The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1962 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 25, 1962
Page 13
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Tuesday, P»Mplw *$, 1962 Ataohct <t n .) Upper Des Molnei-5 LOCALS Mr and Mrs C. V. Fowler left for Chicago to visit their son over the holidays. Mr and Mrs Leon Bilyeu went to Waterloo Sunday to visit with Mr and Mrs Don Schlette. Mr ;».nd Mrs Al Agcna arc going to Hartley to spend Christmas with Mrs Marie Tennant. Larry Stein, Chicago, is a guest in the Phil Diamond home. He is a brother of Mrs Diamond. Mr and Mrs Everett Baldus are going to Austin, Minn., to spend Christmas with the mother, Mrs Leo Baldus. James Griffith came Wednesday from Sioux City and took Mrs Nell McCall back with him for a two weeks visit. Mr and Mrs Richard Burt will have the parents Mr and Mrs Neal Burt of Cedar Rapids as Christmas guests. Mrs L. C. Hanson is going to Mason City to spend Christmas with her daughter Mrs Marice Mortensen and family. Carl Mortensen, resident at the Good Samaritan Home, had Mr and Mrs Nels Flint of Hingsted as callers Wednesday. Mrs Frank Dcvitt left Friday for Long Beach, Calif., and will spend the winter with her sister, Mrs J. R. Brantingham. Mr and Mrs Warren Andreason are going to Hampton Christmas to be with the latter's father Ray Wharton and other relatives. Mr and Mrs Loo Casscl have returned from a few days visit at Omaha, Neb. with the latter's parents Mr and Mrs R. J. Neary. John Swartz of Baraboo, Wis., former resident here was a visitor here last week. He is now with the Druggist Mutual company. Mr and Mrs Ben Ilerhst came Sunday from Cedar Falls and will spend the holidays with Mrs Olive Herbst and Mr and Mrs Robert Williams. Mr and Mrs John Sires drove to Fort Dodge, Saturday, to meet their daughter Jean who came from Chicago, 111. to spend the holidays. Mr and Mrs George Sefrit are going to St. Louis, Mo., to spend the holidays with Mrs Sefrit's brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mr; D. R. Deal. Mr and Mrs Dale Ileeren, Cindy and Susan, of Sedalia, Mo., were visitors here last week. They are former residents who moved several months ago. Denny Waller. Bill Sigsbee. Jim Finn, John Platt, Gary Rusk, Bob Boldridge, and Eddie Carman are home from the State University of Iowa for the holidays. Pam Waller, junior at the University of Minnesota, is spending the quarter break and Christmas vacation at the home of her parents, the R. B. Wallers. Mr and Mrs Tom Vcrhuel will spend the Christmas weekend at Chariton with the mother, Mrs Cyrus Prevo and at Newton with Mr and Mrs Galen Prevo. Mr and Mrs James Arend will have as Christmas guests the latter's parents, Mr and Mrs A. M. Kunz of Curlew and Mr and Mrs William Erpelding of LuVernc. Mr and Mrs Keith Christie are going to Shenandoah for Christmas uhich will be spent with the former's parents, Mr and Mrs C. E. Christie, Mrs Gladys Swanson and Eugene Hagglund. Mr and Mrs Joe Bradley wen to Spencer, Wednesday, to meet their daughter Mary who attends Duchesne college at Omaha, Neb. and will be here for the holidays The son Joe Jr. who is in ser vice has been in Cuba but is now back at Camp Penclleton, Calif. Mrs H. H. Miller has been at