Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 2, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1896
Page 7
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Le»vefOrBlciimond 1:06 am;o:«am;l:10pm, ArjJve 2 :jro P nrklCDmo nt l 2:06 a m;.ll:00a m; JSO Ie«ve P for Loni»v^tei2:55a m; 1:05 P m. . Arrive from Louuvllle S;05 a m; 1 :B5 p m. J. A. McCULLOUOH. Aient. .Lokansport. WEST BOUND. HIS CAMPAIGN BUTTON. —New York Recorder. LESSON ON THE DOLLAR. HARD KNOCKS ; FOE BRYAN REPUDIATOR REPUDIATED BY NORTH, EA&T, WEST AND SOUTH. Throe of the Critics Are Democrat.. Head What Senator Edroon,l» of Vermont, Bonrko Cockran of New York, General Palmer of Illinois on<l Senator Caffery of loulilanu Say o( the Bryan Policy. eminent in aenan'ce or commerce to adopt a measure of values and a medium of exchange. While silver may answer the noed^f an effete or nascent civilization, it w.ould not answer the needs of the most progressive and most energetic race on. the globe-the America of today, J ' A LESSON ON THE DOLLAR. . Keep the credit of tho government untarnished above all elae. Ke»p the cuirenoy up to tho blgheit standard ot clvlUMd nutloni.—Will- iam MoKlnley. 27 YEARS OF PROTECTION (1833 to JS03) DECREASED OUR PUBLIC DEBT .,.,.§1,747,301,878 YEARS OF THE THREAT FREE TRADE ' " ' (1303 to 1898) INCREASED OUR PUBLIC DEBT )•••*••* LESSON ON THE DOLLAR. would belong t and nobody cteu. Other people -would srct it only by their labor.—William MoKlnley. jaziljan Balm THE G5E&T SOUTHIHERICM BALSflt! . IJIOC MACHO. - /74/3/CALi.y CUKCS , CATARRH It'clearstheheadof foul mucous; heals U»j sores and ulcers of the head and thtotfc;; sweetras the breath, s»nd pcrfictty restptw 4 the senses of the taste, smell and heanafc;! Stops headache and dropping into • flJBjil tLroat. Also destroys the germ which cauit*,; I HAY FEVER.„ making a perfect cure in a few days. fails I No fatal case O'^AGRIPPS ever - 6 Local yrelght, wcorn dally « 8on....MSO p ro 8 BttoatolKlttfldaUr, 'ow no 48' 1024 pm 1 Fa»tM.l.d«lly.'oldno «'.....»....-..;.. »•" P" pm M 8 J3 p m ..10:19 B m I BL. X.UUIB IlilHWJ i Fart Mill dallj. «---„7 Kansas City eiprewdallj vi« "»" 5 Pac express dally n Sun 'old no 15' So. BABT BOUND, a N. I. * Boston llm d dally 'old DO 42.. Ml a m S BaaSu !?»oid- no«:. || p-,S 14 Local frt.>c«om: dally »x son J2 so p m ^Sti JUVBK CIVJBION. WEST BOUND? NoSAarrlTe ....10:80 a m No 87 strive •* * BAST BOUND. 10,45 B m Ho 34 l«ave".'.'.'.'".'.""«... VANDAL1A TRAINS LEAVE LOQANBPOET, IND. TOR T^B NORTH. No fl for St Joseplfflallj ex Sunday.... 10:31 a m SI» ^IM&Snr. d . 8 L-: 86 ^ No U rorStowp No 8 MSOWlaitOlSoutn Bend No 8 has thionfe pailor a BO p a m No 16 dally except Sunday......., .......... *or complrt»tlinec»ra, givln* .rt (UtloM/ud, tor full J"for to Or. B. A. Fora,' • General , flt. LOUU.MO. rt, Ind. Patwnger 'JKUl th« Catmjrrh microbe and yo.B cui» t»-~uu • • Tht»c p(ira»ite» neiit d«ep in "the ti»iue» arid folds ofthe olfactory meinbttrie, 'and •rt difficult to reach «fid kWlt; but.BraziUan Balm .will «*'terfy destroy tfc-":m If used, ""ircmoM J persistently M directed.• It •Ito dtttroy" the Eoy FM«T ,genn in • fiw day*. Use full •trengtb, or newly •o. ft-r Hay fever. Cure perauuieat. Tlio North. r Edmunds (Rep.) of Vormont. is no place, happily, m this republic where a line can be drawn between the rich and the poor. There are no "classes" of any kind, either of title or situation or wealth. • The Chicago project is not and cannot be aimed at tho pulling down of the 'rich and tho building up of tho poor; it is aimed at our system of true freedom, equality and justice that reaches from the richest to tho poorest man in the country; and if .carried out it will oper- 'ate—as such schemes always have—a Jmndred times more severely upon people of small means and upon labor than :ftpon theory- wealthy, who are always 'able—as they, always have been—to 'take care of themselves under any condition of things. The substantial prosperity, therefore/of tho whole body of the people of our country, as well as its tohor, require us to unite in condemn, ing and defeating this.scheme by the surest means in pur power. • • i .• .: ' The £ait. B» Bonrke Cockran.