Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 1, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1896
Page 8
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FOUR BIG BARGAINS FOR THIS WEEK 5 These are beyond question the Greatest values ever offered, We want you to note the width and chkraoi t»r of goods we offer nnd the little money it takes to buy them. ' • j 38 inch all wool Serges in black and all new fall shades and a magnificent line of new Imported plaids and imcy wool novelties all at •••25c:yd -. • •i- - ' 100 piece?, bright new Novelty Dress 6-oods In all the latest checks, stripes and fancy cloths, which 1-fave 3»tniled generally for C5o a yard all at.... .....396. yd Our immense counter, loaded with the newest and most choice Novelty Dress Goods of tho season, cion-v aiitiog of rough scotch effects which areiuntrong favor at present. Tb" most extensive line lu the city at the: pries worth 8 times as much, at only • 48c'yd The correct thing for the season which are the inulto, colored bou«'*s 2 toned wool escurlalg, derby sail-' iags which retail generally for $1.00, price only '.. «$58c ^.d THE GOLDEN RULE Boldly Defies the Householder and Suffers HIS SKULL CRACKED With a Lead Pipe in the Hands of Col. Cromer. For Your Own Pure Sake Visit Our Store this week. We heed the demand of the times. MORE ! ROUBLE: Better Goods for Less Honey We mi)'to the occ'aslooi awd ovci'sliadotv all possible- coiupoUitikm with nui- fo.nually low prices -that -seems mkaculous. Every barga'iin- we naone 'is here and UMumierable more. You will never be disappointed by -any printer's Ink oyc.r oil r .si 200 men's all-wool, fall overcoats. TJiey .consist oC'black cheviots, and drab meltons.' Xo-ovcrcoat In the lot worth loss than, if? or ?S, we sell -them »t $ 4.00 150 inuu's fail suits, the liae includ es Tw-eeds, Cheviot's and Cnissim-eres 7loii">sbly mil-do mud trimmed. Value po sl-tlvely ?C and $7, we sell them ait.f_3.00 , 300 -men's extra lino fall overcoats, including 'twelve different lines of all wool covert cloth tap coats lined wltrh silk or fine Italica cloth worth $14.00, ?.ir..no nind $10.00, go at $10.00 200 men's very tiuest suits, embracing fine famcy worsteds, ncait plaids j and cheeked cheviots, taJIored with proper regard for perfect fit and satis- I factory wear, uuquestloaaMy e<iU'ivl to (the best $15.00 suit you see elsewhere. [ '•'" XFc sell them for $10.00 ' Thiis magnificent display of men's, boy's and children's fall -and winter dothlmg, hats and furnishings surpasses anything ever seen. Tho prices jtaive been'made so" low that not the slightest stumble block remains to bar $?~~ «ny m-n-n or boy from bcinig comfortably and stylishly dressed. We Invite v?:'- you to call and -inspect our line. THE GLOBE. CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. nother Section of Sensation is Played at Wabash. iiss Pearl Lower Vents Her Spite cri Mrs. Catherine Stringham. OlASSE PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., TUe well-Known 8p«clall.sta at Now York have ap]ioiLtt D. A. U AUK as agent foe their celebrated Spectacles and £; tilastes, everj pair guaranteed. D. A. HAUK has complete Assortment itud Invlteit all t satisfy themselves of the great suparlorltr oC those gooclsove any manufactured, at the store of D. A. HAGTK, Sole agent to Log&nsport ID<I. No peddlers supplied. $2O.OO Will Buy a ibod Winter Suit OF- IW. D. CRAIG. 436 Broadway, Second Floor. 'fay your Xintinni.l j;a.s bills before Oc- Positively the best cup of coffee In ke city at Dykeman's cafe. i'Dr. A. O. JUllcr, Thivr^lay, a.t his ' office, 314 North atreet. Montlcello hns n band tournament on pc?Ofe.t. 15. Twenty bauds nave already ||Hrtoml tiie list*. Fonr -dolliir;inn.ck'iintO54ho$i, $2.00. TJm- 2"><-, t'h*>y go fast; don'it delay.— 'G. .Tonklncs, A.