Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 4, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 4, 1896
Page 6
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Mnrie ^Corelli, the author, is falling 1 foul of iflie press for saying-she has be«n entertaining- a pai'ty of grouse-killers in Scotland. She writes: "I do not shoot, bill'would like to do so now, not nt grouse, but-at (Ihe liars, -,A few liars less in the World would give us all more .breathing room and .a sweeter atmosphere. J Oo not rideabike.'havcrjotin- vented a bike costume, arid entirely abhor bik« riding- for'women,".''Men look sufficiently-hideous nnd undignified on •n bike, and wotncn are- 'worse than hideous; they are immodest, Tha poet's ideal of exquisite womanhood is utetrly destroyed 'by the'sight of these perspiring, redfaced objects 'working their legs treadmill fashion in the mere blatant feminine vulgarities." A ROYAL DAIRY. BO-IT tho milk. Batter nnd Cheese of » 1'rinceM Are nouftod. The dairy of the princess of Wales is, accordingto'the Gentlewoman, a haunt to dream of on a warm summer's dny. Like her sister, the empress of Austria, the princess positively revels.in a dairy. And'the prince once, during her absence from home,'wishing to.prepare a little surprise for her, had the walls decorated with tiles' which he haJ brought home with him from Bombay, tiles of dark blue, ornamented with n, design of roses, shamrock and thistle, and the motto, "Ich bien." A long milkpaa painted with the.same design by Princess Louise of Lome is here in a corner and in another corner you see the head of' the princess'- favorite AJ- i.lerney, with an inscribed silver plata telling of her virtue and renown. J As for tho treasures which lie scattered abouft on slitlf and bracket, they me too many to count. A silver churn, often used by the princess herself; models of cows and 1 calves in/silver, alabaster/porcelain and terra cotta—all gifts to the princess—and other knickknacks too .numerous to .mention. "When .the prince and princess, are nt Marlborough house' a number pf. tlii'y pats of butter are sent up daTly from Sandringbam for their use; The prince Is "faddy" about his butte.r..and likes it to be just perfection. learned-'FrbfetflbM In'Franee. In 1881 there were'in France 37S,000.' persons classed, as belonging to -th« 'learned professionals." < , Cincinnati, Oct. 3.—The departure of William J. Bi-yaii from Cincinnati for St. Louis'Saturday morning was » quid one. The. presidential candidate spent the nightas the guest of Judge James P. Tiu-vin, in Covington. After a hasty breukfast-at six o'clock. Mr. Bryan driven to the .Grand Central depot in this city,. where he was joined by his traveling companions, Congressman nenton McMillin, of Tennessee; Ben C Davis, his private secretary, nnd Allen YV. Clark, chairman of the Indiana Silver league. Just before seven o'clock, the time of departure, 'Mr, Bryan carne on the rear platform of the car around which 200 people had gathered. lie siient 'the few minutes in shaking i.tin'ds with those who desired to, using 1 oth hands rind leaning dou-n over the ruling- with considerable effort. The ci-owd cheered ns the train pulled out. Spoeeh nt Lawroncoburg. When Mr. Bryan ascended the plat- fnrni beside the tracks at Lawrence- I ;;rg, Ind., where the first stop wns i.Hide, the familiar countenance of ex< Tangressinan Holinan, "the watch ;:-.)g of the treasury," was the first thing In: saw. Judge Holman presented the (,-iudidato, who made a (en minutes' .'