Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 1, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1896
Page 6
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Schooner Gobs Down Off Milwaukee and Four Seamen Are Lost, The Strange -Affliction of ISOfl. Little He Stopped Growing-Limbs Became Useless and He was Unable to Walfc-His-Cure Brought . ' About la a Singular From thf observer, CliarMla, .V. C. Captain, Mate aid Cook Rescued with Difficulty—Wild Schooner Sinks Craft in Chicago Harbor. TTc'Crin? that a chilil near Iron Stulioii. Eiiicohi County, liai'. I". 1 ! 1 !! !;re«tlj' beiio(ilcd S»J the use of Dr. Williuiiss' Pink Pills i'or ^1)0People, n rt/prcxeiiiiiii vu ot' t!u: Oljjt:r't'cr wja.t thither to sc^ mul mcurtuin the at th« benefit the child li.'ul received. COVUM, wns this lino: "Dr. V.'iHiania' I'Uhfurl-i 11 rcu'l ti-..:i thoj-'c pii's would liuilJ lip the. hone, 1 li-lt i.!ini they were the things fur Wilbur,"said his mother. ''Old .Mre, U:i!!(jy sat up ni'iirly all of one I niirlit roiidinc; 'this ]»iiiuihiiT, with nil the on Det-inalii-r 5, ISK. tr> u little, ti'stiinoiiiiil.; it contained. A I'.-w d:iys alter aDtmtry°~cottuxu iis tiiv nine w»o>.ld, u mile i thev ;<u\l to one of the two villa.« stoves distant I'coiu Iron Sutiou, the importer SMM j in:.I g:it twn bo.tes^cf i!;i- piiis. 't'his va& & bri.u'ht-faced, y0[ji;_( u,3i;iy:i,n i/urtMtr:'.:Jo- I .-(bout ihe l.-i.-it of November, 1,S!>J. IX'.lbre 1 in 1 li::il finished taking tin' lirst. l«ix. the htile. iclluv.- wi;.s r.bltf 10 bejtr his wci;:!!! on I iiis feet, ami In-fore rlic .si't'inid box n'lis nil Ij-^ie, heeiuild hoM a 1 chair bcfurt' liim and ;>usli it auivi.is ihu !!ci>!'.- " V/t 1 b'^'ivn liy.uiviii;: hir.i u iliir.l of ;i pil! f .il r. !ii:ii'. 'iifiorwurU iiu-rmsiiipr i!»' ilosi: to :i li; 1 .!;', af they lii-K! oi;L a Jo:::' ihiio," .-:a.id Sot ii ryj)u with li.^'.ir. l::iir uml dim; oyus, IK i:i rhi: Uoiii'w:!;,- with uvo pluiuu. (truss, Munlianiii^ tluit he \v:u looking t'.iinily of Ko'iinso!:*, lliL 1 \vuiiiiiu it iirst n li.'U'.- ^:l~;>!l•inlls, tf)'"n:nl :i c" . iil:l :r.iir.i"l }t>r. V»':lli:i:iid' pin!: l''l!«l'jr L'.ily I'nojilc," 'Sixt young ran.'Ii'i 1 siiiilci! a pi ii plcusod idOK cjinie into lu-i 1 (-y'.-s ,t.s rihi'S'iiii 'v-uin.'m," and odded, "I giu-sa iluit's tho onv," i>oiatiii!j to the younger nl' tlic firn liulc hny.-. It was itn hiim'tlu lin.'iij.-, r.'»> /'i:::iily buiii.^ composoil of ihiit slinvy' fiirinin.!; nhvn tlu: • soos to make un one oi' tin' M:-o:ii,'ij;;t aa-l truest rj-pca t)f Xnrlli 0;:."<'li":i'.s au:vl pro:/)i'. The-hu.shr.ncl, Rohcrt 0. Robinson, r:i:i>c "l!r' iarm of i-JO au-rea, but «':a oil'to ihe mi!! ist the timo. Tho mother, Ourrit; L. Kul)i:i.-o:'., told a wmrrkabie story of ilia c.mv of \\.-r little fac? from [lie f.'lcc's fif l:i jfripii.^. ]J;-r n;;i.'i!, I .^"fiitC-hitii'cU mother, sat naf.v anil I.T.V , -• of tfic (Iju^htcr. Ti'io litdu lioy, IVillnti 1 . who owncl M« rconvcry to Dr. ^Villi:i:ns' effective .rstiutly,'p!iv«l :ibj-.-,t t'.ia !'.O-.L : iLy! of mischief. It really spumed timt liu ransit bivi- ta!:i;:i too ;r,'.;::y hi' Dr. \Viliisims' Pink. Pills so •^•:-..'fit «-js the energy n-itti Hfhich.- he- pnvjo'^iieil iiis •pruaks.'' Thrcu Smcs Ins mother had to stop IHT convtrsn- ^011 Had. r:i:ih O'.tt to !".';'.:u(t ilic ropurfift 1 '.'? . fcicyclfi, v.iliich'w:» le;'.;ii::.u' ::,~ii::st, the hoi^e ontr.i'.v, iui(i< Miitli ivliii:li vVi.Mjur was 1)C- cfcrnin^ it/!nr;st/to(> fiintilinr, ' This is the ctKjr the rn'itlicr t:;l,l: "'Wilbur wns- brani Aiisiist S, 1SD3. He '<r»s"a stout, hc'.