The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 14, 1962 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1962
Page 9
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AUGUST 14, 1962 Nobody Had Any Money, But Everybody Had A Lot Of Fun! AUGUST 14, 1962 ! • : -'<*" : v-v-^1 I'• '; : - ^T'^'v-H^C -,-''' '"''?*'£$$*''< This story might well be entitled Nobody had any money but everybody had a lot of fun." It is a story of 1934. In that era, a large group of Algona business and professional men made it an annual spring event to embark on a mass fishing expedition to Cass Lake, Minn, where cabins were available at what is now known as Knudsen Dam, the point where the Mississippi river leaves Cass Lake on its way south. A Mrs Carrigan always had a few old frame cabins ready for sleeping purposes. A Housecleaning Find Last week Mrs Herman Hauberg, as women will, decided to clean out a few closets and cupboards and boxes in the Hauberg home. She had collected a considerable amount when her husband happened by, discovered what was going on, and, as men will, began salvaging some of the items scheduled for discard. Among them were a set of pictures taken on the 1934 fishing expedition, and a copy of the "final report and audit" of the trip, compiled by the treasurer of the group at that time, C. R. LaBarre, now president of Home Federal Savings & Loan. The pictures include a number of former residents, now departed, but at that time pillars of the business community. Total Cost. $150 The year 1934 was a good, solid year of depression. But the fish- mg was good, and a group of about 30 on this trip made the complete round trip, including cabins and food (car gas was individually purchased) for only $180 for a full week's fishing expedition. That's only a little over $6 a head for a full week; of course fish caught by the gang were a mainstay at the table, and in those days you could catch 'em with ease. The party included two cooks, one of whom was paid $25 for his services; the other donated his sidefabl( K mnrnl V o^tTa!elin 0 f°'™' " lllh . Sll|l "l>l*. hns domTn con- cinci tno trip is under flip Amof*irnn tr/nin,!.,»;„„ /.... \tt ...* i *,' ,. ., *. ^' , t n outh T I - EFTfsl ' NnA V '™ "PS Moinos with 50 German lev « n ,,„ v ° 8 V" 1 f ," r a , lnp by hus (() Chil '«R n - F ™™ ^ere V\ ish m nn r -\ °L pl '' lnP • ? Haltim »'-<'. Md. and have two days in n N w v ,'k Vi v T' V n'" Sp 1 nd " flny in ''''il^lphia. three days ° f lhlnBS to lo " thc home time for the fun of the trip, anc $5. The "Algona Cottage" It was from this annual fishing pilgrimage that the "Algona cot tage" at Knudsen dam developed a cottage now owned in about the same spot by a group of local men who take advantage of it when they can. But the fishing isn't the same and Knudsen dam isn't the same — and the costs of a trip are far from the same. Incidentally, out of the total of $180 involved in the 1934 expedition, there was a balance of $1 86 reported by Treasurer LaBarre Whether or not this was ever refunded we do not know. If not and invested at interest, it should lave grown considerably since that time. The outlines under the pictures Jive further information as to the men in the pictures. Lecfycird Coach Weds August 4 Ledyard — In a double ring wedding ceremony at St. Patrick's Catholic church at Monti Saturday, Aug. 4, wedding vows were exchanged by Janet Rosemary Schmidt, daughter of Mr and Mrs Joe Schmidt of Independence and Lester Joseph Lammers, son of Mr and Mrs Alvin J. Lammers of Winthrop. At the conclusion of a wedding trip, the couple will reside at Ledyard, where the groom Ls teaching school. The bride is a graduate of Im- naculate Conception A c a d emy, Dubuque, and Mt. Mercy College at Cedar Rapids and has beeu caching at Winthrop. She will teach at Ledyard. Her husband graduated from Winthrop high and Westmar college at LeMars and will return to the Ledyard school system this fall to teach and coach. FLOWER Mr and Mrs Merlin Cooper of Maquoketa have raised some passion flowers in their yard. TliF unusual flower is a symbol ol Christ's death on the cross The 10 petals represent the 10 Apostles. The rays in the flower represent the crown of thorns, the five stamens the five wounds and the three styles the three nails. The tendrils represent the whips or bonds and the sharp leaves the spear. TOMATO A two-pound ten-ounce tomato was produced recently from the garden of the Jack Drafahl's of Montezuma. in h?!' ™, K .™ I J Jr ' s s he most wanted to sne is a drive-in. So a"dr' , h f r . VISI . t ' her hosts - Mr - and Mrs. Wes Bartlett, took her to of H ' -h* • *" r °°' am ' ' ben ^° ano 'her drive-in for a movie One s-,mn n.V,TYr a ' S !'' app Famil y Singers", with the setting in the s.ime pan O f Germany Miss Schuppe comes from. * * * ANOTHER HIGH POINT was her 22nd birthday, which she cele- brnitcd here Ju y 31. Barbara Bartlett and the neighbor girls Pat ami Ken. Navo.chick had a surprise party for the visitor. The girls bake ti e am'Thn a Cak ° f ° r her ^ was almost as bi « as the d in ing room n r«rm n WCrC many eifts ' Shc ps P ec i a "y enjoyed the gifts, for in C.erm.iny once a girl gets to be 20 birthday gifts are of the household or hope chest variety. Here the presents were all personal nousclloia NATURAL T " R ",V G » "LACK dairy farm, and Ed Sindelar AlthW,vnn«! Tr C ° rn f ,', C ' d , ° nd ex P lainod the hybrid corn process. for ihp K H Smitb farm ' Ul ," h drOVC a tractor and rode a horse, both n?ni I, , Vh i m ?i, S r e showed slidcs of hpr homeland to Sunday School City and !