Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 2, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1896
Page 5
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itffi/la^ffi;-^ Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER The Hatter and Furnis e YOU.. -DON'T WANT A SUIT | JLJnless it fits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY Q. TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor THE FIRS I BANK HAS RAISED A STORH. -UK- UX5ANSPORT. . INDIANA. CAPITAL. $250,000. X J. Murdock, Pr«.. W. W. ROBS, Ca»h. J. r. Brookmeyer. A«»t. Ca«h. DIKECTOBS: C S. Bice. W, H. . In a). Its Depart.nenta promptly nd Stockholder. * KMerv« Fund malntolned. DAILY JOURNAL COCOA shells at Fcley's. Fresh fish, Rotliermol, today. Wanted.—A good girl at 200 North Sixth street. * ,Thc Otto Krans shocks will Ix- closed out.—A. G. JeiiklBes. In the'overc<oa-t department Mr. Jcn- ' icJnes'-hfflB pinned several mow men, If you want pure splcea for your preserves yon can get them at Ben Fisher's drug store. The latest and finest display in millinery will be dilsplayed at Mrs. Ella B. Swadener & Oo.'s today. Ma-ny are the l>argailn« ott'dred at the Otto A. Kraus store no^v 'being sold by A. G. Jenkliaes, assignee. Mr. Jenkines has taken. IB addition to the old Otto employes, Messrs Clias. Hoffman 'and Harry Toney, both experienced sh'oe salesmen, . Desree Staff No.' 2 are'earnestly re-, quested to ineet'at the I. O. O..F. hall Friday at 1 o'clock sharp for wort. By request of Cap*. McCormlck.' I will tribe new salesmen to assist in closing out the Otto Krtras stock as I find capable mpQ. None others.need apply.—IA. G. Jenklnesi, Assignee.. Eev. Seman of the Broadway Methodist church will give an address-Jn 1 the R. K. T. M. C. A. rooms next Sunday at 3 o'clock. Everybody cordially Invited, A. 'G. Jenkines, assignee, has employed a large -force of courteons- sales ; men to .hiandle the trade ait the Otto A. KTAIIS store on Friday and Saturday of this" week. Matthew' 'Sneefoorger ba.« take.n -charge of the barn, formerly occupied •by Fred Borges and will run ; it as. a.- feed ana 'boarding, staible. . Parties leaving 'horses there will have them weH taken care of. Mrs.. E. X Ixjedy of Washington town ih!as grown IMs year two s.weet, or pie pumpfclns, thalt are "some .punk- ins." One weighs 70 pounds, ,tho. other 00 pounds. Tills puts Washington towasWip In -the lead as a pumpkin producer. ... warded Highest Kdors-World's Fair. •DR. MOST PERFECT MADE. » ptreGfii'iie-rwr. rt'Vnrb'r Pwdw._ Frei f r ATI.I"--"». Atn-'ior .mv fjiK" 5ell-out of the Populist Committee ol Thirteen. T-hc quarrel within the Populist party over -the -action, of the celebrated committee of thirteen Tuesday, still goes on.- The "roiddlo-oM'he-road" men Insist Uvnit tlie committee -hud uo authority to undo its former action, whon It nominated a full electoral ticket, and there is t:ilk of legal proceodJngs to compel the certification of the straight Populist electoral ticket to the board of Sta-te.Elcctioiv Comuiiss.iome.rs. The point -is mndo Uiat wlien the comimiiittee met -and made an elector/il ticket its duties were at an end; that it could- not meet here afterward, and take down that ticket and put up atiothor oae. There -are niaaiy "niiiMlo-of-the- road" members of Uie party who declare Ituattho effort to deliver tlie party organization over to tho Democrats will Al'l. The Nonconformist, tlie organ of tho party, wJJl in this week's issue print many letters from "niJddle-of-tlic-road" men insisting that Populists slwtll no.t support JBryan ajid SewaJl electors. One of the letters is from L. C. Bateman, of Auburn, Me., who was the candidate for Governor In that Staite this year. His letter was written when It was understood that there was not to