Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 3, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1896
Page 2
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PRAISE FROM PULPITS. Distinguished Clergymen Recommend People to Use Dr. Greene's Nervyra. Grand Army Chaplain Buffum r Missionary: to India Miller, Presiding Elder Walker, Praise Nervura. The Best Medicine You Can Take. , . BKV. E, J. M1L.LEK, MISSIONARY TO INDIA. There is nothing Iii the world so good •to take to make you well and strong ets Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. Testimonials by thou : anda from all classes of people have been'published, showing Us marvelous effects In making the sick well, the weak strong, and dioV our clergymen •haye become Interested and for the people's. good urge them to. use this . -taonderfill cure, Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, Jn order to get well, for they are convinced that It Is., the most valuable medicine In the world-today.' ; '•.;.' ' Kev. E. J. Miller, of Albion, N. Y. the'eminent: divine,'"who'represents the -Boston .Tremont T«mple Society as missionary to India, was;broken down with- : ovenvork, liver trouble and ma- larla, and is now on vacation, In search of health, lias found'both health and strength in the use oit Dr. Greene's Nervura.' He says: . • . "I returned to America'broken in health,'with a -bad/catarrh, neuralgia and stomach and liver trouble. The whole top of my.fcead felt numb, so that at times I was robbed, of 'my thinking powers', and; could not'do any work'with ease. ••''Haying consulted a number of doctors and taken their medicines, ,1 received no relief whit- ever, • • • • • • • -•••.-..' " • "I was Induced <p .try Dr. Greene's Nervura, which worked like a charm and produced the longed-for results.' My bend and -whole system Is now clean from .catarrh, neuralgia and fever. I can now study and do my work .with satisfaction. .In fact, I feel like'a. aW;man' in'health and strength. .''•VI therefore feel'it my duty and great pleasure; to recq'mmend this excellent remedy',.Dr. Greene's 'Nervura, which certainly has-done so much,for me." Hev. F. H. Buff urn, of Winchester, N. H., whl is Grand Ariny Chaplain for j New.Hempshlrei isays: ,. • • ! "The remedial effect of Dr. Greene's Nervura. blood and nerve remedy on the weaknesses and nervous prostration of.my wife, was so positive and speedy that we can. heartily testify "to its .undoubted' merits/' . j .. Presiding .Elder "KevI J.. W. Walker, ! of Fort Dodge, Iowa, Key. G. D. B., [ Meacham,- pastor Baptist Church, Townsend, 1 yt; Rev. G. L. Wells, of Hardwlck, Vt.;.Rev. Henry Langford, '•of Weston,. W. ,Va., and many other 1 well-known; ministers .of the. Gospel in all parts of the country, all of whom have been cured by this great remedy, enthusiastically urge the people to use Dr. Greene's Nervura by all.means,. If they wish to.be sure-of a cure, for health /and: strength always follow its •-use.' • '" : '..' '.' • .'