The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 13, 1962 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 13, 1962
Page 19
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Lakofa Gives Rev. Kruse A Fine Farewell inn church, Lakofa, sponsored 0 farewe II reception for R ov . nn , Kih I 3 " ,'°' US °' Paul «""' Kathy Rev Kruse has been pastor of the Lakola church for almost 10 years and moved on Oci' 30 to Winnebago, Minn. .1 Mr f, S a . rl Ger zema, President of the U.P.W., introduced the nro- gram. ' c S'ving talks were John Smith for (he session, Harry Mussman for the trustees Donna Paulsen for the Wcstmin-' ister Fellowship, Pearl Smith for the former Methodist church peo- pie, Rev. Vriesen from Ledyard church and Lucille Bierle for the circles. The male quartet, accompanied by Carmen Cook, sang r, number, Rev. Kruse responded. The Kruses were presented with a lovely gift from the young people f nd a gift of money from the members of the congregation. They leave with many happy memories of the years in Lakpja. Aggressive Lads The Aggressive Lads 4-H club met at the home of Roger Becker on Oct. 22. The meeting was called to order by the new president, August Bauman. Leaders for the coming year were discussed. They are Nick Thomson, leader; Ray Becker and Burdette Hoeppner, assistant leaders. The Lakota Blue Jay Jr. Garden Club held its Halloween party on Friday evening at the Legion Hall. The girls and leaders eacn brought a guest. Becky Bcetncr won u prize for having the best costume. The evening was spent playing games and each girl contributed to the nice lunch which was served. The Cub Scouts of Pack 49 mei Thursday evening at the City Hall. Mrs Ley's and Mrs Addy's den put on a skit and awards were handed out. Jimmy Stcenluird received r wolf badge; Lloyd and Lowell Eichenberger received bear badges. The new den mothers, Mrs Robert Stenzcl and Mrs Louie Miller were introduced. Cubmaster Bill Hauken introduced the speaker, Don Callenius who showed a short film. Lunch, furnished by Mrs Stengel's and Mrs Miller's den, was served. A large crowd was on hand al Aid III Burt Farmer H ?? r i t r S?^ d ne jfhbors "me to the front once again, this lime at the Melvin Rieken farm southeast of Burt. Seventeen neighbors with Combines, wagons and a corn picker gathered at the Rieften farm on Monday morning and combined 44 acres of beans in 3'/ 2 hours Several bads o corn were also picked, the beans were hauled to the Burt Elevator with a truck furnished by the Elevator Rieken has been hospitalized for the past three weeks Farmers performing (he Good Neighbor deed were: Kenneth and Don Strayer, Walter and Richard Campney, Clifford and Eugene Lov Don Madsen, Louis Schumacher, Ray Dremmel, Larry Mantis', Robert Richtcr John Wilson, Eddie Foertsch and Will Etherington Ladies on ha.nd to furnish lunch for the workers were the Mes- clamcs Walter Campney, Clifford Lovstad, John Wilson, Wm. Madsen £r., Raymond^Walker, Melvin Alt, Robert Richter and Kenneth Strayer (he Lakota gym last week Tuesday for the presentation of two operettas, "The Early Bird Catches DAPPER APPLES Little holiday nibblers would love to find these at your house. Melt a one-pound package dairy caramel candies in double boiler over boiling water. Keep stirring till smooth. Stem six medium-sized red apples. Insert a wooden skewer in each. Remove sauce from heat. Hold double-boiler top at a tilt. Grasping each apple by its skewer, quickly twirl fruit in caramel sauce. Now hold it above sauce; keep twirling till apple is well coated. Roll apple quickly in chopped walnuts. Place apples on the tops of their caramel heads, skewers skyward, on buttered cookie sheet. Pop into your gas refrigerator; bring them out when ready to eat. STICK TRICK My neighbor never smarts over a sore hand, when a nail lacquer bottle-cap sticks. She upturns the stuck bottle and lets a drop or two of polish remover soak 'round the rim . . . now, that's fine. I 'm a hot water cap remover, myself! Hot water fresh from the tap, just the way your gas heater sends it to you. What — there's not always instant hot water at your house? You'rp ready for an "instant recovery" gas water heater. I shouldn't be surprised if Santa'd see just the right "gift for the house" at your local gas company or Has plumber dealer. UPDATE DUTIES Every November, I remember Aunt May, who "expected" one Thanksgiving. She took the