-tltir,r I;,i"ri)l he \i-it-. iifiicly .five mouthsi old. l!ct»".'o:i CliriM'.iitus anil Xe<7 Year's he tooi the p;r:r. . :! Iron St;itii>!i ntlcndc-ti Jnni h:;; mother. " V.' l»o.< ia Jf.nv.r.ry, fl:i;: J'"r.r. to I.,inco!::to:i, i'i:;ht i.'ilc.; to h^vc rceo'/orcd. Hut th • effects of tho malady liry.;or<vl 'ivitb iratu results. In *£uruh, ISS',, lisa aotiocd that he could not sta.n-1 upon liis rtet, although, before Ids t:vU:iiK the srippn he could.' da so cnsilj-. He cotijd not !ie;ir •ths-\7«ight of his body on hii: t'eut; bis leys •Here not growing nr.y nor tUc muscle in them devtlopin™. He \n:s no! !rc::;crl, ho«-. «y«r,till in the WI. abov.t the last of Oalo- fef:. jfhen Mr. Ilobin.'mi took his cotton to ,Linco)ntoa, th3 coti^ly i-J:t, lie nlso c/irrirtl his baby itlonp:. (L:IC! a 'Iiinuolnton physician raescribed for him, reuommentlinjj ft lotion flur rubbing his limbs. This helped the child : only temporarily. Twice uftcnrard this physician was cojisulud. He lolii. the 1 • parents that the chiid in:i;lit ,«o:iio i^ay be kble to walk unrl a,c;ain ho micht not. •would, juat have to !•:•'. ' l:a grow alo mtifc 1 jnot'icr cKpi"C;:;»i it, f.:rJ sec ivhat tf^vclopcd. • At this period the child's legs •ppenred to be .shrunken. As his mother ways- they were "as ?oft a.s cotton." Jlero . iras-a:boy fourteen months old, who not only ccnld not walk, but could not bear his Wei jht on his feet. In some war—the.y iio not know how—a pamphlet foimtl its way to thn Robinson aunily. Old Mrs. Bandy fished it out of a bureau drawer. It hnd the picture of tivo dog3.ptitipin£ over fl fence on one cover, and ett tfce other a herd of umre di-iiiking. in a • tool stream near a bridge. Both on the ftnce and on tho bridge, on the rcspcctivs . V.Y liiiil to send ir,ii-.. .".«'iiy, to p't Ilia ,-.':!'.'• l,-:!;ii.';; lljt t. 1 ::)'!] bo.-c, in child ln'piii to go a l'"M - .sirjis :it ho t',ii!i\''t wnlk by hiniiji'li till :-. The fourth l'0.\, orjiart of it, •.;•.:: r.-.li'.iii'.i^oroU in August." The l','C'.::a;::y c." tl:c mother_was thr.t th child's .ip^oJ.i'e iunl, ii:ilrcd r hi* whole ton i wii" hclnrd l s y i!:n :ise of the pills. Mrs. Ijini' 1 .;.', who li.-id bct-n looking ove asjrt of iliiivy n!ic kivps. ut this point in th (, l O!iv' i rs:',!io^,:". i ad this or.try: "Si'Dt. the 23th Wilbur !i0.7i::3 Io rvrjk ;:!o:iis by iiiniself," "AftiT In: once jmniwl to ivsill:," snid hi. },[«,'fj,ir;i!i A. li.iiidy, ! molher, "we i-onld Iiiinily Itcjp hi'.n in sigh pvery w.ord i ni the hoti!u<, r.iid he wns oiiruO liy lour boxed X'.ckiti!,' ten pill.v. MI>IIIITsiiys,-""1 ul"'V !ms suid. tl-.'j Lin'd iliiTi'U'd sn:i!C.!«><ly to fjnil us thm ;..;:np!:ki of Dr. Williams," " Yon :••••>I!y uplivvc the child's cure utie to Or, \»'i;]hiivj t ,' i-illrf?" wns nskovl. "I nni rcitlly conviiii'ud liie pills cured Jiiin," lliu i.'iotlicr ni.vu-ei-pd. "I liuven the slightest doubt nliont iv," And the boy's graiiiiiniithcr diiincd in: "Cm just us sure cf it ns I am of Jivinpr. ]'!! tafec nn o:'.th on l!:e Hiblc that that i v.-liat did it." The iH'i^lihoi's in nil the section oroun<] the little vilh'go of Iron'Station know und talk ftbotit the remarkable cure of this baby, who mi^it I'.ive biH-ii 11 cripple for life, hud he int, even nt tho a?e of two yours, ono A p!iy..ii(;!;in ] inn::t!i r,:'.d sovrnlcra days, licen enabled to iiinl liu i7aj | wall: ;',>i'- ihe first• lirnojiy the use of Dr. ' they lone," , . Pink Pills for Pule People: Thi-i story rally seem to the ri-udor like a I fabrication,'hut is told as the child's mother told it to the reporter. In. order to show their appreciation. Mrs. Robinson furnished the fallowing testimonial and signed it. (She i-.