The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 7, 1962 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1962
Page 20
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6-Atflaim (If).) Upf>»f fti* AllftUST 7, I don't say I could pass n perfect test on punctuation but this from "Dance to the Piper" by Ag nes De Mille struck me as incorrect. Quote — During my pregnancy ns a pasttime, the miles were continued whenever — etc., end of quote. I maintain it should be — During my pregnancy, as a pasttime the notes were continued. If you don't get it — it's the placing of that comma I question. How about it. • • • Amy Johnson, employee at Good Samaritan, was on vacation July 22 - 29. The first thing that happened to her was a bee sting on her shoulder when she was hanging out her wash. Her daughter Loretta Bonnett came to the rescue, took out the stinger, applied a soda paste, and Amy recoverec nicely! Remember the old song "The bee got busy and stung poor Lizzie on her golden wedding day." Go back in your minds a good many years and you will remem ber Lottie Anderson, music teacher in the schools here. She married Dr. William Kain, a dentist. They built the house now owned by the McCullotighs. There were two sons, Bill and Jack. Dr. Ka died quite a number of years ago Mrs Kain moved away, to De Moines 1 believe, but now lives i Valparaiso, Ind. with one of th boys. The other lives in Cali/or nia. Mrs Kain was a recent gues of Mrs fihoda Bonar. She wa here two days and didn't get to see many friends. She says sht hopes to come again before too long and have a chance to visit more friends. * • • When (he J. F. Hofiuses and Julia Taylor set out on a trip they were a little undecided when they'd go. A card from them to a friend was from North Pole, Alaska, and the temperature wai -W Whew! Millie Single attended an alumni meeting at Nora Springs recently. Of her class of 1909 there was only one in addition to herself, Mrs Estelle Hofmaster, Nora Springs. She was glad to meet a former music teacher, Mrs George Buckman of Charles City, nee Lucy Crairy. One wonders what has- become of all the classmates, and when we see them, what changes the years have brought — gray hair, a wrinkle here and a wrinkle there. And quite frequently I added weight, a/as. I • * • , How many can remember when the Sjogren twins were born 0 Dean and Don to Lena and Gu.s made news and I recall dropping . off at their home to see Lena! while mother went over to grandma Henderson's. It was feeding . time for one of the lads and Lena i explained how she took care of ' them by turns. They were handsome little men, looking very much alike. Dean and his wife were here recently from West Covina, Calif. Condolensces to Mrs Emory Seward, Pompano Beach, Fla , on the death of her husband July 21. She is the former Lorraine Crammond, whom I have known since she was a little girl and lived across the street west of us with her grandparents, Josephine and Will C'rammond. She used to come swing with me in our hammock and as time went on. and radios came into being, mother and I were invited over to the Cram- monds to listen to the set Emorv had given Lorraine - yes we sat with head sets "glued" to our ears, enchanted at music from ;. distance. They were an ideal cou pit, both meticulous in dress and habits. Perfectionist* m e\er> way. 1 would like to h;ue visited Lorraine in her home. I kno it would be the nth degree of pood taste and harmony. It has beer some time since i" have seen !.,„• rame but I hope she will come for a visit here before too long I an sure Twillah and Dutch Lorenz also of Pompano Beach, will be helpful at this trying time. How nice it is to wake up from an afternoon nap and find a fncn I has brought a chocolate malt You guessed it. Florence FurM and thanks. Years ago I knew of a Dorothy Fleming who used to visit here She has a sister Gertrude and brother Don at Mason City and Imelda Dooley Engesser Ls a cou sin. Dorothy married Andrew Conlon and lived at Forest City for some time, later moving ti> Elmhurst, 111. Word of his death has come to Mrs H. M. Smith close friend of Mrs Conlon. He died early in July and for sorm time had been in poor health with a heart ailment. It is always interesting to read of successful persons who lived in Iowa, particularly nearby places. Earl Wilson had an item in his column recently about Harry Reasoner who was born in Dakota City .1!) years ago. I iruisi remember lo tune in on his TV show "Calendar" at !i a.m., f.'