Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 2, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1896
Page 2
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Many a free rniin who is «ick would willingly change places with a healthy convict A man might as well be shut out of enjoyment one way as another. If lie ia shut up in a cell, he c:\nnot engage in active pleasures. He cannot see the beauties of nature und art, but he can Aimagirie them, nnd jjsoRct some benefit Ifrom them. A -- _— man who is sick hu these things before him, but he doesn't •ee them.aa they exist. He cannot look on anythinff with appreciative .eyes. His phy- •ical condition warps liis vision ana ms mentality. He cannot enjoy anything, no niauei how enjoyable it may be in the abstract / man with a foul taste in his mouth, with a bilious headache, a:id with poisonous refuse -matter circulntinK all through bis body cannot enjoy anything. He honestly believes that the world is all wrong;, and that it is a mighty poor place to be in. He ia blue, despondent, cynical. Life isn't.worth hv- Ing to fiim. Such a simple thing cause. this condition that it is absurd and ridiculous to think of a sensible man remaining In it. Symptoms like these come from constipation. It is the most prevalent of all causes of sickness. It makes a man worthless for work or pleasure. It.is a stubborn - trouble when you do not treat it properly, and a simple one when you do. It is cured by Dr. Piece's Pleasant Pellets, They were made for this purpose, and no other. I Hey accomplish this purpose as no other preparation ever did. An unscrupulous druggist may try to sell you something else. Look cut I It is your health that is at stake. It is your health against an extra Pf°«.°".»!« thing he says is "just as good." Doctoi Pierce'* Pleasant Pellets-don't forget- don't take anything else. The People's Common Senw Medical Adviser, in pln'n En- Klish or Medicine simplified by R,V. Pierce, M. D.,ChieTConsult. ine Physician to the Invalids'Ho- teI andWicallnslitnte. Buffalo, N. Y., iooS pages, Illustrated, opies sold at Ji.jo. Now /RI-.B oo receipt of 2J onc-ccnl stumps to pay for mnlllnz "«'> Ad<irc»» Ue Author, «> nbovt. Ha.rtf.ovd City people arc forewarned to prep-arc for «i l*vrd winter. Joseph H. C. Swan, '<tho sa«c of Whitewater," widely known for iris correct forecast of the St. Louis cyclone and other moteorolosicml phenomena, makes -the followtoK prediction. "Tlie winter of 1SC'G-07 will b« very long and cold, with mnc'h snow im nil localities." If you have ever seen a little child In tb« agony or summer complaint, you can realize the danger of tbe trouble and appreciate tbe value of Instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWltt's Colle & Cholera Cure. For dysentery •ad diarrhoea ft Is a reliable remedy. We could not afford to recommend this M a cure unless It were-n cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. BUTliBR COUNT!'. FiA.Ul BXCUR- SIOJTS VIA PENNSYLVANIA LINES. Oct. 5th to Oth, low round trip tickets to Hamilton will bo sold via Pennsylvania Lines for Butler county fair; return coupons valid Oct. lOtb, inclusive. Don't trifle away tlmo when you Save cholera morhus or diarrhoea. Fight them In the beginning with DcWitt'3 Colic & Cholera Cure. You don't have to wait for results. They are instantaneous and It leaves the bowels In healthy coaditlon.-Jno, M. Johnston. George Barnnra, a brother of ttoe late "P. T. Barnum, was murdered by. some unknown person in the hut do wli'icu lie lived near Harrison, Mich. tt doesn': matter much whether sick headache, biliousness, indigestion and constipation nre caused by neglect or by unavoidable circumstances; DeWitt's Little Early Risers will spcedllj core them all.