Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 2, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1896
Page 3
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Hla Nervine la « Ben•factor to Thousands," A Common Sense, Bread and Butter Issue...._ NEW PROMOTION PLAN General News of Railroads and Rai road Employes. . WIDELY known Wisconsin publisher, who rc^lQM a; Greor Bay, writes March Gin, JSX, as follows: years :iso 1 bccu^iO'so nftrvous that entnl work was a buraon. it could not res; t ntchi on account of .sleeplessness. My •attention was c.illod tc 7>r. illios 1 Rostora- Nervine, and I commenced to uyd it $irlth mo very bcsi effect. Since tuen I "^" •Shave k'.'c; .1 bott'io in my! house and use it tr ray nerves become un^trunff, with tin: .-^IIEO good resutts,,, Jiy son also wkesthflor nur'vousness wit-H'Uko never lulling success. I havcrocom- mended it to many and is cures them. All who suffer Itom nerve troubles should try it. /•It is free from narcotics, perfectly hurm- .l"lejs, and yet soothes and strengthens. Dr. Hllos, through his Nervine Is a benefactor ? to thousands." A. C. LEHMAN. ." .Editor and proprietor of DER LANDSMAN. i•'••• -Dr. Miles' Nervine Is sold on guurantoo f ,iBwt bottle will benefit or money refunded Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower .Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose $3 Express id, '.fie. Prevents Wetting Bend Floor or Walls. .Hornless Wntec Closets. . Send for Catalog™ ?FlMt Proot Wnter Closets, Sell-Acting Water ""•' . " Closets. Kellj Slop and Waste Cock, '>.' THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago. The supplemeuit of a recent issue of "The Railway Ape". contains an article wri-ttei by E. B. Xeeclhium of the Blcli- nionil it'I'ekrtt olflc-e, In which Ho makes nui appeal to rhllwa-y employes In be- luilf of sound money. Among other things ho «iys: "A» a follow employe we fislc every iruilwfliy employe ito earnestly and con- scieuttously rh-iiik ot the future. Is It :uat To your self-Interest, .to your self- •proseryutioiv to vote for tihe Very best money, for money 'wli'lcli will puss for Its face value the world over and has the -highest possible purcbn*in.jr power? "We kuow I't will be very hard for some to clwiiigo their 'poKciea: party t:t> which '(they have always been opposed. \\'o know ra'Hwiay . employes • will bo taunted liy hired sprtikers with being slaves 10 ii grinding monopoly, wKli •having suW thcmsolvex. with other choice -accuSii'Mons. bur let us look ihl> question I'ulrly amd squarely In tho '•Will ir. not bo far better for us to change- >ait lonst lih-is time, our politic-;, fo overlook the iciuniU -and slurs which may 'be rhro p \vn at us, knowing that tlhls winter wo will be bc-lrer off wlih a retiinn of prosperity 'and with the knowledge thiit our dollar is worth 10r> cieUts, not onJy in this country, but in every country, than to T>O oi:t of .work or to be working far less tuau we get now? { "We ask you not 'to be misled by I»!gh sounding -phrases. by -phi.ti hides on the inlasses agjuu-s-t the classes, -by statements wliich .are very piwsiag tp the ear 'but in (Sim nothing in themselves. Kcuwmber, -tutlk Is elienp nncl won't put bread wild butter iu your monl'li." ii -Foster has restimed work in the planing mill after a week's sickness. ' . Chfef llraJu D.ispa:beher H, S. Tousley was East yesterday ou company's "business. Burt Ogiboru at the planing mill will go to English Lake Saturday for a two weeks' ouittng. The stockholders of tiie Detroit & Bel river wH1 hold their annual election nit Butler, Ind., Xoy. •», WiDMiaun Cornell, a boBor-maKer helper, returned'to-work ycsterdtiy after an absence of about ton mouths. ,•. Wanted,—Fifty good cuts, delivered iu good form before Saturday night. Iiuiulre a>t ranhahdle paint shop. Some one took D, .T. Bower',* fine nialtese ca't. out of hJs room In, the a.tr" brake department. Wednesday night, Williaim Murphy. WJilltam Hurt and nm'k Grcbcr who were In id-off a. few .s n,go ivttirired to work yesterday 11 tho paint shop. Tihe Peur.sylv.au.hi. nvnimigenient has sivcn IttstTutif.lons, lhiat Its ru.le prohib- it-inp' posting ndvi"rtlK(>men.ts ou its Vi'gh'f. ears be more -strictly enforced. The Brotherhood of Locomotive FI-.ro nii'ii iin tin' year ending .Tune 00 dis- mrsed to Its members anil -;rii;ir bone- llL-K-i-ries iu life and disability iusur- iiu-e, $ol('i,OS-1.20. Tlie Pennsylvania people ;i:n.ve u-rider (Hisider.