-iys c.ha is willing at any time-to make sworn allldavit to her statements): IEOX STATION, LINCOLN Co., N:C., . Decembers, 1895. My infant son, Wilbur Lee, rendered un- r.!>ic (o Irarn to walk, by the cflects of tho f ippc. when he was about five months old, hereby testify that, lie was entirely cured, nnd the mnseles in his legs developed 'by the use of less than 1 four boxes of Dr. Willip.-.us' Pink Pills tor Pale People, so that he is now a bale and hearty child. I am entirely Convinced tliat his cure ia due to these pills. I also state that the above statements jnnde to the reporter of the Charlotte Observer nrc true. C. L. EOBINSON. SARAH Ai BASDY, ) P.. 0. ROBEKTSOH, > Witnesses, II. A . 3.VNKS, J Dr. Y-'-lJiams' Pink Pills for Pale People are now irivci}' to the public as an unfailing blood builder and nerve restorer, curing all forms of weakness arising from a watery condition of-tbe blood or shattered nerves. The pills are sold by all dealers, or will be sent post, paid on receipt tf price, 50 cents a box, or six 1 boxes -for $2.50 (they ore never sold in bulk or by the 100),.by addressing Dr. Williams' -Medicine Company, Schenectady, N, Y. OurKitehem Milwaukee, Sept. 30.—The large barge Sumatra foundered off the.government pier Wednesday morning and four of the crew were drowned. The deud are nil from West Bay City, Mich. They ate: Arthur Burnsted, Charles Hummer, Patrick Peterson, Peter Anderson. dipt, Charles Johnson, Mate John Burbcck and Ira Peuser, the cook, .were rescued by the tug Siuipson. The Sumatra was bound down from Chicago with a load of railroad iron and intended to stop here to pick up the Hnttie Wells. She was leaking on her way up and Irad the pumps working all night. The sea was .running high and the crew hnd great difficulty JH keeping 1 her from sinking 1 . When she :cached South Point slit; got in the trough of the sea and in u short time her hatches were washed oft' and her lails carried away. The steamer sounded her whistle and the tug- Simpson at once p'ut out for the wreck. The sea at thnt time vt-qs running •.•pry high a-nd great trouble was experienced in getting near the. sinking iwrjre. Just as the Simpson reached ; he Sumatra, the hitter foundered. The ! ug- men succeeded in rescuing ihe cook and mate from -(lie wreckage. The !ife-saving crew was on hand and u-orkcd hard to save the other men on .Tip exception of the capluin, who wus mken ashore by the life-savers. The Suinatru -s Uully broken up and only her most con be seen out of wr.fer ;.ow. The wreck occurred about I 1 /., >rii]es out from the harbor entrance. The ill-fated barfi'e went down with scarcely a moment's notice, and, according to the statement of Capt. Johnson imd the mute, (he crew tli-d not oven have time to mount the rigging after rs-alixing that the ves.-el was foundering. Will lialao tho Carj-u. Chicag'o, Sept. KO.—Thc Sumatra .'(-ft South Chicago Tuesday morning 1 . She was Txrahd for Tort William, in low of the B. W. Arnols, with 1,300 tons' ot steel rails for '.-he Canadian Pacific, Genera) Freight .Ageiit Kcefc, of the Illinois Steel company, placed the value of the cargo at about $3;,OQO. It was insured for its full value. The underwriters Wednesday morning 1 held a conference over a long distance telephone, ind decided to at once ask for tenders for: tJie recovery of the cargo. Schooner on a Tear In Chicago Harbor. Chicago, Sept. 30.