(Dem.) of ^ 7 cw .York. . ? $1 who love .onr country for that which she has been; wo - who glory in n«r for what she is; we who cherish her lor what ihe will be, here and now part Mr. Bryan and the Popat !£* Di &^-*y?' fo aaith is confidence in the capacity of the people-to manage their own affairs, will never adinit the failure of our con- gtitutional iystem. We can have neither part nor act with a candidate who prof Routes a campaign on assertions which we a libel upon the splendor of our prosperity. upon the glory of our achievements, upon the. virtue, of our people, Se patnotism of onr .citizens, the suc- cesB.of our government, the majesty of Our republic. Tlw Weit. By General Palmer (Doro.) of Illinois. The real -expectation of the great body of supporters of the free coinage of sHvor. and one in harmony with tne experience of .mankind, is -that the unlimited coinage of silver - would - jovo >^v the country a depreciated and 'cheaper dollar, which would enhance nominal values and be used in.the payment of-debts, but would be attended and followed by the ruin of all industries, tho destruction of public andI pn vate credit and irreparable mischiefs. Many of our associates, deluded by deceptive sophistries, are supporting a coalition which disavows the traditional faith of the Democratic party. The best we oanhobe for (hem is. that they may be defeated, and. when defeated, they^raay return.:to the.safe'paths that they:have, heretofore trodden;-- ..; ' :;: ••:•':' -,:•. "-:.' : : ,.,..'. Ihe SoutH. •',•„••:! j-;;;-r': •By SeDaHor Caffery (DWaLfeou^a.. ..v. Yon nnd the p^nbKfOTow. the, deadly, thrusti made in the Chicago ••platform** the^npreme' Court, at" the -president^ powetto-suppress riot-; affectingiederal nanterty or- authority, and, at^freedom, 'ofo^traot. You and the publiojtnow of the attack.on the;, public credit and honor, on the present monetary standard tod the threat of unlimited tone of ipaper money by the government. The %orW toowi them and i» amazed at ' ' ' ' ! GUt of the Deuiocratlo platform. | Down with tho national government- 'down with !he supreme court; down 'with national banks; down with na- tionaVcredit; down with .statesmen and statesmanship; dowu with the wisdom of the fathers and tho traditions of the past; hurrah for "states' right"; hurrah for repudiation and dishonest money; •hvirrah for free coinage of the worlds silver at our expense; hurrah for panic, ireneral bankruptcy and irreparable dis- '•Lter; hurrah for plunder for "to the victors belong the spoils"; hurrah for ; the degenerates and the conspirators 'ngjainst stable government and eitab- •luihod ordt*. . —-..-—-- SHE SAVED HERSELF. And BrohB th» Impact of Th»t Wild an<l . , Rn«hln»' OyclUt. A lady protected herself ngainst tlie rusliing advance of a cyclist in Bromp ton road, London, in an orig-ina) nud commcnaable fashion, says the London Telegraph. The cyclist -was, rushing along at his best pace and .the !ndy was crossing the roadway. Instead of ir.ak- [ng a detour to avoid her, the man.sim- ply rung his bell aod'rushed on without abatement of speed, ponsiclcrinff that ht bad done his dirty lo soowly. Pedestrians on 1 the footpath and busmen on their perches saw that a collision was inevitable. So did.the lady. who braced herself for the ordeal and resolvsd on offensive tactic?.' Giving her body—not by-any moans that of u piginy--n rapid swing, she brought the stronger fart of her fig-ure Jcto contac'. vvilli Hie front vAotl of (bo iwach.uc and the bicyclist himself und sent them both sprawling into the roadwoy. Then giviii"- her skirts, another swing, lust to prove .th=t K h?. hsd suCered.no flonia.^-. Bhe^u':.-. 1 .;:^ J'=r ja.nnicy across the rond and .tiivncd, oround oji'l laughed with others nt the unhappy fyclist us he picl»e»T iip'h'.c-.soW nud the disjecta merobra'of bis once perfect ma- [•hinc. He made Hihv.-ay to1h«-curhstOTio. where ho sat down to contemplate the ..damage. and.Ually |)iit the thing on his 'shoulder.nnd cnrriotl it av.-n.y.: .HoraeM. It Is said 'that, .