Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 4, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 4, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER The ,S?&»i. iiHiiiutiUmumuuuiiUMmuuuum*"* 1111 """"*' YOU DON'T WANT A SUIT Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double it. value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy pnces Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY Q. TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor. HISS PARISH WINS. -OK lOGANSPORT. . INDIANA CAPITAL. 8250,000 DIRECTORS: . a m™. W. H. Brlnghnm, JIBr r«u a F. YantH, w T WJl80n Bar.Xln* in al: Its D.part.nents promptly " '"" CuaTo'U, -and Stockholder. CATARRH ForY ; urProtec we ponltlvelj state that thit remedy does not contain mercury or anj other Injurious drag- ELY'S BALM Cleanses the Nasal Fas •" allays Intlamraa 'senses ol tastf and smell. IT WILL CURE. DAILY JOURNAL ~—^^^^^ SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1SOC Prize in Working Girls' Contest. I^^P^»^^^^^^S^^^ Kid Glove sale ait the Golden Rule. :j:um|bler sale, 2c eacb.-Fox & Dun kelbeirg.' . H. J. McGrntth cam oysters froslh da ]y at BotShiMimel's. Aa excellent couch at low prices cran be found at Ash & Hadley's. For sale-Good famfly horse-cheap \pply at No. 214 Osage street. N<sw ilork Oounlts apd Standard oy slters to 'buJk:, .Bothcrmel, fresh, today. Spetitoi sale on tumblers for on week, 2c each; 20 barrels.-Fox & Dun k FoTrcmJt-Housc, 1115 Market street. inquire of Mira. J. E. Parker, 1117 Mar- keit street. J J. E. IwaiKd Modha anid JOTa col- fec'iBfrosn Tuesday an'd Friday at Rotlhtermel'e, G20 Broadway. If yon want pure splcea for your pre- aerres you can get them at Ben Fisher's drug store. A9h & Hadley have Just received n carload of bed room suits for the fall trade, at very low prices. SlftunltKm wamtefl - Lady stemogra- .phler, <lHree yeans experience. Address, Pearl LaupHcair, Pipe Creeik, Ind. Leare ordfers at the, Logansport Wall Paper Co. Sf you want your paper ivunRflnrt-class, and done promptly. For Jnfonmatlon. concerning annual eas rates, see card of LogBDSport " -— 'a «n4- -r\nrt cy Gas Co., !• a= Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; M,lss Kn.te Parish of this city, who BUS figured so well in the. Chicago -Uirooiele's voting contest, has been warded second .place, which menus mnsport-ation 'to Coloraflo Springe, md all expenses paid for two weeks, •ust who received fli-st place could not xs lenraed at nil, the -news received vas to the fown of a telcfi,raim from the Clironidle to news agent Beal, stating iliat Miss Parisdi. ted received second place. Miss Pnrlsh- said thla.t to her knowledge 57,511. coupons had been scut -in by 'l«cr friends for which she Is vei-y smtoful, but it Is qwlite probable that tlie total ramount of votes for her •n-El -rencli 00,000, as a number of votes were scut iu for her of which she had no fcuowKxtee. Th'e contest started arc weeks ago, .but Miss Pairisli did not cmtei-tiho contest imfill two weeks after R commenced, ami therefore tho two •hundred contestants in itha Central nnd Western slates had a- pood start of her. The first week she s.tood Iu twenty- seveniUi place, the second w.ceik in scv- cnteenttt place, the tliirdi week in Hiwelflbli place the four-tOi week in, sixth place, and at the close l-n second place. The contest between those in Chicago closed Wednesday while tlite out of town contestants were -allowed the votes Jn Thursday's paper. Wedues- day 37,000 votes were east to Miss Parish's credit. Tlite conlteet was confined entirely to working girls. There were ten prizes given to tho contestants in CMcngo a,nd ten prizes to the out of town contestants. The first prize was !to;a!nspoi*itloni to Europe and .