—During the furious pale which 'prevailed on the lake Wednesday morning the schooner Seaman broke from her moorings in sli{ E, at the foot of Randolph street, and, while being blown about by the wind, wrecked and sank nearly a dozer smaller craft.. Among the vessels sunk or damaged were the yachts Irene. Midnight Screech, .Fannie Small, Annie and Yellow Boy. Several, men on board the yachts went into the. watei •with their wrecked boats, but all were rescued uninjured. Capt, McCrearj and two of his men were on board the Seaman while she raced back and forth, 'lounding the docks nnd smashing th< smaller craft, but.they were powerless 0 check her. Finally, the life-saving :rew succeeded, in getting u line from a ug to the'Seaman-ond the loiter was brought uiicler control and again moored. A large fleet of schooners 'and •steamers are in the harbor waiting foi the storm to subside. Jladness Comes ^S/ith a belter understanding of -the *' transient nature of the many phys' -«l Ills, which vanish before proper of' 'oifts—gentle efforts—pleasant .efforts-- J.yhtly directed. There is comfort, in 'V* knowledge, that so mr.ny forms of .witness are not due to any uetvtul dis- •<ute, but simply to a constipated cond 1 '- •ina of the system, which the plcnsaiic ;uMily laxative, Syrup of L'"igs, prcmpt- 7 removes. That is why it, is the only "«medy with mill ions of families, and is J-»«rywl)erc esteemed so highly by all -JAO value good hcalt'.i. Its beneficial ts are due to the fact, tlyit It is the remedy which promotes internal iliiiess without ctcbilitat : ng the ••"Tans on which it acts. It is therefore ';'• important, in order to get its bcne- .'.;:.»! effects,' to note when you pnr- "•*ae, that you have the genuine arti- »o,. which is manufactured by the Cali- .c-.-c'Sia Fig 1 Syrup Co. only arid =o\l by ."", ??pri table druggists. 3! in the enjoyment of good hciiHli, ,*d the system is regular, laxatives or '*'aer remedies arc then not needed, If .isSicteci with any actual disease, one y.t\:j be commended to the most skillful •-Jrynicians, but if in need of a laxative, ;.'»8 should have the best, and with the i.7.tS!-intormed everywhere, Syrup cif r?jjps stands highest anil is most largely 4 general satisfaction. BOX'IN A STONE PYRAMID, ARMtNIANS SENTENCED. I No kitchen is kept cleaner than the premises devoted to the | manufacture of'NONE SUCH Mince Moat. No housewife can be more fastidious in the matter of preparing food than we are in the selection and preparation of the materials of - ( ' which it is made. The cleaning of the currants (for one thing) • is more thoroughly done by means of perfected appliances, , than it would be possible to do it by hand. Its.cleanliness, purity, wholesomeness and deliciousness I are good reasons for using NONE SUCH Mlnlco! Moat. , I The best reason is its saving—of time, of hard-work, of \ ' money. A ten cent package affords youtwo large pies, with-1 .' out trouble to you beyond the making of the crust. Makes ] ' jnst as good fruit cake and fruit pudding as it does mince \ pie. Sold everywhere. Be sure and get the genuine. Bend your name and addrras,and mention thla paper, nnd we will mall^oufreoaboolc- "Mro. popklna'Thftnksglvlog"-l)yoDOOfthomo8tflimouBbumorou8Uuthor30ftuodoy. ' MERRELL-SOULE CO., SYRACUSE. N.Y, Is As Clean As Yours The Cyclist's Necessity. WILL 'JUKE CUTS, BUEN8,' BRUISES, WOUNDS. SPRAINS, siLS'Eimx, CHAFI::GS, IN- SEC I BITES, ALL PAIN, AND INFLAMMATIONS. INTERNALL'Z AND EXTERNALLY. i:: OUP. BOTTLES ONLY, 1 liUTE 1 • witAiTKKS. 'SHE OUK NAJIS, VO.M/'S EXTRACT aO,, KIW YOBK, POND'S EXTRACT OINTMENT FOR R| LE8. Si-iit by mail on receipt of 80 cts. lieleinn Minister Uomunda tho Keloiuc of au Armenian Ho Protected. Constantinople, Sept. 30.