The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 3, 1962 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1962
Page 6
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6—Atgong (to.) Upper Dft> Molrm Tuesday, July 3, 1942 Bergman, McCleish Nuptial Vows, Bancroft, June 23 In a reremony porformrd Saturday, June 2:i, at St. .John's Catholic church in Bancroft, hy Msgr. J. H. Schulles. Meredith Lynn Bergman became the bride of Dennis McCleish. The bride is the daughter of Miami Mrs I,aurence Bergman, the bridegroom, a son of Mr and Mrs Glenn McCleish, all of Bancroft. Donna Derner, Redwood City, Cat., sister of the bride, was maid of honor, and Kay Menko and Madonna Gisch were bridesmaids. Attending the bridegroom were his twin brothers, Dean and David of Chicago. Ushers were John Mescher, Burt, Marvin Becker and Larry Bergman. Dick and Darryl McCleish, Ed McC.uire and Chas. Farrow were altar boys. A reception for about 200 fol* lowed the ceremony at the Legion Ballroom. The newlyweds left on a 10-day honeymoon in Canada They will live in Bancroft on their return, where they have purchased a home. Both are graduates of St. John's High, and the bridegroom is employed at the Bancroft Creamery. The bride had been employed a! Cowing's market. Whittemore By Art Heidenwith Airs. Pearl Hanson. Mr. and Mrs Cletus Dernor and Joan and Thomas of here, Mr and Mrs. James Derner and Ja\ and Bob of Torrington, Wyoming. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Derner and Douglas of Redwood City, Calif, visited with Sister Mary Jane at Mount Lorctla, nubiiquo, last week Saturday. Mrs. Aurelia Leininger accompanied Mr. and Mrs. John Leininger of Albert Lea, Monday to the Flarl Weaver home in Humboldt where (hey were supper guests. Mrs. Leininger remained at the Weaver home, so as to be closer lo the Lutheran hospital where her daughter Mrs. Harold Colwell underwent surgery last week. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Seeley entertained a group of relatives at a pot-luck dinner at (heir home Sunday, (itiests were Mr. and Mrs. William lirtihn of Fenlon. Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Bruhn of Cylinder, Miami Mrs. Eugene Walker and son David of Laurens. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Deitrick and family of Rodman, Mr. and Mrs. George Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seely. Miami Mrs. William Ostwald and Carol, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Greinert and family. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Belland Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Meyer and family of here. Lorraine Butzke of Des Moines, and Donald Meyer of Iowa City. Board Proceedings BOARD PROCEEDINGS REGULAR APRIL SESSION ELEVENTH DAY MAY I, 1962 The no.ircl nf Snprrvisnrs met pur- ^n.'inl to adjntirnmrnt Timer present \M-ii' .lens M Snirnsrn rh;nrm;m, nnti Ch.irlrt NVw-H rhm Ic-t F'hilhr. A. M Knll.i-vh ,,iif|, Jnlin Rndr Absent: nonr Mull-Mi hv Ch;lllr< \V\\nl nntl SPC- •i'ulp'1 In .Iiilm Nodi' t:ixcs he mli-fl "n I. "I H nik '2 Seal IPS Add ed liy Marv .1 Shrti- . 1 1 l\v Chatlcs Plallic and "ec- A M Kull.isi-h that eolduT niMvMiin n-poil lor the .•il In r H, : I,, I'.ri-crlu ! .Ill \.n- Mot,or muled h\ F.ih. Supervisors h.ive • SW ( oriHM- and serond- ' I'l.