The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1962 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1962
Page 11
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I have been Informed I made an error last week when I repm- ed that Mr and Mrs Richard Sch- milz, Storrn Lake, had won first place for Latin-American dances at the Inn, Okoboji. It was Dr. and Mrs Ralph Carpenter, Marshalltown. Both are sons-in-law and daughters of Mrs S. E. McMahori and we were having a chat about the daughters having been here to visit her the clay before Mothers Day. In talking about the families as one does in chit-chat, she had been mentioning the Schmitz, then switched to the dancing subject. I naturally assumed it was they who had done the dancing. I'm sorry — but here it i.s, corrected and credit given where it belongs. Happy dancing, Dr. and Mrs C! * * * Tlie FrMay issue of HIP Register carried an interview with and pic ture of Mrs William Monlux. Ames. I am sure it is a picture ol Mrs D. D. Monlux' daughter-hi law. * * * J had a rccrnl note and newspaper section from .Jcanetle Sterling Miller, Costa Mesa, Calif. When one reads the statistics it is no wonder there are traffic prob loins and freeways. And that is what so many who go there complain of the crowded conditions. Just a few quotes — "Rate of growth, more than one newcomer every minute. Round figures, 10,000 per week. Statisticians view, 17 million people by Dec. L'l for HEALTH See Your Favorite Electrical Appliance Dealer Now ! REMEMBER ! It Costs Only A Few Pennies A Day To Air Condition Your Home or Business ALGONA Municipal Utilities "Live Better Electrically" this year. More than .10 million hy IflfiO." California will have displaced New York hy the end of the year as nation's most nopulas state. California gets nearly one out of every four Federal defense dollars. Boosters say Orange county is the fastest growing ir the nation, and that all ihe shin; in Ihe world could ho harbored in San Francisco Bay. The irlir't goes on to say that "California, far from being an idyllic refuge for those, who love saiubricus •Mima!and bountiful nature, also i- wracked by of-eassioml earthquakes, landslides, floods, "ores! fires and droughts." They arc honest enough to admit i:he prslygif. tidal wave of newcomers had created a grievous problem —polluted air, soaring taxes, dwindling water and hundreds of layoffs of aircraft, missile, etc.. work crs. It also admits !o crimes, unemployment in other fields, ever crowded schools and hospi'n!; Thank goodness, I've found r thinking person who freoly admit- th-it California i.s not the Gar-Jen of Eden! Sure. 1 found it Dleasant, fascinating and th- rest of the allied adjectives, hut I can .se* 1 a lot of good in Iowa ioo—PRAISE BE: "W # * Another prnbl.-m in C.ililnrnia i' ' the Black Muslim riots. Muslims. ;i bunch i if lawless hoodlums I'\v heard of in letters from a Cnii Lucky woman ngain In that she and hrr friend Hazel Brooks wore to bo guests of friends in Des Moines and were going to see "The King and 1." I saw the movie some time ago. bui would like to see the theater .production. « * * When F snw HIP "Oonnis (lie Menace" show nwhilc ago and his feather and pillow routine, I was reminded of an afternoon years ago when a group of friends came to help mother and mo fill a feather mattress. Lix/ie Post obligingly brought over her va cuum cleaner, the idea (o suck up the feathers, then blow ihem into the pockets. Well, it got fouled up somehow and the feathers were blown all over the house. Mother was busy collecting feathers for some days afterward. fornia friend, hut further detail on it. ii is a li.-'grace. won't go into Suffice to say I wonder how HIP wcrkpa'' camping oul of Ihe .Jerry Thuen to.-i, Clarence Hunts and Clyde Lloyds turned out. The Hun's have a converted school bus. th" Lloyds a house trailer and the Thuentes a tent. They were going to Big Stony Reach, Spirit Lake, for a fishing spree, but the weather looked pretty threatening. Dinner by candlelight sounds :<l- luring hut I wonder how it work.: in a card gam:-. At. least one ha:an excuse, if he tninips hh M,T-I ner's ace, that he couldn't see well. Any of the members of 'he Cfuples Club which was entertained on a stormy Friday ••".