—The government tribunal \Vednesdaysenienced to 1 15 years' imprisonment each a number of Mussulmans wiio were convicted .of taking 1 part in the recent riots. These are the first rioters who have been tried and found guilty since tho late massa- 'cres, 'fhe tribunal also passed sentence .of death upon all of the Armenians who are l:no\vn or suspected of having taken part in the seizure of the Ottoman 1 bank, In this list is included an Armenian who was surrendered by the. Belgian legation, with which, he had taken refuge, upon condition that he be released after he had been examined by the tribunal, The Belgian minister has sent •' a peremptory zjote to the porte dcma.nd- ing the man's liberation. MRS. BOOTH STARTS WEST. Rid on on Knglno so sln£ Sin If Frlianen M»T Bee Her, Mrs. Ballington Booth, of the Volua- tcers of America, accompanied by her secretary, Capt. Macomber^ left New York the other afternoon for aa absence of five Or six weeks, during which she will start the volunteers' campaign along the Pacific coast. The start westward wus made from the Grand Central station at ten o'clock, when Mrs. Booth stepped on board the engine of the train. Mrs. Booth was anxious to ride on the engine, not frpmi any spirit of adventure, but because she in<i been requested by the members of the Volunteer Prisoners' league in Sing Sing, nn organization which she lately. 'oundeS; to place herself In some posi-i tlon where she might be seen as the train whizzed by the prison.. So she sked Presideat.Depewif she could not ride on the engine, nnd he promptly responded in the affirmative. '. By previous arrangement Warden Sage had agreed to let'the prisoners stand in euch a place on the grounds'as might .give .them sn.opportunity to see Mrs. Booth as the-'trafn passed. Vienna will- celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Franz Schubert nest ear by an exhibition of objects connected w.ith the composer and a serie* of performs noes .of; Ws works.']. •-.,...., Little Cornor-Stono ntumorlul IkiUcr tin Capitol at Wu<ihiiigtoii, The capitol u.t \Vashbigtx3u has tl-ree Ixxxes hidden iu ite foundations which contu.in c all the acce.'ifiOTies of a corner- BtODC. . , • The third box was laid tbe other day in a pyramid of,cejjicryt. There was no | ceremony connected with the placing of tb<; box; no crowd of interested spectators, but only the men engagedin the work on the pyramidal foundation whicli is to support the dynamo to be put in on the senate side of the 'capitol. it was so near completion that Architect Wood concluded tho time had come to place in position his box of curios. So lie hnd the workmen build a.,ii'.tle vcujlt of bricks as near the center of the pyramid as possible. This was to be the resting-place of the boK. The box itself v\ti« a tin aff.iir ten by twelve inches anJ eight inches deep. After the articles had been placed in, it was sealed a.nd soldered.. The vault was bricked in after it was put in placo and layers of cement were piJed on top of it. Specimens of the coins of the United States from one cent uip to a ollver dollar were among the curiosities laid in the bo.\. A number of small medals were added, one specimen being a world's fair medallion. The present campaign was fully illustrated by a coir' lectionof campaign buttons, republican, democrat,'populist, etc. Specimens of aJuminoim were put in the box as well as n small bottle of quinine capsules. A paper was added after a paper map had been put in, stating that the work, of building the pyramid had been finished within four days. Tho box rests three feet down from the surfac of fthe pyramid, which is 7% feet high .It is 24 feet lomg at the'base, and nin feet wide^ The other two boxes nre on tho house side and in the corner stone. Told la Brief by Dlspitai^j ftam Various Localities. CUD .Recover from Briber*Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 30.