The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1962 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1962
Page 8
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8~Alfl6fib (lo.) Upper PM Tuesday, June 15, 1962 Miss Whitehurst Wed Here Claudia Ruark Wed May 20 In Local Church i.'i;i .Icvn Kn;irk. ,'i!iil Mr* Cl.iiMe tiiiark Iho hi : le of\in I. ' Arrives From Guam To Visit Wesley Relatives after, <on i Si hafer of V, e<" io'i> Ma\ .'(i in , hiin h here Mxri.'i Hn>v.e oiihir ram cei -d M.iw,:'.-ie\ \Vrslry — Mrs. .John (Rita) Sheppnrd of Guam arrived here by plant- Thursday evening to visit her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Lawn-nee Winger! and oilier relatives. Mr. Winger! has been seriously ill of a kidney and heart condition. Mr and Mrs. Sheppard and 8 children have hern in Guam about J years HP is in the Air Force and expects to be transferred to the Siales in August. dliiir relatives who have visited are Father Gerald \Vinrvrt of Knife, Kay Wingert ,-.nd son Peter of Ronsonville, 111.; j Karen Winpert. Chicago; Mrs. , the Winner! -- M\ run r.ri>\u r. soloist. K-,!.,rk -rr\od as maul of Si hiu i ier hrMes- nl F iit!i Hi; irk junior i Ann Fran/en, Sheldon, Wis.; Mr. T'T.'<.i Stt-arn- uasj,-md Mrs Lou Wingert. Marshfield, Cha'-ie- S, lat'ir uas \\-s : Mr. and Mrs. Jill? VVingort. Fr.i-ii;- Si hafer Milalire: Mr. and Mrs. Tom Win- in i M,i!i i'-| Hu:,rk. : uert. McAllen. Texas: Sister Rosas -i.-.n P.rk SchafiT i,ni:i and Sister Catherine and Mrs. Garcl Leek returned Tuesday, June 12, from a 2 weeks visit in the R. E. Newbrough home in Durango, Colorado. She attended the graduation of Diane Newbrough from the Durango high schiol. Barbara, a graduate of Corwith- Wcsley Community school was honored at a large gathering of relatives and friends at the parental Garel Leek home after the graduation exercises May 22. She plans to enroll in the State College of Iowa in Cedar Falls this fall. She was awarded a scholarship and a Citizenship award. She and Dennis Glawe had a perfect attendance through high school. of Du- Barbara Leek, daughter of Mr. Leave For Arizona Mr. and Mrs. James Walmsley and three children left Wednesday nnrning, June 6 for Tempe, Ariz. They \vere houseguests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Doughan after their household sale Saturday, June 3 at Corwith, where they had been living and where he was science teacher in the public school. He won a years scholarship and will attend the University of Arizona. He will also attend summer school there. Walmsleys also visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James D. Walmsley at Cedar Falls. Sexton Becomes Sports Mecca Sexton — There will be no excuse for not having some real athletes from this area if the efforts of a couple of the fathers count for anything. Wilford Ward is the coach for a little league team in Algona and he takes most of his team alonp with him. On the team from this area are Gary Cooper, Melnn Ward, Dean and David Lowman. Kenny Kirschbaum, David Rurup and Tom Froehlich. The Sexton baseball park has become so