The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 16, 1962 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 16, 1962
Page 7
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GENUINE FLEX-O iiSMS So s^r* flwji •• "• •GLASS GLASS-O-NET )WYR-O-GLASS ICREEN-GLASS FLEXO-PANE 9*titt»tti«n ooAtAHnte Webster City Hi Regrets Rowdy Acts After Game ED WOLF, tOREsT 1 ^* Owner "ATMKMlUrf AI«/«I» PftAAMOlD ALGONA Webster City Student Council Webster City Junior High Webster City, Iowa October 3, 1962 Student Council Algona High School Algona, Iowa Dear Student Council, On behalf of the student body of the Webster City Community Schools, we wish to extend our apologies for the poor conduct displayed after the football game September 28. We wish to explain to you that the majority of our student body dislikes any exhibits of this kind. _ We hope tnat in our future meetings we can all take our wins and losses as true sportsmen. Again we are sorry. Sincerely, Webster City Student Council Kristine Sutka, Pres. Jim Marvel, Vice Pres. Mike Treu, Sec. Susan Card, N.C. Dist. Sec Patricia Simpson, Council member P. S. Please show this letter to your coach and very fine football team so that they will know that only a few rowdies were instrumental in the act of poor sportsmanship. PORTLAND By Mrs. Victor Pitch The Portland Progress club will meet Thursday afternoon Oct in the Portland Community , with Mrs Victor Fitch, Mrs Earl Shipler and Mrs Ray Fitch , • ;> j« ;» ;> :> HERE IT IS ! ALGONA'S MOST FAMOUS HOSIERY SALE ! KAYSER FALL HOSIERY SALE OVER 300 DOZEN RECEIVED FOR THIS GREAT EVENT! THE LARGEST SINGLE SHIPMENT EVER! •?~77 u j Yes! U ' S °" H0ht now at Graham's - your Kavser ^W ^Ir/l 6 :! 1 .! 65 ' ! >' S .f he h '° ^"r "-M Sale wh'erHo hostesses. Program, My Hobby, h a ?K to & ing a sam P' e ° f their hobby Mrs Harold Becker and Mrs Tom Trenary will have the surprise number. 0 .. Mr , a , nd Mrs Edmund Larson attended the Band Festival in Algona Saturday and were dinne guests in the Effie Teeter home Mr and Mrs J. R. Thompson spent the weekend in Minneapoli with their son Jack and wife Beverly. They also attended Cine rama while there. Jim Sparks came home from Cedar Falls to spend the week end with his parents, Mr and Mrs Howard Sparks. Mr and Mrs Howard Sparks and Mrs Ruth Sparks \vent to the Guy Dimond home, Britt, to help Mrs Dimond celebrate her birthday. Dennis Meister, who is attending school at Mankato State College came home to spend the weekend with his parents, Mr and Mrs Bernard Meister. Mr and Mrs Bernard Meister and family went to Carroll Sunday to visit Bernard's father William Meister Sr. at the St. Antony's Hospital. They stopped in rort Dodge on their way home where they visited in the home of Mrs Meister's parents, Mr and Mrs R. V. Cox. Relatives here are looking forward to a visit from Dr. and Mrs Robert Collett and four children Denver. Franklin Becker had the misfortune of getting his arm broken at school recently. However he is getting along nicely at this time Mr and Mrs Billy Chri.sten.sen and Debbie were Friday supper guests in the Roger Schmidt home, Titonka. Mr and Mrs Albert Harms and family of Titonka and Mr and Mrs Paul Arend and family were Sunday afternoon visitors in the Jesse Harms home. Cfte glgotta ityper Be* jtlofm* ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1962 VOL. 97 - NO. 41 Mr and Mrs Willis Brackey of Thompson were dinner guests in the Bernard Phelps home Thursday. Mrs Brackey is a niece of Mrs Pholps. The Portland Social Club met Ihtirsday afternoon, Oct. 11 in the homo of Mrs Edmund Larsen Nine members attending: Mrs Tony Jamil, Mrs Jesse H arms Mrs Ray Fitch, Mrs Elizabeth Kennedy, Mrs Effie Teeter, Mrs JMVira Christensen, Mrs Mike Arend and Mrs Ben Lampe. Mrs Tony Jamil was in charge of the program. Mrs Hugh Williams was to have had the surprise number but had gone on a vacation and sent the material to club with Mrs Jandl, so all could enjoy a game of bingo. The next meeting will be held Thursday afternoon, Nov. 8, in the home of Mrs Effie Teeter. Leo Clark of Britt and Mrs Ray 'itch attended the funeral of Mrs Anna McQuade Wednesday after- oon, at McCullough Funeral -hapel. Burial was at the Irvine- on cemetery. Mr and Mrs Roger Frink of Vhittemore were Thursday evening visitors in the Victor Fitch home. Mrs George Hix visited in the Dwight Ruse home Friday afternoon. "For what avail the plow or said, or land or life, if Freedom fail?" TOMATO Apparently it was a good yea for tomatoes in Sumner. Mr Wa en 0. Creager had one that weigh cd nearly four pounds and mea sured 16 inches in circumference «.'