Estherville the past three weeks with her mother, Mrs L. G. Thompson who fell, and because of her age and frailty Mr and Mrs Miller have canceled their reservation to Brownsville, Tex. till Mrs Thompson is much improved. Mr and Mrs Bernard Hriggs and Mr and Mrs A. E. Briggs were recently at Minneapolis, Minn., to see Mrs E. F. Scott, sister of the men. Mrs Scott has since then been dismissed from the hospital where she had undergone major surgery which was followed by complications. Mr and Mrs Uerald Ferris will have the son Roger, a student at the Iowa State University and Pat, the daughter who is employed at the Annie Wittenmoyer home at Davenport home for the holidays. Christmas day all will go to Clear Lake and will be guests of Mr and Mrs Howard Ferris. Mr and Mrs Chris Wallukait en tertained Mr and Mrs Harold Mosher at dinner Thursday evening before they left for Chula Vista, Calif., to spend several months in the interests of Mrs Mosher's health. Their son-in- law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Dale Jorgenson live there but the Moshers plan to get an apartment. The Braudow family will have Christmas dinner at Mr and Mrs Gene Brandows and it will be .a farewell for Mr and Mrs Kenneth Brandow who are moving to Phoenix, Ariz. Others present will be the parents Mr and Mrs W. H. Brandow, Mr and Mrs Lloyd Brao- dow of Fort Dodge, Mr and Mrs Harvey Brandow, Lone Rock, and Mr and Mrs Lloyd Brocdscr. ORDINANCE NO. AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND OR- OINANCE NO. 413, THE MUNICIPAL CODE OF THE CITY OF ALOONA, IOWA, 1959, BY REPEALING SECTION 1, CHAPTER 4, TITLE VI HE- RATING TO THE CONSTRUCTION OF PERMANENT SIDEWALKS AND ENACTING A NEW SECTION 1 IN LIEU THEREOF. BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City or Algona. Iowa as follows: Section 1. Section 1 of Chapter 4 of Title VI of the Municipal Code of the City of Algona, Iowa, 1959, otherwise known as Ordinance No. 413, is hereby repealed. Section 2. A new provision Is adopted to be known as Section 1, Chapter 4. Title VI of the Municipal Code of the City of Algona. Iowa, 19139, lo read as fellows': SECTION 1. PERMANENT SIDEWALKS. The City shall have power to construct or reconstruct permanent sidewalks upon any street, avenue, highway, public ground or market place and to assess the cost thereof on the lots, or parcels of land. In front or which the same shall be constructed. Section 3. That this Ordinance, being deemed of immediate Importance, shall be In full force and effect from and after Its passage and publication as provided by law. PASSED, ADOPTED and APPROVED this 12 day of December. 1002. David A. Smith City Clerk APPROVED: Wm. .1. Finn Mayor Pro Tcm AUTHENTICATION The foregoing Ordinance No. 430 which was passed and adopted by the City Council and approved by the Mayor Pro Tern on the 12 dnv of December. A.D.. 1!)G2 is hereby duly uilhentieatcd. Wm. .T. Finn Mayor Pro Tern ATTEST: David A. Smith City Clerk SEAL) Council Minutes COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in special session Dec. 10. 