-Jno. M. Johnetoo. .Plotiires <have been obtained by the Roentgen rays Dlnrough twenty-two centimeters, eight and one^half inches, of plate iron, by Herr Dornmnn, of Bremen. "Boys will be boys," bat you can't afford to low- any of them. Be ready for the preen apple season by havfhg DeWltt's Colic & Cholera Cure In the * 18e ._.1no. M. Johnston. A doctor, recently arrested In Dusel• darf, Germany, swindled the. German people to such an extent that he became rich, -and had an Income of $100,000. Many a day's work la lost by slcfc headache caused by indigestion and rtomach troubles. DeWltt's Little Early Risers are the most effectual j>lll for overcoming such difficulties.—Jno. U. Johnston. Quean Victoda, purchases almost every new book of note published, and her expenditure on literature of all sorts is .over'$0,000 per r.ivnnm. whole system Is drained and undermined by Indolent ulcers nnd open •ores. DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve •peedlly heals them. It is the beat pile core known.—Jno. M. Johnston It -is rumored that the Bothscbllds are-about to buy fill Che property of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company. Potopn' Ivy, Insect bites, bruises, •ctlda.'burng. are quickly cured by.be- Wttty Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile core.—Jno. M. Johnston, MOODY TALKS OF BRYAN. Boston Special: M;r. D wig-lit L.' Moody today addressed che tlrst of n series of naffiu -meeting® tins week in Trcmont Temple. It wii.s oat of his •xiwrp fiilks, and, though cltlotly on the aiefrossiity of "tic. cluu-cli rousing 'Itself mild iloin« som.LltliSiig for Cl«! people,. It eoufculiruxi 'm number of references .to the pivsi'iiut fii,ini»algn. He concluded with the si!i.ioin'eut tlin.l; Hie Ministers' As.s-oefcit.loit.'of Chicago, liiul iisked the Cl»r.isll:«us-of Wiu comm-y to observe OULO'Dw St'ii, «is a any of rasiting and ot V\-i\yvr for chc n:M;lon In view of the approaching flection.. The- usual prayer and song service >vl;Vs held, n.ud thtin Mr. Moody wvid: ''1 wwiit to t;ilk i>Ia.hily to you in lusters, tlioiig-h D.r. I^oriinoi 1 doi-s not need Ir. tus you will SIH>. No man oaJlod to God niM;d prwich to empty soatji. There is ,-i. nceil of revolution hi 'Hie church. I would 'begin wH'h 4'ho rt»fomwntlou ot' Che Sunilay -utaht service. Do n.way whh --tilio quartet choir <i«d their choice nsusic. Tlie-n. tfive tlw.-m n rodhot ser- inw> 1'or holf ;ui houir or more.- Do <is Brya.n 'h-as done .tiul t'lirow nway your iiui.nus«ri-pt.. You see he Iwirued a.-lesson i" Now York. Lwitn n Teswon yourselves. Give it to 'cm- ivcll.wt. ;vs ho does. I Iwnrd him .in Now HnJiipsJiirc I didn't believe -a. word lie ssiJil; but It did my life-int: good "to lie-iii- how ho raid it. I believe ;lie is.au earnest, "Ijook '.it what rU-e polltJdans have done In the last sixty days. They iiavc rcric-hcd every part of tlie land. One coiiimltitcc ia Chicago ILLS nlrwidy sent out 180,000.000 pamphlets. Don't yon think wo should be able to affect some result if WP should rise and do some- thins like that?" YOUR TIRED STOMACH. •"I have 110 appetite," you say, "and the little I do eat does me no good. At first It foolfi cold and dead in my stomach and by and by I -have aches and pains that sometimes go to my chest and back. I feel weak, low spirlto.1 and out of sorts all over, I fancy the demon of dyspepsia Was got mo" That's the way you taik nnd no wo-i- der. But wait a momenr. Let us reason together. Perhaps thus far your stomach Is merely tired. .You have been eating too much', eating tihe wrong things, nnd irregnlarly. Yon Imve given it too much to do, nnd like all living things-, when overworked, It stops at length from sheer exhaustion. There may not bo an actually ^diseased condition as yet Still it is nature's warning, and you must heed It or -worse will .follow. "But I must eat or starve," you'say. True enough, but safety usually lies in middle courses. Here ds one for you. You don't need drastic purges or exciting stimulants. Your condition Is one easily