The Evening News from Ada, Oklahoma on May 15, 1909 · Page 8
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The Evening News from Ada, Oklahoma · Page 8

Ada, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 15, 1909
Page 8
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NO FURTHER ACTION IN COLCLASURE CASE .Snawnee Okla, Mar 15--The authorities took no action yestei day in connection with the muidei of Mrs JVIollie Cloclaeure Claude G-anman is still confined m the count} jail When his mothei Mrs Waltei went to the Shawneo citv jail to visit him \esJterday morning and found that he had been faJten to the count; jail she fainted and bad to oe taken to her home Mis BnVbei g the inathei of the nun dei-ed woman though in the ict3 was not questioned (by the authorities but an examination of the facts she has gleaned from her little se\en \ear old granddaugh^ei will be taken up toda\. A PlTlflhTir tit Depot this Moraine. When tht noith bound Pi i»co tiaiu arrived this moaning hi u ing the te- mains of Di H B i o u a l l the platforms horn one end to the othei weie complejtelv jammed w i t h people ihe familv was mtt b\ rmun mentis who escoited them to theh home on 17th stieet w h e i o t e n s and s idnes^ could be the onl greetings It wis announced \ esteiday that ihe i:mutt al \\ oukl Iike-1 j take place todav but that u unge»ment was changed The Klks w i l l hold a sei- vlce it tiie home aftei noon tomoi- row then the lemains \\ i l l be taken to the Hist MLthoilist church vsheip -eefi \i( PS w ill bt held it t jO conducted t \ Kei J o h n ^. Vvillmns ot Ituaut I be b u t i U \ v i l l i iKt place it\ Host d a l e i n i m t d i i t e l v u t u w ai d 1111 der t h e inspire--, ot th*. 1 jlks 4.11 fneiuU or f l u i u n i h d i e m \ i t e d to attend tht ~.e s^i \ ict s From OKI iboin i P i [ ) t i s t Jo n n t' Pi of Di u m m o n U -.i\s tli i t n lit the win I 1 i on t!u « i on-, sr-ent in i m i s t i i t or hai[iness 1 ht\ think it consists in luumg mil ^etunt? and in being st i s eil b\ uthei s A\ e h t \ e proved t h i s n ue \\ e 11 e bappiei in 3]tinnui^ l o t tilt cotntoi t tncl 11* a- ure of othei s rh in ni s e i \ m g oui- «elvfs l o v e i t! u 1\ the -;Teatesc ihin-, iu the vsoi Id I t IB the incentive to all ^enei ous rhoughts ind deeds \\ t ^n» ro oui fi tends because we love them !o we gue to tih.e 7 o i d s wo.k becauste we love it ? "W* 1 ire C hi isti ins because ot God s .great lo\ e to us \\ e have const,- «rat**d o u i s e U t s to His -service This mea is oui unie oui poveis of mind and bod\ oni nionev oui all These are it s of t h i s l o \ e ami HP sa\s * R F*rp( 1\ v e hn v e i e ( i\ td fi et lv s,i\e Remember this we d i e constiatned to sa\ I ord w h a t \ \ i l t thou have me to do * Phe Psalmist w r o t e *'GIve u n t o the 1 oui the glorj due un to His name bung in ofteiing and «come into his coin ts woiship the Jxid in the beauty of holiness Most of us ai e w i l l i n g to give oui time to the public seivices of the chinch but how about the offei mg 1 * This was pait oC tht, w o i s h i p Moses in giving dn eciious toi the festival ai vices in Deut ( I b I b 17) said I ht shall not ap-petr beioie the I aid emptv ev ei \ man sh til give as he is able according to the blessings of the Loi d tin God which he hath given thee Paul w i o t e to the chinch in Cor inth as he had -done to the churches in (j-aUitid I iou the first daj of tht wef*k Jet e v e i v one of vou la b him in stoie as God hitli prospeied him Ts this the w,ii we g i v e 9 or do we v\ lit for a touching a p p e U to aiousc us to awaken our sv mpathies and tht n giv e ' Some g u e to one cause ind then fee] i h i t th( \ must wait i long time beroi e giv ing again be cause t h p v ga\ e so genei ous! or IILI h i]- tlipv b i\ t no nioiie'v to s p u e Otheis g i v e w i t h t h e v\ish thit tlie\ cf)ukl i,i\e nioi luit don t ^ee hov\ tliev c in ind possiblv, ittei v\ n ds 1 1 L, t t L! it clu v s, i\ e at all h a \ e s o m i n \ v \ i v s t o t the ro be tis d Plus spasmodic i-, i \v 01 1 v nicl i bimltn -- IMU s|»i itu U Ussin r t conies to UIP -ion] is i h e l e s i l t ol such giving It tends to ni iKt is moie selfish ind dv\ 11 ^ oui Chi isti in ^i ow th Tins then is o n