The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 9, 1962 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1962
Page 15
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' ' * fP& A October SALE of SALES! SAVE '/a Tp 1/2 ON CLOSET AND LAUNDRY ACCESSORIES THIS WEEK AT GRAHAMS . . THESE AND MANY MORE SPECIALLY PRICED SAVINGS DURING OUR OCTOBER SALE OF SALES! LuVerne Party Twist Contest Dept. of History and Arefeim Des Moines 19, loua LnVerne — Sophomores, who had recently given an Initiation party, were guests of the freshman at a recent "Harvest Moon" dance. The winners of the twist contest wore Darrell Rusher and Linda RiiRg and Don Frost and Linda Sehnelzer. Punch and donuts were server BLANKET BAGS perfect low cost storage bag for blankets. Taffeta embossed clear vinyl, full length. 26" zipper, regularly 1.00 P'S 66c SHREDDED FOAM Large 2 lb. bag of foam, perfect for stuffed toys, pillows, etc. 88c PILLOW FORMS foam pillow forms, 12" either round or square. ALGONA Mll/MBUS DAY IS OlSCOVeftFR'sDAY..,* — -' FOUND NEW FUN F ROCK WITH RYTHM! ROLL WITH GLEE!! A MAN SO EVIL HIS FACE COULD STOP A HEART! 88c •£sv3f?.l ., ^-i^-^^^jsS v. !r*i 18 »i-? GARMENT BAGS choose" from embossed suit pr,.. v dress...lbqgs or . clear plastic 12 "garment jumbo bag pictured, all with full length zippers, reinforced for extra strength. USUALLY 2.00 66c regular 1.00 CURLER BAG HOLDS 48 LARGE CURLERS quilted taffeta embossed plastic, gold lurex drawstring top for easy access, also ideal for cosmetics, hose, toilet articles, sewing kit. tTSACRAIY. COMEDY^ CARNIVAL/7 Participate In the "Punishment .Poll" during the running . B A OB ABBOTT«,COSTELLO • OSCAfl WONW-0 MJWtT hOMOLKA- LEWIS • DALTON """'ROLFE..S..™. ALL SEATS BSc FOR THIS ATTRACTION Thursday - tw BAKER CWBWE CALVE? m ML: ma" ms HIM inns HERNANDEZ- KENNEDY PLUS COLOR CARTOON SATURDAY THRU WEDNESDAY SAT. MATINEE AT 1:30 CONTINUOUS SUN. FROM 1:30 3 BIG NEW FUN-FILLED HITS! PICTURES all purpose TOTE BAG heavy gauge plastic with strap for easy carrying. 13" zipper in front for easy access. Ideal carry-all for bowling shoes, golf shoes, picnic items, baby needs, asst. colors, HERCULES, strongest fiero in history, meets wfeatest weaklings in hysteria ...and ;& more fun than a Roman Circus. 1 66c BB9BI IRONING"BOARD PAD & COVER A FULL LENGTH FEATURE 30 MINUTES OF FUN ! jjjj^ heavy foam pad with •' "• non - scorch Silicone • treated cover, fits all , ironing boards, usually 1.98 SILICONE IRONING BOARD COVERS 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1 2 for 88c A ^^ BRAND NEW CARTOON . FEATURETTE! v> TECHN.COLOR ^^^^^s^^^mmx%mmjSM i/rjVs?^.*! PLUS - ACADEMY AWARD WINNER I The Fun.. Jhe fury.,. Jhe Fascinating UfoofJHC SHAGGY RULER QFWf KWKIW Jlote ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1962 VOL. 97 - NO. 40 for refreshments. Chnperones were Mr Holme and Mrs Walters. Other facult members attending were Mi- Johnson, Mr Wickett, Mr Smitl Mr Arcnds and Mr Shellon. Jerry Davis brought his tape re corder to school Monday. Tlu sixth grade used it to reeon voices in reading class. Ronnie Wolf recovered from having his tonsils and adenoid: •emoved, and is back in school Mr and Mrs Dwight Savage arc he proud parents of an 7 lb. 7', >z. baby boy born Wednesday, Oct. . at the Brill hospital. He was lamed Jimmy Dean. They have ne other son. Mrs Jessie Stripling, daughter Murcia. son Mike and her houseguest, Mrs Bess Connely of Bancroft spent from Sunday to Tuesday in Des Moines with their daughter and sister, Miss Sandra Stripling. While there Marcia, who is employed by the LuVerne Co-Op Elevator attended a bookkeepers meeting. Eileen Ernst went to the University hospital at Iowa City Monday for a check-up. Clint McClellan was taken to the Lutheran hospital Saturday evening, Sept. 29, for medical attention. William Young of Des Moine; was a Monday evening visitor ai the home of the Bob Rusher fam ily. Mrs Anna Pergando enterec Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge where she will undergo surgery. Mrs Ted Johnson was hostess Wednesday mornnig, Oct. 3 at a party in her home. Mrs Eleanor Huntley of Goldfield was the Stanley Home Demonstrator. Guests were the Mesdames Alice Stamp- ka, Alice Coyle, Doris Will, Darlene McClellan, Kathleen Meyer, Joyce Nielson, Claudia Meyer, 3abe Baker, Darlene Curry and Bunny Harris. Herman Hinz Jr. was released from the Lutheran hospital Sunday, Sept. a surgical patient. STATEMENT REQUIRED BY THE ACT OF AUGUST 24, 1912 AS AMENDED BY THE ' ACTS OF MARCH 3, 1933, AND JULY 2, 1946 THle 39, Uniled