The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 27, 1957 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 20
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l-Algcno ffa.) Uppw 5*i Wotnw Thursday, June 17, 19S? Film producer Mik« Todd and his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, had a tiff Friday. It really wasn't much of a spat as husband and wife battles go, but the whole thing happened in the waiting room of a London airport and some press photographers were there with a roll of unexposed film so it sure made the papers. * • * Now, Elisabeth Taylor is mighty good looking and I just love to watch her act in the movies. Her husband, Michael Todd is. according to everything I've heard, talented in his work. too, and quite personable. But their technique in squabbling needs a little developing for the rhubarb they had Friday was merely enough to keep the newspapers supplied with copy foi three issues. Surely, after changing marriage partners two or three times each, Elizabeth and' Michael could do better than that! • * * If Mr and Mrs Todd only knew it, they could have at their disposal, advice from an amateur authority on marital spats. The knowledge has been gained chiefly through observing many tiffs between married couple friends plus being one of the combatants in some pretty good skirmishes at her own home. If the Todds would accept this advice, which is hereby offered free of charge, they could make their battles really knock-down-and-drag-oul. instead of that anemic little fracas they had Friday. In the fiwi place, fhe wailing room of an airport is not a very good setting for a husband and wife fight. If you want it to be a really good one with no holds barred, there's no place like home. Witnesses are very distracting in the arena and the very best battles are conducted when the pugilists are alone, tf somebody is with you when the action starts, he's sure to be a person who fancies himself as a referee or an intercessor and although the flamt! is wetted down, the coals of resentment remain to flare up later. * * • Even the pretence of small-fry cramps the style in a matrimonial melee for although they may be little they have awfully big ears and if Mama has to keep telling Papa for goodness sake stop yell- WIN! FREE Registration Daily At Our. Garage or Station Now Thru July 4th This Pony, Saddle, Bridle Will Be Given Away FREE To Some LUCKY PERSON At Our 2nd Annual 4th of July Celebration at Kossuth Fairgrounds SCHULTZ BROS NEW & USED CARS Premium Gas for Less & Premiums, Too I fng or you'll wake up the kids, I some of the free and easy feeling has Already gone out of the frav. » » * In Hjgie instance, the old maximT^BRt practice makes pcr- fc f ct is true but it does not apply to family fights. Nagging anil bickering cnn be the build-up to a battle but »/ they are practiced regularly from day to day they act like a slow leak in the boiler and when tiie time comes for a really big blow-off all that is left is a little spurt. Most of the really historic marital clashes come after a long period of armed truce when botli sides have- been practicing pacifism. All 01 a sudden something just has to give and the skirmish that results is a doozy. But it sure does clear the air! » « * The deadliest form of marital hostilities is the cold war. When Mama doesn't speak to Papa for weeks at a time except to ask him to pass the butter and il Papa stays down at the office or out with the boys so much he isn't home long enough to have a good argument let alone show any affection, then the state of the family is really in danger Ic6 can preserve but it makes anything enclosed in it unapproachable while fire, though it can destroy, can also cleanse ana give the chance to start over again. •• • • • • r • The nicest part of any argument between people who genuinely care a lot for each other is the making up. It doesn't really matter which of the partners first holds out the olive branch, the renewed harmony is all the