-wignee. m:ngo you wnnt to see;. one part nnd -nnother for sum-mor at new stove store, 310 Market ' ' |V : Mr:. Juaklnes ways- it's -uot necessary > advertise the elotWngnnd sihoo stock assigned to<h1ni. The lines by' OWo Kraus were welli own. ' ' FAUST. John Griffith, who Is announced appear at the Now Dolan Mond.ij ulgM, Oct. Oth, in a big production' o "Faust," though but a young man, is, a vemarka,bly ca.pabls actor, as may be judged by his work In the character o Mephlsto. There is a clear Intelligence and a thoughtful direction In his char acterlzation that indicates artistic per caption and reflective study, and .he possesses a degree of mental power to govern an exceptional amount of physical force. Mr. Griffith shows artistic rospoct of *ho properties of dramatic H- cunso In dealing witli Goethe's serious nnd mythical creations,' the so-called cohi'aly lines of the text being trwitcd with a Komi-cynicism instead of In the 'broad vein of drollery thalt tends to cheapen the character. ..Mr. Griffith hns a line face, indicative of Intellectual decision nnd clearness of apprehension, and in repose it is-rather irregular, -though strong of feature and not uubandsomc. He has great mobility not only of face, but of body, and 'has quite the figure for Mcphlsto, •straight, lithe, slender, but well knit wiell proportioned, nnd suggesting a strength beneath Its grace. His voice is firm ,s>trong, resourceful nnd is used with Judgment .The company supporting the young star is said to be an excellent one, and an abundance of new and gorgeous sceneiy, some novel 'electric effects, and handsome costumes are prorolsed. The finest range ever ruadel See it •at Flaneglin'a new stove store, 310 street, ;-.;.-. A SOt]UOl t'O till! SlTMlglKlllll-r.,OWl!r c;wc, Tho dolniiLs of which wore 'ptib- Ils'Iied in. The JonniaJ sonic t\'iicl;.s .'iyo, iwi-s Ln.'CJi. found in Wabnsh. It will be rc-mwnbweil llin.t' Miss or Mrs. P«irl Lower visited Mrs. 'Catherine S-Oflng-' (iKi.m in lil^is i-'!fy -sonio tlireo weeks ago,. M'r.s. Striiipln:i-in hud n.pnirtrr,cnts iirth.c Sit. E|ln)-o building on Broadwny, anil Iss Lowor eaJHod upo'u her tliere with tiie piirposcr'is she stilted, "t recovering a idiiimond ring vhit'h slie iillogoil Mrs. Sli'taghaiui 'hn.d pun'loiined -froin lior flit Kokoiuio.A row caisued -and Miss Loweii' w:is ejected from the 'room somc/whalC uiKierCiinonlonsly. Mrs.' Sbnrnislluim was ar-rested for .issaulrancl for cmo cause or niiother Hie trial of tlie cruse wns postponed from time to time- I until it finally wite da-apixsl. ' ' It now appears" tlh-ait the trouble was ronowetl in Woibash, where Mrs'. StiringWami secured full n.ua complete viiuitlcaitioD of 'Hie diarge of stealing the ting from Mii«is Lowor. Tha AVa-' bas'li Dimes sniys: '••Xot being aiMc .to gn:ln redress at Logam,sport, Pearl fallowed -her victim to WnlbniSh, 'nnd oai last Saiturday night swore out a> wn.rra-nt for lu-r arrest, choosing tliat Inite hour as » means of '-'haviinig MJ'S. Stringihiam pluce-d, for at lonsit a few hours, in a humiliating po- slttoo, behtad the bars, in this un- d'orhwuded work slie counted wilthou't her host, as tue Wmbasfli police are not so devoid of gemtlemauly pnlnciples'as 'to serve such 1 a warrant under'such' circumstmnces. "Deputy Maa-sh-ail Lines watted' iint-11 Sunday moi'ning and then served the warrant. ^Irs. Siteinglia.ni accompanied him to the mayor's office, where the ca-so was nt oniee dJismissed b(?cause of a lack of evidonc^"'- Having fulled to liiimllimte her vi'ctini to the extent of causing h;er to be placed In jail Pearl wJsciy remained nloof from Hie court room, no doubt fearing that she' herself might become 'involved in, very serious difficulties..,.;.;\ ; • "When Poaarl was'ejected from her quarters " to Logans-port, BITIC would prolmbly halve diSiJlnycd more talent Coa 1 lier chosen cnireer -had sue taken wi'bh. 