The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1962 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 25, 1962
Page 4
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25, Quest? v&rt- P.rr Wm Sdheer Woman's Club At &yrt Hts Xmas Meeting Cm*. w>:« ti'-'i*' ;r ttK ti'.ir.i; (f t^:V t'*: ''I 1 - 1 V/^'^JM I'T^V.flf church, .tan j4 Mr -me' Kin A. Mry?"> rUc-iri' W ii- \nrm«r Ivlnrhi'i T>jf M:nit»; an: Ru:i NIifjiH 1 !.«> SJ.HTV T','. n; ttit parent u iHu iVliKht'l luirn* I>P'T Quarter WB; taker ;r tin :min«- t)' hif amicti's* afi*" tiworr- mr sutlrienh il si; his norm W'-« ,itn HTOpu'- srucien: n" T,u::i!" tiiltPE! I»?.'.~,rar. ar-vi-r ;I.>TTM u s;«nr tm T^r:-:--;.;:; wi:r ;r,r-{'ir.!- ::n ~.r< :•,•-;,•„- - -.„ ••-:-•-:;. ;,--. '^ T . .-.. r.r-i;:- i-,,- K SM i- -n r. „-,,.,„ M ' v iiT ^^'-'ntwx SM t»:mr. ;ni: -.r; V-s l*-.Tir- V«n?>< ;i-» H:n>;>u> ?'au: v-«ir an: '• r-r. wniv: "-iriStTr.a* "--:=• •; th* i-.'.--r:i-'» -,r V--: Us; 11 ShKiRS S-f tnmns, tw .,tr'!~nisif v}i;-iiti:n wi:t r.:; ;^:-:' Hii'/.i:. IIV:-:T '"."uawr nnr r'n.ihi i' ' s'.utieir u: Simi'S',): . :>livEf 5-wensi.n. .""ir'!:-'::-.!!: 1 --H-^H.' vv- nitlmTinU. sutit •.'-• :•»» »n' r~» r.'T'u; Ivl"s ,'ICHS; r.asi -e-.-wiv. 1 T:U~- ir :<-.:-:i;iei-5 :-an:>ii -'.i'.r^ :w «: Tt tie: »:rai! tim ;r'.t'- < E".r.r. v-.-v: ;-. .«••: ."a: : ur :n: Tnmrtr f s*.r; witr m- naucnie- an:r.;;. .-r :-.i-;i;:: *unr r.— '•» t 11 M"S Che: V'-iit IT 'iiE-ir.t. ~ie::i:':'-: .: ; ~.-M •. """-ei 'J-.I-.H;.' MemtKTf ir ~.u: >-.-ir.r n«:u " i iv ;I:K".'" w».'-« -),i— .'Mist- r f' tti' ' v«!~> inw.s IT ; 7n-:s"^.t^ ;i;;~; ri-.r. i/.i: ir-'.-^.-nivc T. :w ±.u~ Itivr m;iuie"s a: uit U'WT iiti-u"; r. ni-'nii)-' iv >,'."; .".i:, .)•-: :;iii Ttui"s:;i - ; ar.t" s'-n;ivi. rl;n:ii:i£ "'"in !«•::' v.iv.'nni vl", M" a;i: M"! K W ili-er e:nv tit tieir ;r :m hir: r"i'Stv\e-;a: -.unie: a: riinne* ?an::<-> '•••'"isint Mrs Glee Buitocb enu-rtained ; number of larhe? a; t jire-Chnsl u.sif '.".I-TM r,! !H" hom« Tnarsttin •nn-r.ini vert tvisit i.; t f :«• iK>nu"F. cur- ni:r V eant-sai') f't'innt a; ;tit J^ef Hiitnr Vi-irn« Tiwi* hustancir vi<*» Eut'B-.F Riihy Hinckte-.v pr* s»:itlec flfvotionf. Ac apprupriaK ^!-istrt;a> r iln. vaf shi'VT b? •.-IirnKNfr! wi;t t eft px'.tiiiiiE* Mr aiii Mr? Juissel Stiiinv i«<''.!i« ;;iis: wwr 'n* Ciili5ii~i;i- vtif-? ih'-y w-ji" vist: vitl reUir.'1'fs iint: srrw tw hiiliapyr. Th«*« 4>!si r: -in"* : • ^t 1 ^*"*' sriHl* tllTTH IT j f! itsiitf -ptiirniiiE h;imt IH-IITUJ S;n;)i>" if niun£ the rtmref riu'- re—j S!«'vti'T. .uinm* at tin S'.yn '. ir'T.-S!r} nf JOVE, arr'vst !r.'m» ttu enr n' ias; west IP Ki>s*ir i-sicatinr vitr his ;>a* ! Golo N*w YfcaKt $h*w - Algono Theatre ~ 8:45 ] gjJJ 6 Monday, New Y««r's Ev« ar»d thru Saturday Jan. S! T ; rnr wa. 1 heir, a' UK La.— -y Hnl?- m£ !r.imi SunSr* Guests var? 1C-? ">'eirr;t ".tis-.n. Mr ani Klrr Lrritiel "iisnr anr snr ant M* anf and snr. Aaei «inr TJlnnka Folfcens Bsenken Michaelson, P. Isearand Michadson. I Krause If ." 