popular it is beginning to draw players from the surrounding territory, so with all the practice the Sexton boys should be real winners. Bernard Cooper is now managing the Algona swimming pool and is doing his best to encourage the youngsters to get out and enjoy what he calls the very best exercise. Parents, Algona Woman, Killed The parents of Mrs Don Leaverton of Algona, Mr and Mrs John M. Rasrnussen, Golclfield, were fatally injured in a car-truck collision at the highway 69-20 intersection at Blairsburg, last Thursday afternoon. Funeral services were held at Lake Lutheran church near Renwick. Two sons also survive. Women Voters League The League of Women Voters will meet Tuesday, June 19, at 9:30 a.m. at Clara Amcsbury's for coffee and a meeting. All women are invited. Pass Ordinance Hurt — An ordinance pertaining to clogs was adopted by the council Monday evening. The ordinance gives the mayor full right to compel the confinement of all dogs at any time and for any length of time, necessary to control rabies, or to protect citizen safety or properly. Motel Expanding Expansion of the Colonial Motel is now underway, with a lounge and meeting room being constructed, and the guest rooms are also being increased. Mr and Mrs Bud Anderson are the operators of the motel. Fractures Finger SWCH - Bugle — William Tobin received a broken finger when he tried to start a belt moving on an electric motor which was running. The ring finger of his left hand was fractured and a piece of bone chipped off the joint and the fourth finger was bruised and skinned. He will wear a cast on the finger for three weeks. Tnr nr-- I. '"1-inrhfrr: i- \tr, U'lii f>,- M Wai-Kvf. ln tfl ' Mr, F. lifK " | fmr>li> re b\ a rn./i :'::'- <- ''•''-'• " an.' ; .-.r; : :-.\! r. uh;'e H:r>ie on \\hirh .(.•;» ..iT.'-.ri,:-.^! .1 K.;a{'.:e; of v, !-.;te vMnint:on> and \rKov. ri>-e< Her ;I\>T]I-\ \< as a s.r.izU"- ^trard of pr.-ri.v a g:f; of the hn.leproom. Foiiiw.riC ;he cereninr.) . a n-! rer.non ua> held ;:i the rharth Alsrona. daiitrbtrr ol Mr and Mr*. Or\ al p..rlor< ne- ;,m: Donal,: .1 Finihem. son oi M.-s Lloyd '— ",d'M'r ot "' ami th'- lati Men-ill F:nchrrn. \verr mnrneri .'une 5,], -,-, f-.u-h <. k -ho«i' n'li ••< 'nipl'\ ^^hod;- rhi.rrh h<-r H« N M Couchnnonr ,, ri ' aVthr'TplrVhnnVVfvt' Vere'' i-j 1f hn.lecroom is n 1V7 end- .nrhrm ;, praduatr of SH. Cedar Fails, anr! Drake 1]n[r ()f „ ,. s | Rpnf) h! , h _ ( hfvi| ^ •• : < l B: '> an; «-h""i hf ' rr ' Mr . , month ui;h ;he 6 rmv (•(- tn thr Fairrhnd (,raphi> Fouipment Co .lonlin. r p.,,., ] f ,- )rr , r -] y\ >-| Mo }\-> f "'" ""'^ " : W>hh '"^ M " '' ]fnn ' f S "' fllP ^ member of ihe National Guard' here and is employed r-\ Bituminous Material.- Supply Co here a short UPPER D~£ 5 AA O I N' E S'l Hill.-, the c-oiiple i- at home in Ai- ls Rridr In DCS Monies Patricia ?J;T:nro< daughter nt Mr. 1 - John E VK r.nroe of Alpan:. became the bride of Albert Ed ward Ronesky in a etremor\ performed June 2. a; S;. Ambrose Cathedral in Des Moine.s Th» bridegroom is a son of Mr and Mrs H. \V. Hobe.