The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 26, 1962 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1962
Page 6
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4-Affleno (Id.) Upper Oes Moinej Tuesday, June 26, 1962 Area Explorer Scouts Tour U.S. Capital . MOST OK THK Tim-: AKOLND OIU house (here is not nine!; wild night life. We're mostly in bed by midnight-m Icnst the parents are. and it's quiet around here until after the 7 ;i m. \vhislie blows But lately things have elianged. We have bags under our eyes, and a iaek- of-slcep hangover. We are liloriilly going to the dogs! IT IS orn F \MII.V THAT is driving us this way. They settle down e-.rly in (he evening well enough, but staning al t a.m tiling--, begin to get lively, li's not our .son or our daughters uho eause the o>mmo- tion, it is our grandchildren—Gidgit's seven pups! I HAVK AI.KKXDY KKCOKDKI) IN THIS column, the stery of the pups' birth. We thought it was hcetic enough al our hou-e then, but looking back on it, those days seem peaceful and quiet b\ comparison The first two or three weeks of their lives were spent i.i a i-anlho.inl j carton in our kitchen All the little dogs did then was eat and sleep j ond only occasionally would one of them crawl out of the box. The ,nee | greatly increased when their eyes opened when (hey ucre aliuu 1.' ; days old. CFDGIT. F\ SPITE OJ-- IIKR SMAM. SI/E AND extremely offspring. proved an excellent milk factory for her babies. They grew ; fat and healthy and very rapidly, too. But motherhood can take Mime-- j tiling out of a girl, and when the pups were about three works old. an j incident occurred that scared us quite bacll>. Gidgit began to droop and she couldn't get up on her hind quarters. \VE THOUGHT WE'D COVSL'I.T her friend. Doc Dorweiler. hut it was Sunday and he was out of town. \Ve talked the situation over with Grandpa Harold Hobson and he said when he lived on a farm ami an animal acted like that, she had milk fever. Sure enough, when Father took Gidgit up to Pr. Cotten. that was what she had. Or at least a canine variety of it. caused by the pups' draining of her calcium supply. TWO SHOTS OF SOMETHING OH OTHER and some powder to jn.'c with her food soon had Gidgit on her feet again. Meanwhile, we Experimented with getting the pups to eat from a dish before we thought they were really ready for it. Except for a slight tendency Jo take a bath in their breakfast, they did very well' By this time ("hey had been moved to a pen on the back porch and it was a couple jf days before the pups discovered they could climb out of it. Those were the days of comparable peace and quiet around here. Among the -5" Explorer Scouts from the Prairip Gold Area, shown in the above picture on the steps of the nation's capital in Washington, DC. are Scouts from Algona. Lone Rock. Swea City and West Bend, according to a news story that accompanied this picture. However, the mmes of (he Scouts were not given, so perhaps folks familiar with thorn can spot them by careful scrutiny. The trip was taken in 50 cars, with a leader in each car. There were 1!