The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1962 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1962
Page 12
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NOVEMBER 27, 1962 ifenfim Santa In Fenton Saturday Published By The Upper Dai Meinei Publishing Co., Algeria, Iowa MRS. JANICE STUCKI News Editor Free Movies, Treats Lined Up For Kids ~"tt>m — 5,1171-1 ."'•; s ; :•• • ~'r;im w.- ^r-j-v > I> ' " • ::TK jnnu^ii :.; • :f --;.; —, ::•• T-j-jf.-; :? r ;r:r; f,v t ; i. -r;r;!-; -r 3>; =~t.; '••:. -CI.TW.T -_T,J i.-m:i' ; .'-v-rurf. t'j: s-sij r«? SI-A^V; -ib? h:> early vlsi: 'tc :•:• <±-ec-k on aij the boys ij S.DJ be--*- they ar° be- s^i some ef be bigg i *—Algono <io.> Upp«r Oes Momet Tuesdoy, November 27, 1962 **«*H •- — — ;t;ec :.-• char re c-f the ; ;.~ar ;r>;:^cJe5 S E S-:rs- reoc* Vaeer and Wiifree K K Sfx ir.e. jackje La aw was rf»*en tr Mr amj Mr5 Ar( v .^ ss s > ^ss E-SRS < .'!,' 7:.-f Fr~:,-r. Prcgrsssors 4-H club r/ft Vv i: at the banr.e c-f Jc&r, 1^-irr Tr.t -eet^s ^-3.5 cal]?: t: cr^fr by rnesrdmi Bnan E:T . '•• :b-i Cnr^r-as party I; *-as >?;ji:'C :•: K--_t ten ears c-f com '.-• ir.* :-;,_;-ty crai- sio-w- at Aieona > Circle? Th-e EVrrc-thv C:rc:e •:•' the Met^" ""'' noise c; Mrs Hans B=3g5 wrh Mr-. .. Mrs Oiarl-e? We^brx: Jed -j-e devote-as arc M-5 E W R.-^sc r-resenied ihe Je*?on "Y«x; Can SA M; lev ' T-e \':rf;^2 C:r::e -f the Meth- c«i-?t WSOS rest Nov ;;• at •-< bc-.e c,' Mrs Vt V.--- 3-^ y-, Lf?:er We^rc-i assi^-rj: H-^V - and Mrs R.;y Cr.r.ic:r.;>5 ";ed the xvx:;:-s a--: Mrs Frirj: McFai: P.oy-O-Voc t'tu-ninofed FLASHLIGHT COMPASS .*'" $139 SO bcr-jn-., I X 88 ><;:ii- = - l=« '=r : = - = Cf .It -.- •-« - = BLACK & DECKER DRILL FOR DAD ^"u:-:^;^;-;^ sifyss «-••:*'=' ---' .•« = - l\J Ofnciol Size BASKETBALL FOR SON ' C = -== •• '-,-.- ?ta .;.. H =I ^ -•e: ;-.j.i';=n« •S^T.OO THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF GIFT ITEMS IN THE "OUR OWN" CATALOG YOU HAVE RECEIVED ... LET US SHOW THEM TO YOU! TOYLAND OPEN! ! See Santa In Fenton, Saturday, and get a FREE GIFT. hrv'JCh; ecwrai cLxhes to deo-> "rhan^pvmg day dinaer gneslj which c--.'r. r - -a^-r? b?c- e .:^^ ''•- " y " £3d - Mrs Eraes; Be.-kla»d ±* van-.-^s pr'< Li-xrh "»--« i* r * re Mrs Gara B«"yaixi. Mr aad served bv -j-.-e Kvte^s " 5 Dav:d Berkiand and family an-3 Mr and Mrs S?an Berkiand «*-*3C i 3JU3. Mr and Mrs RoeU MilJer. Mr sixi Nfrs Pau! Winters and family. BuffaJo Center a»j Mr and Mrs Car! Veer aud family. Roch ester. Mina were r-,aiiksQ%Tiir 4z\ d:n.ier pjests of Mr and Mrs Meh-in Rxkiefs. Ti tonka. Thf Miners also visited with Mrs Mater's mcxher. .\L^ He&o Adams ir Buffalo Center Mr and Mrs Lloyd Kern had a ' Thankstivtns day dinrser euests ' Mr? .Amanda Kern. Mr and Mr? Art Mueller and Mr and Mrs Franklin Mueller and family Mr and >!r? FiW Anderson nir.ton. Mian . Mr and Mrs Ro!- iaixi Watson aad family aod Mr S.TC ?.!rs LeRoy B.-jns" and Lee- .Ann i-ionka. vrere Thanksiirine dinner guests of .\tr and Mrs Jcnn Gramenz. Mr and Mrs L«t?r Gengerich a.-.d family. Mason City, and .\t and Mrs Art Dreyer were dinner '• rj«s:s of .'