1!IB2 with Finn, Mayor Pro Tcm. and the following council members: Muckey. Steffan. Elbert. Andrcasen. Pclrce. Absent: Mayor Shicrk. Resolution transfering $13477.30 from the Light & Water fund to the Street fund was adopted. Algona Hotel and Johnson House was granted class B beer permit Discussed East Side Slorm sewer project. No action was taken. Dr. H. Erickson was appointed to the Planning & Zoning Cnmm. Approved: /s/ Win. J. Finn Mayor Pro Turn. Altest: /s/ David A. Smith City Clerk The City Council met in regular session Dec. 12. 1002 with Finn. Mayor Pro Tern, and the following council members: Muckey. Steffan. Eltacrt. Andreascn. Pcirce. Absent: Mayor Shlcrk. Minutes of last meeting were approved. Resolution authorizing Wallace & Holland EnKr. firm of Mason City, to proceed on aiea ti of the East Side Slorm Sewer project was adopled. Authorized council members to attend League of Iowa Municipalities icetlng at Hartley. Iowa. Ordinance no. 430 relating to Ihe (instruction of permanent sidewalks MAY YOUR HOLIDAY RING OUT WITH JOY We hope the Christmas season is filled with every happiness for you. THE BORDEN CO. Ray Poeppe, Dislr. *»<* CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS May the holy season bring peace and joy to you. ALGONA HOTEL HOPE YOUR CHRISTMAS IS MERRY! VIKING OIL CO. GREETINGS TO ALL OUR GOOD FRIENDS May your holiday be happy and bright! TAYLOR MERCURY A SOCK-FULL OF WISHES ALGONA ELECTRIC CO. May glad lidings fill your a heart with happiness. \ KLEIN'S FARM SUPPLY Approved: /s/ Wm. J. Mayor Pro Mtesl:/s/ David A. Smith City Clerk Tern GENERAL Sliievk. Salary Smilh. Salary Stale Bank. W'Hold Kos-sulh Co. Treas.. Tax Certs. Advance Pub.. Printing Algona Mun. Utilities, Services _ American P.W. Assoc.. Dues . Arwell. Rat Control Blossom Ins.. Work Comp. -/ M. Herbst. Fee la. Mun. Attorneys. Dues Buchanan Abstract. Fee .. - UDM Pub. Co.. Punting STREET Burtis. Salary -Frambach. Salary Hclmcrs. Salary --Lashbrook. Salary -- - Pergandr. Salary Prew. Salarv ..-...- Scoliba. Salarv Wlbben. Salarv la Stale Hank. W'Hold. Algcina Flour & Feed. Re- pans AlMona Mun. Utilities. Sei vices • Arnold Motors. Repairs - Uarclav To.. Mdsc. - - ,Blossom Ins. Wolk. C'limp. Bradley Eciuip.. Mdse. .. . WISHING ALL OF OUR FRIENDS A HAPPY HOLIDAY HOBARTON CO-OP ELEVATOR A CHRISTMAS WISH FOR YOU May you be blessed with every joy. POST'S MOVING & STORAGE GREETINGS! From all of us to all of you . . . heartiest good wishes for a very Merry Christmas! JACOB E. DECKER AND SONS CHRISTMAS GREETINGS We hope the holiday shines brightly with gladness for you and yours! STATE BEAUTY SALON HAVE A REAL 'COOL' YULE We hope this holiday is the 'greatest' ever for all our friends. RICKLEFS-GEELAN INSURANCE AGY. A WREATH OF GOOD WISHES FOR YOU . . . May all our good friends and customers have a cheery holiday. CHROME SERVICE STATION 112.5 231.0 25.U 370.1 20.n 230 3378 5.00 11) 00 5.1)0 •I!) 00 nn 40 1» 1.60 135 20 1B2 13 17503 177 Hi •15 05 133 70 2 (15 i.'itlcs Servn rook's Wcldc i Gas Ft Dodge Towel. Service [••rede-rick Hclwc . Mdsc r;rcenbers. Mdsc - lilton's. Mdsc Kent Motors.. Repairs, l.alne's. Repairs - N American Steel. Muse. I' Motors, lie-pans Ready-Mix. Supplies. - Sankcv Sand £ Gravel. Material - Slicrum-Willlams. Mdsc Sicfi-Foil, Repairs Spreit/e-r. Repairs ra.Uor Imp. Repairs United Bockclman. Salary --- ---Bulten. Salary Hutchison. Salary •gt-nson. Salary - Mlttag. Salary