Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 4, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 4, 1896
Page 8
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3,000 Pairs of toe Celebrated Foster, Paul & Co's Kid Gloves. Bought at a sacrifice. Anotlisr big deal made by having the ready cash. Bead letter below. GARSON, PIRIE, SCOTT & CO., WHOLESALE DRY GOODS. CI-IIlCAGO, Sept. 20, 1890. & IDEIXLY, Loga«wport, M- ' , Dwr Slrs-As you are no doubt -aware, Foster Pa.m & Co. we going out of business, tuaxl we .being the importers oC their kid gloves iu tlvo United Stilus they have kindly given us tlw preference iu closfow one • of tiie best jobs ever closed in tho country, of the wi-11-kiiown glove, quality WilllSim (which te our Dresden .brand) •wWcli is one of the best retail dollar glovo* In -the country. Goods come unstamped. . The tot cousins >of. .10,000 dozen 0,11 ue\v »oods. 5 liook ami new point ami torso 'hook, Mack iwul colors, perfect in every color -and quality •• and will ~ivc you-the. nrst refusal of fhe goods for I.ogonsport at Uie low price of S~- -spot-cash for-o, quantity• outlaw than 250 do/en. Our idea Is only to place Oho goods with one concern .to .tlic town, bolievliiivg 'by.so doing fctmfvou can have tho greatest glove solo that wns over Iveld hi your city at a. price thait no one cau touch, and wo every dozen of the gloves in the United Sta.tc-s. Ii' nlve deal iwtor-os'te yon; telegraph- •Rcspeciiif'ttUy, .,...,..,.,,. . ' STEVE KENNESY, ".'••' . .... Ge.'ienU o:i,lc*m«iii Carson, Pine, Scott.-& Co. protect you, '-having one at once at my oxpense The gloves have arrived and we will place on sale all this week every pair is sold, at the low price of 69 Cent;?. THE GOLDEN RULE Schmitt & Heinly For Your Own Purse Sake Visit Our Store this week. We heed the demand of the times. Better Goods for Less Honey We rise to cho occasion, aud overshadow all possible competition with unl- fbrmally low prices that seems miraculous. Every barg-a'ta we name is here anct mmimerablc more. You will never be disappointed by any printer's Ink over our signature. 200 men's all-wool, fall overcoats. They consist of black cheviofa, fans and drab meltoas. Xo overcoat in the lot worth less than ?7 of ?S, we sell at S 4.00 Republican Meetings, l:i'publican speakingswil) l»e held n tli. following places in Gass county: V.'cdu-csdny evening. Oct. 7th, Kci. Scl.uol house, Noble township, Orlnnili Pov.-uU. Kubt. ,7. Lovcltind of 1'eru will sp-,:a!- :i.t ^'-,-iverly Monday evening, Oct. Hth Lncerac, Tuesday evening, Oct. Uth Lincoln, Wednesday evening Oct. 7 h. . Friday evening, October Oth. Johnson school he use. Washington .township— D. C. .TustJco. 1-lnUliij- eveij.ip.-ir, Oc-t. 0,h, Roya.1 CeJi- -ti-r, KoHidrit ,T. I.oveiiiiKl. F.]-l.dny evimiing. Oct. OiJi, Hoovers, Q. A. Mi;rcTS. Sativ.-day ovc;niiiiig, Ocii. 10th, Broacl- waiy i-iu-k. Logatisqiort, Robert .7. Love- 350 man's f«tl suits, tlio Hue includes Tweeds, Cheviots and Cassimcrcs Jwoestly made and -tram-med. Value positively ?G and .?", we sell tihem at,?3.50 , 100 men's extra fine fall overcoats, Includln-g -twelve different linos of all wool covert cloth tap coats -lined wJth'silk or fine Itallca cloth worth 33-100, ?1D,00 o>:id $10.00, go at ............................ .......... $10.00 200 mexi's very finest suits, ernbrac lug fine fancy worsteds, neat plaids and dticckcd cheviots, tailored with proper regard for perfect fit and sati-s- wear, uaquestipnalbly cou-al to (the best ?15.00 suit you see elsewhere. them for ............................. ..... • ................ $10.00 . Ifcas magniificcnt display of men's, 'boy's wnd chlldrcn|s fall aind win-tor ctothlmg, -hats and f iwnish'rags surpasses anything ever seen. The prices 2swve teen made so low' that not the slightest stumble block -remains to bar any man or boy -from being comfortably a-nd stylishly dressed. We invite to call and -inspect our line. : THE GLOBE. CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., The well-Known Sreclnllsts. ot N«w fork have uppomta I). A. HAUlCasiigentJortliatrcalebrateilSpectaclas and Eye (i!as»(>s, ovary pair guaranteed. D. A. IIACTK has complete nssortineut and Iuvices all lo satisfy tbemselvos or tho groat gupArlorlty of thoje gooiisover an/ manufacturer), at the store of D. A. HAPK, Sole agent for Loganspoit Ind, No Fiddlers Supplied. iy evon.i-ng, Oct. 9:dn Clymei's, S. ovMUiin.g, Oct. Stli, Onward, D. B. 'Sjitourday ovejiiltn-g, Oct. 10th, Hazel Patch school Irouse, BQiililciKnn town sttiilp, Q. A. Jlj'crs. •SiiltMHlaiy even'iiijr, Oct. 10th, Center 'scli'oal ili'ou-se, Jeflteiison township, D,- C. Justice. Fiil4n-y afteMiooii, Ocit. 10, rink, Hon. Fra.uk Hauley. alfiternoon, Oat. 13tli, Broacl -rink, Han. James E. Watson 'of Rushviille. Gcnueratts Aigoi 1 Mid Howiuxl aiud Cor.- ponall Toiniuai-, 'Ropivbllcniis, «ind Gon- crals Sdi-gel and Sickals, Democrats, wiill spealc for Sound Money Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 'at 11 o'clock, a. m., Logans- poi-t. HERE'S A DIFFICULTY. $2O.OO Will Buy a Good Winter Suit OF- W. D. CRAIG. 436 Broad way. Second Floor. Iton't forgot to -restd the ad. of tho -Ooldcn Rule. Ka'trrrad gas bills for the month of October are now due. rtosWroly the best cup of coffee In 3Be city at Dyketnan's cafe. The finest range ever' made. See it siriyiafflestn's new stove store, 310 .aforkct street. Sideboards, dining tables and dining . «Bairs, the latest patterns, at .Ash •& 'Badley's. ' you want to see; one part. <l another for-summear at n's new stove store, 310 Market SUGGTJJSrriVE PRATER. n An old colored mam -at Fairfax court Jiouse, 'V'a.., made the following prayer on t'h-c Oay precedtog Mr. Biyau's visit- to 'that pl'iico: ' . "0 Tjord, save the country frora the .li)n.tfds of thcmi 'lihat Is 'tryliug to bust It up. G.h-e up plenty of work and good •m'oiiK'y 1'or it, so as we can 'take good care of our wives .and eWJilron, and buy good 'bread and meat, tuiCl pay f or ilt We wamt to keep poliitics out of our clHuwhes arid out of our prayer meet- togs, and we cnn't lielp asking tihoc to keep a lookout 'for thmit poor, miserable simncir, Bryan, wh'o, we ten-r, Is corn- tag into tllils -sbnte, 'liJiin-d -to Iia-nd with •Satan, amd if it -a,'m't asking, too much please forgive liiiis slms, thait lie -Is com- TOiHttiing eveiiT d-ay, and then knock the stuflin' out o( hiliu Jn Norembei 1 ." PO'PO,ORIACY. iKokoino Tiriibune: Ed Etenjj, the geai'tlomajily <ind efflclen-t:. telegraph opera/ton- at -the PiamharuHo Cepoit, .lias returned from liis vacalttoa. Wihfle ab-sent lie shook off Ms bay 'fever and also got rid of a far worse dteoase—that o£ Pol»cracy. He spemlt mucfli of h.ls ttmc reading and thinking and. <os a result lee now stands for McKiiuley and ilionesit money. ••• • ' For laformaHon concernJing annual pns rates, see card' of. Logansport & Wabasih'VnJley Gas Co., on firs* page. New Boxes Must be Provided or Trouble Will Arise. Sanvple bulltnU have beooi scnit out by ilite State. This y«u- It is ; found by a practical -Lcsf-th-at tlie IxiHot boxes will •be too small. New 'boxes' wa-U 'Wave- to- be .proridou all ovar -the State. The boxes are supposed to hold trivo him- dred foldwl baltots. TWs year's.rick- ebs, liowcver folded, will only go one Irandred in n. bax. .The IwHots will bo 17Vi by 30% hushes. One box only cam be legally used at .(Mich' precinct. If one box is Mod and there are votes to come, wJlih no place for droppJ.nig them, there wM .be trouble. It wJH DUej-afore be -necess-aa-y for thte couii-ty comimisslonoi's of .lilie Staitc to fn-misli boxes .twice 'bhe size of the old oaies. ' .HON. JOHN R. WILSON Will Speak for Sound Honey Next 1 Friday. ' i Hon. John R. Wilson, of lud'iaoiipolis, oao oif tflio best spealceirs to tho State, will address the ipeople of Logaaisport and vilcimity at^he rink on Frttlay, Oot. Oth, in. tlw iateresit oC sound money and true Democracy. CONCERT. Tlh'o -foiloiwkig .progwim w-Il be given at tho ATJionitaiamid- street M. E. church Tuesday wig-hit, October GUi, under the •auspices of it'he Ii5pworith Jjeaigue: . . I>ucit—Misses llniuld amd. Dtaa, MjeKee. Rcdiltaltilon—JIary A. West. •'. . .