occasion to get every package purchased and wrapped, every card addressed before debut deadline. Every year thereafter (nearly 40, in fact) Aunt May prepared for Christmas one month in advance. Maybe that's why she was the gayest lady at holiday par- tics. HEARTH HINT Better scrub ,up the fire- 'place before company comes! Andirons polish better if you'll rub them with a steel-wool soap pad, then with metal cleanser. Bricks lose their smoked-up look, when you scour them with a strong warm-water solution of tri- soclium phosphate. Follow up with clear water dousing —and do be sure to wear gloves for this job! WINTER CAKES Can you imagine anything nicer (lian hot Sunday morning waffles, lathered with sour cream and slithered with maple syrup? Mm mm—Minncsotan Mrs. J. O. Strandbcrg serves them that way. COLDER, PLEASE Helium, often called a "component of the future" by Uncle Sam, is hidden in natural gas. And oh, what gas goes through to yield helium for government conservation! Gas must be chilled down to almost 300 degrees below zero, to release its hold on precious helium. Northern Natural Gas Company (pipeline supplier to your local gas company) recently completed a complex new plant for helium extraction . . . one more way gas is building a better future for all of us. (I'll remember that "300-below" temperature, while gas is warming us this winter.) C ^ — C Northern Natural Gas Company, Omaha, Nebraska The Worm," and "In The Land Of Dreams Come True", under direction of Donald Bulfer. Mrs W. D. Ley, Mrs H. H. Murray, Mrs A. C. Schissel and Sue of Fairmont and Mrs H. H. Mussman gave a belated birthday party last week Wednesday at the Mussman home honoring Mrs W. E. Ley. Lincoln Township Homemakers met on Oct. 1!) at the home of Mrs Lyie Patterson. Speaker for the afternoon was Mrs Waller Campney, Kossuth County Chairman of farm Bureau Women. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs Donald Clapper. The goal of the Presbyterian church for $2, r ,oo event over the top with a total of $2590 received for missions. Speakers for the morning and afternoon sessions wus Dr. Lester Williams, Dean at Buena Vista College at Storm Lake. The speaker in the evening was Rev. Virgil Smith of Col- fox, Iowa. Lisa Cushman, daughter of Mr and Mrs Orris Cushman was baptized last Sunday at St. Paul's Lutheran church. Sponsors were Beverly Cushman and Dennis Cushmun. Mr and Mrs Emil Gruisrnan and son of Jewell, Iowa were Sunday afternoon and evening visitors with Mrs Frauke Schadendorf. Lena Gutknecht attended an Executive Club dinner meeting at the Hotel Hanford on Tuesday evening. Mr and Mrs F. C. Kroll returned Thursday of last week from attending the funeral of their brother-in-law, Mr John Meyers of Polo, 111., on Tuesday. He was here to visit them two months ago. They went to Wyoming, 111. on Wednesday to spend the uay with Mrs Kroll's sister, Mrs Celia Morris- scy. Kent Gerzema, freshman student at Macalester college, St. Paul,, spent the weekend at the parental Carl Gerzema home. " Mr and Mrs Gottlieb Reiffer and family were Sunday afternoon and evening guests of her sifter, Mr and Mrs ilarlan Logeman a! Fairmont, Minn. Mrs Ann Robinson and Mrs Sophie Ellsworth left for their home at Prescott, Ariz, last week Tuesday, after spending two weeks visiting ut the H. 11. Murruj home. Mrs Art Tictz spent the weekend at the home of her parents, the Henry Tiemans at Fenton. Mr and Mrs Robert Steclc and Itcna anil Miss Otto Johnson were Sunday afternoon and supper guests at the Charles Ilelgeson home at Bricelyn, Minn. Mr and Mrs Richard Zielske and Walter Zielske of Bancroft, were dinner guests on Sunday al the Allrcd Zielske home at Swea City. Mr and Mrs George Bauman and girls and Raymond Steele of Klmorc, Minn, were Sunday evening visitors at the Lauren Thompson home. IT'S TIME • BANCROFT By Mrs. Lawrence Bergman .Mrs Susan Cocho, H. r >. celebrated her birthday, Nov. 1 with t>ach of IHT five children and families stopping in lo pay her a visit. Furly-five children made their first Holy Communion at St. John's Catholic church Sunday morning. Mr and Mrs Laurence Bergman CRYSTAL CLEAR SHATTERPROOF, i*^—.. j. - * KEEPS OUT COID HOLDS IN HEAT , Saves yp to 40% on fuel Don't let cold weather catch you unprepared. Have a warm, cozy homo oil winter long. Get otf from you/ Hardware. p( Dumber Dealer NOW ) GLASS n the only ' •oyer ypur Screen Porches, Breezeways, Windows