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Poplar Bluff, Missouri
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By United Press. Washington, Aug. 2. President Harding having received advices from government officials that the strik ing shopmen will accept his railroad peace proposals, is preparing to place the full responsibility upon the execal.vey for the of the strike. The letter fros :1: New York conference on Tuesday jeeting the president's proposal seniority be restored 1, the has been recely at White New York, Aug.

their non-union forces, the Far 1 executives today planned break completely the shopmen's strike. The heads of 138 roads are firm in their decision that there shall be 19 compromise on the seniority right" of the present employes following the rejection of President Hardin proposal of peace. Chicago, Aug. The striking shropmen will accept President Hard ing's proposal for ending the str ke it was announced today. John Scott.

secretary of the Shop men's Union. announced a telegram 'Aould be gut to President Harding during the flav, accepting. Some minor stipulations may be contained in the acceptan Fort Smith. Ark. Aug.

2. -Ope man is killed and another fatally injured in a riot in the Missouri Pan fie yards at Van this morning. it is reported, Paid $50,000 for Shakespeare Folio NEW YORK, Aug. 2. (United rare book that cost the price of an entire library has just been purchased by an American.

Henry ger. of the Standard Oil Company of New York. It is a copy of Shakespear's published In 1623 and known as the Daniel First Folio. one of the two or three best of its type in existence. It is believed that Folger paid about $50.000 for the hook, which is to be placed in a private 111 he is building oll his California estate.

The book first became famous In 1834, when it wan bought by Caroness Burdett for 712 pounds, then record price. Klan Membership Near Two Hundred The ranks of the Ku Klux Klan are: rapidly filling, organizer in Captain C. D. Unsell, organizer 111 charge in Poplar Bluff. Although only three weeks old here the Klan membership 19 reaching close to the 200 mark.

Captain Unsell reports that 14 new hieniberg were received at the last int tiation. Many applications are being received daily by mail. SALES DAY FUTURE IS UP TO MERCHANTS Just what is to be done with Sales Day is going to be determined by the Chamber of Commerce on Thursday morning at 9 o'clock at a eling to be held at the c. of, All merchants are urged to be present at this meeting. FULBRIGHT IS STRONG LEADER Hon.

James F. Fulbright of Doniphan is showing a fine lead 1 in hi4 race for the Democratic nomination tor congress in this district. He has Gofeated his opponent, Major Giboney Houck of Cape Girardeau, by a large vote. Fulbright has varried Bu'ler county, 948 to 151. He carried Cape Girardeau county by a big majority, Dunklin by 1500.

Stoddard. Missis-ippi. Pemiscot, Oregon, Butler and 1'pley. Other counties have not been heard from. 'The vote in Ripley county was Fulbright 1245 to 116.

Congressman Hays, Republican, WItS nominated without opposition. OPERATOR OF UNDER GROUND STILL HELD FOR CHICKEN STEALING Dick Woods, who was arrested two weeks ago. charged with posI seeming 411 underground still neath his barn near the banks of Black River, 300 yards north of the Frisco bridge, East Popiar Blutt, WitS arraigned before Justice T. J. Henderson Tuesday charged with the thett of chicke118 from R.

H. Ordway who lives five miles northeast of Poplar Bluff. Since the alleged theft is said to 'have occurred at night Woods is charged with a felony. A pectiliar law is it not? If he had stolen the chickens in the daytime It would have been a misdemeanor. His preliminary hearing has been set.

for August 9. According to Judge Henderson he has not vet been able. to furnish bond. EAST SIDE STORE DAMAGED BY FIRE Fire of unknown origin dartaged the interior of a grocery store the building at the corner of Front and Barlictt streets, formerly occupied by the Nuional Grocery, at 2:15 o'c'ock this morning. The fire department responded to the alarm and saved the building by hard work.

The fixtures and stock. however, were badly damaged. JEWEL' TO BE NAME OF NEW THEATRE HERE The name of the new theatre. recently constructed by Henry Turner on Main street between Oak and Fine streets will be the according to an nouncement made last night by Henry Turner, Mr. Turner says his wife will manage the theatre.

Two Powpers picture projecting machines have arrived and will be installed at once. The theatre will have seating capacity of 600. Fou ng opera chairs were ordered a month ago. Mr. Turner says, but there has been some unexplained delay which will delay the opening of the theatre number of weeks.