—The appellate court decided the first election bribery case and nf!>mcd the Gibson circuit court in its il, vision of the case of Cha-rles Thompson :igainst the state ex rel. John McKinney. McKinney, who lives in Vincennes, recovered a judgment against Thompson under the Australian bajlot ln\v, which provides that the man who accepts a bribe for casting or not casting his ballot, may recover $300 from the briber. He declared that the defendant paid him five dollars to stay away from the polls in 1892, The evidence showed that after accepting the bribe he returned to the polls nnd voted. The court, holds thai in this case he lost no right of 'action, find the offense was committed when the bribe was given. CatleU Will Coma to Indiana. Culver City, Ind., Sept. 30.—The Missouri military academy which burned hist week at Mexico will resume, work in the Culver military 'academy here. Mr. Culver, the founder of the Culvei academy, is a wealthy citizen of St, Louis and president of the St. Louis \Vrought fron liange company. fTc will pay the railroad fare of the cadets Io St. Louis and will send them by a special car to Culver academy Monday. October fl. Col. Fioet will he superintendent . of the neivly-eonsolklnted academios and will ia);e bis old faculty with him. Culver academy is absolutely fireproof nnd is situnte on one of the most beautiful lakes in northern Indiana. The injured cadc-ts are rteo fc Your .Liver? I tittle livfri Pills 1 act gently yet promptly on the Liver, i Stomach nu'dBoweU. They di»p«l£ick i He«d«chM, Fevers and Colds; cleanse the system thoroughly; cure hnfoilunl 1 constipation. They are stiRM-coatcd, don't gripe, very uniall but great iu results. Recommended by Physicians ' and Druggists. Hobln Uemtij Co, Oilun •*» fl»» Fnnrtm. ' For Sale in LOGANSPORT, IND., by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St., and John K Coulson. 304 Market St. nornotB. It is said that hornets .never use thi Mine nost a. second'season. THE MARKETS. Grain, Provisions, Etc. Chicago, Sept. SO. WHEAT— Active, excited and hlshar September, OC@CSc; December, CC%@OS?io May, 70M>@72c. COR>T— Hle'ior. No, 2, 21%®22c: No. Yellow, 21H@22^c; October, 21%!fr22c; DC cembcr, 22%Q-'22%c; May, 2CUgi25%c. OATS— Stronger, with ta.tr trnilinff. No 2 cash, KHAS/llrftc; October, !G%@17l4c ; May 19?8 1 i?19 ; !ic. Samples steadier. No Grade I2@H4c; JVo. 3, Uy-Wllc; No. 3 White,. 37® 20MiC; No. 2, 17SJ1SC; No. 2 \Vhltc, 20M;Q'22c, RYE— OKerlngs light; market firm. No 2, 33c; No. 3,'33'iSMc, and No Grade, 20® 32c; December delivery, 3Gc. ' BARLEY— Market easy. Common thin 23@24c; malting common to good, 25@3(ic, choice, 31®33c; fancy, 3u©SCc. MES3 POKK— Market moderately activ< and feeling steady. Quotations ranged ai Jli.00®6.05 I'or cas.'i; $5.S7V4@C.OO for October and J0.95S7.00 tor January. LARD— Tracing fairly active and feeling steady. Quotations ranged at $3.75(3 3,77^ for canto; SS^CKS^a for October; }3.S2'/i fii3:85 for December, and J<.02'/ii54,0o January. BUTTER — Market firm at 9@15c for :reamerles, and 10©13c for dairies. LIVE POULTRY — Quiet. Turkeys, 10c; Chickens, C%@7c; Ducks,' S@9',ic per pound; Geese, per dozen, {3,00@C.OO. ' WHISKY— Steady on the basis of. J1.18 for hjghwlnes. New York, Sept. SO. FLOUR— Firm, unchanged. WHEAT— Steady. No. 2 red, September,.. 71 l-16c; December, 72%@73^c; May, 75 9-lG@75 13-lOc. RYE— Firm, unchanged. BARLEY— Quiet, unchanged. CORN— Firmer, No. 2, October. No. 2. 