i lo\ ins sei \n e to On* 3 \v hose mei c ies ai t, nt vv evei \ moi n t u g and f i ( sb ev PI v e\ cning Who d nlv 1 0*1 d eth us \\ ith benefits Paul taught the e a i l v Christians that thev should give as God had piospci ed them V\ ( toi ^et that th }jOi d is du tcth coueer ned in oui piosper i t v ill it He is the chief fac- toi m I I success O u i s is called ihe iichest nation m the w o i l d We know that its wealth is inoi easing There is m immense amount of wealth in the Chnstt in chinch God skives the pow ei to get tins v v e a l r b -- sunshine and i un nt His girta seedtime and ha i \esrs aie ordained bv Him health and skill and wisdom aud e\ery i i i l i t v to set wealth come trom God S i u e l v tlieie is some reason whv this blessjng has come to the church A,nd ib His children we should trv to find it out With the mci ease or i iches cones the teudeucv to for-^e* (rod to neglect oui Chi istian dunes lot ti monev l i t t l e FREE TO YOU-MY SISTER Free to You and Every Sister sut- erlng from Woman's All men t*^- I am a woman I knuw wuiuan a suffering! I lias e found the cure I will mail free of any charge my tiMi tint* Mfttwith full instructions to any sufferer from wuman suiltiibiits I want toteUiltwoniLnabout thin cure--jw my reader for yourstlf your d»ughUr u r u i o t h i r oryourslatwr 1 \vantto twill yuu how to curu youraelvwt at home with outth«,hulpof adi (.tor Men cMiwt understand women a»uff( riiitfn What wewomtn know from ·iptritaci wo know tettnr than any doctor I km w that m home tr atraeub !·* «afn and mire cure fur LBucotfhMi or Whlltili tJUcbareei Ulctrailoa Dit plactratnt or Fillipf of tht Womb Prafw Scanty or fawfut wtods Utarin* af flwian Tutnora or Browths ilu pain* It hud tack and bwtli bearing dawn Tidings ntmitinm, crMitai fitting up tfci mini flnlincbaly rftslr*t*cri fcal M wnkriMStS piculiu to o\ur s*x ] w ant to at-nd you » co»pM« tin day t trtalnwHt ·otJrtly frii to prove to you that jou can cure yourself at home e a s i l y , q n i c k 1 3 ·nrely Remember, that il ·111 cast yat give £fa« treatment a complete trial ^^**«*--**^^ give tfa« treatment a complete trial and if yon --tah to continu* it will coat vononly »bou* Waenta wnk or less thanitw o cents a day It w ?Sf^.Li r_ n «#..» u ,,,.·!, ,,,,,,,, ,.,.,,,!, .... nnn.iiiat.tivn tu*t «irf ma varit MM* tut HHIWU tell nin hnw -ron l or Irrefula in young Ladi ,,,, _____ , inr sufferer that ·°*_. ------- MM. M. SUMMERS. B*xM live I can refer you to ladl«* of your own locality % ho know and will gladjT ,i»t this HwMTnatMtAtrfallTeiratallwomcn'sdiseaHes and make* wonenw ell robust jwl Mitrf«tyt«raMn«s,»iidthefreutenday s treatment !· yours al»o eragaa ress South Bend, Ind.. u. 8. A. i to become absorbed in woiMl raat- ters To pi ov e thlb compare the amount ot monev gKen, for benevolent objects In anv one chuich with the total we i Ith oi all its inembeis I here may be a te\ merabeis in that dun ch who gi\ e liberal! v peilnps theh whole h«m but onl a few \one ib p\empt accoioinR to P ml s tfichnip, Upou the f i i b t daj of thy \\ tek let everj one of v-ou la\ in Him in slore as (.oA piobpeied him So the j u l e applies to each one wheLbei w e h a \ e much 01 httte I'or if theie be fii-st a willing mind it is acce])ted iccoidm^ to that a man hath and not atcoifillip to that he hath not (2 C 01 's 1JJ God -iiade legtitai gUing one Of the first law fa ot woisliip The tenth of all the pio duce of the fielda flocks, and heids \y is reqlined (Lev 27 30 12) ^. second tithe or tenth w e n t to the fes ti\al sei \ ice*; of the temple and a teurh o\en t h n d \ e a r for the support of the pool Dent 14 28 29) [ Hist fruits of e\ en thing weie ofteied to God Then law lead The tenth shall he hoh unto Ihe T^oid Then thei P \\ ei e h ee will oifei ings given as special t h a n k offerings The^e weie over and abo\e all the rest But \on sa\ this -was toi the lew \Ve aie e\ennt tiom the ]jw We hv under the dispensation of si-ace \e believe that dll Scripture i given b\ inspiration ot God aud is profitable tor docti me for lepioof foi coi rectjon for insti action in iighteoiiijness thit the man of God nia\ bt perfect thoionghlj fuinibhes unto all good works ( 2 Tim 3 36-17) so \\e claim the blessings iind