Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 1, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1896
Page 5
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"' ' '' ' •" ' '' ''• -' - ''• '" "'' '' Pf5*ffpfP^ Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER YOU DON'T WANT A SUIT Unless It fits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but 1 don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY G. TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor. Rob Roy. Rob Roy. • The very latest in SHOES for children, Seeourshow windows Full ol the handsomest new st> le shoes ever shown in the city. Stevenson 403 Broadway THE FIRS1 MTIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $250,000. A. J. Murdock. Pr«.. W. W. Bow, C«h. J. r. Brookmeyer, Awt. Cain. DffiSCTOBS: «.8.Blc«, w. H. Brtnglmnt. EjMuMocK. Dwratttnii. a I Y«ntuT «•• M- Harwood, •. r. IUHU, ^ T WUjloll al: Its Departments promptly d Btockhold.r. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY, OCfrpBER 1, 189C. Wanted.— A good girl at 200 North Sixtb street. OUT Mocha aod Java ooftee Is fresh Friday.— RotlKffmel. me six-year-old daughter of Simon Gross of No. 510 West Broadway is ill ol diphtheria. Tie latest and anest display in -mll- Itoery ivlE be displayed at Mrs. Ella B. SwiaideneT & Co.'s, Friday, day and evening. GBEESON-FER.GUSON. - At the home of Mrs. Ferguson on the Haney farm in Wais'lilngton township, >068 Mile Ferguson -became the wife of a young WosW-ngfton township farmer, Mr. Elmer Grecsoa There were sixty guests, a big wedding supper after the ceremony, which, was pronounced by the Rev. T. S. Freeman at 7 o'clock. The presents were handsome nnd numerous. It was an unusually happy event, the bride being a • most popular and lovable ycrang lady, and the groom a favorite with all, wJth bright prospects. T!he pair at once went to housekeeping In a home in •Washington township. ' Awarded Hlgheat Honors—World's Fair. DIC CREAM BAKING '" MOST PERFECT MADE. * p-vt Crape rrea-n of Tartar Powder. Fr« ' f t Ammoma, Alum or »ny other aclultenni ' *0 Years, the THEIR CHOICE The Populists Asked to Give Two Thirds to S«wall. Bunco Game of Popocrats Seem to Work With Unlucky Committee. The Indianapolis Sentinel, the old DcDiiottrfttiie State orgnm, claims that, fusion w-lth the Populists :s accomplished. At a meetitag of the Populist committee •hold Tuesday the former action in placing electors 'In the fluid was rescinded •and the. following resolution was latloptcd: "Resolved, By tlie Populist committee of thirteen on the matter of tho electoral ticket of the Populist party, in order to close OUT ranks and unite our forces in the State of Indiana foi the purpose of securing the election of our nominee for president, William ,T. 'Bryan, -and do full justice to our vice presidential nominee, Tlliomas E. Watson, that we nominate five Populist electors and also ten Democratic electors ami certify to the same as the electors that shadl be placed on the Populist party State ticket of Indiana." The cornimfttee then without any visible consideration! proceeded to put the names of ten Domoeratite electors on tiheir ticket. It to said that the Demo- orate teve agreed in return to withdraw five of their electors and put five piopull'sts on to their place. Thus the oM line Democrat who sticks to the ticket won't vote a straight tfckot after •nil but will cast a third of -his vote for Waitson. The poor Populist on the other hand, easts two-thirds of his vote for SewaH. This he does in the ifltcr- est'of Bryan who has entirely ignored the Populist notification. As to the State fiicket .the Populist committee 'had no control and that and the Congressional and county tickets will remain as they are. The Populists