I Doors with FI.EX-O-GIA! Su Easy— Anyunu Can Do It I Cos Is So ytlle-flnyoue CJH Allori( Mak'nti! iliut .. GUARANTEED 2 YEA received word from their daughter and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs Leland Derner that Mr Derner. who has been employed by American Air Lines in San Francisco, has resigned and is now employed by the San Francisco police force. Mr and Mrs Bob Rahe have moved to the Fred Eckhart home. Nels Nelsen and his mother have purchased t h e Mathsen home where the Rahes have been living. Arthur Long is helping out al St. John's church while Ambrose Vaskc is a patient at St. Ann hospital. Ambrose was injured in a fall from the ladder while working in the church basebcnt ten clays ago. Mrs George Fangman entered Thursday for medical treatment Tom Lichliter, who was home for a five-day leave, left for overseas duty. Tom, son of Mr and Mrs Frank Lichliter, has spent several years overseas. Kay Menke and Mary Lea Ren- gcr accompanied Duano and David McCleish to Des Plaines, III. VVril- nesday where they will visit Miami Mrs Vic Hansen. Mrs Hanson and Kay are sisters. Relatives from here allcndinp funtr<il services at Algona for •lohn Foth, former Bancroft rosi dent, were Mrs Martha Folh. MI- and Mrs Harold Lappe, Mr anil Mrs Harold Lnppe, Mi- Laurence Lappe, Mrs Ditsworth and Mr and Ford. and Mrs Kcnnclli Mrs .Jno STAPLING MACHINES and staples. Popular models. Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Tuasdoy, November 13, 1962 Al a or>u Ua.) Upper Dot Moines PHONE CY 4-3535 - YOUR NEWSPAPER ,-S QIKST10N Mrs Charles Price of Quasqucton grew a squash in her garden in the shape of a question mark. Mrs Price planted a Table Queen squash and got a crooked, bumpv variety instead. CAHKOTS ,Minn Meggitl of Plainfield gre\v some grand-daddy carrots in hi? garden, one weighed 2 pounds, 11 oz. and the other was heavier, lie harvested 2 wheelbarrow loads of carrots and said all were swcel and not woody. STAPLES: Busmen, Tatuiu Swingline, Hott-hkiss and Prostu Holy Family Hospitai; Estherd^ gU0pnpaer DeS M °' nes Pub ' Cu - A1 Pick up the phone and delight your faraway Iricnds and relatives with a friendly call — they re always interested in the latest.'happenings at your house. Save by number kaiv station-to-station.' Northwestern •-"•• •MiiMnHii«Mi8m6i!aaB»BHiaiaagBai^ WILLIAM TAPHQRN COMPLETE CLOSING-OUT ^^ a 19-17 J. I). A Tractor, bought new in If)is, good tires wheel weights, A-l. H>38 John Deere B Tractor, A-l Shape. 1!MS B Allis Chalmers tractor, with 7 ft. Mower 191 J. D. Corn Planter with dry Fertili/er Attachments Disc Openers, new Insecticide Attachments, 1'lanter like new. & MISCELLANEOUS HEMS o 2 — .1. I). Running (Jcars, A-l. 2 — Hcider Stool IJoxcs, like now. 2 — Rubber tired (Jcars. 2 — Forajrc Boxes. 2-wheel 150-hn. I'nloadiny Wajron. J. D. 1-bar i-'ide Hake. John Deere 15-l't. Disc. Slan HoistJ,o;id(T and Blade, mounts on A. .V\v .J. D. 5;Vi ;M r How, brcak-awa.v Bottoms, •l. D. Ac\v .Mounted Stalk ('utter. .1. D. 11-rt. (Jraiu Drill with (Jrass and Fertiliser 1 "'' Attachments. © .\cw Holland Baler, Wisconsin Motor, A-l, 1 bales Twine. New Idea Manure Spreader. .1. 1). No. (iii Chopper with Corn and Hay Meads. John Deere Blower. J. D. 22tJ I'ickcr f or A. .). D. Drive J. 1). 2-row Cultivator. J. D. 3(i-ft. Klevator on Hoist. Mounted Weed Spraver for 15. l-Section Dray. Clipper Fanning Mill. J. I). 2-row Mounted I'lanter. ^ AJWWVWWUVWWVWUVUV AAA/V 23 Spring Calves WEIGHT 250 TO 400 POUNDS Purebred Angus Bull 4 YEARS OLD This is a ne.d of cows in their everyday clothes that will do some-one some good. Don't miss (his herd if you need replacement cows. • 150 - GALLON BULK Delaval Milk Cooler IN A-l SHAPE •28 Holstein Cows MINNESOTA AND WISCONSIN ORIGIN. BANGS TESTED. SOME ARE FRESH, SOME ARE SPRINGERS. 2,000 BALES ALFALFA AND RED CLOVER 290 SALES STRAW - 290 BUSHELS OATS • MARLOW 2 UNIT Milking Machine With Stainless Steel Buckets, Pipeline For 20 Cows, New Watkins Jet Fly Sprayer. >t*#*ttO«tt»«»*»»»»»««»«»»»t»»*»«<»«»«»*««»« '/* TON PICKUP 1948 CHEVROLET MODEL WITH GRAIN BOX •V F W Bfl A "--"•' T "T"TT.""TT'r»»»»»»» tt«ft#t*»*»tt»< TERM S: CASH. N " |m " K '"> ^'»ou-il until ^\l\^\ lor. Not re- for acrideiiK Uok fpr Genuine FliXrQ*QlAS$. Thf_N«me !$ Printed Alpng The Edge. f YUNGEBERG AND REILING, Auctioneers SECURITY STATE BANK, Algona, Clerk

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