-Ks II" ;-llcr. SI. < ill nv. d - PPC- il.itir^ Phithe that bond of n (.'<> . Alponn. bo \'.i> ^ none. Mnt ion :i pavilion! nf 'hi- meeting 01 Iho mmedialely F. P. tT.insfti. Mcctlnff .. Tori Be Boer. Jr., Meeting I.. O. tfnbpr. Meeting Wlllnrtl Meeting. Meeting Selmer F.. Uhr.'"MeetinB "..'.'.. mU'i-eon. Meel- lollon inc I"' t onl'irnii'd SECONDAHY HOAD FUND N; \y. noli. TCII Serv ri7 4-1 Kens (Hi Oil Co . Fuel & !'•"< r's 5] 3(1 Iliiion i Siijiei Sei v . Tin-- & Hi fia irs fyi '1<1 Mirlv.i"-! I.umhel. I.timhi-1 .'I }:,'< |fl W. Ill ncloi | Kov Shun Hf - 17 nn nirhard M. Ai Clarcnco Krhutfer. Meeting .. Fred W. Phnnl). Meellng O A. Bjitstrom, Mcellng _ Mclvin All, Meeting Konnoth Strayor. Meeting Nick Arndorfer. Meeting . Arthur Plnlho, Mpnling Klmcr Gl.'iwo. Meeting Dan K F'roehlich. Meeting .." Howard J. Curry. Meeting Earl H. Chambers. Mooting __ Edward C,. Hof. Meeling .. KImor Kuhlv. Meeling .Irrome Ktscnbarlh. Meeting""" A L. Smith. Meeting . _ H.'irolrl M. Sahln. Mooting John P, Simnn. Meeting _ _ K .1 Kollasch. Meeting Waenor, Mooting Oi Iqor. Meeting .. Anlmi Becker. Mooting .. Ell i oolt. Meeting . S P Pnweis. Mooting I' rt v lleetland. Mr-oting ni'-nn I,arson. Meeting U' .1 Stewart. Mooting Donald Hinesdotf. Mooting t.liivcl II Barllett. Mooting Malt Parroll tt Sons Co.. Supplies .. •\dvnneo Pub. Co.. Nolice North Cent Pub Sorv.. Gas N'ottmi Machine Works. Rc- Ipiuia Pfhg &• lilg"," Ho- Pi.ill Floe. Cnnst.. Repairs ... Don rSiK-kon Supply Co.. Stlp- 4.0ft 4.00 4.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 12.00 a.oo 4.00 la.nn 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.110 4.00 4.00 4.00 H*ik8 Clapp, Co. Ham* ...... Alice Clnpp, Co. Homo Murl Jorgenson, Co. Home . Hulda Jorgenson, Co. Home __ Joan Mueller, Assists the Sheriff Dr. R. F. Snyder, Medical fxaminer Dr. Robert Brainerd, Dep. .. Loin Scuffham, Registrar R. H. Wisnom, Jr., Court Reporter ._ L C. Rovn, Probation Officer _ G. Parrott, Court Report- KI.fiA. Dog Announcernont Kin Boon Prinlmp Co. .Sup[jlies _ Blank Book Co . Sllp- Mrs. Delores Baas of Winfield, Kansas, and Mamie Hogan and William Baas of West Bend, were Saturday visitors with Miss Elda . . John Leininger and sons of Albert Lea, spent their vacation at the home of Mr. and 1.1 o: is on 320 Baas. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Theodore Meier and Aurelia Leininger here. Mrs Wanda Hansen of Keokuk, spent the weekend here with her mother 4-H Meeting The June meeting of the Union Alethean 4- Club was held at the home of Judy and Sharon Willrett Two demonstration teams, con sisting of Judy Willrett and Mary Beth Reilly and Sharon Willrett and Lois Hunt, were selected for the fair. Janet and Marcia Angle gave furnishings talks. Bonnie Kiilsholm gave a picture study and Judy Willrett talked on food in a fallout shelter. Lunch was served by the hostesses. ST. BENEDICT UMMER FESTIVAL BASEBALL GAMES - ENTERTAINMENT FOR EVERYONE - DANCE FOR ALL IN THE EVENING Sunday, July S CHICKiN-IN-THE BASKET 80c SERVING STARTS AT 4 p.m. 41 75 148 aa OH fin 4 OB 5 on 208.13 COM .1,1 i COM .in. l.umhrr lii.ntuli R.idi.itiu Hep.m. Fie p.i H- Al'lrn Fipnp I. o Sicns Iciva M.ii'hmoiv & Supply CD P.II ;-. . _ KolllH'lh Rimlft. Labor M W Rirh.