pretty generally feel that they have been badly sold out. The committee has waited until tt was •too late to call another regular Fopullsi convention 'before taking this.action. The tickets must be certified to the Election Board -at least twenty days before the election nnd that tiime is close. What tJie regular Populists will do about lit remains to be seen. Charles X. Matthews yesterday morning wtred the Hon. Thomas E. Watson, candidate for vice president, urging him to wire the meeting nt ouce by -aill mean's and Insist upon a stam-d against fusion. Last might Mr.' Ma,th^ ews received the foillowTng reply.from Mr. Wat.son: . "Personally I ain dead against fusion with SewaH electors. If suoh fusion is made it Is v over my protest. "THOMAS E. WATSON: " S'lSTERHOOD OF FORES/TEES, CO^RT LATJEEL; No. 2. As Thursday, Oct 1st is our regular meeting day, 'and we Ibave business of Importance, to U'ansact, our worthy president wishes to. see every member there promptly at' 2-,v. m. MKS. EA'RL STEWART, , Worthy President. MRS, EVA SMITJH, Rec. Sec. THAT JDYFL'L With the.oxhUaratlng seinse of renewed 'health a»d 'strength' and 'in ternaj clean- 'il'ncss', -which' follows the use of Syrup of ,F1gs, \is.iinknowjn. to the few who have not progressed beyond -the old- time medicines' : and the cheap substitutes isometimes offered but never accepted by "the well-informed. OFF TO THE PEN Quartet of Criminals to Ob to Michigan City Today, j. Good Work by Prosecutor Hale; and Deputy Gamble. ' The strain of witching n <i«artH.o{. the dozen crintinals connned lu the county jail will be lifted from Sheriff Adams today. .The four who will be non-residents of Ciiss county for at least two yeais t\re- JiviiK's Scott, Bernard Dally and .ToOia Bowers, "Snapty" Mftml'ltou gotog up for one year, i- . The trial of .Tolm Bowers on| the charge of robbery occupied t:he fcione of the court all of Tuesday before a jury, nnd resulted in a verdict la.te in the. evening, after court had adjourned.: The verdict was read yesterday uiorn- 'g >ai«J Bowers was adjudged gulltyi ami given two years.' This had Uhfe effect of starting the others, and wlifin^ the cnse against "Shanty" Hamilton; was cnllotl, ho entered n p:ea. of puilt- to-vlic cliarffeof larceny nml was givwi n dose of one year. .Tames S'cott, ,yho lincl two imlictmttuts Ojpainst.liiTn,! one for Inreeuy a.nO the ofliei- for liOiise- breaklng, n.cknowlwlgecl to the court that he was guilty, and -took a. sentence of two years. His pal, Bernard Dally, who also, had two charges n gainst 'him, weut before r.he court.'lute, lu the aiftor- noon and took a simitar dose, Thejfour prisoners were led before Judge I/alry shortly before court closed yesterday evening- <md were sentenced. They- will be taken north Til)is morning: fiud the Sheriff and his .deputies !wiil. breathe easier. .. . • Proseentor Hale nml pepwty Gamble are to be conprrntulatecl ou the successful prosecution of these criminals.' All. of them lihive biul records and are icon- sklered bad people by the police,'who have had 'much to do'with them.' Hamilton is oft for the second trip to the l>en, havlng'been^relonsed from th«t'iti- lrutlou but a few months when he committed the offense wnteh cpst;Wm two years of-liberty on this occasion. Scott and Dally, wbo'bwglamed! the house of David Heflley, a.re old birds In crime. There Is positive information.- to Che effect that they Md been, released from the Ohio penitentiary-; but a short Wme after'serving a.