Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 6, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1896
Page 2
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Oil '. .Badnoaa and Selfishness are Condi' ,. tions and Not Characteristics. •••! ' '•• How Science Si)iubSui»hliu> Into thi> Dari L I Bpotri of tho \v«rlil-ity»i>i!p«ln i"" 1 fc- Nerve Uni-uiiRoinfintH lluvo Lust :. Tliulr Tori-ov;*, tfy '•'*: ,' The chronic dyspeptic or sufiVrcr from weak nerves and di-bi!ity is net a . desirable companion, lie cannot vvoll , be, seeing tluit'-lic is habitually i-nc-om- 1 passed by n.cloud oi' gloom. His lot is an' unhappy ono, for dyspepsia nnd .-weak nurvus arc joy-killinjr ailKctions. They transform thu naturally cluvrfi.il mid kindly individual into tho. sour nnd crabbed cynic, atul change the; brigb j and vivacious apostle of light and sunshine into the dark foivboc'U-i- and •gloomy misanthrope. H is slo\v death, a killing process Ion? drawn out. It is u breeder of selfishness, a eauso of discord, aroekon which many a;;-;iliaut matrimonial burk lias been wix-eked, and an everlasting woe to the victim. Days of protracted misery, nights tilled Slio ivy» tfUd Stii'ii- Arthur 'JCLan Soil or Olvo It Away- Just before her departure for the west, Mrs. Hetty Green \\-ent into her office in the Stokes building in Cedar street. New York-, and put ;:u o»t.'.-a Icclc on the Oooi- vo prevent, thieves from carrying olt her ;:.000-ponn'.l safe. In' this siife Mrs. Hi-ecn keeps her ro- ceipis, money anil papers, nnd, most important of all, the politic-:)! advices she reeoives from her son. who U no-.v shaping I lie polities of the statuoT'lVxaii. Mrs. Cii'een's physician ordered tier to go west ro re-gain -'her shuttered lnMiIt.li. Previous TO Iwr doparturo she satin her little oflif-e nnd ligured the expenses o.f Ihc trip. First she thought she would .sublease the O'Htee while she wiis away, but then romeiv.bcring the old safe which had boor, her friend during 20 years she decided the tenant would also have to rent the snl'o. After trying fc>r nearly two weeks she found she' eonld not rent it, ::nd, ns she would not sell. she-e:iiT.fiiUy dusted MIR old sivfe. eovoi-cil it will) a pii-ce of cloth, and, putt.ing.-in cxlrrs. hick on tho door, took- her departure for the west. Since that time sin- has lio.-n paying $110, T"> a nionrii rt-nt !'or the office just to l<ocp the suf..- in itsjieenstomed plac-p. A RAILWAY "~ OF"~Hl3 OWtN. Y,-!Lr.4 Old, Oivner •with dreams whose vision; outvie in feurfnlness the pictures of Dante s Inferno arc the experiences oi the dyspeptic and nerve weakened, i oy is ex- tinn-uished and hope is. almost dead. It fs truly a pitiable condition, a deplorable condition, but let r.sbe thank-. • 'fni itisby no means a hopeless one. Dr. Greene, whose name stands high ' In the. medical world, is the discoverer . ai the most potent blood and nerve • remedy the world has ev«r known. Dr. Greene's Nervura, which has been a blessing to thousands, and which is *very day'working miracles among the Buffering-. Dr. Greenes Nervura blood n.nd nerve remedy cures perfectly and completely, all indigestion, and dyspepsia, makes tho .weak, relaxed and unstrung nerves as strong as steel, gives natural