The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 31, 1962 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, July 31, 1962
Page 5
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JULY 24, 1962 4-Algono (la.) Upper Des Moines TUESDAY, JULY 31, 1962 Fenton Firemen Galled Twice In Past 8 Days iy Fcnlon — Mrs Norman Finnestad, stopped Monday afternoon -about 4:30 to pick up her son .Craig at the school playground. Her car wouldn't start. Abou'. then Craig exclaimed, "It's steaming!" Mrs Finnestad hastily opened the hood and stared at flame? .there. Concern for other children at the playground finally made her tell a girl to call the 'ire department. The fire was quickly extinguished and the only damage was to the wiring on the engine of Jhe 1959 Ford. "Not even blistered -paint," she said. The Fenton fire department was -^called out again Thursday aftei "noon to the Harold Eimers farm ..north of Fenton. With only abou I'2Vfe hours of combining left, screen became clogged, causin ..the fire. Eimers tried to smothe -the fire with oats but his attempt "were unsuccessful so the firemei came to the rescue and quickly "doused the flames with water "Some belts and the motor were burned beyortd repair. ' July 22 dinner and supper guests ,,of Mr and Mrs Roy Chrischilles "were Mr and Mrs Paul Hudson, ' Mr and Mrs Robert Casey, Algona, Lyle Clark, Mason City. Evening guests were Mr and Mrs Jerry Weiner and family and Mr . and Mrs Andy Harms and daugh ;ter, Brenda, Burt. Rev. and Mrs Paul Hoyt and were weekend guests of Mr a:ic Mrs William Hantelman. Susan Hantelman, Minneapolis, also visit ed her parents for the weekend. Mr and Mrs T. C. Reynolds Michele and Tommy, C e d a t Rapids, visited July 20-21 with Mr and Mrs Wsrren Jones. Mr and Mrs Frank McFall went to Sioux City on a business trip Thursday. Wednesday evening picnir ,,„ nf Mr and Mrs Raymond Stoebrr were Mr and Mrs Wilfred Stocbor. Mr and Mrs E. C. Weisbrnd, Stnn- ley Munch. Mr and Mrs Paul Eigler, Dr. and Mrs E. W. Ruske and Tim Bassett. Evening caller? were Mr and Mrs Lyle Bassett Milford. Wednesday visitors at the Albert Mitchells were the Robert Berk- grens. Mr and Mrs Don Marlow, Phoe- To Westmar Richard Peterson of Fenton has Mrs Roy Petersen of Fenton. Helh Ann and Karen Feve lion- week with Mr and Mrs Uelond Votteler. been accepted at Westmar College I lhp L.C.W. of the Depew tilth*. in LeMars for the 1962-63 school CI ' an church met Thursday. Mrs i term. His parents are Mr anr | Clarence Berkland led devotions Mrs Arthur Cody the lesson and I Mrs Orville Holland presented the | topic on publications. Hostesses orcd Patty Widdel at a swimminp I werc Mrs Robert Naig, Mrs Gay- pnrty Tuesday in Armstrong. Mrs lorcl Nai g a °d Mrs Gerald John- Charle.s Feye and Mrs Dnnnr I son. Published By the Upper Des Molhei Publishing Co., Algeria, Idwa MRS. JANICE STUCKI News Editor Duane Widdel accompanied the guests. Hcide Krause. Darlene Priebe \,arilyn Mitchell, Maria and Paula Berkland. Mrs Ray Alhbrandt. Denver Colo., was a July 22 weekend guest Shower Honors New Bride At Seneca Church Scnocn — Mrs Robert Cfnirh of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Halverson. Mrs Alhbrandt accompanied he Al Hewitts and sons, Mason City, home to Denver Monday . The Hewitts daughter Jo Ellen is Clifford Douglas recently underwent surgery in the Emmetsburg, Waite I hospital. He returned home July nee I ' ois Wilson 22 and was admitted again Thurs-1 was . honored at day because of the flu. Elsie Meyer, 60, fell about 7 a.m. Monday at her home, break-1 K..JJ,, ;-> ,-, r _ ~ •• ing the bone jtut below he hip. r" de V *I™ ® arl C ™ uch ' B ™ nie She is in the hospital in Algeria! I £? 