The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1962 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 25, 1962
Page 9
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HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION ALGONA SINCE 1917 Phone CY 4-3535 — Your Newspaper Mr and Mrs Frank Smith tvll have Mr and Mrs Robert Schaf fer of Ackley as guests Tuesday • V TOM'S RADIO &TV ONCE A YEAR All First Quality! White! Pastels! Stripes! Prints! LOW, LOW PRICES ON FAMOUS PEPPERELL SHEETS & CASES BLEACHED MUSLIN Cases are 42 x 36 at 41c each. 72 x 108 flat and twin—bottom fitted at $1.77. 81 x 108 flat and double bed bottom fitted at $1.9.'!. 41c ea. $1.77 $1.93 Everrts Co. Party The Evercls Company Christma party for male personnel was held Tuesday evening at the Conn try Club with 75 in attendance. While the men were being entertained there, the wives had dinner at the Johnson House and in attendance were Mrs F. H Everds of Estherville, Mrs William Degen of Whittemore, Mrs Douglas Meyer of Humboldt, Mrs Letoy Christiansen of Hobarton, Mrs Don Armstrong, Mrs Dave Everds, Mrs John Harris, Mrs Homer Kline, Mrs Ivan Parrott, Mrs Ferris Miner and Mrs Tom Ver- uiel. Mrs F. R. Evords presented each guest with a favor, a broocli with pearl setting. The women were joined by the husbands for offee and cards. NVwcoinors X in as Party Newcomers club met Tuesday at 8 p.m. at the Algona Hotel for ts Christmas meeting. Hostesses vere Mrs John Shaw and Mrs Paul 'ugler. High Bridge was won by VIrs Lloyd Ashland and high 500. >y Mrs Waller Ewen. Four new members were present, Mesdames Don Beise, Carroll Beens, Lucinda Bierstedt and Gary Spurgin. New officers elected were Mrs Paul Gugler, president, Mrs Walter Ewen, vice president; Mrs James Chalstrom, treasurer; and Mrs John vShaw, secretary. Baptismal Rites Baptismal rites were held last week Sunday in the Methodist church for Fred and Jerry, sons of Mrs Joann Lain; Jeffrey, son of Mr and Mrs Richard McGinnis; Ronald, son of Mr and Mrs Lyle Riedinger; Bruce, son of Mr and Mrs Gordon Ireland; Mace, son of Mr and Mrs James Hershberger; Daniel, son of Mr and Mrs Glenn Smith; Debra Smith, daughter of Mrs Audrey Smith Pratt. Honor Miss Cowan Mrs Olive Herbst, Mrs Richard Norton, Mrs John Sires, Mrs R. B. Waller and Mrs Robert Williams gave a miscellaneous shower Sunday afternoon at the Johnson House for Patricia Cowan, daughter of Mr and Mrs K. S. Cowan, whose engagement and approaching marriage to Robert Hall of Cherokee, have been announced. Hosts Al Party Mr and Mrs Ollie Nasby, managers of the Good Samaritan Nursing Home, entertained the nurses and personnel at a Christmas dinner party Thursday at the Johnson House. There was a gift grab- bag following the dinner. ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1962 VOL. 97 - NO 51 New Officers Named By Church At Lone Rock Lone Rork — The Ladies' Aid of Immamiel Lutheran church at Letts Creek met Dec. M, with a large number of guests present. The meeting began at noon with a covered dish dinner. Those on the kitchen committee were Mrs Tom Schuller. Mrs Louis Seegeharth, Mrs Eugene Vaudt and Mrs A. E. Vehling. At 1:OH i short business meeting was conducted by Aid president Mrs Gerald Radig. Rev. Vehling led Hie devotions and installation of officers. New officers are Mrs Dunne ,ieb, president; Mrs Ervin Wetzel, ice president; Mrs Raymond Kad- ng, secretary; Mrs Martin Schormann, treasurer. A Christmas program was presented by the entertainment com- nittee. Mrs Ervin WeUel, Mrs 'Sdwin Wichtendahl, Mrs Wilmet> Vichtendahl, Mrs A. R. Willrett ind Mrs Harold Wolter. Grades to 8 from Immamiel School ang two Christmas selections. After the program, gifts were ex- hanged and new secret pals Irawn for next year. Farewell Courtesy A farewell party was given Wednesday evening at Mr and Mrs Dean Barnes for Bob Johnson Youth Extension assistant who is leaving for Colorado for further ichooling. Mr and Mrs Willard Zeigler went :o St. Louis, Mo., to atlend Ihe Silver wedding celebration for Mr and Mrs Arthur Gaines, brother- in-law and sister of Mr Zeigler. Mr and Mrs Merrill