The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1962 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1962
Page 2
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j-Algona (to-Hipper Des Moines Tuesday, Sepfember 11, 1962 AROUND ' Mr :iml Mrs KM.m Itnvry. Tr<! R"b ;ind i5ili visitor! relative ami friends hero Saturday afternoon. Mr and Mrs Amlivw Hansm: have as Ihrir izucsls Mr mul Mr 'KirhanI Tippcn of Fort Worth Tex. — o— Mr ami Mrs Don I'rederi, k ar< parents of a .-even |i<nind (i.-iuchtrr fr>ni Sent, -i at SI Ann lvi>pital They also h;ivj a ilaudiUr. Linda. a'-,! son, John. — n — . Mr and Mr- IVU.-nne Klrin and Virginia- wt-nt to (V.Jar .s,i! uixiay to (.ike the son Larry (, Jjtato C'olli'pe of Iiiwa to heeiti hi.-sophomore jear. « , — o— • Men's Frllunsfiip (if (he Ii"Sulai •Baptist c-huii-h will men Uednr d 'y t'\i>ii;iii.' ;it ;, p ni at Hi- Chun.!: H",-i- ;,n- Karl [.<>-•; ci -,: Hcv. I-,V.I|>h (.,. < o will ,aiM.' (ieiotions. l.ulhor»ii(. of flu ran iluirui v. ill day evening for a 5 program at !ht> cfmnn Mi Lo committee i't and Mrs dr I jr>( I.u mwi Thurn .-upper am' scr- Mariners' Club ,,f (lie Presbvter ian church will have its first fall meeting Sunday evening at the j church. The program is in charge ! "f Mr and Mrs Al Agena and Mr , and Mrs A. [). Crawford. i —o— I i!ion Mothers and Daughter I c-lub will have the first mooting of Ihc fall season Thursday at 'the home of Mrs Lester Johnson. As -:-''-ii_' husti's-e-s are Mrs (Irian Itulledpe and Mrs Herbert Haas —o— The firs! fall meeting of (he • Methodist Mori's Club will be hole' 'hi< evening ,Tuesday> a fi :!fi din nor at the church, fittest spoako r will bo Rev t>nn Hariog of Pay t"ti [)alla**K!eh i- club pres'i dint. M. (Ccelia's uuirt C. I), of A "ill have a seven o'clock dinner Thursd.i) evening at Acadeinv Mall Margaret Atherton and Ali da Bradley are chairmen ancl cards will be played following the meeting. entered school at Vinton and ar staying with their paternal grand parents. —o— ICiigrnr \Viltkopf, son of Mr ant Mrs G. A. Wittkopf, left Sunday for his sophomore year at Valpar aiso University, 'Indiana. Ths daughter. Carol, who returnee Aug. 27 from a round-the-worlc tour, is leaving Tuesday for San Francisco, Calif, where she wil study medical technology at tht I'niversity of California. " She has been a student at Iowa State University at Ames for the past three years. Thf i> .Mrs Harold Ixm U<>o,| Mr and Mrs Flo\d Turner liar as guests oxer :ne weekend their grand.-un and wife. Mr and Mr; Jerry De Kruif of Minneapoli- Jerry had JUM completed basic training at Fort Lea\enworth ! as an I B M. instruclur. —o— Hntli circle of the f'resln teriar church Mill meet this Aenmi; ' Tuesday i with Mrs Harle\ Troui man. Jr. L'o-hoste,sses are Mr. J. K. Lytie and Airs Warren \el- ffin. Mrs Hichard Mawdslc'. ,\;i; pive the program and .Mrs'.Stanley .Sorensen. .'e\otions. Chuck Streit. son of Mr anrl Mr? Matt Streit. will go to Iowa City this weekend to enter the State I'niversity as a freshman He has been employed for the summer bv Kvenls Bros, and is presently working at Grinnell. .Mr and .Mrs \iucent Brennan .lad as their dinner guests Thurs- Jr.y. .Mr and Mrs Ed Donovan of Esiherville and Mr and Mr.- Biil of Emme'sburg. Ann Terese Brennan had as her r,ver-i night guests. Jean Bormann and Ku'.h Brennan .,f L'.'rmietsburg Ann i., leaving soon fur,' Omaha where .she will be a fresh-' Mian at St. Mai v .s ('oile"e ' (iarrigan Parent Club will have its first fall meeting Thursday i evening at the high school. From : seven until eight o'clock is reserved for visits with teachers and a program will be presented in the auditorium at eight. Dick Barry is home on a 20-day j leave from the navy. He is the ! son of .Mrs Vincent Brennan and I was recently graduated from navy schooling as a dispensary clerk After his leave, he will go" to Nor Farewell Party AfSt.Joe For Bormanns St. Joe — Mr and Mrs \ick Bor mann were given a surprise fare well gathering Wednesday evening when neighbors and friends came to their home