•;jeech to 2,000 or more enthusiastic j-i'ople, the .important p:irt of which follows: "I donot po Into any community -without fviding that there will lie republicans there vlio have boasted ot their fidelity to the republican party from the time of Fremont or Lincoln until this year, but this year It Is different. There IB a reason for these clianRcs. There la n reason why men who have hoped that tho republican party would obtain relief i'rom th*prcsunt financial conditions—there la n reason why those men this year huvo to look elsewhere for remedial legislation,. The republican party has men holding out a prospect for bimetallism. It has been declared that the .AmorlcM.n people, from tradition and Interest, deslnni bfmetallism. but this year the republican parly says that -while the 'American people m«y desire It, they cannot have It until other nations bring it to them That is the new doctrine. I want you to remember that It. is -the first time in the history of this country that any great party ever proposed that the legislation of this country should be dependent upon the will of people of foreign countries. Our opponents toll u.s that thn tariff Issue Is tho great 'Issue. Until they put a prohibitory tariff on foreign llnanclal policies they cannot talk tarltt to me." At Other jfolntf. The'audience that heard'the democratic nominee at Aurora, Ind., was slightly larger than a't.-Lawronceburg and was 'equally enthusiastic. Stepping, from the car platform, to the speakers' stand by the side o£ the track Mr. Bryan ihade another brief address. He took big chances on' catching cold by standing bareheaded in the chilly morning air. A whirr and a rush was all the several hundred inhabitants t>f Milan, gathered, at the station, saw:bf the Bryan train. They did not see the candidate at all.- Osgbod, reached at S:55 a. ni., had, Mr. Bryan for lo minutes; it also had a brass bund. The can-" didate-talked from the'regnlation stand {o aii audience'of nearly 3,000, many of whom came in from the surrounding country in big farm wagons. .TilINKS JIK W.1EL WIN. Sir. Bryan Predicts Hl» Election !ii Letter to Editor ncurst. New York, Out. 3.—The Journal i-ub- lishes.the following signed Sfatem from Candidate Bryan, predicting Lis victory a month before election: "Cincinnati, 6., Oct. i—To W. R. Hearst, Journal, New York: T have r.o doubl of my election, and I base my confidence upon the fact that, the free coinage sentiment Is growing every day. The people ore studying the money question, and tho study of It la convincing tho people that there can-bo no permanent prosperity so lung as the gold standard Is maintained. The-gold standard makes'a dearer dollar: a dearer dollar means falling prices, and. falling prices moans hard times.. Tho people who profit by hard times are relatively so few In ^number that they would amount to nothing at all but for.the fact th:it they are aided by a considerable number ot the people who, not having studied the .money 'question themselves, have received Instructions from a few financiers. Tho number of republicans who 'have declared for tree silver outnumbers the democrats who have deserted the ticket- and, while the number of sliver republicans Is Increasing: ill the time; tho number of bolting democrats Is all tho time decreasing. While I havo no doubt aa to my election, I believe that every advocate of freo coinage should work from now to election day, to make tho majority in the electral college BO large that no party hereafter will ever dare to propose submission to a'foreign financial policy. . "W. J. BKTAN." Gladness Comes W ith a bettor understanding of the transient, nature of the many physical ills, which vanish before proper efforts— gentic efforts—pleasant efforts— rightly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so-many forms of sickness are not due to any actual disease, but simply to a constipated condition of the system, which the pleasant family laxative, Syrup of Figs, promptly removes. That is why it is tin: only remedy with millibnsof, families, and is everywhere esteemed 'so highly by all who value good heultvi. Its beneficial effects are. clue to