-;ky of Des Munes. The bride was given in marnagt- by her brother. Patrick McEnroe now of Si Puiii. Patricia attended Briar Cliff College, Sioux City, and holds degrees from Northwestern University in arts and music. She also taught in Chicago and studied I at the American Conservatory of | Music there. Her husband is prin- | cipal of St. Mary's school in Des ; Moines, and a graduate of Drake ; I nivei'Mty. The couple will make ' '.heir home in Des Moines. i PnrM Hostesses "M.-5- Roy HurzeH and Mrs Ed Haga were hostesses at a party at Mr-- Huch Black s Guests u-erV Mr.- U arren Brokau. Dan. Guy and Diwn. Mr- Flo;.d Hutzeli. Ste\-e and Mark. Mrs Clifford Skogstrom. Jane and Joan. Mrs Lee Schetick. Douglas. Lee Ann' and Gordon. Mrs Harry .-jkogstrnm ' and Torn-in and the Black chil- ', liren, Louise and .Iimmv. Farewell Party A farewell party for Debbie. Krause, who moved with her parents to Iowa Falls. Iowa recently, was held at Call State Park. In attendance were Cindy Heding. Linda Gant, Uuth Cassel. Jean Kunkel. Joyce Kunkel. Mar;, Ann iMwmkle, Margaret I'tt Mary Belli Sterba. Patty 11 ,iacek Anne P. n'on. '! beresa Sig^bee (\.rol\-i Sii-bnt/. \'irgima Silert Harliara h'i i d. Jean Hobm ,on J -ui,r:u M.ili-r and Sue 11.dl. Final Meeting : Girl Scout troop 423 hold their j final business meeting Thursdav l with a pizza party at the Episcopa" 1 • church. A farewell gift was pro , sented to Susan Lindquist. who is moving to Davenport. A gift in appreciation of service to our troop mother, Mrs Walter Boeck- j holt. Mrs H(j\vard Long and Mrs i Clifford Teeter received a gift from the iroop. i Surprise Party- Mrs W. H Brandow was given i a surprise party .June 5 in honor of ' her birthday by Mrs Kenneth Brandow. Mrs Clone Brandow and Mrs liar-soy Larson. In attend, uiice were Mrs W. C. Dewel. Mr? Jen- Sori.n-en. Mrs Oran Hud.-.on, Mr- Mi.dn-d Fr.i.vr and Mr.-, Mart;n Be( :<"r. Th,. tune spent Rose Garden h Now At Peak Of The Season The Algona Municipal Rose Gardens at the corner of North and Harlan streets, are at the peak of! their June blooming thia week am' \ i.-itors are delighting in the color ! and variety. The garden, planned and .super- ! vised by Francis Bunting, nas 900 I rose plants in 36 beds including i 2-1 hybrid varieities and ten of Fiorabunda. The plants are labeled with name and type for tilt- serious rose horticulturist and the j gardens are floodlighted for eve- j ning viewing. j A bed. IK feet in diameter, plant- i ed to cannas in 75 varieties, is also located at the garden. These will be in full bloom later in the season. Admission to the garden is free and signs indicating the location are at various places around town They were furnished by the Algona Garden Club. AU ""' 1 U< ' ltllill « \ r-,-,.'i,'',:.- h.-ldat Mr :,r,l Mi ai: . Mrs Jur-.e- Allen, son M, , i;.,;^, Su-.-yr- fohowin.' the and Ufc.r.ilddUgh'.er Diane Alii-: nr l ., 1 u.:(i ; ,,i Jar,;-' I of ii l( r ,' , •(.. a';u;-U'i liie wedding Saturday ir : u-r. Ki-vci.i Kiiaii\e- f-"'^!- tin Mi nudist chiii'.-h at ( Intor ..,„) M ,_•),;.,,,,•, wire Ja- ,'-'' I;,(.1 l!..:ii;.ra Bi-niii-r. dau.jliti-r of i ; , ,-, a , ,' a j:ran.iiLi'.i-.'