•eninn at Mr an;! Mrs Janes Kolp's could tell yr,i The lights went out durng (he electrical storm and luckily there were candles to furnish a little light. * * » Mrs James Walker is lookinf forward to blueberry time :im! her trip to International Falls Minn., where they grow huge and in profusion. Ah! Blueberry pie but blueberry muffins — NO! . Agatha Hansrn and her guest Frances Wright, Eagle Grove, were here one day recently. 1 knew Frances years ago when she aad her family lived here. She w :>s also a redhead and a-ked me '•.hat had become of my re I lock. Well, mine have ;lark-jne'i ai'l quite a ft w have vanished. '•';•has turned gray but she h;.i-> kep' the same amount. Lucky Frj-.iu'ps ICason has givpn "doll coffee.-" and had 55 guests. Dolls have been her hobby for some time and I have seen a few of them. They arc beautiful and mi'.-resting — some brides, many dressed in native costumes and numbering .100. Mrs Eason if second grade teacher at Lucia Wallace school. # * * Mrs Klliel Gilles, Good Samaritan resident had as callers ont afternoon recently Mrs Glenn Cur- j tis! and Mrs George K. Nelson, j Swca (,'itv, I'ornuT home of Mrs G. ; * * « Conic to think of it. i! is a goo:! description. "An airplane with j pontoons, looking like a dragonfly j \ iih goloshes." And how about i "Jet planes chalking up the sky,", and "The m.jon wading through 38 Dairy Herds Rate High In May Testing Thirty herds worn tested on ro- i'ii!;ir n.H.T.A. anrl ?4 herds tested '•P owner-sampler \vi!h a lolal of . "i rows tested, in May, accord ini; in Forrest O. Hofbaiior, Swo;i ( 'iiy. supervisor. He reports the lolluwing herds svilli I.I Ibs. or more of Initlerfat per cow per day. in order of herd, butlerfat aver- at'r. I.eroy Richardson, Ledyard; ll.-irry Rartelt, Titonka; Leander Mr-nke. Swoa C'ity; Milton Madi.-.n. I,one Rock: Hilbert Rierstedt, Wliiltemore: Dale Schroeder. Lone Max Patterson and Harold Trail- Tuesday, June 12, 1962 Algona (la.! Upper Des Moinei-3 ger. pull, Gerald Sill. Limfri R'.igg, X'-lda \\ \\ •<•<. i.ritchrn Xentner Cindy Hugg. Deloros F.gL''..n. j Th.-\ h. cami- nu-ml»-r. .,f (ho Rita Piillerson. Lvnn f?ir;in!'-i. i l.uVrrnc Vr'V,.|.. < , hunh Sunday, They are Dawn I.indebak, Connie Sanford, Paula Block, Daryl Trauger, Paul Traugor, Dale Schi- Life can bloom after fifty A regular savings program at our Association can help make life bloom in later years for you, too. Here, your savings earn excellent returns, safe from market fluctuations and insured by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp. HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION - Algona, Iowa Home Loans and Savings since 1917. Current earnings on all types of savings 4'c . All Accounts insured to $10,000 by the F. S. L. I. C. Home Owners make happier families — Rent Receipts are gone forever V/rite - Phone or Call at our office for more information. MEMBER OF THE SAVINGS AND LOAN FOUNDATION, INC, SPONSOR OF THIS ADVERTISEMENT I N LIFE AND LOOK Harold Clayton, son of the late Mr and Mrs A. E. Clayton, all well-known here, has sold his 24 tinii Redwood Mold near Marshalltown to Donald Hunter. Jefferson. It isn't far from Lloyd's very fine cafe and very near to a nice pancake "eatery". I've eaten at both places, with Hazel Lusby and Li/.;:ie Post on one of our trips. * # * '.!a«?{ic ami Clarence Pmmluil; werehere Memorial Day. She h-i? not quite recovered from the accident she suffered a few wr.-fc ago when house-cleaning. She fell and hurt her shin on the bed. had to have first cold packs, then hot on the areas where a vein was injured. Then after 10 days o! bed confinement, she was on crutches but was walking unaided Memorial day. There is some swelling and discoloration, but considering all the pain onclur- ed, she figure she's now in pretty good shape again. Well, you know what is said about the percentage of household accidents. * * * Airs Alice Ditswortli has born at Tempe, An/., near Phoenix and while there saw Florence Patti r.iun Howard, Mabel l.iving- sion and Willnrd and Ann Curtis. all former Algonuns. l'\e known FltireiHe evt r since we were liitle tot.s. pre-school days. She and Xada Brunson are my first playmates, my memory of ihem going back to when 1 was about l:\,:'. My fh',-,1 party was as guest i) Zad.i Brunson's first anniu r- si'iy. 1 was five months younger. Uicilie Cr.ive was another gue.s' [ \c I :•«.