-i.tioiL running tlie engines and crew.s which M.ul the . fiis-c express s bcitwfcn Louisville and Logaus- through 'wiHiont change 111 Iiull- Mir. Will M'ONl'it., the gen-tlema.iily light tick*, agent tit tho r.'i.nlianiH;- •ita.tion, ncfonuiKiui-ed by 'life wife. ha •eturned from a.'few weeks' visit witL riends in Remvs.vlvan.lii. a-nd ot'ho ? STATE IJATIONAL BANK ?•';.-' r.OGANSFOHT, INDJ iflflPITrtb • S2OO.OOO IK J. F. Johnaon. Pr«»ld«nt |;1 8. W. Ullery, Vlc» Pr««ld«nt. ^: ( . H. J. Heltbdnk, C«*hl«r. DmECTOBS. r. Johnson. B. W. Ullery. 3. T. Elliott W. M; Elliott. W. H. Snider. pS Buy and io>] Qovernment bon4«. Loan J£lMB«7 »n personal eecurlty and collater- Itatt. Inue special certificate! of depoilti fffcMTlnr C per cent. Interest when left one li-narTT per cent, per annum wh*n depo*-. ' 1 nx inonthi. i in Safety Deposit Vault* of thli » »or the.deposit of deeds, insurant* jies. WortiUBes and ether Yallqables, -1 at from »5 to US per year. |6rea)est Discovery or the 19th ; : -; Century. : -.- Dr. KKWRXMZDT Medicated Air • For the Cure ol Catarrh, Anthraa and all Pnlmoniiry Dlueases, It bait no equal lot Sick and Nerrous HMd- ache, 1,000,000 people die annually from the above named dlseatti. Whj soBer and die, when Medicated Air Is goaranteedtocureyou. , Ind., U. 3. A. IKROEQER & STRAIN, todertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROAD WAT. J : : — >s CHAS. L. WOLL, UNDERTAKFR w Nw, «7 Market „ .™_ i attended to prol iptly, diy Jntrml Union and Mutual telephones. ^Office, No. U; Beridence. No. OL tie Logansport Humane society , (INCORPORATED.) |or:the Prevention of Cruelty to i Women Children and Animals ! ;t' : Yi&eo. W. •WaltepH-Seo. •-..'-'.'• V; *. 3. HUilebTnndt—Xreas. • • • : \:!"W. M. Bl»hop—Humane Officer. : BIC*. J. C. Hauler. . V. C. Coolbougli fBeoW Walters, J.J. Ulldebrendt, IJnJtlce. . • : InRShJ ' ' i, W. D. Pratt Mra. J. N. Kelt. Telephone No. 80. t caies of orueltj to Secretury. tho Otto Kraus (all and {',:; -.\ lines were complete. Every de- 1,':'"•' W waa complote.—A; G. Jen|'\'/v Assignee. . . . . '•'"..\-AiprayIaiUicr coin bag be.. lie residence of Vf'.-'/I. Wilson [•• \Pobllc.It-nwary/...:^^^^ ^ai :. \ly rewarded on' : pe|:uriiilaig tho 1 :; ,:. Irs. W.'T; \VHson, 2H Market.' THJtS IS 'NO. JOKE. Kokomo News: Oiw day recently Charley De-Iia \-en. w-ho has a penchant lor pla-yiiifr pr-anks and perpetrating: jokes, .sauntered Into "Walter Dixon's laundry unolrserved. Near Dy lay.an old faiffii. upon which vi'«s printed "An .engineer wanrted." From thin • ho 'brushed the cobwete, and placed it in -the larpe pln.te Rhiiss window. And •then stealthily retired to an obscure place across tlie street to await developments. AJU! they came quick aud •tost. .Tim Quick, the old-time eujrineor of thfc esit3iil)Ushnieiit. wns the first one to see It. "What! Am I do »e bounced in these hard times?" quoth Jhii. "Have I not'worn frre.-i.se aaitl din o- my fcice? •and -have I not. mopped sweat from the brow of n.n honest man? m see n.bout this later." And Jt wasn't an hour until ten engineers had made applications for a job, and the explaining by W-nlter 'beainie eni-barrasslnff. • and turning -to one of tlie boys "Valter said, "I would lilco to know what the Sam Hill all this means anyway: Who the devil said we wanted.'to usre an engineer?" when suddenly lie ol.iservjd.JJj'li. card im tho window .Inviting all engineers to call, prove their qnalinoatlons and get « good steady job. It is safe to add that De-Haven 'has not been seen on Buckeye street since. .