The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1962 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1962
Page 16
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8-Algeria (la.) Upper Des Moines Tuesday, June 12, 1962 Ruark - Schafer Nuptials Hazel Teeter had devotions and Jeft Friday for Okoboji wliere she .ICMC IS THK MONTH OF WEDDINGS and this column customarily lakes ntnple notice of (he fact. One of the reasons for this is, of course, thai Thursday night comes around pretty often and I have to have something to write about. Another reason "is that, in spite of all Hie things I know now th;it I didn't know before I was married. I still love romance, moonlight, roses, and weddings! In fact, I even love marriage which can be quite a different story. 1 still think it is the most exciting mess — 1 mean adventure — a girl can get herself into. IN THE PAST I HAVE written quite a bit of marriage advice. I've told brides how to henpeck a husband: how husbands can get along with their "little woman": how things are apt to change before and after marriage; and how various people — sports writers, accout- nnts. lawyers, etc. — might write a wedding story for the paper. So far as 1 know, not one single person has taken any of these pearls of wisdom seriously, and I have to confess that little of it ha.s worked cut very well when I try to apply it myself. But one of the prerogatives of reaching my age is that you are supposed to be able to give advice. So advise I shall, come what probably will. ON THE SAME THEOKV THAT says ok! maids can give the best advice on how to bring up children, the subject of this year's discourse to brides is going to be how to please a husband. Now I. and several million other wives know that this is an impossible task but this year's crop of brides hasn't caught on to this yet. They've still got stars in tlieir eyes, the heady scent of orange blossoms in their nostrils, and they have slews of wedding presents just wailing to be used in various deiightful ways to please a husband. •t MOST RRIDES. WHILE THIS Al'RA of romance is still upon them, resolve to treat their husbands as if they were kings. He. in turn, has promised to treat her like a queen. But do your remember what happened to Mary. Queen of Scots. Anne Bolyn and Marie Antoinette? They were queens and they lost their heads trying to please a man! HOWEVER. TRYING TO PLEASE a man can have less drastic results and there are several more practical ways to try to do it. One way. so (hey .say, is to have his pipe and slippers ready for him when he comes home from work. This might be a good gimmick for you to try, but I must say it never worked at our house. ' * IN THE EIRST PLACE. THE man I married never has sore feet p.nd is not a shoe shedder He keeps his shoes on until he gets read. for bed and slippers are excess baggage to him. As for pipes, he doe enjoy smoking one sometimes, but I can't get it out for him. In fact I am forbidden to even touch his pipe. This started the time I washec his favorile one along with his overalls. It came out of the washing machine unharmed so far as I could see. It was shining clean, absolutely sanitary and much better smelling than it was before. But my husband uas most unappreciative. He said washing it took all the "nice crust" he had developed on it and just after he had it nicely broken in. too! I gave up trying to please him by washing his pipe. Esther Hilton had the program. Because July 4 falls on the first Wednesday^of the month, the July meeting will be held July 2. On July P. officers and other members will attend the annual officer's training senior at West Bend. Members voted to hold the annual turkey supper Oct. 10. Hostesses for Wednesday's meeting were Janice Schaeller, Hazel Larson, Nellie Clark and Harriet Black. ifiillil . clny ANOTHER WAY YOl" .MIGHT try to please your bridegroom is to get up in the morning and get a nice, hot breakfast for him. But I want to warn you this may not work for all husbands. You may get ene of the kind that can't bear any food in the morning. He may even be the real grumpy type in the a.m.. which requires that you stay in Led until after he's prne io work. The best way to please this type is to let him gut his coffee downtown and work out his grouch on his coworkers. * * * THERE ARE TIMES WHEN husbands get nostalgic over things "the way Mother used to make them " it will do you no good to point nut that Ins mother sometimes