.. •. ' ,: •: '"';•.' " ... .Remember that Dr..Greene's Nervura blo'od and nerve remedy is no common patent..medicine,, but^.the .prescrdptlon; of one. of ; our best-known- physicians, the discovery of Dr. Greene, of 85 West J4th St., New York City, ^ie most sue-; ces'sful speclnllst' In curing nervous' and chronic diseases, hence the medl-, .cine Is.of necessity'perfectly adapted .to cure. Dr. Greene also can be consulted' fre.e personally or by letter, 'In regard tb any case. Exchange Taitaers who feed pump kins to liofeS are wanned to see that th seeds have "been e'vtiactea poiints ov-ei th&. State ho«s 'iave Dec dj ing off bj the Jnundi eds on account It is cl limed of indigestion tau td b seeds. Oholeui was sup l>o-.ed to have boon the cause of th de rths but a postmodern c\nmliwitlo; of icicial Jiogs disclosed 110 fact tha tht stomnchs> wore tilled \vlth ed • pumpkin' seeds: .•-''•'.. virtual'has flgu'rcd -ou1-,.ttiat. tils cam pa feu. will"bo a "busjry^affair. The.l .to 1. in'en',' he snys, ar» silver- bugs,; th Plroiiibitionis'ts .aue'.'water -. R-ngs: - th woman, suffirnfflsts'«rc''Iridy bngs;';th sound-money men are -gold bugs;-th< •muswuinps are '/huimbu'gs, '. and t'- flbppci's are tiitabie •bugs?".'.-/': . '.:; •\YJiite. County 'Democrat: Under late decision the-graduates of the.coun 'fry 'schools are".'.cut-wiring ..the h schools 'of'Hit counties to. wMch the; •reside, th-eir tuition 'being .paid.by ; th' trustees of. their- respective township out. of tlie special school fund. A nuni ber of the '95 and '00 graduates of the White county scliooTs liave entered th Ho'ntlcello Mgih school.,. Their'tuition which the township trustee .is requira to pay amounts- .to-.fid each.- Th Trustees, however, find "it cheaper t pay the tuition than to employ tenchtr capable of teaching'.'high .."schoo branches. MARINERS AND TRAVELERS, Speak in high terms of the preventlvi and remedial properties of Hostetter': Stomach Bitters, a medicine peculiarly adapted to the wants of .those called on to experience.the .ylclssltudce of .ell mate, the Inclemency of the weather the hardships of a. seafaring, or .out of-door life; or the -dangers .of 'a malar lal or otherwise pestilential atmos phere. A smaJl quantity of this agree a'ble tonic nullifies Impurities In water and fortifies the stomach, against• flu consequences of an; unhealthy or. un accustomed .diet. It also enables the constitution *o bear up unkarmcd against unhealthy climatic Influences and the system'to sustain, unimpaired in health, and ."vigor,'-the fatigues of traveling. Emigrants, tourists; bin ers and others ;.who : 'have thoroughly tested the efficacy of the article, declare .It,to beja sovereign,preservative of-health under conditions most favorable. ..-'•. "':••''. wv— —..--a travelers stopping at Halifax agreed to make no purchases in the city/at stores' where United States 'money was refused. ' : .«Boy» will be boys," but you can't, tfford to lose any of them. Be ready ••for .'the .green-apple 1 season by. having DcWltt'» Colic * Cholera C«re in the • ise ,_lno. M. Johnston. ' Oeorgfi.'SVashlnstou's.monument,' on South mountain, Maryland, was struck by lightning on. Saturday ntglit last and Wa<liy ! .sh'(ittered.;.-;.' .. . . a. day^i'worif te lost by, headache- daused. by Indigestion and rtomaeh troubles;" DeWItt'*-; Little Barly-Blser* are the; mort eff edtnaV pill for qvercomliigiiuct dlfflculti*«.-Jno. """' '•' Ti»7.'i>usm«S9.'. of 'shipping, moss ,for . pojciing'ntirserj/: stock; and, plants Is,de-: ; Y&bping -quite-, an -Industry ajt VScks- ' „,.„„„, „ id'open • /£;£^!i^^ ^H^^^irn'^'tt«4^^^ le ^^ : m g^ft^^fr'ff^^H;^ i!i W%&&£^&^-™&*^£Mt .'A hotel'at:CM-CO, Mich., burned so rapidly Saiturday that only one tnmk was saved. . . ;• Poison Ivy, Insect'bites, bruises, «cald«, bums, are'quickly cured; by De- Wltt'8 Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile core.