Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 2, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1896
Page 8
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T^v:. : ::7y.7r^ .. . «•**• '••-- •' ' 'n^^aMMHIBBBmf*** l * l f^™ u ^^ Uj ^^i r '•'"••^''ii' •vfrTrj i • •"• : w^ «-• v. X'«ii-w». r . ''"'•• : ""-" "'-.'.'''•:•''-i 1 . .'-.'•" '"••''•"" ; ." •'••'. ' '..•••'; v .••'-.'•• ~"-TV'•°".' ; -.-."••'•• " ;•... FOUR BIG BARGAINS FOR THIS WEEK These are beyond question the Greatest values ever offered, ter of goods we offer and the little money It takes to buy them. We want you to note, the width -arid charao 38 inch all wool Serges in blaok and all new fall shades and a magnificent line of new Imported plaids and fancy wool novelties all at .-25c yd 100 pieces, bright new Novelty Dress Goods in all the latest cheeks, stripes and faney cloths, which have retailed jfeneraily for 0!5c a yard all at ••.• 396. vd Our imuienso counter, loadad with the newest Bud most ehoiee'Noveltv Dress Goods of .the season, e<>n- aiatlng of rough scotch effect* which are in itrong favor at present. The most extensive line in the city at the prloe worth 3 titaes as much, at only •. :••• .4.8C yd The correct thing for the season which are the inulto, colored bouolt-.- 3 toned wool esouriale, derby euit- ings which retail generally for $1.00, price only • $58c yd THE GOLDEN RULE ; or Your Own Purse Sake Visit Our Store this week. We heed the demand of the times. tter Goods for Less Honey We rise lo tho oec-as'iou mud overshadow all possible competition with iml- 'formally low prices that seems miraculous. Evary barga'iin we 'u;uue is here Vaml Imiumoraiblc ui-ore. You will never be •disappoL'nt.ed by luvy printer's inli -.OVOT our i- 200 men's all-wool, fall overcoats. 'HUcy consist of bl-ack cheviots, fans find drab meltons. .No overcoat in the lot worilh less ttovn $7 or $S, we sell \tlicm ait- .......................................................... 34.00 L* ; THEY WILL GO Special Logfansport Train for Canton Ohio. RECORD George Cuppy Hade Himself One of - he Best. IS THIRD IN THE LIST Of, National League Pitchers- Able to Pitch in Temple Cup Series. ' ' Thursday October 8th Lo'gansporters Will Visit McKlnley. oec-u train. coin Tin: inMoi] . m:, fa re Tiie . Ft. 150 moil's fcill suits, the line liiclud es Tweeds, onestly mndc arid -trimmed. Cheviots and Casslincrcs : Value po sl'tively ?C and $7, wo sell tfliem at, $3.50 'oil. 100 men's extra tiuo fall overcoats, lucludiwg twelve different linos of all wool cove-re cloth tap coats -lined with silk or fine Italica cloth worth 114.00, $13.00 aud $1G.OO, go at '...,. $10.00 ;i 200 men's very finest suits, embracing fine fancy worsteds, neat plaids i;nd checked cheviots, tailored with proper -regai'd for perfect fit and sati-s- actory wear, unquestionably equal to rtho best $10.00 suit you see elsewhere. 'e-seH thorn for $10.00 Chile magnificent display of men's, boyls and ciuhkcu'-s fall amd winter hlmg, liats «nd furnishings surpasses anytMng ever seen. The prices e been made so low that not the slightest stumble block remains to bar neon or boy from betog comfortably and styiltshly dressed. We invite to call and 'inspect-our line. ' .» • '•• | THE GLOBE. follr. • CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. : PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co., TSe well-Known SpecliiUsts ot Now York Suva D. A. H AUK as agent lor their celflbratod Spectacles and Eye (ilastes, every pair piaranteed. • D, A. HAUK has compiets-assortment «na Invites all to satisfy ttiemsalTOa gf tho isceut sapsrlorlty o? the^e goolsover nnr manutactored, nt the- store ot D. A. HAtJK, Sole agent for Lognnspott Ind. No P«ddler.i Supplied. . '2O.OO Will Buy a iod.Winter Suit OF- D. CRAIQ. a6 Broadway, Second Floor. -'fls'li at L'o'.ey'.s, .l"ire*h ejrgs.