1" i-lf '4t;> r& n rr S f 3 P 0 4 . li 0 S r 0 4 32?. r 0 1 J_l Monroe Phillips 3 Succumbs Here At Age Of 98 Funeral services for Monrc* N. Phillips. 9fi. were held at I p.ra Thursday in the Mc-Cullough's Fu- tiera] Home The R?v Newt/jn Tuesday - "'The Pigeon Th»t Twk Rome". 1:30 - S:30 - 5:35 - J7 35 - 9 40. Wednesday - TburstJs}- — "Th e P.rtan That Took Rome", 7.30 . *J 45. Wednesday — Matinee at ] 31. 'Heidi" and 6 cartoons. ; Thursday — "Giant Movie Marai thon". starting at 1 p.m. Friday and Saturday — "Don't Knock The Twist". 3 30 - T 05 . CougbentiuT. pastor (rf the Method- ,, ; :AI ' ••g n ^ en Land". S 00 and isl Church. offn-iBted and buriai : ,.. ^ Sunday •ST. JOE By Mrs. Syl Wogner Mr anr! Mr? .1« Brofer and was it) R;verv!€'w Ceznelerv One of Alp:raa • oldest resists. Mr Phillips 'died Monday aftfriwr a; ibe- Good Samaritan B.«f. HOT-* her-; H? was fc reiir?d farmer War Lovers". 1 30 • ^ 35 - a40 - ":uO - ft. 45. Monday — 'War Lovers", at 7 p m Only Monday matinee — Kiddie Cartoon shc-w at 1 :30. Monday New Year's Eve _ Mr and Mr? DOE Brofer and nor , , . „ ,„.,Greet frnn, Fort Dorl Ef v-en ^^ £ tw afl.ermiou and •? He waf b:>rc in Chester Center. Lancaster County. Pa.. anJ had riric.- p *- i« -^ r« S1 ded n, Algon. for « years H P Jft*^* - B 4, - 10 » - vaf married in li!B2 to Ola Grwn a: Ui? Sir-am GSuri hninf wer? M- anr MTJ Ler WLnciwIi ant ias>- IT'? THE ETEFLNAO. TraWGLE and Eh-if. Presto K neb! smat-t it: th* mi6(lk hi hn- m-w iDi'i-if ' Girii.: Girlf: Gr:!-" c!nr \cw 'i'r.arf EI< al Uif Mcons Thfatrr Vyinp for hif afict-tinn!- ar« Lanrt-1 Gnoowir. escitinE nfv SITWB personaliti anf Swlls Sl in thif. Hal Wallis.. Techiucnlor ertrevBEanzB that inrlBflef TT Jerenn Slate in hf cam. TUES. Thru THURS. DECEMBER 25-27 1.30 :••> an: Clir _ T:R ^ Hui'JEipyf anc t>v.a b'.-'.-.rnr.ianitir Larrj 5 : t ; t '. r? ani Cari'jT Hinck>* 5inu>. '"it; '-'> Ciardalt SunriE Mr? Helen? Leudtte. alJ rf s en tnn arr-vec tht firs; o: tnf veek to KatheniK Manus. ^asr-.mcior. ~- iend Cnristrr.w v^a-jor witr. D C arnifrc Mnnrtey e»-eniHE a; :wr parents. -^ '"^usr. ±«r: tb? born* of ner taother Mrf Errnn£ Manuj for a Tisil Srs wii r»;ir returr. Ir WastiiaElnr after NPV You C*3»£ On CHRf^TM AS a: ^« ir.irai r .r !\i* im: Ivlrf -»;ir Triti&Her. Jur}} Hinurjpj Ceaer i«art r.r.;)ia:- vat ti5R. HIST* Mr an: i\5rs Jafee Smfcr- n-o^-f "-.wurwir E^'rEerur p;«n'. spi'ert.' tc ipwt Ciry FridEy tt< brinr a?vf i:n ;>as: wtwr. witr Mr:- Bar aoai* Aer Ga-jghtsr. Sheryl ; J^v : t 7ir; pariisf rr i:-wz City bj- Mrs Heier \'—^ iTT it ^?*"?r ??nr?.T*r£-irH*r a* \ r>t!e- v-n-- sz^ent liit riiii^ric^'j riim*** F**iCic."t eveiuni. Cfues*.r IT- vi^ iier nauEnter antj famL'y in^ Trudy Oisen Of Algona Is Wed At Faimlle 1'isiiorf hrrf in vat horns of MJ and Mrf i!T>eorEt WaEaer Mr ana Mrs- Ed Bescii and daughter of W'hittemorf wiE hf hostt to the Pveaing Christmas patbsr- mg with £ dinner followed by gift rachanc? ou Sunday fi'-ninc.. Dec —. witfc Mr ana Mr; Orrilk WBE- na*. Mr iini Mrs Alirw Redmg R.eding and Mr and Mr:- Ralph *~if?.