—Jno. M. Johnston. :Cominentlng on-' the recent gift ,to the Chicago University,- the' Boston Globe jealously remarks: ."Tliem- as .has,-gits," •: ' ' ;' ." ,.-'-.''. ..'. ": It ; doe«n': matter .much, whether sick. Headache, ;: biliousness, Indigestion and iconBMpation'aTe caused by .neglect or •by. . unayoldabie ;CJrcumstancesj De-. •Witt's. Little EariyRtoers -will-speedilj • cure "them 'all^Jno. M. Jon'Mtot; , ; ;.- 'A pajaoranii oot^'h!eii:!tia« .": 'just ' pa;ln,ted.!by,,a : jiumber,,qt ' Itallaii .and H\in"gairian. v «.rtl«s.; :,..Tbey. have .asked King ' ; Bon't trifle a'w cholera : Colic & Cholem tfare.v'STop ; :dbtft, Jiate! lil-'A 'M--JL ':i-'M 11 ",.'»-• BE CiVREFUt WHAT YOU EAT. Doctors nil agrce'ln saying that much of the uiailarlol attacks .and dysentery which effect people.to tih«'Fall ;of .the year Is the result of pooi- dieting, Jiri- cn-oper food and drink. Nothing should be eaten'-but what IB aibsolntely.free from niltalnit'or^susiiiiciion of xlecay auid all mflde dishes i-equlitag It should.be well cooked. • Nothing.but the-.beet..of water .should--tie used as ;a drink and (<he less Ice. the- better; In, the case 1 of chHdren-patents-ainhot take too much are of theli- diet" -A strict prohibition of the gorging of dielr stomachs with, haiif ripe or decaye<l fi-ult aridi'" even too much ripe fruit«hbuia !»..the law of .the child and they.:sbould be. taught tlie reason why';. ; A litt:e..rre&h meat •-each day would .be-'mucli better than ail overgorge one day lu tlie woek, the 'way many farmers have it, and plenty of well cooked oafi uieal with fresh pure milk would ,be a-thousaud times better for one thai so mucn half ma-, tured; potatoes-or.-half ripe- fruit arid vegetables and'it would be'no. more'ex- '"'' '' ' . . KNO|W/".':''./ ".It may^be'wpi^^sometihing to know itiialt the .very; best -medicine 'for restoring the tired otrt nervous system-to 'a healthy 'vigor is'Electric Bitters. 'This medicine Is purely yegelable, iacta by gilvJng. tone itothe^nerve centres in tfle stomach,: gently" stlmulatcfl the -Liver and.EidneyB;;and;alils'these organa. in thnxwing ,'6ff' lmpTJritles".la .the blood,; Electric, BKtlters .Improves the' appjetite, aids digestion, :and to pronounced by those::w!h6 have-trd*d it'^as'the'Tery •best ; Wood .'purifier .'and .nerve tonic: .Try it Sold;'..for.'(Kte. and': jtOO'per. bottle at.B. F. K'eefillng's.dirug'Btore. • ;CUiRIN'G'. • A*nowi'way. to.'eure'.the!ev.ll of tramp riding npon • raJlrbad trains .lias; been •adopited'by 'the;Plttsbui-f;,'-Fpi't Wnyrie. &:.Chilcago rallrond!:"...Special;...officers', watch the flights -nit .B-ations not-far laipart, and-; after tori'aHlng,:aH trajnps. they can- on ai-traln',tbey 'fln'd: out' frbni" traTnirieh >howTf af :e*ch«n'e has;ridden?; Tiey •are theri'-fflsked •to:buy ^..ticket foi; | th'e'dlstance ,rrayjel.ed?nn<l REMEDY Tor Suffciers Fjorn Piles Di Redmond, a specialist; m HIP study and tceatmeat of Piles a,ud:i'ectal diseases, lecently stated that the Pyii nilQ.'EIIe Cure, the ne\T discovery 'for- the cuie of piles wa^ the most i email. aible temcdj he liud evei t,eea or, Uied Iii one respect and that \\as the in sfcaint reH.ef.'experieu.ced ta;aU cases, uo matter 'how' severe,- from' tlie nion*eut the remedy wn-s- : -fli)pUed;-U«Is^was the mpi'e suiiprjsioig to him, because lie had carefully analyzed the p'repai-aitiori 'a'iiiV. no ib-ace/of -bpiiim,- cocaine or similar poison could be. detected., -, - . • ..Phystolau* look with great favoc •upon the Py-r.