The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 28, 1962 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 28, 1962
Page 9
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Dept. of History and Deo Moines 19, Iowa AUGUST 28, 1962 t!Che &lgona Jlotnes AUGUST 28, 1962 Wesley 4-H A meeting of the Wr-sley Boys 4-H was held Aug. 8 at he home of John Muehe. A committee was choseri to make plans to go to the Iowa State Fair. A few tips on showmanship were given by Daniel Skow. Anthony Muehe gave a demonstration and at the close of the meeting Mrs Muehe served lunch. TYEBAZBEIER Penny Johnson Of Algeria Is Engaged To Wed UPPER DES MOINES PUB. CO. Look Ahead!! THE 1962 CORN CROP ISN'T TOO FAR AWAY Buffer Grain Bins IT SAFE! look for the Butler trademark before you buy Bufler quality grain Una are pie-engtneaea 1 tcnaciet ing standards by the men who know grain (torag* best. They go up quickly—last longer. They glva yo* the safest, most dependable storage you can buy. What's more . . . it's easy to convert a Butler bCa Into an on-farm drying system if you decide to ttffp. AND dry your grain. It costs Little more to own the very best A* your local Butler Blue Ribbon Dealer, well be happy to discuss your grain storage needs with you. Just gtaw as a call or stop by. There's no obligation, Tour full-fine headquarters tor Butler qua/if/ farm equipment WE INVITE FURTHER INQUIRY JOE BRADLEY 116 So. Thorington ALGONA CY 4-2421 Notes Of Servicemen Mr and Mrs Oliver Johnson announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Penny Lynn, shown above, to Patrick L. Duffy, son of Mr and Mrs William Duffy, Algona. Penny attended Buena Vista college and Patrick, a 1962 graduate of Loras college, will teach in Clear Lake high school in the fall. A fall wedding is being planned. (UDM Engraving). SHEPPARD AFB, Tex. — Air man Third Class David G. Mc^ Donald of Algona is being reassigned to Offutt-AFB, Neb., following his graduation from the United States Air Force technical training course for data processing machine operators here. Airman McDonald was trained in the operation of punched card data processing machines used in Air Force statistical offices. A graduate of Algona high school, he is the son of Mr and Mrs Herbert Haas, Algona. FORT SILL, OKLA. — Cadet Ernest N. Carlson, son of Mr and Mrs Guy C. Carlson, Wesley, recently completed six weeks of training at the Reserve Office Training Corps (ROTO summer camp at Fort Sill, Okla. Cadet Carlson, 21, is a 1958 graduate of Titonka high school and a 1.^62 graduate o/ Iowa State University, Ames. SNAKE Leonard McCool of Marshall- lown killed a snake recently near a railroad bridge along Lake Cherry. The snake, a water moc- cason contained 42 young ready to be born. The 42 babies were six-inches long and the mother snake was 4'/i feet long. Rosanne Berne Bride In Mason City O/i Aug. 18th the most heavenly thing that's ever happened to a diamond In a "Celestial" setting your precious diamond is secure yet seems to "float" in space. Your diamond Is not only more brilliant but appears larger. / EASY CREDIT TERMS AMBULANCE SERVICE Families living throughout this area may call any Blake Funeral Home with complete confidence. \Iigh quality service and moderate prices are provided at each. blaKe is 1 FUNERAL HOMES "" HOMES AT TITONKA 111 VERNE CORWITH WESLEY RENWIOC Phone TUrner 2-3333 Lu Verne by Iowa State Bank Farmers — are you anticipating a bumper crop —but worried about inadequate harvesting machinery or lack of ample storage facilities? Remember — we make farm loans for machinery, storage buildings and other farm needs essential to good farming. Come in — it is easy to arrange a low-cost loan at Iowa State Bank to fill your needs. Temptation: Something that when resisted gives happiness and which when yielded to gives even greater happiness. For years we have been reminded that a small first aid kit carried in the glove compartment of your car could well prove to be a life saver in case of an accident. Now comes the further suggestion that a dime taped inside the lid of that first aid kit could be mighty handy in case you needed to make an emergency telephone call. The only thing higher than our standard of living - is the cost of it. Algonq's Home-Owned Bank OWA STATE BANK Miss Rosanne Berrie, above, daughter of Mr and Mrs R. C. Berrie of Mason City, became the bride of Lawrence T. Boesen III, son of Mr and Mrs L. T. Boesen, Jr., of Rosedale, Queens, N.Y., Saturday morning, Aug. lii, at Holy Family Church in Mason City. Rt. Rev. Msgr. A. J. Breen officiated. Miss Karen Hudon of Chicago was maid of honor and Phil Berrie, brother of the bride, was best man. .The bride's parents both are former Algouan's. Her mother, Ire former Bet ; y Barr,, is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Wm. Barry of Algona, and was employed by tho Upper Des Moines Hub. Co. prior to her marriage. WHAT IS SALES RESISTANCE ? Literally dozens of books are written each year on the art of selling for salesmen — most of them earning haidsome profits for their authors. How useful they are, it scpms to me. depends how adept the s.