'her a package containing some private-very, very'prlvate-coiTospon'd- cnce. Hnd she done this there would now bo consl'deraMy less weeping and wailing in Waibash. • Murder -will out, •however, -and now a very prominent widow is drawn into .t'hie'proceedings. "The widow in Question has for a -long time been very conspicuous in Waibash social circles, having been an organlzei- for a lodge composed wholly of women. Mrs. Stringham Inns in her possession a va«t amount oC correspondence which passed between Pearl Lower und -Hie widow, tue most Important of which -bean' daites during the momth of July, 1806. In one'0(1 the letters to Pearl,'tho widow expresses-a desire to participate in a meeting of the "Big Four" ait Lo- gn<nsport, but not being n,ble to furnish icr Mends and retoitilves to Wabash ivlth a sufficient excuse for absenttng terself from toe city at euch a time, slie forwarded a letter yrhich she asks ?ena'l to copy amd reltura on tho follow- ng Friday, The letter wM'ch, s:he' returned would Indicate that hnd been summoned-to Logansport on business pertaining to her lodge. Jpoai shtowilng tiiiis summons, she could .vatic, all suspitton and indulge In a. dcstta'e meeting of feh« rankest na,. and wiith the rankest kind of •>cople, fctt- hea- letters to Pearl left'.no oubt whaitever." ..-.'.. •.. Jauu-es Bninnan, a la-bo-rer from the quarries, wns delivered to the authorities at pollc'D headquartera yesteixlny ev«iiliiig about 4 o'clock, by Col. Robert Groiner of the Wcstslde. Col. Cromer also placed himself at the dlsposnl of •the authorities, while Mr. Brannan wjiis turned over to Dr. W. A. Holloway. Mr. Brannan. wns bleeding copiously from several wounds on his head. He was tractable, and submitted to -the attentions of t'lie doctor, who bimdiiKcd 'his wound*, and left a closer more comprehensive exiini'luiatlon. until tho injured man slioukl become.so- bor'jil. CoJ, Cromer told the police the story .of; rhe cnpRire of big Jim Braunan, wlio. is giaut-liie when plated beside l'J:« ColO'Uel. "'"I entered my barn," .sn.IU Coil. Cro- mor, '"and found a stranger lying upon alio hay. I asked .him what :ie was doing there. • He said it was none of my — business. I told him It was, ns I owned I he barn, I seized h'is sleeve and'.he arose at once to his feet I coinld"so« he wsis drunk, but he had hi* senses about liim. "I thotiglit --ho intondud to go all right. I told him to go across to some empty box cars ;uid lie down. He iwule for me with tlie exclamation that ho would do mo up. I dodged his first blow, which knocked my hat off, and grilled my 'hend, nnd warded off the next with nty left arm. I retreated from -his second assault-, n.ua placing my h'aads- upon a .short piece o-f cast off ga.s pipe, lying near, as I had thrown It-a-t'r.cr use. I grasped the weapon and let: Wui have ir. : ''I do not know how many times 1 lamled on him. I struck three or four tiroes, uiitH I liad him down. I-To- fell •out the barn door, and I think the back •of Ills head strack on the 'edge of a 'timber lying where lie fell. '"I hnd no way of knowing what •woapon the stranger bad. He is unknown to me. I never saw him before I 'fouml him in my barn. It was a lucky thing I found a. weapon, for I have bikm sick and In my present physical condition, Ws threat and evident iuten- 'tiqu would h'ave been carried out. He would have clone me np." After Branunu had been bandaged be'was taken to tlie jmll, where he was asleep latv last niglit. He was not In • condition to r.iJk coherently or with rraison, probably OAviiig to his Intoxl- oa.ted coudi-tioii. A half pint bottle of igrn; was taken from his pockot at hc-ad- .qu-iirtors; He will probabjy be removed to tihe hospital. 