relieved if we go about it gently and sensibly. The tired stomach won't work under whip and spur.' Tt lias proib'aibly had «'oo much of that already. What you require Is something that, is at once a food and a digester of food. Such an article is the Shaker Digestive Cordial, discovered, and prepared by the S-baker Com/mnnity 'Ot Mt Ltfbon'on, N. Y. Taken right after eating, so os to mix with the food, lit does the stomach's work for.it, gives it the advantage of furjtiher resit, streogQiens you In a natural way, and soon ennlbles the stomach to do full duty. There Is nothing else Jifce this simple, safe, certain and palatable remedy. Yet the Shakers respect your doubts, and authorize druggists to sell a trial bottle for ten cents. A SONG OF SILVER. Sing a song of Silver, A poc-k«t full of holes; Four-nod-twenty Populists tHtiroled to .the polls. When the polls were opened, They wll began to shout: "Oh! Isn't this a dandy way ' To turn The rascals out?'" The Pops were on tlie war path, Talking cheaper money; St. John was with the workSngman Singing, "Ooiuc, my honey!" Bryan for Iris picture posed, , . To print on Silver notes; When up sprang McKimley And 'nipped all HIic voltes. —E. H. GKi'linm Dewey. MOTHERS . .... i'f S«r««p«rill«, which gir«i tk«m pure blood, » good appetite and MAM^•KRS AM5 TEAVBLEES. Speak in hlgb terms of the preventive and remedial properties of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, a .medicine peculiarly adapted -to the wants of those called, on to experience'the vicissitudes of cll- mjate, the inclemeihcy of the weather, tbe hardships of a sea-faring or out- of-door life, or the dangers of a malar- Jal or otherwise pestilential atmosphere. A small quantity of this'agree- able tonic nullifies impurities In water, and fortifies the stomach against the consequences of'an unhealthy .or, unaccustomed diet. It also enable" the constitution to :bear uip .uiAarmed against nhhealtby climatic inflnenceg, and'the system: to sustain, unimpaired' In rhealth and vigor, the fatigue* of trarellng." Bmigrantsi' 5 tourlstti; nJIn- err arid others whb" •have^tiprpiighly _ tesfed Uio enicacy ; of the .aisttcile, declare ltto;be ; a ijpverelgn preserrBtlye IS IT A TRIFLE? THAT COMMON TROUBLE, .ACID DYSPEPSIA OR SOUK STOMACH. ; ;• Sow KceoguUwl as a Cause of Serious • ' ' Disease. ' ' ' '" Acid dyspepsia, commonly called heartburn or sour stomach, -Is a form oil. indigestion resulting from fermontsi- t.iou of 'the food. The stonv.'idi boinpr too weak to promptly digest It, tho foot! remains until fermentation begins, flll- 'ing tlie stomach-with., gas, .arid a bitter, sour,, burn-Ing taste in the mouth Is ottcn present. This condition soon becomes chronic flml being an every day occurrence I.? given, but Httle attention. Because dyspepsia Js not .immediately fatal, many people do naming for the trouble. Within .a receni period a remedy hos been discovered' prepared sorely to curt- dyspepsia and stomach troubles. It Is I-IKMVH iis Stuart's Dyspepsia, Tniblets and is now beeonvln-g rapidly used and in-escribed as n radical cui-e for every Conn of dyspepsia. Stimrt's Dyspepsia Tablets Imve been placed -before -r.ho public amcl are sold by druggists everywhere nit CO cents per package. It Js prepared by the Stuart CheniileiM Co., Mai-shall, Mich., and while it promptly and effectually it-stores a vigorous digestion, at the same .time Is perfectly harmless and will not Injure the most delicate stom- r!c-h, but on the contrnry,,T>y giving perfect digestto" and "Kikes .life worth living. ' Send for free liook on Stomach Diseases. REMARKABLE LONGEVITY OF A FAMILY. A recent issue ot the Ft. Wayne Sentinel states ttat a very queer and un- •conmioQ oirciimsitaMCos occurred at the home of M. I 1 ". Tfcirbour <i. few evenings ago ia tbe presence of DiTaaid Mrs. D. W. Moffiat, Mr. swid Mrs. Jofan Miller, Her. and Mrs. R: