The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 27, 1957 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1957
Page 17
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June 27,1957 Ultpw Upper joints Jim 27,1957 . 18, dim* and Mrs W. E. Pat- If"' ls . ? receptionist 1n Algona, liked biology and was in girls chorus and intratturals; dancing and music are hef hobbies. ** Mt * t ? y « O ' *Stf°W' 18, is son of Mr and Mrs Glen Peglow, and flans to attend I.S.T.C. or enter service; biology favorite subject; was active in athletics; hunting and fishing and outdoor sports are hobbies. Marten O. Smiih, 19, is son of Mr and Mrs Frank Smith; industrial arts his favorite subject and cars his hobby. Allan fi, Seliehnow, 19, is son of Mr and Mrs Burton Ar- towood; liked math; was in band, chorus and dramatics; reading is his hobby. Pridbt, 17, daughter of Mr and Mrs fieri Prtebe, plans to attend Colorado U. where she will major in political science; history favorite subject; was in debate, chorus, band, GRA and on annual staff; dancing, reading and swimming ate hobbles. Linda H. Pefitee&fti, 1?, daughter of Mr and Mrs George Pentecost, was active in intramurals, F.B.L.A., art club and FHA; liked art and English; dancing, reading, singing and swimming are her hobbies. Vetnaa L. fteitnet, 17, son of Mr and Mrs Noah Keisner, will study auto mechanics at Dun- fcoody Institute, Minneapolis; liked math and was in band, F.F.A. and oh annual staff; likes to train dogs for a hobby. William G. Rich, 18, is son of Mr and Mrs Walter Rich; favorite course was world history; active in track and wrestling; hunting, fishing and other outdoor sports are his hobbies. ludilh K. Riefceji, 18, daughter of Mr and Mrs Melvin Rieken, will either get married or go to psychology fa- was in girls chorus, GRA and class plays; swimming, dancing and cooking are her hobbies. Richard A. Rochleau, 17, is son of Mr and Mrs Victor Roch- leau; will go to Dunwoody Institute to study general mechanics; active in football, track and wrestling; favorite subject agriculture; dancing and horseback riding are hobbies. beauty school; vorite subject; Vietot A. Seety, 17, is son of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Seely, and plans to study engineering at Iowa State; favorite subject math; was in band, F.F.A. and junior class play; hunting and stamp collecting are his hobbies. Datlene Skogstrom, 18, is daughter of Mr and Mrs Harry Skogstrom, and will attend Drake U. where she will study music; favorite subject history; Was in music groups, debate, cheerleading and on student council^ Robert 6. Sldbe, 17, is SOU of Mr and Mrs Al Slobe; was active in baseball, basketball and track; has no future plans. Lance Stephens, 18, son of Mr and Mrs Keith Stephens; his favorite course was history; no future plans. AHS Seniors Have Pretty Good Idea About Future Maureen A. Roepke, 18, is dou- ghler of Mr and Mrs Ed Roepke, and plans to be married this fall; was active in G.A.A. and DECA: distributive education favorite subject; horses and other animals are her hobbies. Patricia Van Alien, IB, is dau- , ghter of Mr and Mrs Harold Van Allen, and will a.ttond Duchesne College at Omaha whore she plans to study biwlogy and fashion: biology and chemistry favorite courses; f/as in Cadettes, GRA, music grloups, dramatics and on annual staff; hobbies include dancing, ttennis, swimming, cooking, sewing/ and reading. 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It handles the toughest lawns with ease. inm 63 Grads; Most To College Or Armed Forces A total of 63 Algona high school seniors received diplomas recently, and for the most part, the 1957 class has its mind pretty well made up regarding plans for the future. Many plan to attend college, and more than half will do so if possible. Short sketches, which contain past activities and future hopes, follow: Anils A. Ashlon, ]8, daughter of Mr and Mrs Victor Rasmussen, Minneapolis; niarried to Darold Ashton, Algona; senior here from March, 1957, went to Springfield public high before that; was in G.A.A., pep club, on papier and annual staff and a cheerleader; English favorite subject, her hobbies include dancing, swimming and hiking. Carl J. Brown, 18, son of Mr and Mrs Carl Brown, LuVerne; active ' in football, wrestling, track, class plays, F.F.A., audio visual and on annual staff; agriculture favorite subject; may enter air force or go to college at Iowa State; dancing his favorite hobby. Kenneth R. Bunkofske. 