-lie sin nil is at sidestepping their usual complicated formulas and gaining out of thorn one of (lie basic things that makes any real difference to his success — a stimulus to his enthusiasm. A reception in the Wedgewood and Georgian Rooms of the Hotel Hanford followed the ceremony. After a trip to Denver, Colo., the couple will be at home in Azuza, Calif. Both the bride and bridegroom are teachers in the Northview high school at Covina, Calif. The bride is a graduate of Clarke College, Dubuquc, and attended the University of Madrid, Spain, for a year. The bridegroom is a graduate of Manhattan College, Bronx N.Y. and also served three year in the Marine corps. " In addition to the 1 Algona grand parents of the bride,' others at (ending the wedding and reception from Algona were Mrs A. C. Holtz- baucr, Mr and Mrs Robert Holtzbauer and Mrs Vincent Brennan and children (Folo by Gerard Studio - UDM Engraving) With a little thought you will realize that the real heart of sales resistance — the D. NELSON customer's state of mind that stands between the salesman and a sale — dence. While temporary advantage is simply lack of sufficient confi- may be achieved by high pressure and fast verbal footwork, the only lasting way a dealership and its salesmen can be successful is to gain ever greater customer confidence. How is this done? As any successful business man will tell you it isn't done overnight, but it is always done the same way: by DESERVING confidence. It is really self-evident that every time a business can render a ser- that wins the customer's goodwill, vice or handle a sale in a manner it is planting a seed of confidence that will bear fruit in more sales at a later date. That is our selfish motive in making our new and used car guarantees mean something and our service result in satisfaction. It turns buyers into customers. KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. "Make Our Chevrolet Garage Your One-stop Sales & Service Headquarters" Bernard Reilly New Com'der Ledyard Legion Ledyard —Newly-elocted officers of the MatzeniT-Eslle American Legion Post were installed Monday night by Kenneth 1'oppc, past commander. Taking office were Bernard Ri-il- ly, commander; Harold Warner, vice commander; Glenn Klockc, adjutant; Marvin Lloyd, finance officer; Everett Thompson, historian; Earl C'owin, sergeant-alarms; Gus SimonsmeiiT, service officer, and Howard KlinkMek, chaplain. The Legion is jointly sponsoring a benefit dance with the Community club for the new concrete- slab which has been in use by the youngsters and adults for roller skating for about two weeks. The dance will be held Aug. 30 at In- lerlaken. County Meeting Kossuth County American Legion Auxiliary met at Bancroft Tuesday with 46 members, representing every unit in the county, present. The meeting was conducted by Mrs Gus Simonsmeier, county president. Following the welcome by Mrs George Mogenson, unit president, Mrs Fern Peterson installed Mrs Irene Reed as color bearer and Mrs Marian Hyink as chaplain. Both ladies are from Whittemore and were not present to be installed along with other county officers. Mrs Peterson and Mrs John Foth reported on the convention held in Des Moines. Titonka and Bancroft both received citations for their work in public relations. The fall conference will be held Sept. 23. The next county meeting will be held at Burl Nov. 13. Mr and Mrs August Klinksiek, Clarence Blome, Mr and Mrs Ervin Klinksiek and family, Mr and Mrs Ted Thilges and Vickie, Miami Mrs J. C. Blome and Mrs Vera Blome of Lakota attended the annual Blome reunion at Clear Lake Sundav. Mrs Charles HiiLrty was taken A TOMATO IS ONE of Mother N^ |<;JC. Kncst achievements. It'3 called a vegetable mostly, but it's ro!<j , p fruit. It's round, luscious, smooth-skinned and firmly packed. Th , t ,/ much better when raised in their natural environment rather*)/ il under artificial hot-house conditions, and they are chock-ful of vu/'inins. Just looking at a tomato gives you a lift, for they sure brighten up tho place with their fresh, vivid color. The younger they are the better they taste, but you don't want to pick them when they are still green. Sometimes, when you squeeze them, they hit you in the eye. TIIKKK IS ANOTHER KIND of tomato - a pretty girl. She's called by a vegetable name, but she's really a person. She is also round, firmly packed, smooth-skinned and luscious. She's better, too, when she looks natural without resorting to artificial aids, and although most people like this kind of tomato a little on the green side, they seldom like them over-ripe. Looking at this kind of tomato gives some people a lift and there are people who consider them best when very fresh. As with the other kind of tomato, you can get hit in the eyo if you try to squeeze them. * * * IK WE EVKK GKT KANCY ENOUGH at our house to have a family coat-of-arms designed for us, I am sure that some place on it will bo a picture of a tomato. Especially, if we decided to have a coat-of-arms made for us in the summer. Summer and tomatoes are all tied together in our thoughts and I can't think of one without the other coming to mind. Every summer we raise tomatoes and can them like mad. So far this year we have over 60 quarts! I hate to think what it would be like if the buys were eating about 50'" of our crop. •* * * FATHER LIKES BOTH KINDS OF TOMATOES. I firmly approve of his fondness for the vegetable kind, but I frown upon any tendency he might have for