D. SpeMinan, Mrs. Miary .i. Slvoaff, Mr. and Mrs. R. .T. StraUKlun.ii, Mrs Lizzie Haiina,' Mrs. Lydkl Robinson, Mrs. Barbara. Rowon, Mrs. Mary .Tonkins, Mrs. Isabella RUK;?, Mrs. Margaret McCain, Mrs. N. C, Atoms, and'Mrs. Ira Rupert. In the presence of these pea-sous M. F. Ba.r- bour declared: "Tilts Is by SOtli birthday." There were five children born to the mother of Mr. Barlbour. The oldest' died at the age of 80 yenrs and 14 days; the second ait tlie age of 90 yeans, 2 manitJis and 2 days; tlie other three arc still living. The eldest, a in-other, Is 012 years, .10 months, and 10 days; the next, a sister, aged ST years, 3 months nud Keu days, and finally our fellow citizen, the infant o* the family, who Js this morning S5 year* and 1 dny old. The average of their ages Is S3 years, 10% mioathls. M. F. Barbour Is a 'brother of. M. R. Barbour,,of Silver Lake, 'this county and am untie of Charles I. Barbour, of this cl'ty. Who knows of another family record equal to this? . - THE DISCOVERS SAVED HIS LIFE Mr. G. CaMoueltite, druggist, Beaver- vllle, Til., says: "To Dr. King's New Discovery I owe my Itte.. Was taken with la grippe and tried all the physicians for miles oibomt, but of no avail and was given .up and told I could not live. Having Dr. King's New Discovery, in mxjrtore. I. §eut-f,or.a bottle and began its use and from the first dose :began to get better, and after using three Miles was up and about again. M is wotlCh Its weight in gold. We won't keep store or house without It" Get a free trial at B. F. KeesUng's drug store. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. Tie Best Salve in the world for cats,, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hand's, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Pr!:e 25 cents-per box. Vor sale by B. F. Kees- Ung, Theories of cure may be discussed at length, by physicians,-but the sufferers want quick relief; and One Minute .Oough Cure will give It to them. A We'cure for children. It Is "the only harmless remedy that produces Immedl- tte results."—Jno. M. Johnston. .The DU'buquc district Congregational conference lias affirmed Its action in condemning the Bay conference of Sam Francisco for expelling the Rev. C. O. Brown, after he had been, acquitted of charges of Immoral conduct with Miss Overman, and decided to admit Mr. Brown to fellowship.. FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS. •tin. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over fifty years-by mil-. lions of mothers for their children part of 'the world; Twenty-flve-cento a bottle.; Se;8ureyand;a«k for;"Mr»v '{*»! BRYAXITE FORGER.IBS; Press—The Bn-a.niUos continue to'dr- cula.lie forged articles purporting to bn token from the London -"Financial News." •notw.litihsta.n.d'iiug .'tlie repented exposure b.v tIie'"Xew«'o'f.rltte Infiiin- ons" cahipa-iirn work. Tlie'Bryaniite c'bni- •mittoo lra : V(j circnhuod Hundreds "of thxnisaiu'rts M' 'Copies of ain' article :il- Icged to have a.i.ipea,red -in, the "Financial News" on March 10. Their latest 'doeunuMiitMX'O.nitniue to quote that article. Bin- the "News" IKIS repefl.K.'dl.v deium-m:cd':tihc article n.^ a forgery, and !.u Its teue o.f September 19 says: "Tin- must be in desixa t a:te straits is :ConipclkHl to resort to such rth'tj-'trlckis." ' The Bryjiuites ;u-e hi desjienite slirailts M 'that i.s any excuse for cmn- niLtttiiiff fw-Kery. Tliey have done t-hu aaime thing prai'1 Ic.-i.lly in the case of Bismarck's lettei'. A false ti-auslation 'was-Rilveil to 'Uhe public- a:iid probaMj- will canlt.'lnue to be circulmted to make i.t appear itlia-t Bismarck f.-woi-od fro.