tho faet, that itis t-liu one romedy which promotes internal cleanliness without' debilitating the organs on which it acts; It is therefore all'iinportant, in order to {jet its beneficial effects, to note when you purchase, that you have the genuine article, which is manufactured by the'Cali- fornia Pig Syrup Co. only and so;d by all reputable drug-gists. . If in the enjoyment of good health, and the system is regular, laxatives or othciM'em'edios are then not needed. If ailiictcd with any actual disease, one may be commended to the most skillful physicians, but if in need of a laxative. one should have tho best, and with the well-informed everywhere, Syrup of Figs stands highest and is most largely used and gives most general satisfaction. BRITAIN OUTWITTED. Defense Committee Holds a Maotlng. -<,ndon, Oct. .3.—The defense committee of the cabinet held a meeting at the war office ' Saturday afternoon. The meeting occupied an hour and a half. Among the members present were the duke of Devonshire, 'president of the council; the marquis of Lansdowne, secretary of state lor war, and Kt. Hon. G. J. Goschen, first lord of the admiralty. _. . Two I.,alct>0 Dlicorered. Herr.en Sarasin have recently ex* plorcd the southeastern arm of the island of Celebes in f the Moluccas, and have discovered there two large lakes, Matanna- and Towuti, at a height of 400 nnd.'.350 meters respectively above sea level. In the former a sounding of 480 meters was made without findfog bottom, emain's of "a prehistoric..village, built on piles but now submerged, were discovered, the bronze rind pottery found-being very like that obtained In similar villages in'Europe. - '..- . Parchnne of Human IJ»lr. ' ; As much as.£400,000 is annually ispent in England on -the purchase of : human haitv-Asmuch as £150 has been •given , for a good crop of. white hair, this color tie -iriost clifficuH to procure. 'Mnrrlagei In • 1 Over ; 4,800 ' mari-iages take pltM In England weekly. liuMil, Sultnn of Z»nzlbar, Splrlcod on Do:ird German M»n-of-War. Zanxiba.1-, Oct. 2.—Khalid, who on August 20 proclaimed himself sultan of i/.ibav after the cleat-h of Sultan Flamid Bin Thwain and took refuge in the German consulate after the bom- LHirdiDcnt and destruction of the palaco Ijy the British war ships'on August 23, has been spirited away by'the Germans Icspite the British request for his surrender. At the extreme flood of t)ho tide, when Uie water was almost level ith the German consulate, which is it the water side, Khalid was conveyed on ttont'il the German war sloop Se- cacllcr unclei 1 the protection of a guard of German soldiers. The Germa.ns did not notify the British authorities of their intention to remove Khalid from he consulate, nor did they inform the British of I/lit.' fact, that his removal had H'cn accomplished. When the'British consul learned-of .he affair through 'other sources he nade a vig-ovous protest, which has .ot yet bee:i answered b}' the German :ons\ilar aiiMioritics. A Cutting Affray, Branil. Ind., Oct. .'J.-—A polilical dis- ussion nt Statin ton, west of.he.rc 1 . re- ultecl in a cuttingoffray in which Town larshnl A. D. Vocum nnd cx-Mor^hal Ben WiMlams were seriously injured. Frauil Order Issued. South Bend, Ind., Oct. 3.—A fraud rder has bi;c;n issued liy the post office uthorities ng-ainst Thomas & Ander- nv of this city. The'firm was adver- sing an allcg-od medicine. The Kli'odlvo Confers itouor<. Cario, Oct. 2.—The khedive hns conferred the grand cordon of the Order of Osmanieh upon Gen. Sir'Herbert H. Kitchener, commander of the Anglo- Egyptian expedition up the valley of the Nile, • ; J THE MARKETS. INDIANA NEWS. Told In Brief b/ DlapitDim from Various Localities, Grain, Provisions, JStc. . Chicago, Oct. 3, WHEAT— Active and lower. October, December, -G7M:@GS!Ac; May; 7 CORN— Lower. No. 2, 22Vl«i)2Mic; No. 2 Yellow, 22%!o:23MiC; October. 