— Rotharmcl. Natural gas bill* before Oc- bills 'for the month of br are now due. tively the' best cup of coffee In T at Dykeman's cafe. -jMipers for -sale at the Journal 20 cents a hundred. |r finest range c-veir made. See it new stove store, 310 of * «iiro now duo «md .payable at hpaoy's office on Pearl street. a'you want 'to' see; one part r/and aBotber for 'summer at u'«/new stove store, 310 Market RICHHOND BOYS COHINQ Railway Hen's Sound Honey Club Visits Here Saturday. 'Next Saturday nigfat, October 3rd, tlio Railway Men's Sound Money club of Richmond will visit the Losaasport club, aind a meeting will be 'held at the Broadway rJnk. The Richmond delegation will brins «>•' spcalcer. There will be no. strec't demonstration. Snitu-rday aftornoon the big McKinley polo at Kokomo will t>e raised. Th'cu'e will be a crowd prcswiit from •here, and -tbc Rlolimond men will return wl'lfli them in the evening. A most interesting and colhus'iastlc meeting Is in sight for Saturday night, October 3d, vJi the -rink. THAT JOYFUL FEEJLIN.G. With t'lie'exlillaratlug sense of: renewed licnlfcl) 'and strength nind Jnternal cleanliness, whlc-li follows the use of Syrup of Figs, is unknown to the few who hare not progressed beyond the old- tinic medicines ami the 'chesip sut>sti- tutos .somc-tlmos offered 1>ut nover accepted by the well-informed. OF LIBERTY. V\'ill serve iin elegant--supper for IGc .'i.t tho G. A. R. ball-on Saturday,'Oct.- 3:1 from 5 unltil S o'clock. "Prom a tie to.'nn overcoat purchased '.•H tho lasalgnmeu't snlle. you-ore sure. to. •save money. • . .•'..-' .-.)•: ploted for tin* McKiuloy 'lira ii> will leave l:l:.e,. T.lrmisday morning. Oct. SHi. at 0 ii'euii'iMiijr 'the. .same evening.' Tin for tho round trip will be $4.00.' train will .sin-Ike (lie Pll'lsburj ."ayno & Chicago i'a..l;'oacl at I'l.vinoutli and go overthat rand direct to Cau'ton. ? taitcndlng to go shouHd .send their names to Sol D. Braiult, so tluif. the propor mini'ber of cars may be proviil- Mr. Bnuidit had ti- list of seveuty- •u'lnt; naiiiH,'S yerterdei.y. wiio woudd CI.T- fciinly go, w-ltli nnuiy otilvei-s likely to go. The following letter was received yesterdny:' "Caulou, 0., Sept. 20. 1SO(>. . "Sol D, Bramlt, I^ganspoi'l-, Ind.: "My Dear Sin-—I am directed by Ma; jor M-cKi'iiley to say th-at he will bu pleased to receive a delegation fro-m your cllty on October Sth. "Very Trufy "Yours. "H. O. S. HAISTAND." ' RECALL OLD SCENES. Veterans of ia8th fndiana Infantry Meet Again. .Wffli.s G. Grevbflini returned today. from N'ew Ciurltele, St. Joseph county, whore"'he attended a reunion, of his old regiment, the 12Sth Ind. Vol. Inf.' He reports ti pleasant time and the reunion a profltable one:' The citizens of New Carlisle vied with ouch oth'er in their •hospi'tiU-iity to t!hc gallamt visitors. General Packard, tll-eiir old brigade commander, was present, and wished to • ibe re^momlbered to his old frleuds and .a,CQnaJ.nta.nc'OS In ' t:lni.s vicinity, more especially the. stirrfvors 'of the 12Stb regirnenit. Out of twqnty-tlircb fu attoadanoe ait -the reuinfion, .twenty- itwo ^vor-e-foi 1 McKlnley and one for Bryan.' The next reunion osf the regiment will be held at Rodicsler, Ind., iu Septembeir, 1807, TONIGHT AT THE RINK. McKinley Club Meeting—Rising Young Orator to Speak! A.'M. Biggins o£ 'ilerre Haute, pres'l- derit of the Indiana Repu-bllea'n League will speak on tlie Issue a,t the rink tonight- It is tho regular meciting night of .the McKlnley club, and m good crowd should bo present. Sir. HlggJns is one of the coming men of tho State, and lie' will have much, to say.that'citizen's of Loffanspoiit •will do well to Lear. The ladles are especially, as usual, Invited •to th'e meeting, and will 1 'b'o made welcome. There will be good music, Turir- out and listen to good honest .money doctrine. . Before the. meeting the Escort Guwrils will mate . ; tliolr'first ap- pe'arance in uniform, and tie speaker will <bo eseortod up,Broadway by.tlie inarcliet's. There will be -no attempt -at a-general demonstration, but 'the ; people are invited to Join In giving'MK; Illggias a 'proper greeting. , : . A FINE COLT HURT. . A flno, three-year-old Coleridge colt;- 'the.property of Lovell"Morris oni NorHi • street, died yesterday' 'morntag from .the .edecte of n wouhd'it' reccived'iu! Its breast last Simday morning while in,' .pasture. • ; • '•, .