'A! friuiul of tlio qiiftrryman. who called at the station to see him, stinted that Brannan was sober nt noon, and this would'to some extent, lend color ;to the statement of Col. Cromer that the ; trespasser was possessed of his faculties, in spite of liquor, at the time of tho. encounter. There were no wit- ' WE'RE HERE AND -:- HERE TO STAY. You are cordially InvJted. We look for your acceptance with eager anticipation, for we arc confident of your enthusiastic coinmendatlon of our" el- forts. We assure you that no finer stock can be found In this country, and you will agree with us that It surpasses anything ever before seen In Logansport. We have entered this field as leaders should, avoiding the time-trod- den path, shunning the policies that have hitherto prevailed, but with unequaled facilities and characteristic enery we have sought the best, that you may enjoy the convenience of finding here at home those exclusive styles you have hitherto been compelled to seek In other markets. The management of all our departments Is in our hands. We've had a life long experience to guide our Judgment, we know every "Fashion Inlet" and "Quality Harbor" in this and foreign countries. Behind it are our capi- tal, our enterprise, our broadguage methods. Such a union of tact and talent must succeed. We've gathered a stock that is artistically perfect and marked at prices that will be an agreeable revelation to you. Bearing out the reputation that we will win for this store and your confidence. Yours Very Truly, THE HUB. Berwanger Bros &• Co, Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS IS YOURS. • We waiait you to understand that we are running this laundry for you and t-ha:t your wishes are to be regarded in every particular. We will give you just exactly whait you want if we can find out what that is. Perhaps you believe thaJt it is Impossible to have your laundry work handled without irritation and anwoyance. We are sure that you are mistaken. May we have an opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS., fuceesiors to Campbell Bros. UNDER/THE WHEELS. John Poit, Italian Laborer Knocked Down by Street Car AM Italian laborer from Kenneth, whose name fibe "Italian editor" got as John Poll, better known at the quarries as "No. 330," had a narrow escape Crom death. under the wheels of an electric car yesterday afternoon, about 2 o'clock. "Xo. 339" was walking up Broadway wilih- a companion and at the corner ot Fourth street a strong gust\o£ wind iblew hie hat from, his hoaxl ajid carried it across the stretet railway tracks on Broadway. "No. 330" made .a dash for Ms chapeau and secured it Just as a car rounded it-he curve and started up Broadway. Instead of watting until the car 'had passed before attempting to cross back "No. 339" • slanted back Republican Meetings. nesses' to the affair. • .Dr.'. Holtoway called at the Jail las .night to note Brannau'.s condition, an found that, while the man's skull wa. 'fractured 'near the base, ot the brain at the'back of tlie skull, and the injur was a bad one, lie could not say hoi •dangerous the Draft was until the stlm ulants had been driven from the pa tlent's system. He found lilm rn-tie batter-tost night thnn he hnd np peorod fl.t tlie.flrst examination. The injuries consist of contusion, upon -the nose and above tne right eye these beilng minor cuts and bruises, .wound.above the loft oar, which ble< considerably, find was terribly swol len, and the serious 'fnnicture at the back of the cranium, from which pos- eibte vltai results may come. "The fis sure appears to have been made with a pointed -instrument," said the. Doc •tor, .'^probably a metal weapon, or it mlghit.ho.ve resulted from.a. fall upon a. pointed or jaigged rock." ' '• CoK Cromej has been at liberty and .undisturbed since the unfortunate affair. :,v : •< FORGOT TO RETURN. Livery Man;Complains--WHHam Leigh Deceived Him. Old papers for sale • at the Journal nice. 20 cerita. a-hundred. • WillTam Leigh, who 'has been .living iii-.tihe city Tor -the past two or three w.eeks, and who represented himself as a. 1 soliciting agent fo rthe Prudential Insurance company, called- at Edwin DdehTs- livery stable on Erie avenue Inert Saturday and Mred a rig, sayJng he Intended^to : go'Into the country on business and' would return, the rig that evening.- He failed to show up and Sunday.