The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1962 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1962
Page 4
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Bulldog Cagers Win & Lose; To Face Eagle Grove Here Friday, Loop Battle \U/P/) I FTV 1C *-*%;.-- i- Us«*c £>« M«*»w Ts-M^.r, »*.,,»«_£,... 57 5 a, 5 j ~ JWCO wily Ij — - ... v mi t I proiiinimnnniimiiimimimmiiiiiii™^ I -**fftft* pi I a«fl He G*rrif»'» .- j op *i£i ^j'sasse sssEafer «f passs. -»4u* SfeRftfer. safes Sis 15 ;ce3L5 to iteai -2* Bears Johnnies Fall To late Rally At Pocahonfas tifrtfl afWf (W fffrt, toil countries a? mtteh al 90% of the must b« pakJ for before then la many of the undeMevelopC'J people arc farmers, alkJ th«y still can't pf<*Jirtr« CnoOgh fo<jfj f of rm'.riUous 'liet. 74-tf Loser On Saturday wmmiiiiiiimimnmiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiimimmiiiimiiw XTv G R ' D I Crew Bows To :bs J3ZD? la-bar -Bias- jfe-riaf . A Pccsfensua f-azrtfc pierkrf rai- ia^iy rM-« &SE aaM 5ie £aJr>»" '^ f^" 7 ^ sarre ttsas St J<sfca's 3e sftKriM ti« Tiis^fcte to fij= '*"' S^^c^ft cwsii JiarrS? is Bears i?^' ••'is*? '"sesase f^ns; of Jftis s?asiKi Bsi K-:r? >:ftrE-%f ^«E 7M»f sfier it FG FT F "'£^:'i;?i lie fsrs tfers* periods. 7 j-j 4 *^ "oincfirs. iscisii Sfse 3)- I JL;~ j ::*-;';<3: s:pf»:c*. -;? &:& BfSteer. : ;j? . ^ Krrrsc s riscas in/ &? fssal qyar- GUESSERS CONTEST H'boldf, 62-44 rix-fu«:i:<;jri H-- — V.}- 1 ; i«'!nn!!i'!"i"»ii::i!!!iii!!!!iimmranm;!!iii!imi!miii!m!i!i!iniiiimip * ;»^;i T-FC, FT F if jci- . r >.-te .vi^Der? "il. *' ' TJ FG FT F j 4 F.7 « r .:.=.:t S^I Er--is;"u^ f ^ ^^ Ea- CTirt fif F j.ri p.--? v.-u." si.? a a FT F i ? '' Mi. .ixii wf B-in:rvr':. I.'.M, >!Ci..* t.*l*. "»*.-* r'i_r^l'*? •£«:' * "^ = j-s G i r> H.i r »- D-i i ^r^T V^WEM Jr.- ^i«i« . rsri:. Vr. -s-ni '.-it .••ir*-i-rr-.~j:iH;r ? e:. is-:: , c ;»,, Dec-dJwve Dec. 1 -i- •".:— :a -xA A.: A.r-; '.;. --.,— -^ --, r . P. v ' i:r 7)1:; ";uj: x- NEED CASH TO PAY THE BILLS? Wl.'t your Crmslmos be WOW", fallowed by "WOE 1 "? No need for i». To<e the eosy woy to poy; borrosv from us on easy monthly terms (take up to two full years to pay). BLOSSOM LOAN CO. 109 N. DODGE CY 4-2735 ALGONA ti riiis i« i :r^t cii i.-!Tis&. i* *i»itir>»-f imwy j^K'ygr t^ s^ Ip^^^ 5 ^*^^ Lakofa Girls Tip Ringsfed By 71-41 Tally j -a-- HursJx-J* cs top f " U -at/? hs-r! coe f:«kJ S< i." 1 ?. JM the Wiiocais K, ife at t&e K>j rf the Is He firpced is MT*B %^ Having Man or Woman Trouble? ?.".-? ~'f:i—*?~ I-*: r.-.:-. j--aus. net tr-e K::e i-;. f,,..- ,.^ r '!-~.2i* ?'{.': FG FT PF 4 2-: : carrjed •*ith T FG FT PF FT You can easily solve it by selecting their gift from . . . 'S I Our selection of gift ideas has THE BARGAINING ;l never been greater. Whether you r r " ILLUSION 1 w . , . il| wish to pay $5 or $1.25, we have gifts sure to please. ,-,- f ;^ '*' as *& over Lbe place. 'fu*^.±m u^ =*rr.'.~ '-.'•• ]~T^ *'•"' l ~ rj{ - fe =J team s 3:5 rerx^onds .- ^£i"c a i^7v p-v^g a — i4 ^^^ f^^ 3 !Ki :he -*^ ; "M~r^ apart "%-th"h-r n * rs L " iconn i W " U3 15 testers. ; 'x'n'.'x .-Vre^is 20! 1J?. ' •p-- ire ir..rj::r.2 c: pr-.ce-shop- Em'burg Is 63-60 Victor Over Algona '*:': »-r.-d to i i? '•I.-n;. a pnreba^r has lost j I? rro.n*"\ «h^n be »a% loins hard |^ U> -a»p il r>n!y bf-rso--f he t« u3d»r^taDd what h* »as ; K btr>ins at a M^emuiElT low prk'e. '. ... .., EXACTLY *t;at acc-«.^r,e-; are in- • H c-'-jied L-, •_•:* par- j ^ chase pr.ce no-* ! * 2TUCK Gridders Named BRING YOUR e Everything in Cosmetics - Perfumes - Cameras - Candies * THE SMART SANTAS D. NELSON \.^ 7 Look Ahead f% *) *,,w/ien you /ook /or a loan on /one/. 1 .,.« M K/X Lbf mii* ; r.-^if- I! ^ U'rf I SI. '-Si-, Ktrll or mjjT,! YOU'LL FACE the f^,, wuh greater confider.ce ..' f , V° J ha\e such look-a:..eid lea jres as low payments, long terms arc! fa privilege of p^ at ar.y m advance - A -»V,. c-t per.alty A Land Bank Loan may be used 'o b'y J«r. ! pay o.'t deb's. rr.bKe^ts or fc,r ot ,. er purposes. Corr.e :n t« iy ready for '" turr.orrow. Federal Land Bank Association Mondays & Wednesdays are preferred days for off.ce calls, m Algona (Tues -Fr, in Forest C.f/j Eugene H. Hutchms, Manager Larry Severson s , e| | Q Mae g SI II a ® Gift Stationery © Dresser Sets • Manicure Sets • Ronson Lighters © Comb & Brush Sets ® Cosmetics by — -TILFORD -MAX FACTOR -DUBARRY -CIRO -LITTLE LADY -LENTHERIC -SHULTONS -AR-EX ® For Baby — -RUBBER TOYS • Fountain Pen Se;-s — -SHAEFFER © Leather Billfolds ® Whitman's Candies @ Prayer Books 9 Rosaries ® Religious Articles ® Camera Gifts — -CAMERAS - PROJECTORS -BROWNIE SETS SCREENS FILMS & FLASHBULBS - PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES © Men's Cosmetics — KINGS MEN -SPORFSMANS OLD SPICE MENNENS SEAFORTH FRESH, FRESH, FRESH WHITMAN'S CANDIES KOSSUTH MOTOI CO. 'Make Our Ch«vrobl Garage Your Oc«-Hcp Sale-- £ Service Heodgort rmacy ^^^ ^^^^S^^^^a.2^^^^^^^^

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