-sentence for the 'crime of burglary, when they came to Logsinsport and were nipped. John Bowers is up for his first trfp to the prison, but Ills record with the police Is anything but good. The punishment: for Mm is -not so bad as. the disgrace to Ills relatives; who are well res<pected. . : For the last two months there have been repeated attempts made by the prisoners confined In the jan to escape.' Some of thorn came very near succeeding, and but for the vlgilnnce of Sheriff. Ad'aim and his deputies, there w;puUV. have been a wholesale delivery ofjjalf birds on at least two occasions, pins Sheriff was warned last night that "an attempt would be made to liberate, the four who were sentenced yestpHlay.; and In consequence n heavy guard jWflS' maintained alx>ut the pall ail rilghf. In addition to tills the pr'.sorters were locked In their cells and could not hold communication with the : 'numerous friends who 'loitered in Ihe court iark up to a late hour. '•"' J Hie case ngalnst John"; Bari 1 ,; who jjwas harged with selling diseased ine«t : at his butcher shop on the WeS'tsIde, 'jwas, dropped from tlie docket yesterday;j tht'. evidence not being sutscioiit-to'niakc The Personal Property Assigned to fie bv OTTO A. KRAUS Appraised at $44,499.41 It now being sold at Retail for the benefit of his creditors, ALBERT G. JENKINES, Assignee. Isaac Snuer, charged with.,tlje pale of liquor Illegally, was given fhe.uijsual flue on a plea of sruilt. ... ji AN -AMOOSIN' CUSS^ I 'f. The Wild Statements o| the Pharos on the Bryah : Crow< .'; The public will note with amuse'njen't some of the wi-ldness . of .the Si^an,! jrotvd. T'he PQiaros says: . "Witk.bjit a few hours notice a crowd of several; hundred representative citizens of jlib^' gansport gnithercd at the court house; last night," etc,, etc.. The new. clnrt •oo-ffl, where the meeting wa-s held, jvvlll notliold on-e'hundred and fifty.-. I ••: 'A "Every voter, who. nititended .theiiaieetf cff last flight * * * Is J« fayor;,of jtlle' •lection of WIM-lam Jennings Brj'fnV" 1 the Pharos says. That means tliait;Mr, Bryan will get at least one.hundrexT ^nd fifty-votes In, the-.county.- . i •' I .'.«-! While that may be true of-the.crijw'd' present, at least fifteen of'the coin'thitf-; teemen named by the-Pharos will jinflitr vote that way. ' ; • •' . •'•~ t: ' The Ptaros say's:. "It " Is .expectol that Senator Tur,ple, Senator.,- BU ieh- jurn, Senator Teller and other ;leac Ini?.' speakei-s of the country' will addi ess:' the people in the afternoon an<li--e -i en-; Blacfcburn, Turpie and. Teller,:i vtil not be here. It.is likely that there • rtil be^other speakers. :-:... .• •'. .- f..-::••;•:• \' ; In the committees named gppeal: '"the names of several.Populists. .Onesmjime, gilven Is that of Jcttin L. Clonse^ttte |itd-. ten of Adams township, wiho bellav-es. thait-he Ifi-in direct com-innuicatiou with Heniven at.'ill times. ..; .. Tbe.PJhai'oe gives dhe speaking at one xi'tlock,-; :-. The Indianapolis Sentinel pives ,bhe-Itinerary afi.fo.Hows: . >; 0ct. 7—I.eave Indiianapolls at S a. m., arriving.: nt Xohk-sville at.8:40 a. m.; Icavc'^'oblesvUle at 9:05 nv. m., nrrivlag at Arcadia ut 0:20 a. m.; leave Arcadia .it 9t30 a. in., arriv/tog at Tlfrfon at 0:i~> n. m.-, leave Ti-ptoii flt 10:10 it. m., arriving ait Kokomo at 10:30 i\. m.: leave Ko- ji)0y(it 11 a. in., .in-iving-n't Logansport-at 11:30 a. m.; leave I,og«wisport nta.:2p p. m., aiiTiving at Wiuainnc at l:yr> p. ni.; leave Wii'uamnc ;ut 2:10 p. m.. ^nra-lviiig at NorUh .Tudson. a.t 2:30 P' m.'; leave North .Tudson nit 2:35 p. ra.. rh'in\!r ;; at, Crown Point at 3:40 p. m.; leave Crown Point at 4:40 p. in., arriving lit Hammond at 5 p. m.; leave Hammond'-at 8:30 p. m., an-lvJng at Chioi- go : n*9:30p. in. A CALL To the Railway Men's Sound ... ... Honey Club. •• The Railway Men's Sound Money :lnb of R'iclimond and Logansport will jqiii tlie Kokomo clwbMn tlie rafeing of a monster 2-iO foot iiole at KoUomogat- urdwy,. October 3rd. Special tra.nspor- facilities will ibe provided for