Hasimisscn. Salaiy Ia"''s'lale ''llank. SV'Huld. igt. S.ilarv Trust & Agency- Pension Ded Arnold Motors. Rc|>.nrs . Algona Mun. Utilities, bel- VH-cb Cities Service. Gas Gicenberg. Mdse Jack's O. K , Tire Kent Motors. Repairs Tom's TV. Service Blossom Ins . Work. Comp Hillun's. Cias . Honker Supplv. Mdsc . . . FROM OUR ENTIRE STAFF To our many friends and customers, we extend very best Christmas wishes. STRAYER'S SUPER SERVICE GREETINGS TO ONE AND ALL I MONTGOMERY- WARD AND CO. OF ALGONA BEST WISHES AT CHRISTMAS and a big "thank you" to our many customers. WAGNER'S DX 'O COME, LET US ADORE HIM ! We rejoice with you at this holy season, and wish you happiness. COOK'S WELDERS SUPPLY A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS May your home- be filled with every holiday joy. FEDERAL LAND BANK ASSOC. HAPPIEST HOLIDAYS! Here's hoping this Chn.stina.s is your merriest ever! O'BRIEN TRUCKING our MAY HAPPINESS REIGN SUPREME Sincere greetings from staff and management. United Bldg., Mdse. Reeling's Gravel. Digging Lama's. MdM- Algona Mini Utilities, hn BlohMini Ins. Woik Comp N feudal Service. c;ah OBnrn. Hauling H Ri-lllv Services W'HiiUI Utilities. Ser- (ironbach. S.ilar I i-mk'-r la Stale Algona Mini F Ind Supplies ,:,*uiii In- 1 . Work I'liinp » J Funk. Hepalla r.iccnbcrp, Mdsc O'Brien Mfg.. Repairs Uiiili'd Btofi-- Hi*p*J'i ^ _. Blossom Ins.. Work Comp. . Laing'* PlbS MamJ Sha«. . McUcrnott. Interest la. D M. Natl. Bank, W "o'^Andcrs.on, Interest ... Guaranty Bank & Trust. Interest PARKING METER (iioell. ,- Rilc.N. Salary Sands. Salary ,., , , lu Stale Bank, W Mold. Trust & Agency. Pension The Cycle Shop. Repairs. lluuelf's £ S ign Si . Service. Gas Service & Supply. UU •!!"••> Electric Repair TBV5T fc AQEIJPV Linda Counley. Pension 11. M. Ji^li. Pwuiuu ... ITI 711 211 M 5.0011(10 31 50 77 H Kill.) 3.01 17 112 741 74 18 2350 77.56 77.50 155.00 31.00 227.85 3(1.10 Klti.fl! 53.50 2.4! 10.2f 10.1)2 53 ID 8.00 20.00 liJ.UO FREDERICK V & S HARDWARE BEST WISHES! GOOD CHEER! It's time to wish to all our friends a joyous season that never ends. R. J. FUNK PLBG. & HTG. HOPE SANTA BRINGS YOU JOY GALORE ALGONA BOWLING LANES Headquarters For Christmas Bowling Supplies SEASON'S BEST May the spirit of Christmas brighten your home with a loving glow. ALGONA FLOUR & FEED Y U L E T I D E GLADNESS May it fill sour heart and luiine throughout 'he Christinas sei.son. JOHNSON'S MAID-RITE GLOWING GOOD WISHES TO ALL OUR FRIENDS FARMER'S ELEVATOR May the season bring you joy As the Wise Men of old, who came from afar- Let us rejoice, and follow liis star. LONG'S DAIRY Disributor Of Carnation Milk Products At this holy iuuson, we pray that peace and love may gbide with you and your dear ones. POTTER DISTRIBUTINO CO. HEARTIEST GOOD WISHES TO ALL I We hope that jolly old St. Nick -brings you joy in abundance. SOUTH PHILLIPS TEXACO Gene Muller PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TO MEN May all blessings dusiuud upon you and yours in Una Christmas season. ROBINSON CONSTRUCTION CO TO OUR FRIENDS . . . SINCEREST GREETINGS THE SMOKE SHOP y in w illi wo i of good ilicoi und u by 111 ci iik > u u lo uui m u M / fiiL'ndj u M J luyul t u i I o n . c: 'j COLONIAL MOTEL

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