$300 to ddfray expenses while on the trip.' Mtse Parish Is the daughter of IlMhard' Parish who died a few months ago nnd Mrs. EWtKertae Parish who resMcs on Fltchi street. Her father « . _j,j.i*_.« tn ^nea [KEEP WORKG Hon. F. W. H. Cutcheon Says That Is all that Is Needed. To Insure Republican Victories In the Whole Country. The Hou, F. W.'M. Cutcheon of St. Pmil, MJn.n., wns In the city last night between trains, on his way to Louisville. Ky. Mr. Cutt-hoon is a member of tflre executive.committee or the •National committee of the National Democratic party, and is out on a speaking tour in the advocacy of tlie Sound Money cause. He spoke at South l^ond Friday night, and alt Peru last night,, and speaks at two points In Kentucky Uie coming week. : . While here Mr. Cutclieon was , the guest of Dr. C. L. Thomas, by whom he was entertained'until tram time. A Journal representative s<iw Mr. Cutcheon at the Fourth street station-ami asked him what tho political situation was in his state, Minnesota. "Well.", said Mr. Cutcheon, "I thi-nk thnt Minnesota is snfe for Hie principle of Sound Money, mud that means Hurt Mc- Kfoley will receive n. majority of the votes. But though that is the .situation now, and tho sentiment is undoubtedly growing Iu favor of Sound- Money,, there must be no lat-np In the work. I think thalt 'there is no doubt but' that McKln-ley will be fleeted, but it- will not do for liis friends to Jot up in their tight." ' "What about Wisconsin?" was as-Kccl. "Wisconsin is as snfe as anything win be. Tho Sound Money sentiment is exceedingly strong there. • nod the S'taite will give McKinley from forty to fifty thousand plurali'ty." "What do you -hear regarding Michigan?" "Personally, I know very little about Michigan, but I ha.ve friends who have been up and dawn the Peninsula' from clue end to the other, and they assert 'that Michigan Is certain- TO cast net vote for McKluley." "What earn you say of Illinois?'' "Perhaps t should not express an opinion on Illinois, but from what I can learn from talking with our people at National headquarters In Chica,. go, Illinois will cast her vote for Mc : Kluley, thirty or forty thousand strong. The fight between Altguld and Tanner will be very close, and It Is not at all certain that Altgeld will be beaten.'It IR remarkable, Isn't it, how that man has debauched the Democratic party in Illinois. He is a remarkably shrewd, active politician, and although he docs not 'believe In the free silver theory, any more" titan-1 do, yet lie controls the politics of the staite, and wns able to control the National convention." $44>4994i Ibe stock was too large to sell in Bulk, and upon Uie petition, of -s rity and amounted in the aggregate to $44 499.41. CR€AM was among the early settlers la county, he <h«.ving located 'here in 1833. Miss Parish tos 'been l-n tie employ of Wllcr & Wise for tWe past fourteen years, anil te at present at the bead of itho olonik depai*ment In tlint estatoilsh- nijon-t She Is very popular and her many friends join 'in congratulations. niLITARY HEROES. Eloquent Veterans Will Be Here October 13. The Military Orators, Generals Sickels Seise!, AJger, Howaixl nnd Corporal Tanner will 1» to the city Tuesday, October 13tih, -arch-Ins at 11 o'clock a. ei on aspectol train. This will be one of the big events of the cnmpiiJgn >'i Ixxmnsport, and it Js tho-Intention o£ the RepuMImins to make It nn occasion to be remembered by the people. The d»taffrilisbofl veterans will leave at 12 o'clock. In .the afternoon, the tote crowd will l)c given a chance to