Considering the delay the opening of the theatre la expected about September 1. STATE ROAD COMMISSION LOCATES 1 500 MILES OF ROAD JEFFERSON CITY. Aug 1. -While the State Highway Jul mission did not entirely finish all It started out to do today, yet It finished a herculean task In manently locating 1500 miles of primary state highway and prak-1 ing all possible tor dolling state bonds and sta: lug actual work upon the groat It provement as near August 20 as possible. Arrangements were comp atod for issues of state bonds as part payment for the improved highways of $5,000,000, to be taken up In two Issues, one of $2,000,000, August GREAT INVENTOR OF PHONE DEAD By United Press.

Baddeckns, N. Aug. Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, died here today at the age of seventy-five. He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. The cause of his death was progressive anaemia, SECOND BAPTISTS AND C.

C. CAPTURED GAMES LAST NIGHT The Chamber of Commerce team defeated the Hi team in a close contest, 3 to 3, at the Y. M. diamond last night. The Hi and the Chamber of Commerce are now neck and neck at the lead of the American League.

Both have played the same number of games, have won six and lost two. The Catholies met defeat at the band4 of the Second Bop Hitst night, 9 to 4. The Catholics continue to hold strongly to their position at the bottom with a percentage computed -with three "goose 0K28." The standing of the c.ul a are the following: Standing of Clubs. American League G.P. W.

I. Pet HI 6 2 750 of .750 Railroad 10 4 600 Shoe Factory ..10 10 .000 National League G.P. W. 1. Pet.

Christians and Baptist 11 NIS Bundle Boys 272 5 6. .000 Catholles, Schedule for the Wepk. Wednesday, Aug, 2, at 5:15 Chamber of Commerco To play off a delayed game of June 30 Thursday Aux. 3 at 5:15 High vs. Railroaders, Friday, Aug.

4 at 5:15 Shoe Factory vs. Chamber of Com- inerce. National League Wednesday, Aug. 3 at 6:15 Catholles va. Christians Thursday, Aug.

3 at 6:15 Baptists vs. Christians. Friday, Aug. 4 at 6:16 Catholics va. Bundle Boys.

$900,000 AUTO FEES PAID IN ARKANSAS FIRST 6 MO. 1922 By United Press. Little Rock. Aug. 8.

Rove. 11110 derived from automobile lie use foes in Arkansas during the first six months of the current year will amount to approximately $900,000. ACcording to figures made public by automobile division of the sate highway department. A total of 75,864 licenses tags was 19 during the period, divide1 as follows: passenger cars, 67 000: trucks, 7,407: motoreyeles 192; all PF8, 58: dealers, 360, and chauff urs 307. Believing that original estimates will be greatly exceeded, the department has already found it necessary to make requisition for an additional number of license plates.


With 1250 precinets from the smaller cities and towns of the rural districts, Reed leading Long by eighteen thousand votes this afternoon. To overcome the lead Long must carry each missing precinct by about fifteen votes. certain to Brewster appears be the Republican winner de spite the over lopping majorits of 36.000 which Sacks obtained in St. Louis. The Sacks vote out in the state is not expected to be great enough to defeat Brewster.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch by long distance telephone shortly be. fore noon informed the American there were twelve hundred precincts out to be heard from and that Reed is leading by about 12.000 votes. The said it looked like a tight rave. Approximately 300 of the precincts in cities.

Brewster is leading are among the Republicans. Long for Senate Headquarters by long distance telephone today shortly before noon said Senator Reed's lead was of approximately close 12,000 race. vital, a possibility a very By United press. St. Louis, Aug.

James A. Reed, bitterly denounced by former President Woodrow Wilson in the Missouri primary election fight was running ahead of his- opponent. Breckinridge Long. for the Deter cratic senatorial nomination in the returns from yesterday A pric. mary election.

Returns from approximately, Ave thirds of, the state's precincts showed he is leading by more than ten thousand votes. In 2.356 precinets, out of 3.843: In the, state the vote was, Reed. 140. 838: and Long. 128.033.

Reed's majority in Kansas City is abont 23,000, while Reed's major ty in St. Louis is about. 23 000, Outlying returns, however: change the entire line up ard require an official count to select the nominee. R. R.

Brewster has protably con the Republican senatorial nit tion in the six-cornered fight Wit. Ham Sacks is running second. polled an unexpectedly large vote esprcially in St. Lou's -where its (Continued ent page 9)7 GRAY'S NEW PACKARD AUTOMOBILE ARRIVES J. S.

