The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 11, 1962 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 11, 1962
Page 16
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2-Algona (la.) Upper Des Moine* Tuesday, December 11, 1962 IAL, tippet Pe$ttlome$ WOULD END SCHOOL FRILLS At a meeting of some 1800 school teachers from Des Moines and the Central Iowa area, Historian Henry Steele, guest speaker, took modern education to task. He suggested that high schools get rid of non-academic frills. "Let mothers teach their daughters home economics and private dancing schools teach social dancing. Driver education is important but there is no reason in the world why high . schools should teach it," he said. He suggested that the American Legion, * V.F.W. or perhaps insurance companies could * handle the driver training without having it attached to the school system. * He also asserted that the time is long past * when schools have to depend on spectator sports 4 to stir up community interest, and that teaching I the use of musical instruments was not a function of a school system. All of these, rolled together, if adopted, . would certainly trim down the school activities, * we must admit. ' Mr. Steele, after his talk, returned to -. his professorship at Amherst College, in Mass* achusetts, so fortunately is long gone and far « away, and out of earshot of the many who '„ would take exception to his suggestions. We • can readily see where his ideas, if adopted, + would considerably reduce the operating costs * of school systems, however, but it is highly un* likely that any of them will be adopted. We " have come to accept the "frills" as part of the .. system, and they are here to stay. * * * • WELFARE CASES FREE • Waseca (Minn.) Journal — A North Dakota „ medical doctor has announced that he will „ treat welfare patients free starting December • 10. In other words he would rather do the work j for nothing than accept government payments « for treating welfare patients. " Dr. Clarence S. Martin, 44, Medina, N. D., * made his plans known through a paid adver- i. tisement in the Jamestown Sun. In it he promis- l ed the same care he had been giving patients "and he urged them to keep coming to him. * Dr. Martin has some things to say on the ^ subject which are very poignant: * "It stands to reason that when I give you - a dollar, it costs me only that dollar. But, if I " let the government do it for me, it costs me S3, - plus my freedom, by being dictated to as to ^ how, where, what and how much I dare do: ^ "Plus my time, and it often takes four • limes as much time for paper work aV : /he'1ime "* I spend with patients . . . probably the greatest » sabotage is that of the human emotion. It takes „ away the joy of helping someone." THE COUNTRY IS ALL BLACK Eagle Grove Eagle - Never have we seen Iowa when there was so much plowing done at this time of year. We took a trip over into northeastern Iowa Saturday and until you get out of the grain country there is hardly a field left that isn't plowed. And in nearly 400 miles of driving we never saw a pheasant or any hunters either. And for that matter there is no place for a pheasant to hide. Some of the hunters tell us that they have been finding them in the furrows of the plowing. That is all right for the kind of weather we have been having but it won't be any good when the snows and the cold north wind begin to blow. We heard one of our conservation officials one time make the statement that any wild game, pheasants included, first had to have a suitable housing then food and water supply came next in importance. If that statement is true we won't have to worry about pheasant hunting next fall. There just aren't any living quarters left for them in north Iowa. * * * NIXON AT HIS WORST Emmetsburg Reporter — Repeatedly in tha highly emotional and ungrammatical statemenl to the press following his defeat in the California gubernatorial election, Richard Nixon conceded the right of reporters to give their opin ions in reporting the news. In this, he was conceding what no legitimate newspaper would claim. Reporters have one and only one function in journalism. That's to report truthfully and objectively in areas which lend themselves to controversy. If writers who covered the Nixon- Brown campaign in news space did less than that, he had a kick coming. A newspaper has not only the right but the duty to express editorial opinions on the editorial page or, if elsewhere in the paper, so clearly identified as editorial opinion that there can be no doubt in the mind of a reader. Whether those assigned to cover this most recent campaign or in the Presidential campaign of 1960, could submerge their admitted dislike for Nixon and