-ildson. Labor Hnliaitml C'oop Elevator. Si.pphrs _ Pe' Ulll Spoi'l.iltios Co . Parts Ko^siith C'o Fl eight ._ TliunipMin Distiibuling Co. P.uN H-inibiildl Cmicioto Pindui ; N~"Di\ Parts F!iov.r. Supph Co Inc . P.-iils Heiman M Bum-n Cu P.ills . luwa Eli'i- Supplv Co . Sup- piles U' E Ley Motor Co . Pans .John Thompson. Labor Arnold Motoi Supplv. Paits United Building Center. Supplies __ . . ^ D-X Sumay Oil Co. Fuel 273 8n All Wheel Dnve Co. Parts 20800 West Iowa Tel Co . Tel Serv 1435 Lone Roek Coop Tel Co . Tel. Serv 21 43 Kossuih Motor C'o. Paris 1511 "G Standard Oil. Fuel - 7474 Algona Machine Siiop. Repairs . ft no Town of West Bend. Elcc. Serv . __ 1 37 Motors. Repairs . .. 875 Northern Lumbci Company. Supplies . . ... . _ ]9 in Oliver's Gamble Store. Supplies 21 on ntonka Tel Co. Tel. Serv . . r, 85 The Thomas Co. Parts . . ... 31)32!) <olley Lumber C'o. Supplies 280 Standard Oil. Fuel ]'.}<!(} Seed Hardware. Supplies ... 313 Ban-lav Co. Supplies . 7;! 20 Chicago & N W. Ry . Lumber . . _ 90105 Grahams Standard Sei . Fuel . _ _ a 70 Ninth Cent Pub Sc-i v . Aleuna M'.m I'nl . t'nlities luc-agii. Mil S P & P.K- . Lumber Piiyioll Fund. See Rtl Pay- Advance Pub. Co.. Supplies Donovan Cabinet Shop, Oak Hack Donald Gene Budlong. Hlgbt-of- Way .... oe Pfaffinger. Right-of- Wa V rerlenea Fiandle. Hlght-ol- VV'a\ li/abeth G.utnvr. Right.ol- \Va\ Doi o: h-. B H il i melon KIM Wav J..mes H Meirxman I.aboi ut F.'i up Kuril BIIIS . Sunplies ".'.".'.'.'" M.'l! Pat mil & Sotis. Sup- Supplies . 748.7S 16.80 271.10 3.50 10.04 5.81 57.30 334.44 19.00 33.90 2B.4R 23.48 250.4G Panama Caihon Cc S Jt 10. Supplies Stale Bar Assopiation, Suppli . . . .. ____ I'mted Building Centers Ine.. Supplies .. ----- ------C I! McGinness Co.. Labor & Parts . ............ .. HP' 'ill's. Supplies . . ..... _. IBM. M.iint. Agreement ______ Rohaimon Insui anee. Insnr- anre . ....... ----n-s Schult/ & Srlmlt?. Blood Tests . ....... __________ Dr Seluit:er & Koob. Blnod Tests . . ........... _________ Donald M. Wood. Mileage ____ Haloh W Lindhorsl. Mileage .. Banero;t Register. Board Proeeeclinqs ... ____ ..... . Ad\-am e Pub Co. N'otirps ____ t'pper Dps MOIIIPS Pub. Co.. Notices .... .... ----Upper Di s Moines Pnb. Co.. Supplies ......... ________ C.ordon L Winkcl. Expenses .. Kossutb Co Treas . Bounties . 35.3(1 1.80 10.00 15.42 1B5.IM 80.00 e.-ia 20.00 15.00 n.fiB 37.00 ion .53 1G.4 1G.80 4fl.70 158.97 200.44 . BANG'S FUND Dr D L Frit?. Insppction __. ROAD CLEARING S-.vanpv Equipmpnt Co. Brush Killer . . .. ......... ... 719.40 FAIRGROUNDS nssuth Co Ag. Assn . A(>portion- ment .. ...... _. 5.000.00 POOR FUND ivrnll Fund. Poor Pay------- 1.005.00 1.157 7 .15.0 in nr 2.50 51.00 . I.une- II M.-ri s M.t:..ii!enit.|.t Kent Moloi Co R.-p. nis RfV ' '.ill- M.iel-.lM P,,"- Fi,-t rjodi'e M.,, I I'..'. I P-.ih S(.|\ Sei\ P-'l" ' C.,li T ,..,. s ,, Bl.ide- Supplv 08.00 80 00 84 no "2 nn 70 no 1.212 85 537 00 21B 48 80 ilfl 72 ni 5 (10 2fiB R5 ROBINSON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY has a new d |... S.i i,..-: p f.e Hi. l k I-l nliei ij A, Ho H . Bod'. Sru.| l S ipph i- P S for you 11. Mi.I Wi--' I ., !'.'•• •. s..| |,h ii ii'Ui Sin. k . Klt-i Tin f; i 211 '.t'2 I.-uvi.y R.itli. Pent . ". H Conk, Fii'llt _ vllln Diu-anl. Rent .mdl'.-iit Funeral Home. T'anspnrfalinn Mi' s John Kadow. Ambu- lanrr . . _ Harry Funeral Home. Trans-"" portal ion .... 