The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on January 6, 1944 · Page 13
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 13

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1944
Page 13
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Thursday, January 6, 1944. THE DECATUR REVIEW PAGE THIRTEEN Radio Day by Day Dinah Offers i Good Variety STATION FREQUENCIES WSOY 1340 WMAQ 670 WBBM 70 WGN 720 VIS WBBM 890 Music, comedy and whimsy with -e;:ie Dinah Shore presiding over f,er crew. Cornelia Otis Skinner, Joiand Youna. the Joe Lilley Sins-'fs and Kobert Emmett Dolan's orchestra, make up today's Dinah i Shore program on WbUY at 8:30 m. Alan Ladd plays the leading role tiay in Columbia's "Suspense" presentation. "One Way Ride to Vow-here." The thriller program is heard on WBBM at 7 p. m. B.r.Z Crosby and the Kraft Music Hall. V.'MAQ at 8 p. m.. have j.A-o rising young guests joining in f-e genera! merriment. They are Nar. Wynn. vocalist, and William J.-S'.vley. actor. Rollicking Judy Canova visits the Abbott and Costello show, WMAQ at 9 P- ni - fnr what promises to fce a mad half-hour program. The Old Ranger pays tribute to pne of the most famous desert characters. "D a d Fairbanks," vhn died recently at the age of 55. on the CBS "Death Valley .cays" program, WBBM at 7:30 'p. m. Dad once loaned S200 to an cbscire your.g prospector. Harry CaK?s. who later returned to see hirr. as Sir Harry Oakes. Coast guardsmen of the Third JCaval District are the talented gjests nf Major Bowes on WSOY st 3 p. m. Thursday Evfninc 8 30 WSOY Record Session WBBM Clifton Utley. News WMAQ Don Elder. News f 30 WSOY News Reporter 4fi v.'SOY To Am'ise and Amaze You s wOY World Today CBS J M WSOY Nws Analyst CBS 6 00 WSOY It's Show Time WMAQ Fred Waring Orrh. WGN Dr. Preston Bradley WI.S J:.: .an Bentley. News WBBM Neivs I :5 VCY Stopper Melodies WBBM Karry James. Orch. W'MAQ John VanderrnoK. News WGN Dr. Preston Bradley wljj Unyri Burhneham 1 30 WSOY Backcround of the News WBBM Mr. Keen WMAQ Bob Burns WGN John Holbrook. News I V.T.S O-:- ol the Shadows t 45 WSOY The Sportsman W'MAQ H. V. Kaltenbom. News WGN Guest Star Theater WLS Dcussion Club 6 WSOY Names You Will Remember ; C-1 WSOY Senator Scott Lucas WBBM Suspense V.VAQ Fanny Brice V.'GN Con'identiaily Yours WLS Earle Godwin T 15 WSOY Tonislu on the Telephone WLS Lum -t Abner WGN Grace Fields 7 30 WSOY Wishir.c Hour WEBM Death Valley Days WMAQ Aidrich Family . WGN Human Adventure T 4 WSOY So the Story Goes I M WSOY Major Bowes CBS WGN Gabriel News WMAQ Kraft Music Hall WENP. America s Town Meetir.f 1 11 WSOY Burl Ives WGN Charles I.-vinr. News WENR Concert Orchestra I 30 w COY D.r.ah Shore CBS v. MAQ Joan Davis and Jack Haley W7NR Spotlight Bands, Carmen Cav !ro WGN The Treasure Hour of Sona-? yi V.'SOY News WBBM Abbott and Costello WGN F.aymond Clapper. News WENR Raymond Gram Swing, News 9 WSOY Pleasure Inn 1 ? 15 WGN Dale Carne:ie. Orch. W'ENR L:sen o Lulu I 30 WSOY Let's Waltz WEBM Here's to Romance V.'MAQ March of Time. Anna Sten wgn Swins's 'he Thins WENR Dance Time 4S v.'ENR News 1? '0 WSOY Nws W'MAQ Fred Warine WGN Fulton lewis. Jr.. News WENR The Symphonette V.'EBM T Love a Mystery !n WSOY Invitation to Romance 1C 15 WSOY Joan Brooks CBS WF3M Colony Serenade wgn Chicago at Nisht i W'MAQ Hub Jackson. News 1C 30 W.OY Abe Lyman's Orch. WBBM Eucene Read. News WMAQ Encores WON Charlfs Irvine News WFNR A Toast to Our Alhes It (5 wbfm Salute to Victory WENP. News WGN s .T-'k Box 11.00 WSOY New CBS WMAQ News WON News WENR Ulnier Turner. News II 05 WSOY Cevelandaires CBS wmaq Des:cn for Lisenma V.'GN Musical Notes WMAQ Desisn for Listentna-11 30 WSOY Boyd Pabnrn CBS i WON Griff Wiliiams Orch. WENR Eddie Oliver Orch. II 00 WSOY News CBS VGN News WENR Music You Want WMAQ Pot Luck Fridav Mnrninc t t V.'SOY Farm Hour ( 15 wmaq Town and Farm. Everett ? 10 WSOY Netj s ' "" W'SOV Gcspe! Hour 7 00 V.'SOY Np-j s of the World CBS WLS Av Dreier. Nws 7 :h WSOY ?.Tus;cal Clock WBBM News 7 30 V.'SOY Morning Newspaper l 7 4i v.'SOY Gorham Letter '"0 V.'SOY Musical clock WON News ? 