hear the young orator who defeated the oW "Watch Dog," IToiLma.n, for Congress In a Democratic district two years ago. James R Watson of RushvIHe will speak at ;th'e rink In the afternoon, and the address Trill without doubt be an eloquent nmd forceful appeal, Trail worth going far to Wear. ' . . QIl'ClTUl LU*J i' «n.iw*»** • — — -~ — -Speaking of politics in -h?s own state, Mr. Cutcheon said: "The Sound' Money Democrats of Minnesota, are growing stronger every day. There are many, who, though -they favor that policy a.t heart, are aifrald to venture for fear of betas called bolters. Party loyalty Is «i great lever, and cowardice'is a greater. Why, I was elected a delegate to Dhe state convention from my precinct," though it was certain that the 1 'sIlverHes would control It. There were a number of Sound Money Democrats In that convention, who had openly denounced 1 ] the 'Chicago platform ond repudiated it Wlien the committee on credentials mode Ws report, It recommended that •n-e toe unseated, though we were duly acredlbed delegates, and sliver men'be put in our seats. They gave "me n' chance ito speak and I mounted .the; platform to tell them my position.^ I stood there for forty roilnutes,; facing a howling mob of crazed fanatics, and' spoke not more than a dozen sentences in that time. -I finally defied them 'and. quit the convention. We were unseated by more th'an a'two-thirds vote. Two- .thlrds.of the lenders of the port}', the Democratic party, are against the .silver heresy, nnd about two-thirds of the voters are for It." ' ... T ; he",NoucoBfm-jnl«t pn-bllsa.es tihe fol- jleltec Win L. C.. IBn.tcman. liiite candidate ,for governor on the populist ticket •)« Maine,' lie letter was written, when .it-was .understood that the Populists of tihe..State would stay in Me middle .of the. .rood 'no matter w-hint overtures wpreim-ule by the silver Democrats. '"•TOw' brave and loyal *kiml -that yon tovc..taken, meets with a responsive tin-ill to'Hie brai-st. of every true Popu- lis,t im.Matoo .and in America. We can -nwv'.a'iU'see.'that tho action of Allen, Weaker. Tu.uboiicck & Co. was for *e express purpose of -soiling out and dls- ruipfctng ''he People's party. "These traMOTS have played, well theitr.pai't-., but they win fan sliort of .aecomp'lfchinig thair ipunpose. Allen wa«i.to be returned to tihe Senate by the Democrats, Weaver wns .to be the secretary, of the Inferior, ami 't.h'c little lickspittle aaid stool-pigeon., Edfferton. to rocei-.vo some small office t'h-at would fit-life dAmlnutive -abilities. The traitors ,-and .0.11 others of the offlce-seektog brand will soon le.i'rn- thnit it is one tiling to sell out mud -betray a noble cause, .but quite another thing to deliver .Uie goods. , "Tom Watson h-as been ignored and insulted-in order to "break down the- in- fliieneo that -he possesses with Ms party iind'-bJis Mem*.- The conspiracy is now laid bare In all its -hideous features. 'Mr.' Bryan 'has Just gone n. thousand miles out of His way to hobnob ai'nd prafee the plutocrat, Arthur Sewall. Gorman, Hill, -Tones & Co. are In full control of his campaign. The -men who. have •lalbored for fifteen years to build up this movement and moke Its success p9S9iible are trampled upon i>y the office-seeking gang wlio run the Democratic .party. For proof of this witness tine treatment they are giving th-at noble patriot, Paul Vandervoort, Here hi Maine they stilted ia on the .Minie Knee of abuse toward tine, writer o^thls letter, 'but soon found tihey had caught n. Tartar. Tlie fruit-of their lor 4or .can, be seen m tlie returns of the C. W. GRAVES Book Seller and Stationer. Successor to W. T. GIFFE, 413 Broadway, JUST RECEIVED Lady of Quality STREET TYPES OF AMERICAN CITIES, HONE OCCUPATIONS FOR LITTLE CHILDREN, RED BADGE OF COURAGE. iatc election here in Maine., -Thej- were bii^ed uudar a ' majarity so Dig that iey.can never recover from the shock, .'"AH 'honor to Uie brave- Populists of Indiana!"