refreshing sleep from which one \ivakesmornings feeling- strong, vigorous and energetic. It banishes the pain and WD» U .:»» of rheumatism, cures the aching head and dispels the agony of - neuralgias if by magic. , It makes the weak strong, overcomes the tired fccl- in<* so many have, dispels "the bines, ' and gives that vim, snap and energy which alojie adds zest to living. Dr. Greene's Xcrvura is not a patent •medicine but the prescription' and clis- 4 ' : covcry of a noted physician, and this grand medicine is endorsed and recommended by tho best doctors everywhere. Dr" Greene, of .15 West 1-lth St., 'New York City, its discoverer, is the most successful specialist in curing nervous and chronic diseases, and can be consulted without charge, in person or t>y letter, .,, Bobhlo .tliu-<l(Mi, M ot a CoiiipIuLo SysUuii. ]\obhie M union, tlu: n.i ..... year-old son of 1C. F. iliirdcji, a paitc'i-n-n-iakcr of KokoniO, Jn'd., has c'0ush;iietod ii novel rail-way train and track UIIIMS tin; won- d'ei' of all who see i_t. 'Thu'trttiii operates on a. circular tiack covering an ncl'C of ground. The engine in appearance finu To I'm cou'fornis to the modern roihvav -•"-•.--'.oii've, <?.* h . "'liist-lCj bell , and every necessary attachment. The train is propelled by the little boy. who sits in th« ciab, with his feet on'pwlnls similar to those, used in propelling bicyclo?. The, small amount ot power rt'quirud 10 operate the trafti is surprising, tliii little fellow carrying four pnssoujfcrs around the. traek with ease. Itobbic is etirn'mg good money in the 'passenger traffic, charging a penny a trip. The depot is provided wit.h ticket office, woiitin ' " venienees. CT7R13 ASTHMA FEVKE: A Noted Physician Offers to Prove This b> mil Siill'iirin-s it) 'Logausporl; ' o.ii Thursday. Tho insi.joTi-tiy of sut'feivrs l.Yoni As- 'fh'nia, :uid k'i.niU-cd i-"Ur|iliain'f.s. afM-r try! UK doc-wr-s and .tniiiiibi.'rloss remedies as ipusiitivt' euros wirlmnr. avail, h:iivr> rci'inc to !he cmiclivsii'in i'har t.lu'ro IK iro iMiro '.for Mils most d'lstri-ssing • dlwo-iiso. ii.uil I'lic-'sc sa.im- pci-sijtis will hi- rlif nftirc In dtHi'bl: a nil skqutionl u'hi'ii tliw learn llhrnujili Ilio eoluintis +)f i:ho press IJibil Dr. Itndul-pl] Schifr- in.-inn.tlio n*cf>g-ul>HM'l ii.iilho-rity Avhti bais t.ronliMl more C:;I-RI'S of those dis- 1-ii.xiis- l.li-an a.ny il'iiving dot-rnr, lias ;u-li : ',evi.-d sw<-oss Iiy pi'i't'ec-l 'ing .1. rrinedy Arli-ft-li -not only ^ivi's imniie-dl- ate rolim: -i-n i'lic worst c-asr-s but' has positively <-in-i'd I'lionisiinds <tf stift'oi-iTs \vliii wcs'C oi>ii-s!doiroc1 liKtiraJi-'lo. 'I'liosp •won' jusr. 'a* skeptioal as simu: ot' our tvadflrs now atv." Dr. Srh.HTnia.nn's rcnijod-y ivy doiiM. I >osNfsst.>s Hhe- inprit \\-lfin-li is d.-ii'meil for'lr or ho would uot a.utliorixo l.lus paper -To '.-lui'liouin-o thut hi> is tun only Arillins' 't ri give l!rtM> lo L>ach' poi-smi titHTcriii',; 1'rinit .\slilnua. I-lay Ficveir or Rroil'ouiiis in -this oily uiic llllKtfit "J'rec tl-ia.Hrox" of his onr«. •but" urgently roi'liio.-sis all sufferers t.n will a,r B, r. Kec^lin.A-'s drug store, ;-;ii5 ifminilh- SI.'., Thniv'da.y or Friday, Oct. St.lKi.ut1 '.