the girl-type. It's probably narrow-minded of me, but 1 like to protect my own interests. Tomatoes may grow on vines, but good husbands don't. When you have gone to all the trouble of acquiring one, you ouyht to be real careful to preserve him. MANY OF THE TECHNIQUES in the care and training of husbands are the very same ones you use in rearing children. If they show any particularly strong trait that might become undesirable, you have to channel it so that it goes in the right direction. Thus, long ago, when L found out that my husband likes tomatoes, I decided I would see to it that he had all of them that he wanted. He can admire them, pat them, squeeze them and pinch them. Just so it's the vegetable kind! * * * THE PRACTICING OF THIS theory started the summer we were engaged. I was more of a tomato myself in those days than I am now, and it really wasn't so much of a job to get the young man I'd picked out to put a ring on the business finger of my left hand. However, he had a tendency to coast along with the status quo and he wasn't in nearly so much of a hurry to start housekeeping as 1 was. So, one night when he said he sure did like tomato juice, I suggested we make some. * * * EVERY NIGHT AFTER WORK we'd go down in the basement of my folk's house with a bunch of tomatoes. Pa would court this tomato and we together would quart the other kind. First he'd squeeze me a little and I'd squeeze him. Then we'd both squeeze tomato juice. It gol to bo so much fun that pretty soon we had all our jars full. So we got married so we could drink up all the tomato juice! * * * EVERY YEAR SINCE THAT time, Pop has helped me can toma- :oes. We are a lot speedier at the job now than then because we don't .ake so much time out for kissing. The fruits of our labor don't last so 'ar into the winter as they did in the old days, for now we have two ittle tomatoes to help us drink up the juice, plus a young son who has i girl-type tomato of his own. * * * MARRIAGE COUNSELORS recommend for a successful wedlock that a husband and wife share interests and hobbies. At our house, I can't get very excited about Pop's fishing and he doesn't go for my writing hobby. I don't like baseball and he doesn't care for dramatic )lays. I don't like the prize fights and poetry fails to send him. But we Jo have one interest in common, aside from the care and feeding of uir three youngsters. It's tomatoes! * * * I BECAME A HIT disillusioned today about thinking I used to be quite a "tomato". I had to dig out a box of old pictures for a picture >f me from long ago for a "before and after" shot for the Omaha World- Icrulcl to use in an article I sold them. I have been known to make quite a bit of fun of the boufant and beehive hair-dos the young people )f today wear, but I have come to the conclusion that we, with our ighlly waved coiffures of the 1930's and the shoulder length droopies of the 1940's didn't look much better! * * * BESIDES TOMATOES, at our house we have been very large on •ucumbers this summer. I've got all the dills I can possibly use — 55 quarts — plus two gallons of sweet pickles and those four darned hills Father planted are still going like mad! Another pickling subject that ias come up frequently is the recipe for Kosher dills carried last week. Usually when I publish it each year I say yes, 13 cups water, 1 each of suit and vinegar is right, but this year I forgot to say so. So 1 had 9 phone calls on the subject one day and four the next. * * * MRS. DON HUNGATE of LuVerne called'me last evening to say hat the vinegar in her sweet pickle recipe last week was omitted It sn t my fault this time, for the recipe in the Presbyterian cook book vhere I got it omits it also. It's 4 cups of vinegar in Mrs. Huneate's "vet pickles. THIS WEEK'S RECIPE is for Fresh Apple Cake. I 1 2 cups sifted flour 2 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. cinnamon 1 tsp. nutmeg l v tsp. salt * 'z cup butter * Ha cups sugar 2 eggs, well-beaten 4 cups apples, peeled and finely cut 1 cup shredded whole bran cereal Sift together dry ingredients. Cream butter and sugar until fluffy Add eggs and beat well. Stir apples and bran into creamed mixture I hen add sifted dry ingredients. Spread in a well-greased 12" x 9" pan. Hake H50 degrees for 40 minutes. — Grace. o Holy Family hospital in Esther- ille by ambulance Thursday eve- ing. She was released Saturday. A2/c Stanley J. Keefe left Thursay following a 15-day visit at the arenfal Bernard Keefe home. Friday evening, Mrs Hazel Carenter was guest of honor at a irthday dinner given by members f her club, Mrs Lillian Brack. Irs Anges Nayer, Mrs Louise ooft and Mrs Marie Halverson. Mr and Mrs Everett Thompson nd family, Mr and Mrs Howard n hompson and family and the auren Thompson family of Laota attended the Thompson fam- y reunion at Clear Lake Sunday. EYE Peter Weber of Dunlap recently suffered severe eye injuries when a small stick of wood caught in a power saw he was using and shattered his glasses. Se'^ral pieces lodged in his eye. TOMATOES Johnny Sliger and his mo'Vr, Mrs Bernice Sliger of Boon? nave grown some giant tomatous this season. They average about 2 pounds each. The tomatoes are so heavy they cannot be broken from the sterns but must be cut off.

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