Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 4, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 4, 1896
Page 3
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Let The Whole World Know The Good Dr.Miles' Heart Cure Does H EAT5T J5ISEASE, bus Ito victim at a 'dlswlvantaso. Alt7.i73,taught th»t limtrt disease 'Is iociiratle, wbpn tb.e symptom" become well deilnod, tho patient txjcouncs alurmcd and .1 nervous panic takes .place. Cut w'tica a su-o remedy is found and :ieuro elToctod, afti>r vor.csof sufforins, thcro Is cro:it rejoicing and- deslro to "lot the wholii world know," Mrs. Laura Wluo- ln?cr.o!£oll:I.-l:, Kansas, writes; "1 desire to let tho whole world know what Dr. Miles' Tlr irrilP"* Heart Cure has dono for TfPI'f 1 !' Cnr a pain In roy heart, short- ne^n. t,urv- ^ ot b ; eathi palplta . IReStGreS tlon,p.iininmylof!;side, TT^nl-fVi ' oppreasod leolln-; In my tlcSlln..<•••! chest, weak and hungry spoils, bad dronins, could not lie on either side, was numb.indsulTereJ terribly. Jl took Dr. Miles' Heart Curo and before I finished tho second bottlol fclt Its gooi efTccts.I foel now that 1 am (ully recovered, and that Dr. Miles'Heart Cure snvod my life." Dr. Miles' Heart Cnro is sold on puarantoe that first bottlo benotits. or money refunded. EXPECTANT We Oiler You o . REMEDY Which ' INJURES Safety ' ol Life to Mother I and Child. "MOTHERS' FRIEND'M 1 Rots Confinement of Its Pain, Horror and Risk. My wife used " JIOTHERS' FRIEND" bo- I lore birth of her llrst child, she did not suffer from UKAMFtior PilNS—was quickly ) relieved ivt tho critical hour-suffering but (little—slio line! DO pains aftorwnrd-and her recovery w:is r.iplil. E. K. JOHNSION, Eufaula, Ala. Sent by Mall or Express, on receipt of i filtt, $1.00 i»r bottle. Book "To Moth, ere" mailed Free. BBADFIEID ItKfJl'LATOB CO., Atlanta, Gs. SOLD BY All. DRVOOIBTS. STATE NATIONAL JBANK LOGANSPOKT. INDJ CflPITflL • $200.000 j. F. Johnson; Preildent B.W. Ullery. Vlc» Pre«Ident. H. J. Heltbdnlt, Cwhler. DmECTORS, I.F.Johnson. B. W. Tilery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott W. H. Snider. Buy and B»'l Ooverament bonds. Loac money «n personal gecurtty and collateral!. Issue special certlflcatus of depbeltl bcarinc » P« T cect - Interest when loft otv« f»»r; S per cent, per annum when deposited six months. BOTCH In Safety Deposit Vaults of thli tank for the deposit ot deeds, insurance Mllctea, mortgages and «ther valluablei, Mated at from 15 to 115 p*r year. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BEO^DWAT. "~ CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKFR ••• N». 417 Market . Calls attended to proliptly. day •' Central Union and Mutual telephone*. Office, No. 16; Residence. No. 12L _____ WANTED A NOVELTY , to take .out a potent on. Krom tJOOO to CSOOO o( i.. »red by » manufacturer lor n good selling article Ad<l InternatlOTHlP»tent * Technical Bureau X "Kelcbolt" South Bond, Ind. vo*»tU01Monadnook,B!lc., CSlcflgo Ills r IMPBOVEiD raN'IXG-QA.