1C J!'_ Mrs Je "? Crouch - als ° to Miss Meyer, teacher at St. Johr Lutheran day school here until a post-nuptia hridal shower Thursday evening a Seneca Lutheran church. Corsages were Presented th" Clarence Osborn, who presid- ii^-tj.C'!!^::^ »„ A, M i g) ™° .ffruosTb, iv, Gable: vocal trio, Margie, Darlene and Marilyn Johnson, musical selection by Rennee Votteler, and a poem by Miss Gable. The hon- KfinJT™ during her pa - : i r rs -r J ives ^ Fenton Hiilda Baerman. Palmer, visited ' hCr WldoWed m ° ther ' Vednesday with the Hantelman amilies in Fenton. Lois Voigt, Waterloo, visited her cither William Voigt and other Meyer. . from Chicago, Mr and Mr< Herman Gade and Mr and Mr? univ,i ?f iinciin v uigi a i ni uuici I • •-••- H jjut,ui uy mjdd VjaUlc, 1 flu nOli- elatives over the weekend of July James Meyer, Marcia and Daniel 3 ree was assisted in opening her r» U.'F»ro \A7orlnner1 otr e«i !*•»«,«»-• rtimnf-n ;*•.!_.: fL _i T^.. • « • __ ~. 2. Sunday, Mr and Mrs - ' • jn-** n-wo uooiaic-u in upcuiiiK nfir were Wednesday supper guests in gifts by Bonnie Crouch, Mrs Jerry Duane the Emi1 Bierstedt home. Evening Crouch and Sandra Gable. nix, Ariz., were Monday guests of Mr and Mrs Patricia were July 17 dinner guests 'of Mr and Mrs Wilfred Stoeber. • Mr and Mrs Don Cholcwinski and family, South Milwaukee, Wis., visited with aKte Menz and the Ed Reimers the week of July 15th. Mr and Mrs Lyle Newel entertained July 18 in honor of Suzanne's 12th birthday. Guests were ,.her grandparents, Mr and Mrs -Charles Newel and Rev. and Mrs Haase. Mr and Mrs Lyle Newel and Mr and Mrs Charles Newel recently lad a picnic at the Lyle Newel lome. Guests were Mr and Mrs 3ick Schiltz and girls, Long Beach. Calif., Mr and Mrs Bob Johansen and family, Minneapolis, Mr and Urs Richard McCarty and boys Hartley, Mr and Airs Don Shaw nd family and Mrs Emil Frank. Rev. and Mrs Paul Hoyt an* Patricia and Mrs C. C. Callahan were Thursday supper guests of L'uiiuciji mi tin if ITI i a L/uaiiu — ~ ~ • ~~ .-*...».»^ j \^i " aiiu Odliui a ualjlc 'iddel and family were honored guests were Victor Faulstich and Hostesses included Mrs Clart a farewell dinner by about 50 fa mily. LuVerne, Forrest Gilmore ence Menz, Mrs Everett Witham -,.... i, , , „.. I family and Edwin Gade of Whittc- Mrs Larmon Hattle, Mrs Albert more and the Dick Theesfields. I Johnson, Mrs Charles Beaver, Mr- dinner i relatives at the Richard Krtimm Harry | home in Armstrong. Mrs. Haase Is Shower Honoree At Fenton Mr and Mrs Raymond Stoeber. Recent guests at the home of Mr ~nd Mrs Ralph Weisbrod and Mrs Blanche Huskamp were Mrs Hus- j Fenton — A shower was held Monday evening, July 23, for Mrs Bernard Haase in ihe Fenton Com- The Dorcas sewing circle held a picnic and guest day in tho I