The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1962 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1962
Page 15
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Mr and Mrs Harold Burgers, Tommy, Mary and Barbara were weekend guests at the Burton Hansens. They are former residents of Titonka and now live at Squaw Creek. Mr and Mrs Marvin Flack, Postville, were Sunday to Monday morning visitors of the Art Dietrichs. Mr and Mrs Edward Hagge of Humboldt were visitors Memorial Day at Mrs Tanna Anderson's. Win. Ormston is instructing a class in driver's training at the school. It opened Monday morning and will run for 6 weeks. Richard Peterson and family, Ft. Dodge, visited the parental Ernest Peterson family this weekend. The Wayne Koppen family, Rake, were- visitors Wednsday. Titonka Woman's Club held their annual breakfast at the home of Mrs Edward Brandt Thursday, May 31. Hostesses were Mrs E. Brandt, Mrs C. Krantz, Mrs J. Budlong and Mrs H. Andrews Announcement was made this week of the engagement of Jo Ann Baade, daughter of the Dick Baades to Phillip Asa, son of the Fred Asas, Algona. They plan on August wedding. NEVER FEAR, MV LADY DEAR THE STRENGTH I NEED TO DO THIS DEED I 6ET FROK* DRINKIN6 THE GOOD MILK OF CONSOLIDATED Marlys 'Bratrud, Seneca, Bride In June 3 Nuptials Sonera — The marriage of Marlys Bratrucl, daughter of Mr and Mrs Meivin Bratrucl, Ringsted. and David Macotnber, son of Mr and Mrs T. 0. Macomber, Grand Rapids, Mich., was solemnized Sunday, June 3, at the Blakjer Lutheran church, Seneca. The bridal couple is pictured above. Rev. Stanley Hansen, performed the double ring ceremony. Nuptial music was provided by the church pianist, Mrs John Johannesen and the soloist, Mrs Robert Mclntyre. Mrs Garry Allen, (Dorothy Nielsen), Conesville, Iowa, was the matron of honor and Mrs Gaylord served as the bride's personal attendant. Raymond Simpkin^ a friend of the groom from MusKcgon, Mich. served as best man. Ushers wern Gaylord Olsen and Allan Bratrud, Jackson, Minn. Guests were registered by Mr;: Allan Bratrud of Jackson, Minn There were about 125 at the reception in the church parlors. her Master's Degree. After teaching at Davenport for a few years, she has signed a contract to teach in Los Angeles this fall. Ann Steven will remain at the Hamilton Business School at Mason City through the summer. FATHERS INDIVIDUALLY GIF J-WRAPPED, LIGHTERS POUCHES HUMIDORS The SMOK Refreshments were served at > table centered with a five-tiered wedding cake. Mrs John Poland of Graettinger and Mrs Vincent Allen of Ruthven, aunts of the bride, presided at the coffee sor vices. The wedding cake was served by Mrs Lief Rierson, Ruthven and Mrs Dayton Allen, Emmetsburg, also aunts of the bride. Mrs Henry Looft was dining room hostess and waitresses were Martha and Sandra Allen of Ruthven and Pamela Allen of Emmetsburg. Kitchen hostess included Mrs Curtis Olsen, Mrs Charles Beaver, Mrs Olaf Oftedahl, Mrs Henry Wilberg and Mrs Kenneth Halvcr- son. The bride was graduated from Ringsted high school with the class of '53 and has been employed at Hethesda Lutheran hospital, Minneapolis, for the past two eyars. The groom graduated from the Creston high school, Grand Rapids, Mich., in 1953, served in the U. S. Navy from 1955-1957. He also attended Grand Rapids Junior College and Bethel College in St. Paul, Minn. After a short honeymoon the couple will reside at Alpha, Minn., where the groom is engaged in fanning. Whenever you see all three cars at home walk by with a wary eye as Matt Hildman