be fusion. Jn the State, In the course of lite letter he says: . "Tie true and loyal .sband you have taken meets with a rospousilve'thriU' in tlK breast of avery true Populist iu Maine and in America, We can now .see that the action of certain Populist* was for tlie purpose of -disrupting .'the Populist party v.,.. ,'. • ', '.'These traitors have played 1 well their part, but th«y will fall short of accomplishing '.their purpose. Allan, was to be returned to the Senate by the Democrats,, Weaver was to.be Secretary of the Interior arwl Edgarton was to receive some small office. Tom Watson lias been Ignored and Insulted In order to break down his Influence. Bryam has just traveled a thousand mUes out of his. way to hob-nob with the money baron,on'the ticket wJth him 'The 1 Influence In .Kansas ought to be rebuked by the defeat of every one of them from Jerry Simpson down." Batemaii calls for a gknera-1 conference o-f true Populists to consider the sMjuation, and closes by saying: "Bryan will go down In dlsasti-ous defeat, and two-thirds,of his followers will be standing for the gold standard in two years from now. The infamous treatment of Tom Watson- will make him .the President in.four years." • '. FORE OF HABIT. Tlie Pharos announces that it has Died about Humane Officer Bishop but attempts to justify, Itself by another, lie. ItsM-ys:-- . ' '-The Journal's alleged Interview with.Mr. Pixler was a lie, pure and simple. No.', .representative of that paper had nny conversation.with Mr. Plxler.". • ^ 'Now the-truth is that Mr.-Fred K. George IntorvJew-ed Mr. Plxler at his. place of business in the presence of Captain Skelton of the police and Adam Felker of the Pharos. Mr, Fcl- ker stated that he would speak to Mr. Fansler, the reporter, aEd see that the mtsBtatemcnts of the Pharos were corrected,' but -no correction appeared in the next Issue of the Pharos. . The. Pharos now makes the 1 correction but goes out .of the way to make an- othei! : false assertion. Al Bringhurst went to Iridlafiapolls ye&terday on business. Creditors of the T. H. & L. Will Ask the Appointment, INTEREST PAYMENTS On the Bonded Indebtedness the Road Defaulted. of The following' from the Indianapolis News of yesterday will be , news- o*i a surpi'.i'SJaig nature to most'Logawport people. The News says: : "Tlie air has been thick 'for several dtoys with rumors.that the Logiuisport division of the Vandnlla will go lioto tire ItaiKls of a rooelver, -and thn'tj possibly the PeorJa d'tvlsl'ou. may do ihe same. When the Pon-usylv-anla took bharge of the Vandsilla .it. Riiaranteed Hie 1 libhds of tlie main Hue from Indlnnapolte-'to St. Louis, but it did not guji.rantce the bonds or the payment of iritcrest on either of the two divisions hidntSoncd'. Neither of the dWlplons is piiyJng well, aiLd the Eastora bondholders fl.re'-"bir- conidn'g uneasy. The report Is -that the hvo divisions will'dera'tilftlielr'initt'TOSt iiuid .Hie court-s win be asked tp (i ,tak£ them In fluvrse. The rumor fe moro definite concern lug Hie Logajisport-oln- vision than it Is about the other. . .. "Tho Lojranspoi't division w«is form- ei'ly the Terrc Ha.ute &, Lognmspopt railroad, running between the two cities named. It was exteiuUHl from lib'- gan.sport to St. Joseph, and:tMt..por- tion of it between South Beind'nirid'' Sti" Joseph -was called the L.ake.'Mlchijcwu &. Iiidlana. F.in-nll.v the -road'becanic t-he Logansport, Crai\vfordsvllle : '"lS Southwestern, ami it had th-a.t ; pu me when the PcBnsyh-niila people got It.