--• Musiic—Mtonia and Addia EjeHaven, •ReciiltaJiio-n—Blnniclie Tricks. - MiiKte (ImjltatliOM*)—Olairance Duncan. ami Walltcr'DlLbs. - ' ;- ..• . • liisciitaitlomt-'Jfiss CSlco-Bairhes.. . E-eadlmig—Iva AU-ciii .'.. .,'. ,' - -. Gult.a™- Diwt—Clarenice. iJiuncaiU and '•Ad Carney.- ••,,. ' • -••' • t :-;' ' /' '•'' : Duet. (Ziitlier)—Henry,.Baehmann... . '.Hhtt cnftertatombnifi:'will! be fol'.-ow.eil by a ' 1 pa]lIn!pJ£lln-pie'^.so<!llJlil,, wihlfch. wi-U be .ma.de '' SHOUTED LONG They S.houted Loud, Did Those Railroader?. HEARD A GOOD TALK And Cheered It Till the Rafters Rung Again. Tilie Railroad ineo had a great ti.ine yetiterdiiy and hist mteht. It was a day whteh will not soon be forgotten, not .alone by tlw. 1 rallroaid mcJi niiemselvcs. Imt by e\*ryono wlio was wifliiu sound 'at their voltes. Soimelic-w or other, ^iuii ihe'raih'CJid .men- start to do a thing, thoy do it rlglilt, as witness the great demonstration In honor of Mr. Brooks some clays ago. And the demonstration hist nlgli't w:is .-ilinosc a.s siir- pi'kslng from the fact that no such cro-wd w.'is expected :i« nctimUynirncd Oll't. Xlie Ix>g.-iiisport KaUroMiil Men's Soiiwl Sfouo'y eliib went to Kokomo in the urici'iioon, six CO.TCTIOS lUMiig at- tachixl to t'li'u llk-Iiiinond local leaving here at 2::jO o'clock, Evei-j- coach was lilJwl lo Hie doors, nml rh'ey were railroad men. At Kokonio they were me! b.v a. similnr exeur.si'on from Riclimoiid, ;i.liimt cquall iu •niuuu'ber. The railroad men o-C Kokojno, while Co\v in number, make itp in cmrlrajsinsin whii.t ':liey lack iu inunbers, n-ivd the two delegations i wore met. by an i-mmonse crowd and a parade was made before the pole was ru tend. I a-the line were over two h-un- drod pl,-i;b jjl'ass workers, wiro doclaro that tliey ha.vo 'had nioush oC a tariff policy-which irart raluccd Kielr wages Hrirl-y-five pen cent., and reduced 1he workiwg I'orce in 'the great Diamond plate glass -factory at least two men. Xliry 'li-a.ve raised the ii-nd 1'rolecl.lon" cry. aiwl will aivarch a.nd yote for rhe .success of tliat policy. In addition lo these, tiw?re was a large tunirOtiI: of ci-tixons who marcliod as chibs. The monster, pole, standing l\\-o Uimdred and four feet out. oC the firouud. ^-"ms ra.ise<l witliou.'. 1 . an accident, much to the chajrrin of a IVandl'ui o-f Po-poc-ra'ls who stood about, hoping to see tho enterprise fail ns it did on the first n-Hcavrpt over a -\ve<.'k ago. Tliis time, (.he pole went up without, a -hitch and "Old Glory" floats proudly.at Ms tip, while beuca-lh is tho banner of MeKinlcy and Ho-bart. Tlie Loga nsport dcleffation,. mmiber- InijT betiwe«i three and four hundred, returned on n si»et-ial train-, and they brought with. tliLMii Hie bulk o-f the Rfc'IiinTond Sound Money clu-b of rail- ronders. They readied Logamsport at altout 7:30 o'clock and a sliort -parade ^-!it5- innde, w-itli tin: Military -band and Hie MeKinloy Escort Guards at the head o-f the-craliimji. followed by about six 'hundred railroad men, members of the Logajisport and Riclnmoud Railroad Men's Sound Money clubs. The Richmond club brought its.drum- ana bugle corps, a. fine appearing set of musicians. The rear of the column was closed 'by the Loga-n-sport McKlnley Drum corps. They marched to the ri.uk where n.bOTit fifteen/ Ivnntf red people ha.d preceded tliam, nml wJien 1-he marcliors • liad gotten- itnslde, there was not an inch of standing room loft It was a magnificent nndience, and tliey h-card a jnagni'fl'cent speech from the Hon. George. P. Early, ot Richmond. Sir.. E. F. Kearney calted 1lie andi- eiica to- order, and -introduced the La dies' Glee cln.