Marlow of Omaha were Friday and Satur- iay guests at the Merwin Marlow lome. Sunday evening guests at the unior Hurlburt home following he Christmas program at the Fenon Methodist church were Mr and VIrs Alfred Schadendorf, Mr and Mrs Dale Schroeder and family, Mrs Joann Fischer and family, laroM Harms and Sandra Sena- endorf. Mr and Mrs A. A. Kruegcr and 1r and Mrs Clarence Kraft visited C. A. Lee at Holy Family hospital n Estherville Sunday night. Mi- Lee underwent surgery Friday morning. Overnight guests Sunday of Mrs daudo Blanchard were Rev. and Irs Albert Howe of Independence. Mrs Everett Hanna accompan- ed Mr and Mrs Marc Moore of .Igona to Des Moines Friday. Mrs Bob Marlow called on Mrs Clarence Krafl Saturday morning. Visitors at the home of Mr and Mrs Tracy Stone Sunday were Mr and Mrs Bob Seefeld and Brett of Wesley. Mr and Mrs E. E. Hanna visited Mr and Mrs Henry Wieman at Sanborn Sunday. Out-of-town guests at the an niversary celebration of Mr anc Mrs Don Blanchard were Rev. anc Mrs Albert Howe of Independence Mr and Mrs Alfred Schultz of 01 tosen, Mr and Mrs Darrell Burg man and children of Webb, Mi and Mrs Chet Alme of Otlosen and Mr and Mrs John Sones o Sioux Rapids. Mrs Everett Hanna atlended a Christmas tea at the home o. Mrs Brian Asa in Algona Monday SUPERFINE MUSLIN 42 x 36 in. case at 57c each. 72 x 108 flat, and twin-bed bottom fitted at $2.27. 81 x 108 flat and double bed bottom fitted at $2.37. 57c ea. $2.27 $2.37 WOVEN MULTI-STRIPE 42 x 36 in. cases are 62c each. 72 x 108 AOr ea flat and twin-bed bottom fitted at a-n A t ' $2.47. The 81 x 108 flat and double bed *•*•«»/ bottom fitted at $2.67. $2 67 ROSE-BUD PRINT 42 x 36 in. case at 62c each. 72 x 108 flat and twin-bed bottom fitted at $2.57. 81 x 108 flat and double bed bottom fitted at $2.77. 62c ea. $2,57 $2,77 SOLID PASTEL MUSLIN 42 x 36 in. case at 57c. 81 x 108 in. flat and double bed bottom fitted at $2.47. 57e ea, $2.40 LADY PEPPERELL PERCALE 42 x 36 in. case at 62c. 72 * 108 flat, and twin-bed bottom fitted at $2.57. 81 x 108 flat and double bed bottom fitted at $2.77. 62c ea. $2.57 $2.77 FOR THE HOLIDAY We extend to you our sincerest holiday greetings. May you enjoy the Peace, Hope * and Love which is Christmas, - GENE ZENDER MAURICE THOMPSON - WAUY MESING DOROTHY COOK - WILMA KINDEN MIKE SCHMIDT - DENNY WAUER MM? NOW ONCE AGAIN, IT'S glad Christmas time, And I usually greet you with a rhyme, Or see you in person, for a very good reason, To wish you all blessings and joys of the season. This year more friends are far llian they're near. And though that doesn't make them any less dear, I'll need some magic to waft over many n mile, Greetings, good wishes and a big Christmas smile. k » :l MY WISHES GO (H'T to the folks in Algona. I love them all much and that's no bologna! I'nder A comes Agenas, Andersons, Aliens— Klgin and Gertrude. Virgie, Beanie and Jim- May Santa grant them each little whim. R is for Baker, Merlon and Marge, May the holidays bring them both a big charge. 3rndleys, the Burls, Bournes and Bays. l'o (hem, Merry Christmas, 1 really must say. * * * TO THE GUYS AT THE POST OFFICE who get out the mail, May the holidays find them both hearty and hail. With my second-class mail, I'm no longer a pest, And I know they think that is all for the best! They can read all my post cards any old day, i Hut, please, forward me letters without any delay.) To the postmen who carry the mail on the street, May Christmas rest easy their poor, aching feet! , » « I HOPE THAT SANTA, HIS way will be steering, To former neighbors, Amy and Bill Gcering, And Dorweilers, Sorensens, Johnsons and Broesders, (I can't see them now, the way that I used ter) And Duttons, Brandows, Seeley D. and S. Muckey, I hope all their new year days will be lucky. Loss, Becker, Wittkopf, Reillys and tribe, May their holidays be too good to describe. * * * TO THE GEORGE COOKS. THE Elmer Cooks, the Cooks, Pat and Ray, The Cloptons, the Cowans, the Jones, Glen and Faye, Kleins, Hutchins and Crawfords, Irma and Andy, May all of your holidays be simply dandy! To the Laings, 0. B. and Mrs., Bob, Rose and