.. >(SJ.«..'.k,ik Surasota. Florida. LAST WEEK WALTER SHIRRA accomplished quite a feat He sot nlo Ins space ship and orbited the earth six times It took Y lot of preparation to make the trip and he certainly compressed a lot of sight- nf C fh nn8 i'fn,°,, . i rl u pace of a fcw ho " rs ' His - and Ollr - understanding of the Universe has been greatly increased as the result of the flight tho the " whal was - f ° US - m-i , tho oarth - For mc < thp Preparation for miles so far was fully as complicated as if t were going into lf f T e n!' V r had ° f , the Way othor f eo » le 'ived in the Yhn M t m ° Wlth as mut ' h womler as if I were view- the world from a space capsule. i, , OF ™ E '^FORMATION Astronaut Shirra gathered on his had to do with what is, and what is not, appropriate for travel teaonton 6 ^ 1 ^ ffi *• t™ £ first - hand -f-m.^on on what to take along on a trip to Florida. Already I've found most of the things the ffrWrr n nh nll ^ n , 8! ^ a fm ' nd his spacesuit a little wa ™ °" part of my trip P '' B my clothes to ° Warm on the middle Alvin Lewis of Eldora grew 2 : '.i pound potato. Also a banan squash which measured 28 inche ong and weights 24 pounds. $1.35 KAYSER NYIONS ON SALE AT ... 99 KAYSER K-l Seamless Mesh Nylons (Regularly $1.35) 99c LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKING Shop the [pYELLOW KAYSER K-2 Seamless (Regularly $1.35) 99c KAYSER 6515 Evening Sheers (Regularly $1.35) 99c AND ALSO THESE KAYSER SPECIALS KAYSER 6530 Service Weight (Regularly $1.35) 99c KAYSER 711 Luxury Sheer Stretch (Regularly $1.35) 99c n but » KEP1T ,TfV, LIN « MR thatil i« "°< in Florida this time of guess I didn't really believe them. I brought along my en- h be ~ tW °, SuitS ancl two drcsscs - antl one 8 iur of beat up threw m at the last minute. I'm no fashion expert but I can r f0lfS h, tS ^ T™ drosscs with l°ng-slccved jackets jus" «rf . m , f ? rtablc . wh en the thermometer gets to ninety/The shorts and the bathing suit I thought I wouldn't get out of the suitcase have been worn every day, the latter in both the Gulf and in a swimming It's New . . . It's Here THE TERRACE TOP KAYSER K-20 Seamless Stretch, Heel (Reg. $1.65) Nude KAYSiR 545 Service Weight, Out-Size (Reg. $1.65) KAYSER 530 Service Weight, Stretchy Top (Reg. $1.50) $1.19 9^j^r ^^WI9Mil «Br ^^^^^ HUP BB ^BBP 4f? KAYSER K-14 Seamless Stretch, Reinforced Heel & Toe (Regularly $1.35) 99c ir lor A SPACE SHIP must be most spectacular. The cross country trip can also have its points and s the additional bonus of having a chance to glimpse how other live. With the exception of Georgia and Florida. I'd visited bc- l the states we ve been in on the trip, but it was in entirely different parts of them. Illinois, which I'd always thought as mostly metropolitan has long stretches of prairie farmland with miles of travel- cent sale°s tax S1 " tOWn ' Th ° y a ' SO haVC a who PPing four Per * * * FATHER HAD BEEN AT THE famed Indianapolis Speedway for which if vo^ C h-n "' f hlS , trip was my first look at u - In Cincinnati, n,H hi l y y> J ' m took us to a P° rk overlooking the Ohio river Muffs P«norama of the changing leaves on the trees on the * * « THE CUMBERLANDS WERE ALSO gorgeous with color, but I was hioi™,n, Af a S °™ c the shecr dr °P s so close to the edge of the nignway. At one point we were barreling down a curving hill when 1 looked up to see that the car directly ahead was entirely without a nfhXr^n K . V nvest !? a i ton reveale <) that it was being towed by another car, but it sure had me scared for a minute. KENTUCKY IS A STATE OF contrasts. The places around Lex- mvt" 0 Th° re y r , aise h -°'' ses aro love| y- Just like tnev look 1" the • whitn r ° ar ° P' 3 " 10 ' 10 ", nollses ^th huge white pillars and miles white fences around the lush green yards where the horses run ve heard since I came here that it cost horse farm owner $50,000 usto paint the fences!) Then you get to the hillbilly section of