The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 7, 1962 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1962
Page 9
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AUGUST 7,1962 jfttotnetf OCCASUIONS S "°ULD BE accompanied by momen- BACK TI »W>UG1I THE YEARS at the highlights in mv « f, that my most scinti ^ting remarks 8 about The Mv m n eCte r T m °f l Were mostly limited to one w °rd - nlehu «r «. Peculiarly apt phrases occur to me a couple of nights, or even years later, after the occasion is all over. , BOURSE, WE CANT alfbT like~Charles McArthur when he 86 PeanUtS ^ , Hele " Hayes with the immortal wnff e emeralds! But it would be nice to have to our ' are 3 Httle m ° re S th n Gol 'y° • ° •Snt 11 1 ^°™% H " AND - , few °' f us S° ^ far in belittling an im- haniTeu u i • i. . woman I read about ih the news a few months back. She had inherited a couple of million dollars, and when the porters interviewed her they expected all sorts of comments on it I hTv a e"' m i er h e lL S l d ' H B "f l l° U must remember, this is the only money i nave! i nave to admit, however, that in - -••—"-- • • • J unhkely case, I would probably glance at thi INOW we can get a new mattress." ° NE S* 1 her c ° mpanions ''"to going back to sisr js s nlso recognized them AUGUST 7, 1962 DE ! jT " IA ' s grandfathr was United States mother told her about from her days in Washington. fn,,r A wii OU ? "° US u' WE A"*® upto our^s in pickles. We planted four hills of cucumbers-less than 20 cents worth of seed-ant now e Nat " ra " y welrfmakfng' ™ of w-s 1 cup canning salt 1 cup vinegar 13 cups water S - ' ma , ke some sliced cross ™s* for of dill andnv r 1Se 2" d Some I Ieave who ^- Add a — Grace. FAMOUS FEATS IN HISTORY \VERE not always accomoanied bv particularly remarkable remarks. I know for a fac^that Krst woJd w, L-? e , vere U " ered after his famous ride was "Whoa '-And when Washington crossed the Delaware, the most appropriate phrase of " C Kr?v aId by ° ne ,° f the soldiers whoacco P mJanied I Mm. It Sit down! Vou are rocking the boat." Vacations On, But Sexton Is Not So Quiet WEDDINGS ARE HIGHLY IMPORTANT~occasions and the words of the service are truely remarkable remarks. But although eTery' body concerned is in a highly emotional state, the side remarks at a wedding are apt to be very mundane. The starrv -eyed nffi hS &» k »T l ° Say jUSt before she starts down the asle, "Does my slip J T Jn R , E r T" V° CAIj , w ? DDiNG - the'bridegroom who was mar- him what was • • - — —o —— •"•• .uuoncoo ui me step so me ?V-«H "?' ™ 6 bride 8 ro ° m replied, "Well, I'was just thinkfnel~in f.xactly five minutes I'm going to have 28 nier • imnKing in so they nieces and nephews!*' •„ a a baby of my own in my arms, and what I would say on the occasion £ £ V uially ha PP ened and thfi y brought my first offspring to the thrill was even more than I expected. But what did I say _ r h»™ ^t M^J ^ R reallze W lon e dream of havi "g a oo I have ritten published, if I keep running true to form my first remarks will be, "But I don't like the color of the cover." And when my days on earth are over, and they lean over to catch my dying remarks it could very well be something like this-'Td feel better if I could just Durp! HOWEVER, IT IS SOMETIMES small talk that saves an occasion For example when there is a death in the house, it can be quite a comfort to fall back on inane remarks about the weather. At times like these ones presence counts more than one's pronouns. And when we are real worried about something, ordinary words are like ordinary tasks in keeping a person going. If we didn't have to keep up with our ordinary routine, get the meals on the table and wash the clothes no mat er what is bothering us, there might be times when we'd bog ONE ALGONA TEENAGER, DELTIHA SHIERK. is mighty glad f i«h P h a f te n t u5!. to . her weekly current events ma gazine last year in high school. Delthia is spending the summer with her brother, Cameron, at a suburb of Washington, D. C. and has recently been doing some sight-seeing[ini city. In a letter to her parents, Dr. and Mrs. t. C. Shierk Delthia tells of seeing two men talking near the Attorney General s office. One of them she recognized as Arthur Goldberg from a picture in the news magazine. Sexton — It's not as quiet as, you might think it would be down on the corner with two families gone on vacation. Mostly because five of the Bernard Cooper youns- sters stayed home with their grandmother, Mrs V. Cooper of Sioux City in charge. Mr and Mrs Cooper, Mike and Kathy are on a tr .'P to the Black Hills and a visit with the Bill Rusted family at Wall, S. D. Grandmother Cooper has been mighty busy with the younger ones, but most of all trying to keep the oldest son Gary interested in some hot