17, son of Mr ,and Mrs H. T. Bunkofske, was on tennis team; his favorite subject is chemistry; plans to take engineering at Iowa Stale. Georgia A. Butterfield, 18, daughter of C. D. Butterfield, was librarian, in girls chorus and class play; has $300 annual scholarship to Bob Jones U. in So. Car. and wants to be teacher; science favorite course, enjoys stamp collecting, the piano and organ as hobbies. Edith A. Christiansen, 17, is Only 2.25 Per Week » Payable Monthly REPEATING A SELLOUT! (Polyethylene Pail 2.98 Value You liked them so much fh» first time that we had to order morel Full 12 quart size. Easy to dean yellow plaslte With handle. •«» * Siliconized Ironing Cover 57< 1.25 Value u 1 *"*" Decorated Water Pitcher Regularly •Tex-Knll" rvslsts scorching, reflects heat«*«utf toning ttaetolwli * Metal Tray Colorful serving kgys wife grtufic design- Basket \ Regularly 2.69 Generous sized 18' x 12* * 10" hand woven basket. 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Colwell, son of Mr and Mrs Harold Colwell, was active In sports 'and would like to attend Iowa Teachers; industrial arts favorite subject; hobbies include leathercraft, swimming and hunting. Judith A. Cowan, 17, is daughter of Mr and Mrs Dick Cowan, and plans to attend Cottey college at Nevada, Mo.; in several music groups and G.R.A. and especially likes biology; her hobbies include dancing ,golf, swimming and tennis. Judy K. Dahlhauser, daughter of Mr and Mrs B. J. Dahlhauser, is undecided on future; biology her favorite subject, was also librarian; hobbies include dancing, reading and outdoor sports. Barrel L. Davis, 18, son of Mr and Mrs B. O. Davis, Irvington; active in all sports, selected as year's outstanding athlete; wants to go to Iowa Teachers for industrial arts degree; favorite course was math; hunting and swimming are his hobbies. Jerry Downey, son of Mr and Mrs Joe Downey, was in athletics, music and on student council; would like to go to college, but may go in service; English and history favorite courses; hunting his main hobby. Marilyn Dreesman, 17, is daughter of Mr and Mrs John Dreesman, and is going to Sweet Brair College where she will major in business administration; was in music groups, plays, Cadettes, debate, a drum major, and on annual staff and student council; Social studies her favorites; hob> bies include dancing and baton twirling. Delores Eisenbarth, 17, is daughter of Mr and Mrs Jerome Eisenbarth; in F.B.L.A., girls chorus, class plays and on annual staff; plans on secretarial work in Algona; favorite course was bookkeeping; .hobbies include swimming, i reading, music and dancing. Sandra Elwood, 18, is daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward Elwood, and plans' to attend Stephens College at Columbia, Mo.; was in music groups and liked typing and shortland; hobbies include horseback picnics. riding, dancing and David L. Eiickson, 18, son of Mr and Mrs Donald Erickson, wants to become a mechanic; wag •in wrestling, F.F.A. and class plays. Patricia K. Ferris, 18, daughter of Mr and Mrs Gerald Ferris, was in music groups, G.R.A., intra- murals and class plays; wiii attend Iowa U. where she has scholarship and plans to take medical research; chemistry her favorite subject; golf, tennis and other sports her hobbies. Ted Finley, 18, son of Mr and Mrs Harvey Finley, will attend Coe College to take course in business administration; active in sports In high school; social studies iis favorites; fishing and are to bobbies. Darryl E. Fisher, 17, is son of Mr and Mrs A. L. Fisher; was out for football; liked industrial arts, undecided on future; his hobbies include hunting and fishing. Eunice Gade, 17, daughter of Mr and Mrs Art Gade, plans to take up elementary teaching at