<L' and Mrs £>eiber; Gf:t3cT,au-er c-n TnaRissiving day. ; Stmday. .Nov. u. Mr* R. C. Goet- fch and Mrs Florence Behne visit- K Rev an.d Mrs J T Scb- ne:drr and also with Mr; C C Cailahan in Storm Lake >!r and Mrs Larry Gade aad girls and Mrs Carrie Haase were TharisE'-'ing day ainDer quests of ihe Herman Gades Oooald iBudi Gro><. Mesa .Ariz . and Mrs Edith Hayenga were Sunday evening. Nov IS. supper guests of Mr and Mrs Harry Haase The Areo Juhls •Aere evening visitors Gr'TSs was in Iowa to attend the funeral of , his father. C M Gross, in Burt LHe left for Arizona on Tuesday racrampanied by Garj- Widdel. son 1 of the Duane Widdels. | Mr and Mrs Fred .Mortensen Bryan and Kathy left Wednesday ', to spend Thanksgi\'ing with the I Darryl Householders in Omaha ' Ronald Mortensen. Ames joined j them for the holiday. I Mr and Mrs Floyd Burd were Monday evening Nov 19 dinner , guests of Mr and Mrs Marion Stucki. The occasion was Mr Burd's birthday f Carol! Wander of Bloom incur; . dent from near Fentos. ••«.= « a visitor here list Friday. ;.>;i:n£ after cx^i~~s interests and m*e;;n£ ,\~ *—. :,= .-•* = Mr and Mrs E. K. John>on «err ned to th-eir family. icch;x~2 aL oescnwd :: as a ••full h-xis<? " Larr> Als. was admitted to Hol\ •reaLnnert o; an u.«r cr. We-dr/es- day. Nov :i. Ke was released b\ tfce aetkerxl. Mr and Mrs Karl Schwartz Rockwell City and M:5.s Edith Laage v,ere Tnanksgivuig da\ dinner guesu of Mr and Mrs J A. Schwaru. Thankssivino day dinner suests of Mrs Alex Radig were Mr and , Mrs Ronaid Radig and family, Mr [and Mrs Wilfred Radig and'fam- i ily. Mr and Mrs Harold Gross and family. Mr and Mrs Gerald Radig and family. Gene Radig. Omaha i Mr and Mrs Roger Radig and Ronnie and Mr and Mrs Wayne Grriss. Lincoln. Neb. Afternoon callers were Dr. and Mrs LeRoy Hen.nksen and family. Armstrong" Mr and Mrs Lyle Hansen had 25 guests on Thanksgiving day Mr and Mrs Adolph Hansen. Mr and Mrs S E Straley and Mr and M r f r f f Ceicssav. STOEBER HARDWARE In Friendly Fenton FREE... to Old and New Customers of ALL MASH LAYING MASH FARM AUCTION Sale to be held on the farm located 2' 3 miles east and I mile and -. north of Cylinder or four miles west and 1 mile and ^ north of \\hntemore corner on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4th SAL£ STARTS AT 12:30 LLNCH OS GROL'NDS MACHINERY BEIGE COLORED FOLDING CHAIR with PADDED BACK & SET D-r. \lii_, Chalmers Die^l Tractor, wide front end. — narrow from rnd for D-1T. 1 >r. old: John Deere A Tractor: 1«1 \|Ji> chal- rarr, u -j undrrn di,c laeo 4- rO H Alhs Chalmers Cultivator 40<J isw) \i, 1% Chalmrr, 7 fi. no. 7 trail type Mower: 1957 Mlis *-^ (« Cornbiw. Mils Chalmers PTO side Deliver} Rake. Hum- Uidi \Unurt- leader John Deere four action Drag.' John Deere <,rtt,rt-r H^at H.,u>er for \lin thalraer, D-17 Heat H<Mis*-r for an \ or i, John D^ere Two Hat Hacks: Two Klertnc Uheei Rubber rd U^aon* Huoden Hare Box John Deere H>draulic Ram \llis (aalmer* H>draulic Ram: 1W1 (Jlner M6 Mounted Plow 1W7 John l>^.re rr, com puker with mounting, for a John Deere or \llis Chal- I'.-r, Traitor John Deere «>> (-row Cora Planter International iteel t»>\ Manure .-preid*-r lDt«- D auofcal Kndaate >eeder International !-' ft Spring uxnh Harrow: Hydraulic Uaaon Hoi,t new ivi.3 torn- t J .r i ^u.,n U ail) n Hot^t i v fK - rd Ja , ^ merhanical !'»>: 14 Kelly R%an Joftn Deere V, hrel Wcighu. AJUi fialrot-rs «heel Wei»b'ls ' it. Taodcm Di^i Joan Deere. t - ( " NuMV OR.U.N i .>T(XK BOX nearlv SEE THEM ON DISPLAY IN OUR OFFICE 5 FREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS Re 9 , s ter With Each Purchase of 100 Ibs of Feed Fwe Free Gifts, 3 P.M.. Sat gr d ay , Dec. 22 More Details Next Week mm CO-OPERATIVE ELEVATOR CO. 38 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 38 onr H«l,U-. n f.ow - ^rd calf vesen mUed ilrxk cow, Two Vear- ma HeUer*. Kour \earijn- Meer, Four Calve, wi 25 ,> Pound. -•* H--dd of heavy Fe«ler Pif-, " ' Ml.M KLLANtOL.-, - «., B4lfr , ol Bromc ViJdUs has H^l,, of >ir« , ia,id*. Tractor T^e tfca^. 