>ih";>n(l recede n piicknge ;i'listkln-f<vly t'i'oe of cb:i:rge, knuwiivg v.hav in JUiiiWing I' 1 "' (:1;1 ; im l10 ll '"-' s f - or lli ' 1 c-irrc, ii: sli'i'wrg dmvbi imiy i'ifi.«ie in l-hc inhnk Of miMiciS nVid that a personal test, a* be btfoVs ro oil. will be more :onv-iVi'chi£. anil !i»»vi: !is morfts. *lin.n t'lui ImbliS'liVng '0 : i: thousands of lostl- moiiialls ffO'in po.rsons Avlio 'lia.vc hoeu rpei.-ma.no at ly cured by Ibe nsi> of his Asthiaa. Cure. "Dr. SeliilTin;imi's As- Llrnia, Cuiv." as it. is'calllod. IMIS Too-m and all modern con- CORM POPS_ ITSELF. iillaua Farmer H.»i »•> Entire Crop Kulnoil by llot Wcutlicr. One of the strangest phenomena ever witnessed in the section around St. Croix, Jml., is 10 be seen upon the farm Of Theodore ISoberts, four miles from the village. Last spring he plii.iited live lucres in' popcorn, and a few days ago he noticed that the shucks were abnormally swollen and l.hat the car seemed to be larger than when it be- fran to ripen, a thing contrary to corn, as shrinkage is the rule. Mr. Koberts examined some of the corn arid was'sur- priscd to find that seven-eighths of the (-rain had popped open and were capped with the white pulp rus though they had beer, in tho fire. Some of the corn tastes as sweet as when newly popped, but the greater part of it is dry and tasteless. Tlie phenomenon is attributed to the hot-went her that prevailed two or three weeks ago. The entire crop of live acres isvuined. BITES HIS OWN TONGUE OFF. Ernont C.ula MeetH with n Slneulnr Mishap in Fallinic from n Wuiron. Ernest Gula. of 500 California avenue, Chicago, met with an accident the other aight- in which he bit his tongue oil', and for some time the police who were called to assist him could not learn Ws identity or where he lived because k solfl hy ki of -tilvis oil y over since it AVii.s fin-si. hitToducod. al'thoiigh in'nuy jtor^ons may nc-vor have heard of It. ,-iiiid it I* with ii. vii'AV -to reaching these that lie-'iiw.kes this o-fl'er. This is c(-rt.h.iii.ly .a most .getnenws ;\aid fair offer, -and all'l who a.ro stifforing from any of th'o -a:bove (.-ouvpl.-iiitt's slionld re- thfi dane ami plnoo where the Avill 'bo- muide, and- avail thum'selvos of tho same. Persons 'living ou't of the city who di'Si-ro'to test; the etlk-ioiR-y o-f Hills most' wonderful i-ciiiiedy AvilO rocuive a, paickngc; free by mail -by Avrking to Dr. Si-luilTinanii, :i20 Ros:i'bi'l si-root. St. Pinll. Mhlli.. pro- viilinic their 1-L-lirer is recoj.vrtd before Oft, 1*1.11, as im> fi-oe s.-wnples can be obTa'ined niftev tlnit Uti+e. B. F. KcesBng, Hie A\-cll-known diiig- g(st. a.wtliorixe-s us to announce thai: ho lias rocoivc-d a, quantity ot sanrpk-s n-oin Dr. iSt-hift'm:i.n.n Av.liit.-h he will (IPs-tribute 'during the Js.ours niotUioiird iu accordance Av'ttli Us offt.-r. afternoon, while Bearty was out driving -n-^h lite family on. the AVestside. his -horse occanu- frlgMen-ert at the cars near TJlil's mill •and oomiiKiiK.