Iowa Teachers; was active in. music, art, F. B. L. A., Cadettes and intramurals; favorite subject was art; painting her top hobby. Norma J. Gaitort, 17, daughter of Mr and Mrs E. H. Gallon, plans on a secretarial position; was in F.B.L.A., and F.H.A.; government favorite subject; dancing, skating and music her hobbies. Marvel Hansen, 17, is daughter of Olive Hansen. Irvington, is a secretary in local law office; was in G.A.A., F.B.L.A., F.H.A., chorus and intramurals; liked typing and shortland; hobbies include dancing, sports, swimming and movies. Roger G. Hansen, 17, son of Mr and Mrs Harley Hansen, will join armed forces this fall; was in class plays and enjoyed industrial arts; cars and fishing are his. hobbies. Robert W, Hardy, 17, son of Mr and Mrs Wesley Hardy, plans to study business at Waldorf College, Forest City; was active in sports and music; liked math, and hobbies included, dancing -and fishing. Carole A. Hayes, 18, is daughter of Mr and Mrs John Hayes; will pursue medical technology course on scholarship at Hamline U., St. Paul; was active in music and G.A.A.; liked chemistry, and sports and dancing are her hob-, bies. Karen J. Helmers, 17, daughter of Mr and Mrs Harm Helmers, will go to airline school; active in intramUfals, liked retailing and considers skating her favorite hobby. Larry A. Hudson, 17, son of Mr and Mrs Oran Hudson, is employed in retail store here; was in class plays and liked all history ^courses; considers dancing, skat- ing'and swimming as his hobbies. Beverly A* James, 17, daughter of Mr and Mrs Paul James, will major in education at Iowa Teachers: in many music groups (< carfte¥a'-'ffiI(j!Jij?art'clu:b and on annual staffj -history, favorite subr ject, photography, sewing and reading are her hobbles. Shirley M. Johnson, 18, is daughter of Mr and, Mrs Charles Johnson; has .no definite plans; liked social studies and was activa in intramurals, volleyball and basketball; dancing, reading and sports are her hobbies. Maribel Kain, 17, daughter of Mr and Mrs George Kain, will attend Iowa State College; liked science subjects; was a cheer« leader, in GAA, intramurals and on student council; sewing, reading and sports are hobbies, David K. Kohl, 18, is son of Mr and Mrs Ira Kohl, and plans to study engineering at loWa State; active in baseball, basketball and tennis, physics favorite subject; fishing, hunting and sports are hobbies. Duane Kueck, 17, is son of Mr and Mrs Maynard Kueck; plans to enter branch of service; history his favorite subject; was active in basketball and base* ball; considers fishing, hunting and sports as his hobbies. Jean M. Kuecker, 17, daughter of Mrs Ida Kuecker, is working at Druggists' Mutual; bookkeeping and shorthand favorite subjects; was in glee club, class plays, on annual staff and in FJB.L.A.; dancing and swimming are her hobbies. William J. Laing. 18, son of Mr and Mrs F. J. Laing, may go to trade school or college, is working at Hopkins Super. Service at present. Marlys B, Long, 17, daughter of Mr and Mrs C?ecjit Long, is employed at Iowa State Bank; liked typing and was in Cadettes; dancing and swimming are her hobbies. Sharon Miller, 18, is daughter of George M. Miller; employed at Honsbruch Drug; liked bookkeeping and sewing, swimming and dancing are her hobbies. Donald L. Moore, 17, son of Mr and Mrs Leo, Elmore, liked his* tory and was active in track, wrestling and mixed chorus. John E. Moxley, 17, son of Mr and Mrs Merle Moxley, will study dramatics at the Goodman Theater in Chicago; was active in dramatics .debate, chorus and wrestling; favorite subject French; hobbies include dancing and swimming. MwUyn Pwrow, 17, Js daugh* ter of Mr and Mrs T. J. Palmer, and plans to study architecture at Iowa State; was to GAA, arfc club and band; favorite high school course was mechanical drawing; dancing, music and. swimming are her hobbles. JBhtwan I* P«w«ft, W* is daughter of Afr ajyj Mrs George Powers, and will study English, at T» !_.* J y*_l!__7_ 'M** Jr^t?*.^^ 1 * *P _ College, Jli has schoJ^rsbw; active leader, in deSa - 1 annual

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