The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 14, 1962 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1962
Page 13
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"I'm Fine," There's nothing whatever the matter with me, I'm just as healthy as can be; I have arthritis in both my knees And when I talk, I talk with a wheeze; My pluse is weak, and my blood is thin, But I'm awfully well for the shape I'm in. Arch supports I have for my feet Or I wouldn't be able to go or) the street; Steep is denied me, night after night And every morning I look a sight My memory is failing, my head's in a spin, But I'm awfully well for the shape I'm in. The moral is, as this tale we unfold, That for you and me who are growing old, It's better to say, "I'm fine", with a grin, Than to let them know the shape we're ifl. * « « This may be a poor way to star! a column btit it is so typical of a good many of us, and we got A laugh out of it. The poem Was sent to Leora St. John by F 0 i-eisef who had written her a letter concerning the class of 1902 University of Wisconsin, fine 1 among other topics had mentioned the recent death of the presidenf Conrad A. Elvefjem. « » * I suppose my desk and type writer are misleading, for quite frequently my room is taken for the office, in spite of signs at the front door. The other day a man asked me if I could tell him anything about Mary Devitt. I told him he had missed her by two blocks — one east and one south. I phoned her to tell her she was about to have callers, Mr and Mrs show*" ALL 10 NITES ^m Glambfous JANE , RUSSELL PLUS 1O BIG VARIETY ACTST Galaxy of starsl Thrill Shows every nite from Aug. 26 Orchestra — chorus — SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS ON THE NEW PANORAMIC STAGE AT MINNESOTA STATE FAIR BUY RESERVED TICKETS BY MAIL $2 & $2.50, pny hite. Send check or money order to Miflnetofa Stole Fair, Sf. Paul 13. Oultide gale admission: Adults 75t. Auto« $1, Children undeY 12 free. PLENTY OF PARKING AUG. 25-SEPT. 3 , Suschfield whom she had met in California. They are from Panora. * * * I nm writing this Aug. 4 and remember it is 2 years ago since my very goo d friend Ruth Raney died. A silent prayer for a woti- derful woman whom I miss so much. On the happier side, the birthday of my cousin Gayle Henderson, and that of Louise Black And other anniversaries, four years Aug. 30 since I made Good Samaritan my home and three Aug. 22 for Mrs Ethel Gilles. Wise and happy decisions. * * * There may be plenty who will disagree with me, but I'd like to see a newspaper and magazine with a complete article, book fashion, instead of "continued on page 18" or "turn to page 20." Then fold the paper or turn back in the magazine to find the next subject. I get so sick of that switching back and forth and hunting the continued column even tho it is headed by the cue on the previous. Anyone agree with me? * • * With the announcement of the fiftieth wedding anniversary observance of Mr and Mrs Albert Weishaar was a very good picture of them. The anniversary was July 22 and of interest is further statistfics. One hundrec and forty-five relatives attended the dinner at (he St. Cecelia's Academy following Mass at St. Cecelia's church. Mr and Mrs Weishaar were married at Rose mont and for many years farmed Upon moving to Algona Mr Wcis- haar was employed for 15 years as city policeman. All the children, except Mrs Carl Engstler Seattle, were present. They are Mrs John Rudisill, Woden, Carl Ottawa, 111., Ed, Storm Lake, Mr.