The News-Review from Roseburg, Oregon on September 9, 1949 · Page 3
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The News-Review from Roseburg, Oregon · Page 3

Roseburg, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, September 9, 1949
Page 3
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Fri., Sept. O, 1949-Th'e Newt-Review, Roieburg, Ore. 3 Resourceful Policeman Pays Off In Arrest The Term 'Sialism1 Dons Coat Of Another Color PITTSBURGH. Sept. 9. Resourcefulness paid off for City Detective Deward Scanlong. cross. Another dummy with a large question mark pinned on it was hung from the other arm. E. E. Campbell, exalted cyclopt of the Robert E. Lee Klavern, told reporters the burning of the cross and dummies symbolized the welcome Robeson would leceive If he came to Birmingham. It would be Interesting to know. He was asked by Youngslown, New Monthly Magazine Appears In Astoria ASTORIA, Sept. 9,-m-A new monthly magazine, the Columbia Press, appeared on the newsstands here Wednesday. The magazine, a review of news in this region, is published by Oke Zatterlow, publisher of the Finnish newspaper Lannen Uutiset, and Walter Manila, former Astoria newspaperman who is now marine editor of the Oregon Journal: O., police to pick up a man nam Paul Robeson Is Burned In Effigy By Klansmen BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept. 9. (IP) Paul Robeson, the Negro singer, was burned in effigy Wednesday night by a small group of robed but unmasked klansmen. It was the first public demonstration by the Klan in the Birmingham district since 18 men were indicted on flogging and related charges here several weeks ago. A dummy bearing a placard, "Welcome Paul Robeson," was strung from one arm of a 20-foot Korea On Verge Of Barbarous War, Says U. N. LAKE SUCCESS, Sept. 9.-iJP) The United Nations Korean commission said today a "barbarous civil war" might explode in Korea any day as a result of the "hardening" 'relations between north and south. The commission frankly told the general assembly that two years of U. N. efforts had failed to ease the conflict between the communist dominated northern zone and the republican government in the south. In Its 34-page annual report It said: "The embittered oropoganda ed Ronald Curry, believed to be aboard a Pittsburgh bound train. He was charged with passing bad checks. Just when the "reverse fcngllsh wis first put on the old definition of "statism." I noted Its use in Washington maybe two years ago, and since then it has cropped up on numerous occasions. Faced with two definitions I turned to the dictionary department of Funk and Wagnalls here in New York for light on the subject. I was told that the new definition has Indeed come Into use At th train riemt. Scanlone was stumped. He had no description of Curry. So he called out: SCREENS Screen Doors Screen Wirt Window Sertant PAGE LUMBER l FUEL "4 E "nd Ave. S. Phone 24V 'Hey, Curry. Th wnnteH man stenned UD Admiral Badger Favors China Aid WASHINGTON, Sept. 9.-ilP Vice Admiral Oscar C. Badger said today he favors "keeping the door open" for possible arms aid to non-communist China. Badger gave his views to -the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services committees. The (wo committees are drafting legislation for an arma program to strengthen friendly nations against Communism. The Truman administration asks a $1,450,000,000 measure, but has proposed nothing for China. Badger, former commander of U.S. naval forces in the Far East, talked with the senators behind closed doors. But he told a reporter he is on record as favoring possible arms aid to Chinese non-Communists. Badger was called before the Senate committees at the request of Senator Knowland (R -Calif) who is seeking to provide some arms aid for Chinese opposing the Communists. Knowland conceded that administration forces might be able to persuade the combined committees to turn down his demand that arms aid for non-Coihmunist China be added to the pending bill. and that the Houses 'new Col and was promptly trundled off to jail. lege Standard Dictionary de fines statism as follows: Meanina Stated - - " By DEWITT MACKENZIE AP Foreign AfUln Analyst These certainly are fast moving times In which we live so fast. In fact, that frequently fixed Ideas which we hold one day go up in smoke with the morrow's dawn. What set your columnist off on this melancholy thought Is the confusion that has arisen as a result of a new definition of the word "statism" a subject which has drawn plaints recently in the writings of several political observers. Most of us were brought up on the definition which is given in my unabridged Webster: "Belief in a state government, as in a republic. In contrast with belief in communism or a Soviet government." New Definition Now, without much warning, we find this definition reversed by many folk, because of its comparatively recent usage In restricted but prominent circles. Some of our diplomats In Washington have been using It, and the president of Columbia university (General Eisenhower, that isl has employed it at least twice In recent speeches. nrst meaning: A tneory oi and hostile activities which now mark relations between the two parts of Korea render the pros government which holds that the returns from group or individual enterprise are vested In the state, as in communism." pect of unification more and more remote. Secondary meaning: "Loosely, On the contrary, the commis adherence to state sovereignty, as on a film ("Sierra"), doing nothing but love scenes. They will appear as man and wife on the screen. Following reports that the be-ribboned veteran and his bride of eight months might separate, Audie, 25, and Wanda, 20, clinched