-; and. unlinuit-ed coinsiige of silver after having deinone'.lMd silver In-Germany. BiiSin'ii:rc-k'.s fina-iicinl views-(ire of small account, but wl«i;t: 'lie really did say bi> hii-s mow h'lmself ftm-nished for publication: "If Xorrh America should find it compatible with her interest*," Bismarck wrote, "to take an maopewlwrt stuiid in ithe directtlou of Hie double standard, I bolieve such acHoni would be of usefU'l 'iinfluoiice upon, the Enrop c';ui States." There is notliinK in rhb fiiistoteiln-g the Bi-j-an assertion made in his speeches that Bismairck .thought th Bryan, free coinage plank was a, wise one. The tira.n.sl'atio.u used by Bryan of •l:lie letter was hardly less than a for gory. As Bryan claiims TO speak Ger mam fluentily rhere was the less excuse for the misreiprftsenita.tion o>f BlsmnreU And yet. lie m.ls<iaioted Bismarck in f speech last, uigut dcliverecl in' New York. .Mr. Bryani -lw.s hianewilf repeatedly made shitemejits concerning Hie posi tion of hris cppoinents which are untrue a.nd which can only 'be placed in rlio same category of forgci'ies. HJS inc •sistenit statements are of tlie svwne character. He .said hi-'Illinois that we have 200-cent dollars now and they must be brought down to 100 ceiits- othenvfee halved. In the East he says tWa'i the dollars under free silver coin age will rwnaiin of the same value as at present, and that-this will be accomplished 'by doubling tlie market value of silver 'biiULoii. This and other con itradlictory stoieincmts arc on (he same moral pl-ane sis tihe forget! extracts, the false translation.. T.h« misrepresentation of Uiacolm and other of the Bryanitc campaign methods. Can the people of this country be 'fooled 'and misled by such dishonest campaign, methods? Ir is uo"£ In. the least degree probable, as the elections already held demonstrate. SOMETHING TO KNQW. ft may be -worth something to know that the very best medicine for restoring the tired out nervous system to a healthy vigor ia Electric Bitters. This medicine is .purely vegetable, acts by giving tone to the nerve centres In tfie stomach, gently stimulates the Liver and Kidneys, and aids these organs In throwing off Impurities In, the blood. Electric BiSters Improves the appetite, aids digestion, and Js pronounced by those who have tried It as the very (best blood purifier and nerve tonic. Try. it. Sold for 50c and 51.00 per bottle at B. F. Keesltng's drug store. The City Council of Wflltuarn, Mass., is-to care for'.tine tomb of Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks, In Glove Hill cemetery, that city. It has been somewhat neglected of Inte. WHY IS IT, If catarrh Is a blood disease, as some claim, that physicians frequently advise change of air and climate to those suffering? Catarrh Is a climatic affection, and nothing but a local remedy or a change of climate will cure It. Bly's Cream Balm Is so efficient as to do away with the necessity of leaving home and friends, causing Instant relief and Is a real cure of catarrh. Augusta Miller, the only daughter of ex-Senator "Warner Millar.'was thrown from a bicycle-and seriously Injured at Mohawk, N. Y. you find a person Who has tried Simmons Liver RegnHator you are sure to hear them say something in Its favor. Mrs. G. T. Judy, Blue Grass, 111., recently wrote: "I cannot do without Simmons IJver Regulator since I know the value of It as a family medicine." And Dr: W. P. CMBbes,.of Beaufort, S. C., says: "I prescribe Simmons Liver Regulator 'and know it to. be a first-class liver medicine/' The big crop of apples In Maine is making business lively for the rail- while teething, with -perfect success., roads. It soothe* the child,, softens the gums, allays all pain, cure* wild colic, and IB the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little.sufferer Immediately;.: Sold by druggists in every Wh*c*be wu« Child. iih*«ri«* i'vv tl'ti*;,u i vJtu;tA.iir < M»' 1 :. •**^*/! p ,- J "^—••,""",",••••—•'.'.; ••«..) '.'V,. •f\?:'t,< <•' '•' - 1 y*'f.V»»*|f 1 W*"* 1[ -i"'- F ^'-"' w ^ii^|^SM|%^£^ J^SSsiil.iaKSs y vS ccSivfe 'f, ,'.'«?*; ^t!* 1 ^"*- iSsaK^iSSi^a;!"