Fenton park July 24. About fifteen members and guests enjoyed games conducted by Mrs Amanda Kern, the new chairman. Mr and Mrs Roclf Miller were July 22 dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Melvin Ricklefs, Titonka, fo their grandson Roger's third birth day. Mr and Mrs LeRoy Brass, Lone Rock, were July 22 dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Warren Jones Mr and Mrs Paul Eiglcr me' Russel Kauffman, Mrs Roger Os born, Mrs Herman Gable am Sandra, Mrs Clarence Osborn, Mr; Elmer Hanisch and Mrs Henry Looft. Mr and Mrs Virgil Gardner of Superior left their children with their grandparents, the Charles Beavers, while they were on vaca lion in the Black Hills, So. Dak. Sunday dinner guests of the David Loofts included her parents, the Glenn Hoppes of Truman, Minn., and a brother and family, the Freeman Hoppes of St. Janif:-, .VIinn. Mr and Mrs Kenneth Andre and children were evening caners. LONE ROCK By Mrs. Jim Marlow and Mrs Ralph Weisbrod and Mrs munity Center. Mrs Merle Voigt | 'heir daughter and son-in-law, Mr Blanche Huskamp were Mrs Hus- and Mrs Delond Bolte were In kamp's daughters, Mrs Vernon charge of the program. Perfect, Chicago, and Mr and Mrs | Karen Cornelius of Ringsted as v**^**. uuu^iiiv^i it)IV* iJWil-ill-id W t IV11 and Mrs Kaye Ruske, Davenport. F. C. Pruel. Mr and Mrs Franklin Mueller "and boys were July 19 guests of J. M. Seglin, Hammond, Indiana, sisted in opening the gifts. Kathy Mrs Perfect returned home Tues- Mortensen. Debbie Bolte and Vai da y- y ' i •••*•«*•" »'-'»£*,i.*-«-*iin-x.»iiicgii L3, iJlai \ Mr and Mrs Bob Weisbrod and Emilie Meinke registered the gifts boys, Marion, 111., visited Fenton and Terri Voigt registered the relatives last week. Mr and Mrs Fred Mortensen „ _ _»„„ .-. u .,._...,^.. «.ti\, iuiini_i ixati 1 y ,j\j 4iH,^,I Ul V and Kathy and Beth Ann Feye at- and Bernard Haase were married piCniC al Storm Lake Saturday, July 21. - ertldAy are born on July 17 at Fairmont. Dwayne Gerald weighed 8 Ibs., 8 oz. and Mrs Luella Cody is his grandmother. Mr and Mrs Eugene Huskamp, Mrs Olga Huskamp and Mr and Mrs J. M. Seglin were July 21 dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Ralph Weisbrod. Bryan Mortensen anil Harold Blair of Cedar Rapids spent the weekend of July 22 in the parental Fred Mortensen home Mrs Eva Raddiu. I'inc I,land. Minn., visited last v eck with Mr and Mrs Floyd Burd. Mrs Radditz is Burd's sister coffee party #ag held at the "home of Charles Newel July 21 in "honor of Mrs John Weisbrod and Airs Richard Schiltz and girls. ".Guests were Mrs Esther Frank, -Mrs Don Shaw, Mrs J. A. Schwartz, Mrs E. C. Weisbrod, Miss ^Edith Laage, Mrs F. C. Pruel, Mrs 'E. K. Johnson, Mrs Calvin Vaudl, Glenda and Randy, Mrs Lyle -Newel, Suzanne and Jan, Mrs "Richard McCarty, Kclley and Kim and Mrs Roy Newel, Hartley. '^ Mrs C. C. Callahan, Gerald" Voigt and Stanley Munch were dinner .guests of Mr and Mrs Wilfred -Stoeber Monday evening, July 23. Mr and Mrs Art Mueller, Mrs ...Lloyd Kern, Rhonda and Jody -were July 22 weekend guests of Mr and Mrs Charles Kern in Shenandoah. Mr and Mrs Lester Gade and three girls of Chicago, Mr and Mrs 'Herman Gade. Mr and Mrs Harry Haase and Marcia Gross \\on> Tuesday evening