22'4®22%c; December, 23®23%c; May, 2Gi3!2C%c. OATS— Moderately active and lower, with fair trading. No. 2 Cash. 17&@HSc: October, 17%©17>4c;-May, J9Vi@20c. Samples lower. No grade. 130150 ; No. 3, J-tM.@17c: No. 3 'White, JS©21c; No. 2, ]SQ)19c; No. 3 White, 21@23c. R?E—Market weaker. No. 2, 3Gc;/No. 3, Sfic, and No Grade, 32(Q>3ic. December del I very, '37.0. BARLEY—Was about steady; demand continued good. Common-thin, .2-l>£<8>2Ec; malting, common 'to good, 2GS>30c; choice, Sl@33c; fancy, 85@>3Sc. MESS PORK—Market moderately active ond prices easier. Quotations ranged at J6.3CJfG.-IO for cash; $G.30@5.3B fdr October; fG.305JG.3714 for December, and ?7.05@7.17>£ for January. ' , • .. LARD—Trading fairly active and prices lower. Quotations ranged at $'4.00@4.05: for cash; J3.95@-l.00 for October; J3.97V4(8>4.C5 for December, and J4.12&SH.25 for January. ; BUTTER—Market firm at D@15'/4c for creameries, and 10@13c for dairies. LIVE POULTRY — Quiet. Turkeys, 5 @8c; Chickens, G%@7c; Ducks, SQiflc. per pound: Qeeso, per dozen, M.QQ@6.150.- , • WHISKY—Steady on"the' basis of $1.19 for hlffhwlnes. ' New York, Oct. 3. FLOUR—Southern quiet, firm, unchanged. ' RYE—Flour flrm.. Superfine, f2.40©2.83. WHEAT—Quiet, weak, %c. lower, on weaker cables, foreign-selling and following the west. December, 73%07-J 3-10c;May, RYE-Firm; BARLEY—Quiet, firm. CORN—No: 2 moderately active, lower;'No. '<i, 28%@36c; October, 28Hc; December, 29%@29%c; May, 31%@32c. OATS—No. 2 dull, nominal. ' Western, H)<3>SOc;-December, 22%c, .nominal. BEEF—Steady, unchanged. . . PORK>-Flrm'., ' , : ..... LARD—Dull, easier^ - .-''!''' BUTTER—Firm, light receipt!, CBTEESE-Stronir. .-- ' EGG&^Steady._ . " ' 1-lve Stock. .. ; ' : ' : •''• '' Chicago, Oct. J. CATTLE—Market steady. »'. Quotation*' nominal,.,- Fair to best be.eves, »3,40@5.10; stockers and teedera, J2.70@3.85;'mlxed Cow» »nd Bulls, |1.2G@3;50; Texas, »2.BO@8.25. HOGS—Market active ,at- Friday's clo»- IB prices Light, J3 00@3 « rough pacfc- ngl 52 C0@2 75 mixed and butchers', »2 95 O3.45, hfovy packing and shipping, »3.» O31>0 Piss J17a®346 Henflatlonul Divorces. Fort Wayne, Ind., Oct. 3.—Two sensational divorces wev granted in secret session by Ji!i';;i' O'Kourke, of the. circuit court. 'j'h« iirst was that of James J. Wood, the electrical inventor and owner of the famous Wood dynamos, in use all over the world. He was given a divorce from Ella A. Wood on the grounds of abandonment, the defendant getting $10,000 alimony. She is a resident' of Brooklyn, N. Y., and her husband is a permanent resident of Fort Wayne. The other divorce was that of Julia F. llandall from Perry A. Randall, a prominent Fort Wayne attorney, capitalist and politician. Both Mr. Randall and his wife are wealthy. Mrs. Randall is a daughter of the late Judge Fay, one of the wealthiest jurists of Indiana, The division of property was settled out of court. Both Mrs. Randall and Mi's. Wood have the custody of their children. Wcntern Union Is Ucntcn. Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. I).—In (lie legislature, following the passage of the general tax law, a supplemental act was passed fixing a penalty of 50 per cent, for a failure of corporili.vns to pay taxes, the latter becoming due at the regular tax paying time twice each year. The Western Union refused 1.0 pay its taxes and the law \vns upheld both in the state and United States courts. The Western Union then offered to pay the regular taxes, but refused to pay the 50 per cent, penalty, claiming that the law was unconsti- lutional. The supreme court decided the net valid and the telegraph company will have to pay an increase of jne-hnlf of its taxes for three years. Indicted for Embczzlcmnnt. Marion. Ind., Oft. :;.