-, John Warehime, Roseland, N. J. Carl, Lone Rock, Geraldine, Lone- Rock, Mrs Ralph Stalzer and Floyd. Sara Clark Of Algona Nursing School Graduate BITES IN BLANKETS Cube cantaloupe, wrap cubes in thin-sliced ham, fasten each with a toothpick. Dot a big, shiny green cucumber with these nib- biers, and get out the ice ... it's a time for a party! Pineapple chunks might be ham-wrapped, too. STAIN INSURANCE Hot sweet rolls sometimes seep sugary liquid right through a roll basket's bottom! Here's an easy insurance policy for your tablecloth. Cut a piece of foil to fit the basket. Let the rolls roll in its (disposable) embrace. SOFTEN OFTEN , If you haven't \-^jtried one of \» those "fabrio 'softener" prod- ucta at most 1 markets, don't 'wait another washday. Softeners cut down static electricity in synthetic-blend fabrics; also cut out deep creases in all fabrics, Your iron flies over them! SINK-SKIPPER Modern I may be, but it took; me ages to, truly believe in automatic dishwashers. (What time-saving, said I, if you have to rfnse anyway?) Along came the first gas dishwasher, and look— no rinsing necesary! Just scrape and load. Thermostatically-controlled gas water temperatures jump 'way up to 180 degrees, for never-before germ-killing action! There's never-before scrub action for cleaner dishes, too. (Haven't we always said it? Gas anticipates all our wishes.) See your local gas company. 0J gas plumber-dealer. © Norrhirn No»vrql PEACH CRUMBLE Summer, shouldn't fade away without one more peach treat! Here's how Mrs. Fred Reimers of Omaha, Nebr., gathers compliments. Mix together 1 Tbsp. flour, J /2 cup sugar, 1 tsp. cinnamon, and % tsp. salt. Stir in 2 Tbsp. water and 3 cups fresh sliced peaches. Place in 10 x 6 x 2-inch greased baking dish. Mix together 6* Tbsp. butter, 6 Tbsp. flour, Vz cup brown sugar and J / 2 cup quick-cooking raw oatmeal. Sprinkle evenly over peaches. Bake 40 minutes (till top is nicely browned) in a 350-degree gas oven. Serve hot or cold. I'll skip the topping, thanks. But wouldn't cinnamon ice cream be a wonderful partner? CAMPER'S CAPER Do girls who go to summer camps still dote on honey butter, like I did as a child? Mrs. John H. Louren of St. Louis Park, Minn., took me back, when she sent this formula for gingerbread topping. Whip Ya cup powdered sugar, 2 Tbsp. honey and 2 Tbqp. cream with Y 2 cup melted butter. Forget the calories, just this once. HOT WATER If there are four folks at your house, statisticians say you need 130 gallons of hot water daily! Yup,,. IS gallons per bath or shower, about 23 gallons per washer load, around 8 gallons for an Automatic dishwasher, No wonder most economy* minded families choose gas water heaters,,.to "recover" hot water faster, at less cost. Gas always watches your budget! Your locaf gas company orders this wonder-fuel from Northern Natural Gas Company, so you can live first-class for less, , Omqha, I was introduced to Andrew Gould of the American Hospital Association when he was a business visitor here recently. His dome is in Chicago. I shall be Interested in learning what rating Good Samaritan received. He seemed very pleased with conditions and management, which of course pleases us. - » # "A little child shall lead them' .is a familiar phrase but there are cases when "They lead a little child," which was the case with Barbara, two year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Joe Funk. Her older brother and a sister, Billy anft Vicki, stood her on a burewu and had her jump onto a nearby bed. H was great lun till Barbara niiss- ed the oed and wound up with a broken right arm. * w * Jake Nyborg, father of Mrs Ollie Nasby, is a spry 84 and when he and several relatives were here for a family reunion not long aga the men got into a horseshoe game. He was winner and Mr iSasby second. Mention was made again of the Iowa farmers in Russia and of interest locally is the item on Arno Rovn, Kingsted. They had commented tavorably on the wheat situation around Kharkov. They classified the Russian livestock practices as "antiquated a n u wasteful." Mr Rovn is going to UenmarK to visit witn reiauvub oetore returning home. * • » Carl Moiicnson, CJood Samaritan, was visited Aug. 1 by hus nephew Rickie