^ WHIMS OF Idlonrncnulo* of MUSICIANS. Clio Men Who Ua<f« In the f aat. I am tickled to know that Wagner wa*.nn exact and expensive dresser, and that Beethoven was a hloven, with an ^old coat nii'd slippers irotldcu down at the heels,, says a writer m the Contemporary Eeview. It interests me to hear that Paganini always carried a shirt in his fiddle case, because he perspired so profusely over Ms solos that he had to change, between the parts if he played twice. I even care to learn that Mendelssohn was a perfect child about pastry, which he could never resist, and which he always ate (especially cherry pie) and which always disagreed with him; that Sch'jmann injured his third finger by tyiug itb."^Ji to his wrist with a string, because he hoped to malcc it more supple — it ended, however, in- his almost losing tbe use of it; that Bulow got upin the night to play over passages which he thought he was likely to piny inaccurately at his prodigious recitals. When Tholberg was at the height of his fame he wouldn't even carry an umbrella, for. fear of it cramping the muscles of his hand; Malibran loved frothing so much as romping with Moschelcs* children on the floor; Paganini'was so stingy that he would stand up under shelter in the rain and keep a whole opera house full waiting sooner than call a cab. Prof. Ella told me he found him one day crouching tinder the Arcade in Regent street, nnd that he gave this artless explanation: "Hackney coaches," he said, "in London were- BO expensive!" and this 'when he hnd doubled the prices at the opera house where he played and was rolling in money. _ THE ANTS TALKED. How a Naturalist Proved They Convened with Each Other. It is becoming the general beiiei among naturalists that all living creatures have some communication with each other, it least to the extent of making' their wants, fears, etc., known to others of .their species. A writer on ants recently investigated the matter as far as those interesting little insects are concerned. He s»w a drove of ants of a small black variety, which were apparently moving to new quarters, those going- in ft certain direction all carrying- eggs or sick and helpless relatives, while those moving in the opposite direction appeared to have just deposited their burdens and to be returning for another load of "household effects." They were probably pretty weil nlong with f'Mir work, judging by the leisurely way in which they would frequently put tbeir heads. together, ns though chatting about their new quarter?, or pome other interesting subject It being a question in the 1 naturalist's min<l whether they were really talking or not, be hit on the expedient of murdering one of their number to see if tic others would run nnd tell what had happened. He says: "The eye-witnesses of the murder hastened away nnd laid tbeir heads together with every ant they met, whereupon all .would turn and scamper away. . . . No more nnts passed along- that path during thn day.". _ __ UP-TO-DATE BURGLAR. Brcal» into But ft with Machinery a«* Save* Time. Thp modern burglar is adopting modern appliances. The jimmy bids fair to become o relic of the post before long. A recent burglary in France illustrates this fact, says the New York .Journal. A gang of ingenious cracksmen entered a banker's office armed with a steel saw of tbe newest construction nnd a handy little, gas engine. There was no need for the exercise of muscle, nor was/there any necessity- f or n. good strong .wrist', at the saw as there was atone time in the annals of famous robberies. ,the little engine was started, the, saw put in the proper place, and the connections made: Seating- themselves serenely upon a couple of chairs near at 1 hand, these modern burglars watched the tiue nnd rapid work of their appliances. ' • , The big safe might have resisted for hours the. force of human hands,, but the saw, impelled by ' the engine, it could not 'stand against. It promptly yielded up its contents of over $3.000 v.