may be out practicing with his BB gun again. Has 'Glenn Gabrielson been training his mother-in-law's parakeet for purposes of sabotage? Mrs Vinnie Laymon says it sings its very loudest at the sound of President Kennedy's voice. Clarence Huff had the best of reasons for taking a night fishing trip. A number of ladies gathered at his home for a lato evening coffee party with important business the object. They are all mothers of small fry and the purpose was to set some rules in motion for the summer vacation to keep said small fry under con trol, with a final agreement of nc visiting until one in the afternoon. Art Olsen must know what it doesn't rain but what it pours means by now. He was lucky enough to catch a ride home a week early after being told hf could recuperate here and go back for a checkup. But he got home just in time to catch his young son's sore throat so his neck is. now sore inside and out. The tiix children accompanied by their mother, Mrs Art H\x, the grandparents, Mr and Mrs George nix, thc'ir fmnt and uncle, Mr and Mrs Victor Fitch, and two sisters of Mrs George Mix visiting from California, went to a picnic dinner at Clear Lake Friday. They were met there by their father, Art l\\x, who is now working at Mason City. be rrmduotrd and mnnnged by a board of mil less than five nor more than fifti en directors, who shall bo elected from the shareholders at the annual meiting of the corporation and shall hold utiu-e for the term of one year or uniil their successors are elected and <ui tlifiod and have accepted office. (i Annunl and Special Meetings of Stockholders. The annual meeting of <lu- ;••", Klmldcrs shall be held at the office •>( Hie corporation on the first Wedni sday following the second Monday in December of each year, beginning with the year 1!M>2, at which time the stockholders shall elect a board n! directors and transact such other h tsiness as may lawfully come befoi'c them. 7 Provisional Directors. Until the first annual meeting of the storkhol- Uers. ihr following named persons, whose post office addresses are as Indicated below, shall be the directors of :hc enrporation Dale Aulcl. l.aPortc City. Iowa C \V Conn. Algona. Iowa T (' Hutchison. Algona. Iowa E .1 Long. Leon. Iowa H K Long. Leon. Iowa K w Richard. Hnmeston. Iowa ri 1. Shnrpnnck, I02!l — 13th St., West DCS Monies. Iowa B A Frankl, Algcmn. Iowa fl Annual Meeting of Board of Directors The annual meeting of the board oi directors shall be held im- I mediaiclv following the adjournment of He annual meeting of the stock- hold, n:. at wnieh time It shall elect a president, vice president and cashier, and may elect or employ such other oificers. clerks or employees as shall be deemed necessary for the transaction of the business of the consolation. Until the first annual meeting of the board of directors, the ollo\vmg named persons, whose post office addresses are as Indicated be- iow. shall be the officers of the corporation : President: C. W. Conn. Algona, Iowa Vi.e President: H. E. Long. Leon. Io\\ a Cashier: Fred A. Dlekmann, Jr., Al- -;orn. Iowa Asst Cashier: Wm. G. Nugent. Al- ,;on'i, Icma !) Pi wale property of Shareholders jxrinpt. The private property of the •.hareholders of this corporation shall me exempt from corporate liability. in Ineorporators. The Incorpo.a.ors are. Dale Auld. C. W. Conn. T. C. Hutchison. E. J. Long, H. E. Long, K W nil-hard, R. L. Sharpnack and B. A Frankl. Daied tins 2!)th day of May. 1902. THE SECURITY STATE BANK By C. W. Conn, President Fred A. Diekmann. Jr., Cashier (Published June 5. 