.i', r ,.f \!' Mi and Mri (\-c.l Benin r an,- ,,., j \|,-. \\,,,',;.[."] -\ |-'r--.•,'' Di:iii..- McKnli'y Tl.e bri It- i ;. ' ' ' ' . hi'Mi ! .•,, ce of Jainr. A.I n :.a.l IIM; -| „ M,. ( .J h "'' "' '"<•'!' '^ ll;t ' lor;ner \,:.-::ll. |.. \ ]; •,.,,) In ...., .),,„. , ; , , <;'""' '!-|U';r,I.-r ol :,.,- I a,- M, an-' [.-,„,; ; M . , ,.,...,, -,,„ ,. -; . , .',,I '•• - a , ',- in.: ia . .a,j i p.. -, S..tur !.,> i", i-ii'.i ^ al ( . : -,• ., park V'ii\i;ie:> \M|| bi- -,u p---i !,• till fall. '. I'-llil It' lI'li.HI '.!i an '. Mr.5 Luc Si . I .-T. k •<•••. '. .'..i ', ;. i i Mr.i }-'.-!lr-r tl -li, r, •• ' : i- ..l ' -ui.brr'ge K.:.' o., • k '-in .- ',, a"- nd a f-..mi!> M-U , -ri ;. !: :- ; - t. ui tor Mr ai.'d Mr, i! I. .', ill r H -dford, Ind Mrs lie... 'i r ;-, u .-,..-,ter of Mr., Hc-lbrrg. lldiiur GrailiKiti 1 Mr and Mr, luigcne ('ink , ;.i,-i tame I at a .-.upper r,M-i-i.'|', i; l:ollor ul Uu-ir sun M KC - gi,,', u 'lion fru'i, (Ln i u; ,-i nvt, ., , ,,, I'resenl were Iiinni-, ( .UK ,ri : family Sliepin-r.' ;,•-, - f .m ily, Ai'lhur Kle:/i. H i-,a!in \i--'. i .Mrs Mai's i'Jise:ib,,i th ..:,•' .] lihme t .n I Jdi.ii-.- ( ,:•, -•• I'.m! Mi 1M Hajjy entertidned a fi-v. IIH-HI,-, al cuffee Friday niui'iiin^ l-'uinily Hriiiiiuii Mr and All's I.eo (I.iidnrr ,mn the latu-r's father. M II Si.el ton Sargeanl. Neb , held a reunion recently ;.,! Ueb.ster City vnh Mr and Mr.-> Sieien Shi-ldun and Mi and Mrs l.eon Shtddon. Fannlii". i'i( n,r Tin- Uai UTihoppiT.s and tfira- families, held a picnic Monday evening at tall State park shelter house. Two Judgment Cases Filed In District Court 'I'.'.o jLid.^iru n' cj-,(»•; were filed in dr in, i ( ,un (K.|-|. [his ueek. Shrldori Fueli.r* Corp , plaintiff. M-L-K, SiiU 20 from ( c Hc-fnmen, i uelendanl, in settlement of four ! Hade aeeepianti.-i ivsued Ort i i •!.! In the utht.r matter. Kdwin S llecrdt, plamiiif seek, i;iil f or aulo repairs frum Hi< hard Ouorv dek-iMant, U :, a n;>ull ,,( a i.H,|,a(i | at the mterseetion of highway., it,-., l and la north ol Algona Mar 7 Ex-Swea-Eagle Man Passes In M-Gty Home Swi-a-K.igli- — Au0u-,t (i Gr'-en. '>"-. died rec-ently at the (i,,.,'! Sum antan Home at Mas-,n City HI- h..d b'-cn an iiuali-l for ih>- pa-.1 tl.,- O (inen btothi-r-, aad -i ', r- r.rmuel Lutlu ran i nur.-fi at Ma- ,11 AM,-;, l;no ih,. [.,,,, ,-. | f,. (1 , n K^.. -'•'' ' •" •'•• I! =r,.|d. U,d;i-r. It,eh . i I ' I.M-I i, Mr- Ida D'Cr-en. ; '• ^ ••'..''-.- 1 i-.i.. -.. n. and l:-,,rr. '" -•' : < ' ' ' '!• ''•••••• - j t.'i' ,'.lu-r of the '•••<> :...!.. I, •:!•-, ,|. Dr. Bormann Of St. Joe To Wed Mr .'.I Mi, G Patrick Mcllugh, ' •'• '•' ''. 1:1 . arnoir'c!- th,- i n '-'- -" ' ' in and ;;ppro;ic!iin-4 nvir- 1 .. • ..f i.iji ir daughter, Kathleen ''•• !'• Jo,-! B'.rmunn, son i.f Mr •'•'• I Mi lli-iir> Bornrinn, St Joe Mi-- MI Hugh is a graduate o r ''•'X I'jik Idvcr Forest high -•' li'"-l S.;,c atiended Iowa State I '• '.i-i-iu. .'.mes, and is present!.'• <-'ii'i.!li-I at H,;> College H.'