sweeter for once having been disturbed. But I have learned one thing from trie tiffs at our house (which honestly have been remarkably infrequent) that a woman should never, never expect her husband to make an apology. He may have been as wrong as Jingle Bells on the Fourth of July and as sorry as he can be. But he is not going to say so and we might just as well face it! * • • I hope that Michael Todd and Elizabeth Taylor have-already- kissed and made up and that their differences will always be as minor as the ones they had last Friday. I can't for the life of me see how any man could stay mad at Liz very long what with those beautiful violet eyes and thai magnificent figurl. Stfl ! must admit that I have ohe thing that Elizabeth Taylor does not have even with the shape I'm in. When I bio* up and prip off at my Old Man it isn't going to get plastered all over the papers A lot of ptople in Algona were saddened this week when the news came of the sudden death of John G. McDowell at Madison, Wis. He Was high school principal here from 1932 until 1943 and when graduates of that era get together, Mr McDowell's name has always been sure to be mentioned. I have yet to find anyone who didn't regard him affectionately. '« » • Allowing for certain ernbellUh- ments of memory, Mr McDowell seems to have accidentally stepped into the classroom wastebasket at least once during every year he taught at Algona high. His forgetfulness of self during a discussion was monumental and although we now laugh at this little bit of human nature most of us have retained a few of the things he was trying to pound into our skulls. He always encouraged the inquiring mind and although he stood fast upon his own principles and was quick to point them out to us. if any young sprout showed signs of intellectual curiosity he had the go ahead signal from John Mc• Dowell. 1 cup sugar 6 tablsp. corhstarch HI teasp. salt 2Ms cups milk, scalded 2 slightly beaten eggs 3 tablsp. butter '2 teasp. vanilla 1. 9-inch baked pastry shell 1 pint strawberries 1 cup heavy cream whipped. Mix sugar .cornstarch and salt, gradually add milk aftd cook In double boiler until thick. Add small amount of hot mixture to eggs; stir into remaining hot mixture. Cook until thick, stirring constantly. Remove ffom heat; add butter and vanilla. Chill. Pour into pastry shell. Spread with halved er sliced strawberries. Chill. Sptead with whipped cream, sweetened to taste, just before serving. Garnish with halved berries. ^-QRACE. Whittemore By Art Heidenwlth His summons to the principal's office were masterpieces in disciplinary practices for Mr McDowell was so darned nice about bawling us out that we always left there feeling sorry for him because he had to call us down in the first place. The statistics show that Mr McDowell has passed on and the sympathy of all who knew him are with his wife and children. But he isn't really dead so long as the hundreds of ideas both big and little remain in the hearts and minds of his pupils. * • * Strawberry season is here. The people with patches of their own have quite a time getting at them before the birds do, but if they do win the race the recent rains have made the berries large antl delicious. So this week's recipe is for strawberry cream pie even though I don't see much excuse for eating the berries whole and delicious just as they come from the patch. BUILD with BUTLER buildings Own the BEST of steel buildings at no price premium I Particular corporation! - large and • mall-select Butler buildings. Why? Pro-engineering provides the design-detail, strength and permanence that mean more value. Yet Butler buildings cost no mor*> I :BUTLER Mr and Mrs Ralph Richards re* ccived announcement of the birth of a great-grandson born to Ml* and Mrs Donald Vickstrom of Seattle, Wash. June 3. The baby weighed eight pounds and has beon named Michael Jonathan.. Attending the Larson family reunion at Olson Park in Fort jjoage Sunday from here wer^ Mr and Mrs Ralph Jacobsoft and