12, 19 and 28, I!lfi2. in The Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moinest. Sexton Area By The Village Gossip Kexlon — This is a warning for anyone taking a Irivc on iho blacktop through Sexton. W\.lcli nut for our new red light. It p )es on and off the road at unexpr-rtrd intervals and not always from the same driveway. You won! get a ticket if >cu go "through" it, bu ; i! would surely mean years nf sorrow for the driver w!.o did. Su far there have only been snmc i tests on some mighty good brakes, and some threats of a warm bottom for a little rod light. Legal Notices Notice oi Incorporation THE SECURITY STATE BANK Algona, Iowa Notice is hereby given that the in- pnrators whose names are listed ow have caused to be meorporated rHE SECURITY STATE BANK. Aluna, Iowa, uncle)' Chapter -11)1. Code I Iowa I:i58. as amended, pursuant to iticies ot incorporation which include jrovisions in subslance as follows 1. Name and Place of Business. The ame ot the corporation shall be "The ecurity State Bank" and its place of usini.'.>.^ :'! ; all be in the City of Algona, Kossulh County, Iowa. 2. Business The general nature of he b.-sinu-ss to be ttansaclc'd by this oipoiatiun shall be that of n state ,m!<. riimiu.ud unclui' the provisions ot Chapters 027, ii~it, 52'J and 5^^. Cod*' of lima. r.t5H. and acts of the legislature amendatory thereto; and this corporation hereby assumes and takes lo itself all and singular the powc i rs conl<:rri.'d upon state hanks by the laws of Iowa, and accepts all the duties, obligations, rights and privileges imposed thereby. 3. Capital Stock. The capital stock of this corporation shall be $125,000 anc shall be divided into shares of S10 each and shall be fully paid before the corporation begins the transaction of its business. 4. Duration. The existence of- this corporation began on May 23. lnfi2, the dale on which the Secretary of State issued his certificate of incorporation, and shall mutinm." for twenty years tlicreafU-r; and the Co: poral ion m.iy onimi'iice In* 1 1 rrinspchnn of business hen a ccrl n icalr ot the Supt-rmU-n , nl of Hankl,iK sh.ill ha\v b.-i n is authori/im> i' I" do so. Its cm- ,i:\ite existence iriav then br trimln h-.1 at any nine t<v a thiue-loui ills o! t of the stnrkhiililiTs al any IX-BU i .-i-tcial ti-ii-ctmi! called for that 10 .r. in coiilni mity with the articles ; inc-n poi .1'inn ami in accordance uth the pmyisions of Ilie statute. i buna ol Din-dor* and Officers I'lic affairs ot this corporalion shall Council Minutes with HAIL INSURANCE Hail losses were heavy in 1961. Don't be a victim in J962. Insure now with Fanners Mutual Hail and be Safe. Fire and lightning protection on crops in the field is included at no extra cost. BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 6 North Podge CY 4-4443 Sui-priai- Yivit Mr anil Mrs John .Jennings liar an enjoyable Stni'iay <,f callers h'nUl and a irk-nd came lro:r .•.l.iir;; and l.tlcr Mr ami Mr; .Sabm anil Mr aii'l Mr* t'lai cnee (YaiHday came calling. 1 ua.s (jiiite a scare for the neigh hoi'.