The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1962 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 25, 1962
Page 11
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AL'S PLACE Highway 18 at Main Street Cut Off ^•*>i!a«;».»isMS!Wi«*i^^ Phone CY 4-3535 — Your Newspaper Cftrfetma* Best wishes for a joyous holiday from our staff. Thnt "Rudolph" lirlicoptrr I aw recently did have Richard I'horeson aboard. He and his en- )ilot had come down from Min- eapolis and Richard was showing lim the homo town. His little son ailed to see him wave, as he had H'omised, but I am sure th?m vcrc heart waves. * * * Mr ami Mrs Albert llagg. win "ecently moved to Monrovia, f"':ilif. will be very glad to IICIT froir friends and have given their a Idress a.s 2IH N. Myrtle. Apt. (.'. • • * Mrs Drnnis Jergrti^on's Thanh • giving was anything but h ippy. Her mother, Mrs Arnund Tabb. .-it.. Minneapolis, died of a heart attack. She had not been sick nor i;v, arc 1 of any ailnvnls. Mrs Jer- ROIISOTI remained a couple of weeks with .her father. Mrs John Rcilly was winner o' the bride doll given by ihe St. Ann auxiliary recently. I war- told she has a four month old daughter, so it will be a while before she will enjoy the doll. The first doll I remember was a black haired one with Pauline in raised letters across the front of her neck. In due time she gave way to blonde curly haired Helen who shut her eyes and completely won my heart. By the time I was about seven, Dorothy Opal came to live with me. Now there was a doll! D;.rk brown hair, body so large she could wear the c'.rcss my riolhcr made for me uhcn I was vx r.ion;hs old. DoruMiy proved Tuesday, Beeember $5, 1962 Alflana (la.) Upper DM MotnM-3 pretty big for a small girl to (\,r- i ry, :-o Santa saw to it th" next ' Christmas that I had a go-carl t'or her. Flow I hripp-jiied to choose the name Dorothy I don't know but Opal was for Opal C'ronin. whom 1 considered a very pretty liillc- girl a few years younger than I. a. • *. I have told this story before several times in fact bcc'uise I think it is so cute. It happened wiicn I was about leu. I knew there wasn't a Santa Clans in the juvenile accepted tljeory, but my parents didn't know I knew am I was willing to go with them in the deception. My bi£ wish that year win for a you'll'* rocker. Came Christmas morning and bright and early I was up and r ;ady to see my gift;-.. D.irl said, "Put your r;;be en and gi. look at them! Then I'll get the fires going better and you can see them er than cheaf the little follow out of a celebration, his birthday was observed at the McMahons a couple of weeks ago. Combing Christmas and a birthday is just too much for a little guy and he on- joyed it more by not piling things up loo much. And of course it was fun for the small brothers Mike and Tom. * » » ('. 15. Murlagh is willy Santa Cl.ais and besides f>!! members of his family he remembers over 100 friends at Christmas, lie is wonderful and I feel gr'vtly honored to be on his list of trien'K Added to my thanks in pi r>s>:i is this extra recognition. * * Kstlirr and Harlait sitrsber arr not gelling the welcome due them I am afraid, if reports of cold and free/ing temperature includes Sar- ar-ota. 1 hope it doesn't reduce, their enthusiasm for the new location. Orvillc Bakkcn has written his parents, Mr and Mrs Oliver Bakken, that he wants a really white Christmas when he and his farndy arrive Dec. 21 from Houston, Tex. Well, I don't share his views nor does the majority of the populace. If his wish must be granted, I hope he is here to clear the walks of the white stuffs. Maybe he won't be so anxious for it. " * • < Mrs R. A. Johnston mid her dau- fliter Mrs Howard Forsberg went to Clear Lake Dec. 14 to celebrate Ihe birthdays of Mrs Fursberg and htr twin sister, Mrs Richard Hughes.. Mrs Forsberg is Ksther and Mrs Hughes was named Hester but soon changed to Margaret. Margaret, it seems, a.s a tot was not so easy to control and every lime Hester was called. Esther cried, apparently confusing the mmies. So Margaret it became. cd. About 3,000 trees were blovm down and they landed on the streets, cars, houses and garages. What an expense and cleanup job. The Hartford Insurance company has paid out over a million dollars already. We were fortunate, only lost some shingles. Our lawn is as green as summer and today I'm going to pick the rest of our chrysanthemums. Our big shopping