for a social evening. They were presented a purse of money and lunch brought by the guests was served. Mr and Mrs Bormann are building a new home in Livermore where they will move as soon as completed. Their son and daughter-in-law. Mr and Mrs Jim Bormann. will live on the farm. Attending the farewell gathering were Mr and Mrs Joseph Becker. Mr and Mrs Gus Bosalis. Mr and Mrs Bill Bormann. Mr and Mrs Dick Bormann. Mr and Mrs Paul Erpelding. Mr and Mrs Elmer i Gronbach. Mr and Mrs Connie "THE MUSIC MAN" starting Thursday at The Algeria ^evening with Mrs Paul Er.. a 7 a peldmg and Lois Erpelding and Theatre Lois Erpelding as guests. Receiv ing prizes were Lois Erpelding, Mrs"Marvin Reding and Mrs Martin Friders. Mrs Art Kohlhaas entertains the club Sept. 26. Kobert I'rpslon. »' »><• title role unleashes his fnst-talking eharm on arne ance orpora Bruce C he young rhildri-n of an Iowa town In this scene from the dazzling < Slutter, son of Mr and Mrs C. M. Warner Bros. Pechmcolor r 1 " Test 29 Herds Twenty nine herds were tested on D.H.I.A. north unit in August and herds producing 1.2 Ibs. of butterfat per day per cow belong to Ralph Angle & Engstrom Swea City, 11 cows; Leander Menke, Swea City, 35 cows; Le Roy Richardson, Ledyard, 19 cows; Laurence Loeschen, Woden, 17 cows; Harry Vigdal, Armstrong, 27 cows; John Ruger, Fenton, 59 cows. ENDS TONITE CINUS i UNI it " TIIE GUNs OP NAVARONE" PLUS ,, tvvo WoMEN ,> Serves In Pacific Marine Lance Corporal Bruce C " , -----. ... ,..*,_ .,v > • uiu 1,111, \iac.f.iing OlUltcl. oU Uarner Bros. Technicolor presentation of Meredith \Villson's "The! Slut'er of Music Man." opening Thursday at the Algona Theatre. Preston, who created the character in the stage production, stars as the combination Pied Piper-con man who sets out to sell the town instruments and uni- n- forms for the boys band. Shirley Jones stars opposite him as Marian, the librarian. Buddy Hackett. Hermione Gingold, Paul Ford and The Buffalo Bills are co-starred in the film version of the musical comedy which was acclaimed the happiest musical ever during its Broadway ertz. Mr and Mrs Frank Reding Mr and Mrs Ted Wagner. Mr and Mrs Peter Zeimet. Mr and Mrs Peter Bormann and Mr and Mrs Frank Hilbert. folk. Virginia to prepare for overseas assignment. Kay Agena. daughter of Mr and : Mrs Al Agena. returned Friday from St. Mary's hospital at Rochester where she had surgery for a spinal disc ailment. She is progressing nicely but it will be several weeks before she can go to .•school. Shower Honors Sharon McEvoy was honored at A mis(f||;i m .,, us hriilal shnwr" f'-r I'hylh.s HanlnroNe wa, givc- Sunday at the Lugiun lull. Ho.,; e.- cs were Mr-, Hoim'r Clark -Mrs Wa>ne llanbuii, Mrs Carr. Mrs William Spec/if, J.-i.-nes St. John, .Mrs Stanley .son and Mrs Eugene .SchatNc;) nehler. Mi.s.s llardgr,, u ., .laugh In of Mr and Mr., \Vmell Hard gi'-ive, will he married to Kirh anl Taiipc of Fort DiMgc Sept -.- in St. (.'ecelia's I'utholn.- ihuix-h acre. — o — N>'\s i.llircrs of the Mi-thodist Youth Fellowship un , 15,11 |,. irl lett. president. l',:,rl)ar:i K-ichen reuthur, \,i«j in-i'Milent. .luiia t )1 .son. .secruu,r. . Terr Brandov. ' Boh Hardy who is with SAC of the air force stationed at Minot. No. Dak., is home on leave. He , is the of Mr and Mrs Wos. Hardy and will be best man Sat a personal shower Thursday, with .Mary Alma O'Brien, Alice Elbert and Martha Schumacher as hostesses in the O'Brien home. Twelve guests attended the gathering and the evening was spent playing cards, with Mrs Joel Reding and Alary Lou Grandgenett receiving, prizes. Mrs Anna George and Eileen and Annette from Barnum were Wednesday visitors in the home of Mr and Mrs Nick' Bormann Other visitors were Mr and Mrs Merle Laubenthal from Whittemore. tri-:. ur.-r. .,ivl \',. •loi II Si 1,1,1', r .|r to the Mi!>-ilis',ri. ' hu.rrnen arc Don Vn ki Sleil. witne c:'uen-h:;i Ann . . :. I l!;ll I',, r'lcll • •'.'• ri j.r.-^i ,itu!.