•!! ;•>!.!, and each i-.iama toc.k lier child and high chair \VMi pictures had been taken. Wouldn't it be tun looking at them' * V * Mrs William Wciner has been at B 'aver Dam and M.i.lisnn Wi-;., usiting relatives and attending the ordinution of .loseph II. in: iner at Madi-.on. She also attend i,l his first mass at Beavrr Dam She went with her brother-iii-l.iw and S-S'.IT. Mr and Mrs L'arl An derson, Fort Dodge. Ti -ki-ts were restrirteil to thrci per 'lnosevelt high school graduate at iVs Moines, which left Mr., Kdn.. II..rr and Mr and Mrs .1 P S nith, grandparents of Sur ll;:rr Aith faint hopes they cuul i .-,ce tie exi rcises. However tin, coulJ .'iijuy the reception held .1! the p; reii'.s, Mr and Mrs Hayiinn I lljir'.- and since 1 am writing Hi - (>n-gi •iiluation, I can only hupr b> s- me miracle they saw th- c-imi .encement. It is a good i I' 1 ;>iuv .Img the family first, for tin \eai ! gr.duated 1 nmiember ins ;).••! n'.s had to take seats in Hu balcony for my class play Tin". we iv luckier for graduation. Yi. i ;.,:/,. the plays were given ihif Iv before commencement — 11 S..IIK- week I believe, and with .- M big class, tickets to both e\e: . were soon sold out. Arid b >t\- events were in the good old C .11 opera We old timers ..:, sin! not reconciled to it's lo.-.-- STK.AWBEKH1KS One of the busiest farms in 11 ruson C«unty recently was inc ' < TVague farm near Logan. He !• two plots of strawberries and is also probably the onl> .sir.. berry patch in the county o'\n by a man who has a patent the variety of berries He d-!>>p'.'d the Roy Teague l» w'is patented by the ' June l m lH:>i). The> until frost. BL'blNESS KOKMv All si/.es. I'pper Des Moine.- ''f fice Supply Dept., Phone O I 3535, Algoaa. Martin Harms, Tilonki: George Walk-mine, Elmorc, Minn.: C. H. Wilhelmi, Bancroft: Herman Soelcr- tv re, Bancroft; Allen Loucke, Ledy.-ird: John Ruger, Fenton; Harry X'igdal. Armstrong. Alvin Boettcher. Lakota: Jasper Dahlman, Buffalo Center; Virgil Bosnia, Buffalo Center: Ed Far- Swea City: Fred & Russcl Hichter, Ledyard; Laurence Loeschen, Woden. Sidney Payne, Ledyard; Ralph Kngle & Engstrom, Swca City, Michael Leners, Swea City; Ed Tigges, Burl; Frank & John Droessler, Bancroft: and Harvey !•. Work Farm, Swea City. 14 Members To Join Methodist Church, LuVerne I.iiVeriH' — The membership training class of the LuVerne Methodist church visited Morningside college in Sioux City recently. They were accompanied by their pastor, Rev. VVorthie Usher, -J-ff/M&SEf Now's the iime to get out of the ordinary . . . and into an Oldsmobile! It's the season for values. That means it's easier than ever to step up to a dollar-saving Dynamic 88. Your Olds Quality Dealer will be happy to prove it to you . . . todnyl SEt YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED OLDSMOBILE QUALITY DEALER DAU'S GARAGE, 125S. Dodge, Algona, Iowa Buy your MR CONDITIONER Right trry! * his offer Is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! New Westinghouse CUSTOM HEAVY DUTY AIR CONDITIONER* gives you more cooling power than air conditioners 50% bigger! Keeps you cool evon when temperatures get over the 110 mark! FREE INSTALLATION ! Easy, easy terms! Now is the time to buv your Vv'cMin^- house Custom Ilca\v l)ut\ an cuiuii- tioner while our oiler of lice in-.; illation is in efl'eet! Check the--.e leaiine^: no-draft adjustable grilles, super^inef operation; dual thermostat; \.ui.;Me ventilation control. It cools, .k-lunr.idi- fies, iilters, circulates. C'umo in! See a demonstration! Uuy )ours today. you CAN BE SURE...IF IT'S SC TCiALlLtL'lRiC f MCA 132C UlusUrted. Tested and fated io accordance *itn NLMA StandjrJi CNl IbM

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