picnic supper guests of Mr and Mrs Larry Gade. Mr and Mrs Joe Neuman, Grove City, Minn., and Mrs Ray Alh- brandt, Denver, Colo., were July 21 dinner guests of Mr and Mr Eldon Brown. * »• I .. | ", .m cuilj .W I •) Mr and Mrs Kenneth Halversor i brod and Mr and Mrs .1 were Tuesday supper guests of Mr I Afternoon calle, and Mrs Elmer Lee, Estherville. Schmiritke -r Schmidtke and family, Morristown, Minn and daughter Judy in Cedar Falls for the weekend of July 22. A Bruhn family reunion was held — .„. .July 22 in Truman, Minn. Those aine Voigt carried the gifts, Mary j from the Fenton area attending were Mr and Mrs Ed Bruhn, Mr and Mrs Ervin Bruhn, Mr and Mrs William Bruhn, Mr and Mrs Rudolph Hannover, Mr and Mrs Art Bleckwenn, Mr and Mrs Ferdinand Bruhn, Emmetsburg. Mr and Mrs Harold Schneider and family, Cylinder, Mr and Mrs Gil •-•- Saxton and family,' " "" ' guests. The former Kathy Jo McCrory June 8 in Bnzeman, Mont. They are now at home in Fenton where the bridegroom is employed at Phillips 66 service station. The hostesses were Mesdames Bill DeWall, Art Voigt, Gerhard Hantelman, Martin Ohm, Fred Morten sen, Wilfred Laabs, Delond Bolte. Merle Voigt, Curtis Lura. Cliff Haase, Delbert Geitzenauer. Geo. Meinke. Irvin Gremmels and Her. man Gade. Fan-well Party Mr and Mrs Duane Widdel wer- honored at a farewell picnic anr! party Sunday, July 22 at the Eugene Mansager home. Those attending were Mr and Mrs H. R. Pettit. Mr and Mrs Ronald Pettit. Lael Pettit, Dwight Belts. Mr? Mrs Laura Tomlinson and Bren- Lavon stc inbcrgcT Glenn Holtorf, da, Waterloo, are mm living in the home of William Voigt. Mrs Tomlinson is working as a housekeeper (or Voigt and Peggy. Mr and Mrs I-'ranklin Mucll.'r and boys visited Friday evening with the Max Hiatts m' Emmets burg. Sunday. July •>'!. guests ol Mr and Mrs Ralph Weisbrod and Mrs Blanche Hu.skamp were Mr and Mrs Wilfred Elberl and chil'ln-n. Mr ami Mrs Hob Weisbrod and children. Mr and Mr, L. .1 \Vri-, M Seglin. were Rex. ami Mrs F C Prufl. Mr and Mrs llilttert llantclinan Mankato, visited with Fenton relatives July 1!0 . , Mr and Mrs Charlie Feye, Mr and Mrs Ernest Frit-den, M'rs Dolores Sehulte. Mrs Hailan Askland, Es- thcrville, Mr and Mrs Eldon Duncan, Mr and Mrs Robert Mitchell. Mr and Mrs Roger Osborn, Gary Widdel, Norman Hasmussen and Lee Cook The Widdc-ls plan to move by the middle of Augu-.t to Phoenix, Ariz where Wi/ldel will be employed by General Motors. FENTON BUSINESS and PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY GERALD VOIGT INSURANCE FENTON, IA. THE FRIENDLY TAVERN Invites You To Fenton WEISBROD Implement Company NEW IPEA, DEERE and GEHl EQUIPMENT Bus. Phon* 3 Res. Phone 60 HANTELMAN BUILDING SERVICE For Building * Remodeling PHONE 125 or 17 Dr. E. W. Ruske DENTIST Office Phone 79 Residence 25 Fenton, Iowa The Fenton REPORTER Is The Only Publication Printed Thai Takes An Interest In Fenionl UOYD M. BERKLAND li(*nf«d RQO! f*tate Broker and Farm Loan* And Auction Service 183 Fentpn, Iowa Mrs Curtis l.ura and Christie Mrs Martin Ohm and Mrs Fred Mnrttnsen and Kathy xisued Mrs l.ura s mother KUa Hughs in the Unit hn.spiial Thursday. M r : Huuh.s in the Butt hospital Thursday Mrs Hugh.