The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1962 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1962
Page 19
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Was OF TIfE UPPER DES MOINES &EC. 1. 1942 * * • a yenr ' VVorl(! uine 21 Kossuth m en had c f P Dodge Saturday Induction Into the army. Fol- physical examinations, tho u''f t0 be ^ iven a short fur- f f ° r ? r . ef ?° rtin S for to a training camp. Worsl ftrp in «>e ~ country (in number of persons killed) claimed the life of A)£ Uve t? f Mrs W ' A - Fostet - ^ AJgona. He was John C. Cobb bunsmess administration student at Harvard from Green Bay Wis a son of Mrs Foster's niece. A total of 444 persons succumbed to W« n Z6 , Whlc . h sw «P t throu eh a 1 g B ^ ton nicht club - Included among the dead was Buck Jones favorite cowboy actor of practically every boy in the country. Coach Dermy Myer former Algona high school and University of Iowa star gridder, and his Boston College football squad barely missed being in the place when the tragedy occurred. The team had been selected to appear in the Orange Bowl after posting an outstanding record in 1942. For some reason plans to visit the club for a banquet failed to materialize, so the team was saved. * * * Gas rationing was a problem that had to be faced by practically everyone that owned a car or truck. A new angle on the shortage came to light during the week when a proposed iuror from Lakota sent a note to Sheriff Art Cogley stating that he would not be able to serve unless he was issued five gallons of gas. It was not known what the answer to such problems, court-wise, might be. It was apparent, after looking over the week's weather, that winter had arrived. A total of 10 inches of snow had fallen in Kossuth county during the week and temperatures had taken a sudden plunge toward the bottom of the thermometer. A low of five degrees below zero was registered Nov. 29, while the week's high was 57 degrees Nov. 24. Highs the rest of the week ranged from 23 to 27 and lows from three to 15. * * ... Movies set to show on screens of the two theaters here included "You Can't Escape Forever" with George Brent and BrenrU: Marshal], "The Big Street", with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball. "Get Hep To Love", with Gloria Jean and Donald O'Connor, "Manilla Calling", with Lloyd Nolan and Carole Landis, and "Laugh Your Blues Away", with Jinx Falkenburg and Bert Gordon (The Mad Russian). * * * From the 10 Years Ago Column — The high school football team had just been defeated 45-0 by Eagle Grove after a poor season. Things were different with the Algona Independents who finished with a 25-0 win over Sutherland. The Indies team was composed of former high school and college stars, such as Ken Mercer, Sheppard, Cosgrove, J. Moore, L. Moore, McDonald, Bradfield, St. John, Samp, Reed, Nordstrom, Ostrum, Lichter and Martinek. (Mercer, high school coach and now a coach at Dubuque University, used to play in the games wearing a baseball cap, and hardly any pads of any kind. We can still see him, crouched in the huddle, drawing out the team's next offensive maneuver on the bare ground. He was great) STAPLES: Bostitch, Tatum Bwingline, Hotchkiss and Presto. Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Al gona. [BUY NOW! I USE OUR E-Z TIME PAY PLAN WTH A CHRISTMAS) BONUS i OF NO PAYMENT UNTIU FEBRUARY '. Bancroft Youth Is Delegate To 4-H Congress Philip Heldorfer, Bnnoroft, is one of Iowa's 27 delegates to tho National 4-H Club Cnngross in Chicago, Nov. 2.1-29, report s Robert Johnson, Kossuth County extension associate. Tho tn'n, provided by the Standard Oil Fnunda- ion Inc., is an award for outstnnd- r\R work with tractors. Son of Mr and Mrs Erwin TToVI- orfer, Philip is a graduate of St. John's school at Bancroft nnd is now engaged in farming. HP was president of the Greenwood Boys 4-H Club and has served as a junior leader. He has participated in six different tractor driving contests over the last five years. He twice won the county event which then entitled him to participate in the 4-H Tractor Operators Contest held in connection with the Iowa St;ite Fair. After placing third in I95fl. in 1961 he placed second and was awarded an expense-paid trip to (he national contest held at the Texas State Fair in Dallas, Tex. Nearly 1.500 4-H boys and girls from 50 states and Puerto Rico are expected to attend this 4ist National Club Congress. Events will be keyed to the theme "Cilzon- ship in Action." Iowa delegates arrived in Chicn- po Nov. 2:!. General Congress assemblies will concentrate on (wo areas of citizenship. 101 Dr. W. F. Dean, of Osceola, cast his first absentee ballot at the age of 101 years. Dr. Dean said that ho had been able to get to (he polls for every general election he could remember since he fit-si voted for Governor Cleveland in IBM. APPLK Mr and Mrs Louis W. Felker. of Chelan, Wnshinglon, brought back a common Delicious apple to Iowa to show relatives and friends. The apple weighs nearly 2 pounds and is almost f> inches tall. Council Minutes COUNCIL MINUTES Tlie C'itv Council met Nnv M lnfi2 with Mayor Pro Tern Finn and the following council members: Muckcv Sleflan. And.-cascn. Peifee Absent' Mavor Shieik and Fl'liMt. Minnies nl' last me( proved. Mis Phillips and Mrs. Pai i?h enme belnie the council concerning traffic nn Kennetlv si reel. This \va", rcTcu-ed '(> Ihe Polire flepl. fin Mudv and to make a icpnit back In Ihe Counnl Accepted bid of Frank Vein Jni a \vere ap- poHlon of the alley In Blk. fin o P Road Use Ta\- report was approved Report from thp City Attorney on title to real estate nl the Athletic Park was made. Cars parking in the residential area this wnili-r would park on Hie ripht hand side on the even numbered days nnd park nn the left .side on (I ,- odd numbered days was discussed This would help in removal o! snnv,•. and the council does ask the coopei al loti >f the residents having eats parked •in the streets to give this a ti\ ihis u inf"r Seller? Tree Service of Ankeny, la. . ive a report on professional tree •are lor a city /S/ Win. .T Finn Mayor Pro Tern David A. Smith f'liy rterk GENERAL Sliicrk. salary __ 11250 "Smith, salarv _ 231 fiO a State Bank. WHoldhlg .. 25 no •'hir-rk. Conn Costs IHino Advance Pub. publishing .. 17 7( \r\vll. rat control . . ?3 nf louman. services . _ . n I. r > 3." City Cleil;. advanced cash .. 2205 Directory Seivii'C. Off. Slip- Pll''•: 23 50 Ilnl/eil's. Oil supplies . 3 fin lt'.M Coi p . Maintenance .- _ 42 r )C Int I Conf p.ldi: Officials. clues nOO Al Missal, photographs _ 1200 Hotel AlfTnna. hannnet - 12038 STREET Hurtc;. salarv 11521 iMatnliarh salarv Ki.TOfl Helm.-is. salarv . l.lfiOl l.aslihtnok. salarv ... 17(.(>7 PeiRanile. salary . 1H071 I'll".'., salaiv . HIGH! Scnhha. salary ilfi 22 \Vihbr-il. salaiv . 