-,-. • .- ; Degree Statt.-No. 1 .\vlll-nKiet.-at theli 1 haJl this evening nt : 7:30.'o'clock;!for; practice.' •• • '• '•".'. • : - ; ••' '••''••'•'•'• '••'',-. • ; •.->:. .v-- •• • ' A special hi 'the Indtanapolis News .of •-.j*stei'd-iiy snys that ,-i. wreck on the B; iScV^v railroad caused « delay to Dhe train on which the Cleveland club was joii'riH-j-.liijrTo, Bii.lthnore. -iiud tlie club waif ••unable to :-ench the latter city In time to''pl.'i,v the llret giunc of the Tem-series. The bnttlc win there- today. •A letter received b3' Mrs. Cuppy from hei' .son. George, tli-o great Cleveland pitcher, states that lie is able to enter the cc-nrest for rhe cup money, and ex- pacts t;> pitch the greatest sume of his life. Tilie bandages were taken ofC his in.liiwtHiand yesterday, :uul while it is si 111 sore, the 'nervy Transport boy wants' to, do Ms share iu wlmiTiiiiK ilic cup series (Hid will go iu the box any- li 0 \\'.~ TUo averages of tiie players for rlio Ir.st season, compiled from newspaper mpor.ls of the suim>, -are out a.uil they sliow splendid- work on the puirt of Cnppy,. There is -a wide d!si.T(!.pn ncy i n the averages printed in the different metropolitan papers, .awl it will of coarse, take (lie official fi gurus from rro,sWon't, Nick Young to settle the, question fiiiiiilly. The Journal i-s indebted- :to H. E. Burns of this city, w-lio •hris 1 kept a record of 'the panics played. for tllie following summary of the Lo- ?an.sport boy's work, takm from a Cleveland paper's report of. the jramios played by tlie team: CUPP1"'S RECORD. Cuppy IK-IS pi-Jelled in ili'Vy-thrue jra.mcs; hu lias pitduxl through foi'ty- four giMiios and won twenty-seven of tlHimi losing but eleven. wich six tied s(-oi'DS: he was pnt -In ttn> box to help out' ip s-ix games. ami was taken out of .Mie Box during the yrame but tihreu tmwt; -t:he. opposing T».tT.crs . secured a totnl of two hundred and 9ixrj--roiir hits off lii-m, niicl nuidc eijrhty-fivo earned riuis oft' lilsi delivery, while Iu: luis struck oilt sixty-nine biitters. f?Iv- eu fifty-live bases on bad balls, made only four w-ild pito.llic.s, ami hit five men with the boll. Throug-h the whole seasou he.js only cliartted with two errors, nml lie'liittho ball safe thirty-two •times. r jili:it ;s a record wliiich- any pltelii-i! ir.i^lit. envy, inul it has given Cuppy a ^rc'.-it hold on the faas of Cleveland. •The CMca«o Inter Ocean's figures fonriie battin.fr avorasos Kivo Cuppy ns figures: sraiinos played 46; a.t-ba,t 1^-1 -times; rntw 2!): hits 40; sac- i'-ific'o''li4.ts 2; stolen bases' none; avor- iace :2S4. The Lofr.insport boy is third •in the list, of pi tetters iu tlie table of fioIdinK'.nivDrnftes, Piiyne -of Brooklyn and. Sullivan of Boston alone leading him by a slight niftrgto, ' There Is evidently ft mistake hi the figures given, lor -to. Hie Uv.bl-c of Qeklinp avcrases lie is credited with phi.yl-nff ta but forty- live games, a.m.l in the bati-lug averages in forty-six games. Taking the Inter Ocean's figures for It, he -Iras played in forty-ilrc quires, made eighteen P«t- onls, one Iraudrcd and five assists, four errors 'and four wild pltcflies, fnnl nn ,.av.'wnge of .03t'.. Of the other Cleveland. -pitchers W-Ilsoa- 'is eighth in the Ust, Vouiifr seventeenth' and Wallace twenty-second. There are some, wonderful records s'liown 'by tlie lleliler* .111 tlie