-Stand by your gam®, for you •we the mi-nutc-auen- of tb-i« conflict We shall now get nothing to the wa.y of reform pveii 'if Bryan is elected. There wl.ill.be..i distribution of 150,000 federal offices!' 'Only ibis, and nothinig -more!' Exit lie -wJli not be elected. The brutal creaUiwnt accoi-ddd to braive Torn; Watson; the lying, deceitful hypocrisy that this ill-starred campaign LITTLE FOLKS LIBRARY Consisting of six books for 50 cents, just the thing for little folks, entitled Circus Day, Rhyme Upon Rhyme, Little Farmers, Fairy Tales from Shakespeare (2 vols) and Stories from History. fly New Goods- Are 'here. OH and examine them be- fore.buying, AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailor- MOST PERFECT. MADE. Frw life: POPULISTS ANGRY. Recognize the Sell-Out to Bryan flanagers. . the Yesterday mormlng about 8 o'clock a team of horses hitched to a gravel wagon belonging to Andrew. Young ran away on the Weatslde. They started from Schuba-ch's blacksmith shop on tte West Slide and. stopped after running through a fence near the creamery. One of the horses w« badly hurt. . '' < : ; ' This week's Issue of the American Nonconformist, the Populist.-Statu: organ, condemns the attempted fusion deal In unm'easured terms.; and' devotes a good deal ,!•., of. spnca to denunclaition' • of, what 4t terms tihe'"InidtaiiapoHs ga.n.-g," wlio. weut over tothfe Democracy rfg>M after the Chicago convention, and have since.. had the effrontery to endeavor to %.- tate Populist policies. . • •';;-.-'.. Charles X. Mlathews,! editor': of ...the Nonconformist, declared. yesterday, tliat he would -ask for a mandate to compel tihe -certHficabiion- to the election board of the Populist electoral" ticket put up by the committee of thirteen;at MB sdssJIon Sept 17. He lioUls'that tljc action of ttoc commiittee on.'ttoa!tj'.,da_y, was dn effect (the action "of, rhd conven- tiottj.aind aifter.-it had been.d'ojbe, no.^ Ing could undo It. He.dtaclarc® .this coniiailttee.-was State coU'Ventloni. forthe o!f a«pecl.flcact,.anflttliat, , ._ formed on Sept-. 17, and-.tbe^iwitto] • •* »«.t^^w. -t'Vt^MaKir 'a-r niiSufffV Jl'13 liiitriiuu 'Lii-ia i-iL-jwu*.!. v." *.-• :iias"accomi>llshed its fatal work. raster;" -We stall be just as well off. ;We must reform our lines of battle, ajnd/coniinerice over again. ''.'-Here in Maiine we have steadily rc- .fused 'to have any fusion Ueal'with the Dpmocrats.. We -have a straight set of Populist electors mud we stall keep iiicm .straight. Our "oi-gn.niizaaon rc- niains .intact. The Democraits know better' titan to even propose fusion to : us TTse your great influence to bring about .the some condition to the West. 'Tlia linfahibu's sell-out in Kansas should r be rebuked by tihe overwhelming defeat 'of eveiT'.maii, from Jerry 'Simpson 'rtoATO,"who -iiiid a hand In tliait ouuioge. •'' 'Thank' God tlie cnnipaigm will soon be over. Let us then have a conference <if'true Populists and decide our future : Hne'of action. - Bryan, will go down In iilsnstroiw defeat nnd two-tUIrda o'f his followers will be .shouting for a. gold stan'dard til -two years from now. The Infamous ti-eatmcut of Tom Waitson w'iilt .make 'htm the president of the '•'United'States in four yeans irom now. God' reigns -and justice' yet lives in- tlie 'hearts of men. This dfliiniiolble conspir- 'ncy td desti-oy this great rofoirm