> counties represented in the group. THE PUPS. LIKE HUMAN SIBLINGS. love each other, but that ' over 7.000 gallons was approved. The drainage for the town will be improved as a new intake will be installed near the Hormel plant and the drain extended to the corner by John Madsen's home. Wafer Rates At Ringsfed Have Been Changed Ringsted — The town council held a study of water rates in neighboring towns and the new doesn't stop them from fighting. They growfin' high "soprano "at eadi i rates Panted b y the clerk's re- other, act like they are going To tear each other's ears off and then ' commendatlon for those who use settle down to sleep, lovingly cuddled in one big seven-part lump. Gid- git, ever the proud Mama, knows that her children must one day be independent, so she is weaning them. This process is no doubt brought about by the fact that the pups have developed mouths full of needle sharp teeth, but we prefer the explanation that it is maternal wisdom that makes Gidge shake the little ones off after she has checked iliem and counted them with her nose to see if all are present. * » * THIS TENDENCY ON THE PART of the pups to grab a ride on the milk wagon as their mother goes by is what gets them distributed all over the neighborhood, and what keep^aur,early morning hours so lively. Gidgit sleeps in the living room as usual; the pups sleep on the back porch. Gidgit can get out the back door, but she can't get back in the front. She goes to the back porch to check on the pups, (hey grab hold and are dragged outside with their mother. Gidgit barks and the pups yipe until a human comes to the rescue. z a * EARLY SI NOW MORNING I \\ \s awakened by bedlam When I investigated. I found three of the pups had fallen dow'n the steps ,mo the basement and the rest were distributed along the wav Fu'-dav morning the commotion stared at -1 a.m. Gidgii\:is om.side barking lather let her buck in, but was ton sleepy to do any further invest iirit- mg. About 5 a m. C.irlge set up a terrific din. 1 yelled at her to sh'il up and went back to sleep. Gi Ige went out the haik door, and ,hc .text I knew she. was banging on the front door to be let in This time I got up. Trying to get up the front steps were six little puppies and the other was hiding in the hushes. By the time 1 got outside all ,f diem ucre scurrying into the bushes and 1 spent a good, brec/y five minutes i putting them baek. They got out once more after that "and by seven! o clock when we were supposed to get up, both of us wt peacefully. month old Mrs Gordon Becky Howe, 10 daughter of Mr and Howe, is confined to a Sioux City hospital with a congenital hip and may be placed in a cast before coming home. Ray Miller has moved here from Rolfe to operate the blacksmith shop. They have two children. Darreil. u. and loyce. 10. Mr and Mr« -\rne Kovn rind Carmen, Mr and Mrs Robert K. Niel- M § n. Tammy and Susan Howe, and Mrs J. J Rovn at:ended a wil- ding anniversary observance of Mr and Mrs Ralph Rcvn at Arm- strong. Women's golf day will be held each Tuesday at Rolling Hills Golf course. Wally Larson, son of Mr and Mrs Leslie Larson, has begun his studies at the University of Iowa this summer. He is rooming with Russell Heerdt, a sophmore at the college and son of Mrs Marie Heerdt. Mrs Alfred Petersen, Mrs Pear! Glasnapp and Kay, all of here, and Mrs James Stillman of Dolliver are attending a summer course at Drake University at Des Moines. Jim Justice and Jim Miller spent three days at the 4-H conference at Ames. Judy Christensen is life guard at the country club and town swimming pool at Ottawa, Kan. 39ie^swimming program bfigan June 23 with buses leaving from the city park at 8 and stopping at the Haifa store at 8:30 a.m. Mrs James Sorensen, language arts teacher in Ringsted junior high, has been chosen as Emmet county delegate to attend the National Education Association convention to be held at Denver, Colr> Ju!