turn in detached and objective reports is a debatable question, even within the profession. The case, as a matter of fact, was ever so RIKIMP<S<* BUDIINCOD Quarter (SE feet, on a I line of the f ARGYLE . The Federal Trade Commission MOTICfi op PO6UC SA " OP is charging Kansas City doctors SCHOOL PROPERTY or SENTRAL with doing exactly what the Am- COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT erican Medical Association charg- The sentrai community School Dis- . , nc , lireilt;t . oulllll , (1 1. the government With wanting to lrlct of Kossuth County. lown. by vlr- ]mc p , lral i e i to the East line of'the » under medium _ nnJli , !L e -2 f ..", ' m .? n ™ us „ ™. lo ,, f ,°' ft? said SoWast Quar>r (SE •/«), to the 471 feet, oh a line parallel to the South line of the said Southeast Quar- lor (SE W, thence South 471 feet, on do under medicare - namely &\£ £ S^iST n £ ia A for ^.^'^i^r^aintf ^ ^°"?P° hzing medical and hos P ital IcKooK^'KoLu'lh f ». 8 !2w.?. "r^F^^SA^* Drartipp , P ,,,,;,.. ., comprising a schoo building with nd What the Kansas City doctors } acont '?'",! n ", d , l , wo P J°' S of did according In Iho irrr V, =e I Improved by dwelling houses, uiu, according to tne I'TC, Was to particularly described herc set up their own blood bank and T'"n h hcsoldatp " '''' require patients to buy blood from their bank only. Private blood banks had their blood returned 3 Tract H O 3, comprising a tract of \., ml described as commencing two , rods south and two rods east of. the , more No ,., hwcst corner of Section " described hercumlor, j wo 2i! j thence South 70' ' , v p%. .ho ffi' io63° W at thence Northwest corner of Section Twenty. two 22), thence South 70', « East 4!) l ,'ii 1 , thence North 70', West 4nVa' to the place o" Township Ninety-eight ( Range Thirty (30), West of'tho's'ui P.M., Kossuth County, Iowa, Improved by H frame house. ihcncc West 2B'I feet, on n line parallel to the South line of the said Southeast Quarter ISE ',i). banks out of business. In fighting against medical care for the elderly, the doctors had _. ._ claimed the government wanted to <*„£= ^southon^puarte^j.s restrict free enterprise and drive aiici to the East line of the of on beglnnln* a line parallel thcn« WcsttOO fee to the South line d - received In sealed envelopes at the office of the aforesaid Superintendent of at Sentrai Community High ~ • Building prior to 7:30 P.M. on day of January, 1083. Al 7:30 P.M. on said dale the of Directors .t winmeel nd ive them out of business. But in | out "'m lst -i - —- -.= Kansas City, according to the of- the south "no o" the "aid P s r o 0 uthcas°t rffcVrcd^to. io__bc^ j 8pid, - wm;;be"fiV'Bt ficial charge of the trade commis- f ^ot rl m, ( a E iim1 l; nnrn C MHi e tn°"ho East sion, the shoe is on the doctors other foot. "Let's sec now . . . what's a good one for today?" WASHINGTON-GO-ROUND Pierre Salinger flatly refused to how a Upper pcs - Ill E. Call Street— Ph. CY 4-3535— Algona, Iowa - Second clan pottage paid at Algona. Iowa - Issued Tuesday in 1962 By . THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER. Editor & Publisher DON SMITH. News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr JACK PTJRCELL. Foreman NATIONAl EDITORIAL much better than its presentation by the former vice president in an obviously distraught emotional state. In the backward look at the un-i happy incident, it was Dick Nixon at his all- time worst. * * *• DON'T BLAME THE FARMER Britt News-Tribune — The farmer cannot be blamed for the increasing price of a loaf of bread. For each pound loaf in 1961, the wheat grower received only 2.4 cents compared to 2.7 cents in 1947-49 period, says the U.S.D.A. Even if the farmer donated the wheat the bread would still cost the consumer 18.5 cents a loaf. The U.S.D.A. says the retail grocer received 3.8 cents. The higher costs of baking and distributing added to the increase in price in the 12 year period. It's the same problem with many other items of food. The farmer is getting less per item, with the processor and distributor getting a bigger percentage based on increased labor costs. The farmers costs have gone up also, but he is unable to pul the increased cost onto his sale price. * K k It requires greater gift to write nonsense WASHINGTON MERRY-Go-ROUND By DREW PEARSON containing 0.49 acre, improved by a frame house. 2. Tract No. 2. A tract of land, described as .commencing at the Southeast corner of Section Sixteen (1G), Township Ninety-eight (III)) Norlli. WUito U/,,.