The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1962 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1962
Page 11
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. °' <ton al »l son Dennis and granddaughter Elaine Orton got back Aug. 24 from a visit a pavc ni x,, t with Mr and Mrs Ab Long and at Chicago where high- ,m tT/T a visit lo the Planetarium, Fields museum and the zoo 1 erroneously stated they were going to Indiana to see Myrna's sister and brother-in-law, Mr and Mrs John Martin, and while they lint toyed with the idea, it didn't jell. They saw Earl Bradley al Muscat me and he had a fine visit about the old home town Earl is a native Algerian. * * * Carl Morlenson of flood Samaritan has been getting out a few times. He was recently at a family picnic at Fenton at which his 92 year old mother, Mrs Catherine Mortenson, Clinton, was in attendance, making the trip via auto with a son-in-law and daughter Very good for one of such advanced years. Carl went on a fishing trip, too, caught two little insignificant ones and didn't bother to bring them home. » * * Mr and Mrs D. K. Chiquet have returned • from a vacation of p month, two weeks of which were spent at Iowa City where Mr Chiquet was doing some scholastic work. They rubbatl elbows with former presidents Hoover ana Truman at West Branch at the dedication of the Hoover library and were glad for the opportunity of seeing the famous ones. Mrs Chiquet and I discussed women's pocketbooks and arc all for a new fashion that will put huge pockets on dresses and coats so handbags may be eliminated. Any one else want to join the crusade? Little Marcia Elaine Nilson. a six month okl charmer, was in to call on me the other day. She lives at Winnebago and had come with her mother to call on Mrr. Miller. She had a cute little engraved ring on her wedding finger and I got a dimpled smile when I accused her of being a "chile! bride." Of course at about six months she'd understand perfectly! * * * Annie S. Ferguson, Hettendorf, i- a close friend of the Abner Longs, Davenport, and the local Claude Samsons. The "Three Musketeers" met her some time ago, have seen her on each visit the-e and wore her supper guests one evening. She told us about having entered the Pillsbury Bake-Off at various times but had never accomplished anything. At last she has hit the "jack pot" an.l wa:-- one oi seven finalists at the Iowa State Fair. She will compete with others from various siaics ;it Ne\\ York in September. Go^d luck Mrs K. « « * I had the best watermelon I've tasted in years when Claude Whitt brought some here to his wife Adele and me. He had cut it in bite sizes, placed it in a fruit jai in the refrigerator ;;nd it was sc cold and nice. Such a wonderful flavor. * * » If you should see Until Phillips walking the railroad tracks, don't think she has turned Hobo — she's merely hunting weeds to spray and glamorize for winter bouquets. Muttic MeVYhorter and I.eora St. John, roommates here at Oood Samaritan, were put on their backs the other day doing littk services for themselves t h e y shouldn't have been doing — lifting a fan and raising a window. They have always Deen active housewives, anxious to "do-it-yourself." So rather than call a willing nurse, they did what they figured was a simple little household act. They didn't stop to think of ailing backs and lessened strength. Muttie was taken to St. Ann for x-rays and Leora is recovering. We hope both will be in fine condition in a short time. * * * Of all the hideous styles I've seen, the one in a recent Register "took the cake." A very short "peg top" skirt, and a head top ped with a heavy hut with high crown, so huge it would give one a headache in no time. Reminded me of my "hobble" skirt, "psf, top" but ankle length of 1913-14! Oh women!! Then there were men's peg top pants of HJU7-U8. Monstrosities, too. When Edna Edgier Brough was here calling on me she said she. was interested in the "Senior Citizens" project — a common thing in California. A collection of housing units for those of 50 and over. At present she has a very nice trailer house in an attractive court, but a little later she is goinp to look into this Sr. C. thing. Sounds wonderful. When 1 phoiicd a woman fur news the other morning she said, "Wait till I get the toothpaste out of my mouth." Sure proof her teeth were her own. Had anyone seens her with toothpaste foaming at her mouth, they'd probably think she had hydrophobia. Have you noticed !l? "Money saved for a rainy day buys a much smaller umbrella than it used to." * * * Don't we all do it? "Self-portraits