£rt 1 ' ^ a " C " ded Klwa " is dinncrs n ' Maso " RUTH SCHUPPE WAS RORN IN l«MO AT Bresslau Silesia l' P ° land - HCr fath ° r WaS a P^-sonero? Russia d a ring i f n W !h e Ve r yfc r ° Ugh f ° r th ° family ' consi sting of Mrs. like o Hik nL ? l !L and hCr youneer brother ' now ltf - Rllth docs n't when the onlvH- 0 days , very much but she says there was a time when the only thing in the house to eat were potatoes and salt. weHest'aW hp Y M ° fVKD , T ° WeS1 Gcmany and r ' cu PP c 's ™w well cstabl shed as a furniture agent, which in Germany is similar to "alk 3 h± C0 r rS . r ?P™ scn t«>«ve here. There was quite a bit S trade her hos WnfR 18 , 1 u CrC ' SinC ° Rulh works ln he ^ {ather ' s °« ic ° and ' * Bar «ctt, owns a furniture store in Algona. She had vll^t^' 1 ^ ^ hcr , and thcre was much lovely Danteh with he ovo P ±n f t eak «ood there, and most other woods tound wiin tne exception that there is no walnut. l\ve * n e modern manner automat^\W M 1 ^ r^ HEAT Not B heating care in the world with natural gas. J Jsf 5ef the thermostat and forget it. Your home will always be warm and comfortable with this pure, efficient fuel. NatuVal gas heat ^ so silent, so clean, so healthful, so space-saving and so eco- nomical. No wonder more and more home owners are switch- ing to natural gas heat and enjoying all the benef.ts of na- 'ure's most efficient fuel. t> Inquire Abou» Our Cas Heating Budge* Plan.' OONT^DELAY-See Your Dealer NOW! m " SUPERMARKETS AHR just beginning in Germany. Most housewives shop for food every day and must go to separate stores for meat, vegetables, dairy products, etc. Sometimes Ruth's family goes to near-by Denmark for groceries at a savings. New taste treats here were corn-on-the-cob, musk melon and watermellon. ALGONA PLBG. AND HTG. 311 Vz E, NEBRASKA CY 4-4240 LAING PLBG. AND HTG. 12 N. DODGE CY 4-2104 FUNK PLBG. AND HTG. 119 S. DODGE CY 4-3234 P.R. IRONS HTG. & PLBG. 812 E. MCGREGOR CY 4-3640 109S. HARLAN PUBLIC SERVICE CY 4-2484 W M,, g °° d E " gliSh - Sh ° hfld S|X years of the subject at school at home. She attended public school for ten years, (boys go for 13 years), then she had a year at a private finishing school emphasizing household arts and next had a six-month commercial course where she learned typing, shorthand and bookkeeping. Courses are prescribed in the public schools in Germany and there are no electives. « * * THE YOUTH ASSOCIATION to which Ruth belongs is a great aid to her in her hobby of traveling. They have membership cards, pay aues and the association arranges low-cost youth tours. She has visited ar ' s wl f h the group and studied NATO and UNESCO, spent six weeks H" ,» ,' V 'i; ra ' and with her family traveled all over Germany, visited the World Fair in Brussels and Ireland. Next year she hopes to have ••> long stay in Paris. * * * AN ALGONA TEACHER, GEORGA ANN VOIGT, literally had time on her hands this summer on her second European trip. Georga Ann who lives at Fenton, admired the old clock in a barn near Lowick' England, and one of the old men weaving baskets there gave it to her' » * « ^ GEORGA ANN SAYS she carried that clock all over Europe chicken manure and all, in and out of two swank hotel lobbies before I could wash off the dirt and find a carton for it." Getting through customs was the problem. "If 1 said it was an old clock, the officials would say il was an antique. I didn't know. When I said I hud paid nothing for it, that it was a gift, they wouldn't believe me Finally a French customs man caught the word 'Fragile 1 stumped on the box and exclaimed, 'Wheeskey, wheeskey" and handled it with great respect. After that in Europe. I just said it was whiskey. It went through like a charm. Not once did I pay duty on it!" « * • THE CLOCK WENT THROUGH CUSTOMS in 11 different countries and three times in the United States - New York, Chicago and Des Momes. It had three train rides and 11 air flights; it was on countless buses; it jogged 150 miles in a Mercedes-Benz taxicab; it glided down the fjords of Norway on a boat; and the last jaunt wus in the trunk of Voigt s Chevrolet convertible. All because Georga Ann knew her husband, Gerald likes old clocks! * • * THE GOOD NEWS IN FOOD stores is that peaches are ripe I can see no reason for not eating them fresh, sliced three times a day but if you want to cook them into something, you might try Irene Elbert Kollasch's recipe for fresh peach crisp. 6 peaches, peeled and sliced V4 cup sugar 2 tsp. lemon juice '.n tsp. almond extract V4 tsp. salt 3 -i cup brown sugar, firmly packed 1'3 cup butter 3 4 cup sifted flour Arrange peach slices in greased baking dish. Mix sugar, lemon juice and almond extract. Spoon over peaches. Combine flour, salt and brown sugar in mixing bowl. Cut in butter with fork until mixture is crumbly. Sprinkle over peaches. Bake at 350 degrees 50 to 55 minutes. — Grace. St. John's Aid Met Fenton — St. John Lutheran Ladies Aid met Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 7 in the church parlors Devotions were led by Rev. Friedrich and the program was a report by Mrs E. H. Dreyer and Mrs Olaf Norland who attended the bi- annual Lutheran Women's Missionary League convention at Okoboji recently. Mrs Martin Ohm, Mrs James Meyer and Mrs Frank Seeley planned and conducted a Bible quiz and an appearance quiz. The Library committee reported that the new library is growing rapid

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