-Mr: D1«M .telegraphed to the P*ru.authoirities who found the vehicle <md;,horse In a stable. Mri DieM went tft'rern and found bis horse, and.buggy ail right but a.valuable lap robe was missing.';, •; ',-••' .'. - ,, ' .... with .Hie car not three foot from him a'ad moving ait a fair speed. Tlie motorman shut off the currenit «nd twisted the broke down Swrd, but im spite of this the car stoics tne man and knocked him down. His body was laying across the track and his neck was squarely on the not'Mi raiil. The wheels struck his .'head and lie slid along in the mud for five or six feet before '.the car come to a. standstill. When toe was picked up it was. found tha* his-Injuries were slight, the worst being n. scalp 1 wound from whlieli tihe blood flowed freely. He was well plas tared \vfth mud and his eyes and ears were comple*ely filled wJtli the soil o Broadway. Had the ground beon.drj instead of slippery with mud,' "No 330" would 'have been, a subject for the coroner instead of being able to walk away with Ms 1 friend. Republican speakinwwin be held at the following places In Cass county: Q: A. Myers will speaik at Shady Nook Thursday evening, Oct. 1st Thursday evening, Oct. -1st, G<sroge-' town, Hon. W. S. Haggard. Friday evening, Oct. 2nd, Center school house, Washington township, Horn. W. S. Haggard, candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Friday evening, Oet 2nd, rink, A. M. Higgins, of Terre Hauite. •Saturday evening, Oct. 3rd, Royal Center, Hon.-W. S. Haggard. Wodncsday evening, Oct. 7th, Red School house, Noble township, Orlando PowelJ. GRoTit. J. Ixxveland of Peru will speak at Waverly Monday evening, Oct. 5th'; Lucerne, Tuesday evening,. Oct 6th; Lincoln, Wednesday evening Oct. Ttli. Friday evening, October 9th, John- sou school hcuse, Washington township—D. C. Justice. SMALLEST ON RECORD. Laporte holds the 'belt for tlie smallest child ever born alive. If the report- er.for the New York Journal from that place is to be believed, there was born to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Peters of fa- porte counity recently a ctlld which measures but eight inches in length and weigihs but fourteen ounces. RICHMOND BOYS COHING Railway Hen's Sound Honey Club Visits Here Saturday. Next Saturday niglut, October, 3rd, the Railway lien's Sound Moncy^club of Richmond will visit the Logansport dub, and a meeting will be 'heiij at the Broadway rink. The Rlchmojkr.'delc- ;ation will bring a speakerl-;-. Tliere will be no street demonstration. Saturday afternoon the big McKln- ey pole. at Kokomo will be raised. Th'ore will be' a crowd present from here, and the Richmond men will, rc- urn with them In -the evening. A most nteresting and enthusiastic meeting Is In sight for Saturday night, October 3d, t the rink. - '. " ' NalturaJ gas Wlls for the month of ictoiber are. now due and pajwule ait th,e Company's; office on Pearl street : Natural gas 'bills for the mouth, of October are now due. PRICES THAT TALK. Women's Good Rubbers 23c .Women's Storm Sandals ,.28c Men's Good Rubbers 36c Men's Arctics 58c Women's Arctics <Sc Misses' Arctics -38c Men's Overs for Felts 88c We also have the celebrated Goodyear Glove Rubber goods. No better brand of goods In the world. Women's Kid- Patent Tip Dress 'Shoes, Button 68c Women's VIcl Kid Patent TJp, Button 98c Men's Velvet Slippers 45c Men's Buff Bals, Plain. Toe .......98c Men's Buff Congress, Plala Dress Toe • -98c Youth's Good School Shoes ......,75c Boys' Good School Shoes .........08c Boys' House Slippers .45c Women's Very Pine Needle Toe and ; New Coin Toe 1 , Lace and Button, Kid Dress'Shoes, Good Value at, $2.50; Our Price on this shall be.$L48 The above goods are all fresh new goods, which are arriving dally, bought direct from the manufacturer, for cash, and our customers shall have the benefit Line W. Pilling, Shoes, 412 Broad- Way, Logansport, Ind.

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