- JNJEW n,AN~QF PROMOTION, TJie Erie Railway company, has adopted a.u entirely new plan regarding the promotion of'itsi employes. All vacancies of regular runs or jobs will •be advertised on bulletin boards and such vacancies'-will bo given to the oldest man in accordance with tho roll of •honor, (provided 'always tliat such applicant so advanced shall be determined to 'bo thoroughly competent • for sxich position; ..Candidates for promotion to conductor on tlie regular line, .that is, following the youngest conductor-now will be given tan days' no- in order to prepare themselves for examination. On falling no pass the first oxamlnaiM'on, they 'will be allowed thirty days further to prepare themselves ax.d then If they pass_a satts-fac- 'toiy cxamina.ciou they will date ahead of nnj- new employe ivlito may have been promoted In tho mcianttme. No tpnitnman wdll be su'sipcnded or discharged without a healing and Investigation, wihL'ch Will be given -at the earliest 'praetienihle time. This docs not, of COOTSC, 'apply to suspensions pending •Investigation, Trainmen on ti-laJ tnay hare'tbc -priTiilege of' calltns in Or liiav- ing present d-urloff the Investigation jiiny actual witness of the.ottense being. Investigated. Brnkemcn • and otuev tralmmen- suspended . under investigation an'd found 'blameless will 'lie allowed full pay for the time lost; RAILROAD NOTES. Jack ]fVhitc of-the round house was off duty' yesterday. .William Qui/rk. of 'the rouad,- housfi ; waa;-at Wabasli : ,ye,9terd'ay..,vislttng rel-. The railway men are confldeut tlia lu-y w.111 l:'a.v.e a crowd oC more than !00 for rhe visit fo Kokomo Saliurda ifternoou, Th-e special train will 1-aav •Iwre ait 2:30and roturaiiug will arrive i time for supper. Large quantities of snipe-* -.ire noi\ •bolnpr shipped to weaterniwirke-ts fron Now York-. They/are shtppcc m rafrljj er.-iitor cars, aift.1 -carry seven thousand bniske.ts. U'Sirnlly one-half of a carload is delivered -at Indianapolis, tlie otho •liaJf soutto Terro H'a.nito, EvaiisviUo or some ether westeni market. p. ; ;H. Walton-'arid • TrainnHisiter .May were -over ';tU'e,Btaite; ,1-IO.W COLLEGE MEN STAND. Now Haven, Sept. 2S.—For the firs (time-stuco tire "war. there wil probabl) be 'brat one political club at Yale durln a rresl'denttal eaimpalgn. Foiir yeai ago all parties save the Pop-ullsts a.nd Anarchists, were represented by some body of undargraduates,' l>ut year the sentiment Is all one way —for sound money. To morrow evening n. rao.ei.lng of the entire, university will be called to or pa-nlze a sound money clirb. One'lias been already organised In tin; law •school and lit was expected thai as usual, each department of Hie university would''have Us separate organ-iza itions.-bwt so'linanyiDem'ocrats joined the clii'b formed to'the law school flud-do- ctared -thnit tlie advocates of true Democratic principles tluroiighout the n'ui- verslf-y would not only refrain from or- gaul/ing bii-t'would even go r.s fnr as to join tho Republican campaign clubs, that It was decided'after eori'sklerable consultation, to organize a non-partisan somud money chtl) of the entire uiuiver- sity, 'T.Ji-0 faculty though heartily'Clenounc- iug Hie 'action of the students in breaking up the'Bryan meeting are unanimously behind . this ' cJtib.' No : whore la the teachings of the University cam- be found anything tn.it upholds a. cheap dollar or-repudiation, .amd the faculty are therefore desirous of exerting as strong an iiufluence as !