-imi'd Pile Cure because i)t..ls'"'rnipldly taki-ng the pi'ace'of surgical oiieratioiis ; and because. It is so' simple, so ensily applied- and 'contains no mtaeral or o Cher poisons so com- moaly:used in pile cures: • ; • » • Dr. : Esterbrook i-ciports'ttat the Fyra- .mi'd Pile Cure not only cures the various forms of Piles, but never -f ails !to giye iiumediia-te relief on tlie Cr^t application, uo matter tiow severe the ix>in or discomfort may. be. , 'Pe.ople who have suffered from piles for 'j'^ars airc often iistoiusacd at -the iiis'thi't relief ex.peri«nced from the.fh'st ioai. Aaiotlior important .' ad-is .'the' fact uha-t anyone can use 1ihe remedy without detention from business or interference with dally oc- cupatilon. -Sold by druggists at 50 cefttts per package. Send for free book on cause and euro of piles. WI^MAKE A rORDCAST ? The Chicago Becord has undertaken, i gigantic scheme to tell a month ahead of tlie election liow ifwill result jn>e\ ha-\e collected thie niiues of 710,000 \otcis U^iuK In. the t\\ehe middle Avc'stieiw States—wiiich- are conceded', to be tlie .-.one's.;thn.t ;will Oeci.de' the. oJec- Hc.ii-r478iOOO.-of that number cons-ti-tut- mg ten per cent of the tqtil ToteS of ..HUMAN VAGARY. , . It Js a curious illustrarjon. of the vagaries of the hnuian mind tlint.there slroiild be a .serious cliscussloiu ot w-hotlie-r the twentieth century begins with the 1000 or 1901." says the New York Times: "A century Is a. series of one hundred years, arid .mere, is no more doubt. that one ends with Its hundredth year and not ids ninety- ninth,, and • the next begins with Its flirst year and not with the last of the preceding hundred, than there is that,' in measuring a distance by hundreds of nihes, eaxih hundred mile belongs to a series.which ends and not one which.lt begins. The nineteenth cen-iury ends with the year 1900 -and the twentieth century begins with the year 1901, of course, and to make it a disputed question. Is ridiculous." whole vote of Chicago.' 'The Iwiive- boon -securoJ ' "iu'mp order and' withontVnowietige by those ..•securing'Them of the purpoif.e;foi: : w v -h.>c.h,. they-.'were to lie iised,--thus--insurl.ng',':v fair.'aibd iinilpiu'tinl (selection>an<l a fa-ir-' iy representative list jo far as.iKilitics is • concerned.- To those voters blank:ballots are b'c.injr.,- s«nr. w;;;i the re- 'fluent 'that- Hie i-eciiilenits-s-tfl-te''-^]^'*^- what ticket -they voted-'i» -18fl2- '&u<l> w'h'a.t-4l)ey -.wHl-- veite ni'-.Noyerutier.'J -. WJiere desired the names of voters will ; be kept -as confidentta],' but 'oth"emlS3 ; they .'will'.be publtehed'a-Ions- with"tiielr : ballots at both -elections.. la tills'way. th« Record proposes. tx>'solve the election: problem, a month ahead-of'that event so cou.dus'lve.ly that which ever' way.it goes .business ea.ii adjust itself. to that .decision.' 