.R.S I have n soft spot in my henr: foi Dakota City and Humbi'ldl from having boon there quite often with Lucille ('rose to visit her aunt, Fan Tyler, and a( the Julius Johnsons. » * * The popular eating place I mentioned a few weeks ago ordered bananas after Velma Ilagg and I had ordered splits and "yes. we have no bananas." But nobody ordered splits so the fruit got very ripe. Alas! If they had used them in banana bread or a cake made from Irene Hutchins' recipe, what a treat it would have been to patrons. * # * Mr and Mrs William Luchvig are very proud of the new little grandson born recently to Mr and Mrs Larry Manns at Burt but are equally proud of his 17 months sister. Lori Ann. Mrs Ludwig said at nine months Lori could whistle but when her teeth came in, they interfered with Ihe "music." She is quick to note things and when a flock of white i sheep was shown on TV, and then along came a black one, she snid plainly. "Hlnck." Very perceptive for one so young. * * * .hivl in case anyone is disappointed to learn from Beth Annis Frecsc' article thai it was no gypsy burial ground near the Annis f:inn. in fact completely nonexistent, take heart. There IS n cypsy burial spot in Kossuth county, according to (loorge Yeoman, who has seen it many time and ' gave me explicit directions how to get there. Suffice to say it is in I he Good Hope church aren. He mentioned others who had visited the spot. Mr Yeoman also recall'; that Gladys Trihon wrote a very comprehensive article on it. He believes it was published in H120-22. Gladys is now Mrs O!is Paddock and lives in Phoenix. An/. • * * Mr and Mrs Paul Sclmeider and her brothers Adrian and V'ernon Casler spent July 2,'i in Des Moines and attended the meeting of the Rock Hounds". V'ernon ami Adrian are interested in stones, cut and polish them and mount them in rings, necklaces and earrings. They saw the "Crown of Amies." exhibited at Merle Hay Plaza and valued at between 4 and 5 million dollars. It must be a fabulous sight. Among those receiving educa- tional Scholarships at the tofta American Auxiliary convention at Hotel Fort Des Moines recently was Bonnie Lou Laidley, Laurens daughter of Estelle Laidley and the lute Paul Laidley, well-known bore. She is a niece of Mrs Marguerite Laidley Dahl. She received $200 for speech and dramatic art. « « * Looking to the future — "Nothing in nature is more beautiful than one snowflake, but unfortunately (hey seldom come that way." • • * Loaded. "Who but Americans can afford chairs that vibrate and cars that don't." » * « Mr and Mrs Orville Wicks have as guest for an extended visit Mrs Clara Holm, mother of Mrs Wicks, who came here with her son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs A. E. Holm, Oakland, Calif. James Steven Of Algona To Wed Sept, 22 It's a long time since I was in school and much of which I learned has faded away. Some sticks like glue — for instance the German poem, "Du bist wie eina-blu- ma, so holt und schoen und rhine — ", etc. — but when a friend called and asked what i? the longest river in the world, I said, "Amazon." I was glad to read in the Sunday paper an item which answered. Mr and Mrs Harold G. Kuhn, Charles City, announce the engagement of their daughter, Judy Anne, shown here, to James L. Steven, son of Mr and Mrs Leo F. Steven of Algona. The wedding has been set for Sept. 22. Miss Kuhn is a student at Hamilton college in Mason City. Mr Steven is employed by Kelley Lumber Co. of Algona. He plans to attend school in Minneapolis in September.. (tmM Engraving) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^p^T'ip'*''p'*T^n^fN( i ''(pii Notes Of Servicemen FORT LEAVENWORTH, KAN. — Army Pfc. Gerald L. Weiner 26, son of Mr and Mrs William P. Weiner, Algona, recently returned to Fort Leavenworth, Kan., With other personnel of the 5th Missile Battalion, 55th Artillery, after participating in annual service practice at McGregor Guided Missile Range, N. M. Weiner, a firing-panel operator n Battery D, helped his unit fire two Nike - Hercules air - defense guided missiles against high-performance drone aircraft. The Nike-Hercules is capable of destroying any known manned enemy bomber. He attended St. Cecelia's Academy before entering the Army in January 1953. His wife, Joan lives in Kansas City, Mo. Wedding License One wedding license was issued during the past week by County Clerk Alma Pearson. It went to Jon J. Putnam and Sonja