\ Mi. Mr and Mrs John Manson have returned from a two week visit with Mr Manson's sister in New Jersey. Mrs Roy Griffin of Moline, 111. and Mrs Wm. Hunter and Judy of Rock Island, 111. returned to their homes Thursday. They were accompanied by Mrs Charles Lund and Janean who visited with her mother, Mrs John F. McGimsey. Pharmacist Charles Lund and Fred drove to Moline Sunday to get his family. Mr and Mrs Burton Cronk and Linda have returned from Big Springs, Neb. where they visited Mrs Eldon Soper. Rev. and Mrs Stanley Hansen and Teddy are Visiting at the parental Theodore Hansen home at Poy Sippi, Wis. Rev. Hansen's mother suffered a stroke recently. Mrs Victor Ostedgaard was honored Thursday evening on her birthday. Guests were her mother, Mrs Andrew Nelsen. Mr and Mrs Gene Ostedgaard, Lorie and Mike, Mr and Mrs Loren Johnson, Gayie and Jay, Mrs Robert Osted- gaard and family, Mrs M. H. Petersen and Barbara Thompson, all of here, Mr and Mrs Wm. Hamilton, Kim and Kelley of E«\mets- burg. Townsend Party Aigona Townsend ciub held its Paraue of States party, Tuesday evening, June 19 at the Wilbur Holdren home. High scores went to Mrs Chester Wiliey and Melvin Sill. Low scores to William Carney and Mrs Lyle Black with Mr Black getting the uicky cake which was baked by Mrs McConnel. Mrs Wiliey drew the door prize and Mrs Ted Fisher was sitting in the lucky chair. Mrs Carney heicl ihe cravel prize at the end of play. Next regular meeting will be Tuesday evening, June 26. at the A. M. Anderson nomc. Take Club Tour The yearly tour of the Plum Creek boys 4-H club was held June 9, starting at Jackie Keith's. Eugene Gardner gave a demonstration. After the tour a picnic and ball game were held at Call State seven leeuinu ' b THE NEAT DAY JOHN DITTON ( VMK OVER Gid.'.t ahv.v- has a few words to s,,;, n, .J,,;,n when he goes f, work about quarter ;„ four in the mornmt! This morning John said, ail -even pups had nun" (,n her and v..-n- dragced to the middle of the road an' 1 . John had ,ml tnem h:.(k int-j the sard 1 was <l.,uhl> grateful First that .loin n .. b'-duglit the pups back and .second, because he hadn't seen me pjn'nr" all over tin; yard b> the dawn's eai;> light in rnv -,l.ort> pajamas 1 ' '^ 01 it NEiGiiucms un.i. in, (ll .\i, -,„ kn ,, A IM , ,,„. , > ., nii _ ,, sooni stop and the ,, i; , s w,;i K, ^, ln , ,„ „„..,. ,„.,, ,„„,„ . A ',' ; - -; U<,l,t> Manfred, or I':,; a- •,, , „,, ,.,,„ ii; ,. ,. ( been n.,,rved pend,,,;; a I,;.;,. ,,„!'. Kl , kir , y ,„., .„,. , ^ I""/ llu'suii ,.;,„., Hi- one we w.,u.d be -„ ,,„„„. ' ,, ., ' turned on- n, I,..- M . ,.i'e Ms r;:,,r MHU-. , h, ,-.,-,] „„ ),„ ,• u ,', ,'.'' »'-•• .'•-•"•"••I th,- t,,,.t,,,, lltlll on, M.t.,n > ,„ , n , • ,,.,„.„; ,;,.":;.., <-! tin- :."'•! Ka'tr, ar,-l H; },,, I Fe.,-r,.r («„• e .',/.,, '(, , ,,'. . ' ' '•'"' '•'••''• '•'"• •••••''•,. ...,.., , :i ., k ,.. i,. ;( . Wl ,,',.:,;, ' (i ,.-•. .; i ; 11 '; 1 ' : ' ' ''" •' ; "•' "' ""• b;-k •,',; I per, M, I',,, M lll! ''"' '"•' r '" ;! "' '•" -[•;.I'"'. .! di/l ' ,.:,,,. |,.,, k ., . .. '" >"' >-'",' :' '•'•" -...! >l..s .„., | t .,.. i:f , M , ""V" 1 ;"": '••••' i: " v •'"'•• >'"•• •'<"•"••-' - - • • "• :l ''• :ii ' i - •••>•• '"•' >'•'• k'-p i.',.- ,. ni - i |,.,,. ( .i ,., v ,,. .,;.."; ,;/ '•'";> '••'• ••'<•>• rr,,.!c v.ho ,-. ma;K.>-i 1.).. (, ,],.,- •' •• • , "",'"' !'•••" "'- i - L '- ii ' r '' 1 "'• !•!«"• i dont km,,, i',,.,.,,',,;. ',.,;';, ';,'•, Lite do,;, m ti <• |.,-..