-cd' kkdiiiiig. Mr. Beauty jumped out. The horse coJH.mutKl CATARRH •••• ForYourpro<ec We positively state tbut till* rumwly does not contain mercury or nny othur Injurious drug. ELY'S hREAM BALM demises theNnsal Pas- sines, ulliiys Inllaniinii- uon, heals "nil protects hu membrane iroin colds, remotes the swi-ses 1 taste wui IT WILL CURE. ]^^^*%&S3S$A* Greatest Discovery or tbe 19th Century. Dr. •TKW RXMXDV MeiUontod Air jror the Cure ot Catarrh, A«tUm» and (ill Pulmonary Disease;, It lias no equal •« alckuuil N«rvons Heacl- Scnel -1,000,000 people die annually trpm the above named dlsenMS. mUer and die, ModlcutP -IDrajrCo., ' Hlohmond, Ind., U. 9. A. "KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers fcEmbalmers. 610 BKOADWAT. CHAS. L. WOLL, UNDERTAKFR « of his inability to artroulatCj He m^t J ( , hwvn Wlt ovcr t uc Unisa Jacob .tturR-cr. of Olib West, Fourteenth place in Ogdcn avenue, near Hoinan, and asked".the hitter for a ride. While Gula was bu- the wugon the rigroet with n collision and he was thrown to the ground. His tongue wns between his teeth when he struck the ground and was completely severed. Tie also sustained a fracture of the. nose. IP TROUBLED WITH RHEUMATISM READ "THIS. AtMinpolis. Md.-, Apr. 1C, 1S94.-I Have used CliamberlaUi's P^Uu Balim for i-lieiimsutlsra nod foitnd it to be nil that •Is ctaimod fw It. I belteve It to be the best preparation'for rheumatism and deep scmted muscnlnir irains on the ma.r- ket u-ud cheerfully recommend It to tho pi-ibllc.-Jiio, G. Brooks, dealer in boots, shoes, etc., No. IS Main St. AlJSO READ THIS.. MccliamJcsviaie, St.. Mary Cotwity, Md. —I sold a bottle of Chamiberlato's Paiu Dalm to .a man who had been suffering with rheumatism'for several years. ^It made him a well man. A. J. McGUl. For sale at r>0 cents per bottle by B: F. Keesltog, druggist. ' Tbe liljttest Medical Fee. One of tlie greatest prizes that tver fell to the lot of a medical man was that awarded to Dr. Dimsdale, for many .years, a Hertford (England) physician. That gentleman went to Eussia in the year 1708, and inoculated EmpressCath- crine nnd her son. For this service he received n fee of $00,000, and was also awarded a pension for life at $2,500 per annum, and the rank of baron of tlws empire. DID YOU EVER . Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for. your troubles? If not, get i\. bottle-now ami get relief. ™* medicine h.'i* been found to 1)0 peculiarly adapted .to fflie reilirf and cure of all Female Oorn- pluiuts, exerting a wonderful direct influence jJJi giving strength and tone to the organs. If you have loss, of appetite, constipation, •headache, fiiiaitlng spells, ara!re4ici-vons, sleepless, excltn- ble, nidancholy or troubled wl'th dizzy .spells. Ele'ctrie'BEdters i's the medicine yon need. Health nnd strength lire gimriunteed by Its use.' Fifty.cen.rs nufl .fl at B. F. Keeslin'gs. ;. '• : ';. ,;'' . tc. jnni'p Jind Mrs. Be.-i.tty wn^ HOii.t'd. but wns not'seriously Injured. K. T. Patterson rushed lo the rescue only to receive iiu ngly kic* from the Uor«e. He w«s laid U!> ywterclny ns a reMilt. The buggy wns c-onsidera.hly d'anitigcd. The Darllnfftoia, Wis., .Journal, says ed'i.