-hornets never tire the tme nost n ssnorxl scasoa. Experience as a Te«t. BoMTke Cockran in Chicuso. Now in economic science there oufjnt to bo n'othing-difficiilt, and I think it is a fair suggestion to make.to intelligent people, that when a man has a scheme of beneficence that is really meritorious ho will present it to you in language •which you can grasp and understand. When any man asks you to abandon conditions with which you are familiar, whose harshness you know how to soft- eii whose asperities you can anticipate, vrtth (no worst of which you have learned to deal, be sure that the specific which he is prescribing for you is something t:...i you can apply to your own experience, aud. having applied the test of experience to it, that you can he sure it will work a benefit to you. „ I have never yet known anywhere m the world where a man could bring anything to me that I did not earn and bring it to me honestly. Usually, if a man offers mo a gold brick or a well filled purse, neither oi which I am entitled to, the dictate of prudence is to call a policeman. When the Populist orator asks you to discard all tho experience of years to tako up some experiment which yon do not quite understand yourselves, and which you had a suspicion that ho is a little hazy about himself, call to your aid the disciplinary influence of common sense and of common experience, and there is little dancer that you can be very far wrong. I say this to you because, in discussing standards of value, about which so much has been said that is calculated to npset the judgment of the average citizen I want, if I can, to illustrate it to you so that you yourselves will understand just what a standard of value is, and just how small apart it plays in the condition of men, A etandard of value is simply the measuring of the value of nil commodities by some ono commod- •ity whatever it may be, A standard is always the measuring of some one unit that you accept for tho standard. If, for instance,-I selected the chairman of this meeting, and we all agreed that we would test the night of every man in the room by the. bight, of the chairman, everybody would understand precisely, what was meant if we said a man was above, or below the standard. ' It would mean that he was higher, or that he was not so tall as the chairman. .The selection of the chairman for thaUtandard would not add one inch ,fo.his stature, nor would it take one inch.from it. .. A LESSON ON THE DOLLAR; . wnere Brazilian BalL destro* Ve grippe germ an |alltlK :r bad effect . LIBLE In ASTHMA, CROUP. "PLEUWSY. PN-KUMONI/., uvsr VTISM, TWHOIP and Sc UEAStES, and any disease wh_ me. nflammation, Fever or CongesMo Greate»c relief in Consu»-.)tion ever A < covered. urea a Fresh Cold iu one das. e H» Heallnd Po^r Is Almost Miraculous. Thfl Best Family Medicine In Exl,t v 60 Cent Bottle contains 100 Dows, or Two leeks Treatment lor Catenl. •f.OO BOTTt-e EQU*LSTHKCB COc, BOTTtCS. HOME TESTlMONiAi.8s «BraziIi»n Balm cnrea me of inveterate catorh which 1 had for over so •> It is tbemoat wonderful triumph of p^dical sciecce."^^././'ar^^to.- croup; cold and the worst form of gripr, we have fou£' 5^']'an 3 ; Jm "ivatoble. ""v M? c j).^n, f n n Pastor Del. Avc. Bap. C/i. "Mrs Lcre has^nsed as* foy^^« *«»*«• ««* ** A lad >' m CiM afflicted vrithiSuXthat during the winter for seventeen years she Bleep !y'S down, <.vas entirely and petma«ntly r«ed with Brazilian Balm. B> F . JACKSON & CO., Cleveland, Jfc) For sale by the following dragBteti.: B. F. Keesllng, general agent; FtoL, Johnson pros.. W. H. Brlngburrt, G. W. Hoffman. D. E. Pryor. Q. Means, H. D.,Ha!tery .anfl A. R. Klstl , ' »M THE WORl- For sale by B. F. KEESUNG. BANKS OF THE UNITED STATES. L*V| I I II I I I III tit 1 Free coinage would not ronke farming less laborious or more profitable.. Ifwouldnotatarf; B. factory or make a do- ron-ndfor an additional day's labor. . ':; McKlnlcy'a Letter. ' • -jort Whif It Mewni. Philad«lplilaTlmes-(Dom.)-. : : ' I«t us try:to put this silver question plainly, so that any workmgman can understand it. , . . . - .