| |,| c ., ,. • ' • planned ti<' and tm-ssv- .-x,,,.,,,.,,,... ,|,,, ,.„,,„,, „, (jur '•n. and I knov, v.i- i. .:•, ,, gone \i,u k.'ioA wiiat' 1 wouidn t t^-.c rt,.- ..-,j " ( - .,•',, ", '',' ' liiinu' ' " ••' •' '•' • " :; '. 'Iliis week's ri-< ipi is I in- Oiair'i- s^UiI h llardv "" 1 pht l.(.,n t i- J.r. ,!.;, ' - ' up boi.i;,j.i A,ill r 1 -slil.iil i .-ii In,/.,-,, ,,, Jfil .,. ; _ , , , % . , ,., 1 .••;na:i Ijoliu: ',11' I small ( all c i u-1,|..| i^.-i,-,,-,^;,. ;, , , ,.,, 1 small ( an M.JII ],., .,, ,,, „, _,, iJls.sohe gcLiiin i 1'our into mold ( hni ,, u ; , ; , UNTIL YOU FIND OUT WHAT YOUR DIAMOND DOLLAR WILL BUY AT SHARP'S V/5 ha/5 ne^er inflated the price of a diamond to offer you false sa/,ngs - and <ve ne/er will! Every diamond is honestly priced to br;ng >c/u the finest value possible. See this great co!:5 r .t,;n of d.arnonds today...tomorrow you will be grate- U >c,j rr:ads y^ choice at a store of distinction. Styles L-i'.rs'.id are a/ailab!e in both yellow and white 18K gold. CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS Auxiliary Group At Ottosen Names Officers ••'• ' Otloscii — AliHTlcau I.egii,.i \u.. ' "'" u i- 1 ''' [ >' iliary met recentiv at the lion.' ' tlUli ^"'-- i; • .',-,., of .Mrs LcKoy Woj'hy. Al '- K.M.,U-I i. , - ,. Klcclion of officers uas hcl .1 a.n 1 ""'' '' i:ll officers ucre reelected except i tlie treasurer, uhu had alreads , u '''•'" '••'•- •• i... ' ; served two >ears i!? ; 'T'"'',':'' '"' '",' ; ''' ""•• : Officei's are Alr.s Ohm H,Mg " '' ' '"" '" '''''' ' president, Mis Mike t'ovlc. uce t ' llliu " " " J "' '•'•'" t' •'" •• . i president, Alra Alfred SchulU, , ulher nn/ihi,. i • .,! ,1,1 oi, % n el .uiji; aCL'K'lai.v, .Mij Dean Tclfoid, nicl lui a ^^,,^ d.iuin. REGISTEBD3 JEWELED AMERICAN GEM SOCIETT ALGONAJOWA TO SETTLE THE ANNA SPRINGER ESTATE P STARTiNG AT 2:00 P.M. - ON THE PREMISES CHOICE BUSINESS SITE East edge of Swea City, Iowa Property lies North of Highway 9 and is approximately 330 feet by 150 feet Property recently surveyed. Legal Descriptions as follows That part of Lot 1, Block 1, Howard's 1st Addition to Swea City, lov/a, and Lot 1 of the Auditor's Plat of the SW'/i-SWU of Section 17, T99N, R29W of the 5th P. M. Kossuth County, Iowa, described as follows: Beginning at the Southwest corner of Lot 1, Block 1, Howard's 1st. Add., thence North 60' along the West line of said Lot 1, thence Northeasterly 90.5' to a point 85' East and 23' North of the SW corner of Section 17-99-29, thence Northeasterly 49' to a point on the North line of Lot 1, Auditor's Plat of the SW'/i-SW'/i Sec. 17-99-29 said point being 100' East of the NW corner of said Lot 1, thence East 230' along the North line of said Lot 1, thence South 165.6' to the Southeast corner of Lot 1, Block 1, Howard's 1st Add., thence West 330' to the point of beginning, all in the Town of Swea City, Iowa, subject to highway easement. TERMS OF SALE ON REAL ESTATE: 20% down payment upon execution of usual real estate contract. Immediate Possession. Balance 30 days upon furnishing abstract showir g merchantable title and tender of Administrator's Deed approved by Probate Cogrt. ALSO 1 1931 MODEL "A" FORD AUTOMOBILE WILL BE SOLD ON THE PREMISES For Additional information contact Dale Yungcherg, Auctioneer, or Leo J. Cassel and I,. W. Nitchals, Co Administrators of the Anna Springer ICstate »»+«*+«•+•»»«+»««»»»»»»»»»+•«»+»++»»»»•+•»««»»+«»»+

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