Mortenson, Scuttle, Mrs Don Mortenson, Fairmont, and Robert Mortenson, Swea City. * V » \Vc have Iwo new residents here, Mrs A. L. Falkenhainer and Nor,ma Pmgel, Ledyard. * * * II wasn't exactly u party, but a group of us ate dinner together at the Johnson House Thursday. fcJight of us, Hazel Burns, Helen Coiims, Lydia Donovan, Velma Hagg, Agatha Hansen, Mabel Hut- zeli and 1. What a fine time we had visiting. * * * I was gliid to see Mrs (icorge Johnson and had a nice chat with her. She and her daughter Mrs Vera Heil left Aug. 4 lor their home at Warren ton, Ore., having come here for the services and burial of the former's husband. She showed me a recent picture of Airs Mary White Pratt. Mrs Pratt lives at Long Beach, Calif., will be remembered by many friends here. It was taken beside her house and alongside some flowering bushes. Airs Pratt looked lovely, as usual. * * # Mrs Pale Heerea and daughter Susan and Cindy are home tiorn Escondido, Calif., where they had spent several weeks with Joyce's mother, Mrs Ucorge Rhodes and husband. Joyce came buck with a broken toe, but how she got it she wouldn't tell. 1 accused her ol trying to toe dance. Back in JU50, the Ambrose Cull State park custodian was Harold Carter. He and his wife will be well remembered. Saturday, they came from Oskuloosa and brought with them the four children und a sister and children of Mrs Carter. They camped at the .park thai Sara Louise Clark, shown here, is a graduate of the Naeve hospital school of nursing. Commencement exercises were held Aug. 9 at Albert Lea, Minn. Sara is the daughter of Mr and Mrs R. S. Clark, Algona, and a 1059 graduate of Algona high school. JTUESDAY, AU6UST 14, 1962 Algana (la.) Upper Det Molne«-5 night and Sunday a picnic was held at which Webster Orton, his mother, Mrs Clark Orton and Mr and Mrs Dennis Orton and children were in attendance. The Carters camped Sunday night, too, and Monday went on to visit elsewhere with relatives. RINGSTED By Mi-s. Marie Hansen Mr and Mrs Alfred Eness of Ames \isited over the weekend at 'he Otto Wilberg home and with Mrs .Jens Halverson. Mr and Mrs Paul Sanftner and family of Swea City, Mr and Mrs Slobert Wiskus and William of Chicago were recent visitors at the Edward Meyer home. Mr and Mrs Albert Hattle of Rittman, Ohio are visiting at the Larmen Hattle home and with relatives at Seneca. Mrs August Sorensen visited several clays at the Danish Old People's Home at Des Moines. Mr and Mrs Kenneth Hackbarth and family of Algona and Mr and Mrs Earl Long visited Friday eve,- mng at the August Hansen home. .Joleen Nerem of Forest City is spending several days with her grandmother, Mrs Cleo Classon. Rev. and Mrs George Pallesen «nd Timmy and Mrs Thomas Rhu- back of Blair, Neb. visited Monday at the Carl Petersen home. Mr and Mrs V. E. Holm and daughter, Mae Ella Dolan of Bancroft, and Mike Manley of Armstrong motored to Faribaull, Minn. Sunday to visit at the Arnold Holm home. David Dolan of Bancroft came here to spend this week with his grandparents, the V. E. Hohns. Mary Moran of LeMars and Ann Wiersma of Ellendale visited Tuesday at the James Sorensen home. Mr and Mrs John McMahon of Marseilles, 111. are visiting at the home of Mr and Mrs John Wiley. Mrs Martin Meiners is at Rochester, Minn, for a medical checkup. Merrill Giffin is the new representative for the Pioneer Seed Corn company for the townships of Denmark, Jack Creek and Independence. Mr Giffin, local realtor, will fill the vacancy created by the death of August Sorensen last month. The late Mr Sorensen was with the Pioneer company 24 years. Prior to that Giffin's father, the late G. V. Giffin, was the representative. Robert E. Nielsen, mayor, and the five town councilmen met with a representative of the Thorpe Well Co. of Des Moines to discuss the purchase of ne new pump for the town well. Nielsen said the shaft ,-on