-•• When you get your wages on payday. yon probably receive various notes: If you read what is 'printed on hem you will find that they are not all alike. One says that the United States will pay |1; another promises one silver dollar; another 81 in coin; but you never. bother yourselves about these differences. The notes are all alike to^ou, because you know they are all of equal value. Why? Because they circulate .inter- them all is tbe eoent of the United States to '.maintain .them .all at parity with- gold. And. you know that as.long as the present law remains and is administered as it- is now, every ono of 1 worth.oJ gdd Circular lunod by th» TMMnry' Dq. •»entCont«lnlnsV»lo»bl«Inform»tIoD. United States treasury circular No. 1,136 will be Issued shortly. It contains information respecting national banks, state banks, savings banks, lota 'and trust companies and private bankm of the United States, compiled lros» reports of tbe comptroller of the, currency. In this circular the comptrouw states that "the requests for information relative to the national banking iyeUm and banking in general having 'exhausted the supply of reports of the comptroller of the currency for recent years it has been found necessary, in order to supply a still further demand, to embody in the accompanying circular Euch. extracts from, former reports ps will. In'a limited space, furnish the data and Information desired." The circular contains tables showing tbe aggregate resources and liabaiti«» of the national banks at date on each calJ for report ot the condition from October 15, 1863, to July 14, 1895, inclusive; also tables showing resource, and liabilities of the. state banks, loan end trust companies, savings banks and •private banks, number of savings banks In the United States, the number of depositors nnd amount of.savings deposits ,, — iaof> f-n 1R95. -oroflt on national EXCURSIONS TO PITTSBURG Brotherhood of St. Andrew Ann _ Convention, via Peasylvania ttocj ~ OctoDor 12th, 13th and 14th spec low rate excursion tickets wlU be » to Pittsburgh via Pennsylvania Lli for annual convention of Brotherbi of St. Andrew; return coupons .will valid through to original starting p< on or before Oc&£er 20th. SICK HEADACHE ' '"_;]Po»ltlvei3r 'cnre'd- ty,$* e **^. ' cmeay , nen, Bad Taste in the^Mou'thi Coated Tongue Pain in the Side, TORPID IJVER. They Regulate the BoweU. Purdy Vegetable. GREAT COCK ISLAND B.OUT1 Playing Cards. Send 12 cents in stamps to.Jobtf| bastlan, Gen'l Pass. Agent C: r R. P. R'y, Chicago, for th« slickest. of playing cards you ever hand on receipt of such remittance or more packu they -will be »ent|| postpaid. ,-..'• Orders containing CO .cents In sti or postal note for same amount ;| iecnre 5 .packs by. express, chs paid. EXCURSION TO BMJFFTON, Via Vandalla Ltoe, October 15th.-On October ISth to 15th' ; | Line will sell excursion t Irorn 1820 to 1895, profit on national bank circulation, based on. the deposit 'of $100,000 in. bonds: tax collected on 7"^-^^^ in mdlaMJ Z3&SS&SSS2Z SSfi." - - * to June 30, 1895, clearinff house transactions, etc.. and articles on lawful ! »oney, reserve, substitutes for money, clearing house loan certificates, number of-depositors in national banks and other banks, revenue to the government, service to the public, etc. Altogether the circular represents » valuable correction of statistics and information "wjth reffard to national banks Mid banking in general; .It will Ije furnished free to anyone applying ;for It; but Tiot more than one copy to .'each.applicant. ..-: : , ., round trip, account Baptist and Young People's Union of Tickets good to return until 19th, Inclusive. For fell partlca call on nearest Vandalia Line Agt?nt, or address E. A. Ford, < 'passenger-Agent, 'St. I-ouis, Mo. ofrig For A akeTrip? mnsere S notes is goodior |1 worth.o ^ land-has- exactly the value of. $1 in all'the world: over. ..-..-,- : . . - Now\what.does..-the free, coinage of .^ver menu? ,.It means that instead of , •redeeming thesii n'otes ,in gold, the Sd States shall- redeem them"in :SwT And nor, with a dollar's worth S sTl'ver mind you.but with a cotn containing 412^ grains ^ flllv ^L°^, tei-h alloy, -which is worth : anywhere, Intne worid to-lay about 63 cents in what is proposed, to -the new :disk- steamship, the inven- tion'of M. Bazin. was launched at-M,. Wis dockyard; AdmiralCoulombcaiid,; .who has a high repute amonp French naval nuthorities. is siud to be^a Urn* believer in the possibilities of tta. new Invention, -nrid -he lias computed tb.it only one-tweaty-elghth pf.the powcrre- -.quired to drive au.ordinarj' boat.« needed for a BaBn craft of the^samp s.ze.and •peed. . »H .of 1« < in\i il fully ~~f t ' If yuu.takwoneoftl •,v.r, ;«CHIGAN ATO LAKE Stl_ TRANSPORTATION CD'S; ;LE3ANT STEAMSH) '- .'(!iv ? ,bet»«« CMOS* ••<« 1

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