family, Mr and Mrs Conrad John-son and family and Mr and Mrs Donald Larson and Marilyn. Mr and Mrs Allan Watnem attended the Bell family reunion at Twin Lakes Sunday. Mrs Donald Cooper, Nancy and Bobby visited her mother, Mrs Frank Henley, at Emmetsburg Friday. Mr and Mrs Roy Adams of Whittemore were Sunday visitors at the Loran Daniel home. Sunday guests at the Oliver Kinseth home for Father's Day were Mr and Mrs James Barber and family of West Bend and Mr and Mrs Olvin Haug and family. Mr and Mrs Vincent Salz and family were Sunday guests at the George Kjar home at West Bend. Mr and Mrs George Besch of West Bend visited Sunday evening at the Salz home. Mr and Mrs Antone Speich and Edwin visted Sunday afternoon at the Paul Heggen home at Renwick. Sunday evening visitors at the Speich home were Mr and Mrs Robert Speich of Algona. Mr and Mrs Louis Zinnel of Cylinder visited Monday afternoon at the Edward Zinnel home. MotUrn »tor«t. Good-looking Bullor bulldinst com. full r\r Caa I It bin* will with o!h«r mol.rlali- cut building eoiti. V.OII Of 366 US WILL CONSTRUCTION CO. Howard (Bud) West, Sales Representative 805 So. 15th Phone 43321 Fort Dodge, Iowa CQNDIIIONING-TEMPERATURES MADE TO ORDER-AT NEW IOW COST. GET A DEMONSTRATION! •»MV Chevrol* W Air Spert J«toB wW. High spirited as a colt in clover! %r t<pr- For the happiest feeling you've ever 1 known behind a wheel, just slip into the pilot's seat of a new Chevrolet, < Your toe touches off a silken re» iponse-whether you're driving a iveeNwuiing Chevy six or an eager- beaver Vfi, You take every driving your stride, Hills ahead? situation that others seem muscle^hound. Chevy was built for frbfag. Its well- balance4 weight and broad-based outrigger rear springs give it a solid stance on the pavement.,, a clinging Bureness on curves,* Prop in and let your Chevrolet dealer put this new Chevy its perky paces for you. XCHfcVHOLET/ HQRE 1'EOJ'LE DRJVE THAN 9THEB QAR display this famous trademark '• • LuVerne By Mrs. Fern Bigings A family gathering was held Sunday in the home of Mr and Mrs Leonard Wilson and daughters at Livermore. Attending were her parents, Mr and Mrs C. O. McClellan, daughter Mr and Mrs Harold Meyer family, son, Mr and Mrs Jack McClellan, Mi and Mrs Glen McClelland family, Des Moines and daughter, Mr and Mrs Lyle Powell and family of Yale. Honored at the gathering was a daughter Mr and Mrs Gerald Weeler' and family of Dayton, Ohio, visiting here. 1st Lt. Lyell Holmes left Saturday for his new assignment at New River, North Carolina. Lyell enjoyed a 30-day furlough with his parents, Mr and Mrs Clifford Holmes, and family. The reunion of the children of the late Mr and Mrs George -Merkle was held Sunday in the Mr and Mrs Henry Marty home. Mrs Elda Kollmann has concluded her two week visit with her son, the Rev. and Mrs Alvin Kollmann and children in West Frankfort, 111., and returned home Sunday. Ronald Stone left for his third summer to attend the State Music Contest at the University at Iowa City for two weeks. Father's Day guests in the home of Mr and Mrs Donald Kruse' were her parents, Mi and Mrs Ervin Barton and Virginia, brother, Mr and Mrs Earl Barton and daughters, her aunt and uncle, Mr and Mrs Laverne Jeffers of LuVerne, brother, Mr and Mrs William Barton and daughter of Fort Dodge and sister Alice Ann Barton of Garner. Marcia Stone had as a guest Friday her college classmate a Iowa State College, Ames, Mi& Lorretta Jebe. Mrs Ray Agard entertained the Bid N Bye bridge club in her home Friday evening. Guest substitute players were Mrs Bert Sankey of Renwick, Mrs Bertie C. Ramus and Mrs Duanc Neal. At two tables of play, high, Mrs Neal, second high, Mr£ Ramus. Mr and Mrs Garman Adams antj family of Whittemore were Sunday guests in the home of Mr and Mrs Thees Schnakenberg and children. Mr and Mrs James Mallory had as guests Sunday her parents, Mr and Mrs Joe Madden of Fenton and her sister, Mr and Mrs Doug Boyer of Des Moines. Mr and Mrs Robert Bigings. Lynn and Bradley attended a pot-luck picnic dinner at the log cabin site at Livermore Sunday, honoring her father, Hiram Hewitt, Livermore on Father's Day. Mrs Dwight liardgroves of Fort Dodge visited her mother, Mrs Kate Barton, at the Mrs Clara Wolf home Saturday. Mr and Mrs Jack Roos, Jan an«J Lynn left to visit her sisters, Mr and Mrs Garland Steinbeck at Hartley and Mr and Mrs Donald Kammerer a* Sanborn. Mr '' and Mrs^.