-orl h of gold o.n<$ Tton(3s, an J Jn a tj'uar- ter of the time it would hove taken to have committed the robbery under the old. conditions the burglars were well out of the building with their booty. Photography and Duck*. Photography is .killing more ducks than are hunters is an alarming claim. made b.v an enthusiastic sportsman, who goes on to explain that the universal practice of photography is creating an immense Ccroaud for an albumen in finishing the pictures, and (hat this albumen can be produced only from eg-gs.,The eggs from tbe ordinary domestic lien are too valuable for food to'be sacrificed to art, and as a con-' sequence the;breeding- grounds of wild birds are gleaned for tbe desired fluid. The Hebrides islands of Scotland, Lofoden of Norway, Labrador, Greenland, South America and nil other extensive haunts of large birds are robbed constantly by the natives or men from sailing expeditions, and the result is especially bard on the ducka. Labrador is a particularly unfortunate land in this' connection, for the miles of crowded nesta offer an irresistible temptatioa to the egg hunters. "•' •-• ... Knm.by Experience.^.. -, , ( . , . Th*-'«x»mfiier -wiihed-'to get the children to express moral reprobation of lazy people, and he led up to it by asking who were tbe people -who got they could and did nothtogr.'in. retu For some time there ww *aence,1rot »t last a little girl who. bad "There are fads.,in ^fv**« medicine as well- as in WwlH other things,"said a busy. Br+f*\ druge ist > " but the'meet : ~W><al*^ .,.,., remarkable thing about Hood's SarflB? parilla is that customers who try OtbM? remedies aU come back to Hood's, and 5 this is why the enormous sales of'tbtt;] great medicine ••• keep up wf " continue the • ^Vwholo ye»l pound, steady • \f as a clock, g "Why is it?" "O, simply bec«w| Hood's Sarsaparlll*. has more real cnrtj tive merit than any medicine I ever soldi*; This is ot daily occurrence In r'""*-* every drug store. Hood's Barsa r i cured more sickness, and made — ipiness through i restoration to heal' any other medicine. Hit I Sarsj Is the standard—the One True Blood 1 .. »-i.«i flOOd S FlHS are the only pills to Ute. I FOR THE BLOOD, NERVES^ LIVER —AND-KIDNEYS; •1 >3. B. B. B. cured me ef ;i ease &S La Grippe a.nd Lur. bte. EDWARD L. -1122 E. Jncksoa St, Indiana. 4 BBB Bare purely vegetable. sf up in capsnles, sixty in a box. Thirty days' treatment in a box. Price $1 per box, or six for |5. ' 3fann/actnred by M. C. BRAGG, Comtersvflte. Ind. For sale by all druggists. FOK BAUE HY- B. F. SFB8LING, EvaDflellst D. T.: BlacK, Peort Illinois. I ff —'^ Saybrook, 111., Feb. 18, MMi Pepsin Syrup Oo.: Dear Sirs: While at Cerro Gordo, 't in my revival work, I purchaied bottle cf your Syrup Pepsin. It as most excellent I cannot. hei« In Saybrook. Is It on Peorla, 111. If so, at what itoret .^ not on sole there, If you will send BM dollar bottle there this • week -, I/'jji promptly remit. I will be bomevjtl ' Address Rev. D. T. Black. 1C State St.. Teorla, 111. Tours tniij£ D. T. BtAOK For sule by B; F. Kcesllng. SUHMER TOURS -VIA "BIO FOUg TO THE ..'; flOUNTAINS, LAKES SEASHORES Solid Vestlbuled Tralai Wltb Wagner Sleeping Ct»|| Hew York and if trom :. • -. .. ?3i3 St. Loute, Peorla. Indlamapolte, nafl, Dayton, Columbus, CLEVELAND AND BUFFJ "The Knickerbocker: Spwli ..... "The Southwestern LunXed.^ Six Terminal* at the Great 1 •hlcago, • Beaton Harbor, Detrol^ Sandnsky, Tourist Bates Jn all E: o. McOotmlck,: : ,%« .:. -.' Pa«. Trafflit Manager.,.gf O. B. Martin, Gent Pan and Ttckiet^. by «ge ( caian-b or olb li«B Bum it « priceleaa Iff or 80 dropi of Balm into, : reasoned out .the) »MW*T from her own hiome'experience, •tX'' { tlalmed with* gooAdeaJ of conflrleno*:; ^Mwe^alr;^-«-•--.—•«_•»;.<•,.,>„ ^-y^ ^'.(y-t&x'^f-'.&•:?•'r-i-< >•<••:•'•>

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