15 V. SOY Jeirv Sears Presents S "i WSOY Carol Marh CBS WLS Breakfast Club 45 V.'SOY Something Old. Something New. Rus Brcwn "o WSOY Hebrew christian Hour S 1" WSOY Open Door CBS S 45 V.'SOY Openinz Markets ' s WSOY Police Safftv News 1C CO WSOY Marrhinit to Victory WLS Breakfast at Sardi s V -, v.'SOY Making the Most of It 10 30 WSOY Easter Parade 11 CO V.'SOY World of Song V. frm Kn-e Smi-h V.'GN Bo.'-ke Carter. News 11 15 WSOY Ni-as 11 V.'SOY Onan Reveries 11 30 v. SOY Romance of Helen Trent --CB3 V'G.N John Hclbrock. News 11 45 WSOY Our Gal Sunday CBS Fridav Afternoon 12 "0 V.'SOY News' V.'ls; Dinnerbell Program 13 15 V. soy Watching the Clock 1:30 v.'SOY News V.'MAQ News 1- 45 WSOY Mtdda Melodies i 00 WSOY Lum 'n Abner v.'L.S Sorae We Rfraember NOW SHE SHOPS CASH AND CARRY" Without Painful Backache Jlacy sufferers relieve nagging backache quickly, once they discover that the real cause of their trouble may be tired kidneys. The kidneys are Nature's chief way of tak-I jng the excess acids and waste out of the t.ood. They help most people pass about 3 pints a day. y hen disorder of kidney function permita poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it niay cause nagging backache, rheumatic pains, kg paiiis, lose of pep and energy, getting up SiZMa, swelling, puffinesa under the eyes, caches and dizziness. Vrequent or scanty Passages with smarting and burning some-tunes shows there is something wrong with n kdneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Doan's --ie. tised successfully by millions for over veara. They give happy relief and will help ttie 15 miles of kidnev tubes nueh out poison-'-' waju iioa oux 'biood. Get Dcn Fill. 'Betty' Worst Bouncing: Mine Doesn't Washington, D. C. (AP) Her name is Betty, she's neither coy nor winsome, has only three teeth and a flat face, and she has been elected public enemy No. 1 by American doughboys in" Italy. She's not a pip-up girl, this "Bouncing Betty" she's a pin-your-ears-back gal if you get too close. Sardonic American humor gave this hilarious name to what the slogging foot soldiers have found to be the Nazis' most terrihle u-pu- !pon in hilly Italy a small land mine. The retreating Germans have been generous with these little weapons of destruction which have HliSr shoilf noctrnvAj T .lit. in tne old axiom "anything I hear, I can duck." You can't hear Betty until she blows, then it's too late. Col. William R. Blakely. 0f Lau-rens. S. C. brought back to the Pennsylvania Railroad Sued in Fayette Court Vandalia (Staff) John Tucker, administrator of the estate of Minnie Zernetter Watson, deceased, filed suit in Fayette 1:15 1:13 1:30 1:35 1:45 2:00 2:15 2:30 3:45 3:00 V.'SOY Novelty Time WSOY Closing Markets V.'SCY News WSOY Treasure Chest WSOY Sophist icators CES WSOY Mary ilarlin CBS WSOY Elizabeth Bemis CBS WGN Ralph Ginsburch Orch. W.?SY, Amican School of the Air WLS Juiian Bentley. News WSOY Melody Time WBBM Broadwav Matinee WENR Blue Frolics WSOY News CBS WSOY Freedom's Fighting Men WSOY Raymond Scott CBS WSOY Eddie Dunn CBS WSOY Fun with Dunn CBS WSOY Sing Along CBS WENR Maicolm Claire, children's stories WSOY South American Way 3:25 3:30 3:45 4:00 4:15 4:30 340 N. Water j6x i-t;. . ' Mj A Foe in Italy Give Soldier a Chance War department the tale of Bouncing Betty, which the .U. S. forces rank even above tank fire as a hazard. The mine the Nazis call it their S-mine is buried directly beneath the surface of the ground. Three 'tiny metal teeth protrude, and contact with any one sets off a small charge which throws the can five feet in the air. There the main charge goes off, spewing metal horizontally in all directions. Only occasionally, a soldier can hear that first tiny, muffled pop and hurl himself to the ground to escape the hail sure to follow. "I heard of a soldier who stepped on a can of this type," said Blakely. "Nearby were his company commander and several other soldiers. Although he heard the first pop, he made a quick and courageous decision. He deliberately remained standing on the mine. He lost a leg. but he saved the lives of his commander and comrades." conty circuit court Tuesday against the Pennsylvania Railroad Co., by his attorneys, Will Albert and W. P. Welker. The petition asked damages of $2,999 and costs. Mrs. Watson, her husband and three children were killed by a fast passfenger train on the Pennsylvania line Feb. 2. 