checker games. He was unable to make the trip because he has the mumps. Just across the road Mrs Nell Opneim and her new car have left for a week at Mountain Home Ark. Mrs Jim Stebbins and Jimmy went along and will bring back her daughters after their visit with Mr and Mrs Junior Ray Hooper. J Things have quieted down for a while on the farm so Mr and Mrs Perry Lowman have taken off-for the west coast where- three*of- their daughters are now living. The boys David and Dean accompanied their other sister Marilyn in the same trip a week earlier as she is now moving out there to teach. There were also a few visitors coming here instead of more well- known vacation spots. Mr and Mrs Leroy Burger and Stephen are spending a week with his father Arch Burger and at Burt with Mrs Burger's brothers. Some of the visitors are mighty young for the length of the trip they have made. Almost three, Joan Domino of Rockford, 111. accompanied her grandfather John Graham of Cedar Rapids and stopped off here at the great-grandparents, Mr and Mrs Martin Mimbach and her aunt's home in Algona, the Jack Scobbas. Kathy Pruisman is home again at the Frank Pruismans and also visiting is her young nephew from Cedar Rapids. This time, Mrs Martin Mimbach had visitors who didn't give up until they had found her. Mr and Mrs Bill Wermersen, Curlew, former residents here, started their search with a clue from Mr and Mrs August Kirschbaum. The Mimbachs were found in Algona at the Joe Namers home. Also visiting for the afternoon was a sister of Mrs Namer and Mrs Mimbach, Anna Borches of Cassville, Wis. She is now making her home in Algona as housekeeper for Chet Williams. So many Sexton folks were making it to the hospital we now lave a private nurse there from this area. Mrs Max Stratton has >ut her nurses' aid uniform back on as a special nurse for private patients at St. Ann hospital. Her :harge now is Mrs L. A. Copp, a requent visitor in this area a few years ago when Mr Copp was Sexon depot agent. Looks like each patient is a little ougher as Mrs George Mix un- erwent surgery at her doctor's ffice without making it to the ospital and is doing fine. The lumber from the old Quinn uilding store is making a real last ditch" stand against being loved away. Before Ralph Hauer got his last load home he had o have help along the way from ugust Kirschbaum, Dave Seller and Merle Moxley. Did anyone notice that not onlv Wilford Ward but his assistant, Tom Arndorfer had their pictures on TV to help advertise Leo Greco's music. Wonder if the young fellow who was.going to show the kids how \ViJford Ward's ponies should be ridden has recovered his dignity yet? Seems he mounted and at the first crack of the whip went sailing head first. Hospital isn't the nicest sounding word at the August Kirschbaum's right now. Mr Kirschbaum's sister, Mary Carman is at St. Ann hospital in critical condition while his brother is also seriously ill at the Forest City hospital. Another couple taking advantage of the slow down on his farm job were Mr and Mrs John Jennings. They visited at Fairmont, Minn, with his sister, Mrs Julia Taft and daughter Helen. Mrs Taf! spent some time here a few years ago caring for her sister-in-law, Mrs Fred Jennings. The Jennings also have their new neighbors to the south this past weekend, and now it can ipnestly be said Sexton is for the birds. Mr and Mrs Darrell Steven and children have moved into the Kelley house and Mr Steven brought along his hobby, raising sigeons. Has anyone noticed one of (hr nicest looking gardens in town i? the work of our oldest resident? Eil Fitch is still a pretty good homesteader. Mttle league is over for the year and some of the mothers are a little relieved to have their driving chores done. The Sexlon youngsters should be mighty happy to have such a good record, in their first year for many of them. The boys in the younger group didn't get much training in being good sports at losing as they remained unbeaten for the season and ended up with a tie for first place. Wilford Ward's group of older boys ended the season with a 4-4 record and held third place in their class. Seems they had pretty good chance at second place until the last game 'ound them with five of their best jlayers missing because of vaca- 'ions and mumps. Two Named To State 4-H Camp Rosemary ULses and Don Madsen of Burt will represent Kossuth county club members at the State 4-H Leadership Camp. Campers will receive training in the art of leadership, recreation, and camping. Rosemary and Don were selected to represent Kossuth 4-H mem bers because of their outstanding 4-H club work. Rosemary ha: been a member of the Burt Blue Birds seven years and held local club offices of president, secretary, treasurer, reporter, photographer, recreation chairman