-; round tibcui, but only a pu-a Saul sur^ri-ii 1 lui' .Mi'o Jennjiys when llial bii; blaek an 1 white hearse parked in the driveway. It was only Don Jennings on his way to a meeting in hi.s "busiiiesj ear' stopped in to surprise the folks. \i'\v Caiididatrs? If it would ever take place this ieenis like u good time for some new candidates for mayor in time lor the fall (.'lection. Since he it so active in keeping up the towi how about August Kirsihbaum for the Action Party and since he is u member in good standing at the Sunday morning council meetings and Klmer Phillips for the Talking Party. COUNCIL MINUTES The Cilv Council met May 31, 196i fh Mayor Shicrk and the following named council members: Muckey, Steffnn, Elbert, Anclreascn, Finn. Absent: Peirce. Minutes of last meeting were read ana approved. Mr. Chrischilles came before the coun- I and gave a report on activity at thw .ibrarv. Elbert, Muckey and Kohl were appoint* ed to meet with the race track official! it the fairground to form an agreement or nominal fee for use of the fire equip- Tnt at the races. Group of residents from west Call and State street appeared before the council concerning street improvement. L M.i-ibnch came before the council request that the council include 3 blocks of seal coating at the airport along th the street program. Request approved. Bohannon Ins. agency was designated agent of record for the purpose of obtaining a rate on public buildings. Ron Taylor came before the council concerning sanitary sewer extension N. Woostcr street. Authorized 3 firemen to attend Firo School at Ames, la. Beer permit granted to Bill's Marke and Frank & Em's Place. Cigarette perm granted Frank & Em's Place. Appointment of Bill Finn to the Boar of V\d/ustftient was approved. ' ' /S/ Dr. C. C. Shierk '' Mayor Attest /S/ David A. Smith City Clerk GENERAL Shierk, Salary $ 112.50 irrith, Salary --- 2 U 54 'a btale Bank, WHold. 2590 : Bceiman, Fence - 12500 BM Coip Sui.plios 2 50 C.Kh Br •. , iupnhei . . 6 '18 League ot la Wun., Dues _ 17500 Norton Mjchmr, Repairs _ . 2 OU NW Ecll, Telephone . . - 2553 J Ostrum. Dog Pen _ ..... 8500 '.hierk, expenses . 14.60 Smith, Expenses - - 6900 STREET BurtU, ' Salary * 143.70 Frambach, Salary 131.60 Hclmers, Salary 143.80 Lashbrook, Salary ... 169.25 Motzen, Salary ... 138.00 Pergandc, Salary ... .. 167,61 Prow, Salary 148.00 Wibben, Salary .. __ 121 4J la Stale Bank, Whold 11090 Algona Elec., Services ... 603.00 Algona Tree Service, Services -IS 00 Allen Equipment, Mdse ... 6235 CitiOi Service, Gas ..... .. 19561 C. Kraser, Sidewalk ._ 17/80 Laing Pltig., Services l,67(, 70 Norton Machine, Repairs . . -M78 NW Bell, Telephone 1: 72 Phillips Petrol., Md« . . I'. 22 Sanfax Corp., Sanfax .... 187.85 C. Wagner, Digging .......... 6400 PUBLIC SAFETY boekelman, Salary ... 20992 Bulten, Salary .. 157 70 Fisher, Salary . , . 136 59 Hutchison, Salary .... 15/65 Jorgcnson, Salary ... 166.21 Mit'tag, Salary M6.59 Elbert, Salary 15.00 Kohl, Salary ._ _ 20.00 Voigt, Salary 144,77 la. State Bank, Whold .... 116.10 Trust & Aaency, Pension 1285 Cities Service, Gas ...... 82 63 Electronic Spec., Repairs 2775 Ncilscn-Rionda, Badges .... 3300 NW Bell, Telephone ... 24,65 ROAD USE TAX Crouse Cartage, Freight .... 741 Gibbs-Cook, Repairs ... 96 9B Ironhto Co., Mdse. . .... 4900 Reding's Gravel, Machine Hire 25 00 Standard Ol, Asphalt .. 209.30 SANITATION Etaar,, Salary 93 .T Leeck, Salary _ 933 Courtney, Salary 933? Directory Service, Maps ... 4 50 Reiner Helmcrs Sewer Work _ 1871' NW Bell, Telephone M5C, Vincent Clay, Bricks . I 24 74 Max Hclmers, Sewer Work 18705 N. Central Pub Service, Gas I24b B. Reille/, Labor ... 2500 SEWER RENTAL Gronbach, Salary 133 7U Lomkec, Salary 1806V ia. State Bank, Interest 2^.50 la. Slate Bank, Interest . .. 57600 la. Stjte Bank, Whold . . . 25.30 American Pipe Cleaning, Cleaning Sewers __ .._.--.- 4,15668 L. Fairbanks, Machine Hire . 14650 Frederick Hdwc., Mdse 198 Roakus Hclmers, Labor _ 12750 Max Holmcrs, Labor _. 