The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 13, 1962 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 13, 1962
Page 17
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Halloween is over and on my desk arc two favors, one a pump- Kin jack-o-tanlern on a green leaf made by the Tuesday club of Wesley. Very cute. The other a black box and cat with candy given by a Girl Scout group. I haven't been able to find out who made them, but one nurse thought it was the Brownies. Thank you, both groups of donutors. Mrs Irene Muehe brought the Wesley favors. • • • A Halloween caller was Paul Orion, accompanied by his undo Web. Paul was dressed as a litllc gypsy girl. He's a handsome little fellow who could easily be mis- taken for feminine, except for the cowboy boots showing from ben eath his long frock. That class! fied him as definitely masculine. • » • These stories are on the pleasant side, but I am sorry to re port a tale on the abnoxious side. I wish some men had been be hind the high school boys and meted out to them the treatmenl they gave two little ten years old lads. These ruffians grabbed h<- sacks of treats the little fellows had and ran away. 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Yes, I could give you the names of the little fellow,' to prove I know what 1 am talking about. A pot-luck group thai gathers for Sunday evening suppers recently met with Mr and Mrs Champ Martin. A scavenger hunt came up with some clever ideas One was to find a butter nut — and since it seemed impossible to gel an English walnut with a label "butter nut" pasted on it was brought in. An Aladdin lamp wick stumped the group and a makeshift article was presented. Drath struck a blow twice in the Rasmussen family recently. Asmus Rasmussen, about 72, died «i Mitchell, S. D. on a Friday and the following Sunday, Oct. 211, just two clays later his son Harris Rasmussen, died of the same ailment. * * * Amy Johnson hat! a painful accident the other clay at the home of her daughter, Loretta Bonnetto. A pan of boiling water was tipped on her shoulder and upper arm. She didn't report for work for a 'ew days. • * * Mrs Jens Knmlsen reports she las five oranges on her little tree. I mentioned Mabel Samson's some time ago. She had over a dozen. Carl Mortensen, resident here, Ins a lemon tree. So far no fruit but I tell him I shall expect lemonade by hot weather. Albert Olson crawled in bed Nov. 1 after a visit at Lakota with his daughter, Mrs John Alke. Mrs Olson said she thought the trouble was the flu and feel?; lucky they got home when t!vy Other Ilallowoi'ii callers wore Kristy and Kalhy Hall, twin daughters of Mr and Mrs Walt Hall. One was wearing a smiling mask the other a crying one. They did a nice Instead of collecting treats from us, they passe.l out treats. They were accompanied by their mother and grandma Walters of Siou\ Falls, S. 1). who uas, visiting here a few day;;. • • « Years a;;o 1 c-liose for an oration subject "Iowa Authors." The only one I remembered was Hamlin Garland, and alas, I hadn't thought of him 1 urn sure, since. So the other day when I read of Test-Proved Egg Profit Motor.., HY-UNE Variety 934-F Layers ToughJ Profitable... 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Eden Swea City, Iowa Lester Gray Buffalo Center, Iowa James Mayne Ledyard, Iowa Wm. Larson Lakota, Iowa Howard Wohlers Algona, Iowa WHITTEMORE HATCHERY Phone 4161 WHITTEMORE, IOWA a memorial being given for him at Osage, his boyhood homo, 1 was carried back over the years. A dedicatory service of a plaque was sponsored by the Mitchell County Historical Society. Another Iowa author whom I become aware of recently is Winifred Mayne Van Etten, born at Emmetsburg and whose parents are Mr and Mrs Lewis Henry Mayne. The book I read is "I Am The Fox." I liked it and it has some Iowa background. And of course, there i- Ruth Suckovv Nuhn, former Al- gonan who was a classmate of mine way back in the lower grades at old Central school. • • « You c«n say that again — "A Castro harangue — all preaches and scream." * » » Too true. "Careful grooming may take 20 years off a woman's age, but you can't fool a long flight of stairs." * * * Mrs Orlan Ott has a wide grin these days and says "They haven'l seen nuthin' YET." The Oils were recently visited by her sis tcr and husband, LI. Col. and Mrs Robert L. Moon of Sherman. Tex. They have been transferred to Sault Stc. Marie, Mich., and for the first time in their lives are north of the Mason-Dixon line. Snow has been almost an unknown factor, but just wait, smiles Mrs Ott. • * * Thp John Gisch Labrador Lucky is one lonesome doggie since Beth Annis Freese has gone. She and Lucky have been good friends a long time and each morning Lucky called on her and was remembered with food. Came a (by there was no Beth. Lucky was disconsolate for a few days, but finally met the situation with canine- philosophy and probably said. "Oh well — So what! She's gone dog-gonit." * * !