the memlbers of tlie Logansport club, aid '.is tho trip will be -sJiort and pleas- aiit, ns many as possible are urged to go, All those- desiring to do so will please leave their names witlii Mr. Joliu Tenks r^osninsport shops, Mr. .Otis Evans, yard office, or with the secretary. * The train wJlJ lea.ve here at 2:30 p. RlcUmond club will return with •he* Logansport delegation and it is expected to reach Logansport In time for supper, mfter which both' clubs and the McICinley Escort G^mnls, accompanied tiy-the-barud and drum 'corps, will march from ''the Fourth street staWon to tbo ;i'ink, where an address will be deliver:-ed|by Mr.-Geo. P.- Early, of Richmond. ;;TJ)c ladies' plee club of Galveston will 'Insuire -Hire .success of the musical features of the meeting by- taking part In the exercises. Tum.ouUjoys and keep up the repu- ^yoii^'have ••enmed in this cam- for "Sound Money a.nd Prosper- . * A. F. HOCIvENBHAiMER, .;-'. ; v /Secretary. GUARDS Drill Tonight, First flarch Friday :);-,-, Night-'Parade Saturday. e-mibers o£ tlle.-Jyogansport JicEiDley: Escort Gua.rdS-"wflJ;dr!U tonight a.t the Broadway rink. G.pod progress - r wa ; s' made nt the drill Tuesday evening, •and-it'ls'the puVposc to.iiwi.ke the club not oii'l^'fl" ni'aroliluff iqr^nnizatlon in b, 'but ii-, body tliat.'cah keep step' cKIflley musiic Is' played. ••:-Tlie'conts -wre going^uf like hot cakes the ' sound moiiey hats will be 'here -today. The canes-are to arrive by FHdny'nigltt; when the club will make 'IWrflrst dress appearance, marching bc- 'fofe the McKlnley club meeting at tlie rink, when A. M. Biggins' of Terrc Haute 'wJM speak ou Sound -Money. • tJie'ciu-b is also invited very cordially to nss-lst In the Railway, Men.'s dem- on'striition &a.burday evenimg and will ' accept : the -call- and attend -in full uniform,, .In a body. It Is- the general .'•opinion of those who lia,vi; seen the /boys 'drlttinif;, that no finer looking lot of men could : be gathered togettwr inio .sn'<:l> a. club. .The natty attractive oo. tu mes -will catch the people.'- •••' - •• HAD NO MEETING. ' .iLa.itii.lght was not the regular coun- x-H nioeting night, contrary to reports. T-iie eoujwll ineets on the first and third 'Wednesday nights ^p-f eacli month, and 'as yesterday was 'the' 30t:i and there ifd already; been two meetings In the '.month, the next'regular meeting-will be on next Wednesday night. C. W. GRAVES Book Seller arid Stationer. Successor to W. T. OIFFE, 413 Broadway. JUST RECEIVED Lady of Quality STREET TYPES OF AMERICAN CITIES, HONE OCCUPATIONS FOR LITTLE CHILDREN, RED BADGE OF COURAGE. LITTLE FOLKS LIBRARY Consisting of six books, for 50 cents, just the thins for little folks, entitled Circus Day, Rhyme Upott Rhyme, Little Farmers, Fairy Tales from Shakespeare (2 vols) and Stories from History. COLLECTED FOR UNIFORMS. The Charges Against Jos. Miller Now Under Arrest. Joseph Miller, of Spencer, Ind., was arrested Saturday night, at Indianapolis, charged with obtaining money under false .pretenses. Milter, it is alleged, has been passing himself off for a German, and has been employing men to work for him, requiring them to ipa'y various sums to Him for uniform's. He Wrod Edward Smith, a florist and made him pay ?2S for a uniform. He hired Paul Kleinsmltli as a baggageman, and got $28 from Mm. It is alleged that he has tried the same game an. other- men, Hie names of whom the detectives have. Yesterday Miller's wife from Spencer went to see him. She said thait she had no idea what her husband was doing there. She met h'lm 111 Chicago three months ago, and they were married. The police have, scut Miller's photographs to police departments In the large cities for identification. In Police Court -yesterday morning • the c.t.