center, Lloyds, looks like fairyland with GO foot trees all aglitter and long festoons hanging over the skating rink. I am told there are over 50.000 lights in the display, and it looks it." Abner Long writes, "Blanche sat up in a chair twice — 15 minutes each today. (Dec. 11) Two weeks from today is Christinas and I bet the doctor will say the best place for her is here — not to get excited over Christmas. I bet the best place for Blanche and me is to eat goose here at the hospital." I think he has it figured out correctly. But here's a speedy recovery, Blanche. Take care of yourself. Myrta West writes from Perry, "I have a week at Christmas to ipend with my family (Virginia and husband and son) at Albia." Her late husband. Robert West, will be well-remembered here. He was an engineer for some time and worked with Archie Michel if 1 remember correctly. Also a note from Lillian Matheson, Downing Rest Home, Rush City, Minn. Edna Winslow Stebbins, mother of my cousin Melvin Henderson's wife Leeta writes from Pomona. Calif. Wish vou could see the lovely mall. I will spend Christmas with mv lamilv" (The Hendersons). The late girls are the daughters of the ha ,n Hedrick. FOSTER FURNITUR ALGONA, IOWA ^.ga»JSis*iia^JBIiB^^ belter later, gifis, but no A quick survey of rocker. I got into bed between mother and Dad and they asked me what Santa had brought. I mentioned the gifts and when finished mother said. "Didn't you get a rocker'.'" "No." I replied. Turning to Dad she s:iid, "Why Marve, didn't you bring it over from grandma's'.'" 1 remember how I smiled to myself at this "give away" on the Santa aspect, and for years I didn't say anything. Dear, sweet little mother, who ua.. always so open and aboa- board, she couldn't dissemble on cv.'ii S;:nta. She said one time- when I had told the story she (hi,tight I was making fun of her. I hastened to assure that it was nut so - far from it. It was just so darned cute and she acted sc innocent. The bride doll was divsst-d by Nellie Van Allen so we know a beautiful job was done. -: 1- * Mrs Gordon Kulin and her daughter Mrs Dallas Klein were at Emmetsburg a couple of we:>ks .!};o to n.ssi.-,t Mrs Kuhn's sister, Mr.; II. L. Chun with the open house she holds each year near the holidays. For the past several years she" has served coffee and lookies t,t coffee break time for the businessmen and their clerks. At our iU'votiom.1 period Sjiulay taorniiu;. Doc. H, we had a talk by \V. E. Mohr, Fort Dodge, who ga\e us a resume of the work the Christmas cards arc pouring in and 1 will let you read over my shoulder, so to speak. From Edna Engltr Brough, Garden Beach, Calif., "Am planning to move my iiKiliiiu house down to Palm Spring.-; for the winter. It is getting so damp and foggy here and. it is much warmer down there. They have lovely parks there so I hope I'll enjoy it." Neva Patterson Potter, daughter of the well-remembered Mr and Mrs Johnnie Patterson, writes, "This year Nellie (adopted daughter) and I will be home. Last year we spent the holidays in Hawaii. It was delightful but we can't do that every year. Did you read about our hurricane in October? It was the first one, and I hope the last, Portland has ever experienc- roll, Mrs Bill Trenary. Leona Haase and Evelyn, Mrs Stanley Ruse and Steven and Mrs Victor Fitch. Each guest brought cookies, candy or sandwiches. Mrs Donald Ringsdorf won the door prize. The afternoon was spent socially. Mr and Mrs Wayne Eckels of Britt and Mrs Jay Steven. Rurt. were Wednesday evening visitors in the P. W. Marlow home. Mr and Mrs Robert Sarchet went to Des Moines and Kansas Ciiy recently, where they visited their nephews, Ihe Gerald Rom- stads and the James Homstads They were gone about five days. Mr and Mrs Carlos Sieferl of Farmer City, 111 . cousins of Mrs C. W. Hecrd't, visited in the Heerdt home Saturday afternoon. They came out to get the aunts. Mrs Mary Carr of Clear Lake Oaks, Calif., Mrs Kate Trainer, and Mrs Edna Sicfert of Farmer City. 111. Mr and Mrs Carlos Siefert also visited in the Earl Ackerman home and other relatives. They arrived Friday and left Sunday. More Christmas Parties Held, Portland Area Portland — The Portland Social club held their annual Christmas party Dec. 13 in the home of Edith Jamil, with Elgena Young assisting hostess. All twelve member." were present: Ella Lampe, Alleda Harms, Hazel Larsen, Mamie Fitch, Joseph Arend, Esther Williams, Effie Teeter, Elvira