-b of GalvcSton, prime favorites iu this city s-ince their first ap- 3iere on tho night of the eotiins. The yonug ladies were impelled to slug three songs before the audience wowkl let them go. Mr, Kearney then arose- to introduce ' tiie He said that the Logansport Railroad Men's Sound Money clirb had tiie pleasm-o oC entertuining the Rich- urond Radk-oad Men's Sound, Money cltib; tliat the two chitos had met ait Kok-omo to assist in raising a monster. pole, tho entei-prlsc -being tlie thought of the Kokomo Sound Money railroad men. He referred to the failure of a few days ago, to borrow an expression, 'it broke an -two and ran together" on hat, occasion, which caused the friends >f f reesilvcr in that city to chuckle njid ook .pleased, "Let me. tell them," said Mr. Kearney, "that ttoey utae knew the •fit of'the railroad men-.' We would iave had that pole uip ffi it lind taken 'roin nonv until tli'e fourth dny of that nontli'" when Billy McKiiiley will step nto- the White Ho.use as President." Cheers.) He referred to the desertion rom the alleged Democracy, as repre- sented'l>y the party that was responsl- ile 'for the Chicago platform, of all the Miclers of the Democratic party, and f all the Democrats who were true to their .principles and tho principles -of. he time-honored' Democracy- of their foretfathens. He then introduced the Hon. 1 -George-P.. Early, o'f Ridlimomd. MiVEnrly said la part: . "Mr. Chair- jaiij todies and gentlemen: The sun n his daily rounds does not sprinkle ils sunshine on a-noHier such, a country -Liberty-toying -land of Aim&rilca—this land of .ours where .the tiiumfotedt citizen, even though 1 -bis home WE'RE HERE AND =:= -:- HERE TO STAY. You arc cordially invited. We look for your acceptance with eager anticipation, for we are confident of your enthusiastic commendation of our cl- forts. We assure you that no finer stock can be found In this country, and you will agree with us that It surpasses anything ever before seen In Logansport. We have entered this field as leaders should, avoiding the time-trodden path, shunning the policies that have hitherto prevaJled, but with un- cqualed facilities and characteristic enery we have sought the best, that you may enjoy the convenience of finding here at home those exclusive styles you have hitherto been compelled to. seek in other markets. The management of all our departments is In our hands. We've had a life long experience to guide our judgment, we inow every "Fasliion Inlet" and "Quality Harbor" in this and foreign countries. Behind it ere our capi- tal, our enterprise, our broadguage metbods. Such a union of tact and talent must succeed. We've gathered a stock that is artistically perfect and marked at prices that will bo an agreeable revelation to you. Bearing out tho reputation that we will win for this store and your confidence. Yours Very Truly, THE HUB. Berwangcr Bros. & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS 15 YOURS. We want you to understand that we are running this laundry for you and that your wishes are to be regarded in every particular. We will give you just exactly whait you want if we can find out what that is. Perhaps you be- Keve that it Is impossible to have your laundry work "handled without irritation and annoyance. We are sure that you are mistaken. May we have an opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS., Eocccssors to Campbell Bros. be a log c.-tbi-n. may aspire to Itcco-inc the President of this greatest Republic; tliis land where the man who works on the railway track with shovel aud pick may 'become the President of the road on which he labors (cheers). We are nil interested -in having the very best government iit i.s jiossFble to at- ta.iu. This applies tilikc to the Populist, the Prohibitionist, ine Democrat and the Republican. This government may be likened to a gigantic corpora- lion; when there is prosperity, we all share alike. If the wheels ol lad-us-try ;vro hii'iranaiTK ami i:he earnings show a profit, the liumblest shareholder partakes of the profit-ami there is general prosperity. When the oa-i-ince sheet foots up a loss we all snare it alike. There can be no sectional prosperity; there can be no prosperity, of the East and tiie opposite condition in tiie West; wo must'nil alike be -prosperous or we must suffer from depression.' •We lin.ve had good times and we should have them again. '•.).