usually are colored." * * • I hope by the time this reached print, Bill Barry will be well recovered from his sickness. I've known Bill a good many years. We graduated in the same class. * * * Norman Pingel's eighty - fifth birthday was observed here Aug 28. There was a family celebration for jhim the previous Sunday at his son's, * • » Jess Riddle dropped in lo call on me the other day. He and his family moved to Pomona, Calif, several years ago and engaged in the auto business. Jess is now retired, his son Wayne and family and Jess and wife now live a't Clarernont. Wayne is a realtor. * * • I saw an old toy the other day. an iron horse and two wheeled "sulky" with a driver whose head was balanced on a little rod that permitted it to swing from side to side. An amusing thing which belonged to Oscar Oxley HO or more years ago and kept by his Son, Vincent. « * * I have known "Skin" Laird a number of years so read with interest his search for a gold fish to replace one his granddaughter Carol Carton had and which died while grandma and grandpa Laird were "fish sitl'ng" for Cinderella and Prince Charming while Carol and her parents were on vacation. Having replaced the dead fish with an exact replica, Carol is happy but isn't it a good thing she can't read about the substitution? I always think of the story told me about Mr.s Laird. She named her sons Ralph, Ray and Clare with firm convictions there would be n" nicknames — but alas — they are known as "Skin," "Prel" and "Bones." « * « Raymond Irons probably said more than "Ouch" when a IB pound iron pipe fell on his leg recently. Luckily, I h e member wasn't broken but it did turn a beautiful indigo and Ray didn't care about doing the twist. « • * With the birth Aug. 20 of a son to Mr and Mrs Paul Nelson at Des Moines, Mrs Mabel Lund became great-grandmother for the ninth time. Another interesting birth was that of a son, Andrew James to Mr and Mrs James Thilges, Aug. 30. Grandparents for the first time are Mr and Mr Sylvester Thilges, West Hend, and Mr and Mrs Vernell Ludwig. « * • Aftrr fishing at Rnpidan, and catching nice big ones, they did "gel away", after a fashion, as experienced by Mr and Mrs Charles Kuchynka. He caught a ten pound catfish, she an eight and a' half pound one, and there were a few three and five pounders besides. The Kuchynkas have a house trailer and before going up lo bed, Mr Kuchynka tied the fish in what he considered a safe place in the water. When he went to collect his fish, a turtle had "gotten away" with the side of one of the big ones, much lo Charley's disgust. Now he is pondering on a way to make fish safe from turtles yet left in the water. Any ideas, you nimrods? How about you Gail Towne, and Carl Morck Sr. What would you suggest? Ringsfed Girl Receives The birthday of Frank Welter was celebrated here Aug. 31. He became a resident here the previous clay. For some time he war, a resident of West Bend and is a brother of the Delia and Edith Welter. RETIRES Walter Holmes, cashier at the C. B. & Q. railroad freight house at Chariton since 1914, retired re cently after 48 years of service. Scholarship Kindled — Rebecca Hanson, ('iuiRhler of Mrs Mario A. Hanson am! the late Hans J. Hanson, ro- fi'ivod a $400 scholarship from St. .lo'oph Hospital Auxiliary at Sioux City towards her nurses training, whirl] will begin Sept. 11. Miss Hanspn is a 1962 graduate of Kingsted high school. Wally Larson and Dale Anderson will be freshmen at tho University "f Iowa, Iowa City; Donald Nelson and Wiely Hanson, freshmen at Iowa State U. at Ames, Don- m'lto Mead is attending Mankato Commercial and Joan Petlerscn will enroll there; Mary Anderson is attending Hamilton Business College in Mason City, Virginia Hanson, La James School of Beauty at Mason City; Janice Watson, Janet Lund and Carolyn Jensen, Emmetsburg Junior College. Linda Brown. University of Tex.. I'Aclyn Khlers. State College of Missouri, Mike Christiansen, Mankato State College, Fred Christiansen and Louise Sorensen and Duwayne Hansen, State University .it Ames. Yearly Report On D.H.LA. Tests Unit No. 1 of UK Kossulh Dairy Herd Improvement Association has completed another year of cow testing, according 'to Mrs Pnul Hum, Algona. D.H.LA. supervisor 7The association closed tho year wilh 15 members on standard D.H.LA., of which M have been on Tuesclny, September 11, 1962 Algona (la.) Upper Dei Mo!m»-3 lest the entire year. Also in men' hers IKIVP been using llv Ownor- Samplo method of le^tiiif! The si>i- of th,> | 1( , n |. ; |-.,,,,,,, from a low of I! rows to .