01 lii Central Pub. Serv.. Chailes G Schr.nder. "fYaV Alirona M;m I'til Utilities Hnii-v D Buchhol/. Treat- mcnt Dan L P.--;IV.'M" D.^Mrdlcal" I.uVrrni- Pliarniars, Mpdk-al .. HoMslHuch Diiifi. Modlcal r.-iulMiii DI-JI-. Mi-iiirnl .. Rusk Drug. Medical Iowa Riaillc i: Sicht Saviilg School. Temple Henry D. Buchholz. Treatment Itcxall Store. Medlcai"""""" Snci-pd Heart Hosp. Medical Dr. Tiny O Sob'-k. Medical The- Kerslen Clinic. Medical •'nn-rrsity Hr, ; . p . Medical .. ; ' Ann Hn--p Medical . .. •'sychupaUiic Hosp . Medical .utlifi.m Hosp . Medical 11 r H. K Richardson. Mcd- I'lbu M S.-huttei *; Dean Koob M 1) M-dlf-al I'/ly F..mih Husp Mi-dical I' J KE.m. M D . Mcrhi-al Ji.'-eph M Hoonev. M D Medical l"l'ii N' Keilflli-k. M D ."" 35.00 25.00 45.00 10.00 20.00 18 00 1888 825 14 00 3000 r )8.50 15 25 59.51 21.05 108.34 Mi-flical ' Food Mail. Food '•ill - Mkt . Fund lood'.- Food '"iini il Oak. Food .'oi;< I s Food to.,,1 , r..*h Sloie Food -* *^ I. Clothing A; I. Cliilluni! U.'!..Ill Oil Fuel .u-.ti.iid Oil. F.i.-I S'.ui.l.ud Oil. Fu.-l ) X S.mi.n- Oil Fuel l.irel.ili f),] Co Fuc-1 . 'Mti-d [luildlng Center. Coal v.'.'li ll.ilboui & Keep ML'O. .1 f;,,r,,| Sam.irilan Home <'..n- i Keep Fakes Caie & 24 .on 18.54 125.00 211..1!) l.SL'2.22 20.45 57.00 31350 •HU.K5 1" (10 30 no 2fi05 •in no 20 no 84 00 !i(i no an oo 211 (in II 16 21 82 2li (10 it an fl 88 M 15 40 ,i2 151 25 15 on Tern V. Miller, Court Reporter Claire A. Bollz, Court Reporter ... 0 K. Beck, Probation oYfice'r John H. Rode, Meetings & Mileage M. Kollascb, Meetings "&" Mileage . ns M. Sorensen, Meetings & Mileage Charles Platho, Meetings i Mileage Charles H. Newel, Meetings &" Mileage ...... filter! Sleeker, Weed Commis- ^•oner H M. Smith, Engineer ._ John Fraser, Assist. Engineer M.izel Anliker, Clerk J.imes Hoffman, Rodman .' W. Burnett, Labor . Clifford Blanchard, Labor R.ivmond Baade, Labor " Moblc L. Crouch, Labor F. M. Downs, Labor Clarence Hentges, Labor .III Clifford Holmes, Labor Uile Helmers, Labor ..IIIII Don Hainztnger, Labor Arnold Hainzinger, Labor __ E.irl Johns, Labor . A. 1. Kollasch, Labor Anton Kardoes, Labor Ralph Markla, Labor Ben Metzger, Labor .__ Ferdinand Meyer, Labor Urban Neuroth, Labor Filward Ricke, Labor " <.imes Willis Schultz, Labor Lem Stockwell, Labor lohn Schuelcr, Jr., Labor George C. Studer, Labor IIII Chanes Thompson, Labor Cvnl Wagner, Labor James Walker, Labor ..III! George Wertnga, Labor Erich Willrett, Labor " Orville Woiland, Labor Gerald Wibben, Labor C E. Zaugg, Labor arl Eller, Labor .__ lenry Elbcrt, Labor _ ohr Eller, Jr , Labor _ _ f/aunce Eischen, Labor Aivm Ewing, Labor _ Donald l-nderes, Labor _.. George Gade, Labor David Merryman, Labor Llovd Schaller, Labor Anton Sorensen, Labor & Mileage .. . Ed Blancbard. Labor .1 George W. Kockler, Labor Roelf E. Miller, Labor _ Merry Zwcifol, Labor LIBRARY FUND World Book Year Book, Books C S. Hanimond & Co , Books National Georgraphic Society, Books _ Children's Press Inc., Books . Melrnont Publishers, Inc., Books T. B. FUND . 149.44 13«.93 126.8.- 128.04 57.70 13.46 28.34 97.12 122.20 51.00 57.12 62.50 110.74 480.22 450.66 347.97 421.01 448.78 143.42 648.02 463.60 209.01 154.68 273.30 261.21 259.81 161.91 284.42 259.81 261.17 281.78 301.51 271.31 326.02 325.93 289.99 271.62 303.53 260.31 284.87 290.0 291.4 288.2; 291.5: 260.3 261.2 311.4 301.5 303.87 249.7 299.9 281.3 325.85 144.77 109.44 164.44 240.43 28556 215.85 141 83 94.91 61 32 til May 8, !