Gray has received his new Packard automobile, which was delivered through the Norman. Hely agency at Capo GirarJean, Southeast Missouri agents. Demonstrator Lewis drove the In chine over from Cape. The machine is 1 perfection in aut 1210- biles and otte of the most altractive models that can possibly be obtained. MOVING BY TRUCK The Mussell Transter Compary is today moving the household enacts of Ira Bedwell to Cape Girarau and on Thursday moves the hold effects of G.


S. F. SHOPS BLACK ROCK, Aug. (United Press)-An effort to induce officials of the Frisco rail road to move its shops and roundhouse from Thayer, to Black Rock. is under way here.

Following a mass meeting. attended by more than 200 committee was appointed and delegated with authority to call oll officers of the road to asceria.a what requirements may be neces4 sary to bring about the change. At the meeting, 1 was brought out that' I'this leity Tts A equidid and from Willow Springs, and Memphis. the points where the line now. maintains shops.

It was also shown that Black Fock is the first station in the untains, that there are heavy gades northland none south, 50 that heavy engines may be south. Black Rock was made a tomporary freight division sev ral years ago. CANDIDATES PAID FINES TODAY FOR ALTERCATION TUES. Oliver Chambers arid County corder Jostph Hayes, vester lay rivals for the nomination. for county acorder, but today Vatiquished and victor in the order their names appear above appear.

ed in police court this morning where they paid Night fines and court costa for coming to blows on the streets following an 4.1 KUm'ent. SENATOR CROWE DIED IN PENN. TODAY By United Press. Uniontown. Aug.

2. -Urited States Senator William 1. Crowe, died at his summer home here today after a long illness. He was taken ill in December and spent several 119- the in a Pittsburgh hospital. YOUNG NEGRO HANGED, DRAGGED IN STREET By United Press.

HOT SPRINGS, Aug. 2. Punk Harris, a negro, was lynched here Tuesday and his body drag.ged through the streets. He 18 -aid have shot young white man Monday night while robbing his home. The latter died this morn- YOUNG NEGRESS DIES Elizabeth Raney, 18 year old colored girl, died at 4:45 a.

m. Monday. She was the daughter of Harry Kaney. Death was due to tuberculosis. The funeral was held at 2 p.

01. to. day and the body buried in the City cemetery, J. J. Frank had charge.

Sir Boyle Outdone. The advertising manager of 4t all concern, speaking on the value of vindow displays, said: "A window play is an arm which reaches out to the eye of the passer-by and 'See me! Here Transcript. Harwell, Henson and Hays Are Nominees of t-51 Republicans, LONG AND BREWSTER CARRY BUTLER COUNTY Democrats Have No Local Contests and Light Vote Has Been Polled. BREWSTER UNSUC. CESSFUL IN CONGRES SIONAL RACE Hon.

Arthur T. Brewster of Ironton, prominent in local legal affairs was unsuccessful in his campaign for the Democratic 11011 ination for Congress in tne thirteenth district. By long distance telephone this -afternoon he concede the nomination to Dr. J. Scott Wolff of Festus running on a wine and beer platform.

Out of eighty precincts reported Wolff had 2109 to Brewster's 1052. Brewster made virtually no campaign having been! associated with Hon. W. H. Meredith in the preliminary plans for the storage reservor on Black wE Ner for the protection of the valley and the aid of naviKation, the two being the lawyers for the proposed district.

INFANT SHELTON CHILD SUCCUMBS Daisy, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Governor Shelton of Poplar street died at 9:15 p.m. Tuesday a short illness. The funeral was held this morning and the body buried in the City cemetery.

J. J. Frank had charge of the funeral. THIS FELLOW'S LINE OF CHIN MUSIC WAS SOMETHING AWFUL By United Press. Kansas City, Aug.

Alex Saper, deputy prosecutor, "chin-chatter" receives from a strange line of some of his customers. William Robinson, charged with stealing two suits of clothes. brought Saper's vocabulary of the underworld up-to-date when he was arraign: d. you plead guilty to the Robinson was asked. "Blah." was the reply.

"I'd ta duce, but the old guy would n't Nst to that. I'll top no pleas but take my chance: with the clay." When Saper confessed his torance. Robinson explained. "Well, It's like this: I won't p'ead guilty. That's what I mean by My reason 19 that I'm afraid Judge Latswha would give me a heavy sentence-4 would be willing to take two years--that's a 'duce', But I've a better chance before a jury.