piora- Ises made* to the J e w s while ie]oic- Ing in the libeit\ of the Gospel The promise gi\ en b Malachi is onrs Bring; \ e all the tithes into thestoie house and pro\ e me now hei ewlth saith the Ixrrd ol hosts if I will not open the windows of beaven and pom \ o u out such a blessing that t h e i e sh ill not be toom enough to recene it Mai " 10 God wants nt to honoi Him \vith our substince then. bpnituitl 1 lessina;s will bo w h e n \ou teel likt it 01 gl\e what- lotired out Phis does not mean gi\**» e\ei happens, to be in \oui pnrse \\ hen bcmie special call 13 made or #h ing large sum* once m a wh?le noi vet g i v i n g cei tain amounts at pillar i n t e i v a f s bin it means svs tematic giving In oidei to give ss tematicalh one must hnd out just how much he jeceives 01 what is his income T h e n asceitain what propoi tion of that income shall be legulai set a,iart and give to th^e l.oTd Thib i» the one ^reat and essential principle Thei p can not be M b t e ma tic grnng w i t h o u t proportionate g i v i n g Deciding upon the uoition to set apart in ij t t o u b l e some but \ \ b \ not sive the tenth 7 f he lews h irt l e g n d e d the tenth .is the L o i d s p o i t i o n since then taihesr histoi \ as n it ion K\ t n t h e he i then oltt u d u l K a t * the nthes to tluir ^ods ihe Phcii isee in G U I S i\ 101 s time said I EL\ c tithes ot i l l ! POSM ib J he Hi \ I II l i H K l k s Ol St I 0 ITfo S IHl Since the i ule ot conseoianng i t e n t h \v is obsei \ t d v the sei v a n N ot J p h o v a h l i f t o i e tlu la\\ \\ is pio claimed ind since it \vas i eogni/ed ib in-t ind pi (ei d i v i n e )pa;isl ition it w o u l d seem to be i. u ise and afe %nidt to in!low till in oni contributions to t h e \s 01 k ot the l^oi d ide quatel\ e\])i ess out indebtedness to the grace ot oni Ixml Jesnb Christ Fn other w o r d s this is the v e i y least a Cntibtian can gi\p--if he e v t r pretends to fill the measuie of his priv ilege and lesjxjnsibihty Wilbei F Cattr sa 0 'The earlv teachings of God to the human race ab Ea,r back as the da^s of \hrahara-- I undeistand to indicate that a, tenth of OUT income belongs to God as oui Fa thei and King The rule is as a/p p i opriate now as it e v ei w as--w e ought to give bevond that--hut one tenth of oui income to take ft is not ours to keep--withholding it we shall come to see by and b we ai e embezzling trust funds The onetenth- a^ stem makes all ^ive alike--no one is o\ PI burdened--none give leb than then share--the pool need never teel t h i t their mite is too small to he of am use--toi it w i l l cjost moi e sac nfice than the rich m a n s tenth--re membe-i the Savior s w|rds when he s iw the w idow castirig her two mites into the ti easury The rich can tejoice that thej are able to help the work of the Loid 3O bheially Ihe danger will b* that the nch ma t h i n k then tenth 1= too much to give How t i n e it is that the more % H h a v e thp mot e we want 4.gam the poor ra-n foel /that the tenth ib more than t h e v ought to spare Tfrhat does the, Bib e s i\ about that Cat thj bread upon the waters toi thon shalt find it atter man\ davs (BJcct 11 1) Give and it shall be gnen unto \ o u good mtasnre piessed down and shaken to gethei and iiinnrng over shall men g i v e into jour bosom Eoi with what measure e mete it shall be measured unto \on again He which bow- eth boimtifullv shall reap also bountifully Honor the Loid with thv substance and with the first fruits of all thine increase so shall tbv bnins be filled with plenty and thv * * * * * * F A R M LANPWANTED If you want to sell your land, come in and talk over with me. I have buyers for good tillable farm land, IF PRICED RIGHT. \ I will list it for sale or buy it myself. Agents who have land listed at the bottom figure can do' business with me the same as the owner. Title must b,e perfect and only farm land is wanted. t * + * * * Over First National Bank F. F. Brydia Ada, Oklahoma + * * * * + + * + * + * * + + + * + * + * + * * + * * * * + 4* * + * * 4* * * * * 4* + 4* 44* 4» 4 * + * piesb^s sh ill tanibt out w i t h new wine Pio\ ^ 9-10 The giving of the tc nth requne* faith tout w i t h uch promises to lean upon what have w e to Io\e 7 We ate in the bands of the