~'iTir an3 . fiTn -1 if^^ ati.enCLiri£ Mr and l^ir? Wiliif Tfciise? enter ained tbf 50T club on Friday- et'eniriE witt tjieL r aanua] Christinas and cues: party p~?.ef wer? Mrf Brib and ML-? beontrd McOuir*. Her- ciid Thiices. End Bob Bcirrasnn Mrf Harold Tnilget enter ..ami ihe riur- fln Jan 37 Mr and Mrs WiL Threes Sr . Al- Ecir.E, s;»ent Monday here- wirr and Mrf "*~ilbt Tr.iicef and fam- daughters. both living in Alsone They are Mrs Paul" Palmer and Mrs H'-y Smith A brother. Msun:-e Phillips of Conrad, also surnves Tuesday — "G?rl Girls Girls". ] y> • 3 3'.i • 0 30 - 7 3d - 9:3(1. MeUiees Wednesday and Thursday a! i MI WednevJsy thru Saturday evenings — 7 30 - 9 49. ALGONA ome PLUS CCLC-R Ci.FTOON A.KD ADDED S.HO«7 S-U2.JrCT rRIDAY and SATURDAY, DEC. 28-29 T~jr}>" Dai? WiTharr riuriolf Haanp » * • • NS* in nBucnr?.* nf 3xir anr snr of M- and Mr? t 3' Luc? f Lutrt?*"£T rtnursr Frir- vffif Rev £,:T.f:— EI nffiroEr?; a: tn* rJoubl? rir.r '.frem nr; Tn; anrie. gr^er :r. rritms^f r>;- Catr;- arid Carc^ Ksyser. twir daughter rf Mr and M"j N Ka}Pi D:iige. were 'norr OL Dec IL St ,'ictsfph'? Merry htKv>itE' Fen DCIDS?- Taert are Kiirer; v»ti tad .uti IE trif K=yser {aiD- L;. .\cirrr>fct farmerJ.'i va? fmir. bert. Site o: Mrs Mary K£>"ser of .-^srcc and ibe- ls:e Peter ksywr WED., DEC. 26 M^T'Nct OKIY AT 1:30 ST^RTS AT «-:«» P.M. CONTIVL-OCS THRf M1.DMGHT 5T COMPLETE SHOW VEW YEAR'S E\"E. i: >HD.VIGHT VE\- VE\P. 4 EVE FEATURE AT 8:45 — 1(':2* — 12.W Shown TUES. thru SAT. Jan. 1-5 CONTINUOUS TUES., NEW YEAR'S DAY ROM 1:30 WH5. and THURS. - MATINEES DA!LY AT 1:30 ELMSCGIRLS WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE? EES DA!LT i7 a*mi_3 rr. uu LSW son IS uU9ffl_ Qjg. IE MODERN DRY CLEANERS & TAILORS £r Bens-r-nxer -a-e— u Mr tn: Mrs H;_--> are a ELVIS PRESLEY « // GIRLS! ADMISSION PRICES FOR THIS AnRACTION ALGONA •KEKT TAYLOR D1ANKA DARR1N 100Y McCREA THURS., DEC. 27 HEY MOA^! IT'S A "BABY-SITTiNG BALL FOR YOU SPECIAL RATE TO ' 12 :c PER HOUR 7 '. STARTS Titonka Grabs Pair Of Wins Tuesday Night PIUS 6 COLOR CARTOONS CHILDREN ONLY 25c N:W YEAR'S EVE. Sl.OO CHilDREN 35c TUES. THRU SAT. S5c CHiLDSEN 35c • '~A?Vl S •* .-'- v- /** ^»^- 's baske •.*i-s rack- . . . SPECIAL RATE TO YOU FOR YOUR OFFSPRING Cr.?l Laie ^ Tr- -,= Tu«da> *? n_2i*. The -Jri r . '»-•• r-. ••«. tf* boys m ~.'.>n or tef:s frt.'.f'.^ tyj'. the SUNDAY and MONDAY, DEC. 30-31 WOSDAf GKe Sr O Of*-.' AI 7 CC ?-'••- % %'cju THUENTS DRUG PRESCRIPTION EiiiK Fc-iens. Pe?^.- f.ipptd in ^. i"K Elarr/f armed 16 &m «^%, JvV i-.-i'^is. Tr>r.- :*_'- 14. Scr_r. U'IT "<•;. 5 gaiae : i- vr.r** Ind; f Z-'es j; the KG JAMES STEWART IN "NIGHT PASSAGE" LOU COSTHIO in 'THE 30 FOOT BRIDE OF CANDY ROCK" PF . f~ n T 3 5 1 4 FG H 4 STcVE ROBERT Sn'-.r'' A'.'.S McOUEEN WAGNER FIELD - " * ii FF i ! For Address Date MEDICINE THIS TIME Just our beii wivhet for a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a Naw Year of Haolth & Happiness K/iSU Lai* TAJtE HOME A F2EE TICXET i MOW AND DAD TO A FUTU8E SHOW! M6>tr AHMACY

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