™ ~ t Range Thirty (Ml. West of the 5lh wnite HOUSe got P.M.. Kossuth County. Iowa; thence hold of that recording of a starling North 33 reel, on the East line of in distress in order to keep other southeast Quarter <SE >u ot the starlings from roosting in the White House trees. This column can reveal, however, that the star- M feel - on n line parallel to the south line of the said Southeast Quarter (SE Ul, for a point of beginning; ^JT^ lo'm^" o? \t c ^ ling was Caught, held upside down, Southeast Quarter (SE >, 4 ); thence line of the s-iid Southeast Quarter bkls wl " , bo °l )cned "mi the best bid, isig i';,,",o ,^'%oir^ys n° r &s;**z e a£^™ impiovcd by a sc| . ves (he r)ght (o rcjcct any fln[] re^ bids and to waive all technicalities Conveyance will be made by quit claim deed. The successful bidders will make a downpayment of 10%, or such percentage as the board sees fit lo accept, and the purchasers will enter Into a contract with the school clis- rlct based on terms to be mutually agreed upon by the Board and the successful bidders. Published under the direction of the Board of Directors. Harlan Mueller Secretary of the Board of Directors Suntral Community School District " •••; ,•-- ~","".""i"- the East line of the said Southeast Dated at Fenlon, Iowa, this 28 day .... The squawk from business- Quarter (SE '.,): thence West 220 feet, of November. 10B2. - " •' (48-49) and its distress recorded on tape men regarding their new expense on n linc P nrallcl lo ' llc South accounts, if they want to deduct ••••BMBHnMHHBB WASHINGTON — The Indian- from the grandstand, swept across from tneir income taxes, has Chinese war continues in about the the field like an angry army and been louder than that of the dis- most mixed-up series of battles with fists, knives, rocks, pieces of tressed starling. As a result, Tax and peace overtures occurring pipe proceeded to beat up white Commissioner Caplin will change since the days when Genghis Khan spectators. "~ ' ' marched across Central Asia to the requ i rement t ^ at everyone entertaining a business client at ------- -------- ----- „ India. Here are some of the para- Tne pattern, except for the color lunch for more than $10 has to get of ln e ringleaders, resembled the a receipt from the headwaiter. doxes: No. 1 The Indian government, . of the campus of Mississip- The row between Walter Reu. , though invaded by China, has re- P 1 - Mai V °f the spectators obvi- ther and George Meany as to who fused to allow Tibetan refugees ous 'y had a secondary interest in will fill the next vacancy on the to organize in order to wage Guer- tne football game. They would AFL-CIO executive council will rilla war behind the Chinese lines not na . ve bro «ght pieces of pipe be solved by appointing a second in Tibet. So, instead, our central otherwise. negro, Eugene F. Frazier, head of intelligence is going to organize One of the white students as- the red caps. The only other negro the Tibetans. saulted was Anthony Lausi, Jr., on the council is Philip Randolph No. 2 While Russia is prepared '?• . whose . father works for Rep. head of the sleeping car porters to send planes to India to fight Sllvl ° Conti, R - Mass. When he ... .Unions in the south have such 0 against its ally China, Great Bri- saw a schoolmate being beaten up, strict racial segregation that some tain signed a deal to deliver pas- Lausl went to his defense, was big contractors are maintaining senger planes to Red China, even P u . shed aside b >'. two negroes who open shop in order to get skilled though India is a part of the Brit- tr to drag llim into 'he men's negro craftsmen. sh commonwealth. room - He managed to escape. The biggest underground park- No. 3 At a diplomatic recep- " Tne fellows wno wen t after j ng garage in Washington will be tion in Peking the other clay, for- me weren ' 1 high school students," built on the south side of the Cap- eign minister Chou En - Lai com- Lausl sald "They wore grown jt_ol to accommodate Congress- plained to a western ambassador men - aoout 27 or 2i! - The y clidn 't men's cars. Members of the House that the Indians were not being have any weapons, but I could see have long been jealous*of the Sena- fair in refusing the Chinese truce oth f rs chasin g P e °P le w 'th knives tors who have underground park- terms. They lost the battles and broken bottles. A negro worn- ing space; so they are tearing _ therefore shouldn't be so choosy 8 P was evcn beatln g a wh 'te man -down the old George Washington 2E State ' 0 r " ANNOUNCEMENT Dr. F. L. Tepner, D.O. wishes to announce the opening of his new office in Bode, Iowa. Telephone 4101 1 » Professional Directory i i INSURANCE a'bout 0 accepting the terms of over the hcad with an umbrella. "^inn 'to -accommodate 2,890 cars. . . peace. That's how high tempers ran Prime Minister Macmillan pri- Apparently, the Chinese expect- on thc ugl y da >' when Americans vately sympathizes with JFK for ed the Indians to be a pushover at ^ ere supposed to give thanks for canceling the New York Herald • r ... . tnPirnlncmnuc T*_:I_ ____ rt_ _____ i __ /•__! 