12750 la. Stale Plank. VV'hoIdinR .. 122 110 Adv.nice Pub. Ad. . nan Ah:iina Rlee'Mr. services .... 2fl!i r>8 •\lron.-i Fl'im & Feed, seed 2fl HO Arnold Motcns, repairs .. . 5 l-l Barela\- Co. supplies _ . ] ;}(! ' "'•-, paint . M lin I! H IIut7(-ll. pas & . i"-i od r,r, 1-1 Diiectin. Sciviee. supplies ^ ! t]fl FiecU'" I: Hd\\'e . supplies :!"' 2'i F - •' Ki.nk suoplies . . . "117 f i reenhei tr Auto, repair's . .. (;70! Mil'n.i's. supplies 2 Oa Ken! Motors, truck & '•'•pairs . I-> le Sifns. .sitjns .. . . ""I Al Mi;sal, photographs J-en i v al Motors, repairs tii 'ih \Ii\-. concrete .... Sai'i i v paint, sujiplles *' \. asphalt i'Mii-\Villiams. paint Sicn Sei-yie,. &• Supply. Spreit/ei, repairs Tom - Hadio * TV. rental t'mvd nidR Center Mdse A l.ihor R \\hinple. brushes . .I.JI ton.i Tree Service, per- Thu-seti. cielieii" & "Soheifberg Aie'ntect fees PUBLIC SAFETY Boi ki Inian. salarv Riihen. salarv 'In', iii-on. salarv Ifi I'cnson. salary ,. M:M.t!' salaiv . . Ha^- i iiss-en. salar\' K"i.l. salary " ." ' " ^'"if". salary la ^' Me Hank. \VTIIdK. riu-.t ,!«.• Agency. Pension c I- cieik. Advanced R H Hut/ell, gasoline Ki MI Motors, hose Kni at h. supplies iV < Communications, re- I'.lll-: Rii'k Drug. Merchandise Tom'- Ha,ho g, TV. service Anvild Motors, supplies Ad\.,iice Pnh . Ad Ira Kohl i vnensi s Si-u, ,'ke : 'c, Mdse Umt.-d HM« , repairs '."' f Klecl ni-. i epairs lliHon's. pas ,V service SANITATION ^'•Mix. supplies Public Service, gas O II' t. n. haulm;; SEWER RENTAL 22S 2.504.4.' si.mi IS 00 :t M n 1.1 s i:t M nn 7 : ri 43 no i:infl 12 oo n\<,\,'\'i \,it| Hank, intei- ^-'1 ^'.i'' interest Ni S'a',' I',.ink. W iloUliilR ' ! ' ((| ' " k I ld\\ e suptil ics ( .1 Kui-k -i|,p|lcs DEBT SERVICE 'ecu i il\- S'ate Ilk . intcicst or. oo 8M 01 ,12.1 nr 2188 225 0 221 .It i nn oi 20 no 182 on i'17 an 17 57 25fi l to nr 2 oo irta at 127? (i SO •i as 20 no 51! 10 as 20 r< no 11 45 .12 (W 21 no 7 'lil 1 25 nn 70 1M227 fi7 50 5'ilt 50 20 50 •I li.'l n 77 51 00 Seem n \ Natl Tlk . inlere..t Seciirlt\ State Ilk., interest Vallev ::,,t| Rk.. lntrn».t la D M \.,i|. Hk . int,-rest Secuni\ SI.He Ilk inte'esi Men-liaris \'atl Hk , hond-; rnuesim-k Countv N'aU Intt-lesl la. I) M N :1 || nk . bonds .*• la. I) M \at|. Hk . intcre-l Mei'rbanls ,\'at| I)| ( , interest 20 III) Sfi 25 f>78 75 20 00 10 1)110 Oil 5 105 00 27 :l an 217 50 f| 0 .) Vallcv H.,nk A- Tnic- , mn ,, i; tV Intet ( si Valli -. Hank ,v. ; Ti u--i ,• i, . f -:t ... '•' n M N.iM llai'is. in-,', - neV"o!.,h N, „ -pa,,,, . „..,., 10 i nn on .1 in no 77 in l.i *i.,-e n.ii.K mtde-t I'i't'mi \ all,".< ,t- '1 iii-t m ,,.| PARKING METER I.' S1 ''" I'-.i --. \\ Mnldmg It- ' .'. -\:-, , ,,, -i^-ion It'll . II - I. .', ' ,. 3(1 IS 62 20 2 V\ in no 7 00 25 00 nn r. 2nn nn TRUST Jt AGENCY MANY VARIETIES TO CHOOSE FROM plus Roping, Wreaths, Sprays etc. For Your Convenience, we will again this year display our frees "INDOORS" out of the weather in the building next ^ to the Algona Theatre. Select your tree with confidence and in comfort from JNCAN GARDEN CENTER YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR YOUR AREA NEIGHBOR WATCH THIS SPACE EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR I.oron .Johnson, Ihis week's Country Neighbor, was horn in this county and raised on farms in KnssiiOi. Known as Tiddly by many of his friends in this area, he farms 1(10 acres with his father. Lester, three miles north of