27@2Sy t c. OATS— Steady. State, 20®29»ic; western, BEEF— Steady, ynchanged. PORK— Firm. New mesa, J7.75gS.30. LARD-Easyi H.12V4. BUTTER— Fancy firm; state dairy, 100 l£c; creamery, ll(g>l(Tc. ' CHEESE— Firm; large, 7@9%c; do. ateaU, ' . . EGGS-Steady; state, 17!gll3c. . • . • Mve Htoek. Chicago, Sept. 30. . CATTLE— Market steady. Fair to best beeves, J3;40@5.00; stockers and feeders, 42.CO®i3,S!;; 'mixed cows and bulls, $1.2533:3.60; Texas. 52.70@3:30. , ' '• • '• HOGS— Market steady to a shade lower. Llfht,' $3.DOea,GO; rough packing, $=.55{g>2.75; mixed and butchers', ,J2.96®3.60; heavy packing and shipping-, J2,80@3.SE; pigs, tl.W- ' Victim of a Mock .*,iiirrlus:e. Terre Haute, Ind., Sept. 30.—Miss Hallie l>:u'h, of Young'stown, formed the ncqnuiutance of Cliarles llrown ai ]5!oomin£ton nlio'.il a year ago, nnd aftei ;i bi'iuf courtship cnnsenti-d to m;irry him. A mock ninrrisgc rfrcmony was perfoTOicd and ISrown und the .young \voman left for Io\va. where they lived until recently. A few \\veks ngo Brown deserted the woman, \vhn arrived home last week. A correspondence with the Bloomhigton authorities disclosed the fact that the marriage at that place was a fraud. Brown, whose home is near Arcola, 01., will be arrested as soou as be cnn be located, nnd an effort will be vuade to prosecute the othei parties implicated in the pretended marriage. 'Peril of an Aeronaut. Kiishvillc, Ind., Sept. SO.-John VV. Inness, an aeronaut of this city, had a thrilling experience in a balloon ascension 'at a republican rally at Manilla. At an elevation of 2.500 feet his balloon bursr, nnd before he could disengage his .parachute he was drawn downward by the falling balloon. After falling ],000 feet .the parachute opeoed and the balloon nnd parachute then turned a series of aerial somersaults, through all of which Inness ciung to the ropes. The horrified spectators stood aghast, f-aring at any moment to see Inness mangled at their feet, but he alighted safely and without n scratch. Jumped the Wrong Way. Wabasli, Ind., Sept. 30. — Charles Moore, of Jonesboro, sustained what will prove to be fatal injuries in a peculiar accident. He was riding on a car running at a high rate of speed, and in attempting to alight turned his face to the rear. He was thrown-violently upon his head and blood spurted from his ears, rose and jnouth. There was no fracture ot the skull, but a blood vessel itt the brain had burst, .He has regained consciousness, but his physician says he will die. FASHIONS CHANGE BUT POZZONI'5 • .—*-«^ Complexion POWDER REHA1XS ALWAYS THE SAME. The finest, purest and most beautifying I tollot powder ever made. It is Booth* ing, healing, healthful end harmless: \ and when rightly nscd IS INVISIBLE. I It you bavo never tried POZZONI'S Ton do not know what an IDEAL conpLRxioai POWDER i«. IT IS SOLD EVERYWHERE. THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. A hlgb standard of excellence. Many users of the "Mungon" consider It THE BEST. Yon will find U f vni»nHa asslstanl In joor ol- Dec i-c -ir oartlcnlars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO HANCFACTUKERS. 940-24* Weit Lake St.. Chlcnjro, TU. homoforgnmoprlcenndcrBamoiriUraa*' ty. If yon prcfor to come here vewlllooni tract to pay railroad f «ro»nd hotel olln,»n4 rocbonre, if wo fall to cure. Itraa bare itkea mar* •jary. iodide potanh, «nd gtill have ochci mot • p.i]:j3. Mucous Vntchos In mouth, Sor« Thront, • I'liaplcs. Copper Colored Spots, Uloora on e:>7 parcel ttio Dodr, llatr or Eyebrow* fullln* ^ut. It li this Secondary BLOOD FOISOV re Kiinranteo to cure. Wo solicit, ths most ob«li i.iic.' cares ami cti.lJJwice. the world for* ?.ie«>-wC' tannotcnrc. This <U«ea«o bae <llw«7i 'n:icd tho skill of tliomoBtcmincntphyrt-' VAuns. sriOO.OOO eui.iuM behind our luicondt* ^"1 ?war.iDty- Absojii to ptoofs Pent nealed oo - Adarass COOK KKDtKOV COk, ILL. ^7 - CIOCAOO, Stole Fa>»Bire In a IIcar»«. Dccatur, Ind., Sept. 30.