Stales Code. Section 233) SHOWING THE OWNER- Algona Upper Des Moines. published veelcly at AJgona. Iowa, tor Oct. 1, 1. The names and addresses of the uolislier. odllor, managing editor, and usiness managers are: Publishers Upper ___ „ . , shing Co.. Ill E. Cnll St.. Algona, Des Moines Pub,. v —•* *•• "• *-">. »ji., f\i£unu, la. Publisher, Editor and Business Man- Rer. R. B. Waller. Algona. Iowa. 2. The owners are (If owned bv a corporation. Its name and address rriusl be stated and also immediately there- under the names and addresses of stockholders owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of stock. If not owned by a corporation, the names and addresses of the individual owners must be given. If owned bv a partnership or other unincorporated firm, Its name and address, as well as that of each individual member, must be given.) R B. Waller. AlRona. Iowa, d/b/n Upper Des Moines Publishing Co.. Ill E Call St., Algona. Iowa. 3. The known bondholders, mort- gagees, and other security holders owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages or other securities are: (If Ihere are none, so slate.) None. 4. Paragraphs 2 and 3 Include, In cases where the stockholder or security holder appears upon the books of the company as trustee or in any other fiduciary relation, the name of the person or corporation for whom such trustee is acting; also the statements in the two paragraphs show the affiant's full knowledge and belief as to the circumstances and conditions under which stockholders and security holders who do not appear upon the books of the company as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other than that of a bona tide owner. 5. The average number of copies of each issue of this publication sold or distributed, through the mails or otherwise, to PAID subscribers during the 12 months preceding the date shown above was: (This information is required from daily, weekly, semiweeklv and triweekly newspapers onlyi 5.5(H R B WALLER Managing Editor Sworn to and subscribed before me I Ins 'Mtl\ cja> of September \W> (SEAL) JOSEPHINE WALDERA iMv commission expires July 4, 19G3.) A TRIP CERTAINLY GETS Ypu into doradent living prettv fast For example here, we are two days from Algona, and this is the first t.vping have done in that time. That's the longnsl vacation away from he keyboard I've had for years! If this keeps up, I am really going .0 go all out and do something 1 haven't done since my last vacation .wo years ago. Paint my toenails bright red! * •» •» iiiin i>hi',i\ (jLlrK SOMK TIMF, since I have stnycd overnight c-hanged there also. Our stop was'at' Fisher, ni°. ^ ^les'from Cha'- nute Air Force Base at Rantoul. The room, at first appearance was ust like any nice motel, but I soon found there has been some extra eatures added. There was a little machine, with two cups and two nvelopes containing instant coffee, cream and sugar, and there was little hea er to fix the water so you could have a cup of coffee before tartmg out in the morning. * + * BUT THE THING THAT REALLY IMPRESSED me was the bed. t looked like any other bed, but there was a coin machine and a sign t the head. You didn't have to pay extra to sleep in it but the sign », » v J I° U W I \ best nigllt '' s rost of >' our lifp - tk 'P° Kit one quar- tei. No dimes, it had to be a quarter. ^ P n WA n FRES " ° UT OF BARTERS, but I had one, and I wns actually willing to invest it just to find out if the bed was as advertised The sign promised that if you would lie back with your eyes closed' would feel like "hundreds of tiny fingers gently digging" I figured that this would be one night I wouldn't have to scratch Father's back and because it was a double bed, we could both get the treatment on he sjme quarter! It worked out pretty well, hut Pa didn't really get the full benefit. Instead of keeping his eyes closed, he kept taking peeks at the television. fa THE NEXT EDUCATIONAL part of our trip came right here in Cincinnati where we are visiting our old friend and former Algonan Jim Bishop. He lives in a bachelor apartment and that's where the educational part comes in. Back in the days when I knew a lot of bachelors none of them had an apartment. Since that time, my husband sort of frowns on my frequenting such joints. I have done a thorough house sn ° opingl ' can now rc P° n to y° u 8' rls how a bachelor keeps * * A I'VE LOOKED AND LOOKED but I haven't found a single etching Bachelors, according to all the stories are supposed to have three or four of these to show girls when they take them to their apartments However. Jim has several samples of modern art which make good conversation trying to figure out what they are supposed to portray Hoht If (a . swlmmin ? P™ 1 - Of course, it's too cold to swim in it i ight now, but in my estimation it adds a certain dash of class * * « ti,PvTi ! K C V, PKOAUD . S AND U EFUIGEHATOU are just like i thought they d be, -For supplies there are 1 can-of. beans, 1 of Greea.GiSnt £?»