^ The Pennsylvania lias spent considerable money bettering the road, -and lias put some good rolling stock ,on lf,''bnt the claim is ni'adc that it has not paid tot the tavostiment. -Those!who 'prc- 0 tend to know say that I-t will event-iially become -the property of the Ifennsylya-, nla .in the same manner that -the G'i"a'h'd Rapids & Indiana did. Well-lraCorrnodv railroad men say that the Peorl-a.;div.l-. sion, which extends from T-erre Haute to Peorla, has been .1 drag on'tlie-Pe|n-u,-. sylvania. since it took charge of It. It was formerly the IHiniois M-ldlniid^aiJdJ the Pennsylvania hiid almost-to rabnild' it The road extends from Terre-Haute'-to Farrington. It reaches Deca.t.ur over the Peoria, Decatur & Evansvllle n.ud the Illinois Centml. and goes Into'Pe- orla over the Toledo, Poorla & Western. Thus it has to pay tribute to Jour lines, .find lit .is claiiined tlwit aibout nil at lta= eamings are thus swjillowctl,..np. ..It.fl, business is light. . • n '•Pennsylvania, oflicials lu- t:iis city, say they have not heard the rumors'," jimd know nothing about It." 3 ," •WHICH OR NEITHER." Persbnal Property Assigned to fie bv OTTO A. KRAUS Appraised at $44,499.41 It now being sold at Retail for the benefit of his creditors, ALBERT Q. JENKINES, Assignee. i: i •-** CANVASS OF THE STATES. New York Life's i2,s>3 Correspondents Say Bryan's Beaten tho New York Sun: President .Tolmx-A- McCall of tlie New York Life Imsinrlmce Company Is keeping tab on the, poetical, situation in all tho States •in a; noveV.way. Beginning with Scp- tenjibqr, 1, .President McCall -requested 'liifs'-cowi'spondents in all the States to send to New York their opinions, based ou''th<. ; best t'aicts they could get, as to how-:tho State each one wrote from would vote in November, Up to Sat- uirdny'Mr'. McOall had received 12,513 letters",'-�� The.--folios-ing table shows how the 12,51'S 1 correspondents tliluk the States are, going. In Alabama, for instance. •124-correspondents say, tlie Shite will go Democratic, 1 two • sny it ,will go Rc,,': and throe say it will go Popu- so-ou with the other States. Deni. Rep. Pop. Alabama 124 2 3 143 1 California- 152 Colorado '.... S2 Cpnueciiicut — . 72 Delaware . — ••• 5 Florida,,.., '. 9" Georgia 593 131 115 _ 7 Idaho-. ;.'...'. ....... '.'• 13 Illinois- -... ...-.....:.... 326 Indiana.. ...... ......... 30 Iowa '".'. ........... ... 40 Kentucky . ..• ...... .. 1CS tit'siriiva. . ' ........ '. . 280 Maine •'".''..•. ,....:. ','..- ' — Maryland .-...'.., ..... 52 JliicMgan 01 Minnesota W Mississippi- '.:...' 95 Missouri '••"• 037 Montana "• 13 Nebraska. ...... -.v...'•:. 01 Populists are Determined to Force Withdrawal of Sewall. Tlie Amertemn of'this week will' print an editorial, with-the captlori: '"Sewnll or Watson—Which Or Neither?" In. which Jt calls on both tliose gentlemen, In the interest at too electioniof B>yan, to withdraw, Im .order'that jcha.lr.inan. Jones may name a .(.'and Mate who win be acceptable to nil In-tesestjs.' Whtir- ton Baker, the editor,, writes: "Bryan is acceptable to all. But Sewail Is'not:' Neither is Watson. We impugn neither the Americanism of Mr. SewnllPnor •Mr, Watson, but neither Is recognized by -all pa.rtles as the man forJthe:trl8ls,i- Mr. Sewall Js not. >accepta;bie to the Populists. The Democrats .will ..oot lake Mr. Watson. What, then, are,we, to do? We answer: Take tliem.hoth down. Put iip a candidate acceptable- to all Americans.' • ' • | , ; . .-•>.,'. •: , "Such a man cam certainly; be found. Who -Unit man is is not for ITS,.to.say.. It Is not for Democrats, or'PopullstR,. or bimetallic Republicans. -The man for the place mwst.not.be the'!candidate; of a'ny party; he must be the candidate of all. It Is for the trusted [lenders oC our wage-earning, clneses, in. unison with the leadens of the Democratic, and Populist parties and of tlKt.bimo-.., taillic Republicans to say who .that nwin- shall be. The election.Is.on-ly.'five weeks off, but there is yet time to taike'down both Messrs.