$«5. JENS, M. SORENSEN, Chairman, ATTrrT BOARD Of SUPERVISORS ATTEST: MARC MOORE, KOSSUTH CO. AUDITOR SPECIAL APRIL SESSION tu/eit»u B 2^5° PROCEEDINGS TWELFTH DAY MAY 8, 1941 i ne board of Supervisors met pursuant lo adjournment. Those present were Jens Sorensen, Chairman, A. M. Kolliisch. John Rode, Charles Newel and Charles Plathe Absent: None. Motion py A. M. Kollosch and seconded by Charles Newel that seal contract be awarded lo Everds Bros, in the amount of $53,270.85. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Rode that bid of $28 770 from P. & M. Stone Inc. i Welp & 'MC- Carton, Fort Dodge, be accepted for cover aggregate. Ayes' All. Nays: None Motion carried. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by John Rode that Black Top Contract No. 501 (8) & 501 (7) be awarded to Iowa Road Builders, Fairmont in the amount of $65,790.32. Ayes: All. Nays- None. Motion carried. ' Motion by John Rode and seconded by A. M. Kollasch that Projects 506 131 bS awarded'to 0 Ewr 5 ° 3 ' ' * 5 '"' 3f $199,095.01. Ayes: AM. '"Nay's: " None' Motion carried. /1Mi;.-' .V S. P nl ,n LI i STATE INSTITUTION \* MAMUfACrUKfHS Of '<? SIOUX- STfEt PHOOUCIS S f/,. nit: i«*n£ MASK <fc-/ ^"* FALLS: ^ Why compromise wit& quality on your farm building investments? We have a famous -SIOUX Steel Building just right for your needs—at a price you can aiford. Come in and see the extra -SIOUX- craftsmanship and engineering that 'eliminates nails — caulking*., maintenance chores, YOUR -SIOUX. STECI. BUILDING SPECIALIST ROBINSON Construction Co, Hwy. 18 E. ALGONA Dr J. K. Hill, Inspection . __ C.T i A Sanftner, Inspection Dr. D. J Shey. Inspection _.. . Dr. A. J Gotten, Inspection _ Sidney R Payne Indemnity COURT FUND Payroll Fund, Court Payroll Dr C C Sh,erk, Mayor Fees Delia Welter, J P Fees Ralph Lmdhorst, Mileage . alph Undhorst, Mileage S. Meal'.. . . _ . . Ralph Lmdhonit, Mileage James H. Andreasen, Court Costs .,..__ "terk of Court, Court Cost? _ 3avid L Shumway Court Costs DRAINAGE FUND iohn Thompson, Dr 2 Shumwav, Kelley S, FnsTedt Dr 3 of 3 . John Thompson, Dr. Snumway, Kelley, & Ur A . Shumway, Kelley, & Fnstedt, Dr 20 _ ... John Thompson, Dr. 23 John Thompson, Dr. 39 Cowan's Roro-Roofer Serv., Dr. 51 _ L. G. Haugen, Dr. 60 Sub 5 .. jpper Des Momes, Dr. 79 Shumway, Kelley, & Fnstedt Dr 79 _ numway, Kelley, fi. Fnstedt, Dr 63 Shumway Kelley & Fnstedt Dr MO _ ' _ Henry W.lberg, Dr 133 Shurnway, Kclley, &. Fnstedt Dr H. K 8 John Thompson, Dr. Tn 84 COURT FUND George Bnggs, Petit Juror Bermce Beamish, Petit Juror August Bernau, Petit Juror Luella Bishop, Petit Juror _ Don Berklund, Pettt Juror . . Eddie Brass, Petit Juror Franklin Bode, Petit Juror Helen Collins, Petit Juror Mildred Cosgrove, Petit Juror Virginia Conway, Petit Juror _ Dorothy Dt.f fy, Petit Juror John Droessler, Petit Juror Godfrey Geilenfeldt, Petit Juror Hilda Gross, Petit Jurnr A. A Hildman, Petit Juror Ralph Johnson, Petit Juror _. Edward Kam, Petit Juror , Lowell Larson, Petit Juror Earl Miller, Pettt Juror Betty Montag, PeNt Juror . Leonard McGutre, Petit Juror Wayne Nyman, Petit Juror . . Gerald