-K SERVICE '•': ' ON THE .WAI5AS-H. Meals -n'lll now tic sorrcd A la Carlo • on all Dining: cars on the Wabashl Line, TWs -wlil'-bc'a great accounnodatlon to passengers as i't will onaWc thlcm to .' select from the bill of fare Just wiiat • tney mant awl pay only for what -they -get. . WHY IS IT, /; If catarrh Is a blood"disease, as some 'Clata, that physicians frequently afl- jjlse cbauge of .air and climate to those i; atiflerlng? Catarrh Is a climatic aflec- V tlon, and nothing but a local remedy or ; 'irfcbonge of climate'will cure It Ely's S. Cream Balm Is so efficient as to do Way with the'necessity of -leaving homo and frlenda, causing Instant relief and Is a real cure of catarrh , oduaranc- SIONS VIA BXICDR- Ooi 5Gu^ fitbi Jorr uonnd trip tickets, to Hamilton win be sold vta Ptnnsyl twota Wnes f6r;i^c»/e«jttty^fah?, re-* ' t coupon* mlld~Oct 10th, , i T P. A. NOTES. Traveling men.are Invited to send items of interest to this column. Personal notes will be jladly received. Matter »hould reach The Journal office by Friday night to Insure publication In Sunday's issue. * * * Tho co-uifldauce of your -ti-a.de is your niloslt vaQiimlblo «ssot. . * * * noli/oles and -business dou't ma.ko a witonitag.trnde tMict. * * * * # * Host F 'Will 'horeafter have their meciliuig .place, in the 'hall of Mic 0. R. C. * * * -Mniny -a travailing man loses lifts tade by cilianistos to tin taCerior House on flit of a.liiirparsnlairy. H. Etoclwtoiie, Bm;t Vine?-, G. r. Wa<flilnim siiud Wnltw Dciiddck wore •Oaton •business Jnv Roekfiold Tliursclny aGtomnoon-. The .most cor.'Sii>''.<-uo-iK«, 'the most ccJo- bpnlteil "imd most K lvoTOUffl% discussed nnimallis .in >:i.11 bujr-do-m today turu I'll* jrold and salvor bu.es. * * * "If you d-cmt sell to your'tr.-rdc, somebody cfl.se will.'' 'Hive-rove 'Iti.ki; a bfiek Boat far ITO fine'Hind you wMilfliceompllMh •\vfliat you ei.rc semi out Cor—to make sale*. il< ill ill iiiiniK ! tih-e Wa-1-asili railroad, can-led several f>C Loisiinsport'^ •travolcis (into 't'liio culiy. Among the boiuuiojr "t'.-iws oC ye jolly traveling me-ii on this -siveokia '[train wore Burt Vinyy, Win, Stewart. Trimum Soivtlr suid Waller DeLlriek. fl fl * Uudesiraililc "accounts are turned down today -as never "before, anil "Uliesc ,w .also 'tho d'ays whan- a roan's true worth is •wote'lred on timer scales ttan ev.ea- befO're, whom not only-'his wealth Os ei>ttslde.ml a factor, but also His tlU-. Mis 'liabi'i's fluid 'Ms whole life. * * * -tllia.t U>o kaigh't oC the grip is usually diissolnto, irauilwail or a to 'tru'tli is not so. 'No man •n-orks Hairdor -tlui.il lie 'and Ms Dime is so teikein up iltat lie could not, it lie would one-age Ini itlifl -pastimes-with whllcli bu is ci-ediited. T3ic .bravcailnig saiesuTa.ii.we •meet today ls.<i main of fine Diaturnl aMiiitiy, "Ob- 1 * 'foeltaes and wMi a htart oslly reached, wod it a wan ought to be well treated, ft is lie. . • • • OUR POLITICS IN GERMANY Dr. Conrad Says His People Believe McKinley Will be Elected. A sd>ec*il from Qoi'inwbus, OMo, says: J, E. Ooairad of nllto-. cb'ator of. poetical econ'dray fff Iflie UulversSty of Halle, ., -wlhto is v«tin:jf to tiife Oiity, snild Itod'ay ffiinnigTi an.Jol'tcrprciter! 'It to 'Mi milt vorsmil beJJ : e.f i'U Geriwuiy i McKilitey will be elected and 'that tlite ATCjericflD people will not coim'tenaiucc mxy such Mtaclous doc•as <l'htit of t We fre.e cotaago of Tlio bankers ..'JVtid- students of fl.iEimx.