., I' h',,nr.,l, HI. ' Dr Bi.nnanri is a graduate of St 'Jo-eijli, h,gh school. St. Joe. and ; a'-L-ndi-d the Cul'i-ye of St Tiio- ! mas. M Paul. Minn. He receued i the di-greo of dui-!i,r of veterinary I !iie<li'me from Iowa State I. nui-r- -•it> lie i.i a member of Prn Kappa Theta fraternity. Al present he is a fir-.t li u'.enant in th' 1 army an-l i.-> -lationi I in N'c'A VOIK ( ily The Aeildl.'!^ will 1 pla'e A,if II m A-cei.-ion ('aiholic church iJ.ik Fai k I D d Iln.u'i -i\ ing) i.s that admirable qualily in ourselves that is merely stubbornnesb in other*. VAN HEUSEN WHITE SHIRTS Fathers are roally very swell folks. Somehow though, we don't get around to telling Pop how much we think of him very often. That time is coming. So ... on Father's Day (June 17), make a big fuss over him. Let him know what a really grand and glorious guy you think he is. Tell him with your actions every day of the year, and with a very special gift this Sunday. INCIDENTALLY ... if you haven't as yet selected a Gift for YOUR dad . . . Come in and let us show you the many things we have that are sure to please "The Greatest Guy on Earth" . . . just a few selections can be found below: ^ »»-^^i •• * V^^^^^"^^VC^^^^^~ vCr^ ^^*»^*™"*^*'~uT^^"****t*lp'^»**<"«^p"»**>pr«^V* l l''• Few Gift Ideas from THE HUB{ TIES BY WEMBLEY A Famous VAN HEUSEN Vanalux Wash 'N Wear Shirt Really Does It! Plenty Of Good Wearing For Dad — And Style-Right Always. Your Choice Of Short or Long Sleeves. ALL SIZES $4.25 Ties never fail to make a hit whether its Christmas, Father's Day or just a special occasion ... by WEMBLEY at the Hub, you'll find Algeria's biggest selection here . . . silks, cottons, rayons, Red! Tied or to tie — your choice. GIVE HIM StVEKAL $1.50 • ! • \ KNIT SHIRTS Knit sport shirts are extremely popular this summer, especially for that dad that likes to play golf or tennis or fish . . . cool, comfortable and made by Me- GREGOR, CAMPUS and VAN HEUSEN. Many styles, every color. $2.98 up SHORTS More Pops — both young and old — are enjoying the comfort of walking shorts these days . . . qsk any of them — the/ find the best selection at the HUB. Perfect for outdoor living or just lounging around the house. $3.98 up PAJAMAS... VAN HEUSEN Made, In A Fine Selection, Including Those Light, Cool Summer Jobs. A Practical And Pleasing Gift. Short Sleeves And Short Leg. SPORT SHIRTS You'll find a wonderful assortment of MCGREGOR and CAMPUS short sleeve sport shirts awaiting your selection at the HUB. . . . stripes, checks, plains — running the full range of summer colors. A "pop-pleaser" J for sure. $2.98 UP OTHER HUB GIFT SELECTIONS • Sport Coats, Jackets • Interwoven Sox • Swank Jewelry Samsonite Luggage Jockey Underwear Esquire socks Rolfs Billfolds Belts • Stevens Straw Hats • Sweaters • Summer Robes FREE Gift Wrapping SWIM TRUNKS Trimly styled swim trunks in many patterns to choose from. MASTERBILT SLACKS Here is another sure-fire gift - Wash 'N Wear slacks to keep him cool and well- dressed for his relaxed moments ... by MASTER- BILT ... a top-flight gift for a top-flight guy. $2.98 up $8-98 up ^^^^^^* ^^^^^^H ^HH^ <^^W ALGONA,IOWA 'l^MfeM'VHaSHV^^

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