and'honest workmanship to give satisfaction. It won't take a very practiced eye to discern the advantage of buying here. Our Hat Department Includes everything that's now f"r men, boys and chil- drea Ton can III no outCof date ha,» b.re. Our stock » all new and tbe prices saving ones. ft t On Top of All This We Have the Test of all Tests, the test that satisfies you, the test that will gauge our whole store. Here it is In seven little words. Your Money Back if You Want III Clothing:, Hats and Furnishings. 4th and Mkt. St. DAS & ID *th and Mkt. St. • m^^^F ^B- m • £*J • ' • ' LIVER CJX>GGING. Your Stomach Gloss Your Sec to Your Digestion. Not one person In i\. .tthousaind knows that the cause of billiousness is the clogging of itho liven- by tho poisons ot indigestion. Nor'the only proper cure for It "is A Mi it-to a4d the stomach. But. modern 'inellrdiie deda.res the truth of it Aiufl *he Shakers have proved it by Uie -wonderful success; oC their Sliaiker Digestive- Cordial., ,One of the most i.in'poi-ta.iit uses of the liver is to arrest and destroy all poisons which ftry.to find their way Into (the blood. Witten It's clogged, It can't do this. • Undigested food ferments-'and putrefies in the stomach-, and the poisons of pirtreflcatfon clog ajid paralyze tho tho -liver, after -wihlch they iflmd their •naj irato the blood V Here Is tho 'true' explan'atloa of all the distressing disorders a.nd • tfons cimised by indigestion. 1 Sluuker Dlig-estive Cordial Is the only tonic- cordiul which aids the stolnacli in. a iniifcu-rnl way to digest.its food. By this means, it.cures indigestion, restores the livar, -mid frees Uie body from poi-son a.nd disease. . Headache, dizziness, iienrallgia, m'ea- tal dopresstoQ, weakness, bad taste, fever, flaitnlence, consHpntion, loss -of ap- ] petite, nnaemln, rheumatism, and -in.-i.u7 other disorders a.re relieved and cured by Shaltcv Digestive Coa-dlal. At th-Uig.£ists. Ton cents for'a trial bottle. __ • • . -' Write for'foook'ito 'Clie ShaJjers, 30 Kcade Street, New York. Underwear, hosiery. Ea.ri &.Wlson coJlars'i shirts, caps and overalls at a pnrt of tii« real value.—A. G. Jeufcines, Laidics' dongotes, button or lace, QSc. Many a day's, work U .lost by sick hexAvehe caused by Indigestion and stomach troubles. DeWltt's • Little Early Risers are tbe most effectual pill for overcoming such dlfflcultl«a.-^Tno. U. Johnston. The Woman's Relief Corps wlll,serve imtch from 11 until 2 o'clock, and supper from 5 until 8 o'docK, Wednesday. October 7, in tbe Bringhiurst liuildlns on Broadway. . Everybody Invited. It doeso' f. matter much -whether sick headache, bllionsness, Indigestion and eonsttpatlon are caused.by neglect or by unavoidable circumstances; DeWitt's Little Early Risers will speedily enre them all.—Jno. M. .Tohnatot. Naltur.ill gas Mis for tlie month of October are now due and payable at tHe Company's office on Pearl street An excellent couch- ait low prices can be found at Ash & Hadley's. IMPBOVED .DINING-OAK, SERVICE ON THE WABASH. Meals will now be served A la Carte on all Dining cars on the Wataisli Line. This wi'll be a great aiccom'modatlon to passengers us ft vjill enable them to select from the bill of fare Just what they want amd pay only for what they get. . ' A. G. .Tenktnes IMS fourteen people to assist him la closing out the Otto Kraus store. EveryOilm? for sale, sate, fixtures of all kinds, show cases, etc. Boys' caps <as low as 5 cents; girls' caps, 10--cents.—A. G. Jen-kines. assignee. Hosiery, rfoves and 1 coi-sets of all kinds ami sizes at the Trade Ptilace. Pay your Noitural gas bills before October 10th. Hen's dress shoes, lace or congress, .08c,—.Waiden. HOW'S THIS. -•: We offer One Hundred Dollars re>> ward for tuny case of Catarrh that can uot IM cured by Hall's C3,tarrJi Cure. •''. P J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., We, fhe undersigned, have known E-' .7. Cheney, for the tost 15 years, and bo- ; lieve Mm perfectly Iwnorable in ail -, bustoess transactions and flnaiwdaUj: '; able to carry out any obligations mad*.^ .by their firm. • v,'! WEST & TBUAX, Wholesale Drug- .; gists, Toledo, O. ' ; WALDING, KIttKA'N & JfARVIN. ;/ Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. ,; Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Inter;.;; nally, acting directly upon the b5ood : :S and mucous surfaces of the system : :;i Testimonials ecnt free. Price 75c per,':- ixittle. Sold by all druggists. Lay iu your 'Winter supplies now.—A.', .;>i G Jenkines assignee. : & \ ,!,',

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