Christensen, Elizabeth Kennedy, Jessie Miller, Elgena Young and Edith Jandl. The afternoon was spent playing password. Several members received a gift from their secret sister. The secret sisters were revealed and new secret sisters drawn for next year. The next meeting will be Jan. 10 in the home of Hazel Larsen. A Christmas party was held in the home of Hazel Ruse Dec. 11 with nine neighbor ladies attending. They were Mrs Donald Hingsdorf, Mrs Bernard Phelps, Msr Wilbur Spear and Wayne, Mrs Herman Harms, Mrs Hazel Car- arc doing and established. tney Thanks to the ••l.anlen Club" we ha\e a pretty mantel arrangement of pine and poinseltas and there may be more I haven't .seen, and to the Pink Ladies for garlands on our doors. There are ihree trees, one in the reception room, one in the dining room and one in the hali on second floor. * * * My first Christinas card came from Dorothy Campbell, Edmunds. Wash. The first Christmas letter from my cousin Lola Swinney, who has moved from Mentone to Vu- caipa, Calif. Kusy does it — "In this electric age, all a woman has to do to run a home is to keep plugging." r m ••• PLUMBING and HEATING \\hiifs iii a name like Helen Green." in pink." — "Vou look "1 look worse- n ttiift flt Tills is the time of year — "Even Christmas can bring tragedies. A little boy came home from school and said mournfully, "The Nativity play is off. Six ungeis are down with mum;^." # » « I' it. son of Mr and Mrs James Chapman, Eagle Grove, and gi arid- son of Mr and Mrs Roy McMahon will be three Christmas day. Rath- NORTON MACHINE WORKS I ALGONA, IOWA GAS-TOONS JOHN ELBERT SERVIC6 IH 13 "Fill my radiator, check the tires and see if the battery needs water . . . etc . . .etc." We're just friendly. "naturally" ELBERT'S ENCO SERVICE We give King Korn Stamps & the Best Service in Town Phone CY 4-4904 State & Minnesota Streets Season's Greetings From all of us here to nil of you — wo send warm and friendly wishes that this Joyous Christmas Season may set the scene for many happy days to cornel NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 'Your GAS Company' Test-Proved Egg HY-LINE " " • m • • «*«% M •• • Profit Maker.., Tough, Gentle ffiw' Profitable... BY-HNE Variety 95D-A Layers Hy-Line variety 950-A layer* tip the scales at about 4.3 Ibs. at maturity. Makes them tough to resist respiratory problems in crowded layer areas . . . but still give you good feed conversion. Gentle, too. Won't panic easily when you work with them. 950-A starts laying early, producing large white eggs with tough shells and a minimum of interior faults. Drier droppings make 950-A a wonderful bird for cage and slat floor operations. Try Hy-Line variety 950-A, a tough, gentle, AND profitable layer. HY-LINE VARIETy ' 934-H ORDER HY-LINE® CHICKS Hy-Line variety 934-H, the great all-around white egg layer that won 6 official U.S. Random Sample Tests in 1961 . . . three times as many as any other other variety. Bred to give you top egg profit opportunity through high egg production, high livability, the right egg size, highly efficient feed conversion. For top-all-around performance, put Hy-Line variety 934-H layers to work for you. ORDER HY-L!NIifc H| CKS Variety 934-F Layers For Lots of High Quality Eggsl Hy-Llne variety 934-F layers . . . bred for high production of strong-shelled eggs with good Interior quality. Thick albumen that meets high quality market requirements. 934-F shows high resistance to intestinal coccidiosis. Bred for efficient feed conversion to cut your costs, boost your profit per dozen eggs laid. Try Hy-Line variety 934-F layers for top livabiliry, high egg production, egg quality, and great egg profit opportunity. ^D CRDER HY-LINE CHICKS Save $3 per 100 Pullets ... by ordering Hy-Line chicks now, for either winter or spring delivery. YOUR LOCAL HY-LINE SALESMEN: Aaron Steussy Algona, Iowa Clarence Abbas Kanawha, Iowa Oral MeCullough Corwith, Iowa John L. Haupert Burl, Iowa LeRoy Schiltz Bancroft, Iowa Walter Vaudt Whittemore, Iowa Calvin Vaudt Fenton, Iowa Glenn Opheim Emmetsburg, Iowa Arend Swalve Buffalo Center, Iowa Loren Aukes Buffalo Center, Iowa Klein's Farm Supply Algona, Iowa Robinson Produce Wesley, Iowa OR George L. Eden Swea City, Iowa Lester Gray Buffalo Center, Iowa James Mayne Ledyard, Iowa Wm. Larson Lakota, Iowa Howard Wohlers Algona, Iowa . WHITTEMORE HATCHERY Phone 4161 WHITTEMORE, IOWA

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