yesterday and made it known that their marriage is not a bust. "As a matter of fact.aa declared Wanda, "things are looking better for us than they ever have before." sion said, the two zones are en gaged In a bitter arms race and there Is much military posturing on both sides" of the 38th paral lel, wnicn separates tne two w .: av . " j j m m rw . zones. in a republic." Well, there you are. You can pay your money and take your choice. The trouble with .two opposed definitions is that confusion must arise unless the context of the speech or article makes clear which definition is being employed. Of course "statism" is only one 'This holds a serious danenr of provoking open military conflict," Perfect temperature control it ths secret of tht wonderful hitting satisfaction families to Joy tne report said. Military contnet in Korea would mean the most barbarous civil war." of the words (many of them po W ItwV, XX V x when Montis; Comfortflo is installed in their homes. There art no up and down temperatures, no drifts, no cold corners. And Com. fortf lo saves you fuel. Call us today for complete information about thit new. modern Stars Blame Hollywood Over Domestic Trouble Do The Job mim Taste the new HOLLYWOOD. Sent. 9.-4PI Monttf heating system. Conven - 11 11 ient terms U desired. Audie Murphy, World War lis most decorated G.I., and his actress bride, Wanda Hendrix. both blame Hollywood for their do litical! which nave undergone changes since the war. Take that term "fascist," for example. Originally that applied only to the political doctrine developed by Mussolini. But because Mussolini created fascism to combat communism, Moscow started to use "fascist" as synonymous with "anti-communist. Thus gradually "fascist" has become a generic term among communists for anyone or anything which is In opposition to communism. That's a fact which a lot of folk don't recognize In employing this widely used word. BolienucUi'f If'e rol i-!-i ic mestic troubles. But the film capital has been nrnrnnnHTTv doing Its best to keep their hearts beating as one. The past week they have been working together TOZER'S Heating & Sheet Metal Works 314 W. Cat Street Phone 1541 DISSTON One-Man MMNHM Protect Your romily with the B. M. A. Polio plan. Call Mr. Lincoln, 938-J-4 c drop card to Box tArt r-'rose Rontr Friendship Everlasting, Labor Head Tells British BRIDLINGTON, Eng., Sept. 9. (JP Dave Beck, an American Western Distributing Co., Phone 1294-L union leader, told British labor that "there can be no barrier formidable enough to stop the everlasting friendship of our CHAIN SAW Save your muscles. Head for the woods with this new Diuton One Man Chain Saw. Light weight, gu-line-driven power taw. Fella . . Buck , . Limbs. Operate at any angle . even upside down. 920 S. Stephens CARL J. PEETZ Phone 279 Beck, of Seattle, Wash., Is vice- president of the U. S. Teamsters union and one of the leaders of the American Federation of La bor. He brought formal greetings Greater power per gallon Lower cost per load from tne akl today to the 8lst annual meeting of the British Trades Union congress. Replace the old with a "Labor in Great Britain," he said, "has continued to present to tne worm an inspiring exam pie of fortitude, self-sacrifice and devotion to the principles of de mocracy. "It is an example in which free labor, in America as else where, takes great fraternal pride. Railroad Diselosei Derailment Attempts MONROVIA, Calif., Sept. 9. (JP- The Santa Fe disclosed two more in a aeries of apparent at tempted derailments on its main line near here. They said a steel running board three feet wide was found on the tracks last Saturdav. and reported another discovery last night, of which they would give no details. For months, officers have been Investigating similar incidents In this vicinity. There have been no accidents. Port Of Florence Has First. Lumber Freighter FLORENCE, Sept. 9.UP)A cargo of lumber today was being stacked aboard the first ship to be loaded at this port In 13 New Fixture This close coupled toilet complete with white sprayed seat only $3450 W. M. Sandall Co. Hiway 99 North Phone 1117-R years. It was the C-Coaster, which put in here after the rather shallow harbor was deepened. The may or, the port officials, and the Boy Scout drum and bugle corps turned out to welcome the ship. Another ship will take on lumber here Sept. 13. HOME TOWN NEWS j0r Jrir- You've found ihe answer if you're looking for a truck with a master load of power plus record-smashing economy. That's what you get in Chevrolet trucks with their Thrift-Master and Load-Master Valve-in-Head engines. These world-famous truck engines develop more power per gallon of gas and deliver the load at lower cost than any other engines of their size now in usel Come in and see these Advance Design trucks todayl Featuring VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINES-Grtattr power par gallon, lower cost ptr load e DIAPHRAGM SPRING ClUTCH-Smooth tngagemenl SYNCHRO-MESH TRANSMISSIONS-Qulck, smooth shifting HYPOID REAR AXLES-3 timet stronger than spiral btvtl type e DOUBLE-ARTICULATED BRAKES Complete driver control WIDE-BASE WHEELS-lncrtastd tire mileage ADVANCE-DESIGN STYLING With the cab that "Breathes" BALL-TYPE STEERING Easier handling UNIT-DESIGN BODIES-Prtcision built PREFERRED BY MORE USERS THAN THE NEXT TWO MAKES COMBINED I ADVANCE-DESIGN TRUCKS L "THE WINNfER AND STILL CHAMPION . . . BUT WAIT UNTIL HE GETS HOME, HIS WIFE WILL GIVE HIM THE DICKENS FOR FIGHTING AGAIN." Don't wait until the very lost minute to call the ROSEBURG LUMBER COMPANY for your winter firewood. Get your supply now. HAMSIM MOTOR CO. Phone 446 Oak & Stephen

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