-e to Gm-ru'amy airc much inter estcd Jn Ulie inin.'iiter -:md look forward to llhe sol 11 titan most .plausible, which fe -lilite dt'otfsilug of tlie gold standard by tho voters of America. The gold standard 4s oinaiSpotcinit dii Gcrmniiiy .people. are' satisfied,' ilUe bajj'kers turn! medli-niwcs .are agreed 11.0 desire to clVaroge tlie exist ius sftnlt.e of siffailMs as Gernwiuy is more prosperous titnim cTor. "Tlilerc wro no ma:rd ••tthwes jm> my eomi- try nis S!t is saiild Iflicre fli-c DICTC. We arc c-Mtcndiim? our trade aHl over the world amid Hihore Je JTO com|platot on any score. It -is 'boltered Uhlnlt even if .Bryaai Is oloclted, IDmit free cofange of silver would in'Oit .result It 1s difficult to conceive i:n bhe Gorman mlaid 1 that the Araenioaw people 'will a-groe on such a •false step. The Gcwmain people do bc- aiove, tlitouprh, 'Shalt the clec.tipn.or Bryan •would to any er'euit result disastrously for it-he Uii'i'tod States." "How woifld. lit affect our.'tamilJ, i" . I tfliltalc HJC ifii'ec coHiuugo existed, that it would flrat opamite <ns a prqteaUvc to keep out Germain goofls from Alt tttfe 'OUtselt «ei-e" would' iim.pontkn!W!OJi of Ajmerl- caiii gaodte to GiermianT mad other countries, bu't not. for. long. It micro w<is a preaniiiuim on gold E.uicc«pe would i>ro- todt .Ihdrscilif, a itaziiff loaigue -would be farmed am|«H.g .the cioumtrles'to sdiut out ABKJtfoim goods. Especially Amerl- ann caiwalls .. wouflid , fod, ti^s.' The fai'mors of Bngilanid, -Fi'anice add Ger- ro'amy we raerely flrniaittllag tflils oppor- itmilJty. Ttticy would' pat wny needed *n 'gralta from Eiuss-la." GRIFFITH'S FAUST, ' On the occasion of hls-'flrstTappear- •vnce here as a star, two years ago John Griffith wonr much. praUse'for his admirable Impersonation ojf MepWsto ta^'Fatist His return ^to, the Sohillei last oiglit bronglit forth 1 a Jrtendly 'demonstration whlctt flteenied to>lndl ito^tliat there Is no need to reverse the "verdict pievlously rendered On the contrary, there 'is greater cause (or commendation, 'inasmuch .as Mr. Grlf- (IMi lias, remedied the faults Uiat were uodcable in. .his earlier effort. He ha.s altered and Improved his characterization so thait the defects are oC scant Import when placed .side by side with tlve merits. Mr. Griffith Is well equipped to play Mephlsto. Jit' has lithe, supple, pliant 'and elastic figure. His facial «^>resslon Js .admlmble, nud he endows Mephlsto with the cynical dia- blerie and the sardonic hardness that •seem best in keeping with, modern con coptioins o£ GcoUio'sdinmorbil crontlon. For one thing 'Mr. Griffitih' slionld have t'lr.'inlas. He docs not transform Mc- l)hLsto luto a vulgar clown or buffoon w.liost' sole milsslon- is to tlcfeK> the risi- bilities of fa.reo-comedy patrons. The ihumoMHis lines fl.re given .with, an appreciation of their inoaiilng; ,'uul the satirical vein Is fodlawedto cxccllcutaxl vantage. It Is evident .that Mr. Griffith hn.s accorded the tragic drama and its ceJitKiil figure cariwst study (uul cn.reful eomsideraitimi. Ho realises thall; thoi-o are vast possibililins in the study o£ iwychologloal clemcii'ts of the phi.y, iMid his work is Intelligent, regn- •hu- jind wcll-rouiHled, Mis Mvphisto is an intellecttrail ijei'l.'orina.ii.('e a.nid nrerit? liberal support on the part of pla.y- s.—Ohk'siigo Kvoning Post. ' WHEELMEN TO CANTON. Indiana Bicyclists to Visit Major McKinley October 10. Jindi';inu.i|poilis. Inid.,0ot. 3.—The wheel- incin of Itod'him, wltl iirn.lce a pilgr-insi'gi 1 ilio Gratom no vi'Sii't Ma,1or McKiailey on October .10. Iiwftwm. feels tta.t slip rilvoiiiM be g,ivcni- spex-itil rccognvi'titoii by ifllio :niext j-n-cssldwit, ami tilve whoo-jium oif illlio Sfa.te flviive eecwrisl tJiat d.