1943. Aftr hours of anxiety. headache i thm la.u straw. But it quickly yields to Capudine. which also soothea nerves . upset by the pain. Capudine ia f "K J'Quid. Jfo waiting for it to J Vol dissolve before or after talc- n rel'T Quick. Us This ii truly o sensational clearance I Huge reductions on the season's leading furs . . . ... ,able-dyed coney . . . China mink-dyed coney, . . . seal- or beover-dyed coney . . . Silver and sable ombre-dyed coney I Now you can have the coat you really want of a big saving . . . and just when you need it I You'll wear it proudly for years. Sizes for misses, women. REGULAR $47 SABLE DYED CONEYS NOW REGULAR $69 GROUP OF FURS NOW REGULAR $89 GROUP OF FURS NOW Select your fur coat new .". . you can pay later en Ward monthly payment plan. Montgomery Wird Decatur Former Piatt Restaurant Owner Dies in West Monticello (Staff) Frank Goldsmith, former restaurant and tavern operator in Monticello, died Saturday in Long Beach, Calif, according to word received by relatives here. Death was caused by a heart ailment Funeral services were held Wednesday at Long Beach. His widow survives. Mr. Goldsmith and his wife, the former Effie Perry Austin, left Monticello about three years ago after operating a business here for several years. They first resided in Oregon for a few months and then moved to California. Miseries ofSneezy, SNIFFLY COLDS Put 3-purposa Va-tro-nol up each nostril. It (1) shrinks swollen membranes, (2) soothes irritation, (3) helps clear cold- mwmmfrm clogged nose. Follow VICH9 ffSa1 VATROHOl IN THE YELLOW PAGES The Classified Telephone Directory 59 50 Hut csoVal To 77OO M M piu' Phone 4474 L9QK FOR 1 Starch Slip Covers fjoo DIVISIBLE M08SANA, SPEEDIWJ Otf HER BSOOU THROUGH THE VAST CORRIDORS OF PENTAGON CASUS, IS TEV5J5TD GET jWAY WITH THE CAMELOT MONEY... OAFW SEEMS TD BE LOSING THE MAD RACE . f U i 1; 2. S yOU UKE ) ' K ASJVWAy. rt i V. 3,5, ) 7 MY NEW S A fiv ' V CURB? My LITTLE ANNI' RONE--By DARRELL McCLURe" I'M APPAID YDU"RE TOO 1 If WELL,! KEEPREMEMBEBINs THERE 15 ONLY f ix (wo MP CAPNIY uacmt OPTlMisnCTME CRIMINAL THAT THERE ARE JAILS CROWOED ONE PERSON WAIT-!. -fc DISCOVERED THF WHO SCATTERED THE WITH CLEVER CRIMINALS- WITH THE SHOW HERE W MYSTERIOUS DOS- POISONED MEAT IS FAR v " WHO HATES COMES ' DICKIE DARE By COULTON WAUGH AT5 I I 7 ME88E THIS I I THIS ISA ll?V ttarjBe ZONE, DAlll I EtiGiriE STUFF IS DANGEROUS JOB! T'VE THMK OF IT! N'" nH ' r0 I OKAY. KID- 1 HERE'S ONE. OF I 1D RATHER. HAVE A REPUBLICAN rmosE NEW ( DEAL PENNIES Igi DIME.f..v KATh'Y.-'l U. TAKEOFF.' fci HEK...AS XN ASTHI5 J HOMER HOOPEE By RAND 1 1 1 nope rr's a better l)--1 I now loovc at m$ caaet fro the FMynur x a &B&riFM6 imcceai , AAACFLINT H MAKING (fFF A hJE6T HAVE TIME ID ftt MTU I B'X,,co 1; TWS "MR. X WHOSE ) IMPORTAMT. MA( ,TRAP-HA16ER ! ?,c v-. iTOM YoJUAVE W IN0 FOR AIM . LIFE'S IJKE THAT By FRED NEHER "STRICTLY PRIVATE" By QUINN HALL 'g5 J I A, 7Vm SOM6UJH6R66 IM AFRVCA zzi 0 1 U v "Iff I yWW WE Alb4T ArAV RACE. M&K WEAK "TO THE Ijj, ' JvW TRAIMING..BJEN AT WIGHT MDUR. SOW "Oh, yes, I know what a deed is . . . you're supposed to do a good one every da?." OAKY DOAKS BLONDIE By O, DIANA By SCORCHY SMITH By ill call I OH, VE ALLY P 1 MOTHER, Qn-A gj EVEN TH' CHAMPION WELL- MEET TH -7r worth a tigktWctZJ NEW CHAMPION ft SWf NICKEL FOR . THIS TOWN V - - INTHEAIS.SWTHTJ?,, ft ABOUT HEB .' GOT TO SEE By R. B. FULLER CHIC YOUNG VIRGINIA CLARKE FRANK ROBBINS ?S- MJfc AWE. UCC MllTH THEM in&cr leasts. 1 I X 20.000 FEET UP. THE LIGHTNING? LEVEL OFF TO BE&IU THEIS TSAINIKXJ DUEL. CAMESA V5. CAMESA ,

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