- Sewiall and Wn.tson and put up a new man who will] stand for all American*!. If this is d'onei: noth-; ing can prevent the election . of., Mr. Bryan by flu overwhelmingjvo'te." . A RING STOLEN; ••.,... :1 -. .Edward Aekoy, a lunch counter sninu nit Berliner's reslnwrninit, had n. ring valued at $22.-stolen fironi,;his i-oonr over., Vincent Jva,rdes!s grocery. iThe ;• ..rob : bery occurred Tuesday. The ring was prized 'by Mr. Ackey because it was n K-tft from his mother, . -. ;-,..,'. •.•••:n •' DRUM CORPS, ATTENTION. :-.!:•.•:• •-The members-, of the . itepubllQan Drum corps, in- full unlforin',.;#;r& rq-. quested to meet >at the rink i^t.7 o'clock sharp this evening to escort tjlie speaker Of the evening to -the hall folj tlie.:tn«et-! Ing of the McKinley club.-) :< . New Hampshire ..... New Jersey New Yorf NortM 'Carolina' : " 52 Xoi-.th Dakota 20 Ohio v. 33 "Oregon .'. • 13 "Rhode Island ..... , . . 1 f Sou-till Ca-roliua. • ....... 59 '•'South' Dakola ....... ...... 12 'Teiiinessee . .......... 141 ........... . • • 590 .•..'...'.:; ..... so 'Virgina.,.'.,..:.....'.... 231 Washington ......... 19 West. Virginia. ..... , . C9 Wfsconsin . . ......... 21 Wyoming ........... 0- 13 877 .179 303 SI 111 24 84 00 357 333 70 ,7 107 ' 01 ; - 88 , 20 ."7.. -41 .32 404 200- 1 2090 ; "52 IS 59 474 12S 560 r.s i 23 5 •28 1 85 ' 13 C 102 361 9 13 1 12 S Totals .......... ...4313 8111 00 "flite ta.ble g-iives the electoral votes of the following States to McKinley: .-Connecticut ........ .. ; ........... l5 Illinois ... ........ ,...;:....- ---- 24 Iowa •Maine MJchlgnn Nebraska. ..:.... ....... '. ... ....... ? ,-Ne.w Hampshire .' ...... . .• .: ........ I Now Jersey ...................... 1° New York :.. ........ •- . : ."- ........ 3 <) •Nonl-1) Dakota ......... '. .-.'. ... • • : • • 3 Ohio ... ............ ......... Oregon . . '. ---- ... ...... ••• Rhode Island South Dakota : Vermont West Virjtbiia Wisconsin . . .' 4 32 12 , Total .. ........ ....... ............ 23t . There- are -147 votes In, the electoral college;, necessary to choice, 224. ::. It will lie observed that the table- doe«? •.not;- give' M.iuinesot-a and Kentucky to McKlnJey, amd yeit Joseph H. Manley, -•to whom the table was shown -at the Pift-h: Avenue Hotel Inst night, said. . • ; f'While,that taible is a.vory limportont ^one-fl-nd of great value to illuminating ; tht v: ' actual slitna.tlon. I- am comfldemt tlvafbefo.ret.lie end of October Mr. Mc- .,OnJl's!leMers.-wiH.deiii6nstra.te thiit Mc- .Klnley'Js to have both Minnesota and ; Kentucky.- You will observe also in the-ta'ble.itha't.-the vote of California Is very close. Before Mr. McCall's letters r are jjndcrt he will find that they will «Lve P MeIvlnley that Stote.also. r:;Tj!«-tJtl>le: Is- especially valuable as.it c. Book Seller and Stationer. Successor to W. T. GIFFE, 413 Broadway. JUST RECEIVED Lady of Quality STREET TYPE5 OF AMERICAN CITIES, HOnE OCCUPATIONS FOR LITTLE CHILDREN, RED BADGE OF COURAGE. LITTLE FOLKS LIBRARY Consisting of six books for 50 cents, just the thing for little folks, entitled Circus Day, Rhyme Upon Rhyme, Little Farmers, Fairy Tales from ShakeV speare (2 vols) and 5 tories from History. does not record the wishes of politicians but the 'opinions of citizens who feel the.pulsos of their meiglibors. Then too, you will observe in the table that Delaware and Wyoming ,-irc on an even keel. Before Mr. McCall's letters n,re ended those two States ai?so will be •found in the McKilnlcy column." _... • Sena.tor William B. Allison, of Iowa who is always considered -Ultra -con- .servaitive to liis views, has written to a friend to New 1'ork declnrmg that his •State will give McKinley 50,000 majority. • .....: Ex-Congressman A~ L. Conger, of Ohio, aralvcd at the Fiifth Avenue hotel laKt night. A month ago he was fearful of