>6ssl!ble In favor of the honest dollar staralard. In order to accomplish this, the Republicans 'hiive practically agreed to'give up the plans of a separate body, and to join the sound money men. An effort will also bo made to make tluis the only polH-ieal club. There' are, however; some'sous of free silver leaders mow in college, and most prominent among these are the sons of Senators Teller and. Stewart, now in the Sophomore class, and it'is feared that they may draw a. few' followers about their white metal free coinage banner. But it is -more than likely that such will not be the case, for tne young gentlemen arc popular and modest members of their class. ; and tn«a, too. after oOicers of the club had been elected there would 'be 'barely more than enough to head a.column. " Tho students Intend to make the sound money club a very native force In this section. It Js planned to take : pnrt in all gold dollar'rallies throughout the State, wherever Invited, providing menins'of communications are such that Init few recitations are missal. 1 iTusc now ithe question ns> to the name of the organization is exciting interest.' It will be nnimed after some prominent sound inoncy Yale graduate. There Is a. rea>oi't tlia't William C, Whitney will' receive the 'honor. Mr. Whitney has a-son in the Junior Class who is a member of tfie Henley'crew v The' gallant flgh^^ade 'by. Mr. W.Mtney for We have no old shelf worn goods, but evervthing new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12.00 Our JJSI2.OO Suits go for $9.OO Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.50 Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 50C FOR CHOICE OF *MY STRAW BAT IN THE STORE. 25c choice of any of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys* Duck Suits one third off, they are bargains. Now is the time 10 buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Goods, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH G. GRACE & CO., \ 264 r;M.)AOWAY. gold is greatly appreciated niul ail- inired by the students; and this coupled with the report that Mr. WiKtney will make, a hauclsome eontri-bution to the club's fund, will most likely give tlie name, "The William C. Whitney Sound Money Club" to the organiscaitJon. Several Invitations have been received ror the usual HepnfblicaM corps to take part in the coming demonstration ui New York, ant! t'liese will undoubtedly extend to .'the non-partisan honest dollar men. when it is found that the Republicans do not organize separately. There has been an. increase in tlie membership of the university, amd wlieu returns from all department* are in the total will be close to 2,700. From this uumiber i,t Is confldentily expected that 2,000 will rai» tl'sir stand for national honor. -They any. that an attempt will be made to have the club.-mate the liuest appea ram-ce -a t every 'para.dc. The drilling will be regular and even more effective than four years ago. Such members of the faculty .is Deaxi Wayland of the Law School; Judge Baldwin and Professors Summer, Had ley and Phillips of 'the Academic Department, are directly interested in tlie siiccass of the enterprise. Tlie New Haven people are also interested aud many have agreed to liberally support it. HOW'S THIS. We offer One Hundred Dollaj 1 .? re- waird for amy ease of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. ~ F. ,T. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., ;Wc, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheilej', for tho last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financial!; able to cnrry out any obligations made, by their firm. WEST & T.RUAX, .Wholesale Drug : .gists, Toledo, 0. WALDING, laNNAN & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. '.Hall's'Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting diiroetly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of tU'e system. -Testimonials sent free. Price 70c per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Ali Kinds of Drawings Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Spry Block. ,Qne of the strongest attractions oC the.scmsoh will be am.elaborate produc- tion'of "Faust", with John Griffith In the -leading role of .' Jlcpnistoplieios. The poem is a most serious and imprcs- ilve dra.ma of man; the piny Is a love ;tory nud all -that It aims ;o reflect is he characbcriJsaitJion. vitalized' with dramatic movement and swathed with an atmosphere of wlerd spirituality: Alisery Is presented as the accompa.ul- miunt of Sim and ait the end Is le-ft the uiprassi of the 'triumph of good over ivil. Griffith gives 'two. vivid pictures two contacts, the straggle of' the inno- jent on earth and the. .repulsive pres : . ence of the arch ileud tempting, cajol- ng and mocking. A carload of .scenery s used In the production, .besides mnuy. electrlca-laud cnlcium.effects. A.cqm- ly of unusuail 'excellence,, including V-niaj.