'and. "confidence and' good times—if Phere is any possibility of good'times in- the outcome—be 'restored .'that much'sooner'. Trie twelve deriding State* are J-ndtana,.Illinois, Kentucky, Mte«6ur-i, MlchHgan-, Wisconsin-, Mlmnesota, Noris Dakota, So.ii'th Dakota, lowti, Xebi'a.ska.. am Kansas. . • j f ,"-w.y -*~tJ^ — — '-fx^ Made «nd Merit Maintains thecoaftdow* of the peqp'e tn pood'B^trstpfrilU. **-^ medicine cures j'ou when wonderful cures cveryw h . ^ all question that medicine possewta merit}. .That i8 : just the truth ^about ;Sood> 8 "(tfiptrlll*. We know; it; ppssenea Merit,; becnine it cure8,.nbt onae-'orr twice./or;jfc bnndred ftimw, iut. in. thouwraift »^ tbooHUidg ot .cmw-l,; We know it ,cu»i, •tbiOlutely, pernianeptly., when'Tjll other* • " to Wanyigood whatever. SF«.»p»t; I»thel)«st—Inlactthe One True Blood i- 'mi< ' cure nausea, Indlgettioi S PHIS blliouiaew. 25cent». Trade r' THE, ENGLISH tANG.DAGE. Exchange.: The Intricacies.- of th<? English languaige. a-re well Unstated in' t(he deflniitloii of a sleeper: A sleeper is-the railroad car m whicli one' sleeper sleeps. A sleeper is tlie beam tie on which t'he. sleeper runs while tlie sleei^er ."sleeps. Therefore, while tiie sleeper sleeps'iu !t)be sleeper the. sleeper carries the scleeper over the tleeper"under .the sleeper, until.the sleeper.jumps the sleeper and.wakes :he sleepeir in the sleeper by strfflflng ;he 'Sleeper on- the sleeper, nnd there'is no longer" any sleeper sleeping In the sleeper 00. tlie• sleeper.' INTIMIDATION. Whoever, for tlie purpose of iiiflucnc in-g a, voter, seeks by violence, or threat oils to enforce tic payment of ri. debt or to eject or threaten to eject iroin'on hous<> he may occupy: 01'befiin a.criin Lua.1 prosecutJon.; or to injure the.'busl ness OT trade of-any elector; or, if-an einployw "threatens :to. 'WTthhold: wages .of, or .to.-.disnwss from. ser. tiny, laborer in h'ls •emiploymcnti'or. re fuse to allow any •.such: employe'tiu»< to attend <it the place of election., to 'vote, shall be fined not more than on thousand' dollars nor-less than'twen ty dollars, • imprisoned iu the State prison not more thnn 'five years no less than..one year,' arid disfranehisec and-rendered •ilncapa.ble of holding of flee of.trust or profit for nny deterinln ate period* . ..--*X..-^ Here is.the Jaw. "plattr'as it ca .made.: The Pharos has publicly been made the agent of the Pennsylvania company to detect .md expose cases of intlmida.tioa or coercion-among its em- ployes. .The. prosecution'Sf an employer w*ho tries to control a. free American vote is a. moral public duty. Has'the Pharos filed any affidavits up to date? Is lit not'slow in acting its plain part, or is. 11 not rather; plain:-o'aa' that the Pharos is. merely -trj'ing' to' deceive 1 ; iiaid that its pi-esent' siilence on the "coercion" -liowl'ie enforced by the v«ry evident fadlure of the deception? f BUCkUBN'S ARNICA SALVE. . The Best Salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores; ulcers, salt'rheum, fever sores; tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corrii and all skin eruptions, and positively cures, piles, or no psy requiredt It Is guaranteed to give perfect satis- tacticin or 'money refunded. Price 25 cents : .per : bor." For sale by B. F. Eees- jConyersejournal: It.is 'reported to ;he Journai .on .wji.at' It, deems., good LUthoriity that a certailn., free-silver: candidate on. -the DemocratJic ticket vhb : was compelled to tiorro.wi': the, lioney'wlth whilch ltd-pay his .assess-, neat, went ,to a free silver .friend for. he nccommibda.tion -and igot It'by giv- nga note "payable.in.gold.or its e<iuiv- lent.'";' - ...