2U Ba,hel'H 4li . ln Ho- te^r furl Barrel,. Hoi W au - f Motor llrat^r for Tru f i or T,. tU)/ ' t b v m '' Broodrr H«i^ It* Chick Oa* fcr w ,l, r >to , r _ hro, UorkWntb-vi^. Howl Tani Heau-r -uxk'Tani lorn Crib > KlrttrK reDcer, ««« B »tfc»| %W, 4 , ki .^ d Oil , ( „,,„ MmuU H.IL>KH01D ^r.ujr \l,, n -r . Pl.v 0>»: w Welcome to Fenton, Dec. 1, Santa Claui Day RAYMOND DEPUE, Owner I suu- fc*ai I ,,, | 1 .tv.ii B^rk:<,rid i. UuUfa l.ft SANTA CLAUS DAY, FENTON, SATURDAY, DEC. 1 BONUS BARGAIN DAYS SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY (For Everyone) EACH COUPON BELOW IS WORTH BIG SAVINGS THIS ONE DAY ONLY .... BRING WITH YOU FOR BONUS BARGAINS. ONE COUPON FOR EACH ITEM. .. AND USE .... AND SAVE $ $ $ $ CLIP LADIES OR MEN'S SWEATERS THIS COUPON WORTH $1.00 on S3.98 to $5.98 or $2.00 on $6.98 to $9 98 SWEATERS GOOD SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY GIRLS DRESS COUPON THIS COUPON WORTH SOc on $1.98 fo $2.98 Dress or $1.00 on $3.98 to $5.98 Drett GOOD SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY MEN'S & BOYS NOVELTY SWEAT SHIRTS BUY 2 AND GET ONE GOOD SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY FREE GIRLS OR BOYS SWEATERS THIS COUPON WORTH 50e on any up to $2.98 or SI.00 on $3.98 and up GOOD SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY LADIES OR GIRLS SLACKS THIS COUPON WORTH SOc on $1.99 to $2.98 Slacks or SI.00 on $3.98 to $4.98 Slacks or $1.50 on $5.98 and up Slacks NYLON HOSE REG. $1.00 A PAIR FREE GOOD SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY BUY 2 AND GET 3rd Pair LADIES BLOUSES THIS COUPON WORTH SOc up to $2.98 or SI.00 on S3.98 and over GOOD SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY LADIES SLIPS THIS COUPON WORTH SOc on $2.98 Slips or 7Sc on $3.98 Slips or $1.00 on $4.98 Slips GOOD SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY YARD MATERIAL YOUR CHOICE FREE GOOD SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY BUY 3 YARDS GET 4th YARD Xmns Wrapping PAPER REG. $1.00 - 3 ROLL PACK WITH THIS COUPON 69c GIRLS BLOUSES THIS COUPON WORTH 3Sc on blouses to $1.98 or SOc on blouses $2.49 and up GOOD SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY LADIES DRESSES THIS COUPON WORTH $1.00 ON $3.93 TO $5.98 DRESSES OR WORTH $2 ON $6.98 AND UP ALL NEW MERCHANDISE MEN'S DRESS SHIRTS THIS COUPON WORTH SOc on shirts to $2.98 or $1.00 on shirts $3.98 and over GOOD SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY BOY'S DRESS SHIRTS THIS COUPON WORTH 35c on shirts to $1.98 or SOc on shirts $2.49 and up GOOD SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY MEN'S $4.98 SLACKS THIS COUPON WORTH $1 50 on Sateens or 75c on Assorted Cords and Twists BOYS SLACKS THIS COUPON WORTH 75c on Sateens or SOc on Cords and Twists YOUR CHOICE - REG. SIZE CAKEMIX THIS COUPON WORTH 25c on Purchase of 2 Pkgs. GOOD SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY Present This Coupon at BAILEY'S In Fenfon For Your FREE XMAS GIFT THIS COUPON WORTH 20c on OUR REG SATURDAY SPECIAL '2 GAL. ICE CREAM - 69c (49c WITH THIS COUPON) 10 Lbs. SUGAR 89c WITH THIS COUPON AND A $5.00 MERCHANDISE ORDER GOOD SATURDAY, DEC. 1 ONLY CAR COATS THIS COUPON WORTH SI.00 on $3.98 fo $5.98 or $2.00 on $6.98 to $9.98 or 53.00 on $10.98 or over • LADIES SKIRTS THIS COUPON WORTH $1.00 on any skirt up to $5.98 $2.00 on any $6.98 and up or 75c on any girls skirts • THIS COUPON WORTH $1.00 ON PURCHASE OF $5.00 OR MORE OF TOYS i THIS COUPON WORTH 25c on 4 Pkg. FROZEN STRAWBERRIES 10 Oz. Size alley's Store FiNTQN, IOWA •MMMfcMfe

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