1200 "?cinrr Helmers, Labor _ 12.00 Herbs! Ins., Premium 37423 Michel Sales, Paint 407.7U orton Machine, Repairs 4.97 W Bell, Telephone 15.20 RECREATION orton Machine, Repairs 4 50 A. Bilycu, Maintenance 15.00 entges, Maintenance 15.00 lutzell s, Baseball Sursnhes . 405.68 DEBT SERVICE l State Bank, Interest ... 46 50 Merchants Nat'l, Interest . . 14000 Valley Bank & Trust, Interest 77 50 Des Momes Nat'l., Interest 70.00 Tuesday, June 12, 1962 Algona (Id.) Upper Dos Moines— 7 Merchants Nn! la Stale Sec St-il'' '. .i'- Inteu'U . Interest 77 50 1 08 50 51 00 S.fflBs, Salary la St-lte Bank, Whold A Arjenc.v Pen' '.h.,p R.-pa ,-, * Me. Pf|,.-|,r. n .V,ll,,lr.n P.I.,' r.t 10699 54,60 2 12 34 70 19 80 145 00 r GEHL'S HI-THROW BLOWER Shoots up 60 tons an hour ...pushes down loading costs Summer Srlinol This town has produced some very ambitious young girls, they are not going to waste a whole summer in play. After teaching all year Virginia Klein is going buck to school this summer to study for her degree. Glennda (idbriclson is erturning at Cedar Falls tor the summer session aftei a week al home so she can attempt college in three years instead of four. Marilyn Low-man is going to summer school al Viie University of Michigan to add credit for Here's how to fill 'em up fust and automatically: use tin? GEHL team — a "Hi-Throw" Hopper Blower and Self-Unloading Forage Box. Pushbuttons were never faster. There's ton-a-minute capacity with these power partners. Three Forage available — a Blowers are 10-ft. Uougn model for either rear or side unloading, a 3-footer for all side-unloading boxes, and the all-new Hopper Blower. These Gehl Blowers can keep pace willi tlie fastest field chopper. There's capacity to spare. ... And remember, Gehl gives yon inure /or your 7/ia- chinery dollar. Slop in soon. QBHU'8 PTO POWER PARTNERS . . . lift the biudi'ii irum your back, nialie yuur Iractw payback more. JOE BRADLEY To Voters of Supervisor Dist. 3 For Their Generous Support of My Candidacy In The Primary. Richard Cosgrove j: Titonka £ ;| Cdsts So Little, Let us demonstrate the Model 25 Today "As Advertised in Farm & Home Sedion" ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. Diagonal St. — Algona, Iowa years was mighty cheapV Cooperatives are the balance wheel that strengthens our free economy ALGONA BENEFITS 1»3, by Co-op A*h Cewd ''You remember those times. Farm prices kept going down and down, but costs of farm equipment and supplies were pretty steady. No matter how hard you worked, you couldn't make a living. "If we'd had stronger co-ops during tfiosc times it wouldn't have been so bad. Now, with our own local and regional marketing and supply co-ops we get the best possible prices for our crops and we buy for less money. "Farming is too tough a job to try to get along without the protection of our co-ops," NO. 13 OF A SERIES LONE ROCK CO-OP EXCHANGE Lorenz Geitzermuer, Mgr. WEST BEND ELEVATOR CO R. W. Jurgens, Mgr. CO-OP GRAIN & PRODUCT CO., Ringsted. Kenneth Patterson, Mgr. LuVERNE CO-OP ELEVATOR Eldon Guess, Mgr. FENTON CO-OP ELEVATOR Curtis Lura, Mgr. BURT CO-OP ELEVATOR J. L. Miller, Mgr. IRVINGTON CO-OP ELEVATOR . . . , E. F. immerfaii, Mgr. TITONKA CO-OP ELEVATOR Jack Stott, Mgr. FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR, Bode .... E. N. Ellingson, Mgr. LEDYARD CO-OP ELEVATOR Bernard Reilly, Mgr. HOBARTON CO-OP ELEVATOR, Algona ... Ray Reid, Mgr. WHITTEMORE CO*OP ELEVATOR .... Larry Twedt, Mgr. FARMERS ELEVATOR CO, Swea City Russell Parker, Mgr.

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