We call juries 'the clay' in my social TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS Princess Carl of Sweden. sister to the kings of Denmark and Nor I way, born in Copenhagen, 14 years ago today. Sir William Watson, the brated English poet, born la Yorkshire 64 years ago today. Charles Francis Adams, lawyer. great-great-grandson of John Adama, born at Quincy, 56 years ago today.

Duncan Campbeil Scott, ed Canadian poet, born at Ottawa, 60 years ago today. Samuel V. Stewart, former ROVernor of Montana, born in roe County, Ohio, 50 years ago today. Amethysts Soothe Nerves. Amethysts have the reputation of calming and soothing the nerves.

It was impossible today to secure the complete returns from the election in Butler county, owing to tho failure of several county precincts to report, and the inability in several cases to secure figures because of the election envelopes having been sealed. After sealing they cannot be until the official count takes opened place. Little Brushey, Shiloh and Rombauer were sealed. O'Kane, Fitzgerald and Davis were the ones not reported. The totals from the precincts recelved, were the following: Demoeratic Ticket.

For Senator- -Long. 658; Young, Reed. 539. Judge of the Supreme Court Divi sion No. 1-White, 320; Bean, 065; Dawson, 118: Shain.

Bowker, 110: Walker, 364; Hayrood Scott, 293: Mosby, 164. For Representative in CongressFulbright, 948: Houck. 151. Republican Ticket. For 3.

Senator Proctor. 458: NeKinley. 151: Barrett. 271; Parker, 37: Sacke, 350; Brewster, 531. Judge of Suprente Conart, Division No.

1. -Elder. 779: Phillips. 156; HIR 1.278; Hayward, 1.397. For Representative in State Legion -Tedrick, 811; Peterson, 400: Summers, 596.

Judge of the Eastern DistrictDates, 617: Calvin, 781. For Judge of the Western District M. Waggoner, 163; Woods, 126; Kure, 63; Leers, 82. For County Clerk- Henson. 1.117: (Continued on page 2) SHALLOW MINE COAL INDUSTRY TO BOOM IF 'STRIKE CONTINUES By United Press.

Miami, Aug. -Extensive development of the shallow cost fields to the south and west of here extending into Craig county, will resuit it the present strike lasts inuch louger, according to local coal men. It a shortage of coal, appears fm. minent with the arrival of cold w'00- ther, farmers and others will take to the shallow fold, and will mine necessary coul to last this section of the country through the winter, it was predicted. The high price of fuel gas cents per 1.000 cubic leet will be a boost to the predicted development of the field, as coal for fuel would ba cheap.

er, it was sald. By United Press, Ardmore, Okla, Aug. 3-44 county sale of Indian lands will be held here, August 14, S. A. Mitts, Indian arent here, announced.

Lands la Marshall, Murray, Johnson. Carter and Love counties will be auctioned en. Mills sudd. THOUSANDS HEAR REPORTS ON MISSOURI'S GREATEST PRIMARY due in four sears and the other of 83,000,000 due in five years, each to hear 4 1-2 per cent. The Mine has a road read on hand now of $4,600,000, and about enouzh contracts awarded or pent tor to call for the entire amount.

The State Board of Fund Com missioners has employed the bondIng legal firm of Charles Rutherford of St. Louis to copresent the state in the sale of the bonds until the centire sum of $89,003,000 has been issued. The same, firm handled the sale of the state bonus bonds. It 18 expected that the first bonds be sold within ten or fifteen days, Thousands of persons, men, w. men and children gathered on Man und Vine streets around the couch bandstand and heard the ropert 011 the general, primary, electin ott Tuesday American.

Rublican and Citizen-Democrat Lin compiling and reporting the else ton results. On a large black board the Butler county totals were intered and reports from over the state received by telephone and' te eg were read. When the reporting of returns was stopped it was midnight and this dications were mitch as reported br the St. Louis Globe-Democrat re- celved hero this morning, showing Reed, had swept the cities and running neck and neck Nth Lous the rural counties. Brewster seemed the Republican choice.

The public was in fine spirita received the reporte enthusia, tically, The friends of various candidates save their pets the glad hand when the occasion called for it. The use of the courthouse bandstand, the courtesies of the Souths western Bell Telephone Compayn and a staff of helpers materially assist ed in giving the reports to the lie of the city..

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