-itc to preson/t a good-roads mo-vemont wli/Mi Uwy 'believe, will prove of benefit Co itlie ^ wtale UnH'ed Staitesi. It is desired 'Hi-it .as nwuiy Indfouva wlvool- rncin as post?iiMo make Uie trilp. 'JMie stMt Will lae made fu-om Tiwlianinpolls, Friday aili'g(Ii.t. George N Y . C.i^torson, w'h'oUias dharse o!f ulic NflittonM Wheelmen's jrelCJmiley ami Holia.rt clubs throughout iflie Stnte, 'lisis secured a very tow rato from. Indilaaiapolls to Cnmton amd retiuiin, TUfere Avill l« : Mg w3ioelmcins' paavi.ile in Tnidinmapoli on Faiilliiy liigliifc gnd Mr. Caittarson. de ncs tihait ail those -\\-lio eomibemiplat mtikipg tihe inr.iip wll uotlllfy- lihu ait ouc nine! be 'here Friday oranilOR to tat- pavt In the parade.. PortBos of ten o more will 'be miaide up in eeverai town owMide. of lodtomirpolis, nnd th-e«c dele 3,-Vliioms wM nil be Iwa-e Friday even llnig to go w^th the malm 'body whic! ill len.ye at 10:30 lilwit ui'iglnt. One of •lilijj feaifcures of the partuli •litere and one wliiicW ovary wheelnmi 1 should see will be tiho diiisn.Any of t.hi bicycle flambeau cca-ps wliic.li is.com posed of" tiho niilltsiTT wJieelmeu ol Irtdiianapolls, It gPv.cs a.Micycle drill anfl eixli'ilbition of. lire works tihc sani'e order as the fauno-us Topeka flamb'cau cluti wWcli Was a nntlona ropwfnifcion-. . THE STEi-MIT .ADVANGE IN ' , ^ . WQEAT.' ilud'liain'aiwlis Jounaioall: .TJite price, ot whenlt eantitnucs to advance Slowly, as it htis been, doing for severn'l weeks, On Xhmrsdiay at CWoa.go Jt sold' above 70 cente, «ind DceemibC'r 'ciptTons sold n.s 'lill.gli ,i'S'70 1 /L'. TMi'S. is an advniuce of I," coaits over tLo pnl ! cc <ff Sept. S, beta ;ni 'iVvcirogo 'of % cenitis per busilie.l a day advance far ihvonty-<.tnvo. days. Tlife is n'olt a wipid <iidv>n0ee, but It'is steady raiouglil *o justify 'liopc of .a fu'rther Almost eyocy day this market limditaato ia -naitnrall cause- for tli'o np^-fflircl tefldenier, but they nil point' to tiro opewiititan at th'c-' law of supply ai«l danmm'd. A New-York dis- pnitdU an Tihluirsdn.y snilo^" "EngCte! Mouses nigaiio 'accepted a .good deal of wheat. Zbeire ils-a domairid bwe for cairgoes for sUipmenlt as ftr aioad as Fdbruniry." Tine CMeago grain, ma.riwt ropoi-t Oif TliiUipaday saW: - • • Tne sboek of-wlienit at UIvein>oi>l was rcpoKted ns 'toctrag oaiily 1,490,000 -bush- eLs, .about 500,000 biKflwte decrease slirace September. 1, .nind isnffi'dent for onfly aiWout 'ton' days' connura,p1*cm, and again ais comjUaMd wi.tlh albout '0,000,000 'busnels nt lluc corrosponidtog dorte an- ; lllie y&n' before. Two: cairgoes were retportwl engaged alt Uv-eipool fop'slilp- mdnlt to laidiiio, eometMng unJieard ot bcffoire, «n:d Sam, FMOielsco...wircd i .-c*n- firmling lUlie.reported pui-enase by London of wnfealt; fa CaMforn.'ta. i toA to Cakruittii. • Tlite wenit.a long.- way* to- wnirde oomfli-mSinig the..ii^oarted fajlnre of crops' to. .IndJia.. - Rice, one. of 'the dhidf. odilfbles of .thlat? coTiBftry, was, re- ixw(ted to be wortJi nnoi-e to CMeufita taai' wliealt, .,: ..'. • .,-, -.,..'• . .> TMs sliiows ihtow .jsensilitilve the price of wheat te to .the. law,.of supply .and domarad,, naid. litow,.. closely, .connected -minrkeits nirc by steam and Itele- Wihwn wJieat Inns adi anced 13 cents to twanlQ t^o darvs eilvoi has re- maiined stalLionary ot Wife lowest point on recor'd ^iithout any piospect of nn mdvmnce Thfcie Js libairt as much con medttan between ithjep*e «C silver and the price of wtoealt as there is between fhe pj-iee of silver ind fhe ilse and fall of *he tides CLOTHING. CLOTH (NG. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12,00 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.00 Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.50 ; , v Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 50C FOR CHOICE OF »HY STRAW HAT IN THE STORE. 25c choice of any of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one third off, thfty are bargains. Now is Lhetime io buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Goods, and 526 3roadway is the place to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH G GRACE & CO, 264 BROADWAY. THE CHURCHES. ailito Eiwar.tli leugue of libe Inincl street -cibuvehi -willl fliTC .in ciutcr- itaitaracwt and sociall Tuesday evening. First Presbyterian church, communion sciTii'ce nt 11 a. in., smd preacMus by the pastor nit 7:30 p. in. Trof. Elch- liomi w.iill (Wirect the iim-sic ait both serv- i-ces. Filrsit GhiUircU of Olilrtet (Scientif?!)— At Uinivwsalst 'elilurc-li -todny at 11 a. in. ComimuB.'l'On soi-vj-ces. Subject, "SpMtioal Gom|Biipu.ton." AM ;ire- welcome. Bcv. -Seiuaiiffi of 'the Broadway MeOj- odiWt dlilurc-h wuil aid'diress *he meef.tag ito be hold 'in the R. E. Y. M. C. A. iwoins 'tills- aiCtffl'nooii'' at 3 o'clock. Evei^bo'dy •cordil.il ly liirvtted. ISdrviccs ait the EvaaigoElcal chiurch, •coraei'. of Brown: aartl WOieaitlaod Sundjvj' scltopl at 0:30 (i. m.; preaching -by *he iwstor -ait'10:30; Y. P. A. at 0:30 •p. m.; pi'eachiuij? wt 7:30 p. 111. Wlfc.iitiimxl M. E. eniurdh. Rer.'M. A.' Harlfiia, pastor. Sunday school nit 0:30 •a. .in.: senmon -at 10:45; class at' 12 m.; • Juiii'lor EipwoTilih lengue..«'t 3 p. m.; Ep- wortli teiipue ait 0:30; rcvivaa. sc-n-Iiccs •at 7:30 p. m.. A welcome to .I'M. fottowiilnig is 'Iflic order of servu-ces nit ifho A. M. E. 'Clmrcto, comer of Oteo'Ut «iu'd Mm-kot street. 10:30 a., m., seriiHMi -by tlfc. -pasto-; 3:00 p. in., Sunday 'Selipol,'Goon'ge AUea-, superiinitend- •an!t; 7:4D, avculng sen-'Lces. Special pro^ni'm, All! are welcome. L. Pettiford, pastor. •Market street AI. E. cliurcli—Satfbath ..ah'ool f»t 9:30 -i. in.; prcacliliiuuf by the pastor, W. 'E. Wones a±-.10:45 n. m. mid 7:00-p. m.; class meeting ait 11:45 a, m, ami G:00 p. m.; .Tiinltar.'leaBiiea-t 3'p. m.; EpwonUi loflffuo .'at 0:00 p. m.; topic, Tine Ouitwnird Oincle;" lender, Josli: Oiiver. All are invited,. . live- Biroa'flway SI. -E. .chmrcli. E. L. Sefmaos, paefcor; cla,9Sat 0a. m.; Mniton •s'liipen'liiDiteji't'lout; prea cli-i a? n't 11 si-, in.; suibjedt, i'TBib.'JPriumpto of flic Gospel;". Junior - league at C a. m.: Epwoi-tfli leajruo alt C.p. -m^; preachiog nit .7; subject, "Tire Sword and. .Gir- ineu.t." It to..ra'lly day; tot ail the mem- ,, j, and' Mewls be presont Alt tlio BniplM'slt olrarciii. SwDday school a-t 9:45 a. ni. Preach Ink Sorvrce at 11 m.'; subject, "Tlhe'Pleaisamit and the ^ inU'oaisant to AssodLnitlion." Jwnior | at 3:00 p..m.' 'Senior Union at ,;30 p. mi; subject, "SeeMiij? to See Jesus." Text, Luke 10:1-10. PireacMaS earvffloo at 7:30 p. in".';" .subject,' "TDh'n Afctendnnt On Mere Human RetornjnlUIon." A cordial invitation is extended to fliil, -nud ata-aingers"espe- cially;'.. . ••'"•' '.