league. La .Toie, EhllflddvliUv'* fu'st baseman, hicks but three points of hmvinfj played Ills posWou perfectly. He played- in thirty-nine', games, li-nd three hundred ind-sixty-tiiree put-outs, twelve assists, iind.anly one error, making his average .007. liv'Chmice' of- Brooklyn was second -arid "Old .Auso" of Chicago and apt. iTcbwin of Cleveland, are tied lor 1ih.h-d 'pluice. with .083 each. .McPbec of Cl.nclmi-n.tl leads Ulie second base- n-eu. with .073, nml Invtn, anotlicr C!n- cinniati playv, heads the list of third basemeai with .025. Burkett of Cleveland lead* the 'batters ug;a:iu this year, us he did last, with a per cent, of .40~>. WE'RE HERE AND -:-:- HERE TO STAY. You are cordially invited. We took for your acceptance with eager anticipation, for we are confident of your enthusiastic commendation of our et- forta. We assure you that no finer stock can be found In this country, and you will agree with us that it surpasses anything ever before seen In Logansport. We have entered this field as leaders should, avoiding the time-trodden path, shunning the policies that have hitherto prevailed, but with unequaled facilities and characteristic enery we have sought the best, that you may enjoy the convenience-of finding here at home,,those exclusive styles you have hitherto been compelled to seek In other markets. The management of all our departments Is in our Bands. We've had a life long experience to guide our Judgment, we know every "Fashion Inlet" and "Quality Harbor" in this and foreign countries. Behind It sreNlur capital, our enterprise, our broadguage methods. Such a union of tact and talentP' must succeed. We've gathered a stock that is artistically perfect and marked at prices that will be -an agreeable revelation to you. Bearing out the reputation that we will win for this store and your confidence. Yours Very Truly, THE HUB. Berwanger Bros & Co, Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS IS YOURS. We want you to understand that we are running this laundry for you and tli.it your wishes are to be regarded in everji particular. We will glvo you just exactly whait you want if we con fm;l out what that is. Perhaps you believe Uliait it Is Impossible to have your laundry work handled without irritation oud anwyonce. We are sure that you are mistaken. May -we have an opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS., Successors to Campbell Bros. THE BAPTISTS. Logansport Association In Annual Fleeting at Mexico. : Republican Meetings. Republican speakjngswlll be held at the following places In Cass county: Friday.;.evMflng; ''Oct. 2nd, Center school boose,' Washington' township, Hon. «W, S." Haggard, candidate for ileuteeaBt iGpvenipr.- ,',,•• Friday- oven Jngj'Oxrt 2nd, rink, A. M. '' ' Saturday •--eyenlng,;, Oct. 3rd. Royal Oantcr, .Hon. W. Si -Hasgaird. , : ' W«dne»day. :ev«Ung, ' Odt 7th, Red Sctoool -housei" Noiiile 'townslilp, Orlnndo ' , J^Xoyfeland ;of : Pwu -w.lll speiali; at Waverly Mocnday e.venlng, Oct 5th; Lucerne, . Tuesday feVenJiEff, Oct 6th; jtoocdn, Wedme^daiy eyeatog Oct. 7th. | reveHrng, .'' October Oth, John-. son ^.scliobl 'heuise, l Wash.llftston ' Tli'e forty-third muuiversary of tlie Logsmsport Baptist Association' closed a'two days' session jit Mexico Wednesday eveu'lns. The meeting wns one of the most successful in the history of the association. The Rev. F. M. Huckleberry of fclris city was Moderator a.nd the R'ev. W. A. Bender of Mexico was clerk. Tuesday's session consisted of devotional exercises, conducted by the Rev. Mr. Smith of Denver; introductory sermon, by the Rev. F. M. Huckleberry, of Dogausport; reading of letters from churches; report on ministers' home by the Rev,- O. A. Cook, o£ Rochester; re- .port of Pu-blicatioa Society, I)y''C. M. Biivgpr. of Kcwannn, and a doc't'riu.ii "sermon, by tire Rev. O. A. Coat.,.'