-, had surgery recently. Juh Ti dinner uuesls ol Mrs Nettie Miller lU-re Mr and Mr-, A I) Bleckwenn, Mr ami Mr.s Theodor.- Bleckwenn, Phoenix, Ariz., and Mrs Clara See ley. Mr and Mrs Dick North and girls of Milwaukee. Wis visited last and Mr and Mrs Ed Ttetz and family, Whittemore. Dr. and Mrs E. W. Ruske re turned home Tuesday from a week's vacation. They took the north shore drive around Lake Superior and on returning home stopped in Madison, Wis. to visit their son, Lynn Ruske. Mr and Mrs Basil Gardener. Birmingham, Mich., visited over the July 22 weekend with Mr and Mrs Harry Haase. Mrs Clarence Thilgrs and Alan were guests of Mrs Harold Stexv- ard of Burt Monday and Tuesday of last week and visited Joan Gifford Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Clarence Thilges and Alan wore Monday night supper guest at the home of Mrs Homer Sabin. A birthday parly was given Saturday, July 21, at 2 p.m. for Alan Thilges' sex-enth birthday. Friends at his home xvere Jay and Vaughn Borchardt, Edward Krause, Rondey fthof, Billy and Eldon Jr Duncan, Bobby Douglas and Eugene Christensen All mother? were invited. Games were played and lunch was served. Sumlax afternoon visitors of Mr r'^K K Hanna were Manl>n Simpson and Fern Sonkson Storm ! ake. Happy Homtrm.kers met with Mrs Andrew Thomsen July 11 with I «o visitors, Janell Newbrough and Sharon Mitchell. CAHU OK THANKS Many thanks for the cards flowers, gifts and visits while at the hospital and on returning home. *"— ">-•-•-- •• " BUY OF THE MONTH! SMITH -CORONA 8 COL ELECTRIC ADDING MACHINE < if | Adds 7, Totals 8, with Subtraction. ________ (Federal Tax Included) UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. 111 E. Call - Algong 4-3535 Blakjer Women Blakjer Lutheran church women met Thursday with Mrs Ole Pedersen and Mrs Henry Looft as hostesses. Devotions xvere presented b) Mrs Fred Johannesen and Mrs Curtis Olsen gave Bible study. Mrs Amey Cherland was named delegate to the district convention xvhich is to be held at Waverly in August. Mrs Henry Wilberg was named alternate. Mr and Mrs Harvey Long of Yenton, N. J. concluded their visit t the home of their daughter and amily, the Henry Wiibergs Saturday. Mr and Mrs Eugene Bollig are parents of a baby son born July 17 at Holy Family hospital, Estherville. The little lad weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces. Mr and Mrs Raymond Long of Renwick and Mr. and Mrs FraWJc Long and boys of Humboldt were Thursday dinner guests Of the Henry Wilbergs. Mrs Martin Wilberg, accompan- ed by Mrs Henry Looft and Mrs Anna Presthus of Algona attended a post nuptial bridal shower Thursday evening at the Bethany Lutheran church, Emmetsburg honoring Mrs Bill Helgen, nee Lois Wilberg. Mr and Mrs John Gatz and daughter Velma of Pole, III. visited at the Henry Loofts 1 Friday. Mrs Irene Sloter of Troy Grove, 111. and Mrs Bill Myers and daughter of LaSalle, 111. visited from idonday until Friday at the Everett Withams. Another daughter of the Withams, Mrs Raymond Greene and Darryl of Burbank, Cal. nave arrived at Ihe parental Withams at Seneca, for a month's visit. Mr and Mrs A. E. Nelson of Apache Junction, Ariz, and Mrs Pearl Albrandt of Denver, Colo, arrived July 13 for an extended visit with relatives