(ioriinJ3y of a. popular patent medicine: "Wo "know from experience tha.t Oltambarlaiu's CoWc, ' Cholai-a and Dlim-hoea Remedy, is .iill that te claimed for i:t, as on two occasions it stopped exci-uclatiue paim' find possibly saved us from an uwtimely grave. We would -not. rest easy over night without it. to the house," This remedy undoubtedly saves more pam aod snC- fering than -any other medicine In the world. Every ra-raJJy should keep It iu the hotisc for it Is sure to be needed sooner or later. For sale by B, F. Kecsllrag, druggist. . COLLECTING FADS. The 'Horrihl* Cuntom or Getting? ftnlloi of BIui-clororH. A -foreign pupcv is rseponsible for the ptati-'m'ont that the Into J-ord Itandolpli Churchill had a. choice private collection of te<:th of .noted criminals to which he was constantly adding up to a short time before his death, sa.ys Temple liar. The competition for the Deeming i-L'lies«it the Antipodes is too recent ajid .too revolting- to be enlarged upon, but it may be mentioned that the ax and' kn.ift: with which this unmitigated vil- Jaiii'murdered his victim fetched .C4 ];"s, and the spade with which he dug berg-rave brought a, guinea. Jflisclotb- ing was eagerly competed for. even down to half a down pairs of patched soi'ks. Indeed, The collectors of "erinj- juiil" '.-in-ios arc extremely ininn'rousai: ovi.'i- the world, and these juenicntocd range frum Tyburn halters to pipes which ninrdcre:-.". have snvjkecl and pots tvlii.ch fiim'-itis t'aii'vos havi 1 tossod in honor of past ami future triumphs. It has rcu:a:Red for a Nebraska eol- Ipctor vo gnr.hor loc-!<.s of hair shaved from the heads of noLod criminals wlien Thc-y enter the pc-nilontiary niic'l du-se lie labels a:ii.l indexes with groat i.-are. Superstition sanicfimes accounts for the fancy prices oli'en'd for such ghastly relics. Frcnchu;;-!! obtain them as charms against ill-iiu,-!;. A piece of a 'hangman's ropo is considiM-i'd a potent 'spoil against evil in some pans oi Frr.ncf. As criminals are there guillotined such ropes nre dii'iienJI to get and so fetch high priors. They are somc- thncs moupl-ofl in gold nnd worn in A M.YS r rK'P,Y. How the lmni.",ivsysl.riu ever recovers from the bud effects of. the n.-iuscous iiimlrcines ol'tcn literally poured into it for the sitipposirive ivlioil hi: dysiiepsi-n. liver '(•(MiipMn-t. oonstipiition, vheunw- tl-sm ii.iid nl'hpr a.il.uien.ts. is a mystery. The iniseliief done by b:n,l incdiciiu's is sc.-l.f'.-ely loss -tlnui (Jmt caused b,v disi'.-ise. Jf t.hey who nvcr weii.k. bilious, dyspeptic, consti-pated .or rhen- uiiatie.. WD'iild O'l'tener l.i'e gniiled by the experience of i-iiY.-iti'ds who have thor- ouglil-y tested Hos'te-tter's Stomncli Elrters. tliej- would in every instance obta-iu t.lve speediest aid derivable from •.r.'i.i.lonnfl me'dlca.tioii. This nieilicine is a sciiirch'niK :i,u<l at.' f.he same fime a. thoroughly snl'e reiuoily. Oe.ri.vcd from veiretmble sources, ii.tiO. possessing, in coiLsequence of its b:i.<is of.ipiive sqiiritN. properties a.s a medk-inal sl.imivl.-int not to be fo-inul in tlie tirery local Mi.te.ns and stiniu.lamts ofie.n restored to 'by the debi-lifaled. dys,poptic a.nd languid. FRESIDHXT--S DAY. ' The first mt-etiiis of tiie <-:lnll> was held yesterday with the T're:-.- filemt, -Jfrs. Utitlv Forrest, at: her home on Broadway, ft. was President's Day. and the ;r;Hher.i.