. ^Wednesday moniiujr's sessioji-. begau with a sunrise prayer meettrig.Tiy the Reiv. W. F. Snvltli, Of A.vgos,-'foljbwi;d by a devotioiwl service, conducted by the Rev. C. F. Dame, of Royal Center. •Mr. Bender made a report of the local mission boa.nl,'Mr. HucKic'oeny read a report, on Slate couvenUon work and •the Roy. .1. B. Bair, of Denver, made a report on Sunday school, work. Iir..tne roftcnioom the Rev. W; H..Rutherford. of Mon'tone, led iu tlie devotional soryiees: a rejwrt on home 'missions wa* made i)y the Rev.. .T. L. Bi-j-an, of Rochester; woman's work Jn missions w;is discussed by Mrs. V.% r>. Weaver, of M-iriou; MM- -T- 0. Ward, of Peru, submitted a report on foreign missions, aad the Rev. Mr. Dame .raid a report on education. In the evaning, Edward Fisher, of Mexico, conducted. ( ',.praJse son-Ice, followed by reports from local unions; our successors—Juniors— was discussed by Alma Zook, of Denver; . report on religious literature, by the Rev. J. A. Croy, of Roclioster, aud a closing address by A. E. Knight, of rive 0:40 a. m.. Ic-.ivt C:oO; Tipton, arrive 10:15, leave 10:40: Kokomo, arrive 11:05, lonive l^:0o: Loir-wisport, arrive 12:40 p. m.. leave 2:20; TV-mainac, arrive 3:15, leave 3:40; North Judsoo,, stop 15 minutes; Crown Point, 'arrive 5:20, leave 5:50; Hammond, nlght-.meet- •• ing. The committee has also .arranged for ;i si>eclail train for the emare trip. an<l has planned to 'baye some speak-.- crs .of .uviitlona! reputotiou to leave .lit; each point where ji-stop is made. '','••• .'.. TURN OUT, HjSCORT G All 1ihe McKinley marchors- of -the,. Escort Guards are ordered to 'be at the rink at 7 o'clock sharp, to escort the speaker of the. eveu'iug to the place of meeting, where the McKinley club will meet at S o'clock. This will be the first •turn out of the club, and the members wiill for the first tiui-e appear in full uniform. The canes will be on baud for distribution at the rink, .ready for lighting as torches. The members are. urged to turn out in readiness for ac- Bon, M.i ke ,a good showing. The entire, boot a;nd shoe stock known a.s the KauffiiKin & Co. store on Market street, assigned to A. G. Jenklues by Oftto A. Kraus, Will, be closed : out by October 15, as the lease expires on tliat, date. TALKING PRICES HA5 BEEN CHANGED. The Bryan fleteorite Wilt Hit Us at 12:40 p. m. The.Itinerary of Mr. Bryan in Indiana lias 'been, changed .somewhat. A revised by '•tlie Natiooial Democratic bureau ait Chicago Mr; Bryan will get here at 12:10 and leave at-2:20, rejnaln- jug an hou-r and a -half.. It will thus be necessary to cha-uge. the, hour; for closing the shops to.let the emplojes see their worst enemy,' tnc man who •wants tJwm to be paid infifty-eent dollars; 'The schedule as now : nreanged* 3s as follows:' ,,'_. ..'•, " , " '';'.'."." teavlns Indianapolis at 8:30. 'a., m Thursday, October .v: THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSIXEJSS GOOD AT 412- BROADWAY. * * * . . ' Women's nice seamless rubbers, new, ' ; and pointed *'oes, new '96 ; goods.'., rrice .;....:...'..23e ...» *.,..*>- ,-•• -'-"' Women's storm seamless rubbers, as ' grood as some ask 50c (or. Price 28c • -.». •.'- •' • ; -.. - : - • Women's Aretfcs, nice-.MOW goods, . pood value at $1.. .Our price ,..... :59c ' • Women!s kid button tip, nice pointed toes! Price slices ? patent medium beds » 65c V, omen s «atin calf button shoes,. «. irood serviceable -n Jntar slice. Price 98c .* * . .«c; ^ ^ omen's Vicl Hd button shoes, p£t eut leaither tips, nloe diess -shoe Piice . , ..... 08 c '* *. • Infant^ ombioldercd leather mocco ilus Ju^t tlie tiling fortlio Httte ones Piice . .v i '• 19 good 1 ' a bargain. Price ,'i.,iSCd Also please see our line of flbft <Jlie&3 shoes Tnc most, stylish anfl ti^Bt $& tmg goods eve* brougM to Loganspof r Line W Pllllnl 412 3roftdway

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