* Not only did Dr. and Mrs P. O Dorweilcr have a pleasant time ;i; a recent wedding they attended but Maude had a wonderful visit with a friend whom she had nol seen in 40 years. The wedding was Oct. 27 at Fort Dodijc, (lie bride Maureen Coughlin, of Clare, the bridegroom Richard Shannon. The friend met was Linnea Rosewall, now Mrs Counsel of Decatur, 111. She will be well-remembered here. Her parents were the late Mr and Mrs Charles Rosewall. lj! * It! It seems mink farms arr not as uncommon as I bad thought, for now it has been told me there are two not far from Algona. For various reasons they have asked me not to divulge their names. For that, don't I rate a mink coat, or at least a stole? White or brown? Oh, brown I guess. And while we are on the subject of animals and what-not, what is this gadget 1 hear about, ai: electric device for catching night- crawlers? Gosh what next. • * • Mrs Julius Knopf's S7th birthday was celebrated here Nov. :' She and her husband also celebrated their sixty-fifth weddin.r anniversary. * * * If you are ever inclined In fee' sorry for yourself, and I'll admi 1 there are times I feel a little iv bellious and disgruntled with life' it might be good for you to re.'id a newspaper clipping sent to mi recently by Dorris Long Pitcher of Wellsville, Pa. The clipping \v; : from the Oct. 22 Cedar K;>pid.- Gazette. Mr and Mrs John Hiss,were married in 11)52 and in '.Iv fall of 1955 had just moved ti Davenport from Cedar Rani i- Everything looked bright u>;h • happy future assured. Then canv the blow. Mrs Rissc had an attack of polio which placed her in a: iron lung for six weeks, 15 month.' in a chust respirator, and nnv. seven years later, complete pan lysis from the neck down. Ti.'. article gave a rather full accou i' of what she has been able to ;u complish in spite of this tetriblr handicap. • • * With the clipping camp a Irltci from Dorris which reads in part "We are having a wonderful experience with our Swiss miss Marinette Gabus from Le Locke ir Neuchatel canton — very French We love her as if she belonged U us and we are all wondering what we will do when June 25 rolls- around and she must leave Marinette is an expert skiier i the> have a chalet in the Alps, also* and hopes we can get north for a little of it this winter." Thank you Dorris. Nice hearing from you. * * • To the party who mentioned considering buying his ancestral home and donating it to the Bo\ Scouts, why not give it to the Ko» suth County Historical Society'.' h is a fine site and would make a wonderful place for Kossuth trea sures. There would be room enough for the Scouts too, 1 think How about it "podner"'.' ANNIVERSARY Open house was held SumUn afternoon, Oct. 28, for Mr and Mrs 0. U. Ferry, who celebrated their 60th anniversary. Mr and Mrs Ferry are from Irwin. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH BAZAAR AND BAKE SALE To Be Held in New Educational Building SATURDAY - NOVEMBER 17 9:00 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M. © Rolls, Donuts and Coffee from 9 a.m. • Noon Lunches from 11 a.m. Home Made Vegetable Soup - Beefburgers - Potato Chips Baked Beans - Relishes - Cake - Pie - Coffee - Milk Toys — Aprons — Needlework Christmas Items: Candy, Dolls and Doll Clothes Children's Clothing, This and That Tuesday, November 13, 1962 Algeria (to.) Upper De» Mofrtei-3 NO NEED TO "FREEZE H Here, earnings are paid end compounded semi-an- • nually on June 30th and December 31st. Our generous current rate of return is paid on all savings in your account, whether invested for only the last month of the earnings period or for the entire earnings period ! Start your money working for you now. 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