\ ( ^ ' Ul.'l I '(.IM'.t.l Hanleti an. 1 1 i'!i,i>- ••- B..I r. faith • Smith. U'T. | i.o!ir;t\ i'! Turn Hichard MMi . win return to Minot Sept. 21. Basil Muznrewa. the African stu lent the local Methodist church is .sponsoring for three years at Morningside College, will "he gues> -|.eaker here Sept. 2.', at the morning worship .service and at Rally . Day at the Sunday School. The W.S.C.S. of the church is sponsoring a public smorgasbord Oct. 11 \Mih tin; proceeds to go to the African Student Project. Mrs Tom Krusc and Joanne are \i-itir.i> Mrs Kruse's lather. C B Miirtagh and Mr and Mrs T C HutchiM.n. Mrs Kruse i.s the former Bett> Murtagh and with her husband has Ju ,t returned from ' \rar- at St-iml. Korea. pre.M'ntl> m Washington. d l.'ie two older ihildren Tom DC have Friders and Debbie from Livermore and Mrs Larry Heinen and David from Salte St Mane. .Mich, were visitors Thursday in the home of Mr and Mrs Willie Thilges and family. Mrs Heinen. the former Kay Ann Friders. daughter of Mr" and Mrs Norbert Friders. has been visiting relatives and friends. CD.A. will have their first business meeting of the coming year Sept. 12 at 8 o'clock in St. Joseph's school hall. The Court has an in| terestmg schedule of activities 1 planned for the conning year The j first event of the fall season will I be the golden wedding anniversary ; dinner Sept. 23 for Mr and Mrs : K. L. Kohlhaas. A special com- i mittee has. been appointed to be i m charge. Mrs Francis Erpelding. grand regent, plans to have '• the year books ready to be handed out ai the meeting. Mr and Mrs M. T. McGuire too their daughter Florence to Dubu que Tuesday where she will be freshman a Ml. St. Francis As jirancy. Mrs Joe Sinnwell entertainec ler 500 club Thursday, with Mri, S. J. Gales, Mrs John B. Reding and Mrs William B. Devine re ceiving prizes. Margaret Reid miller entertains the club Sept. 20 Mr and Mrs Math Froehling from Watkins. Minn, and Mr anc Mrs Jim Froehling and family from Excelsior. Minn, were weekend visitors in the home of Mr and Mrs E. J. Gales. Mrs Math Froeh- ing is a sister and Jim Froehling is a nephew of Mrs Gales. Mr and Mrs Orville Wagner left Tuesday for Lansing, Mich, to visit in the home of their daughter and son-in-law. Mr and Mrs Robert Anderson and son Shawn Robert. The latter, first grandchild for Mr and Mrs Orville Wagner, was born Sept. 1. Judy Wagner will return home with her parents having worked the summer in Lansing and will attend Briar Cliff College at Sioux City. Charles Zeimet, 6 year old son of Mr and Mrs Ray Zeimet, came home Tuesday from St. Ann hos- pital in Algona where he had been a medical patient suffering with the hives. Mr and Mrs Don Brofer and son Gregg from Fort Dodge were Monday visitors here in the home of Mrs Brofer's parents, Mr and Mrs George Wagner. Mr and Mrs Art Kohlhaas from here, Mr and Mrs Joe H. Loebach and Mrs Elizabeth Loebach of Whittemore attended funeral services for Mrs John Engelen in Mankato, Minn. Saturday. Mrs H. J. Keown of Montivedo, Minn, was a visitor here the pasl week in the home of her son ami daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Ton; McKeown. Mrs William McGuire entertained the Farmerette 500 club Mon- 517 es it State st A]- THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY JHREE WITH A PAST...DESTINED JO CROSS AND CLASH...IN A KINGDOM OF KILLERS! gona, is serving with Battalion Landing Team 2/3, a segment of the Marine Corps' major deterrent force in the Western Pacific. GUARANTEED* POWER AND PERFORMANCE THE MUSIC MAN" - Thursday, Friday and Saturday — 1:45 nd 3:15. Sunday — 1:30 - 7:05 - 9:44. Monday, Tuesday and Wednes- ay — 8:15. tit II till jn» tmr T» t't 100 ihclli fret it ivei on RiBlicton plastic ibill falls U met my of these iniraitiet • •« Uiriiiik Ui fault tf tie ttilli ' • GUARANTEED AGAINST POWER LOSS • GUARANTEED PERFECT POWER SEALIN9 • GUARANTEED TO FIT YOUR CHAMBER • GUARANTEED AGAINST SCUFFING OS SPUTTIN8 • GUARANTEED PERFECT IGNITION Available in all 12,16 and 20 gauga Remington "Express"hlgh-basa loads...priced the same as any high* base paper shells. 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