Ollom, Petit Juror Carroll Olion, Petit Juror Florence Reynolds, Petit Juror Walter, Petit Juror .... Clara Shilts, Petit Juror _ Mildred Spear, Petit Juror Mildred Vogel, Petit Juror On motion adjournment wai 56 10 261.17 290 01 271.31 279.91 595 69 25 600 21 42 18 SC 21 00 23200 12 60 18 60 48 85 1,248 73 40 00 2000 1090 13 73 10 44 25 00 20 46 25 00 66 25 1500 97 75 12 50 1200 32.50 124.00 12.00 22 85 5038 12.50 47 50 27 50 8 40 500 30.25 770 510 6.00 5.10 7.30 780 6 30 5 10 660 780 6 40 7 10 590 590 6.00 7.90 6 20 7 80 5 10 7 20 6 20 7 00 5 20 7 50 7 20 5.10 510 5 70 600 taken un- •--„:- M. SORENSEN, Chairman, ATTr , T B ° AR P OF SUPERVISORS ATTEST. MARC MOORE KOSSUTH CO. AUDITOR Legal Notices v BIT NTOTICE OF HEARING ,'r it <T'//"pavement and Relocation 'v. imva ghWaV 1G9 '" Kossuth Cou »- ''^jWHOM IT MAY CONCERN: [crested persons that 8 ^"public" hear- m?nJ v "i- be ,, held '" the Assembly Room, Kossuih County Court House, Algona. Iowa, at 7:00 pm Thursdav July 5. 1%2. at whlch'Tme you win be given the opportunity to be he-ird y'our ??e r ws U on rl t'he ^"h rcfefeneo to the proposed" proje e c e t° n on" C the ff ab'ove primary highway as follows: Kossuth County, Iowa Protect*; F- 504 and F-lli IUJLLIS r- Prpjects F-504 and F-lll _ Improvement and relocation of U.S. Highway 169 In Kossuth County Iowa Beginning at a point on present U.S. Highway 169 in section TI township 95 "north, range 20 west ect extends in' a northerly c/Jrec- The proposed project rcsume| 0 on' present U.S. Highway 169 near center section 35, township 98 north, range 29 west of the 5th P.M.. and extends in a northerly direction on the present highway to a point near the north lane of section 2C. township 97 north range 29 west of the 5th PM where it extends in a northeasterly direction on relocation to ". Point on present U S Highway 169 just south of ' the railroad tracks In section 23 township 07 north, range 29 west of the 5th P.M.. thence continues in a northerly direction on the present highway to the Junction with Iowa Highway 9. the end of the proposed project. The length of the proposed project is approximately 25 miles. For further details concerning the roposed project, see maps on file In he office of the City Clerk, City Hall. \lgona. Iowa. It is desired that per- ons wishing to be heard, write to the owa State Highway Commission, \rnes Iowa. Attention: Public Hear- ;gs Engineer, and advise the amount I time needed for their prcsenla- L. M. Clauson by T L claus "". Chief Engineer Iowa State Highway Commission Carl F. Schacli 125-20) INVITATION TO BID Notice Is hereby given that sealed Proposals will be received until 745 P.m.. July B, 1962, at the Superintendent s office In the High School build- JP*' a ' Algona. Iowa, and opened In ! he .. offi «; P'Jhe Board of Education o at the High School Building, Algona B OW ,l4 nt r 8:0 ° P" 1 ' C.S.T. Friday. 6. 1962 for the following work Julv -- — .