and special activity chairman. She has received county recognition for her outstanding work in Foods and Nutrition and Safety work. She has been active in 4-H Junior Leadership, demonstration work school and community activites. Don has been a member of the Plum Creek Boys' Club eight years. He has served as president and reporter of his club. He has been active in baby beef project work, livestock judging, demonstration and Junior Leadership program, school and church activities. president; Claude Scely, Algonn vice president; L. W. Nilohals, Algona, treasurer; and Vern L. Mc- C'luro, Algona, secretary. Directors are Fred Plumb; Don Anliker, West Bend; Harold Fisher, Swea Cily; David Bombard LuVerne; W. J. Stewart, Rurt-' Louis Reilly, Algona; Lyle Math' es, Algona; Claude Seely and Orville Thoreson, Swea Cily. The officers of the association constitute the executive committee. STORAGE CABINETS, metal at Upper Des Moines. SHKPP.AIM) AFH, Tin - Airman First Class William .T. Robinson of Aigona is being reassigned to Dover AFH, Del., following'his graduation from Ihe United Slates Air Force technical training courso for njrerafl Inadmasters ho re. Airman F<ohin-:on was trained lo compute aircraft load factors, to lie down normal and special cargo and ID deliver material and sup- plios !>y pararliulc as an aircrew member. The nlrman. son nf Mr and Mrs Iv K Koliinson, Algona, is a graduate of SI. Ocelin Academy. HIGH CAPACITY KB4O CUTTER BLOWER ***^w YOUR HAIR NEEDS TO BE RECONDITIONED Sun, wind and hot-weather activities are hard on hair. Let us revitalize ypurs now, PERMANENT $8.95, $10, $12.50 & $15.00 SHAMPOO & SET with RINSE $2.00 & $2.50 SHAMPOO & SET without rinse _ $] 50 HAIR COLOR TINT $5 ' 00 HOT OIL TREATMENT with SET $3 50 MANACURE $1 2S SCISSOR HAIRCUT _ $1 25 RAZOR HAIRCUT "."."_"' $] 50 YOUR COMPLETELY REMODELED SHEAKLEYS BEAUTY SALON CALL CY 4-3477 FOR APPOINTMENT OPEN MONDAY Thru SATURDAY .Fred Plumb Is President Of Co. Fair Board Officers and directors serving during the 1962 Kossuth County Fair are Fred Plumb, Lone Rock", KOOLS "CUT-N-BIO" FORAGE HANDLER. Ui. ot duol-purpoi* Cutter- Blower, or os Foroga Blower only, no cut- Ing. Quid Change-over. Ideal for small, large job! alike. For tide-unloading wagonl. • blows at high capacity • grinds high moisture or dry ear or shelled corn, baled hay, corn cobs for litter • screen sizes available for wide range of controlled cut • tilt-up hopper feeder available for loading KB40 when using end-unloading wagons or dump trucks. • always in cutting or blowing position FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION ABOUT KOOLS KB40, AND REGULAR FORAGE BLOWERS, CONTACT- NEW EARLIER DATES NEW BIG SPECIAL FEATURES IOWA AT WORK & PLAY A huge new exhibit featuring Iowa Industry and Hccreation. SUPER FOOD SHOW , Products, samples, Ideas from leading food -| manufacturers. MAGNIFICENT MIDWAY First time at the fair. More shows, more rides, bigger Kiddieland. , IDEA GARDENS j , \£ Huge new gardens crammed with prac- ^ tical ideas for your yard. solute to farming's centennial AMERICA'S GREATEST AGRICULTURAL EXPOSITION -Tr' Towa'f largest Farm Machinery Show of . - L ^~- ~- t | le ycnr. National Livestock Show. 4-H, , FFA Fair, Iowa Quality Meat Show, jjl Corn fk Grain Show. Farm GadKet Show.. >-| |Tcam Pulling Contest. Sheep Shearing "Contest. MMPIPMW GREAT ENTERTAINMENT BIO CAR RACES 3 Afternoons: Au?. 19. 23, 28 STOCK CAR RACES 2 Afternoon,. Aug. 17. Aug. 25 2 Afternoons! Aug. 18, 24 JALOPY RACES SUPER-MOD1FIED ,. L STOCK CAR RACES Au «- "•. 28 TUDIII <HO\AI Afternoon, AUK- 20t THKILL StlUW Nlghtfi Aug. 18, 25 plus HARNESS RACES A ,^ te2 T.°SS ! AND ... "LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACT10N1" •vra-*"" i s NEW Musicol Comedy-type Ravua Ii^l3 ~7Kr~ 6 Glorious Nights, Aug. 19-24 ^-reSnrncrr PAZZUNG H °^Jf-^- 19 - 26 BUSCHER BROS. IMPLEMENT Y 4-3451 Algonci , CHOOSE YOUR FUN AND GO!/ YOUR DEALER'S GOT'AUGUST BUYS ON NEW CHEVROLETSi TO PLEASE EVERYBODY Even the most persnickety luxury* lover couldn't ask for very much more than a Jet-smooth Chevrolet (like that Impala Sport Coupe at tha top). Yet it's all yours for a Chevrolet jlice. (And you know howlowi/Mfctia,} JET-SMOOTH CHEVROLET Cheyrlet, (WELL... ALMOST.EVERYBODY) Eere'a the best thing that's happened 1 to make money go further since budgets—the lively low-cost Chevy II. It's got all kinds of room. And cornea in U models, too-like the Nova fe. (second from top)*/' ' Want a roomy family car and a sporty, driver's car for one low price? Tha rear-engine Corvair Monza (e.g., that Club Coupe, third from top) playa 1 both roles to the hilt. Care to j Ate club-and get a buy. to Cfie^olef dealeVa KOSSUTH 108 SOUTH HAH AIQONAJQWA CY 4-3554

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