«'-'«f t' 1 "-' ineni'lH s rs was t'o.r an. jnfot-nwJ -sociail time. A siplcy ndcJress wa.s rwi.d 1>y ilie ref.ir.iu^' President:, Mrs. DmijkeMjerjr. The din Ins rooii^ wns pretir.i'ly <1ec;oMi-rfc with flowers and palms, a.nd ail the closn of the daintily-served refroshiDents, the .toirsts, "The. Jfon." and ''Our Club," were si/pUy responded to by Mrs. D. C. Arthur anirt Sirs. Em-rn-n. Ba.rncs. n.nd an ongMKi:! poem w-as vend by Mrs. Anna .Osmer. • : ' • : ftXCURSION TO BLTJFFTON, IND., Vto Vondftlla lAne, October 13tb to 15th.-0n October 13th to 15th the Vundalia Line will sell excursion tickets from all stations In Indiana to Bluffton, lad., at one fare for the round trip, account Baptist Convention and Young People's Union of Indiana. Tickets good to return until October 19th, Inclusive. Fo? full particulars coll on nearest Vandalta Line Tlekel Agent, or address E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis; Mo. Don't trifle away time when you ?iave cholera morhus or diarrhoea. Fight them In. tbe beginning with DeWltt'? Colic & Cholera Cure. You don't have to-wait, for results. They are Instantaneous and It. leaves the. bowels In healthy condition.—.Trie, M. Johnston. When Baby w»s sick, m go.™ her Castor!*. When sbe van n Child, she cried 'or Castorla. Vbeo she became Miss, who cluus; to Castorta. OMB &* Uod Children, nbe c-nretUnm Caa'onii TTvST.lJJIONY. iwii ._ B, Hood, Bmkor timTMiUHi.fa.c- tnrer's Agent. Cotambtis. Ohio, cert Hies tliiat. Dr. Kime's New Discovery Has no eqtfiil as s\ Cough remedy. .1 .D. Brn,wn Pi-op. St. >Tami.?s Htotel, Ft. Wayne, lud.. tlh'it. !!ie wn,s cured of :i. cOivgh of two years stemTing. c.-Mis-ed by La '|.v>- Dr. King's New Discovery. B. V. Merrill. BaMwi'nsvillc, ( Mass.. says that he.wa.s enrod anil rpeom- menuted il: a.n'd nevci- knew it; lo fail .TJiil wonM ra,ihcr lui.ve if than any doe- tor, 'bcca.use it aihva.ys cures. Mrs. Ham/ning. ^22 12. 2fit,li St.. Chicago, nl- wayi kcoips ' :t ilt lllXlul ilIKl ll!ls no fear ol' croup, because it inAtJiiiHy relieves. Fiwie tri-il bottles tut B. F. POPULAR IN ARKANSAS. C>oviTuor-Klcct Joncn In Known to Ev» ^rj'bcKly itrt -*l)Mn \V," Covermnr-eleet Jones is known throughout, Arhansaeas "Da.r. W.'' The .TonesMJs :ir..- t.l:ii-l; in Arkansas, and tho luoix 1 ' pi-or.iii'.ent, of t.h.em wear n.ick- nn.ines xo as w dixtinffiiish t.ht;m froni each oLher. "Da.n W." was born in a little hamlet in Texas 25 years agx>. He WfUi the. otily son of a doctor, who rna.pped out \i modinal career for him. •'Da-i'i \V." (.'referred the; !a.w.ajid tackled it early, He was also something of a fijjlu-'.'i", n.nd he distinp-n-ishi-'d liimseli: iif Mi,> c'onfedera.to ranks during the war. -WJien peaoe. was proclaiincfl he returned to IliK la.w books. In 3872 he moved f i-omTcxiis TO WashiJigt.an, Ark., n.nd enU'ii'd into law partnership with. Senator Jones, (.he present chairman of the democratic na.t.io'ja] committee. There is no relation.ship bet-ween these t\vo Jonases. In ]374 "Dan \V." wns elected prosecuting- attorney ot Wash- That *>. -fiw ^ !«%?- f^''^. •-"'-: Wf,' v 1 ^.