I/old at all times and he is aMe to do exceeding i b u n d a n t \ above al! we can as-k 01 think Lhe real giving ib when the portion ii set apart as the Ixids portion and w* realise that v,e h a \ e no nioie cKnn upon it only to lightly divide it In thfs w e are on!) stewaids to manage an-d di^btuse ir in the bebt way possible foi the YUistei s gloi We can not but know bomethingg of the blessedness of being not onlj i*tew- AJ ds ioi (rod but also co workerb with Crod I he plan of la^ Ing aside d certain poitlon eacli week makefa it much easiet for e\eiy one whethei tfae income Is large ov small Then when the t i m e comes to ghe to tht various objects ill aie suipiibed lhat F I R E Protect Yourself Protect Your Property Protect Your Creditors Insurance in Reliable Companies will do this for you 0. 8. WEAVER Agency the* h a \ e so imuch nioie to give thai* formei lv undei the old haphazard wa^ \o one who has leally tried this plan in faith and accepted the pi onuses of God has failed and all a i e i ead to testit v to abundant blessings in temporal affahs and to lich spiritual blessings to that peace of. mind and heart that they had not know n before It cannot be otner- wiso foi w e w i l l continually see and ackiowludge Oocl s goodness the ar- I duous laboi e\en the commonest duties of lile 'will become a pleasure,. beca u se \\ e do a l i a s unto the Loi i J h e sin of dhiding our life into t w o de-p n tments The business and the chinch The »eonlar and the ieh{ lout be all and in all If this plan ot svstem UK 1 gi\ing weie adopted by all of Orod %. people there would be an end to all chinch debts to all dent i u s in i u n n in g expenses, evei clwritv \\ould succeed and the mission ir ind temperance enterprises would ha\e enough moiie\ to speed- ih e\ ingeli/« the world There la that so ittei eth and et mcreaeeth and thei e is that withholdeth more than is meet And it tendeth to poverty y\o\ n 24 1 GAVK MY MFE FOR THBK My intxioiib blood 1 shed. *" l h a t thou mights traiisoiued be And quickened from the dead, [ gave 1 give my lite foi thee, \\hrii h i s t thou ghen foi me' * --Ex Printing of all kinds, plain or artistic, call on Ada News Printery. Can please jou m every respect. We do evory kind of printing from a visiting card to a four page poster, from a postal card to a thousand page book. If you are in need of any Kind of job printing, call up A representative of the News Printery will visit you, take your order, and your work will be promptly and satisfactorily executed and delivered at your placeof business. Our work is all guaranteed to please. Church Directory jt^liury Methoilist Church. Sn vices liist and third Sunday moiuings at 11 and Sunday evening, albo fou 1 tb Sunday evenijig of each months S»mli\ hCliool mn\ Sunday 9 45 a in \V L RodiJie stipenntendent. P i a \ p i meeting e \ e i v Wednesday e \ t r \ "\\ ednnsda\ evening at 3 00 l u n i o i T^eagne meets e ^ e l y Sundajc a f t e i n o o n at 2 30 Senior LeaguA meets e \ e i \ Sundav e\ening at 7 00 Woman s Home Missionary Society nipfis flist and tbird Wednesday* of etch n^outb Urst Prcsbjferlan Church. Sunday School at 9 45 a m T Higgins, superintendent J. Pr«»bytertan Churek. »fi \ices Sunda\ luoimng at 11 and evening at 8 00 D White, pastor Sun lay School it 9 -O Orvlll* Sjieed supeiintenilent Junior Elo- deavoi society meets e\er\ Sundky a*tern.xD at 2 '0 Lank^ Md 3o- ·tety meets .eveiy Moulay afternooa at 2 20 t irst ')fu|tli-t I burrli. C StubMefleld i.istoi Pray- S 00 o clock Stmiiny school 9 45 a. 01 , ^ U Duncan superintendent. B Y P U Sunday artei noon at 6 80. UirlHtiun (hnrcli Sei \iceb Suuday momma: at 11 aa4 S u n d a \ evening at S 00 Re\ C II Srooi t/ ]i tor Sumlaj School at 10 a m , L T. \\alteis su])°i intendent Ladies Aid meets, first a*id tndri Wednisda'! and C W B VI flr«t Thursda; in each month Pi n\ ermeet- ing every Wednesday evening «0 S 00 f The Christian Bntleavor Soei«f meets at 3 n m Vorlh Ada Baptist flinrck. Sunday School every Sunday morw tag at 9 45 A N Harrison, auptt* iDteDdint Pr«.fermeeting evsrj Tuesday evening at 7 o oloalr Ltr ties Aid Society meets every W«4n«»* y afternoon at 3 o clock N E W SPAFLkfl fi C

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