£,'.£ Pa \ Ut t - /1 " ln -f, r> abox of P° wdere d sugar, a jar of salted 8K ' V ,™\" P '" S ' spray starch ' coffee, some carbon tetrachloride popcorn, lighter fluid, and a package of macaroni «iipo r i rcf . ri f crator thore ''s a bottle of pepsi, three beers, two slices of bread, four pork chops and 2 hamburgers in the freezing compartment, some chocolate cookies, a jar of mustard and Jim's laundry He washes it in the apartment washer, puts it in a plastic bag and stores it in the refrigerator until he gets around to ironing it This InollgVmThe "gorS. ' GAS-TOONS JOHN ELBERT "Those are the FIRST SQUAWKS John ever had on his ENC'O service." If you have reason to squawk about our service, it will be because it's TOO GOOD ! ! ! ElBERT'S ENCO SERVICE We give King Korn Stamps l& the Best Service in Town Phone CY 4-4904 State & Minnesota Streets HOUSEHOLD HINT FROM Jim is the way he does .is a bowl of water with detergent in it on the kitchen counter. When he finishes with a plate, cup or fork, he plunges the cm in the bowl and leaves it there until he needs it next time He then rinses it off and he's all set once more. A bachelor's apartment isnt nearly so wicked as I thought it would be, but its very nice and comfortable. And it has convinced me that no housekeeper-wife maid or man ever gets completely away from two problems, washing dishes and the laundry. * * * SO FAR ON THE TRIP. I haven't been able to completely relax ause I keep looking back to Algona. 1 get to sleep just fine but I wake up at exactly 3 a.m. and start worrying. Is Mary Ann remember^ 9,,r a , A , ' Doos she need that coul ' borrowed to take on the trip? Wil Algona win the football game Friday night? Does Jean remember to take her notebooks etc. to school, and are both of the girls too much trouble to Grandma Sigsbee 1 .' Are Grandma llobson and Harold able to keop the dog, Gidgit off their furniture 1 ' How are Ruth Shierk and Faye Jones getting along with my jobs 1 ' * * '» I AM MORE Sympathetic now with Lot's wife in the Bible You remember when she had to leave Sodom or Goramorrah in a hurry The Lord said that if anyone looked back they would certainly be turned into a pillar of salt. Lot's wife was probably worrying what was be- ended 8 up saTty' 01 ' 80 ' a ' ld tricmis ' she lookml bac ' k an<l sure enou g h she FORTUNATELY ALGONA ISN'T wicked enough to be destroyed iiit, but if I had had any such ultimatum as Lot's wife had way DUCK in ttie days of Sodom and Gommorrah, 1 would certainly be quite saline now myself! } ' * • * ^EDITOR'S NOTE - What - no recipe 1 ') BurfGirlls Elected One FTA Officers Hurt — Frances McDonald, Hurt nigh school junior and music mid recreation chairman of (he Kos suth County FTA., Saturday wa-, elected music a n d recreation chairman for the North Central District F.T.A. at the annual h.T.A. District Convention held ul Humboldt. Frances, who is the daughter of Mrs Viola McDonald, had for her campaign theme a very fitting one "The Music Woman" patterned after Meredith Willson's "Music Man" Posters were prepared and sent to Humboldt by the Burl F.T.A. members. Musically presenting their candidate were two members of tho Ledyard chapter Carolyn Busch accompanied by Ann Carpenter. Mrs Mary Oesterriecher, Burt 'irst grade teacher and the Kossuth county sponsor was elected secretary - treasurer of the North Central District at a meeting of the sponsors during the noon hour. Kossuth County F.T.A. had nine numbers and two sponsors, Mrs Oestemerher and .Mrs Hochelle Scot I among the Jtio F T A. member * and sponMircd at Saturday's iiH'eting Thursday through Friday — "Adventures Of A Young Man". Friday midnight show at 1T15, "Mr Sarduiucus." Saturday — "Bear Country", 1 iu - « 25. "Adventures Of A Road Kunner", 2 05 - 9:00; "3 Stooges Meets Hercules" '•'•'iO 7:00. Sunday — "Bear Country", 3:005:35 - a: 10; "Adventures Of A Road Runner", 3:30 - 6:11 - 9:45; "3 Stooges Meets Hercules", 1 304:05 - «j 45 - 10:00. Monday through Wednesday — "Bear Country", 8:30; "Adventures Of A Road Runner", 9.00; "3 Stooges Meets Hercules", 7 009:35.

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