and friends. Recent visitors at the Elmer Withams were Mr and Mrs Kenneth MacLean and daughter Kathy of Chico, Mont. On Wednesday evening they were entertained at supper at the Everett Withams, Other guests included the Elmer Withams, Mrs Ray Greene and Darryl. Mr and Mrs Fred Johannesen were evening callers. Mr and Mrs Curtis Olsen werc Thursday evening supper guests of the Everett Zitterichs, Terril. Mr and Mrs Curtis Olsen drove to Clinton, Minn. Friday where they visited with former neighbors, the Marinus Nelsons. NO MORE DAMP, MOLDY BASEMENTS WITH A COOLERATOR DE-HUMIDIFIER NEW SHIPMENT IN AGAIN. STOEBER HARDWARE IN FENTON Visiting at the Ralph Thompson tome last week were Mrs Thompson's sister and husband, Mr and Mrs Robert Binzen, Sr. and her niece and husband, Mr and Mrs Fred Oldani, both of Joliet, 111. Mr and Mrs Leslie Baxter were Sunday dinner guests at the Harold Dammann home at Emmetsburg. Mr and Mrs Frank Dreyer and ayne, Lone Rock, and Mr and Mrs David Dreyer of Humboldt were Sunday supper guests at the -iarry Alt home, Fenton. Mr and Mrs Frank Dreyer spent last weekend with Otto Jensen at Deer River, Minn. Jayne Dreyer and Cheryl Jensen returned home with them after spending a week there. Guests of Mr and Mrs Fred Schultz from Friday to Tuesday were Mr and Mrs Lester Schultz and family of Norfolk, Va. and Mrs Hulda Schultz of Elmore. Mr and Mrs Herb Nelson had as dinner guest Sunday her mother, Mrs Mary Michaelsen, Titonka. Mr and Mrs Tracy Stone and Ricky had a picnic at Crystal Lake with Mr and Mrs Bob Seefeld and Brett of Wesley. Mr and Mrs Andrew Anderson of Lake Park spent the day at the Andrew Thomsen home on Wednesday. NEW TYPE MUSICAL REVUE FOPt STATE FAIR Des Moines, Iowa: A new concept in musical productions will fill the stnfie in front of the grandstand at this year's Iowa State Fair. Called "Lights, Camera, Action", the musical comedy-type revue will re-crente great moments in show business. Cast of 200 includes top acts of stage, screen, and nightclubs. The Femme-cees (shown here), girls chosen for their beauty, singing and dancing talents and Warren Covington and his famous orchestra will also be featured in the huge production. This year's fair will open Aue 17 for 10 clays. THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL Fenton, Iowa Experienced Embalmers and Funeral Directors Reliable 24 Hour Ambulance Service Funeral May Be .Referred To Us With Confidence Phones FENTON RINGSTED 23 21001 21006 20216 CALL US TRUE LOVELINESS ! • Damaged Hair Treatments LAEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 99 — Fenton, Iowa o v < — 'Vxiqggcgcctcrogmgc^ IT ISN'T TOO EARLY - IT'S TIME TO THINK ABOUT IT NOW! PLAN YOUR FALL FERTILIZER PROGRAM NOW... . - Fall Application Is The Mosl Valuable To The Soil — Fall Application Is Most Economical and Easiest — Fall Plow Down Means Earlisr Use Of Ground In The Spring OUR NEW MIXING PIANT MAKES IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO GIVE YOU EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED IN FERTILIZER FOR YOUR OWN LAND - SPREADING, TOO, IF YOU SO DESIRE. FENTON CO-OP ELEVATOR HOME OWNED - HOME OPERATED FENTQN, IOWA

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