Kentucky. Every shack porch has people settin' and rockin' on it At one Hn°r, S p r ^<f «'« Pe liT 6 WaS , a real celebr ation. Henry and His Trained Horse was there the mountaineers were standing around enjoying the show and listening to the hillbilly music. "ijuymg me * « » WE DIDN'T STOP AT ANY of the battle fields in Tennessee - in fact Father and I haven't had any battles during the whole trip. However, I can t see how Sherman ever marched through Georgia the way the h.ghways are marked in that state. At about Georfia' Se fall colors were replaced by towering pines. We were very conscious of the pine odor when we stopped for the night at Thomasvllle but hv mnrnmo we hac | become so accustomed to the odor we didn't even ; i ;> 4 f KAYSER K-27 Wonderloc Stretch, Runless, Seamless (Reg. $1.50) 3 PAIR $3.50 \l (jrahams ALOONA A smartly-styled new range with a distinctive two-level platform. Use higher rear level for long-time cooking operations - lower front level for foods that require stirring or mixing. The Terrace Top has all the cooking conveniences and low installation cost of a free-standing range but gives the appearance of a bulit-in. TIIE NEW TERRACE TOP RANGE IS ADVERTISED ON PAGE 5 OF TODAY'S FARM & HOME SECTION AND IS ON DISPLAY ON OUR SALES FLOOR. SEE IT TODAY! BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE WHEN WE STOPPED FOH coffee just over the border in Florida Sunday morning, we got into quite a discussion with a girl from North Carolina about corn bread. There were 14 children in her family, she said, and her mother used to fry corn bread in bacon drippings in two n-on spiders on a wood stove. That's the real kind of corn bread sh« EZ ™ S '., , I" 101 " ha i! White flour in il and tastes t°° much like .aKe. I he kind her mother used to bake in the oven was always fed we fe e ed 10 it n fo S -th S e e h d oes! ard "^ '" 10WU ™ ^ *° VMe ° f eorn thal THE SUNSHINE SKYWAY CONNECTING St. Petersburg and Palmetto across Tampa Bay ,s just as breath-taking as John Kain said HiiViVf WaS n ' C V° b ° welcomefl ^ Sarasota bv Margaret Bishop Milliard formerly of Algona but who has lived here' for ten vears She swears it is the most beautiful place on earth. Margaret lives in a hnr fr . °i ^ C ? b ? na "" Lon S boat K ^ *"" the Gulf practically her front door and the Bay at the back. Trailer living, she has convinced me, is most comfortable but if I moved into one I'd have to after^se * y m " St PUt evcr y tnin g back in P lat 'e immediately * • • WE ARE DOING VERY LIGHT housekeeping at a motel in Sara- sola. It is owned and operated by the world's tallest couple the Fischers _ and Algonans Bill and Geneva Hilton and Curly and Helen n-att have stayed here. We put in our supplies at a super-market lustTilcp 8 !!!^ S -' ng ^ orange ° n sa J e so we are dri nking frozen juice just like we do m Algona. Yesterday we saw a 106 pound jew fish fifnT' '", th . e G , ulf ner , e ' P redict that Fa'her will not be able to resist the temptation to go fishing much longer. IRptPH I'- - _ Grace. iwf» «i v ' '^p ^^w^r*^^^VHr^*v BANCROFT By Mrs. Lawrence Bergman Mr and Mrs J. H. Welp returned from a deer hunting trip in Wyo ming where they each got theii limit of two deer. Raymond and Verden Farrow and Duane Sandt spent the week fishing in Canada. Mr and Mrs George Doocy, Bancroft, Mr and Mrs Francis Doocy Iowa City, attended the funeral of Mrs George Doocy's mother, Mrs Seorge Doocy's mother, Mrs Lendway at Minneapolis last week. Mrs Lendway lived here be- 'ore going to Minneapolis. A very large crowd attended the mzaar held at St. John's school Wednesday evening. Townsend Club Studies Polls Algona Townsend Club met Sept 9 at the home of Miss Ila Bilsborough and in the absence of the president Miss Bilsborough presided. It was announced that a Half Century Club has been formed within the Townsend organization to honor those members who have been married 50 or more years, and at each national convention they will be given recognition. Other items of interest was the •xplanation of poll taking. The re- •ommended Congressional candidate was announced at this meeting. Nominations were made for officers and more will be made at he next meeting and elections will be held.

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