—A hearse passed throng 1 )! this city on ihe Grand KapMs & Indiana railway \vjth a "lii'e corpse" as an occupant. When the train reached this city the conductor discovered a man fast asleep on the inside of the funeral cnr. He had a g-ood supply of food neatly packed in the front end, nnd claimed to have started with the hearse at TOitorviJJe, Me., and was endeavoring to join his family ot Hannibal, Mo. . . Bold Work of Robbers. Hammond, ]nd.. Sept, 30.—Bobbers played a. bold game here. They entered n saloou owned by Louis Kolwitzs and while one c.ng-flg'ed the bartender in conversation tlie other • robbed the till of $91.45 nnd valuable papers. Similar tactics were pursued at Hill's laundry, where S1+ in cash and several packages of clean laundry were taken. Tho thieves have not been captured. Hiccough" Canto Death. Kokorno, Ind., Sept. 30.—Ilev. Elwood C. Siier, a prominent Quaker minister West Middleon, near this city, is dead. He had been hiccoughing 1 violently for ten days and the attendant exhaustion brought on'his death. Rev. Mr. Sik-r was 66 years old. Paid Up Stock In Exempt. Terre Haute,' Ind., Sept. 30.—Judge Henry, of the superior court, has decided that bulding and loan associations could not be taxed on their paid-up stock, on the ground that paid-up stock s evidence of debt instead of credit. Fatal Runaway. Madison, Ind., Sept. 30.—A carriage team driven by the wife of County Treasurer Ttfayfleld and Mrs. Robert- I. Wood ,/nd dnughter ran away and \fiss Nellie Wood was instantly killed nd her sister's thigh was broken. Break! HI Li-g Seven Tltnei. Greeiisburg, -Ind., Sept. 30.—Artiur •iambetl, of Aurora, was thrown.from i -train, breaking his right leg in two ilaces. This is the seventh time he has :ad his leg broken by the came cause in he .last five years.. . , , . ', Gla» Work! Cloied. Wabnsh, Ind., Sept. 30,—The Swayzce lass works have, closed down and will emain closed for an indefinite time, wing to differences between the pro- rietor, R. J.Mainv nd his employes..' Manhood Restored. ------ W EKVITAft, the Wonderful Koman Rcmodj-.UBold wltlm wrlUcn niorow- €«t. to euro oi* Ncrv. OQB DlR6lu<^* f ctlcll &« WcakM<!iii«ry,Loi»ot Brala Power, licad- - , Atrophy the Generative OnjC«w, -Vttaca by ovciH^crtio.!, youthCul Iudiscrcttoi)R,or lu^cxcci co, opium, or attmulanU, whJcn ,v Infirm'" " " " SSirttw Md li^nffl-. .I*"* «P/»«» — *- '•'•nrcitC uo*l^o^ Pi'if ivory |5 order woe rb.n» tocany'ln Win vcrt_po*lrot. Pi'icoW » orC for 16. VrilD. B, F..K**«unc.LOGANSPORT.IND, Turs I D. LBLBWER. Manufacturer ot • Ladies' fine Furs f, ft ft ft ft f'\ ( f\ 163 State Street, Wholesale and Retail. . CHICAGO. The Lending Pur Establishment in Chicago for High Grade Furs. Artistic Workruiiiislilp in Remodeling Seal Garments at very moderate charges. Goods sent, on approval. Correspondence solicited. * Gouanbty, ».orrfi^,<, unn »m' r .i air or ftnr 'j^tt&mmie '.ion. Irritation or cloerv of in u c o u • mem- or »cnt ID pliln wrnpper, br nxprau, p»rni>i, for •1.00. or 3 batacf. J2.». Cdroalat- teat OD r^ouoit Families in the Country Shonld alw»v8 keep BnoUUa Brim on hand. It is the doctor in the house, always ready and relliible.' For coldi, coughs.''crbupi otairh, iithmt pleariy, rheumatiaro, cobBtip»tion,i« in »' e <*«"»«•••.' and al! tinds ot fe*«r» it acte like mugio _ and saves many a doctor'* bdl «n<i a»ap J «long Bickce&i

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