-'.; '' ' iBroaxlway Presbyterian' olnii-cli, co-r- and Broadway, Kov; Atn\'bod nr Pnbbc -\\orsiilp it 11 . m -ind 7 30 P m -The pi star will preach moraine and evening from the chapter of Decleslastfcs e^ tfthe metaphors referring to 'Old W?c and Sudden. Death." Special music by quartette, Mr Humphreys eader Ml-* Lut soprano Miss Gush man alto, Mr C "Martin tenor Mr WHEELS. |£- All Kinds of Drawings Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Spi-y:BIock. Ed Powell, orgauiist. Biblo school 0:30 ! a. 10.; Y. T. S. C. E., 0:30, -subject, "Why 1 I Believe-in the Atonement." Printed programs. Free-scats. .All welcome. St. Luke's Bnglisai Lu.t3ien.-an, corner First a-ud Market 'streets. J. C, Kauff- nVnio, pastor. Suuxtey sch'ool_at 0:30 a. m., rally djiy'e'xeii'olses; cTiurclii sorriccs ait 11 a.'in. : , oJbserrance 1 of -the Holy Canimuulloni; CKristiaa Hud'Ciavor at C:30, aim], diurcli -sci-riccs flit 7:30 p. -m.; ereoJins sutojoot; '.'The A-ncicnt Clnn-ch Qoibtiiiuucd." The 'Enetend Jlissdon SuTid-ay soliooJs moefs at 2:45 p. m. You are inri'bed. - HOW.S THIS. Wo-offer One Hundred Dollars re ward for aoy-cnw of Catarrh that can not *te cured by Hall's Catarrh: Cure. F: X-Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., We, the undersigned, have known F ,T. Cheney, for the last ip years, amd be- llieve Wm perfectly honoraWc in all business transactions and flnamcially able to carry out any obliga.tlons made by thelr-ftrm. WEST & TBUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. WALDI'NG,: KrNNA-N ..& MARVIN, ' Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hull's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, noting dilreetly.upom the .blood : and .mucous surfaces- of .the system. I Testimoolals sent free:. Price: T5c per • ibottle. Sold-by all drugglsfe | / ^ • ; ' When you find a person .who has : tried Simmons -Liver-Regulator you are sure to hear 'thorn say something. In Its favor. Mrs; G. T. Judy, Blue Grass; . HI., recently wrote: "I cannot do "with- j out Simmons Liver Regulator since I bnow the value of It as a family medl ' ctoe " And nr W P Gibbes, of Beanfort, S 0, eftys 1 "I preBcribe Sim- inons Litreir Hegnlator and' know It to be a flrst-ctaa»4Iver medicine " - Lx)ganspoit " : UESSONI. '-.'• "•See illw> mfiin ^vitSi tb'o •\vJi5skcrs. a shlrcwd smiilc lie snuiles. My' boy, •filDhlt Us -a Pop-u-Ifiist. H« stops lite a cat IslbVs-toot-injrfOTatostwiU? No. He liamk-ers for a cluaace to-liowl He is seck-3tns some claoice crime. Is hie a . He gitns, for be 'has diis-co-v-ercd> cnir-mia-ks o'f a plu-to-crat. Wei and bear the Pop-u-liist'larnient The Political Manual Is one of the most convenient and useful handbooks for th-e campaign yet seen. It is indispensable for-the public speaker and editor. In fact, the information tenoning political and financial' matters is so •n-ell edited and so well tabulated and arranged that the book must become at once popular. It sells for fifteen cents and Is convenient to carry in the pocket. The Journal will take orders for any desiriiig the work. How are Your Kidneys? Healthy teidncys filter from 't'he blood uric acid and ot'luer poteons 4ihat c;iusc Kheuma- itismy Xeuralgto,'Bi-iglilt's Disease, etc. Dr. H«bbs Spanagus Kdney Piffls cure these diseases by curing sick kidneys. For sale to Logamsport by Ben 'Fisher and .Tolun R Coulson, drusgists. . Xnltoal gas bills for the month of October are now due and payable at the Company's office on" Pearl street ^ Pay your Natural gas blHs before Oc: tober lOBh.

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