roove- :'mo.ivt• will surely fall- Reforms do not move backward. Betrayed and dis- prawl by its own ileaders It wiJl r.lHC nil the'stronger for tlie ordeaJ tln-ough 'wWch'-it is •pnssimig. A noble opportunity WHS .Bryan's two months ago. He was not wiuni to the occasion, nnd the chariot wheels of a people's vengeance 'wall crush bil.ro Into oblivion. Let BO itnw? PopitUst despaJj-. M«« im »y prove false but principles, are eternal; The peoples party wIM live. God blees •YOU the brave men of Indiana! I "L, C. BATEMAN." Wilson Pitched a Cracker Jack Game for Cleveland. Cleveland won the second gome of tlie Teouple Cup series wltli Baltimore yesterday, 'by thie close score of 2 to 1. Wilson TV-OS in 'the "bos for the Spiders, and It was a magnificent game. Cuppy was due to piteh yesterday's game, but will probably go in tue ttox tomorrow. • TMs game witt be won by the Clevelands, and then, If "Uncle Cy" Young can hold them down In the next, the Spiders cam return home for the remainder of the scries without much fear of losing. A FALSE ALARM. Some miscreant sent in an alarm of fire from a box on the Westslde this morning at about 2:15 o'clock. The Nos 2, 4 and 5 companies responded, but the alarm was false. Some smart alcck will be caught at this sort of business some fine night, and a term in the penitentiary will teach mm somt sense, maybe. Wllber, the Jnfant son of Mr. and Mrs Oalvto Hawkins, of Clifton avenue, died Friday evening at 8 o'clock, aged 8. months. The funeral will be held this afternoon at 3:30. o'clock from, tho residence. Interment will be made at M*. Hope cemetery. HONDAY OCTOBER sTR STRONGER THAN EVER, WITH tH ENTIRE NEW COFIPANY. Tbe Eminent Young Actor . John Giffift Presenting Henu Irvlng'i Version of Goett*e Sublime Poem. FAUST Employing <;«rloadBof Historical Oorwctawtt rTsee tneWrle Dual, the Dewnt Into HUB the Fiery Brocken. Prices ?1. 75c, 60c, 35c and 25C. 'Fi'n.nk Outcheou of St. Paul, . member of the National Democratic Executive Committee, was In the city a few hours List evening c-n route to Loulsvlllef rom Peru, where he addressed the Sound Money Democratic club last eyeninp. • -rrosepli W: Funk, of ; Olay township, retui-rieil yesterday from a. .visit In peims'ylvainla with old : fnchas. Mr. >unk soya the P.enhsylvantons expect 'to : icarry that; state by".200,000 tor- Mc" Mrs. Mary Campion, wife of Patrlcu Campion, died at her borne In Wo:bnsh Friday. The remains were broughi to itiiis city yesterday afternoon and were taken to die residence of the de ceased'3 mother on Wabosh avenue. The funeral,will be held this afternoon •at 2 o'clock.. D OI.AN-S OPERA HOBSK. , William »ol»n M«B«lter. WEDNESDAY, OCT. " Dont Call He Gill." FCJf !! ITS 513 THE GORHANS, John, J»nic» n»nl <*««'»«> *" "The GilhQlys Abroad" All New and Up to B»le. Fan Jiom First to Lwt- ,. Prices, 25c,35c, Me and Toe. A gentleman writing f«"» Ohio, speaks of notieio* a- mcnt!oa*£ Prof. Michael's politics and write*ft liave positive knowledge that he ne«c in his history pretended to be a Bep«*- Itein. He voted for THdem. itt 187C, taf Hancock In 1880, and be personal Ills city yesterday arternoon «"« -^ ^ ^ mc ^^ 1)c vot «i for Clew-, e taken to die residence of the de-, ^ 1SS4 an d 1S88. li 1890 or abo«t id's mother on Wabash avenue. ^ ^^ ^ claimed to be a ProhtK- tionist." ' . Lost.-A' garnet ear-ring. Beturn to this office-and receive reward. Your attention- Is co»ed to ttoe big ad. :of-tihe Golden Rule. \11 members of the W«< Slfle nnd llternrj- club are reqnestedto mt«t at die cluto rooms MonAnjr evening; toiwlncss of Importtuw* ta to *e actetl. •

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