—Amos ". Ilin«ha\v. formerly principal in the pubic schools and later a n-hl estate dealer, var, in-rested on ihc tihiirpfe of emboz- /.lenient. In 1S03 Hinsh.iw was appointed trustee for an addition to Marion. A great (leal of the land was sold, but when a settlement was demanded the rr.onej 7 wns not forthcom- ng, and n deficit of ,$2,500 was shown. The grand jury found a true bill for embezzlement. He was arrested and jound over to the common pleas court, lis bond being fixed at $2,000. Railroad Sale Ordered.. Wabash. Ind., Oct. 3.-—The sale of the incin'nati. Union and Chicago road as projected from Union City to Hunting- on, and partly completed, has been ordered for October 31.* There are claims or labor and material aggregating a nrge sum outstanding, one for $28,000 laving just passed into the hands of r ohn Bliss and F. W. Short, of Chicago. These gentlemen nre endeavoring to re- rgani/.e the company and proceed with "he work, and to this end have obtained urlgment and a decree of sale on their mortgages. Send Their Nainciakoii Gift*. Kokomo, Tnd.. Oct. 3.—The republic- n triplet boys, born four months ago o Mr. and Mrs. White, of this city, lamed respectively William McKinley, jarrett Ilobart and Willis.Mount, rc- cived honorable recognition this week from their n.-mcsnkes. Mr. McKinley sent a fine picture of himseM to his little protege nnd Willis A. Mount, Jr., received a gold ring and chain from the gubernatorial cancliitn-te. .Sir. fiobart has not yet been heard from. The children nre remarkably strong and hearty. Konntor Voorlioes Ilomo,. Terra Haute, Ind., Oct.. 3.—Senator Voorhces has arrived at his home in this city. He was" unable to' receive his friends. His son, Dr. Reese Voorhces; of New York; his daughter. Miss Hallie Voorhees, and Dr. Merlind. his phy- sicinn, who .has been with him constantly for several months, accompanied' him hero.' Dr. Voorhces said they hoped the senator w'ouM improve so that he would soon be able to take an 'airing. ' ' AN INYITATIOX. It Gives Cn Pleasure to robli«li the fol« lou-iug Annouuculucnt. All women^suffering- from any form of Illness peculiar to their sex arc requested to communicate promptly with Mrs. Pink-ham, at Lynn, Mass. All letters are re read and an only. ceivcd, opened, s\vercd by -vvoinen j\ woman can freely talk of her private illness to a woman; thus has been established the eternal confidence between Mrs. Pinkham and the women of America. This confidence has induced more than •100,000 women to v,-rite Mrs. Pinkham for advice during' the last fe\v months. Think what a volume of experience •she has to draw from! No physician living ever treated so many cases of female ills, and from- this vast experience surely it is more than possible she has pained the very knowledge that will he!p your case. She is glad to have you write or call upon her. You will find her a woman full of sympathy, with a great desire to assist those who n.re sick. If her medicine is not v.'hat you need, she will frankly tell you so, and there are nine chances out of ton that she will tell you exactly what to do for relief. She asks nothing in return except your good will, and her advice has relieved thousands. Surely, any ailing woman, rich or poor, is very foolish if she does not take advantage of this generous offer of assistance. Never in the history of medicine has the demand for one particular remedy for female diseases equaUed that attained by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and never in tho history of Mrs. Pinkham's wonderful Compound has the demand for it been so great as it is to-day. FASHIONS CHAM BUT • : ' •'•'',' POZZQNI'3 Complexion POWDER REMA1XS ALWAYS TUX SAME. Tlio finest, purest and most beautifying -| toilet powder ever, made.-' It !• sooth* .1 ing, healing, healthful and harmless: nnd when rightly used IS UVTJSIBJLE. It you h»ve never tried- POZZONI'S von do not know what mn TBFAT* I tOJHPIJEXION POHDEB it. IT IS SOLD ETBEIWHEEE. Veterans Adjourn. Elwocd, Iiid., Oct. 3.