«e ngnJnst Miller was continued. ; ~;ffjyon want pnr'e'spicei for your pre- iervei you can get them at Ben Flih- .«»•".drug store. INTERiNAOTONAiL; CIGAR MAKERS. About 275 delegates were ao hand Tuesday at the first session, of the twenty-first convention of the International Cigar Makers' Union at Detroit. The convention is'being held In Torn-, oir's Hall.' Thomas Dolen, ex-president of the Detroit trades' 'council, delivered an address of welcome. He explained the causes and results or the Detroit cigar makers' strike, which Jias b(!Cn in progress for sixteen months and which has been assisted by the International body. He saM that, Its results had been of more benefit to ( the cause of the union blue label than auy other strike. President G. W. rerXlns responded briefly to the address, and routine business was then proceeded w.itL<, This ' afternoon President Perkins rend his report, the delivery of which occupied three hours. It suited that trade hiul not materially improved since 1893, but that accord tog to Indications normal trade conditions might be expected commencing with l£97.Tha number engaged in the cigar-making trade to the United States and Canada was given as T.3,035, the number of factories 14,000 of which 7,147 are strictly union and ma»y other* mixed. Since the last biennial convention' cliarters were granted to slxty-elgat unions, and the treasury of the International Union is -In good condition. The average •number of strikes, per yenr nad decreased. The report deplored the diminished use of the union label. Inn accounts for It by the-trade depression. By comparison with Internal OtAS'S OI'ERA HOUSE. William I>O!AH Manager. D hONDAY OCTOBER STRONGER THAN EVER, WITH AI9 ENTIRE NEW COnPANY. TBe Eminent Toung Jlctor Mr. John Giffitb THB GMJATIST LIVINO MKPHISTO. PWK«ntm» Beniy Irving'* Version <A GoetM* Sublime Fofrn FAUST Emplo;lnc tarlMdiiof Bl«ortc«l Corrfd Sow m. See the Blectric Dael, th« Decent Into H»de tbe Flerjr Brpeken. Prices ?1. 75c, 50c, 35c and 25& Revenue Office reports it appears thai «ie slirinUage in the manufacture anfl sale of non-union cigars wis nearly »lx times greater than, in fAoUwles using the union label. The general funfl, •which amounted to more ilhan $500,004 In 1893,, has been reduced to ?104,«38 on Aug. 3, 3896, owing to the many out-of-work benefits paid. The pre*Ident commends the six-hour day «r eight hours' work per day for fire days, with a full 8top on Saturday and Sunday, to the consideration of f*c delegates. - AFTER THE HIGH SCHOOLS. The new P.istime Athletic c'lnb foot ball eleven is after scalps. A challenge has bwn issual to tU)e Logansport H. S.'A. A. team, and It Is probable nhat the meeting wjll occur before long. The dn.te ^'ill l>c dccideft "fiy aigreement. The P. A. C. Is the first In order for a game with the !>. A. -C. team, wbicli is preparing for an opening of the sea.«on in .1 slwwt time. The Pastime boys Iwvc suits. «»<! ore working steadily ami with vigor. The members of Hie team n.re all member* of the McKiJiley Drum corps, and It IK one of the very ilrst cn.inpaign foot baD teams organized. Tho Bolitle.il MiuiiwiJ is one of tto most convenieuc aiwl useful handboobe for the campaign yet. seen. It Is Indl*- peiisaiWe for the public Rjx;a.ker and editor. In fact. i-Jieii)form«.tiou.t6iicliihK politlcfll ami fiwnncinJ masters is so well existed n.n«l so well tabulated.an* arranged that the book must become At once popular: H.sells for fifteen cents and is convenient to cany in the poclz- et.' The Journal Witt .take order* for any doslring the work. ' Hie 'two Otto Kraus stocks footed up close to $4.000.00. CiMlenrear, hoslwy, suspenders, almost a: halt froiil-regultr pric«3.—A. G. Jenklnce.

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