resorts to opening cans or thawing frozen dinners just as you do. Men remember how good things tasted iv'ien they were \ourm When you are young and perpetually "stars •' l"'a:iUt liii't, ; ~:ii'..i,.. : . ;, (...tcx better than a thick ste:ik "does v Claudia Rtiark. (laughter of Mr. ar.rt Mrs. Claude Ruark. Algona, mi a Marvin Schafer. son of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Schafer, West Bend, vere married May :>0 in the Presbyterian church here. Rev. M. H. Prower officiated. The new Mrs. Schafer is a 19B1 graduate of Aigona high school. The newiywcds, who are both employed here, are at home in Algona following a wedding trip to the Black Hills. (UDM F'ngraving) Monday evening. A pot luck supper was held and Hazel Teeter and Vi McDonald were in charge of the program which included: A reading by Louise McFarlanfl: several songs by Sunday School children: a skit by Gary Huber and Cynthia Chipman: and a reading by Gloria Hayes. The Bohis were presented a table lamp as a gift from the congregation. Mr and Mrs F. C. Soderberg arc spending some time at Excelsior Springs, Mo. They will be gone about IO days. Sharla Sarchet, 4 year old dau ghter of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Sarchet, underwent a tonsillectomy at St. Ann hospital Friday. Mr and Mrs H. L. Sauerman, Sparta, Wis. visited with Burt friends Memorial Day. Mrs Sauerman is the former Marjorie Staley. Mr and Mrs Jim Frederickson and family. Rockwell, visited a! the parental E. P. Frederickson and L. H. Riedel homes. .Mrs Elsie Lockwood left Tues- for Okoboji where she will manage the hotel at the Methodist camp this summer. Mrs Helen Vogel arrived home Monday after visiting several days at the home of her daughter and family, the Dr. Robert Melvilles, Iowa City. Carilyn Hinckley attended the wedding of a coflege classmate, Stuart at Sioux City Wednesday. Carilyn was in charge of the guest book at the reception. She will be employed during the sum mer. Among graduates at Luther college June 3 was Dennis Hammerstrom, son of Mr and Mrs Russell Hammerstrom, former Burt residents now of Riccville. Mrs Estella Ilansen, Emmetsburg, conducted an officers training school at the Methodist church Monday for officers of the WSCS. Attending were Mary Jean Andrews, Lcfie McMullen, Edna Smith, Stella Geesman, Esther Hilton, Rowena Ryeri m, Hnzcl Larson, Shirley Lovstad, Beulah Furniture store and plans for Davis, Frances Sarchet, Florence Spear, Janice SchaelhJ, Jluby Hinckley and Gladys Hawcott. Mrs Bertha Wallace observed her 8Blh birthday Saturday by going on a shopping trip, after which she was taken out to dinner by her daughter, Mrs Gladys Hawcott. In the afternoon, she entertained friends who dropped in to wish her a happy anniversary. Cresco Chums 4-H Cresco Chums met at Call State park following a tour of Read's Rally Day and all day worshop were discussed. Demonstrations were given by Susan Johnson. Mary Zaugg and Sharon Roethler. Virginia Gisch and Sheila Friders will attend 4-H camp this month. Guests wert Mrs Roethler, Mrs Zaugg, Mrs Neuroth, Mrs Johnson, Ann Smith, Edna Friders and Debbie Spect. More women than men came to U. S. as immigrants (481,000 vs 421,000) in the last three years, but more men than women migrated from the U.S. to other countries. False Teeth Trouble? 12 From Burf Seek The Big Ones Burt — Twelve avid fisherman from Burt are dangling their hooks this week at Red Lake. Ontario. Canada. Hoping to bring home their limit are Fred Hilton and Gary. Dr. M. Lichter and Ray. Harold Marin. Harley Hansen. Howard Batt. "liff Abbas. Bob Hamilton and Bill. Ernie Lavrenz and a friend of the Hiltons from Crystal Lake. Pastor Honored A family fellowship night, honoring Rev. and Mrs \S'm. Bohi and Virginia, was held at the church Gets Gold Pin Stella Geesman was presented a certificate and gold life membership pin by members of the WSCS at the June meeting. Making the presentation was .Mary Jean Andrews, president. New members of WSCS are Mildred Larson, Rochelle Scott and Dorothy Johnston Enjoy perfect fitting dentures. Say "good bye" to daily use of sticky pastes. On« application of this clear, soft flowing plastic holds false teeth comfortably and securely for many weeks. Mild antiseptic sooths tender gums. Fresh, minty flavor guards you against "denture breath." A 4 to 6 months supply- „„ j Money-back guarantee. USHION v "(mist TEETH This Coupon Good For 25* On Purchase Of "CUSHION THUENTE PHARMACY CY 4-2528 23-26 a yiu a: i- old.