^ 'GOV. DANIKL W. JOKES, ARKANSAS., inp-ton county, a,nit later attorney g-en- cral of the state of Arkansas. After hold- ire; this oflicc two years ho moved to Little Kock,resum.edhisprivat.ela.wprac- 1-ice.ar.d formed the partne.rsliipoiE'"Di'ii W. v ' .lories aaid-McfKay, which still ex-, istss. lie has the name of bdng one of the shrewdest poilticiajis In the south. When tig-htinp fx>r -tJic. nomination for {governor he declared he. would bolt from the d'einocrntic party if the Chicago convention, .should i'lecla.re for a gold standard. On this issue he won the nomination. The irovernor-elcct has two daiifrhters and tJirec sons, and Mrs. "Dan \V." is living. SIMl'L-IC, AT FlItST. It is Foolish to Neglect Any Form of . Cure Them a.t. the Bojrinu'i-nj;. TO .Tolm G-orinK. nu old Logransport boy. but who is now a:e;e.ut. for the Wabash •at Htiiiitinp-to.n, wins ,i,u the city over friends a.n(I pciTectlns 'for an exeiirsi6ii to Hnntiufrtoirv. •on acconinit of the hiyin? of a corner'stone of the new Catholic church there. St. Bri'dRet.'s ConncU nurd the A. "0. «.'s- will n.ttcnfl In a body ii,nd ffliere'wiil be'many otliers go. BTICKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The Best Salve In 'the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures .piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Kees- Piles are simple in the beginning n.nd easily cuixxl. Tlie yean be cured even in. live worst: stages, witiiiout. pain or loss of blood, quickly, surely and coui- plelely. Tln'ri- is only one remedy that, will do. at—Pyrajiiid Pile Cure. It aHlnys tlie infla.tnatJon 'ianmeOhitely •heals i:he irritated siM-l'ace anul with continued treatment reduces the swelling anil piius the membranos into ^ood. sound healtliy condition. The cur,: is lihoroiigli aJKl ])e.rnwi.ucnt. Here ,-ire some voluntary ami nusoll- oit.c'd tcsl.iniouia.ls we have lately l 'cciiived: Mrs. C. M. Iliukly. liOJ. Mississippi St.. rmliiinia.'potte. Ind., «iys: Have been a sufferer from the pain ami ,-uinoy- iin.ee of Piles for fifteen years, the Pyramid Tile Cnirc and Pyramid Pills ga.ve me iJiiiiKilia-ie re-Iietf <i.u<l in a short fi'iire a complete cure. Major Dea.ii- of Colum'lM.". Ohio, snys: I wish to flrtd to the number of crttifi- civtcs as to the beiuiiitw derived from ih-e Pyrami'd Pile Cure, t sufCeved lirom pHos for forty years ami from i.l.cliiii'g jvles for'twenty yoai-s and two boxes' of the P.\-T.w.mid> Cure ha.vc effect naJl.v cui-cd me. Most drtigffi-srs scill ^Pyramid Pile Cure or will get. it -for "you if yon a.slc t'hein lo.. Ii is one dollar per package a.nd is put up' only by t-lve Pyramid Drug Co.. Aib'ion, Midi. The Hospital Ladies' Sen.vl.njr 'Circle will moot Wedn.osdiiy aAeruoon, instead oC Thursday, at tlie home of Mrs. P.eiter Waillraith. . ' MRS. A'NDY -STEVENS, Pres. Disease attacks the weak and deblll- 'tated. Keep yourself healthy and strong, by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. Sul»crlbe for The-Journal.' Makes you. se«i'. ""all broken up," v.-ith- out life, iitnhition, energy or nppc'tite, It is otter, the forerunner of serious illness, or t.lie aceOTn;-r-:- : .::i'jnt of nervous troubles. It is a yo.-iiLivi; proof of thin, vrcak, impure Mood; for, if the blood is rick, red, vitalised and vigorous, it. imparts life nnd energy to every nerve, organ and tissue of the body. The necessity of taking Hood'a Sarsaparilla for that tired feeling ia therefore apparent. to every one, and the pood it will do you. is equally beyond question. Remember Sarsaparilla Isthc best-in fa£t the One TrueKlood Purifier, ,, ,, ¥-.•«! cm-eliverills.easytotakc:, HOOU S Pit IS easy to operate. 