Goetsch July 28. OftATS . .Jensen farm Beat Elk ftofn fe. A mother goal nti the Clifford (ccnlly gave birth to quadruplets. GOOD NEIGHBORS KNOW AMBULANCE SERVICE Families living throughout this area may call any Blake Funeral Home with complete confidence. High quality service and moderate prices are provided at each. FUNERAL HOMES THE ORDER OF THE GOtDEN RULE HOMES AT IU VERNE CORWITH RENWICK Phone TUrner 2-3322 Lu Verne TITONKA WESLEY Around The Town & Country YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR YOUR AREA NEIGHBOR Meet Alt Of Burt WATCH THIS SPACE EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR Melvm Alt. whose address Is Burt. is this week's Country Neighbor. Melvin has resided on a farm three miles noVlh and a mile east of Algona in Union township for 36 years. He rents a 2-10 acre farm and owns a 160 acre farm a mile south of the place he rents. Normally, he cultivates about three-fourths of the land. Mr. Alt claims his favorite job around the farm is taking carp ol_cattlp. He normally raises 25-30 head of beef and about 2r>« Load of hogs, besides cultivating corn, oats and beans and has about I2(i acres of pasture and wooded area. He is an avid deer hunter, a member pf the Farm Bureau. Good Hope church and .Men's Club. Mrs. Alt is the former Bernice Dodds. They were married m l!u:i at the (;,,od Hope church and Mrs. Alt is a member of tin- I'nion llomemakers Club and teaches a Sunday School class. The Alts have two sons, Elmer and Terry, and two daughters, Trudy and Cindy. Mr -U'j!isjwo_brolhers._ Harry. Algona, and Larry. Penon: an.) six sisters. Evelyn"(Mrs. Fred Greinert). Rlngsled ~ ^li'-r (Mrs. Albert Wibben). Ledyard. Minnie (Mrs. Albert SP.-H... \\indom, Minn.. Pearl (Mrs. Eli Gerber). West Bend. lorothy .Mrs. Harold Lampe). Burt. and Ruby (Mrs. Merwin •''"I/., lemon. Mrs. Alt has two brothers. Bill, Algona. and .' |.,,ne Kock; Buella (Mrs. Claude Seely), Algona. Mar- KarrMMrs. Hob Albright). Ft. Dodge, and Evelyn (Mrs Lloyd "«k tt and F|orence (Mrs Elmer Gpe y Polaroid Photo _ Engraving) .._._,.,. *-^.-«-*.^. «»<.!**;.:,_jfTv^^;^'iT»*«im*!8W!*«fc*ii*». ' FH,!)',. 6 -™ th if F " m v"" NamCS Grect You< Bcecher has thc appliances that . Fngidaire, Hopcr, Youngslovyn, Hamilton, Sunbeam. General Electric ' • i nnr P h° Ple , "" JPf; cher the Widest Trader in Town'. TJaTe Ts*^ a 'reason for this. His many years experience nas trained him to know the true value of a used'appliance. Just because an annlinnrp Hnosn't hi no tion properly many people think that it is worthless. Beecher can tell what s wrong with H what new Fnto L m shan a s P m * C H- aS th< ; Paf r '" St ° Ck '° " X > l Up ' Traine < 1 workmc « u.sing g p^o P er tools put U L ,h , ,' ,!,"? "!" , USe(l a PP' lances is "0 worry to him as people know how good they are Beecher feels that it is his duty to keep his customers well informed. His constant ads in the inT?,? P ,?L!i ° rl " •! ? f " CW mo ' lels - s P cciaI salcs - cooking schools and demonstrations. Before delivering an appliance he makes sure his customer is informed as to how to get the most service from the " """" '"""' " ' ' ' help with problems in the home Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Uia^onal Street On CM\ Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Algona Beecher lane Appliances , "Where The FAMOUS NAMES Greet You In TELEVISION Westinghouse In APPLIANCES Westinghouse Frigidaire Youngstown Phone CY 4-3613 Algona Clark Grain Co. Galbraith Station LuVerne, Iowa, P.O. Grinding & Mixing Maslsr Mix Feedi WE BUY It SELL GRAIN Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Deader I AHM KiJL'Il'MKNT MOTOR TRUCKS ^__^ Sales & Service 1111 •' i^^^BHMHHMMM Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Moline - Kelly-Ryon - Popec New Idea Farm Machinery • • Service 0 friendly ft Courteous Alwayt N. Main St. Phone CY 4-3451 Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" Plumbing - Healing Sheel Molil Gai or Oil Unlti Pump* Waler System* Complete Flxlurei Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Algona Farm Machinery — Trucks — Tires Masiey-Harrls AUis-Chalmer* Oliver CMC Trucks Flre»loii9 Tire* Phone CY 4-2421 Algona Robinson Construction Co, Sioux Steel Buildings Building Construction F.r size. »lrenath, long life and eai* oi bulld- ng. Inilsl on Xnolher advancement i easier {arming. E. E. Robinson Cast gn Hwy. 18 Phone CY «-J974. '

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