the pump broke about a week ago and will be either repaired or replaced. Mr and Mrs Carl Matheson of Estherville visited Friday at the Fred Henriksen home. They took their granddaughter Janet Matheson home with them and Sunday- motored to Racine, Wis. with her. They visited at the home of their son, Leonard Matheson and brought Brian and Nancy back for a visit at their home and the Henriksen home. Mr and Mrs John McGimpsey of Moline, 111. are visiting at the home of their daughter, Mrs Chailes Umd. Mr and Mrs John Genrich and family, Linda Brown and Sandra Culbertson . i Estherville visited Sunday at the Merle Culbertson home. Mr and Mrs Francis Culbertson and family of Titonka also were visitors. Mrs Sophie Hasselhop of Trimont, Minn, is visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs Law- fcence Anderson. Sunday the And:, ersons and Mrs Hasselhop visited at the Kilmer Meyer home flt Spencer to make the acquaintance of the Meyer's infant son, Ken Lawrence, born July 31. Mr and Mrs M. H. Petersen attended the wedding of David Fenske and Judy Kuyper at Blue Earth, Minn. Sunday. Mr ami Mrs Robert Pcteisen and Mr and Mrs Eugene Pt-tersen of Annstrong attended the wedding o/ Mrs Robert Peterson's brother. Go Back-To-Sfhool in Style f Hood At this price, you can buy two pairs... one for parties, one for play ... then your little gal will have twice as much fun. You get the same quality, the same outstanding fit you expect... from Robin Hood. She'll love the sparkling new styles, too. • ALL SIZES, 8' 2 -12 f ALL WIDTHS, A's to D's ALL AT NEW LOWER PRICES THE SHUfe STORE THAT TAKES CAPF Algona Couple Wed August 7 At Sioux Falls Mr and Mrs Melvin Kern, Algona, have announced the marriage of their daughter, Opal, to Charles Bloom, Algona. The wedding took place in the First Methodist church at Sioux Falls, S. D., Tuesday, Aug. 7. The couple were attended by the bride's brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Delmar Kern, Algona. After a short wedding trip, the couple will be at home in Algona. HAD IS 11 Pete Swank of Newton has grown a giant radish. The king- sized vegetable measured 2(> inches long and « : '- H inches at the largest circumference. Tho radish weighed 3'i pounds and was solid all the way through. Only Kraft gives you Macaroni 'n' Cheese with golden cheddar goodness Kraft Dinner gives you tender macaroni, creamy with golden cheese goodness! Enay and quick to fix "as is." Or combine it with other (boils for inexpensive yet delicious main dishes, COSTS F i OMiv5f * SERWNO Perfect for School! happy-go-lucky PIGSKIN Robin Hood, Here'ro the Sugar and Spice, light-hearted, light-footed little girl shoes from Robin Hood. Soft brushed pigskin travels fast and easy, is gaily colored for back-to-school sportiness. And it's treated with Scotchgard Leather protector to resist water and stains. ALL SIZES, 8'2-12 « ALL WIDTHS, A's to D's • ALL AT NEW LOWER PRICES BROWNkili SHOE STORE ALGONA, IOWA THE SHOE STORFTHAT TAKES CARE OF YOUR FEET Gonna pick your way thru summer again ? Summertime and the livin's not so easy when lee woter and a fan are the only things to give a few minutes relief from the heat. And when it's time for bed ... well . . eventually you fall asleep frorrt exhaustion. The early morning may be comfortable, but you know it will be another scorcher by noon. Why don't you do something about it ? Many of your neighbors have installed air-conditioning. Why haven't you? You've nothing to lose but discomfort. That first restful night will give you more comfort and satisfaction than you ever thought possible. You'll enjoy it all the more when you realize how little ft costs for so much air-conditioned comfort. let your appliance dealer show you how to take the shrle out of summer. ALGONA Municipal Utilities "live Better Electrically"

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