1-1 A. .1. (Arnie) Ricklcfs Hospitalization Health & Accident Life — Auto — Fire — Hail . . ... CY.£4529 he conference alarmed at the table and are patriotic fervor , One s P cc ' ator told this column: Tribune. He says he feels like c a n c e 1 i ng Lord Beaverbrook's belatedly aroused in pacifist India. " We WL ' r ,° t £ rrif [ ct . 1 - Therc was a Daily Express and Evening Stand- PROBABILITIES OF PEACE Despite these paradoxes, one hing emerges as fairly certain in Far East and Cuba. This is the probability that the Kremlin is opening a new policy based on peace. Such is the report of the joint intelligence board, composed of army, navy, and state de- man in the box below us who kept ard. (Both are Anti-American, threatening those who wanted to and Anti-Macmillan). Though by opening and closing a Nixon announced in his last press pair of hedge shears." conference that he had never can- cel the Washington Post several times and then reordered. ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY .1. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines Of Insurance CY 4-3176 206 F. State BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance Automobile — Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge CY 4-2735 Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Arnold Over Penney's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 " «• Open Friday Night Monday—Wednesday—Friday Dr. William L. Clegg 521 E. State St. BY APPOINTMENT Ph. Off. CY 4-4677 Res. CY 4-346J DOCTORS the stadium with bloody faces. Washington police — there were on hand — were unprepared Keeping good farm records for the riot and hopelessly out- j. sn 't an easy job, yet it has to be numbered. They were convinced done by every farmer if he is to partment experts," which has been , this \ vas far more than a scn ° o1 - get the maximum amount of pro- placed on the desk of President boy rlot ' BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 5 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-n 143 Home — Automobile — Far n Polio Insurance Kennedy. Their conclusion is that there will be no Russian squeeze on —o— HLOOD BANK MONOPOLY fit from his enterprise. NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE American Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave , New York 18, N. Y. Russia is merely trying to lull us to sleep But, as previously rc- SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN TRADE AREA ~>MP Yi-i.r. in ;id\.vut Both Ali-o.;., papers I Slug]*' Ctipit's SUBSCRIPTION "i.i Yr>..' in ,,ru ,,;, , . . $4 00 Sfi 00 - IOC RATES OUTSIDE AREA M,« ,- . ., — $7 M .. u au.i- i ipntjii 1, ^ u,, in 0 inontli* OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST than to write sense. writers, Mark Twain and Will Rogers, made their permanent place in history by writing or ( ported. Ambassador Foy Kohler in Moscow has reported that Red Army leaders have been relegated to the background and that the that if you don't say anything you wi called upon to repeat it. Our two great nonsense ain ,:>lac« talking nonsense. Former President Calvin Coolidge believed not be Farmers have twice as much _ .. , Significant preliminary hearings money invested in machinery as Berlin as was previously expected are being held in Kansas t.:ty the steel industry and five times m retaliation for our tough policy which may well influence future as much as the automobile indus- in Cuba nor will there be any other congressional voting on medicare, try. hostile move in retaliation CIA Chief John McCone doesn't this and savs that KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force. CY 4-3756. Lola Scuffham, Scc'y agree with You Can Address Questions To Him At BOX 66 KALISPEU, MONTANA rU *,. Of er 21 teenagers Dem Hqlllgan . HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household Goods, and Many Other Forms. Phone CY 4-3733 Ted S. Hcrbst Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life — Hail — Tractor Phone CY 4-3351 Don Stark, Mgr. The things commonly used to provide education late in life Russian moderates are now running the Kremlin Also, it's important to note that the Chinese attacks on Khrush- Dear Dan: Talk about unreasonable. I'm nearly 19, I've been chev have backfired. Their stream wcrking in an office for more than a year, I pay $20 a week room and m nte are course and a set of children. correspondence '• "' ahu '' < -' calling him a Munich board and I help around the house but I still have to be home from i appeaser and traitor for backing my one weekly date no later than midnight. That's the truth, Dan. When there is usually so I ICClUl-l .T W I