^sBcitwin n Mafty, daughter, Janice Marty of Al- _ . Ut and Mrs Cartis Morgan went to Waltham, Minn., Sunday. Quests in the hofhe of Mr and Mrs Albert Hipp«n over night Saturday were cousins, Mr and Mrs Christian Loos and sen Jim. Mrs Marie Loos and Chris Seitz of Oskaloosa. Cpl. Carroll Marty arrived Thursday from Camp Pendeltoft. near San Diego, Calif., to visit his parents, Mr aftd Mrs Jtehr* A. Marty and family. Carroll will be married June 21 to Elahte Wuflestad of Jamestown, N. tJ, Supt. and Mrs B. E. Martifl and son Ronald left Wednesday to spend some time at their summer home on a lake at Ely, Minn. A Father's Day picnic dinner was held in Call Pafk, Algona, Sunday honoring Bert Putzstuck. Guests were Mrs Putzstuck and children, Mr and Mrs John Hamilton family, Titohka; Ut ahd Mrs -Paul Bell and daughters, Eagle Grove; Mr and Mrs Milton Bilyeu and children, Algona; Mr and Mrs James Putzstuck and sons, Ottosen; Mr and Mrs Joseph Putzstuck, Kim and Dontile, LuVerne. Marcia Stofte visited the past week in Garner with a college classmate, Mrs Marvin Schmidt and family and another friend, Alice Ann Barton in Garner. DEALER Go*. Jones & Son of Woolstock have been awarded a plaque from the Standard Oil company, for having been a dealer for 75 years. When Mr Jones' father founded the business, kerosene, belt dressing and harness oil were the principal petroleum items. Herbert Hoover's Vice Presi- dwnt was Charles Curtis, a former United State Senator from Kansas. IF IT'S NEWS WB WAICT IT L. 8. BOHANNON "On* of your clients complimented your agency to me by saying. Their customers ate not just policy numbers — you get attention, and service when you need it.' I have learned from bitter experience to deal only with reliable local agents. Do you handle all kinds of insurance?" For tne answers to your insurance questions, feel free to call me at the Bohannon Insurance Agency. Phone CY4- •4443. PRATT A LAMBERT <VITRALITE ENAMEL In exquisite colors, ranging from delicate tints to deep tones, , beautifies Interior woodwork, fur*' &n!ture and trim. Vitrallte, either Gloss or Eggshell, bruthes easily and flows smoothly. Durable, too. 1 It will withstand hard use and hold Its color even after repeated washings. For the ultimate in fine decoration, choose Pratt & L«ITK bert Vitralite Enamel. Building Supply Co. PAINTS and WALLPAPER flO East State Phone CY 4-373,' Great new scientific discovery GROW oosts powep of newest missiles boosts power of newest enaines •* / ,j . » & Powtr you con bvy j*r§n<Jtfll»ttr*f |n-U. 5. Pqtjnt ( old ones, too 1 , ) Now the power of bo'ron—the chemical used in expert* mental missile fuels—has been harnessed for your car. P-X Boron Motor Fuel, proved by millions of miles of driving, is here. This great discovery has been made possible by D-X Sunray's expanded research facilities and lO-million-dollar investment in refining equipment* P-X Boron is an entirely new motor fuel. It liberates more power per gallon in your engine—new or old I It gives you smoothest power! Thrilling ftccelerationt Marvelous road performance! Push your foot to. the floorboard without fear of knock, 1 P-X Boron has the highest octane in our history. Ge| It at your P*X Dealer's now!, D;X still gives you the famous pigs—D-X upper-cylinder lubrication) America's fastest growing oil company p-X SUNRAY Oil* COMPANY (Subsidi Sunray Mid-Continent Oil Company Tulsa, Oklahpma D-X Products Are locally Distributed By MID-WEST SERVICE Co. RALPH STRAYER Bulk ID'S D-X STATION FRANKL'S DOC STATION Dealer Dealer

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