Algona on highway '««• v :r?' Normally, almost two-thirds of the Johnson land is plnntul in corn. They also raise beans and have pasture land on the place. They kepi hn«y during the summer of infill painting al! tin- buildings on ihe farm and also raise hogs and chickens each year. I.oren was horn in 1!)2!) when the Johnson family resided near ,'iancroft and is a HMO graduate of Algona high school. The Lester Johnsons farmed in (he Konton. Hurt and Bancroft areas before moving on to the present farm, known as Way Side Farm, in HM5. I.oren rates bowling and baseball as his hobbies and for several years played a lot of Softball in and around this area. He also played baseball with the Algona KC team for several seasons and is a member of (lie Methodist church hero. Lot-en's wife is the former Joanne D.lhl, a native Algonan. She is a member of St. Cecelia's parish, the CD.A and formerly bowled. The Johnsons have three small children. Julianne, Diuniip and Keith. I.oren has n brother, Tasker, Colorado Springs, Colo., and sister. Arlene, Montgomery. Minn. (UDM Polaroid Photo-Engraving. t&i&iffiyi"' -^^r ,.,«._,";;: •'^'"^ v"^ >~~* J ' ^~'-' «r*TCW T 7:' .-':*» „ •.iVAr.'«'*'-.-&sf'^;'\-.- ! >?f w f 1 W "*?>'^ '^-^^:V:l':^ ! vi^&|SM*M^SM^ Ix-autiful, newly constrc-lod building rast on HL' u -,v 's 'h,, tl Y°. n 'l»' ll1 .v »"»••••! win. this time in a ""••Us of a rapidl rowin bus K J ' "'"' d(1! "fi"« 1 '' »>' «»<" to meel the reuire- Robinson Construction Cnmnanv sine*, itc ,.,„.., i • • possible in workmanship ami usr s onl U e nes L Sv^'T ' T -^ PV " ry ' lff<lrt "' "" ""' «""l ".R with the customer to see that the fin she i job is whi " , ' '/' < ' < """ a "- V tilk<ls ' )ri(l( ' '» " m P"^' - -Pert work-nanship done by U,is ^*^^ y "J «^; ^"^"^ "!- — r.| n, B n»rac taw , These „„„ ar , S > ou to ( ' ( " lltl m and see what ran I.e done «ith wilh you in every way to sop Ilia t'you K«'t To'l.'Js't^^'^",!' 1 ,,,'!'",' 1 fri '' m "- Vl ( ' fli( ' i(1 '" P'Tsonnrl c )eratii. S Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery BOTH QUALITY & SERVICE We invite you to visit us at our new location east of Algona on Highway 18. Watch for our Grand Opening soon. Beecher Lane Appliances "Where The FAMOUS NAMES (ircet You" In TELEVISION Weslinghouse In APPLIANCES Weslinghouse Frigidaire Youngslown Phone CY 4-3613 Algona FARMERS SERVICE CENTER, Inc. 525 South Phillips Street Algona, Iowa Phone 291-3595 SAM DAVIS, Owner & Manager Gain Booster Feeds Fertilizer. Liquid Built Bag Seed Custom Cleaning ii. Pre-Inoculaling Portable Grinding & Mixing Grain Bought it Sold Phillips "66" Products Buscher Brothers Inipl. Minneapolis Moline - Kelly-Ryan - Papec New Idea Farm Machinery Algona Implement Co, Your Friendly International Harvester Dearler FAHM EQUIPMENT MOTOlt TKUCKS •Sales & Service Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" Plumbing - Heating Sheet Metal Gas or Oil Unit* Pump* Water Systems Complete Fixture* Phone CY 4-3640 Algona Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Algona Farm Machinery — Trucks — Tires Sales Service Friendly 81 Courteous Always N. Main St. Phone CY 4-3451 Robinson Construction Co. Sioux Steel Buildings Building Construction For sue, strength, long life and ease ot build- ng. insist on I t Massey-Harrl* Allli-Chalmer* Oliver CMC Truck* Firestone Tire* Phone CY 4-2421 Algona

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