„. »iii_ i uiii/w lllg Will K Concrete Bleacher Construction Proposals must be submitted on the Plans and Specifications will be available from the Board Secretary, oi i'l£, HlB 5 Sc hool. on or after June 2R 1902 and up until the time for receiving Proposals. Each Proposal must be accompanied by a certified check, drawn 5n an Iowa Bank in the amount of not less than 10'" r , of the amount bid. made payable to the Board of Education A gona Community School District Algona. Iowa, which will be retained until a contract for the work has been executed and performance bond filed in the amount of not less than 100% of the contract price, but not for more than twenty days after the date set for receiving Proposals By virtue of statutory authority, preference will be given to products and provisions grown and coal pro- Juced within the State of Iowa according to the provisions of Chapter 73. Section 73 2. Code of Iowa IHSli By virtue of statutory authority preference will be given to Iowa domestic labor, according to the provisions of Chapter 78. Section 733. Code of Iowa. 1MB The right to reject any or all Proposals Is reserved by the Owner ALGONA COMMUNITY SCHOOL .DISTRICT. ALGONA. IOWA /S/ John Hayes President, Board of Education /S/ Donald II. Kramer Secretary. Board of Education (25-20) rou Get I Minutes Of Fun Every Hour at Dillon Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch-Relieves Pain N r. _ , first lime Bci,.-,ice hai found * new jit-ahng .ubaunce with the a.too- l«h:ug ability to shrink hemor- rhuida, , t up itching, »od r«Jicv« piun — wiuiout surgery. In case after caae, wade ftntlj wlieving pain, actual reduction took place. •o thorough th«t infferer» mad* astonishing «utemenU like "Pile* have ceuaed to be a problem!* The «ecret I* a new healing §ub- itaoce (Bio-Dyn«*)-di»covei7 of • world-famou» research Institute. Thi» iub»Unc« U DOW available In tupporitt,rn or tintment form under the name A» «U ON CRYSTAL-BLUE LAKE OKOBOJI You won't waste a precious minute of vacation time at the New Ion on Lake Oko- bon, Iowa's most popular resort. So many activities for you to enjoy — golfing, swimming in the pool or on the beach, boating, water sports . . . summer theater, movies on the lawn . . . dancing and entertainment in the glamor* ous Lake View Club. Many new activities this year . . . golf tournaments, cook-outs, fish frys, sing, alongs . . , moonlight swims, lake excursions, games, etc. Nights are sleeping-cool The food is the greatest. Bring along the kids! They 11 love our supervised children's program. Family accommodation* end rates for 1 to 4 persons; kitchenettes. Write, wire or phone new 'o reserve the dates you £/t/ pKOflOJI, IOWA Phones Arnold, Pork, towo 332-2113 (area code 71?) add a unit like this to your gas heating system and cool your whole house this summer •v/ r; ,1 The cooling coil of a gas air conditioning system weighs only about 75 pounds. And it's not much bigger than a room air conditioner. It doesn't take up a single square inch of floor space because it goes on top or underneath your gas furnace, or in the main horizontal heating duct In other words, this simple compact coil adds on to your gas heating system, using the same ducts, to give you wonderful whole house cooling. And because the condens- mg unit is a whisper of flame, it's quiet and there are practically no moving parts to wear out. Enjoy whole house cooling the simple economical way with gas. See your local natural gas utility or gas heating and air conditioning dealer NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CY 4-2484 "Your Q«« Company"

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