••' v, ;, "f liO. with an .ivi'vat;,- ( ,f ,:i. \,\'. cording lo Mrs ij'irn j She ,-rporls (he f,.,;r Im-hrM j producing on D IMA \| ' (red Meyer. Whiltemon- ||,, ! Mis bii'icr !•' -CM I •'''"I HI H w.-irt. OH bv milk nn( | 40,5 ft<. Mny I Ro.| P , Algona — i;>.ii:,.> |i K milk and 4-12 . Jaini's Schmidl. Ot- i.Mrmx I-J.HIKJ Ibs. milk i* hii;t'Tf;it: c,;irv R;in- M'ti Holslrins.' 11.71.'! :intl !i ; ||v;. bu'torfat. s TO | i A ( ; K ( ' A H I \ !•; TS , met a I, "a t I pi KM- l>«x Moines. FOUND A NEW, IASY WAY TO GET CLOTHES REALLY CLEAN-WHITE IN HARD OR RUSTY WATER IN THE ALGONA AREA! Revolutionary All-purpose MIRACLE WHITE WITH DOUBLE-YOUR-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Mj • Ex.ra-gen.le to skin, your mos, delica.e fabric,. . Odorless, non-.oxic, ,^^~ Memory fti < ±| > '"m"'*^f" Un ' * Ma9 . iC °" y ' UmS g '° Y ° nd * ellow '^^ **»• wilh nhm.i i A °, M "acle While °9ain where everything else fails! delergenu ™ ""' ^ ^ " ! °° P ° r ' «/ "-la.ed '" clly c,nd Durban well MIRACLE WHITE available at FAREWAY FOOD STORES GOOD YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR YOUR AREA NEIGHBOR WATCH THIS SPACE EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR This week's Country Neighbor is Lewis (Louie) Gilbrfde. who has spent practically all of liis 38 years in the same home on a farm located about 2'.i miles east of Algona on highway IX. His parents were the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gilbride. Louie attended St. Cecelia's Academy here and began farming following graduation. The Oilbride farm consists of 212 acres and during 1!)«2 there are 87 acres of corn. 1(1 acres of beans and a little pasture. lie also is raising :ill bead of cattle for market and has 75 hens on the place. Louie enjoys working in corn fields more than any other farm job. Al the present time, bowling is his main hobby. He used to bunt a lot, but doesn't get many chances to do it now. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys practically everything from baseball to soccer. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus here. Mrs. Oilbride is the former Patricia Trunnelle. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Trunnelle of Wesley. She was born at LuVerne and was married to Louie Nov. 17, 1!M7 at St. Henedicl. They met at a dance at Livermore. Slip is a member of the CD of A here and the Kossuth County Chorus. She lists bowling and reading as her hobbies. The Oilbrides have three children. Dwight, an eighth grader, Ronnie, a seventh grader, and Annette, a fourth grader, all at St Cecelia'.-,. (t'DM Polaroid Photo—Engraving) :u^±"rl;^ ''"" K «™ WIM-miS ,- M<M MinilXKHV. at a later Ernie _ Williams, owner, established the firm in Altfona 1:1 years .-,«„. Andv \,,<l, ,•„,„ i firm, having had over 20 years of continuous service with John Deere Andv stresses a mam feature in his service department is that all servicemen are faclnrv inn,.-. annual John Ueere Service Training School. The personnel at the Simp consider il '•„', I, , to serve your needs. It is a policy of this firm that customer is satisfied in even » ,\ department is available at any hour of the day or ni^lit The firm handles the well known John Deere equipment mainlv. however M,H \nll ment as well as a very fine selection of used farm machinery. Each customer of Ernie Williams Farm Machinery i, a V.I I'. < V-ry Imp.u I u-i !'••, quality equipment, and prompt, efficient service, call on Ernie Williams'I-'arm Minim,.-. is nn sen! l,\ cquip- lih;lirst Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Algona Beecher Lane Appliances "Where The FAMOUS NAMES Greet You" In TELEVISION \Vestinghouse In APPLIANCES \\estinghoiise Friijidaire Youngstown Phone CY 4-3813 Algona Clark Grain Co. Galbraith Station LuVerne, Iowa, P.O. Grinding & Mixing Muster Mix Feeds WE BUY it SELL GRAIN Busder Brothers linpl. Minneapolis Moline - Kelly-Ryan - Papee New Idea Farm M'irhinory Algona Implement Co, Your Eriendly International Harvester Deader FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales & Service H WlUIUTIMAt. Phone CY 4-3501 Algona Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" Plumbing - Heating Sheet Metal Gas or Oil Unit* Pumps Water Systems Complete Fixtures Phone CY 1-3840 Algona Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Algona Farm Machinery — Trucks — Tires Massey Harris Allit-Chalmeri Oliver CMC Trucks Firestone Tirt?s Phone CY 4-2421 Algona Robinson Construction Co. Sioux Steel Buildings Building Construction F" r ti /o. strength, long i : • .!;id uase oi build. •. . 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