-- rew years ,-igo our factories wore tiiriiin-g out millions o£ dollars'" worth ot products; now they are turning out: men instead of products. (A voice, 'that's so.') Then we were'working fill tr-me and the man who worked, if he wanted a holiday, had to ask for a d'ay off; now they have to ask for a. day o-n. We would all of us like to see that time again when we would have 10 <isk for a day off instead of asking for a day on (cheers).. Now. I do not -Us now what you think a.ljo-nt it, but I .believe that this effect was caused by the overthrow of our Industrial systeim; I be- ilieve that the country which- prospered and grew great under a protective tariff can regain tli'a.t prosperity, which was struck down by the Wilson-Gorman tariff la.w, by the re-enactment of a protective tariff law. There is a difference of opinion regarding the cause of this industrial depression. W. J. Bryan and his friends say that it is because wo have the gold standard." Mr. Early then went into the history of t!hc coinage system of our country, beginning at the first law and contln- -nlng on down to the last act of Congress with relation to the subject. His argument was clear and compreaicti- sl-ve, and there was not a, point that was not thoroughly impressed upon an aprpectative audience. He spoke for two hours and was heard with tlie closest attention, throughout, with tho exception of a number of young ladles and gentlemen, who. stood Just outside the main entrance to the Dulldiaig and talked and la-ughed as tnougl) there w«is no one within a mile . of them. These interruptions- nrc exceedingly annoying, a.nd though it is a thoughtless act, should none the less tw promptly snlxlucd by some one empowered to clmr the sidowfllks. . ,. '', ,Tlie TiichmraKl railroad mm i-etumefl on n speelil it 11 o clock expressing ,tliomsclves as !:•.-.v '•'•!'. enjoyed their visit imineusely. They are a line set of fellows, and thousrh there was a deal of noise made, it was of tie ;egitimate campaign sort that expresses the feelings of the suouters. FO.RIBE0S DECORATION'S. The Pennsylvania Company lias Issued am. order against decorating en- gin-es ttat haul spoeM trains to rallies, pilonri'cs, -etc. lOie 'Mieory of the COJB- 3s Uhafc Uie flags and buniting 'j-niierfoi-c -w'Sffli Ulic signals and coaiso mistakes. Tho engines are re- quiilrcti to "be as near affike as possible, to prevent confusion of signals. THAT 7OYFUL FEI3L1XG. With the oxhilara.ting sense of renewed licaltb and strength^ad iBtcrnal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup of Figs, is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old- time medicines and the cheap substitutes sometimes offered but never accepted by the well-informed. Old papers for sale at the Journal office. 20 cents a hundred. Great Kid Glove sale now going on at tire GoMen Hulc. TALKING PRICES THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT 412 BROADWAY. * * * Women's nice seamless rubbers, new and pointed toes, new '06 goods. Price 23c * » « Women's storiu seamless rubbers, as good as some ask OOc for. Price 2Sc * * * Women's Arctics, mice new goods, good value (it $1. Our price 59c » • * Women's kid button shoes, patent tip, nice pointed toes, medium heels. Price CDc * * * Woman's satin calf button shoes; a good serviceable winter shoe. Price 98c * * * Women's "Vici bid button shoes, patent leaithcr tips, nJce dress shoe. Price OSc » « * Infant's embroidered leather taocco- eins, Just th« thing for tlic little ones. Price . .• •.......:. .10c Men's rubber oversihoes, nice aew goods; a bargain. Price.... % ..'.... 36c Also please see our line of. fine dress ; shoes. Tli« most stylish' nod best fitting gviods ever brought to tbgansport••'•; Lime W. PllHog, 412 Broadway. ; ;

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