money is found growing on trees, i o\er Chin going on. Just A Suggestion For A 52 WEEK XMAS GIFT A SUBSCRIPTION TO THIS NEWSPAPER I WE WILL SEND A KODACHROME CARD, FREE WITH POSTAGE PAID, FOR YOU TO THE ONE RECEIVING THE SUBSCRIPTION GIFT. Area Subscription - $4 Distance Subscription - $5 THE AIGONA UPPER DES MOINES CY 4-3535 Algong, Iowa appeaser ana traitor tor hacking down in Cuba has alarmed neutral My father is the absolute boss and if I'm even as much as five min- leaders who have expressed shock ules late, he punishes me by making me stay in the next lime I have eagerness to plunge a date planned. You alwa>s seem reasonable so what do you think? I believe when a girl is rn> age and paying her own way, she should be allowed JUn !»«« MUTUAL kUIOMOBILC «UU*CE courun ROCK-BOTTOM RATES Harold C. Sundet CY 4-2341 the world into Atomic uar With the neutralist world. Khrushchev has gained In hi.i ( uban retreat, a little more freedom. If I didn't worry about my mother so much, Note — it's because Khrushvhev I'd move out tomorrow. 1 know that isn't nice to say but it's how I DALE U. LOCKWOOD The Equitable Life Assurance Society Of The United States Burl, Iowa Phone 201 has political opposition from the Red Arm> and Red China th;it feel and I can't help it. Don't you think I have a case'.' — L. 0. Dear I.. O.: You sure do have a case but as long as you live at RICHARD A. MOEN Representing FEDERATED INSURANCE MELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK. M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office Phone CY 4-2353 Resident Phone CY 4-2614 CAROL L. PLOTT, M. D. 110 N. Moore St. Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4S64 office CYpress 4-4331 Residence JOHN M. SCHUTTER, M. 1). Residence Phone CY 4-2335 DEAN F. KOOB, M. D. Pnysicians & Surgeons 2^0 No. Dodge, Aigona Ott ice Pnone CY 4-4490 Residence Pnone CY 4-4917 OPTOMETRISTS ening an invasion might put com- >'°u two can talk this out? Bring in your clergyman. I'm a father of munist extremists into power. an upper-age teen-ager but 1 also know if your father was punished __ 0 __ everytime he was five minutes late for work, for an appointment or KKPLKA OK oi.K .MISS fur scnool > ne ' ci bti " ^e grounded. Fair is fair and he should know it. On Thanksgiving Day the people of Washington paid for the fuet that the) had tried to ignore Hie I ugl> side of thi-ir capital. pj»l for j the fact that hale had welled up in the hearts of the "1 gl\ ' residents, paid not only for their own neglect but for the hale engendered b> those howling mobs which had screamed "Black H -" and "Black S U.B " on the lampu.i of Ule Miss. JOHN T. T1ELEBEIN Lutheran Mutual Life Ins. Co. "An old Line Legal Reserve Co." 114 So. Main Box 412 Algona, la. Ph. CY 4-4539 Dan: My best friend has only one fault but it's a big one. She thinks she's the answer to every boy's dream and whenever she gets around boys, she changes completely. Everybody in town calls her a big flirt behind her back and it's hurting my reputation too because I run around with her Should I just come right out and tell her what MUTUAL, FUNDS & INSURANCE INVESTMENTS St. John's Parochial School < Catholic and largely white / ended with St. John's the victor. Immediately negro spectators desrerifled she's doing or quit going with her? My mother thinks I'd be better t/lf if I dropped her — Shareen. Dear Shan-en: A friend is a friend and if you think enough of your friend, you'll talk to her. It's not a crime for a girl to he boy crazy, which is what your friend is, but it is a crime if a friend can help her and doesn't. Dropping her won't really solve your problem although it will get you out from under. Your friend needs to be straightened out and I'll just bet you're the cookie who can do it. * • * Dear Dan: My boy friend gave me a scarf or my birthday and he paid $5 for it and I know he bought it for $1.98. I'm so mad feel like giving it buck to him. Should I? — Made a Fool Of. Dear Fool: Keep the scarf and let your boy friend keep his pride. CY 4-4!«0 Don Leaverton Algona «V\CinQC|6ITI6n1 a •*•«" DR. L. L. SNYDEB 113 East State Algona Telephone CY 4-2715 Closed Saturday Afternoons Drs. SAWYEU and E1UCKSON Eyes Examined — Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses a East State Street Phone CYpress 4-2196 Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Saturday Afternoons DR. C. M. O'CONNOR Visual Anaylsis & Visual Training Contact Lenses 108 South Harlan St. (Home Federal Bldg.) PHONE CY 4-3743 DENTISTS D!t. KARL R. HOFFMAN Office in Home Federal Bldg. Office phone CY 4-4341 MISCELLANEOUS Credit Bureau of Kossuth County Collectrite Service Factbilt Keports Phone 294-3182 — Algona, la.

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