-Boyle-Moore, Eugene Moore.a'nd : chorus ; of trained voices will appear io'ndjiy night. . THRILLING EXPERIENCE. A dfepalteh from RushvUle says:Jobn W. Imils, an a-cronaivt of fhis city, ha« •a, thrilling -experience yesterday at Manilla, where he made an ascension at a politK-al rally. Ho -had attained •the height of 2,000 feet, when the balloon burst -and began falling rapidly. He was OJi a trapeze, eight feet below his parachute, which he. could not disengage from tho -fallin-g balloon. With during nerve -he climbed the .rope to the parachute, while the Horrified spectators below shuddered, expecting a.t any moment to see ! hiim («asaed to the earth. 'He succeeded in unfurling the paraiekite, -which! checked the downward flight of the balloon. In a few seconds'the balloon, freed or its hot nilr, tossed nibout like a ship sail, and first the balloon would bo on top aud then '.the para,chu.te. The descent then wn-s not rapid. During all these evolutions of 'the. -balloon ami parachute, In-nis- hielfl on'like grim death., sometimes descending head foremost and again iu proper manner, but alwnys clinging to'the parachute, until he finally landed In safety and without a scratch. This .'balloon lias the reputa- tton of 'having killed six people. Logansport =-——-— assm passengers -as it will enable them to select from the bill of fare just what •they want and "pay only for what they get. ;if, aiflter next Saturday, you move out'of your present, voting precinct, you lose your vote -for this election. The State Liny .requii-es thirty days' residence lu-tlie precinct previous to the day .of election". .Tlie State law also re-, quires a year's .residejice In-.'the State and throe months;iu the county, as well as thirty days Iu. the precinct. Naturalized citizens must also comply, with these conditions,....... . . CLAitiM RUFUS MA.GEE. -Hon. Rufus -sragee, of Logansport, one of 1)he most suTlstantial Democrats in Cass county, quit the silverites a few duiys ago and- is now speaking for sound money and the regular Democrat ticket Popocracy Is -about defunct.—Rochester Republican.' /On the contrary Mr. Ma gee is an old time • Democrat amd is supporting Mr. Bryaai, tht regular Democratic nominee'.—Plymouth Democrat. •Brother McDonald of the Democrat should toform himself. Hon. Rufus Magee is decidedly against Bryan. He made the fld4fess«t the Wg ra.tiflca.tlon' of PalmeoSnd Buckner in- the city a weck-ugo. . -..;'..: • ' "YOUTHFUL While mating, an address in. New- Haven, Mr. Bryan spoke ol ,tlie Yale students' interruption as follows: '•Do not criticise-the boys too harshly, I am not Inclinok to criticise them as . severely .as some \>thers have, I have, been a college boy myself, and I am Inclined to attribute their interruption more to you'thfvil exuberance than to any deliberate intention to interfere with free speech, I shall always be glad to return to New Haven when clr- cuimstances will permit a«id I ani sure •whatever may be my subject, I will be .nible" to find persons here who are wilt- Ing to listen even if they do not agree.',' .,-•. r.MPiROVE'D DINING-CAR SERVICE j The Christian Endeavor of the Ninth ; f . ON THE ,WABASH. [ street ChnistJan church will give a so- Meals will now-be served A la Carte . <•!«! tliis evening a't thefhome of Xfrs. on nil Dining ca.rs.on.the WabasW Line. ' Harrington," 1 508 Broadway, Strecker • This-svill,befl great aecommodatloa to block. Refreshments lOc. ;:•- '- 1 ;.;"- .,,n

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