—The reunion of the.Si!VPnty-fif1h and One Hiindred and First'regiments, Indiana volunteer in- tnntry, has ended and the following- officers were Erelccted: President, .\taj. McColc. Koblesvillc; sccrc-tary, L- ^'. Fodrea, Noblcsville. Xoblcsville was cl oson rs the r'ncc of holclir.g tho next annual reunion .in October,.189". Xevor Too.Old to Mnrr>'. Ligonier, Ind., Oct. X—Francis Sowle, S3'year's old, and Itfrs. -Nancy Mnnaha'ri, aged 55 years, .were married at Angola, ill. The aged groom nnd bride will take an extended wedding tour,-after which they will be nt home in Steuben county. • • " . " Will Fight tho AdscHAuicnt. Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 3.—The policy holders of th? United States Mutual Accident association in Indianapolis have had arnectingnnd decided toro*ist the payment of nn assessment of $C,000 levied by the New York courts. Sliot Hlmielf. La Grange, Ind., Oct. 3. — Ernest Archer, aged 24, accidentally shot himself whije out hunting. He vcas showing- his companion so*me marksi on a tree with'the butt end of'his gun \vhea it exploded. . : " . THE CKMT HINDOO I'HODUCKS XHZ 4DOV1E RESULTS In *« ttVF . _ Norvcu» Dlsoiuee. T«(lln(r licmory, Paro8ls,S]ecplcsBni!W. JflfthtJy Knifs- ___ •ions,X'tc., causud by -po*t abusoi, give* -rigor and eizv toahninkonor(f.-"i», mid quicklyjoutsurely restores Lv*t Jlanliood in old or younpr. Xiwily carried f n vest *w\rttr-,t I'pij.nttl.dfln. niu-lrn^A. Six for (A AOn-ltll • >M*r KfjiHdcd.. i>on;: writtenjrunr«ntretAc»rcofBiMierroftitide<l. Uo& . r>ui/anfi>rttarton,tut fnftfst on hnvfnff IMtAI'O. It ToordruffsrifltliosJiotcoc it,we wlli eendltpropuo* -OLD*by ^. l'\ Kccsling, 'l-OGANSp'oitt^ •»nd Icidmc dru^istfi clsowhor*- • ' A SPECIALTY liaryTBLOOD POISON Save The Children. When,children are attacked with cough, cold and croup, Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup will prove a quick and sure, core.., Mr.. .-.Elmer E. ; , Baker, -Blandon, Pa.,; writes:- : .'.;"We- Jiaye usedDiv.Buirs.Congh Sytup for cough, cold and .croup, and found it ,llic ; ljcsc cough" ..medicine,, and .cure for^tlicse, 'affections. -;Wc -never -run 1 .out- of it,but nlWays. keep, 'it on .hand.'.' Dr., Bell's CoUgh Syrui>is'.8old-eyer.pvhere for 25 ; cents.. Insist..on having-it;" POISON ponasnoDtl* cured In15 to86 days. You can tiotrcatcd *t homo for ar.mo price under name ftuaraa* Ity. If youpVcfpr.tocomobcro wowilloon* tract toinyrallro ail farcnnilbotoloills.iDd uocliarw), I f we f «n to euro.' If yon bavo talso.i raer* im-y, Iodide potash, und Btlll bnvo aches and rjclns, MaoounVntcheg in moult), Sore Throat) Ifilniplos, Copper Colored Spot», Ulcer* on 'iny nurtoi the Dody, Hair or Eyebrows faitltir aut, it i> this Second/try BLOOD POJSOJi TO f* aKrn& tco to euro. Wo floltcft Ibc most obstfc cs &nd citiLlIenco.tlto world for^ annotcurc.' Tlilo dlroiwo baa alwan ho nbill of the most eminent plijnl* e.5OO,OOO c.-ipiL-il behind . CiilCAGt). After Thirty Years'Experience Braiiiand Nerve Tonic in oarth for nil weakened oondltloni remdlm ot julite. Modiclnoi sent for full month's treatment 'or ono dollar postpaid, or «drtrew for pvtlonlara . S. JOHNSON, M. D., BATTLE CRKEK, MICIL Families in the Conntry Should always keep BrariUaB Ba-lm on hand. It is the doctor In tho house, always -ready and reliable. ...For co)d«, coughs,-croup, catarrh, asthmvpleurisy, rhenmatto, constipation,, fema! is troubles and all kinds ot fevers: it - nets lifce magio *nd savia.many. a doctor's bill Ea"i «long lickncM ' -':•' ,.v Josinii Bacoa, conductor, oa libc P.' W. &E. R.-R., says "BrK.ilisn : Balm• cared me ofinvetornte cntarrlnvhkh Ihac! tor. SO years." Brazilinu Balm: till_s the ortarrh Microbe, i f '- " '- — "" :

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