Ohio. Now, 'to his opJiiion, McKinley will sweep the State. "As for Illinois," added Colons longer,. "I Jiave been (through tlie Stoite, and .Alt-, geld and Bryan will be snowed under by 100,000 majority." ; TUCK M'iss Anna'E. Snell, the only'daugh- ter of Mr. Samuel H. Snell of Tlpton township, was happily joined to wed T lock wlch Mr. Ernest A. Tucker at C o'clock p. m., September 29,1S9G. While alwut thirty friends and relatives admired and congratulated and made offerings elegant and valuaible such as arc due young people nt such a time. Rev. C. A. Spltler of Fulton, Ind., was offltelatlng mlndBter. An elegant wedding feast was sen'ed Immediately- after con'gra.tulaitions. . Those from a distance were Mr. Morcus Bline and Miss Etta. Bline of DelpU, MJss Myrtle Snell and Mr. Sainnel Mitchell of Heui>eck. Mr'. Miteliell presided at th« organ playing the wedding nwrcli as tliej'ounc couple were ushered Into the 'bemitBfully decorated pnrlor. The bride ,is one of Tipton townslil-p's most highly respected young ladles -and the groom -Is a. prosperous young .farmer of "Washington township. .ONE WHO WAS THERE, • D OIAN'S OPERA KOCSK. AVIlllnm Doll«> MA»»eer. nONDAY OCTOBER STRONOER.THAN EVER, WITH .' - - ENTIRE' NEW COMPANY. ' Tfie Mr. Jofin THE GBKiTiST LIVTOO MKPHISTO. ng' Henn Irving'* Version of Sublime Poem FAUST Employing « Jarloads of Historical Correct SoM'i^ (W. Seethe Electric D-ie), the Decent mw Hw»--i' we Flely Brocken. • '•'•£; Prices $1. 75c, 50c, 35c and 25c. " ' buque tlie people massed from rounding country a.t Otewein, loo, Reinbeck, Glad-brook, town, and Boone, and cneered erans.. The Political Manual is or most convenient and useful handbooltt^ for the campaign yet seen. It Is 1 peneaMe for the public speaker and «U:||| tor. In fact, the information touching,;^ political and financial matters Is well edited and so well tabulated arranged that the book must become atjgjg once popular. It sells.for fifteen . ' ^ and Is convenient to carry in the po«k«^ e't. Tho Journal will tnke orders any desiring the work. THE EXACT NUMBER. Six of them Guessed Right i ius Wagner's Prize Contest.. Julius Wagner's "Colmnbia voting conies* elose<l yesterday and tii^ votes were counted last ni-glit by mjttee composed of Aiislin the Pharos. Earl Chnppriow of the B^-% porter, and George Gonser of The •Tour^. iial.Thcre were over seventy-five thous-'^ and'vote's c.nst.-.iud the following w.iJl& 'split.the twenty-five dollar prize .be^ t.ween them: , •' "••;"? Check Kraut. Adam FtJkor. Hflrry, GENERALS' TRIUMPHAL T.OUR. The party of war generals reached Dwbuque, la., before daylight, Sept. 28. and even a.t tnat early hour were welcomed by a, large number of citizens. Special trains brought ?n Hundreds of excursionists: and it is estimated that j not less than 10,000 people were In line, j Several hundred locaf and. visiting I Grand Army men formed tlie escort. j. Corner, John Marker!, General Sickles, was the first speak- i and J. F. Comiupore. er, and he addressed himself, largely to . Democrats, as a Democrat whose fath- j exact number of Columbia er and jjiandfuther were Democrats, j made and whose leg was shot off by a Delno- • crat.. ' ' • "Thereare 3,000 Democrats like.me" he said: "in New York "who will not vote for Bryan," (Tremendous cheering.) > The party left on a, spcotw train for the west. Between Sioux City nod Du- C. B. Piircell^ Eacli of these gentlemen guessed abia clg; by Mr, .Wagnca- during, i -months, of August, and SepteinH)er,| ! wilijch was 75.32^SNTlicy will tliweforxs.| v r linye;about. .f4.1(5 eaoh to "Wow ln.':,;-'S • The collection for state Sunday sehboj| work at the services -at the First r ' by.terian-church in this city Ui8t.Su^| ' day w;is $10. .

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