-.- .-/ : .'. - - '':'- : •' -" : If you have ever seen a 'little child' In he agony of summer complaint, you can" realize the danger, of the trouble ind -appreciate' the' value of Instantari- wus relef alwayVairo^ed by'DeWltt's Oolie..& Cholera' Cure.'.-For: flyeentery: nd : -diarrhoea it'Ys a reliable remedy; .cqnldndt afford'to recpininend .this ifciTre unleis itiwere.a cure.-?Jno. M. L ohnaton. ;,:•:•!.• .•.:,;--.-,'v,--< ...'-.'-'-'•'-"-' ; red" deatinaUiDn.- !if tSey-.h-aye;. no ; : f^,^^i^^$V.Burk,a^AibeiTt'\\C •nioney,:thelr::arrest;-foUow^,-EsO; v .;5 iD^Msouinri^erWtties-totlieWee^ . -^f^.C^v^^mg^f:.S^re^i yai^-:^-^ie^f^^-j^^lS\^»^^ plsTOva^i|c^l;|^.'iWo;:i(. ; 3^»^tSBeS; «lecHon : 'bet Standing 'at , . . inii;waBkee,: ; wiiiclh : f br •or^nalilty';; "totfji made ...QOTOBER... Accordiing,to.the.weather prpgnosti: cation^ ,of. ,Pa.rsons. HicSs .October. be : gins rwjtli. storm conditions, .well; or : ganlzed -.and .moving. eas.twjard t . These disturbances will continue until .the 4th. to'be followed' by'a. warm wave 'lasting until the. Ttihl ^Yom tuts date until aiouttbe 10th s weeping... gales over the lake regions will be apprehended and a general polar 'ware'Trill- spread over .the conn rry: The lower the ibarooneter during tlie, passage of tliis'stonni area the'liigher 'it will rise arid the coWer 'and more severe' the gales that will follow. I'he 12th, to 15tli; ls;.aniother. stonri- period,:.each dlS; turbance to .be followed by'.cold. From, tJie'lOth.tp 21«t a continuation of thV cold wave is predicted, owouipaniedby- snow. After these dates.and until the end of-tihe niontii all sortis ,of : --light storms mny-be.ex.pected; bringing:cold- es.'weaither,.for closing October...... if! MAICEJS HARD.TiaiJES? ...T.h'e. Atlanta. Constitution gives .the f:\lowlng figures:' ajnount ._«jpfen6';,.by Americans In the last "tjivelve^roontba for, '.whiskey, lies-' j,(509,OQO!,WC». 'SpentJ during' the 'same" ttine for "beer, $CJ7^ 258,000. Spent -during same^time^: cigsi|J'S .and • 'tobacco, : This is'-mow' tlian; ,tli<?. entire. of money In circulaition. in the It is $27 per. capita,. More,than eiit .per.'.•capita- circulaitlon; ^ a year foi- each 1 heod-;of a fa B 'Mark ^3 JP -AND— KIDNEYS 4 3. B. B. B. cured me-ofa case of L/'a Grippe aud.L.ung Trou ble. EDWARD L. PEKDIN E, 1122 E. Jackson St^ Indiana. .' B B B B are purely vegetablj Put up in capsules,sixtyin a bo Thirty days' treatment in a bo Price $1 pen 1 box, or six for & -Manufactured by H. C. BRAC Conneraville, Ind. < , '••' For sale by all druggists. B. F. KfWLING. Drofflifcj Evangelist D. T. Blark, <*J Saybrook, 1 Pep«ln.Syrup Ooi: Dear Sire: While at | In my reylval. work bottle cf your: SyjrapJ it as most excellent here Jni.iSaj'brobk. Peorla, m .M, to, • not on sale tneie. If 1 dollairCbottle there iromptiy remit. -I Wll week. Address Rev. j>| State St. Peorla, 111. by -SUI ^. itn/ tii e^ijt; line .made ;-JS^;.-'ii--'^ilU^v'-^ft*°'?Ki t? £!• * vK i l( prl^S^'-?^"^nV'.&^..''W* 11 ",' d ?' : *^ c . Itwajjtpti Slife'iservtee; g^dHto, ?. ; This,money. ,w.,ould;p«yxl riippropriat(ons ; !<if a bl-iilo" « gress' and : len.ve ; -:"enDagn "< llalf Congress! ' tJio c for -the"-',.- : Ame'r|can i - ,co ^KiSSSSaSs^S

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