-:- I'.ut h'.i-'i.mtU. aUva> ; lo the wjy Mother cooked it. rvmg, I A hen ' think that relish of food was due I !!\\K 11 \I> TOO much trouble \vith my husband's lonfi- mg [or his mother's cooking, although 1 have picked up a few good ii|r*! h'.-r .such us [)i,i;u.g niiMn.-, m the poultry stuffing. The thing It ant do •'Ilk'.- Mother u.ed i<r i.-, keep house. She has my r, sped in because -iif U ab-iut the neatest housekeeper I know. And _ad<Ulion;il a-.u- [or accomplishing thi-, even when her son Hi" -..ay that n,an throws hi.-, things aiound is a caution' Voi (.1.1 Tllltou.H Till-: first romantic ye.irs of mar-' hu-l,an.l ma;. p-i „ !iul.- harder t.. At'least he may '' !1! '••>' I nn,re earth;, things For example the !'•[• 'i;> >.>i-l,:.,n<l at the present stage of our rmir- - b.iik i-r dig the ingrown hairs out of ins neck '••'at.i ,,-> (.i-ttiiig all dressed up in something •'•••>' :>"!''ti: pi-rlumr baik of the ears but I can t -ii '.t s.,'1,1 u i,,,n when 1 hit lu.-t the right sp,,t. B B TAMPS matter, he,. i iv. \1 AT s Enco Service h !! \( IIKI.OU IN vioKIKS take girls to their apar'.- i..n_., .M;-, |_' U > takes me to the davenport • giu-ii \uu June bride.-, all ti,:-, • ! an I marry the guy, anyv.iv. .M! ,,f tin- nine ,1 an nnpos.siMe nil 1 I here are times wrien \<,>i an STATE & MINNESOTA IN ALGONA We are proud to announce we have taken on King Korn Stamps for our customers. We feel this is another step forward by Elbarfs Enco Service and still another service we can offer our customers. nice work when jou c \ M \S .«, i his stoma< h husbands ha 1 , c If \ou'd like h .-> liread. Br\ . .Motor Turn- \\h(-( WE FEATURE Hi)- 4 9 Hutlories Ali'4'nnu'iit Mechanical Work ^ Accessories © 'I'op Service f ' ' ••»' - '.'..' . '.f. ! .I.J ,•. i '-"^-^--''-••"""Mi:"'":.:';^-: ^v;,™ 1 ;, i-M-.-^-^". 1 ,'.;::•.:•:• •::;',;fe£ "-•'•••« Ml 1 i Ii Two \< .,!• i ;.| , ., ..... j tl nco Service Algona •'• ! ' " '•'• -'"> K I.- - l,.-ucl U-Uvi- ' - 1 - ' I - !'•., (ii-_ j.Mllfl m |],s lie,, ''" ' •' ' '• •'•'•' i- "In 1 uallet njjpi '•' I '"' '.1.1- -M ull>;ll-:| Clip These Coupons Come In Today! Science Shrinks Piles Stops Itch-Relieves Pain l«w T.rk, N. T. (Sp«l.l) - »„, tk. .. .v._ . . *•***! n«w i«rk, ^. T. (SpMt.i) _ p ot tjj, firtt un.o ucu-nce has found & new bi-u!.i.g nut.-iance wil.h the »»too- Isl-.i-t,' ability to shrink bu/nor- i>- ..J», til, i, iuhicg, aod reliev* pt.rj - wiih..ut Burgory. la cast n/tur case, while g-enUy •eJienujf paio, actual reduction re) took place. • o thorough th.t luffereri m.d, •.•toiuiiij.ii^ .Lati-.u,enti lika "PUe* ta'i' cca iu ,l u, f« * pnbU-ml- 1n««u,-ict i, t Ilcw . J( , a . ^ .ta.,t, (!.,>. Ilinc^-a,^,^, ^ * * u rlJ-IU(iiou» reseurch iu»t:tuU. Jhis iubiuuc« i, nuw availubl* In »uppo«ioi> or «uitin.n« / on « under the name ~ 44«UdfU( — COUPON NO. 1 50 EXTRA FREE 50 STAMPS With $2.00 Purchase ELBERT'S ENCO SERVICE GOOD JUNE 7 THRU 14. 1962 Th.i Coupon fttdn-moblc Only for Kmi) Korn Stjmpi All ri'jhtt ri•- in Ihv K.nq K-jrn St.lmp Cu. LIMIT ONE PER fAMILY — COUPON NO. 2— | —COUPON NO. 3— I 100 P XR ™ 100 KCRN STAMPS 50 F X R T E R E 50 I KINO KORN STAMPS I With $2.00 Purchase ELBERT'S ENCO SERVICE | I &COQ JUNE 15 THRU 21, 1962 Th.i Coupon Redeemable Only For Km<) K',rn Sl.impi. All rights rt ,n the King Korn Stomp Co LIMIT ONE P£R FAMILY With $2.00 Purchase ELBpRT'S ENCO SERVICE GOOD JUNE 27. THRU 28, 1962 This Coupon Redeemable Only For King Korn Stjmpt. All right* reserved In the King Korn Stamp Co. LIMIT ONE PER FAMILY I UIMIUNfcrtK FAMILY • II.^I-P^. "•--•». *••»WT -•> w r - ru 'AMILY | L | M | T ONE „„ fAM|Ly * l)M1T pNJ pfg FAM||pY Gifts! Come in and register for the 5 pop-pleasing gifts we're offering in observance of Father's Day. Everybody in the family eligible to register, including the kiddies. There will be 5 different winners, one for each of the 5 gifts to be awarded. No purchase necessary to participate and winners need not be present to win. Registration ends at 5 P. M. Saturday, June 16th — winners will be notified. This is our way of honoring Dad on His Day. TRY TO WIN A G8FT FOR DAD GRAND PRIZE - Choice of either a SUMMER SUIT or SPORT COAT AND PA8R OF SLACKS. 2nd PRIZE ,3rd PR1ZK Hh PRI/K 5th PRIZE SPORT SHIRT AND SLACKS. STRAW MAT. SHORT SLEEVE SPORT. SHIRT, SHORT SLEEVE KNIT SHIRT, PEOPLE WHO KNOW QUALITY — KNOW LENDER'S M»««lillllllllllBlllillliIlilll!IIliU^

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