25 cents. Evangelist D. T. Black, Peoria Illinois. Taic whole system Is drained and undermined by indolent ulcers and open sores. DeWlti's . Wltcb Haxol Salve speedily heals them. It is the best pile •cure buown.-Jno. M. rrohuston If your children are subject to croup •wflitc'Ii for the first symptom of the dis- oase-hoarseness. If Cliamberloln's Oough Remedy Is gfivtn as soon as the ctoUd becomes hoarse it will prevent the attack. Eve« after tde croupy cough has appeared the attack can always be prevented by giving tnis remedy. It 'is also Invaluable for colds and whooping eougb. For sale by B. F. KeesHng, 'druggist- "Boys will be boys," but yon can't afford to lose any. of them. Be ready for the green apple season by having DeWltt's CoUc & Cholera Cure In the • !Se .—Jno. M. Jolinston. VALUABLE rAM'P-H^BrrS. Describing the agrifultwra.'l otn rtusilriU'l resources of >fi.«souri ami Ne bra.s-ka. will be sent to a,ny address free, ou appli-catiou -to.-L. W. WAKE- IJDY,' Geaieral I'asseusor Agent. Bur- liii.gtou Rou*;. St. Louis. Mo.' Poison Ivy, Insect bites, bruises, ucalds, burns, are quickly cored by DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile eure.—Jno. M. Johnston. C REAT SALES prove the great merit of Hood's Sarsapanlla. Hood's Sarsnparilla sells because it accomplishes GREATCURE;8. Saybrook, 111.. Feb. 19, 1894. % Pepsin Syrnp Co.: Dear Sirs: While at Cerro Gordo, III.,in my revival work, 1 purchased 5- bottle c* your Syrup Pepsin. 1 regard : it as most excellent. I cannot get it here In Saybrook. Is It on sale In Peoria. 111. If so. at what store? It not on sale there, if you will send me a dollar bottle tliere ibis week I wilt' promptly remit. I Avill.be home this -i-i-k. Address Kev. D. T. Black. 1005 Wte St.. Peoria, 111. "Sours truly . D. T. BLACK. For sale Iiy B. F. Keosling. . STATE NATIONAL BANK *2OO.OOO j. F. Johnson. President. S. W. Dllery, Vice President. H. 3. HeltbLlnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. f T. Johnson. S. W. Ullcry. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snlfler. Buy and »"'! Government boiids. \joui money «n personal eecurity and collater- .13 Iseue special certirtcates of deposit* Iwsarlns t per cent. Interest when left one- rear; 2 per cent, per annum when depoi- Ited alx months. Boxes in Safety Deposit Vaults of thtt aank for the deposit of deeds, Insnranct . mortgages and «ther ralluablei. at from K to $15 ;w S'ear. THE JL btgb stnndnrd of excellence. Man> of the "Munson" csonsldet It THE BEST. ?ou will and it a valuable assistant In joar office. Address for panicalarg THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAKtFACTUBEBS. 240-244 -Went Lake St.. Chicago, 111. Keep Cool by Uslngr THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING . Hot Water .. , . . Proof Hose- _ PreverttS Wetting Head Floor or Walls. Hornlws Water Closets. Send lor Catalogue Frost -Proof Water Closets, Selt-ictlnK Water- Closets, Kelly Stop and WasteiCock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Majison Street, Chicago. A few drops of Brazilian Balm in • little warm water makes- the best eye water in the world. . ...•. '.,'•, A i -V.ST>-<*W^'

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