Corrine, May 1963 be the best year you've seen. And (he Rentzs, Vuanita and Russ, Mike and Mable, May holiday goodies be piled on your table. * «• * TO MATTIE. SARAH, EVELYN, AND Leora St. John, May your holidays be the host you've ever looked on. And to the others who at Good Samaritan are residing May the bells of Christmas ring out good tidings. To doctors and nurses who work with devotion, May your blessings and joys be as deep as the ocean. For pastors who preach of the dear Saviour's birth, A renewed conception of peace here on earth. * * « THERE'S ONE THING ALGONA is well supplied With, And that is families by last name of Smith. There's Slim, Eva, Virg, Craig and his Mary, Rose, Smitty, Dot, Don, Trudy and maybe a Harry. May Christmas be gay as a bright sprig of holly, And the new year ahead filled with days that are Jolly. For Mabel Lane and her husband, Beecher, May joy be a prominent holiday feature. * * * FOR ALVINA. PUDGE. BETH—last name of Miller- May your stockings not lack lots of good filler. Guderians, Goldie, Hank and Ruth, I'm wishing joy, thai is the truth. For Mawdsleys, Bev, Dick, Sadie, Roscoe and June, With the carols this season, may your hearts be in tune. The Hardgroves—Russ, Ned, Chuck and each of their Mrs. I'm wishing several mistleloe kisses. TO THE GRANDMAS, ESPECIALLY our Clara and Rose, I'm wishing presents in their Christmas hose. For our brothers and sisters and each of their spouses, I'm wishing happiness in each of their houses. Pam, Jane and Judy—our families' cousins- Denny, Dick, Muriel—there's more than a dozen- Two Toms, Bobs, Jims, John and a Larry, Plus Steve, Jack and Julie—a Christmas that's merry! Jean, Mary and Bill, our children so dear, It won't seem like Christmas without you near. « • « FOR HOLTS. KOHLS, GARBETTS, Dick and Lavonne Post, I'm wishing holidays that are "the most". For the guys at the Smoke Shop and Pa's fishing pals, The folks at the courthouse, the telephone gals, Merry Christmas! I have no doubt, There are many others whose names I've left out. To the guys and the gals at the UDM shop, I'm so full of good wishes I very near pop. To Jo, Merle, Jack, Donnie and Russ, I'm wishing Christmas, with gosh, lots of fuss! < t * CHRISTMAS THIS YEAH IS A mixed up one, 'Cause I'm sitting here in the Florida sun, Writing of Christmas and it's hard to remember, That it is not June but the month of December. Homesick, a little, and missing you all, But otherwise having myself quite a ball. And if you want to put a huge smile on my face, You'll drop a line to your old friend, Grace! MERRY CHRISTMAS! 2710 Parma St., Sarasota, Florida) lonoring Avis Lettow, who recently returned from Denmark where she was an exchange atu dent. Sunday visitors at the Arthur Zumach home were Mr and Mrs Slmer Peter and boys of Alpha, Minn. Mr and Mrs Herb Nelson and amily left Friday to spend Christmas week with their son and fam- ly, Mr and Mrs Arden Nelson at ^scondido, Cal. Mrs L. A. Newbrough enter- ained friends at her home Satur- iay in honor of Dr. and Mrs toward Blanchard of Greeley, Jolo. Other guests were Mr and drs Roy Jensen, Tena Jensen, )tto Jensen, Mrs Clair Bollinger, Mrs Ervin Wetzel and Mrs Haran Blanchard. Mr and Mrs Bernard Tigges and amily visited the Francis Erpelding ,home in.Burt Sunday night. Mr and Mrs Tracy Stone and family left Friday to spend Christmas with his parents, the Olie T. Stones at Bunks, Ark. They also plan to visit a cousin, George Wagnon, at Russellville, Ark Fern K r u e g e r entertained friends at her home Tuesday evening in honor of Lenore Madison's birthday. Guests were Ruth Blanchard, Nan Blanchard, Maxine Jensen, Lucille Seegebarth, Beulah Lee, Juliana Jackson, Dorothy Kraft. A Christmas cookie exchange was held. Mr and Mrs Joe Vollmar spent Sunday afternoon with her mother, Mrs Joe Stattelman at St. Joe. They were accompanied by Mrs Florence Faber. Dr and Mrs Howard Blanchard of Greeley, Colo, arrived at the Ed Blanchard home Dec. 15 for a Arthur Zumach arrived home Saturday from Holy Family hospital in Estherville and is recuperating.

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